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The Great WWF Orgy: 1997
by Mr. Gannosuke

The locker room was beginning to fill up, Sunny was already there putting
on her makeup, topless of course while Sable was naked on the floor doing
some streching.

"Gonna be a hell of a show tonight Rena," said the blonde bombsell, "Are
you ready for it?"

"I think so Tamms," said Sable. Sable got up from the floor and put her
arms around Sunny from the back. "Lets knock 'em dead, hon," Sable said, as
she gave Sunny a very deep open mouthed kiss.

"You two are starting early," said Marlena walking in the room from the
showers. She was wearing nothing but a towel on her head, still dripping with
water all over her body.

"I thaught you would never get out of there, Terri," said a laughing

Terri bent over to get her Marlena outfit out of her bag, giving the girls
a nice view of her bare wet ass. "Well I'd like to see how long you would
take if you hadn't had sex in three weeks," said Terri who licked a finger.

"I knew you were masterbating in there", said a yelled out Sunny. "Dustin
needs to give you some more action girl, I couldn't live without it at least
everyday," she said.

The door opened and in walked Tracy and Nadine, the Funkettes, from doing
a warm up match. The 2 sisters looked great and all three of the girls took
notice of the black sisters.

"Wild crowd girls, you ready?" asked Tracy, as she began to strip naked.
Terri took notice of her shaved pussy.

"Well think the fans are gonna get something special tonght," declared
Sunny, who was putting on her workout gear, neglecting her panties.

"Tammy your such a slut," said Sable who leaned over a stuck her tongue
into Tammy's soaked pussy.

"I'm sorry Tammy, but I need some of that too," said Terri who had just
put on gold panties. She came over and began to lap at Sunny's pussy with
Sable. Sunny was enjoying this attention when she saw the two Funkettes walk
towards her. Tracy went straight to work on her left tit, while Tracy took
the right.

Sable, who had fucked Sunny many times, knew what she liked. As she stuck
a finger into Tammy's pussy, moving it in and out. She pulled it out and let
Terri suck all teh juice off of it. Terri sucked all of Sunny's cum from
Sable's finger, leaned in close to Sable, and gave it all back to her in a
very passionate french kiss.

Tracy had gotten on top of Sunny's lap, and was workng on both tits, while
Nadine was feeling her sisters ass.

Sable looked up and saw a beautful black ass in her face. Not wanting to
wait until asked, Sable thought this was a good time to stick her tongue deep
into Tracy's ass. Tracy moaned loadly with Sable tongue and her sisters
finger both pleasing her ass.

"Well I guess it doesn't pay to be late in this locker room," said a

All of he girls looked over to see Chyna, glisting from sweat after what
seemed to be a hell of a workout. (This was long before any of Chyna's many
surgerys, and she still had quite a bit of muscle on her body). "You said
you'd wait for me."

"I was wondering what happed to you," said Terri looking up from her feast
of pussy. "Now get your ass over here and help me fuck this bitch."

Tracy and Nadine got off of Sunny and began to focus their sights on the
muscular Chyna. Tracy took off Chyna's tanktop while Nadine was already on
her knees getting Chyna's spandex pants off. When Nadine saw ass, she went
to work on Joanie's muscle bound cheeks, licking all the sweat off. While
Tracy had Chyna's nipples in her mouth already.

"Well while they're doing that, why don't you get on the floor honey,"
said Sable to Sunny. Sunny obeyed getting on the floor. Sable sat of Sunny's
face and began to bend over to get some of Sunny's T&A.

Terri meanwhile had joined the other three putting her tongue in Chyna's
mouth. Chyna was loving this as she played with Terri's giant tits. Tracy and
Nadine were busy woking on Chyna's pussy from diffrent ends.

Sable was moaning loudly as she 69ed then now naked Tammy, filling her
mouth with delicious pussy. The other three saw the fun the two blondes were
having and had a thought.

Terri walked over to the two, and got on the floor with them, and beckoned
for the others to come join her, which the did. Tracy hand took Sable's ass
in her mouth, while Nadine grabbed Sunny's. Chyna then lept onto Terri
grinding her, pussy to pussy.

After several minutes of this, Terri and Chyna each got underneath a
Funkette, eating out black pussy. Tracy looked up and closed her eyes.
Terri's skilled tongue was in frenzy and after a few minutes, Terri's face
was covered with hot cum. Tracy licked Terri's face clean, when she heard
her sister start to scream. "Chyna, do it. Make me cum girl!"

Chyna increased and soon Nadine was orgaseming all over Chyna. This left
four girls to eat out Sunny and Sable. Tracy and Terri took on Sable's hole
while Chyna and Nadine went on Sunny's. In no time flat the two blondes were
letting cum fly all over each other and the other girls. Chyna also helped
clean off Sable's face wich was covered in Tammy's juices.

"Thanks guys that was wonderful," said Sunny, "but I think you need to
cum for me now," she said to Chyna.

"Yeah you too Terri," said Sable time for you to cum."

Sunny and Sable went to work, while the Funkettes were busy with each
other. Sunny had two fingers and her tongue fucking Chyna, while Sable was
sucking on Terri's clit making it nice and slippery.

Terri was first to cum which had Sable sucking like mad all over Terri's
cunt. She lapped all of the spit and cum that she could then shared it with
Terri with another kiss.

Chyna was bucking Sunny's tongue like mad but would not cum. "Hey guys,
I'm gonna need some help with this one," yelled Tammy to the other girls. All
of the girls stopped what they were doing to combine there stenght to give
the amazon an orgasm like no other.

Sunny was joined by Terri on Chyna's cunt, while both Funkettes staddled
Chyna's face. This left Sable who was licking up and down Chyna's abdomin.
About five minutes of this intense fucking was all Joanie could take as she
let out a gushing fury of cum all of Sunny and Terri, even though was enough
for everyone.

"Fuck that was intense," said a tired Chyna.

"Shit Joanie," said an exhausted Terri, "When's the last ime you came"?

Sunny noticed that she had to be out in the arena in about 10 minutes.
"Sorry to break up the fun guys, but I gotta get out there before I'm fired
and making porno movies for a living."

With that she quicky got up and put on her Sunny outfit and dashed out to
meet her husband and partner Skip.

"Yeah, I guess I need to get ready too," said Sable who was only going out
to show off her goods anyway.

Terri and Chyna, who weren't on for a few hours held each other and kissed
some more. And the Funkettes, who were already on before hand went back to
the hotel for a long night of fucking.

"See you girls next week," said a still nude Tracy who with her black
sister left.

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