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Featuring: Beth Phoenix (WWE), CM Punk (WWE)

The Girls Of Punk Part 5: Beth Phoenix
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

After the conclusion of the live edition of Monday Night Raw following the
WWE's "Supplimental Draft" of 2011,the leader of The New Nexus and the
Straightedge Superstar CM Punk is arriving at his room at the hotel that the
majority of WWE stars are staying in for the night. Carrying his travel bag
and clad in nicely fitting jeans and his own merchandise Nexus T-shirt, he's
smirking to himself having signed a couple of autographs for fans who had
hung around the entrance to the hotel. "In a couple of months if everything
works out, I'll be working those marks and the Internet and have them in the
palm of my hand..." He says to himself as he pulls out the card to his room
he approaches its door.

He pauses though, noticing that the door is slightly open, causing him to be
suspicious as he comes closer towards it, glancing down both sides of the
corridor before he pushes the door open wider and his eyes widen in pleasant
surprise as he sees someone already inside, causing a wide grin to form on
his face.

Sitting on the edge of the bed is none other than his current girlfriend, The
Glamazon Beth Phoenix who smiles seductively as she sees him stepping into
the room. The dominate Diva is showing off her sexily tanned and perfectly
curved body wonderfully as she's clad only in a set of matching black bra and
panties that are fitting tightly to her thick ass and her large and well
rounded breasts, showing off a vast amount of cleavage especially as she
leans slightly forward to look him over with hungry and clearly lusty eyes.

Closing the door behind him and tossing his bag down to the side, the
Straightedge Superstar looks over her stunning body with a smile. "I thought
you were planning something..." He says to the blond as he takes off his
footwear, knowing what she's here for and showing that he has no problems
with that. "You'd been avoiding me all night."

"Well, good things come to those who wait, don't they?" Beth almost teases as
she watches him approach where she's sitting. "And I've been waiting for a
long while to back on the same brand as you." She says, putting her hands
onto his waist as soon as he's within reach to forcefully pull him in close
to her with her strength.

"You don't look like you want to wait..." He says, regaining composure and
watching her hands immediately going onto her belt in order to undo it.

"Don't I even get a hello or something?" He jokes.

"I figure a blowjob to kick things off would do instead?" Phoenix smirks with
a lick of her lips, glancing over his crotch before her hands go to the
waistline of his bottoms.

Forcefully pulling his jeans down to the knees, the gorgeous WWE Diva smiles
as she takes a hold of his hardening shaft in her hand, using a firm grip
that's enough to make him groan just with the initial contact as her other
palm goes onto his heavy and nicely sized ball sack to cup it, a squeeze
given to them which makes him groan again much to her approval. Fondling his
nuts, her other hand begins to smoothly and strongly stroke his length to get
him fully hard and at this rate it won't take long, not just from her soft
palm working over his rod but because the way she's positioned the
controversial Superstar can look right down at the sexy cleavage she has on
display from her tight fitting bra.

With his cock now standing at full attention her hands now go onto his thighs
as she opens her mouth, pushing her tongue out so she can slide it across and
then all around the head, letting him feel her breath on his bell end along
with her soft and nicely wet tongue as it swirls around the tip to make him
moan. Keeping her eyes locked with his, she leans in towards him, taking his
dick into her mouth and immediately wrapping her lips tightly around his
manhood as she pushes down onto him in order to take an impressive amount of
his length with the first push - more than half of his cock now inside the
oral hole of The Glamazon.

Letting out a groan herself, showing she's enjoying this feeling as well as
the man who's receiving it, the multi-time former Women's Champion starts to
bob her blond haired head along his shaft, dragging her soft lips up to just
an inch below the head before smoothly travelling back down to over half way
and then repeating the motion. Her hands remain on his thighs, keeping him
where she wants to as she rocks herself towards and away from him as she
administers a blowjob that's already quite swift, showing that she doesn't
plan on messing around with him as her slight moans bounce off his dick as it
passes in and out of her soothing mouth.

Seeing the sexy, smart, and powerful Diva in this position - sucking a long
cock while clad in bra and panties while on the edge of a hotel room bed -
would be enough to make anyone moan uncontrollably, so it's something in
itself that the Straightedge man receiving this has kept control as he
watches the beautiful face of his girlfriend move back and forth along his
thick shaft. He moans, feeling her saliva start to cover his pole as her
mouth pushes further down onto him, her breasts slightly shaking from the
rocking motion of her head as she deeply sucks away on him, only lifting a
hand up to brush some strands of her long hair away to keep his view of her
work clear.

Smirking around his member, she catches him off guard by pushing her face
right down onto his cock, causing him to moan when he feels her lips around
the base of his tool as she groans deeper than before, deep throating every
inch of his length without any hint of gagging at all as she keeps herself
held down so they can both savor the sensations. The Buffalo, New York native
is putting professional porn stars to shame with the way she's able to almost
too easily, like she's done this many times before, remain with all of his
dick deep inside her mouth, even able to enhance the feeling by flicking her
tongue up against the underside of the shaft belonging to her moaning
boyfriend standing in front of him.

Easing her head back up slowly, letting her lips grind along him as she does
so, she lifts herself completely off of him with a groan as she smirks up at
him, taking only a second to catch her breath before her mouth opens wide
again and she resumes her swift sucking motion and focusing on the upper
portion of his long dick, causing him to have his mind blown as another part
of his body is getting blown as well. She continues to keep the eye contact,
the look of pleasure on his face encouragement to keep pleasuring him like
this as she blows his length and keeps it covered with her saliva that's
trickling slightly past her lips despite them being tightly placed around his
tool but that fact doesn't bother her as she moves her head smoothly along
him for a few more moments.

"Mmmm..." Beth moans as she lifts herself up and off from him, licking her
lips as she glances over his now coated with her saliva cock and then back up
to him. "I think that's enough of a warm up now baby..." She says with a
smirk as she sits back slight and lifts her hands off from him.

"Sounds fucking good to me!" Punk says as he quickly pulls his T-shirt up and
off from his body, letting her see his muscular upper body that makes her nod
with approval.

He barely is able to toss the garment aside before she grabs him by the
waist, pulling him over and tossing him down onto the bed with a grin. "Let's
get this cock back inside me Punk..." Phoenix says as she straddles his

"It's been way to fucking long!"

Wisely not objecting, the former two time Money in the Bank Ladder Match
winner watches as his stunning girlfriend reaches down to line his cock up
while using her other hand to pull her panties to the side, giving him a
slight glimpse of her pussy in the process as she lowers herself down onto
his length. They both moan out at the penetration as she sinks down onto him,
her legs resting on either side of him as she places her hands forward to
rest on his chest, leaning forward a little herself as she grinds her snatch
down against him, making it obvious how much she's enjoying the feeling of
getting filled up by his thickness.

Grinning down at him, the Glamazon starts to rock her body forward properly
and then right backward in order for her to ride his cock with her tight
pussy, moaning as she feels his inches sliding in and out of her hole as she
puts her hips right into the motion, causing her ass to shake slightly as she
gets into the motion in no time at all. The bra and panties clad Diva groans
as she handles over half of his length inside her, her hands slightly rubbing
over the chest of the man underneath her as she bounces herself on his pole,
never going forward too much so his dick doesn't slip out of her snatch but
looking like she intends of going backward in order to fit more of his size
inside her.

She's not along in enjoying this of course, as the former ECW brand Champion
moans out, placing his hands on her waist as he feels her snug and already
wet pussy moving along his shaft as she moves her perfectly curved and tanned
body back and forth on top him. He's getting a hell of a show up front as
well, seeing her large bra-encased breasts as they jiggle from the stiff
movements she's using and her groaning face as she unashamedly loves the
feeling of his big dick inside her - a world removed from the strong,
independent character she shows herself to be on television on a weekly

Looking back behind her and gritting her teeth as she does so, the former OVW
Women's Champion is picking up the face now and putting more force into her
motions, causing her to take more of her boyfriend's dick into her tight
snatch and in turn cause both herself and the man she's riding to moan out as
she nears handling all of his size insider her. Her fingers slightly scratch
against his chest to make him groan as she rocks strongly back and forth on
him, an erotic sound ringing out when she moves to and fro to move that man
meat in and out of her love tunnel, and smirking herself as she enjoys the
sight alone of her handling such a long and perfectly thick to match cock.

A few more swift bounces on his dick and then she brings herself to a stop on
him, leaning back now with her hands on her knees as she grinds her snatch
down against his shaft to make him moan as she smirks down on him,
controlling his cock as she keeps it held deep inside her pussy and gets off
on just seeing her man underneath her feeling the pleasure she's giving him.
Continuing to put on a show for him as she moans herself, she reaches her
hands behind her to undo her tight fitting bra, letting her large and
gorgeously rounded tits spill free as she moves her snatch slightly back and
forth against his tool to make sure they both keep feeling the pleasure.

"Damn Beth..." Punk moans as he looks up at her. "You weren't kidding when
you said you wanted it!" He adds with a smile.

Phoenix responds with a smirk, lifting herself off from him with a groan as
she moves down onto the bed beside him. "What's the matter? Too much of a
woman for you to handle?" She almost challenges him as she gives him a sly
wink before turning to her side with her back facing him.

Now it's his turn to smirk as the proudly Straightedge wrestler shifts
himself up closer towards her. "Lets see if you can handle some of this
then..."He says as he slides her panties down her smooth and strong legs,
leaving her completely naked much like he is.

Lifting up one of the stunning blond's legs, the handsome WWE Superstar
guides his covered with her juices cock back into her snatch which has them
moaning again just from being back inside her still tight and nicely wet
pussy even before he starts properly thrusting. It's not long before that
starts happening though as he keeps the leg held as his chest presses against
her back and he starts to move his hips towards and then quickly back from
her, pumping his dick into her pussy as she leans her head back to smirk at
him, one of her own hands moving across her big tits in order to give them a
squeeze as she takes his shaft.

Spying a chance, the Chicago, Illinois native leans his head in towards her,
pressing his lips against hers and it's not more than a second before with
closed eyes they both deepen it with open mouthed kisses as they exchange
moans and their tongues slide and wrestle around each other. All the while he
thrusts into her snatch, sending his cock deep into her pussy as her tanned
and wonderfully curved body slightly moves against his motions, her extended
arm gripping the bed sheets as she's banged by her boyfriend's long and hard
cock that's filling her up and going further and further still into her hole
with each forward pump into her.

The former ROH World Champion has the rhythm timed perfectly as he pushes his
dick into the groaning Diva's pussy when her body rocks back towards him,
causing her thick ass cheeks to smack against his crotch and waist to make a
smacking sound ring out around the hotel room as he ploughs into her
tightness, keeping her leg held up for smooth and easy access into her. His
other hand is able to reach around her, taking a hold of a breast to grope it
and causing a moan to escape the former WWE Women's Champion as she smirks
again, responding by breaking off the kissing when she uses her teeth to
slightly bite down on the tongue of the man fucking her which causing him to
groan in surprise as he feels slightly pain but is more turned on that
anything else.

Letting go of his tongue, The Glamazon keeps her eyes closed as she groans
out, now placing both hands on the bed so she can forcefully push herself
back against his thrusting motion, taking his dick completely into her snatch
when she meets his pumps and his balls slap into her butt cheeks. Sweat is
forming all over her perfectly curved frame as the woman known for being
dominate in the ring shows she can give as good as she takes out it as well,
her breasts jiggling in response to her body's rocking motion against the
rock hard and long pole of her boyfriend that's being quickly sent in and out
of her wet snatch.

Said rugged and controversial man is likewise breaking out in a sweat that
seems to be a harder one compared to hers, a sign perhaps that he's having to
step things up to an even higher notch as she gets more demanding, her body
language a sign that she wants it as hard, fast, and as deep as possible. The
deeper part is already taken care off since he's balls deep into her, every
thick inch of his cock ploughing back and forth into her still tight pussy
that's left his dick coated with her slick juices, plenty of effort and
energy being put into banging the blond from behind as they both lay on the
bed as her ass continues to smack back against him each time he sends his man
meat firmly and quickly into her damp hole.

Punk seems content to keep hammering her in this position, but he has to
groan in disappointment when she moves herself up and away from him so her
pussy is off from his dick. "Hey! I was enjoying that!" He says with a
chuckle as he wipes sweat away from his forehead.

"So I was..." Phoenix smirks back as she moves herself up towards the end of
the bed. "But I want to enjoy this as well..." She says with an erotic groan
as she positions herself so she can rest with a turned head against the
pillows, pushing her juicy and thick ass right up into the air facing him.

"I think I'll fucking enjoy this as well!" He says with a grin as he moves up
onto his knees behind her.

Spreading her butt cheeks apart, he wastes no time in giving the horny Diva
what she wants as he pushes his long dick against and then into her asshole,
making them both groan loudly as she feels the first few of his thick inches
entering her booty while he experiences her even tighter hole all around his
shaft. Gritting his teeth and letting out a hiss he starts to ease himself
into her ass, pulling out until just the head is still inside her before
moving towards her, his hands remaining on her backside as he watches his
dick moving in and out of her backside which alone is enough to make him moan
along with the actual feeling.

Licking her lips with a low groan, the stunning and busty blond grips the bed
sheets again as she feels his dick start to pump into her back passage,
gradually working more of his length into her as he builds up the motion and
her asshole accepts the invasion, however it's soon clear that right now
she's an impatient woman and what she really wants, she intends to get. She
starts to push her ass back against him, surprising him again as she stiffly
moves her hips back against him, causing herself groan as she forces another
inch of his man meat into her as despite just starting to do this, she's
already moving at a quicker and harder pace than he's got to already.

He doesn't even dare to think about asking her to ease up for him, smartly
going along with it as he works his hips faster and puts more power behind
his thrusts, secretly thankful for having her own pussy juices that coat his
cock as a form of lube as this ass fucking gets more intense, allowing his
tool to plunge in deep into her back passage to meet the needs of the
dominate sport entertainer. This seems to work for now as she lets out some
louder and clear moans with a smile on her beautiful and sweat covered face,
her ass cheeks shaking as she pushes herself firmly back into his waist as
her face remains down on the pillow and her large breasts drag against the
bed sheets.

The ball sack of the former multi-time World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE
start to slap against her tanned skin as he pounds her tight ass, sending
every thick inch of his now slightly throbbing cock into her backside with
each sudden and hard thrust he gives her, the kind of pace that even a
prolific porn star would struggle to keep up with let alone a normal woman.
Dealing with the Slammy Award winner for Diva of the Year in 2008 though,
hard and fast is just what she wants as she groans in front of him, not
missing a beat as she controls the pace, forcing him to sweat hard to keep up
with her and to continue to ram his long dick in and out of her asshole that
seems just built for this kind of fucking and perhaps even more.

Despite not even touching herself down there right now, the pussy of The
Glamazon is soaking wet as she gets off on just the pumping she's taking up
the ass from her boyfriend, looking back at his sweating form with a grin and
lust in her ass as she grips the sheets of the bed they are on and continues
to slam her booty back against him, causing a loud and erotic slapping sound
to ring out when her ass cheeks collide with his waist. She certainly feels
no pain from this and it's no doubt a turn on as well as she makes sure he's
driving balls deep into her back passage with each motion, still able to
dominate the Straightedge hunk despite this being more a position where she
should be the one receiving more than controlling.

She might be too caught up in her own sexual needs to realize that fact as
she carries on pushing her hips forcefully back to smack into her boyfriend,
but he's well aware that he isn't in control here as he pounds her still very
tight ass with thrust after quick and hard thrust as he grunts and his chest
heaves for much need breath. He lifts a hand up, delivering a sharp spank to
her backside that causes the struck cheek to jiggle erotically but to his
shock the strong, sexy, and powerful Diva just laughs with a moan at it, even
swaying her butt from side to side for a moment as he dares him to do it
again and he does, making the other cheek shake as she smirks and continues
to rock back and forth to meet his pumping motion.

She proves every week on WWE television that she's one of, if not the most
dominate Diva in all of sports entertainment and now she's showing that it
extends to the bedroom as well as despite moaning away and sweating from the
effort put into this she looks able to continue on fucking all night long and
into the morning as well. The same cannot be said though for her boyfriend
behind her as with a deep groan CM Punk starts to cum inside the juicy and
thick ass of Beth Phoenix, causing her to groan as well as he feels her back
passage suddenly fill up with thick and creamy spunk as he continues to
thrust into her booty and she certainly doesn't allow him to let up, still
pushing her backside back against him and only slightly easing up now knowing
that he's spent. His jizz is shot deep into her, a few more thrusts given to
her along with a squeeze of her butt cheeks as he ensures that he gives her
as much as he can as her ass still smacks into his waist before he pulls out
his softening cock from out of her booty, giving his dick a final couple of
strokes for good measure as he looks over stunning and truly one of a kind

"Hmmm... Not bad..." Beth says as she moves herself around to sit up on the
bed, smirking at him as she doesn't give him any chance to really rest as by
the shoulders she tosses him down to lay on it. "But I'm not finished with
you yet!"

"Fucking hell Beth!" Punk exclaims, still worn out from busting his load
inside her ass. "Can you at least let me... MMMM!" What he was about to say
was cut off when the strong and gorgeous blond mounts his face, planting her
snatch right onto his mouth.

"Mmmm... What was that baby?" Phoenix grins as she looks down on him. "You
want to make it up to me for blowing too soon by eating me out? That's a
great idea!" She says almost tauntingly, making it clear that this isn't
going to be over until she says it is.

As she grinds her pussy against his lips, it even more obvious what he has to
do now and clearly not having neither the strength nor the energy to resist
or escape, the former leader of The Straightedge Society puts his hands onto
her hips as he opens his mouth, instantly tasting the more than ample amount
of juices that have formed in her snatch over the course of this sexual get
together. Pushing his tongue right up into her makes her moan in delight, and
the next motion of sliding it to the side in order to move around the outside
edges of her pussy gets the same response, giving him a slight and much
needed break to catch some breath through his nose as his chest heaves again.

Looking down at her boyfriend with a big grin, she grabs a handful of his
hair in order to force his face right up into her pussy, causing him to groan
and almost yelp in surprise but she just moans again, feeling his tongue
sliding all around inside her love tunnel which is what she's more concerned
about. Her other hand in on her large breasts, giving the left one a firm
squeeze before moving onto the right and even giving the nipple a slight
twist for added pleasure as she rocks her hips back and forth to further
grind her wet snatch down against the face of the Superstar who's been a part
of the ECW, Smackdown and Raw brands of the WWE.

Having long since resigned himself to the fact that isn't getting to do what
he wants to here, he closes his eyes to focus on getting his stunning
girlfriend to her sexual high as soon as he can, running his hands over her
thick thighs as he laps his tongue against her soaking wet snatch, drinking
down the almost constant stream of her sweet juices with a groan. Her liquids
have in no time at all coated his lips and a large amount of his handsome
face thanks to her quick grinding motion across his mouth as she moans away,
staring right down at him as she plays with her large breasts.

The rapid and smooth way the multi-time World Champion in the WWE is moving
his hungry tongue around the pussy being grinded against his mouth would be
more than enough to make a normal woman be driven to a wild and screaming
orgasm long before now. However when the former Women's Champion is involved
it takes a whole lot more than that, and as good as it feels to her she wants
even more as she is now almost bouncing her snatch against his lips and
tongue as it probes and licks around her already fucked superbly hole,
moaning loudly and gripping her shaking tits as she does so as her actions
make the man underneath her groan and grunt as even now he doesn't get a
moment's let up from the demands of the sexually dominate and aggressive

Just when it feels like to him that his jaw might be starting to ache from
her swift bouncing, his tongue work finally reaps the much sought after by
both WWE stars rewards as with a long and unashamedly loud moan Beth Phoenix
starts to cum hard on the face of CM Punk, still rocking her snatch against
his mouth and lips even as she rides out the waves of pleasure she's feeling.
Underneath her said man is sighing in relief as a flood of juices pours out
from her which he laps up and drinks down, opening his eyes to watch as she
now slows her movements down but keeps his face right up into her snatch,
still able to keep control even as she orgasms over her boyfriend's face.
Finally and with a smile she lets go of his hair, letting his head fall back
against the bed as he draws in deep breaths, his mouth and chin dripping with
her pussy juices which makes The Glamazon smirk with satisfaction.

"I'll get you used to me again soon enough..." Beth says as she steps off
from the bed to stand up. "After all, we'll have the whole of tomorrow
morning to use up, although I think after a shower I might be ready for some
more tonight..." She adds with a grin as she walks away from the bed.

Punk groans with a slight laugh, slightly concerned if he'll have much energy
left for even some more of her tomorrow, let alone in a few minutes. "I don't
think... That I'd have it any other way..." He manages to gasp out before
he's cut off by something landing on his chest. He sits himself up and holds
up the item which is one of Beth's signature tiara-like headdresses that she
wears as part of her entrances for matches. Holding it up, he looks across
the room at his girlfriend. "What's this for?"

"Oh, you think I wouldn't find out about that little "conquest box" of
yours?" Phoenix says as she stands by the doorway into the bathroom. "Well
here's a little "momento" for it. It should serve as a reminder that none of
your ex-girlfriends will ever match up to what I can do to you." She says
with a confident smirk before she enters the room, closing the door behind

Shaking his head with a grin, Punk looks over the headdress. "You've got that
fucking right Beth..." He says to himself. "Right in more ways than damn
one... At least she's the only one who didn't get pissed at me when she found
out she's one of the Girls of Punk..." He pauses, now smirking himself. "At
least she won't be if she's the last one and I don't move onto another piece
of hot ass..."
_ _ _

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