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The HLA Main Event
by Duke Atreides (

It was a masterstroke. Vince had convinced Hugh Hefner to carry the last
match of the PPV, No Mercy on his Playboy channel with an explicit warning
rating. The success and ratings for the WrestleMania Women's Championship
Gauntlet match were phenomenal. He and Linda had come up with the mother
of all matches to break the record setting ratings from a month ago. The
McMahons had invited all the Divas, past and present, to participate in the
match. It was to be an elimination match by orgasm only! On the line:
Chyna's newly won belt. The only problem was to find a venue. Every major
arena turned down the WWE's requests to hold the PPV. Finally, Vince was
approached by Lizzy Borden, Jasmin St. Clair and Elektra. They proposed the
match be held in South Philly, at the old ECW Arena. The only stipulation
was Elektra, Jasmin and Lizzy would be given a shot at the Women's
Championship as well. They were warned by Vince that Chyna was tough but
they just responded with sweet smiles.

* * *

All the matches went off without a hitch. The belts were defended and even
a few changed hands, but now it was the time for the mother of all matches:
the HLA Elimination Match! The Titantron lit up and music started playing.
The audience went wild! Cole and Tazz even moved their table closer to the
ring in order not to miss one play. Even all the wrestlers gathered around
the monitors not to miss a thing.

First to come to the ring was the reigning Women's Champion, the Ninth Wonder
of the World, Chyna! Once again sporting her trademark leather bikini, boots
and biker gloves, she was greeted by the masses of fans with wild cheers.
Once in the ring, she exchanged nods with Dave Hebner, who was trying to hide
his burgeoning hard-on. Chyna noticed and poked it with an extended finger.
He nearly came in his pants. Vince warned him but he didn't believe him.

The music changed and in came the Divas: Victoria, Ivory, Molly Holly, Trish
Stratus, Jacqueline, Nidia, Stacy Kleiber, Lita, Torrie Wilson, and Dawn
Marie as well as past Divas Sable, Debra, the Kat, and Tori. Even Missy
Hyatt came to the ring followed by Madusa and Sensational Sherri (and it was
obvious they had been in the gym!). Sunny and Miss Elizabeth came down the
ramp much the surprise of the fans. They were loving it! All that hot pussy
in the ring! Not showing any partiality, Vince had ordered Stephanie to
participate as well. Even Jackie Gayda and Linda Miles had been ordered to
take part. The last to come down the ramp was Jazz. She had worn the gold
before and she wanted to wear it again.

All twenty-four Divas stood in the ring waiting for the bell to ring but
before they were ready to get it on the music changed and the fans hollered.
Coming down the ramp were the last three entrants, Elektra, Jasmin St. Clair
and Lizzy Borden surrounding Linda McMahon followed by the Queen of Extreme,

"Ladies and gentlemen," Linda announced in her monotone voice, "thanks to the
generosity of Elektra, Lizzy Borden and Jasmin St. Clair, the ECW Arena was
the only arena with enough balls to host the First Annual Hot Lesbian Action
Elimination Match and thanks to their generosity, the WWE will allow Elektra,
Jasmin St. Claire and Lizzy Borden to compete for the Women's Championship

The rafters were shaking from the cheers of the rabid fans. A lot of them
really wanted to see that skanky Elektra get busy in the ring. And to top it
off, they had all seen Jasmin fuck like a mink in heat on the screen now they
were going to see her live performing some HLA on all their favorite Divas!

The Divas were in an uproar. Lizzie and Jasmine were professionals! They
ate pussy for a living! Voicing their protests to Linda, the WWE Divas cried
that it was unfair. Chyna signaled for a mike and went out onto the ring

"Send the bitches in!" Chyna snapped. "I'll make all of them tap out and have
all of their pussies dripping in the center of the ring!"

The fans almost made the arena shake with thunderous approval. To show the
ECW Bombshells she wasn't afraid of them, Chyna unzipped her bikini briefs,
threw them down to the ground and started fingering herself.

"Make me cum!" The Ninth Wonder challenged ECW.

Chyna climbed back into the ring and received several encouraging pats on
the back and a few more than friendly ones on her muscled ass cheeks. Linda
looked at the three entrants and nodded.

"All right, ladies. You heard the challenge," Linda said, then with all the
enthusiasm she could muster, "Eat some pussy!"

Francine pointed to the ring and the ECW Bombshells rushed the ring as the
bell sounded. As the action got underway, the Queen of Extreme joined Tazz
and Cole at the announcers table. Just to be mean, she sat down in between
them and let her hands do her color commentating down in their pants! Tazz
had forgotten how extreme Francine could be!

The action in the ring was hot and heavy! The slams and chops, the suplexes
and arm locks were ferocious. In one corner, ECW Bombshells were taking on
Sunny, Jazz and Elizabeth. There were a few old scores to settle with Jazz
and Sunny and Elizabeth was a bonus. Hot slathering tongues were pushed deep
into yielding pussies, probing fingers poking their way into tight asses and
squeezing full, pliant breasts.

In the opposite corner Madusa and Sensational Sherrie were working over the
newest of the Divas, Jackie Gayda and Linda Miles. Never having really known
what it took to be Divas in the WWE, they were easy pickings. Their young,
fresh cunts never stood a chance against the experienced tongues of the
grizzled veterans. It wasn't even two minutes into the match and the two
latest Divas were already out of it. Once they had rolled out of the ring,
Madusa and Sherri located Debra and the Kat tussling against the ropes.

In another corner, Chyna was in full control of two Divas. She was
determined to hold onto her championship. She gave a knife edge chop to
Ivory and then set her up on the top turnbuckle. While she was still woozy,
Chyna turned her attention to Stacy Kleiber. Knocking her silly with another
knife edge chop, Chyna lifted Stacy up into the air and placed her on Ivory's
lap. Using her raw strength the reigning champ ripped open their tights to
expose their already moistening pussies. Pushing two of her leather clad
fingers into Ivory; Chyna craned her neck to place her mouth against Stacy's
sweet tasting cunt.

In the center of the ring were the rest of the Divas. It looked like a Roman
orgy. Hot tongues were invading opposing pussies; hands were groping firm
asses and plump titties. Moans and groans were escaping the center of the
mat as Dave Hebner, much to his dismay, was trying to see which of the Divas
was cumming.

Tazz tried valiantly to do his job and add the color commentary for the
viewers at home but Francine was deep throating the Red Hook native son's
hard eight inches. Francine didn't leave Cole out of the action. Her
skilled hand moved up and down his hard shaft.

Elizabeth was done and out the ring, her pussy dripping wet. The ECW
Bombshells turned their full attention to Jazz and Sunny. Elektra had Sunny
positioned against the bottom turnbuckle, her legs spread wide, her wet pussy
exposed. Sunny never had a chance to put a fight. Elektra propped Sunny's
legs over her shoulders and went to town on Sunny. Above them on the top
turnbuckle was Jazz with her legs set over the ropes with Jasmin and Lizzy
between them. The trio knew Jazz was tough so the pros went to work on her
dark, chocolate cunt. Jasmin clapped her mouth down over Jazz's clit as
Lizzy reached up, pushing her tongue against the mocha colored lips of Jazz's
cunt. Jazz tried to fight them off but their experienced tongues were just
too much for her. The former champ saw her chance slipping away as Lizzy's
expert tongue found it's way further in. The dusky, robust flavor filled
Lizzys mouth forced her to suck harder on the pink chocolate.

Madusa grabbed the Kat and bodyslammed her to the mat. Ripping off the
flimsy top Madusa exposed the Kat's perky little breasts. Her pink, pink
nipples were hard little pebbles. Knowing the Kat wasnt going to be any
challenge, Madusa pulled down her trunks. The bikini wax was fresh. The
pouty lips were sticky already with dripping juices. Debra had begun to
work on her but didn't finish the job. Holding her own hair back, Madusa
planted her mouth over the Kat's pussy. After the first few licks, Madusa
knew why the King always wanted her to Bronco Bust him. It was like licking
her favorite piece of candy.

Sherri had embraced a surprised Debra, locking her in a deep, deep soul
kiss. Sherri's tongue prodded and searched Debra's mouth. Slowly her hands
made their way down Debra's back to her shapely ass and Sherri gripped them
firmly, pushing Debra even closer to her. Grinding her hips, Sherri
succeeded in lowering Debra's resistance. Debra didnt want to respond but
Sherris crotch was rubbing against her's. Sherri's large, firm tits were
rubbing against her world famous puppies. Debra could feel her nipples stiff
ening against her tight tank top. Sherri reached up with one hand and pulled
down Debra's tank top allowing her voluptuous and voluminous boobs to fall
out. They must have weighed five pounds apiece. Sherri pushed Debra back a
step or two and clamped her warm, wet mouth on Debra's left nipple while
fondling the right one. Slobbering all over Debra's pert nipple Sherri was
feasting greedily. Knowing it was time to finish Debra off, Sherri whipped
her towards the center of the ring, towards the ongoing orgy where Divas were
tapping out, but held onto Debra and slung her into the ropes. Debra slumped
against the ropes. Sherri looked down and saw the inside of Debra's thighs
coated with her own juices. The minx would go down with just a few licks.
Sherri spread Debra's legs and pushed her face up into Debra's crotch. Her
juices had lubricated her pussy so well Sherri had no trouble pushing her
tongue up into her opponent. Just a few strong licks and Debra convulsed,
her pussy tightened on Sherri's tongue. She tapped the top rope as wave
after wave of her orgasm washed over her. Before she realized it, she bathed
Sherri's mouth and chin with her juices. Unable to control her breathing,
she fell to the mat and was pushed out by Sherri.

The Kat had wrapped her legs around Madusa's head. She didn't want to tap.
She had worn the gold before and wanted to wear it again. The Kat wanted to
prove that the WWE should have never fired her, but Madusa was too much woman
for her. Her tongue raced back and forth over the Kat's dripping pussy.
Madusas strong hands manhandled and manipulated the Kat's pert, little
titties making her nipples even harder. On the brink, the Kat learned why
Madusa had worn the gold so many times in the different federations. She
cried out, trying not to give in but Madusa had overwhelmed her. Realizing
here was nothing she could do, the Kat gave in and let Madusa take her over
the edge.

Chyna had pushed another finger into Ivory. Ivory, on the other hand, tried
to ignore Chyna's fingers pushing her closer to submission. In order to
distract herself from Chyna's stimulating action, she reached up and fondled
Stacy's apple sized breasts. It was the final blow! With Chyna's mouth
strongly attached to her privates, her tongue working her over like a
champions tongue should, Stacy went completely limp in Ivory's grip as she
came with a vengeance. Before Ivory could counter and dislodge Chyna's
penetrating fingers, the Ninth Wonder began to lick and suck on Ivory now
distending clit. Ivory, still holding onto Stacy, had no where to run to or
retreat. She had had battles with Chyna but nothing ever that intense. Now
Chyna was being mean: She roughly shoved her middle finger up Ivory's ass.
After her initiation into the Right to Censor, Ivory had learned the joys of
anal sex. She recalled how Bull Buchanan worked that hard eleven inches in
and out of her tight, virgin ass. She remembered how she came relentlessly
during his assault on her ass. The way Chyna's finger invaded her nether
region reminded her of that night in the locker room as Steven Richards and
the Goodfather took turns sticking their long dicks down her throat and
coated her face with loads of hot, sticky cum. Ivory didn't know what hit
her. Her body stiffened and her muscles tensed, her tight figure spasmed up
on the turnbuckle and nearly made her fall off. Two more down.

In the center of the ring, Hebner was throwing out orgasming Divas. The
first was Victoria. Next was Lita, her damp thong down around her ankles.
Sable and Tori were in tight, unforgiving 69. Their legs entwined around
each others shapely bodies, their heads buried deep in each others sopping
pussies, their sweet lips pressed over each others clits and damp vulvas.
Hebner ruled it a double submission. The last to go were Dawn Marie, her
full ass cheeks stained with lipstick, and Trish Stratus, her blond tresses
matted against her forehead and flushed cheeks. Left in the ring were the
reigning Champ, Chyna, the ECW Bombshells, Missy Hyatt, Madusa, Sherri,
Jacqueline, Torrie Wilson, Nidia, Stephanie and Mighty Molly.

Outside the ring, at the announcers table, Tazz was on his feet. The Queen
of Extreme was sucking his hard rod for all she was worth. Taking her head
into his hands, he didn't know if he would survive if Francine let him. It
had been a long time since he last got blown by Francine. He had forgotten
how good she was. Cole had abandoned calling the match and was behind the
Queen plowing her tight pussy. The fans were delirious!

Inside the ring the remaining Divas and the ECW Bombshells were ready to
square off to claim the Championship. Unbeknownst to the WWE Divas, the ECW
Bombshells, Sherri and Madusa had made a deal to take out Chyna together.
It was the only way. They all saw how she wreaked havoc on the Divas at

Hebner received the message over his earpiece. He ordered all the women to
strip down to their boots and to get it on! After following Hebner's orders,
the naked ECW Bombshells, Madusa and Sherri rushed the Ninth Wonder and took
her to the mat. Jasmin had the assignment of eating out Chyna while Lizzy
and Elektra held her legs up and Madusa and Sherri pinned Chynas arms to the
mat. The remaining Divas tore into each other. Stephanie, in an
unprecedented performance, went after Molly Holly. She always wanted to tear
into that vestal virgin. Nidia went after Torrie Wilson and Irish whipped
her into the ropes. Catching her and Rock bottoming her, Nidia started to
work on Torrie. Missy tried to take it to Jacqueline but it wasn't such a
smart idea. Jacqueline countered with a power slam and expertly began to
work over Missy's mega titties.

The ECW Bombshells had pulled off Chynas boots. As Jasmin was working her
tongue over Chyna's pussy, Lizzy and Elektra began to suck on Chyna's toes.
She never had such an experience. Chyna's head was spinning. Lizzy was
acting like she was sucking on a ten inch dick. Elektra was taking three
toes into her mouth at a time, working her tongue in and out between them.
Chyna couldn't stand it. If only her championship wasn't on the line.
Between the wet tongues on her toes, the wet, probing tongue snaking its
way into her slowly expanding pussy and Madusa's hot tongue on one of her
nipples and Sherri's deep sucking on her other full titty, Chyna knew it
wouldn't be long.

Molly Holly wrestled Stephanie to the mat. Molly wasn't going to tap out
to the Billion Dollar Princess. Placing a hand over one of Steph's massive
mammaries, Molly began feasting on the other. Those Connecticut born and
bred titties tasted wonderful. Molly maneuvered her hips as to have her
legs pin Stephanies left leg to the mat. She was in the prime position to
start humping Stephanie. Their pussies rubbed together. The mossy, chestnut
brown pubes rubbed against Molly's course blond hairs. Stephanie's pussy
lips felt like silk. Molly had to catch herself she was starting to cum!

Nidia had Torrie Wilson face down on the mat. She had placed herself over
Torrie in order to keep her from moving. The Tough Enough Champion had plied
Torrie's supple ass cheeks apart and started rimming her out. As her tongue
bathed Torrie's tan asshole, Nidia slid two fingers deep into Torrie's pussy.
To show Torrie how Tough Enough she was, Nidia pushed her tongue into
Torrie's asshole.

Missy was on her back still reeling from the power slammed. She looked up
to see the Texas spitfire sucking and slobbering all over her damned big
titties. She watched her nipples stiffen under Jacqueline's rough tongue.
Missy couldn't see it, be she could feel Jacqueline had her legs wrapped
around the right one, pulling it back exposing her damp pussy. Even more
she felt three of Jacqueline's strong fingers buried deep in her as the
heel of her palm rubbed mercilessly against her clit. Missy had been a
slut from way beck when. As good as Jacqueline's finger felt deep in her,
she knew it wouldn't be enough.

Jasmin's tongue was working overtime on Chyna. The Ninth Wonder was barely
holding back. Madusa took her mouth from Chyna's erect nipple and placed it
over her mouth. Madusa's full lips were assaulting Chyna's mouth and there
was nothing she could do about it. The ECW Bombshells' hot mouths reminded
her of how well Triple H could give head. He was the only one that could
make her cum. Being completely dominated by the five women, Chyna fondly
recalled the nights after matches when DX would gang bang her in the shower.
As Jasmin's skilled mouth brought her closer, Chyna remembered how the Nation
of Domination, winning her for a night after beating DX, triple penetrated
her constantly all night long. The Rock could bring it! Mark Henry proved
he was the world's strongest man. The Godfather turned her out, piledriving
her tight ass for the better part of two hours.

Chyna's tight thighs wrapped themselves around Jasmin's head. Jasmin
countered by wrapping her arms around her opponent's chiseled thighs. Jasmin
got up on her knees, pushing her face deeper into Chyna's wringing wet pussy.
Lizzy and Elektra increased their pressure sucking on Chyna's toes. Sherri
manipulated and fondled Chyna's big titty as Madusa kept on planting soft
kisses on Chyna's lips, sticking her tongue intermittingly down into Chyna's
mouth. The Ninth Wonder started moaning and groaning. Her torso tried to
move but the five kept her in place. Her muscled ass rubbed against the mat
as Jasmin's tongue hit paydirt. Chyna cried out as she started cumming. Her
orgasm exploded deep inside her forcing Chyna's head repeatedly from the left
to the right side. It was too much! For a brief moment Chyna passed out.
When she looked up the five was standing over her, smiling wickedly. She
looked behind them to see Dave Hebner signaling for her to leave the ring.
Careful of the mat burns on her ass, the Ninth Wonder rolled out of the ring
to thunderous applause. Before Chyna started back to the locker room the ECW
Bombshells attacked Sherri and Madusa.

Nidia's tongue was working in and out of Torrie's ass. Now she had four
fingers, two from each hand, plowing in and out her stretching pussy. Torrie
tired of fighting back, allowed Nidia to have her way with her. Indeed,
Nidia was Tough Enough. Pulling her tongue out with a soft pop, Nidia went
to work on Torrie's quivering quim. Nidia moved her head forward to lick and
suck gingerly the distending clit. From deep inside her, Torrie felt it.
It made her legs thrash and kick against the mat. With short, yelping cries
of pleasure, Torrie submitted with gushing juices washing over Nidia's
thrusting fingers.

Molly thought she had the upper hand on the Billion Dollar Princess only to
have Stephanie turn it around. She kicked out of Molly's cum inducing leg
lock. Staggering on wobbly knees, Stephanie launched her assault on Molly.
Grabbing Molly's pillowy boobs, Stephanie sucked on Molly's full nipples
catching her completely unaware. After slobbering all of the Mighty One's
supple bosoms, Stephanie pushed Molly to the ground. Landing with a loud
thud, and her legs spread wide open, Molly not only felt the warm air against
her damp cunt, she saw Stephanie bearing down on her. The Princess went to
work quickly. Using the bridge of her nose, Stephanie brought extra pressure
against Molly's clit. 'Oh no,' Molly thought. Stephanie couldn't have
known! That's how Hardcore and Crash gave her head! Crash called it the
Alabama Jam after he the first time he gave her head and she came for the
first time. Molly went to push Steph's head away, but before she could make
a good attempt, Steph grabbed her hands and held them tight while rubbing her
thumbs gently over the back of Molly's hands. Damn that Billion Dollar Bitch
was good! Feeling Stephanie's tongue spreading her tight pussy, Molly's face
started to flush red.

Nidia stood over the writhing figures of Jacqueline and Missy Hyatt.
Jacqueline couldn't believe it. Missy should have cum by now. She was
enjoying it, but making Missy cum would take more than her experienced
tongue. Nidia reached down and held up Missy legs. Kneeling down in
between them, Nidia joined Jacqueline in eating out Missy. The legendary
valet shook her head in fear. She could withstand one tongue but two?
And to further worsen the situation, Nidia was a slut of the enth degree!
Missy felt those hot, wet tongues coating and licking her pussy. Every
now and then, Jacqueline or Nidia would slip her tongue in and work it in
and out pushing Missy to the edge. She tried to get up but Jacqueline's
upper body strength kept her against the mat.

Madusa and Sherri never knew what hit them. Jasmin hit Sherri with a
Minchinoku Driver and held onto one of Sherri's still fit and desirable
legs. Forcing three fingers into her Jasmin had been warned that veteran
pussy was the hardest to make cum. There was no doubt Booker T and Stevie
Ray had constantly worked that pussy over back in the WCW. Jasmin would
have been giving her head, but her tong ue was worn down after bringing
Chyna down. She would have to rely on the ole faithful five. While she
had fingers buried deep as she possibly could in Sherri, Jasmin began to
use her thumb to rub Sherri's burgeoning clit.

Lizzy had Madusa bent over, Madusa's head between her soft thighs. Before
Madusa could counter the move Elektra had come up behind her. Pressing her
face into Madusa's round ass cheeks Elektra started with a rim job. She
noticed how Nidia took out Torrie with the same move. To prove she was a
bigger skank, a bigger slut, a bigger ho than Nidia, Elektra pressed her
lips against Madusa's puckered asshole and pushed her tongue against it.
Madusa resisted at first but when Elektra began fingering her throbbing clit
she found she could push her tongue in. Danny Doring would never allow her
to be so adventurous with him, Roadkill was another story. But now she had
Madusa Miceli, a perennial champ trying to get away from her invading tongue.
To help her partner, Lizzy reached down and started fondling Madusas massive
tits. They were so full and heavy. They felt like cantaloupes in her hands.
Lizzy kneaded them and caressed them breaking down Madusa's defenses.
Feeling her nipples stiffening against Lizzy's palms, Madusa didn't know what
to do. After Chyna, Madusa was the biggest concern the ECW Bombshells had.
Now Madusa was on her way out leaving only Sherri as the only real
competition in the ring.

Stephanie didnt know Molly was going to taste as good as she did. That
vestal virgin's pussy was ripe and juicy. As a matter of fact, Molly was
tastier than any vestal virgin not that Steph had any to compare it to.
But Mollys tight pussy was extraordinary. Didn't Hardcore and Crash enjoy
it? How about Spike? He was a dumb Dudley but even he could execute a
perfect Dudley Death Drop. Hadn't ever 3D'd Molly? It didn't matter.
Stephanie hadn't enjoyed a pussy this fresh and tight since prep school.
Molly was starting to loosen up. Juices started flowing more and more.
Stephanie let go of one of Molly's hands and cupped one of her large,
curved ass cheeks. It was firm and packed tightly. Molly had a lot of
junk in her trunk, but the girl was packing an ass. It was worse than
when Chyna made her tap out at WrestleMania. Molly raised her hand to tap
but found an iota of strength to hold her hand up. Cupping her other big
ass cheek in her opposite hand, Stephanie propped herself up on her knees
and leaned forward into Molly's pussy. Then unexpectedly, Steph pulled
her mouth off Molly's wringing pussy and stuck two fingers in. Curling
them up and then back, Steph hit her G-Spot. Molly hollered out loud and
jerked all over Stephanie's hand while grabbing her wrist with both hands.

"Give up, Molly?" Stephanie screamed.

"Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!" the Mighty One cried rolling back and forth on the mat,
cumming all over Steph's fingers.

Hebner signaled for Molly to leave the ring as Stephanie licked Molly's
juices off her fingers. She looked over at Jacqueline and Nidia working over
Missy. Missy was close to cumming, but Jacqueline and Nidia wasn't getting
it done. The Billion Dollar Princess went over to them. Stephanie set
herself down next to Missy's head and pressed her mouth against Missy's
mouth. Her full lips were tasty, but not as tasty as Molly's sweet, sweet
pussy juices. Stephanie swabbed Missy's mouth with Molly's juices. Tasting
Mighty Molly's hot vestal virgin cunt from Stephanie's mouth pushed Missy
over the edge. She started moaning and groaning. When Stephanie tried to
pull her mouth away, Missy reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and
wouldn't let Stephanie stop. Missy's old school pussy started throbbing.
Jacqueline caught on to it and inserted a few fingers as Nidia went to work
on her clit. It only took a few moments but Missy let go of a full fledged
orgasm, a burst of juice escaping from her cunt. Before she could back off,
it landed squarely on Nidia's lips. Licking them clean, Nidia smiled having
put at least three Divas out of the match.

Francine was on her knees, her shirt down showing off her bouncy titties.
Tazz and Cole were standing over her jerking up and down the length of their
hard dicks. Before she could ask for it, Tazz spurted a wide, long load of
cum across her face. By the third gush, Cole started shooting his watery
load across Francine's pursed but open lips. The cum flowed off her lips
but she quickly licked it up catching more cum on her tongue. By the time
Tazz and Cole were finished, cum was dripping off Francine's chin down onto
her rigid nipples.

Stephanie went over to help Jasmin as Jacqueline and Nidia went at in the
corner turnbuckle. Stephanie never liked Sherri so she would be the next to
go. Jasmin continued to work her three fingers in and out of Sherri when
Stephanie roughly stuck two fingers up Sherri's ass. She wasn't expecting
that. She didn't suspect it either when Stevie Ray put his twelve inches
up her ass when Harlem Heat celebrated its first Tag Team Championship.
Clenching her ass down on the assaulting fingers, Sensational Sherri felt all
sorts of wonderful sensations when the Billion Dollar Princess wrapped her
lips around her sensitive clit. It was bad enough Jasmin's fingers were
doing a fantastic job but with the addition of Stephanie's fingers and her
skilled lips, Sherri knew she was going to cum. The rush down in between her
legs was better than the first time she won her first championship. She
looked up with blurry vision at Hebner standing over her ready to signal her
out. Sherri didn't want to tap but feeling her pussy twitching all over
Jasmin's fingers Sherri nodded as she came. Breathing erratically, her ample
bosom heaving up and down, Sherri gave in to the overwhelming fire of her

Elektra continued to work her tongue in and out of Madusa's loosening ass.
Trying to not commit, Madusa stomped one foot against the mat. But Elektra
didn't let up on her pearl hard clit. Lizzy stepped back and pushed Madusa
up so she was standing semi-erect. Getting down on her knees, Lizzy pressed
her face against Madusa's crotch, winding her tongue over Elektra's busy
fingers to Madusa's dewy cunt. Lizzy could smell that Madusa was ready to
cum. Madusa placed her hands on Lizzy's shoulders as the former porn star
started sucking hungrily on her cunt. Madusa tried to push Lizzy away but
Lizzy countered by grabbing Madusa's ass cheeks and spreading them further
apart to allow Elektra to push her tongue even deeper into Madusa's ass. A
tongue in her ass, a tongue assaulting her pussy, Madusa couldn't escape.
She looked over to see Sherri rolling out of the ring. Looking to the other
side of the ring to see Nidia down in between Jacqueline's legs furiously
sucking her pussy to a submission, Madusa gave in. After sending Madusa out
the ring, Lizzy and Elektra attacked a victorious Nidia.

The two ECW Bombshells bent Nidia over before she realized what had happened.
Wrapping her arms around Nidia's waist, Lizzy kept her still as Elektra
buried her face in Nidia's ass. Her pussy was wet and prime for an orgasm.
Elektra began to lap on the Tough Enough cunt. Worn, but still raring to go,
Stephanie and Jasmin joined Lizzy and Elektra. The four attacked with a
vengeance. Hands were stroking her ample sized titties, with agile fingers
stroking the hard, honey brown nipples. Skilled hands played and had their
way in between her thighs and over her smooth, curved ass cheeks. Wet, deep
kisses tortured her mouth with burning lips and tongues. Before she knew it,
the Tough Enough Champion was cumming all over Elektra's tongue. Elektra was
a skank and a slut, but she had never had this much pussy juice in her mouth.
Each one had tasted better than the last. She couldn't wait until the next
HLA Elimination Match.

It was down to four contestants: the ECW Bombshells, Jasmin, Elektra and
Lizzy and the Billion Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon. The match could go
either way. All four were excited, all four were damp and wet with their own
juices. They circled each other in the ring as Hebner ordered them to resume
the match. Stephanie knew she was on her own but it was properly
demonstrated when Jasmin put her in a submission hold in the center of the
ring. It wasn't pain inducing, but she couldn't break free. Steph stopped
struggling when she saw Elektra and Lizzy step out of the ring and pull up
the ring apron. From underneath, they pulled out three black, twelve inch
strap-on dildos. Getting back into the ring before Hebner finished the ten
count, Elektra and Lizzy strapped them on and cinched the belts around their
waists and thighs. Lubing them up with generous amounts of KY jelly, the
duo approached a horrified Stephanie. She loved being double penetrated!
It was her favorite way of cumming. She remembered when the Undertaker was
going to sacrifice her, and to prepare her, he had the Acolytes DP her.
Bradshaw was big, but she thought Faaroq was going to rip her ass open. But
all in all, it was wonderful. After the two so masterfully fucked her, she
hoped the Undertaker would sacrifice her again.

Lizzy laid down on the mat, stroking the greasy dildo, signaled for the
others to bring Stephanie to her. The Billion Dollar Princess struggled
valiantly, but to no avail. Jasmin and Elektra pulled her over Lizzy.
Forcing her down, the two successfully aimed Stephanie's wanting pussy
over the stiff dildo. Releasing a deep breath, Stephanie enjoyed being
impaled on such a large tool. Lizzy started rocking her hips up working
the dildo in and out Stephanie as her partners held is such a manner that
the dildo worked its full length into the depths of her yielding pussy.

Jasmine pushed Stephanie all the way down the length of the dildo and bent
her forward. Lizzy wrapped her arms around Stephanie and kept working the
dildo up into her. Elektra then positioned herself behind Stephanie and
pushed the head of the dildo against the tan eye of her asshole. Stephanie
shook her head not wanting that large dildo up her ass. Granted it was no
where the size of Faaroq but just the thought of a large, black cock in her
ass, guaranteed her orgasm. Often, on those intense nights with Triple H,
the only only she could come was to think about Faaroq's big dick stretching
her ass to the limit and then some. Elektra pushed the first few inches in.
Stephanie tried to push it back out but Elektra was determined to enjoy
fucking the Billion Dollar Princess. Steph shook her head trying not to give
in to the pleasure of the large dildo, but before she knew it, the whole
twelve inches were deep inside her. Elektra and Lizzy sawed the dildos in
and out of Stephanie. Loudly Steph protested as Lizzy took the Billion
Dollar tits in her hands and pushed them together. Greedily, Lizzy slobbered
and sucked on Stephanie's hard nipples. It was too much. Just too much.
The ring started to spin. Stephanie's head got lighter and lighter as
skillfully she was being fucked in the ring of the ECW Arena. It was
extreme! She thought she had been there with the Corporate Ministry, DX
even the Dudley Boys! But never like this. Elektra knew how to fuck an ass.
It was like she really had a dick and had been plowing Stephanie's stretched
out ass all her life. It felt good. It started to feel better. Stephanie
tried to hold it but it was just so right.

Lizzy grabbed Stephanies head and pulled her close. Pressing her mouth
against Stephanie's pouty, full lips, Lizzy pushed her tongue deep inside
Stephanie's mouth. Stephanie could taste the cum of at least five different
Divas. Giving into Lizzy's advances, Stephanie came all over the dildo.
Her juices began to wash away the KY Jelly.

After Stephanie rolled out of the ring, the ECW Bombshells faced each other.
The evening went pretty much as planned. Now it was time to see who would
get the belt. They had made their game plan before the match. Jasmin rolled
out of the ring and grabbed a third twelve inch dildo from under the ring.
Amid the hollering fans all three laid down on the mat and inserted the
dildos to the hilt. Working them like jackhammers, the ECW Bombshells gave
the dildos the time of their lives. It took only a few minutes but the three
managed to work themselves into a frenzy. Hebner stood in the middle of them
trying to see which one was going out first. The crowd started chanted
Jasmins name. The cry of her name was the catalyst that made Jasmin cum.
Hebner threw her out. It was down to Lizzy and Elektra. Lizzy started to
feel it. Closing her legs around her hands and the dildo, Lizzy succumbed
next, her juices coating the entire length of the dildo. Hebner signaled for
the bell.

"Winner of the match, and the new WWE Womens Champion, Elektra!"

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