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The Godfather & The Kat
by Tazz (

Godfather was pulling his 9 1/2 inch cock in and out of The Kat's red hot
pussy. She was laying on a table backstage at smackdown, she was on her back,
with Godfather in between her legs, and his huge black cock in her tight
snatch. He rested his hand on her short pubic fuzz with the other hand on her
soft tit.

"Oh yeah, Godfather! Treat me like one of your ho's, cus that's what I am.
Just a nasty little whore! Ohh, yeah!" screamed the slutty Kat.

"Oh yeah, Stacy...Mmmmm yeah! Your pussy is so fucking tight. Mmmm it's
good! Yeah, ahh, yeah!" shouted godfather as he continued to pound her pink

Then Godfather pulled out of her moist vagina, sat down, and she got on
his lap backwards. She knew that black men liked butts, so she made sure he
would be able to see it. She easily sat on his boner, easing it into her
cunt. Stacy began to ride his black cock. She started bouncing up and down
on Godfather's thick rod.

Godfather also quickly began to pump in and out of Stacy's hot vagina. Her
soft butt cheeks bouncing like flab as she rode The Godfather's penis. He
grabbed and squeezed on her large tits as he fucked her snatch as fast as he
could. Then he pulled out and shot his cream on her ass.

Kitty moaned as she felt his hot seamen shoot across her ass-cheeks. She
rubbed his cum all over her ass until it dissolved. Then she sat on his lap
again, this time frontward facing him.

He slowly sank his huge meatstick into her little pink cunt. Stacy stared
deep into Godfather's eyes, giving him the most sluttyest looks he had ever
seen. Then as she humped his erection, his cock slipped out of her pussy and
slid into her ass-hole halfway. Kitty hissed at the pain, then quickly
grabbed his slick cock and placed it back into her moist folds.

Godfather wished she would have left his cock up her ass, because how good
it felt, but he didn't think the little woman could take it. Then she got off
of him and bent over. It was doggystyle time! He parted kitty's plump cheeks
and shoved his cock up her pussy.

Then Mark Henry and D'Lo walked in. Mark walked up to Stacy, she took his
cock out and wrapped her soft lips around it. She began to stroke and suck
his huge 10 inch cock while D'Lo jerked off. Godfather moaned as he tapped
her bubble, then Godfather pulled out,put her on her back again, and fucked
her pussy again while D'Lo got on her and stuck his cock in between her
kittens. He began to piston between Stacy's sweaty tits. She flicked out her
tongue at the head of his cock. Then finally Godfather pulled out of her
spasming pussy, and shot his cum on her abdomen. Then D'Lo was still fuck
her large kittens. Her tits were squished together like pillows, making the
crevis tight, there for finally milking D'Lo of his juice supply. All over
her tits.

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