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Featuring: Amy "Lita" Dumas (WWE), CM Punk (WWE)

The Girls of Punk - Amy Dumas
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In the bedroom of WWE Superstar CM Punk, the Straightedge wrestler is packing
his travel bags ready to head out for the first live events following the
WWE's Draft in 2011. Locking and zipping them up, he places them down onto
the floor, leaving the only item on his bed being his box of "mementoes" of
his previous girlfriends and conquests over the years. "I keep saying I'm
going to put you away, don't I?" He "speaks" to the box, reaching over and
picking it up. "I won't need these memories when I get back to my hotel room
with Beth after the shows now..." He says, turning to put it back in its
hiding place but he pauses, spying an item in the box which makes him smirk.

Sitting on the edge of his bed, he reaches in and pulls out a CD - the self
titled debut album of punk/rock band The Luchagors, which was fronted by
former WWE Diva Lita. "Didn't exactly enjoy the heck out of this disc..."
Punk thinks aloud again. "But I damn sure loved being with the singer of this

* * *

At the home of WWE Superstar CM Punk in January of 2010, said sports
entertainer is sitting back in the couch of his living room, watching over
the last edition of Friday Night Smackdown on his TV as he's clad in a pair
of loose shorts and one of his own merch T-shirts. Next to him on the couch
is his girlfriend, the former WWE Diva known as Lita, now just known as Amy
Dumas, who's clad in baggy blank pants and also wearing an official CM Punk
WWE merchandise T-shirt, her clothing covering up her stunning, tanned, and
curved body. Brushing her long, dark hair back - a sharp contrast to the
flaming red hair she was known for before she retired from the WWE - she
reaches over and snatches the remote from him, turning the TV off which
causes the Straightedge Superstar to turn and look at him.

"What was that for?" Punk asks as his girlfriend sits up slightly on the
couch, still smirking.

"Phil, I watched that all already..." Amy starts to say as she looks him
over. "And as fun as that is, I've got an idea for something we'll both

A couple ideas flash through his head about what that could mean, but he eyes
her up with a smile. "...OK, I'll play along. What's the big idea Amy?"

"It's a little game of "Amy says". You do as I say, and... Well, you'll find
out, alright? You think you can take orders?" The former Lita enquires with a
sly smile on her beautiful face.

"Well, it's not like I have a huge group on TV to give orders to, but screw
it I'm up for this." Punk says, intrigued by where this is going.

"Awesome! Well, first off, Amy says stand up and turn around in front of me."
Is her first instruction, not giving any more hints about what she has in
store for him.

Curious to see what his girlfriend is planning here, he stands up as
instructed, moving into place in front of her dark haired stunner as she eyes
him up, placing her hands onto his shorts so she can slide them down, smiling
as she sees he's gone commando so his bare, tanned and toned ass is revealed
to her. Pushing the clothing right down to the floor so he can step out of
them, she watches again as his hands move back to do as she asked, spreading
his butt cheeks apart for her and in an instant she's leaning her head
forward, planting a teasing kiss on his cheeks before she moves further down,
using her tongue to slide it all the way up his ass crack in one slow and
smooth motion, causing him to groan slightly at the sensation from both her
tongue and it's piercing.

Moaning slightly herself as she uses her frisky tongue to lick up and down
the asscrack of the Straightedge Superstar, the former Diva places her hands
onto his hips, allowing herself to lean in a little more as she draws her
tongue all the way up and down in between his butt cheeks, getting him
slightly wet from her saliva as she tastes him. Glancing up, she sees him
looking back over his shoulder as she goes to work on him, smirking into his
backside as she licks back and forth along his ass as he keeps his cheeks
held apart for him as she continues to use a slow, savouring pace on him.

The hand of the multi-time former WWE Women's Champion moves under him
between his legs, soon wrapping around his hardening cock and quickly giving
his shaft a squeeze once she gets a firm grip of him, causing him to moan as
she begins to softly stroke his member. The other hand remaining on his leg,
she moves her head up so she can swat her tongue across his asshole, smirking
as he tenses and groans from the motion but it doesn't stop her from
continuing to toy with her boyfriend, jerking his cock as she teases his
clearly sensitive tight hole, perhaps due to him being inexperienced with
this kind of sexual kink.

On the other hand, it seems that not only has the Luchagors singer done this
quite a few times, she's enjoying doing it as she closes her eyes, pushing
her beautiful face closer towards his butt as she presses her tongue up
against his asshole, brushing all around and across it with the clear
intention of pushing inside. Her hand is still stroking off Punk's dick,
ensuring that he gets rock hard in no time flat especially from the
combination of this rimming and handjob that she's administering to him
that's got him moaning from the sensations he's feeling at the front and
behind him, his head turning to look at her hand jerking him smoothly and
then back behind to watch as she flicks her tongue against his asshole,
letting him feel her cool tongue piercing as well over it that only heightens
the pleasure he's feeling.

Licking across the still tight and tensing asshole, she lifts her head back
to grin up at him, her hand still moving back and forth across the whole
length of his thick member as she moves upward slightly, allowing herself to
spit down onto the top of his butt crack, watching as her saliva trickles
down him and goes across his asshole to make him groan. Her face once again
goes back between his spread cheeks, lapping up her own spit and then going
back onto the still resistant hole as she presses her kinky tongue right up
against him with a moan, running her piercing right around him in a slow
motion as her hand continues to stroke him off, his long and fully erect
cock ready for action now as she laps away at his asshole with a smirk.

Pulling her head away, Amy smirks up at her Superstar boyfriend with a light
laugh. "Shit Phil! You're going to have to get used to that..." She teases at
his tenseness back there as she removes her hand from his shaft.

"I guess so, but you could have warned me!" CM Punk protests, but with a
smile to show he's not too concerned. "Guess it shows how "Rated R" you still

The former Lita rolls her eyes slightly at that line. "You're lucky I don't
kick your ass for that one right now instead of licking it..." She smirks as
she stands up, running a hand over his shoulder as she gazes down at his more
than just impressive cock. "But for now... Amy says get naked and lay down on
your couch... It's time for you to do some licking of my ass!"

Still wisely playing along, he obeys as he pulls his T-shirt over and off his
head, revealing his muscular, hairy chest that gets an approving nod from her
as he lays down flat on the couch. Unbottoning her pants, she pushes them
down her smooth legs easily, showing him that likewise she hasn't got any
underwear on downstairs either as her neatly shaven pussy is on display as
she steps forward. Climbing onto him, she positions herself into the classic
sixty-nine, her face above his cock as she takes a hold of it in her hand
again as her ass is just an inch of so above his face.

She gives his dick a couple of strokes as her other hand brushes her long jet
black hair back so she can move her face down towards him, using her tongue
that had just been flicking against his asshole to swirl around his bell end,
letting him feel her piercing once again as she drags it across and around
the crown. Another swirling motion around him as her face moves further down
again, this time parting her lips so she can take his shaft inside her mouth,
groaning again as a couple of thick inches sink inside as she starts to suck
him off, her hand still slightly stroking him but it's clear her main focus
is in the blowjob as she raises her head up to just have the head inside
before pushing down and repeating the action.

Moaning as he feels her mouth working over his cock, he knows he can just lay
back and take it so he moves his handsome and rugged face up, his hands going
onto her booty to spread her cheeks as now he gives some back of what he
received earlier as he places his mouth onto her asshole, sucking on it for a
moment before flicking his tongue out against it. Hearing her moan around his
shaft and feeling her push herself back against him in response he smirks,
moving his tongue over her equally sensitive but seemingly more experienced
hole as he slides his probing tongue across it, his hands slightly rubbing
her juicy cheeks as he goes to work on her.

It's exactly the feeling the former WWE Diva wanted, feeling her man's hungry
tongue pushing against and licking around the entrance to her back passage,
so she can't help but rock her body back against his face, rubbing her ass
across his facial features in the process and causing herself to groan as she
feels the bristles of his beard on her smooth, tanned skin. This rocking
motion also allows her to sink her head down deep onto his shaft as she sucks
away on him, going further and further still onto him as she easily handles
more of his fat inches inside her warm and wet mouth, her luscious lips
wrapped tightly around his meat as she bobs her head along him, her hands now
resting on his thighs as she uses only her oral hole to please her boyfriend.

Eating out her ass, the former ROH Tag Team and World Champion keeps his face
pressed into her ass crack as he's getting slightly smothered by her sexy and
thick butt that's being rubbed back and forth across him, proving a challenge
as he keeps his tongue right against her asshole, being able to sink it in as
he licks away. Moaning into her booty, he swirls his tongue slightly around
inside her, encouraged by her own muffled moans that he hears from her as she
deeply blows his dick, so he keeps her backside spread apart as he flicks his
tongue out again and again around inside her back passage, darting himself in
and out of her clearly tight hole as he gets her nice and wet.

His dick is getting a more than generous coating of saliva as well, thanks to
the swift, porn star quality sucking he's taking from the former "Miss
Congeniality" of the original ECW as she pushes her stunning face right down
onto him, groaning as she impressively deep throats every inch of this thick
cock, her nose and chin pressing against his crotch as she keeps herself
right down on him without a hint of gagging. After a few long moments, her
moans bouncing off of his shaft in the process as she enjoys the way his
tongue is working over her ass, she slowly lifts her head up to the very top
of his pole but only so she can quickly push herself straight back down to
again take all of his size into her mouth with a lustful groan.

Another few, long moments of deepthroating the current WWE star, and then the
former Lita lifts her head completely off of him, groaning with a lick of her
lips as she looks back. "Mmmm... Babe, I knew you'd love a piece of my
ass..." She says with a smirk before she lifts her hips up, taking her ass
away from his face as she starts to change position.

"Well, d'uh!" CM Punk replies with a smirk as he watches his girlfriend turn
around so she's facing him now. "You've got a great ass, so who wouldn't want
to tap it?"

The former Diva raises an eyebrow as she reaches down, gripping his dick to
line it up as she squats over him. "I mean I knew you liked thick asses from
that chick you shaved the head of on Smackdown. Serena right?" She licks her
lips again as she looks over his muscular, hair covered body. "That's one
hell of a fine ass!"

"Hey, it's not like I personally picked her out..." He protests with a smile.
"I heard she was the only chick in developmental with the balls to get her
head shaved!"

"Well get ready babe, because Amy says lay back and take this, and I don't
want you to thrust even for a moment!"

Easing herself down, Dumas keeps his shaft help straight up where she wants
it, groaning as she takes the head of his thick dick into her asshole, and
not stopping there as she sinks down further to take in some of his inches,
settling down and slightly grinding herself against him before she starts to
lift herself back upward. Underneath the two time Money in the Bank match
winner moans out, feeling her very tight back passage around his cock as
she's taking his shaft into her ass, watching as his stunning girlfriend is
smoothly moving on his manhood with one arm holding onto the back of the
couch for support as she establishes the motion.

Closing her eyes as she moans out, the former WWE Diva knows exactly what
she's doing here, another sign that she's no stranger to some anal sex as
she's perfectly timing her movements, allowing herself to adjust to his vast
size and in turn being able to gradually take inch by fat inch deeper inside
her back passage. Gritting her teeth slightly, she moves a hand down to the
bottom of her top, still riding his dick with her thick butt as she lifts the
clothing up enough to free her large and perfectly rounded breasts as she
gives one a quick squeeze and then the other, keeping herself pleasured as
she handles a long piece of man meat inside her ass.

The woman once known as the WWE's Queen of Extreme is putting on one hell of
a show for her man who has no problems laying back and watching her go to
work on his thick dick, taking it deep inside her juicy, tanned ass without
feeling any pain, even as she's sinking down to nearly touching his thighs
with her butt cheeks now. He's moaning out, having to resist the urge to
start thrusting up into her as he plays along with her game of "Amy says",
and considering his going along with it has gotten him deep inside of the
hottest asses belonging to an iconic WWE Diva, continuing to play her erotic
games could wield even better rewards, if there could be anything that could
top the current feeling all around his dick right now.

Letting out a loud moan as she pushes herself right down, the dark haired and
starting to sweat beauty more known for flaming red hair opens her eyes with
a big grin, feeling her ass now touching the muscular thighs of the current
WWE Superstar as she's able to stop and grind herself against his crotch,
having taken every inch of his cock inside her tight back passage. Leaning
back slightly she puts a hand down onto her snatch, starting to rub herself
as she slightly rocks her hips towards and away from him, just feeling the
sensations from having her ass stuffed full of his cock before she resumes
the task of moving up and down on him with her hand still moving across her
own pussy.

When she drops down smoothly onto his dick now a loud slapping sound rings
out as her butt cheeks collide with his sweating skin, and it mixes with the
loud moans coming from both the former and current sports entertainers as he
gets off on the feeling of her ass sliding up and down quickly on his dick,
and she takes care of herself with her hand moving back and forth across her
wet snatch while riding her boyfriend. She grins down at him, giving him a
seductive glare as she moves with ease up to just below the half-way point on
his shaft before sharply travelling back down with a groan, her large tits
bouncing in time with the movement of her body as she bites her bottom lip,
loving not only the feeling of him deep inside her ass but the look of
pleasure on his face as he lays underneath her.

"Mmmm... You like that ass Phil?" The former Lita asks as she drops down a
last time onto his cock, keeping herself held down onto him. "You want to
fuck my sexy ass babe?"

"Yes, and fuck yes!" CM Punk answers with a grin, before he has to groan as
in response she lifts herself all the way up and off of his dick.

"Well, now Amy says fuck my ass!" Amy says as she gets down onto the floor,
laying down on her back and using her hands to hook her own legs, spreading
them apart as she lifts her backside off the floor. "Fuck my ass like you
fuck your little follower's ass!" She adds with a grin.

Raising an eyebrow, he comes down onto the floor and gets into position on
top of her. "I'll fuck your ass alright, but what makes you think I've banged
Serena when I've got your hot ass already?"

"You mean you haven't screwed her already??" Dumas questions as he lines his
shaft up with her asshole. "Me and Edge used to screw plenty of the Divas
back when we..." She starts to say, before he sharply cuts her off by pushing
forward into her booty.

She groans out loudly, feeling his dick pushing it's way deep into her back
passage, once again filling him up with his thick inches, not yet going balls
deep as he pulls back, giving her a couple of initial thrusts before one
stiff one goes down into her enough so his toned waist touches her skin, in
turn making him moan as he gives her exactly what she wants. Rocking his hips
back and forth towards her, he's smoothly working his dick in and out past
her still very tight asshole, holding onto her legs as well as he pumps the
ass of the stunning former WWE Women's Champion.

Already she's starting to move herself up to meet his thrusts, trying her
best to slide back down to take his dick deeper into her ass when he pushes
forward, but in this position he's now the one in control as he's really
making her body jolt backward when he pumps into her butt, causing her large
and sexy breasts to bounce every time he sends himself into her. Moving a
hand down, she places it right onto her snatch once again, quickly rubbing
herself to get the most pleasure possible out of being fucked up the ass by
her handsome and talented wrestler boyfriend, and soon enough her fingers are
getting sticky from her juices as it's obvious going anal is a massive turn
on for the retired Diva.

Of course she's not alone in enjoying this steamy sexual session, as said
hung stud is pounding into her thick and juicy butt with hard and fast
thrusts, a pace that would otherwise render a normal woman near unconscious
by this point and most experienced porn stars would struggle to keep up
doing. The Straightedge Superstar however is continuing on ramming her back
passage with his fat cock, sweating hard now as he pounds his gorgeous and
moaning girlfriend with repeated thrusts, his balls slapping off her butt
cheeks each time he hammers straight into her booty as he watches her sweat
just as much as she is as she plays with her own pussy.

The former leading lady of Team Xtreme is doing more than just that now,
still taking the swift and stiff pumps deep in her back passage but now
pushing a couple of fingers into her wet pussy, now finger fucking herself
while at the same time using the other hand to cup and squeeze her large,
bouncing titties as her body jolts back when he slams himself into her ass.
She moans out, her hand quickly moving back and forth to drive her digits
into her dripping snatch, driving herself wild as her boyfriend drives his
fat cock past her asshole to fill up her other lower hole to the maximum.

While he may be a former World Champion in the WWE, he's putting in a title-
worthy performance here by driving his beginning to throb dick in and out of
the still tight booty of his dark haired girlfriend as she lays back, getting
herself off on the feeling of his shaft ploughing into her backside as they
both moan, groan, and call out for more. Watching the former WWE Women's
Champion work her coated with juices back and forth into her own snatch just
makes him want to continue on banging her over and over again with hard and
fast thrusts, making a dirty, erotic smacking noise ring out as their bodies
crash into each other when he goes balls deep into her ass when he thrusts
into her.

Closing her eyes and arching her back slightly, Amy Dumas lets out a long
moan as she tilts her head back, starting to cum on her own fingers as CM
Punk continues to thrust deeply into her ass, making the former Lita ride out
the intense pleasure as her pussy juices pour out over her digits as she
keeps pumping them in and out of herself, still able to play with her own
breasts as she does so. He grunts with clenched teeth, needing all of his
control to not just blow there and then, especially with her back passage
getting even tighter around his shaft as she orgasms but he's able to, giving
her a few more pumps as he slows himself down and eases off the force both to
calm himself and to help her come back down to earth as she sweats and pants
for much needed breath.

Withdrawing his cock from her ass, he barely gets time to take in some air
himself before the surprised when the retired WWE Diva sits up with a sexy
grin on her face, grabbing his dick by the base and taking it straight into
her mouth, wrapping her pouty lips tightly around the man meat that had just
been pounding her straight up her butt. Going ass to mouth doesn't faze her
as she groans at the taste of her own back passage, but more focused on
giving him his sexual peak as she gets right into it, bobbing her head
smoothly and quickly along the length as her long dark hair begins to sway
from the motion.

He moans out loudly, his cock throbbing wildly now inside his girlfriend's
mouth as she hungrily suck him off with deep, sudden movements back and forth
along his length, all the while looking right down at her beautiful face as
she intensely blows him, ensuring to flick her pierced tongue up against his
underside as it passes between her lips. Not satisfied with just this, she
shows her kinky side once again as she moves the hand that had been working
over her own pussy around to his ass, taking one of her fingers, still coated
in her juices, and without warning pushing it against and then into his own
asshole, causing his eyes to wide and making him groan out loud.

That last surprise was too much for him to take, sending him straight over
the edge as CM Punk starts to cum inside Amy Dumas' mouth, making her groan
as she keeps bobbing along his size, not gagging at all as she's getting her
oral hole filled up with a large amount of jizz that fires out of his shaft.
Still keeping her finger placed inside his ass, she deeply sucks on his cock
for a few more moments, only pulling back until just the head remains between
her luscious lips and even then she uses her other hand to give him a couple
of strokes, making sure she's got every last drop out of him that she can.
Letting go of his now softening dick, she pulls her finger out of his
asshole, causing him to groan in clear relief as she sits back, letting him
see the big mouthful of spunk she's collected before she brushes her dark
hair back and swallows his load down with one big gulp.

"You Phil, need to stop being such a tight ass..." Amy says with a sexy grin
as she looks up at her boyfriend.

"And you need to start warning me when you do little "tricks" like that!" CM
Punk fires back, a little embarrassed by having cum from taking a finger in
his ass. "I mean, geez! You're a wild one Amy, you know that?"

"Oh please, this was nothing!" The former Lita states, still smiling. "But
I'll get you up to my level soon enough, that is, if you think you can handle
it..." She adds teasingly.

"You think I can't? You bet that sweet ass of yours I can!" He quickly
answers. "What have you got in mind now?"

"Well... Remember what I was saying before about what me and Edge used to do
with the Divas?" She says with a lick of her lips. "I think that you need to
introduce me to that follower of yours Serena, and then you and me can fuck
that fucking sexy ass of hers!"

* * *

Putting the CD back into the box, CM Punk shakes his head with a smile.
"Damn, Amy was one hell of a fuck to keep up with, and it was fun while it
lasted but while I can't say I really miss her or her attempt at "music", I
damn sure miss the sex! Still, I can say I nailed Lita and didn't end up
screwing my career up with repeated YouTube videos like her ex-Hardy did." He
pauses to smirk. "And I moved on to one gorgeous Glamazon of a Diva as

* * *

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