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Featuring: Mickie James (WWE/OVW), CM Punk (WWE/ROH)

The Girls Of Punk Extra Part 1: Mickie James
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Having returned home to Chicago, Illinois after being on the road for the
first Raw after the 2011 Draft, the Straightedge Superstar CM Punk is opening
up his box full of "mementos" of his past girlfriends and previous conquests
in order to place inside the trademark headdress that his current girlfriend
Beth Phoenix gave to him after a steamy bedroom encounter. Punk smirks as he
vividly remembers that night of sex with "The Glamazon".

"Yeah, she's damn good lay... But I'd better make sure my windows and doors
and reinforced for when I end up breaking up with her like I have the rest of
them..." Punk says with a cocky smirk, not showing to much affection for his
previous "loves". He's about to close the box up when something in the box
catches his eye, making him grin as he lifts the lid up again and takes out a
pair of frilly panties out, looking it over with a nod of the head. "Then
again, sometimes the hottest sex I had wasn't in a relationship... And if I
remember, I got these after "cheering up" a real fucking hot babe... Damn,
one thing I miss about Mickie not being around is that ass of hers..."

* * *

About an hour before the start of the live broadcast of Monday Night Raw on
July 25, 2005 in Cleveland, Ohio, the current ROH World Champion who's signed
to a WWE developmental deal CM Punk is walking backstage with "Vicki Adams"
the woman who accompanied him to the ring for what they both thought was
going to be a match taped for Sunday Night Heat, who is better known by her
ring name of Alexis Laree, and her real name of Mickie James. Both of them
however are looking down in the dumps, having just been told that due to
management not being happy with it, it's not going to be broadcast on TV.

"I don't get it Punk!" Mickie says with a sigh, her tanned and curved body
being shown off in the outfit she had on at ringside as she's dressed in a
tight fitting, raggedy top that nicely shows off her large breasts, and a
short fitting skirt which hugs to her juicy ass. "What didn't they like about
us out there?"

"Beats me if I know!" CM Punk states, having already changed out of his ring
gear and now in a pair of jeans and a Misfits T-Shirt that fits snugly
against his muscular chest. "I heard Tommy Dreamer was the main guy who was
pissed for whatever reason. Considering he's only held one "World" title for
like barely a few minutes, he shouldn't be the one deciding who can or can't
wrestle on TV..." He states bitterly.

"What really blows is that this was my chance to impress them and get out of
OVW!" James says, stopping and turning to look at him. "I mean no offence
because you're going to be there soon, but some of the girls down there don't
have a clue what they are doing, and the ones that do will probably never get
the call up!" She says with anger rising, shaking her head as she looks down
at the floor.

"Hey, come on now Mickie..." He says, placing a hand on her shoulder. "OK, so
we had one bad night and the suits didn't enjoy what we did. I know I had a
blast out there with you and we'll both have other chances to impress them.
If they don't call you up sometime soon then they real don't have a clue what
their Divas should look like.

Hearing the compliments makes the busty brunette smile at him as she looks
up. "You mean that, or are you just trying to cheer me up?"

"Well, a little of both, but I do mean it." He says, smiling back. "If I
wanted to just cheer you up though I'd probably do something else than just
talk you up." He adds with a cheeky wink.

"Oh, is that so?" Her smile widens into a grin. "I might take you up on that
offer Punk... In fact, I think I want some cheering up right now... Some
really good cheering up at that!" She says, taking a hold of his hand off her
shoulder as she glances around.

"Hey, are you meaning what I think you're meaning?" Punk starts to ask with a
similarly growing smile, but she just winks back at him as she starts to lead
him down the corridor, leaving him to look down at her thick, skirt covered
booty as he licks his lips a little. "Oh yeah, I'll damn well cheer you up

* * *

A few minutes later in a cleaning cupboard of the arena, Mickie James is
pressing herself up against a bare brick wall of the small room as she looks
down over her shoulder at a kneeling CM Punk behind her as he pushes her
skirt up to reveal her incredibly thick and juicy ass and the frilly panties
she has on, biting down on her bottom lip as she feels his hands caressing
her butt cheeks before pulling her underwear to the side in order to expose
her neatly shaved pussy and her tight looking asshole. Using one hand to keep
her panties out of the way, the other spreads the cheeks apart in order for
him to lean his face in as she slides his tongue down her ass crack, making
her groan as she feels the sensation of slight wetness dragging all the way
downward before smoothly travelling all the way back up.

Keeping her legs spread, she has her hands placed on the wall, allowing her
to arch back with her thick booty pushing out towards the handsome face of
the current ROH World Champion as he moves his tongue up and down her butt
crack with a moan, using a thumb to keep her panties to the side and able to
use his fingers to grope her juicy cheek. The gorgeous former ROH starlet
moans lightly at the feeling as he tastes her booty, dabbing saliva onto her
as she slowly works all the way up and down, quite rightly savoring perhaps
one of the thickest and sexiest backsides to ever be involved in wrestling as
it's being slightly rubbed back against his motion.

A couple more licks up and down on her are given before her pulls back for a
moment to draw in breath, smirking up at her before the Straightedge wrestler
drives back into her booty, this time pressing his lips against her asshole
which makes her noticeably moan as he starts to suck on it, causing her to
noticeably push her backside back towards his facial features in a sign that
she loves the feeling. Immediately picking up on the "hint" he uses his
nicely wet tongue once more, patting it against the entrance to her back
passage and making her groan as she feels it brushing against her hole in
quick, flicking motions that make her grit her teeth as she continues to
stare down at the man she managed in a dark match.

Not satisfied with just brief tastes of her rump, he pushes his tongue
forward into her asshole, working it inside and moaning into her as he's
challenged by the resistance put up by her tight hole, but turned on by this
whole situation he's not stopping, twirling his tongue around inside her ass
to further taste her and spread his saliva all around inside her. The
stunning brunette moans again with closed eyes this time, her hands sliding
up the wall she's against as she feels her ass getting eaten out by the soon
to be full-time OVW developmental star, getting clear pleasure from his
tongue work in her booty as he licks and laps away in past her asshole while
continuing to grope and feel up her butt and keep the cheeks spread at the
same time.

The tongue of the talented and controversial wrestler is managing to move in
deeper into her back passage, more of his saliva getting worked into her as
he tastes and loosens up her asshole, his face coming close to touching her
thick and tanned cheeks as he moves forward towards her, focusing on eating
her butt out the best he can even if it's for his own pleasure, as evident by
the large bulge in his pants. It's obvious though that they are both getting
off to this as she keeps her upper body pressed against the wall while her
ass is pushed out for the man warming her up with hungry and experienced
tongue work in her tight back passage, the action keeping her moaning even
though her pussy isn't even being touched, all the focus being on her booty
and there's no complaints from the curvaceous potential future WWE Diva about

"Oh shit... Punk, stop!" Mickie moans, opening her eyes to look down at him.
"Stand up."

Confused to why she suddenly wants him to stop, he pulls his face away from
her ass and stands up. "Something wrong Mickie?" Punk asks with slight
concern as she turns around.

With a grin, James now turns around, pushing him back so he's against the
door of the closet before she now kneels down in front of him. "Nope! I just
want to suck your fucking dick so bad right now..." She says, lust dripping
off her words as her hands quickly move to undo his belt.

"Shit... You're so fucking hot..." Is the only the words the pleasantly
stunned man can say as he watches the fully clothed and horny female.

Pulling his jeans down only a little, she's extremely eager to return the
pleasure she'd just gotten, not even bothering to properly lower his bottoms
or his boxers as she fishes into them, pulling his impressively long cock
along with his ball sack out from his underwear and seeing the thick and hard
shaft makes her grin again with clear lust. Gripping his tool by the base,
she wastes no time in taking him into her mouth, wrapping her pouty lips
around his meat and now it's his turn to moan as she starts to bob her head
along the top half, her free hand brushing her long hair back over her
shoulders before going to his thigh as she has no problem in quickly building
into a steady sucking rhythm.

The man already signed to a WWE developmental deal has his gaze locked on the
beautiful face of the current OVW star as she smoothly slides herself up and
down along his cock, feeling her soft tongue patting the underside of his rod
as it passes in and out of her nicely wet and warm mouth, her hand at the
base adding to the pleasure as her fingers twist around clockwise and then
back while keeping him straight in place for her to work over. In turn she's
looking right up at him, moaning around his shaft as she blows him in this
arena cleaning closet, using the look of pleasure on his face as further
motivation to pleasure him with her oral hole as she goes down deeper onto
him, past half way and showing she doesn't plan on teasing or going slow on
him or his long and fat cock.

Her free hand slides up and down his thigh as the Richmond, Virginia native
sucks the lengthy pole of the hunk she managed earlier on in the night with
quick and deep motions, plenty of her saliva now all over his length as she
keeps her mouth smoothly moving back and forth along him, letting him feel
her pouty and made for blowjobs lips as they grind across his cock thanks to
how she's keeping them tightly pressed against him. The man who proudly hails
from Chicago, Illinois can only just lean back against the wall, running his
hands through his hair as he gets his mind completely blown by her top notch
oral ability as she works her mouth easily up and down on him, her own moans
vibrating around his meat as she sinks down deeper and deeper still and still
ensuring her hand twists around the base as she does so.

A few more powerful sucks on his length, and then "Vicki Adams" moves her
other hand from his cock onto his other leg as she pushes her face right down
onto his length, keeping her beautiful and lust-filled eyes locked up at him
as she deep throats his man meat with a deep groan and impressively not a
hint of gagging as she keeps herself held in this position. Once again the
male receiving this can only watch on speechless, apart from moans of
enjoyment, at the erotic sight of one of wrestling's hottest female wrestlers
taking every inch of his cock inside her soothing mouth, her chin pressing
against his balls and her nose into his skin as she even keeps her tongue
sliding around and across the sides and bottom of his member.

The fellow former NWA TNA performer now lifts her head up to the head of his
cock, acting more like a professional porn star rather than a wrestler as she
expertly twists her head from side to side, grinding her lips against his
shaft a couple of times before she goes right back to blowing his dick with
quick and forceful motions almost completely all the way up and down on him.
They are both still fully clothed as he moans out and watches her rock her
head back and forth along his thick length as her saliva drips off his
length, the horny female still gazing up at him as she groans around his dick
as the tanned and perfectly curved brunette sucks him off, her long hair
slightly swaying from the sudden motion she's using to work over his shaft
that most normal women would struggle to even handle half of.

Groaning deeply around his meat, she lifts her head off from him with a gasp
as she catches her breath with a grin. "Fuck me!" James almost commands as
she lifts herself back up to stand, moving to lean back against the bare
brick wall she'd been eaten out against earlier on. "Fuck me right here,
right now Punk!"

"Yes Ma'am!" CM Punk says, returning the grin as he steps forward, glancing
down at his jeans, boxers, and his cock coated with her spit. "You must
really want it bad if you're not even gonna shed the clothes..."
Mickie bites her bottom lip seductively as she lifts a leg up for him,
reaching down to hike her skirt up. "Oh I do Punk, I want it so fucking

Her voice is so lustful she's acting like she's in a porno movie. "Are you
going to give me that big, fat dick of yours into my tight little pussy?"
He smirks in reply, moving up close before pulling her panties to the side
again to reveal her snatch. "Hey, I've seen those nude pictorials you've
done, your pussy is far from little Mickie..."

Just as she's about to glare at him for that comment, she's silenced when he
pushes his dick into her love tunnel, causing her to moan as her hands grab
onto his strong shoulders as his inches slide up to fill her tightness that's
making him moan as well as he can also feel how wet she is already down
there, making the task of establishing a pumping motion easy to do,
especially since his dick is already more than just well lubed up thanks to
her own saliva that's covering him. His hands move onto her tanned waist,
holding her up against the wall behind her which in turn allows her to lift
the other leg up as she soon holds them both up and spread far apart, her
skirt falling down to cover up her crotch but considering how good it feels
to her to have his length already moving in and out of her box seeing it is
currently the last thing on her mind.

Likewise, the hung and handsome grappler currently sending his dick smoothly
back and forth into her snatch doesn't seem concerned at all that he's still
basically fully dressed with his T-shirt and jeans still on, just his manhood
out as he works it up into the hot, wet hole of the needy babe he's banging
and holding up against the wall. He's groaning out as well, feeling her
tightness all around his shaft as he works it in and out of her pussy, over
time able to send more of himself into her with every deep and quick thrust
into the gorgeous brunette who's holding firmly onto him with her legs and
arms, letting herself just take it from him even though she could easily move
or grind down against his thrusts, but instead she's more than happy to let
him take the lead and pump her just like she wanted him to do.

Even still being covered by her tight top and the bra underneath, her large
breasts are still bouncing in time with the rest of her sexy, tanned body as
she jolts each time he sends his cock up deep into her snatch, only serving
to drive her further wild with desire as the sweating woman also known as
Alexis Laree takes this pounding deep in her damp but tight snatch, staring
deep into his eyes as he gives it to her with a motion that's getting quicker
and more forceful, much to her moaning delight. Her uncontrollable passion
takes over again as her hands go to the back of his head, pulling him in so
their lips almost smash together and just going with her needs he opens his
mouth to deepen the kiss, quickly rewarded with her tongue pushing into his
mouth to wrap all around his.

The closer positioning allows the also sweating now current ROH World
Champion to thrust deeper than before into her snug snatch, almost all of his
fat inches now smoothly moving in and out of her wetness that's left his
member with a very pleasurable covering of her juices all over it, his
powerful pumps still making her wonderfully curved body rock back against his
forward motions into her and in turn cause her clothes covered tits to rub
against his T-shirt covered upper body as their frames are pressed close
together. Moans as well as saliva are being exchanged by the two soon to be
co-workers in the WWE's OVW developmental territory as the keep on making out
sinfully as the tattoo-covered stud repeatedly and deeply bangs the busty
babe he's holding off the ground and up against the brick wall of this
cleaning cupboard they've turned into their own personal fucking room.

With a groan she pulls her head away, nearly hitting the back of it against
the wall in the process as she runs a finger across his lips and then into
his mouth, sliding it all around him and grinning as in response he licks her
digit with his tongue, all the while never missing a beat as he continues to
thrust swiftly and forcefully up into her wet and tight snatch to keep them
both moaning. She then moves her hand to her own mouth, wrapping her pouty
lips around the finger and sucking it clean with a slow, porn-star quality
teasing motion to put on another show for the man she managed in a dark match
before the evening's edition of Monday Night Raw, giving him all the
motivation he needs to keep banging her as hard and as fast as he currently
is, as if getting a piece of the stunning female wrestler like this wasn't
enough to have him doing that and then some.

"Damn Mickie!" Punk says with a grin and a moan as he gives her a couple more
strong thrusts into her pussy. "You weren't kidding when you said you needed
some cheering up." He states before he starts to pull out of her snatch.

"What gives you that idea?" James teases with a huge, lusty smile as she
unwraps her legs from around him, letting herself be set down to stand on the
floor. "Was it the way I was sucking your dick like I wanted to swallow it
right down my throat?"

He shakes his head, still smiling as he watches her turn around. "Shit... I
got nothing in response to that!" CM Punk states as he watches her bend over,
sticking her booty right out at him before she lifts up her skirt to reveal
her juicy and tanned, panties covered ass.

"That's your problem Punk, you talk way too much..." Mickie says with a smirk
and a lick of her lips as she seductively sways her butt from side to side.
"Now less talk, more fucking!"

Giving her a nod in response he first pulls her panties to the side again,
using a hand to not only keep it out of his way but spread her thick cheeks
apart before he lines his dick up with the entrance to her back passage with
the other, giving her an indication of what's about to happen when he spits
right down onto her asshole, causing her to groan with lust as she stares
back over her shoulder at him. One push forward and the head of his shaft
along with a couple of inches are inserted into her one of a kind ass, making
them both moan out as the earlier tongue work on her hole along with her own
pussy juices that coat his member are aiding him as he starts to thrust back
and forth into her backside, experiencing her even tighter hole around his
meat as she feels herself getting filled up with his vast, thick size.

Showing that only is she more than happy to take it up the ass, but that she
wants it bad just like before, she reaches back with both arms, grabbing her
ass cheeks and taking over the task of keeping them spread, even holding her
underwear to keep it at the side as she flashes him a sexy grin that would
make most red blooded males blow their load in an instant. The future WWE
Superstar however just smirks back, taking a hold of her tanned waist once
more as he focuses on pounding her thick booty, sliding his dick in and out
of her tight asshole and moaning out as he gradually fits some more of his
inches into her back passage every time he thrusts forward into the bent over
in front of him curvaceous brunette who's moaning even more shamelessly than
he is at this anal sex she's very willingly taking.

Keeping her feet firmly planted on the floor of the cleaning closet and her
smooth legs straight, she's making sure she stays in position in front of
him, allowing him easy access into her thick backside especially as she keeps
her butt cheeks wide apart which not only allows him to smoothly stuff his
member in and out of her sexy and thick ass but to watch his manhood drive in
and out past her tight asshole which in itself is enough to keep him moaning
along with the actual feeling. The beauty from Richmond, Virginia can't help
but rock forward just a little each time she takes his shaft deep and
suddenly into her ass, each pump into her tightest of holes making her moan
as her tight fitting clothing is starting to stick to her tanned skin thanks
to how much she's sweating from this intense and lustful fucking she's been
engaged in.

Likewise the man getting to fuck one of the hottest and juiciest asses ever
seen in professional wrestling is showing the effects of keeping up with the
horny stunner's sexual needs as his T-shirt clings to his muscular upper
body, moans and groans escaping his mouth as he stares down at her thick butt
cheeks and noticing that as the woman she's banging keep them spread apart
she's actually groping them at the same time for added pleasure. He can't
help but watch her booty shake and jiggle as she rocks back and forth against
his pumps as he sends his dick deeper and deeper into her ass even as he
holds her, an idea then striking him to make him grin as the current ROH star
moves a hand around and down underneath his former co-worker in the
independent promotion, brushing his fingers across and then pushing them
inside her dripping wet snatch.

The reaction is instant as the woman who wrestles in OVW as Alexis Laree
tosses her head back with a loud moan with closed eyes, squeezing her own ass
cheeks hard and digging the fingers deep into the more than ample and tanned
flesh, her tongue almost hanging out of her mouth as she shameless enjoys
taking it hard and fast from behind and deep in her butt, the digits of the
tattooed and handsome man giving it to her that are working over her snatch
only making her lose even more control than before. Her top and bra-encased
breasts sway lightly from the jolting her body is doing, her snatch soaking
wet and leaving the two pumping fingers of the soon to be full time OVW
Superstar completely covered with sticky juices as he expertly handles both
of her needy lower holes as he finger bangs her pussy and stuffs her ass full
with his man meat with a series of forceful and quick thrusts. She's showing
her sexual ability as well though as she's able to take this double teaming
from the one man, as this combination would easily have sent any regular
woman into several screaming orgasms already by this point.

Another sound is ringing out around the small and now hot like a steam room
from their intense fucking cleaning closet, and it's of a muscular,
clothes-covered body smacking into a thick backside of a just as desirable
and also still completely clad in clothing body as now the hunk signed to a
WWE deal is going balls deep into the current developmental starlet. His
waist is connecting sharply with her tanned, panties covered ass, further
making those juicy cheeks shake from the impact of each motion as he sends
every inch of his throbbing dick deep into her back passage so that his balls
slap into her booty when he pushes into her with a groan. All the while he's
making his fingers busy in her snatch, moving them smoothly and quickly back
and forth into her dripping pussy to make sure she continues to moan out in
an almost whorish way from his actions on her stunning, tanned body that's
bent over in front of her while she keeps her arms back behind to keep her
cheeks spread far apart for him.

Groaning and gasping away, she wanted her ass fucked hard and fast and she's
been getting just that, but that combined with the additional finger work
she's been made to take has rapidly sent her over her limit, resulting in her
eyes rolling into the back of her head with a wide open, near drooling mouth
as Mickie James starts to cum hard on the fingers of CM Punk has he bangs her
in the ass at the same time. Juices flood out across his already very soaked
fingers that keep on sliding in and out of her snatch, making her ride out
all of the obviously intense and much needed pleasure she's feeling racing
through her sweating but still covered in skirt and top body, so much juices
in fact that it ends up dripping down onto the floor of the cupboard they are
in, only further showing how shamelessly she's been enjoying this sexual

The sexual high of the woman who managed him as "Vicki Adams" also sent him
blasting over the edge as well when her back passage clamped tightly around
his thrusting cock as he looked to savor her juicy ass a little more, even
having to hold her cheeks apart himself when, now sapped of energy from her
orgasm, her arms slump down as she gasps for breath. He keeps his control
though, getting a couple more pumps into her booty before he feels his own
peak fast approaching so he pulls out of her backside with a groan, turning
her around so that she's down on her knees facing him before she grabs his
throbbing member and starts to rapidly stroke himself off with a moan.

The sight of his long shaft brings her back to reality, a grin appearing on
her face as she moves her brunette haired head towards him and takes the head
of his dick past her pouty lips, making him moan as he lets go of himself and
just watches her to see what the still horny female's plan is, and he's soon
rewarded with some ass-to-mouth action as she all too eagerly starts to blow
him with an energetic pace. With half-closed eyes she gazes up at the man
who'd just gotten her off, giving him one last sexy show as she smoothly
moves herself up and down along the dick that has just come straight from
thrusting deep into her backside, her soothingly wet mouth making him groan
out as she works it smoothly up and down his throbbing rod and even using her
tongue to lash all up and around him as his length moves in and out of her
oral hole to pleasure the man she used to work alongside in ROH.

Unrelenting in wanting to finish him off, he doesn't have any other choice
but to give in to this intense blowjob and so with a deep and long moan CM
Punk starts to cum inside the mouth of Mickie James, making her grin around
his man meat as stream after thick stream of spunk fires into her but even
then she doesn't stop sucking him off. Gradually she eases off on the force
and the pace of her blowing motion as she feels his jizz filling her mouth up
and tastes his load on her tongue, but she keeps her eyes locked on him, a
few last sucks given to make him groan before she lifts her head off of his
now limb member and gives her lips a lick clean to make sure she gets any
last drops she might have missed. With a grin she tilts her head back and
with one clear and satisfied gulp swallows down all of his thick load,
opening her mouth to gasp and draw in breath and in the process showing him
that indeed she'd drunk all the spunk down without any complaints.

"Mmmm... You have no idea how fucking much I needed that..." Mickie says with
a grin as she stands up, reaching down to fix up her skirt down to cover her
well fucked ass.

"Shit, you don't know how much I just enjoyed that!" CM Punk replies with a
smile as he also catches his breath, putting his manhood back into his boxers
before he pulls his jeans back up in order to zip them up.

"Oh, I think I can guess..." James says teasingly, leaning back against the
wall of the closet they'd been fucking in. "OK, so maybe today wasn't the
best night for us both, but so what? We'll get on TV before long and besides,
we'll both have more fun like this when you get to OVW!"

Punk grins upon hearing this. "Is that so? Will it always been in tiny little
cupboards like this?"

"Well, maybe not exactly... But if you need some more no strings, cheer-me-
ups fucks like this? You'd better call me up!" She says, returning his grin.
"Now come on, let's go watch the show and then get the hell out of here.
After this warm-up? I think I want some more cheering up back at the hotel...
If you think you can handle it..."

* * *

CM Punk shakes his head as he places the pair of panties back into the box,
grinning broadly. "Hell, I remember the many, many times I cashed in that
offer with her in OVW, and then after in the main shows... Maybe next time
the WWE swings around Florida I'll call her up and this time be the one
cheering her up. She is stuck in that theme park for the directionless,
hopeless company getting ruined by Hogan and Bischoff, and that will probably
take a couple nights of "cheering up" to fix!" He adds with a laugh.
_ _ _

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