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The Hardcore Ho
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Somewhere inside of the arena where Raw is broadcasting from, the spirited
but not so bright Crash Holly is running through the arena, with his coveted
Hardcore Championship underneath his arm. He ducks into what he thinks is an
empty room to catch his breath as The Mean Street Posse runs down the hall
thinking they are still chasing the Hardcore Champion. As Crash catches his
breath, he peeks out into the hall.

"Good Golly... there's a lot of people who want my belt," Crash says as he
look up and down the hall, not realizing the room he's in is the locker room
is the one shared by the Godfather's Hos.

One of the Godfather's Hos known as Bobcat is inside the locker room as she
ties the strings of her leopard printed top, that matches her leopard printed
pants. Bobcat turns around and jumps a bit as she sees the "Houdini of
Hardcore" Crash Holly. Bobcat places her hands on her slender hips. "Excuse
me? Can I help you?" Bobcat asks as she looks at Crash.

Crash jumps and turns around, clutching his Hardcore championship belt
against his body. All he is wearing is his blue and black wrestling trucks,
his wrestling boots and a backwards baseball cap. He looks at Bobcat with
both of his eyebrows raised as he has a paranoid look on his face, "Who are

Bobcat folds arms as she looks Crash up and down "I'm Bobcat...just what do
you think you're doing in here?"

"I'm hiding..." Crash looks out into the hallway for a moment then he looks
back at Bobcat, "You have a referee hiding in here, don't you!" Crash points
at Bobcat with a shaking finger. "You want to take my Hardcore title..."
Crash is babbling slightly as he moves away from the door towards another
door inside of the room that is marked storage. He places his hand on the
doorknob and opens the door, causing a number of brooms and mops to fall out
of it. "Ahhhh!" Crash screams and jumps back as the objects crash on the

Bobcat laughs a bit "Whoa...whoa...calm down just a minute, I'm not after
your Hardcore belt...I was just changing..."

"Liar... everyone wants my Hardcore belt... you got a referee hiding here
somewhere... I know it..." Crash looks around, clutching his belt both hands
as if it was his most prized possession. "Everyone wants my belt..."

Bobcat shakes her head " I don't...I swear" Bobcat says with an
innocent smile.

"How do I know that?" Crash asks as he steps backward. Before Bobcat can
answer, his steps on broom handle, which rolls from under his foot, causing
Crash to fall backward. He lands on his backside with a thud. "OW!"

Bobcat laughs a little " you ok?" Bobcat asks as she walks over
to help Crash up from the floor "You know, Crash is it?"

Crash nods his head rapidly, "Yeah, that's my name," Crash holds his hardcore
title with his left hand as he rubs his backside.

Bobcat smiles "Well...Crash you need to really seem so tense."

Crash sighs tiredly, "I need to stay tense... everyone's after me... I
haven't had a good night sleep for days..."

Bobcat frowns a bit "Maybe...I could help you out?" Bobcat says as she licks
her lips.

"What... what are you talking about? Help me how?" Crash asks as he looks at
her rather suspiciously.

Bobcat shrugs "I don't know...but when my Pimp Daddy, The Godfather is
feeling stressed...I always like to help him release that tension." Bobcat
says as she glances down at Crash's crotch "If you know what I mean..."

Crash looks at Bobcat with a deer in the headlights look in his eyes, "Huh?
I'm not getting what you're saying..." Crash looks down at his crotch then
back up at Bobcat.

Bobcat steps closer to Crash and places her hand gently against Crash's
crotch "Just let the work."

"Hey, what are you doing?" Crash asks as he bites his bottom lip nervously.

Bobcat smiles as she begins to pull down Crash's wrestling tights, while she
lowers herself onto her knees. "I told you...I'm going to help you out."

Crash swallows hard as he again holds his hardcore title against his body.
"How... how are you going to do that?"

Bobcat smiles up at Crash "Like this..." She says as she takes Crash's cock
gently into her hands. She slowly moves her hands up Crash's cock.

"Ohhhh golly gee wilickers..." Crash bites his lips as his decent sized cock
comes to life in the skilled hands of Bobcat. Crash again swallows hard as he
watches her with eyes wide open. Bobcat moves her soft hand down Crash's cock
as she leans her head into Crash's cock. She presses her moist tongue against
the underside of Crash's cock and begins to lick down Crash's shaft.

"Holy Moses..." Crash moans and almost drops his Hardcore title belt on the
ground in total surprise. "That... ohhh that... feels kinda nice..." Bobcat
drags her skilled tongue down Crash's shaft as she lives a trail of her warm
saliva as she licks down his shaft to his ballsack.

"Ohhhhh shoot...." Crash starts to chew on his bottom lip as he very slowly
drops his Hardcore Championship belt on the floor of the room. Bobcat's
tongue reaches Crash's ballsack as she begins to gently flick his balls back
and forth with her wet tongue. Crash starts to breath rather quickly as
raises a hand to his mouth and bites down on the knuckle of his right index
finger. "Ohhh no one is going to believe this..." He mumbles happily. Bobcat
slowly works her tongue back up Crash's shaft before she opens her mouth and
lowers her head down on Crash's cock. Bobcat wraps her lips tightly around
Crash's shaft as she starts to slowly bob her head on his cock.

"Ahhhh ohhh... that's... really... incredible..." Crash moans as he closes
his eyes. He moves a hand through his short hair as he instinctively moves
his hips forward. Bobcat reaches behind her back and starts to untie her
leopard printed top as she starts to bob her head quicker along Crash's
cock, while she laps her soft tongue around his shaft.

"Ohhhhh..." Crash opens his eyes and looks down just as Bobcat peels her
leopard printed top away from her body. His eyes go wide as he gets a full
view of her chest, "Jumping Maryanne Joseph..." Crash swallows hard again
before saying, "Wow." Bobcat opens her mouth wider as she works her mouth
further down on Crash's cock as she starts to lash her tongue gently against
his shaft.

"Mmmmm... ohhh... Bobcat..." Crash moans, "Ohhh this is great... I can
forget... everything..." Crash gets a goofy smile on his round face.

Bobcat slowly lifts her head up from Crash's cock and smiles up at him as she
starts to lower her leopard printed pants "Why don't you...lay down.."

Ok," Crash smiles as he starts to lad down on the floor, but he ends up
laying on his stomach, "Like this?" He asks as he looks up at her.

Bobcat shakes her as she completely removes her pants "No...on your back."

"On... on my back?" Crash makes as face as he turns onto his side, "You're...
not going to try and pin me are you?" He asks as he slips back into thinking
about his Hardcore title.

Bobcat shakes her head "No..."

"Promise?" Crash asks as he gets turns over completely so he's laying on his
back. Bobcat nods her head as she crawls seductively towards Crash as he lays
on the floor. Crash again swallows as he gets a nervous look on his face.
"What... are you going to do now?" He asks as he sits up slightly.

Bobcat slowly mounts herself on top of Crash and gently comes down onto his
cock, taking it deeply into her warm pussy "Just relax..."

"Ohhh ok..." Crash moans a bit as he feels the warmth and tightness of
Bobcat's pussy around his dick. He bites his lip and closes his eyes for a
moment as he tries to get use to it. "Geez Louise..."

Bobcat presses her hand down against Crash's chest as she starts to gently
rock back and forth on his cock "Mmmm...ohhh Crash.." Bobcat moans.

"Mmmmm this... is... really... neat...." Crash moans as he tilts his head
upward each time Bobcat rocks forward on his cock. He instinctively rolls
his upper body a bit to the left so his right shoulder isn't laying flat on
the floor.

Bobcat comes down on his cock harder and moans "Awww shit.." Bobcat moans as
she pushes both of Crash's shoulders as she rides and rocks on Crash's dick.

"Ohhhh.... sweet apple pie..." Crash moans as he pushes up hard into Bobcat's
pussy once when she comes down sharply on his shaft. The Houdini of Hardcore
gets an extremely relaxed look on his face as raises his hands from the
ground and flexes his fingers, while all the while not realizing both of his
shoulders are flat on the floor.

Bobcat smirks as she comes down on his cock with a powerful force. She
glances over her shoulder and then yells "Chad now!"

Crash's eyes fly open as Referee Chad Patton comes out from behind a leather
couch. He slides next to them and slaps his hand on the floor, "1... 2...
3..." Patton counts out and before Crash can react, Patton raises Bobcat's
hand and picks up the Hardcore title belt, and proclaims "New Hardcore

Crash's eyes go wide, "What?!"

Bobcat raises both of her hands in the air and smiles proudly as holds up the
Hardcore belt while remaining on Crash's cock "Yeah!" Bobcat yells.

"Wait, wait, hold on!" Crash says as he grabs Bobcat by the waist and
rolls over so he's on top of her. Accidentally he thrusts rather hard into
her pussy as he tries to get her shoulders flat on the floor. Crash looks
frantically up at Patton. "C'mon, count!" Bobcat wraps her legs around
Crash's waist and moans as she grinds her pussy against Crash's cock.

Patton checks to make sure Bobcat's shoulders are flat and then he starts to
count, "1... 2..."

Before Patton can get to three, Crash cries out as he cums, "Ahhhhh Milk
Duds!" Patton looks at Crash for a moment with a confused look on his face
as he brings his hand down.

"Three..." Patton takes the Hardcore title from Bobcat's hands and raises
Crash's hand, "New Hardcore Champion!"

Bobcat opens her mouth in shock " fair!"

"I knew it, you were after my title!" Crash yells as he uses his free to
break Bobcat's leg hold on his waist. He jumps to his feet, grabs his
wresting trunks and starts to run for the exit.

Bobcat shakes her head and looks at WWF Referee Chad Patton "If I was him...
I'd be happy that I got sex."


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