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WARNING!!!: This sex story is not an ordinary kind of erotic story; indeed,
it includes themes that many readers may find offensive, even repulsive. It
is recommended that these people do not proceed further as they may be upset
or distressed at what they read. This story is strictly for those aged 18
and over and even adults are advised to proceed with extreme caution.

This story includes the following themes: Hard drug use, paedophilia,
necrophilia, incest, rape, sexual torture, sexual humiliation, bestiality,
extreme hardcore sex, a wide range of sexual perversions, self-mutilation,
snuff, cophropogia, vomiting (with sexual connotations), urination upon
persons, masturbation, breast lactation and racism.

The following story caters for readers with a hardcore, even twisted taste
in erotic stories. I cannot be held responsible for its effect upon people.

This story may be considered as being filthy, sick and disgusting. I do not
wish to force my views upon others. Those with the courage should read on...
but be warned...



The Hardcore Story
by Stephen Mills (

I was just lighting up a roll up I had been rolling for a few minutes just to
get the consistency right. As I watched on, the rest of the group dragged the
body out of the car. She was so pretty, it was Chyna, wrestling star of WWE.
I might as well tell you I had already kidnapped, brutalised and murdered at
least two dozen other beauties of the entertainment industry in general, such
as Halle Berry (I liked a bit of nigger flesh, it kind of tasted like
chocolate when you bit it), Diane Lane, Meg Ryan, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jennifer
Garner, Lucy Liu (yellow pussy tasted good), Monica Belluci, right to younger
stars such as Hilary Duff, Kelly Osbourne and even the gorgeous Olsen Twins.
Man, that was a great night, me and the guys raped them over and over until
their cunts ran red with blood like the red river, you know, in the bible, it
didn't stop there either, we had raped and murdered regular kids; some as
young as 7, their cunts were so tight we had to force them open wider with a
knife. But we had never had a wrestling star before.

I chose carefully, I wanted someone who would fight back, someone strong,
with muscles; that was sexy, it turned me on, in a homoerotic way. As the
guys threw the body bag to the floor, I heard the screams of anguish coming
from inside. Unfortunately for Chyna, this was slut number 57, and that was
bad news for her, but good news for us. In the middle of the forest we stood,
beside the car we had just stolen. Sobs of fear could be heard. I gave the
order, and the guys started violently kicking the bag with all their might,
I knew that Chyna wouldn't get hurt too much, she was used to this.

The guys continued to pound the blue bag with their boots, as Chyna screamed
in agony, but it was no good, no one was around, not in the middle of the
forest. I gave the order to stop, and the guys reluinquished their shoes from
Chyna's breaking body.

"Pick 'er up," I demanded.

As the guys did so. Still in the bag, she stood, quivering with fear of what
was to come. I smiled, and threw a punch at her face, knocking her back down
to the ground. The guys and I laughed hysterically, this was gonna be fun.
Bending down, I ripped off the bag viciously. She lay, cowering on the ground
like a frightened puppy; it was a real turn on.

"Stand up you worthless cunt!" I yelled.

She slowly got to her feet. I could now fully see what she was wearing. Some
short, slutty denim jeans, and a white tank top. Perfectly preserving her
surgically enhanced tits.

"We're not gonna hurt you," I said, trying to sound innocent, the guys

Looking on in disgust, she spat at my face.

Incensed, I lunged forward, pulling out a knife, "IF YOU DON'T DO AS WE SAY

An idea then flashed upon me. Since Chyna had decided to defecate upon me,
she would pay. "Lick it up," I said.

"What?" came the reply.

I stood there as Chyna bent down to the ground and hesitantly began to lick
the saliva off the filthy ground. "Properly, look like you're enjoying it!"
I commanded. Chyna dug her tongue deeper into the soil, then stood up. "Did
I tell you to stop?" I said. "If you ever do anything again without my
permission I'll slit your pretty throat."

Chyna stood with her hands across her waist, terrified out of her mind. I
looked at the other guys. "Well, guys. What do you think we should do now?"
I asked.

"Hey, Joe, how 'bout we teach this cunt how to give milk?" said Pete.

Chyna looked confused.

"OK," I agreed. "Take off your top." I commanded to her.

Chyna slowly, but surely, slid off her white top, revealing her pert, melon
breasts naked underneath. I grabbed my crotch, and rubbed it a little, making
a satisfied noise. Chyna looked down, as Pete moved over to her, and pulled
out a machete.

"Do as I say you cunt, or I'll dig this into you."

Pete began to lick Chyna's cleavage. Then violently bit her tit, Chyna
yelled, as Pete began to suck her left tit. Biting it hard, he began to
release a white liquid, it was milk, Pete sucked on her woman milk long
and hard, before switching to the other, and continuing. Burying his
face deep in her breasts, he sucked and sucked. Until Chyna's torso
gleamed with the milk, she was breathing deeply, and, in a sick way,
was beginning to enjoy this, but she would never let us see it.

"Mommy, mommy, baby likes your milk, mommy, baby wants to fuck mommy," Pete
said in a childlike voice. Pete gave one last bite, before finishing. "It
didn't work," he said, dissapointedly.

"OK," I said, "Chyna, I want you to shit."

She stood there, shocked, almost repulsed. Her naked body was now running
with a thin white liquid, emanating from her brutalised breast.

Gaining no response, I told her again; "I want you to shit yourself, do you
hear me? I want you to squat down, and crap all over the ground."

"NO!!" she screamed; that was a mistake.

I took the knife, and nicked at her right arm, sharply, she began to yell,
it was only a small cut, and I just wanted to make sure she knew who was in

Sobbing, she said, "You sick cunts!"

We laughed hysterically as she began to squat down, pushing, her eyes closed
and she bit her lip, as she tried to push something out, after a couple of
minutes, she finally shit on the ground, it came out slowly, sexily, the
brown filth spread over the ground, it almost made me cum in my pants just
watching her. The guys were impressed too.

"OK," I said, "I'm hungry."

I went over to her, and she stood up. I went to the back of her, kneeled
down, and stuck my tongue deep into her dirty ass. I penetrated her rectum,
tasting her shit and lapping it up in my mouth, I went deeper and deeper,
till I reached her ring. But I hadn't had enough yet. I grabbed hold of both
her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as I could, I could hear Chyna
moaning, almost as though she were enjoying it. I loved the taste of shit,
especially from an ass as sweet as this. Rimming her cheeks with my tongue,
I lapped up the remaining filth, and wiped by mouth, but I was careful to
leave a little bit. Man, she tasted good.

"Right," I said, "Now, I've left you a little bit, I want you to have some
too." I deliberately spoke so she didn't understand.

"We want you to eat your shit too," one of the guys said.

Chyna was crying like a little girl; a sexy little girl. Horrified, she
put her left hand up her ass, scooped up some shit, then spread it over her
mouth, and inside her mouth. The guys and I were really excited by this,
jerking off in our pants. I went over to her, and kissed her, tasting her
shit, she was disgusted.

"What shall we do now? Guys?" I asked.

"How about we find something for her to have some fun with? If you know what
I mean," one of them said.

"That sounds good," I replied. He went to the car. "Don't worry, Chyna," I
said as I looked at her ravaged body. "There'll still be enough left for us
to have some fun with. You should see how beautiful you look like this." I
told her, "I mean, you're gorgeous, your eyes, your hair, and your fuckin'
sweet nipples and your fuckin' tasty ass, and your fuckin' hairy cunt." She
cried as I told her. "You're going to feel pain like you've never felt before
you cunt. You fucking cunt, you fucking cunt, you mother of a cunt."

He came back from the car, holding what he had gone for; a dog.

"Now," I said, "You're gonna put that cock in your mouth and suck it, then
you're gonna let that dog fuck you," I told her.

She picked up the dog, and began rubbing its cock, she closed her eyes, and
began to stick it in her mouth, sucking hard, the dog was silent. She then
lay down and placed the dogs long cock inside her cunt, and made the dog
shaft her up and down, in and out, harder; she was being raped by a dog.

"Stop!" I said, and threw her a knife, "I want you to cut him open, and fuck
his insides." She did so.

She took the knife, and then gently cut open its stomach, the dirty mutt
yelped in pain as she did so, the fear in its eyes was so cool. Then she
rubbed her cunt against its entrails. Her cunt became red with blood and

"That's good," I said.

"Yeah, that's what we want to see!" added Pete.

She stood back up. Her body was now crimson with blood and dog guts. She
looked sexy; but I wanted her to clean herself up a bit.

"Spit on your hands and wash that shit off your body," I demanded. She did
so, and began trying to remove encrusted blood and milk from her torso. "Get
it off your cunt too," I said.

"Vomit," said Junior.

Chyna stood perplexed. "Please," she begged, for the first time; "Please
don't hurt me anymore, I can't stand it, please leave me, I can pay you!"

We simply laughed hysterically at this stupid plea. "We don't want your
money," I began; "we want you. Don't you even understand that? We want to do
things to you, and enjoy watching you suffer in the most excruciating ways."

She sobbed, desperate.

"Like I said." Began Junior. "Vomit, I want you to vomit all over your hot
body. I want you to rub it in, into your twat. Then I'll lick it off for

By now she knew what we would do to her if she didn't comply. So, she put her
finger down her throat, deep, and eventually threw up, all over her chin and
stomach. It was a clear white liquid. Junior went over to her and began
rubbing it into her cunt. Then he licked it off, slowly, Joanie was clearly
disgusted by what he was doing.

"OK," I exclaimed. "Now for the real stuff, now were gonna rape you." I
walked over to her, and pushed her against a log, so she was absolutely
defenceless. I undid my pants and pulled out my cock. "Suck it," I told

She knew better than to refuse me, and so got on her knees and deep throated
me, in and out her full lips lapped at my cock, for a minute or so she
continued, until I came, and she swallowed me. Then I picked her up, turned
her round, and stuck my pulsating cock into her still filthy ass. She made a
soft moan as I did so, by now she was probably in so much pain she couldn't
really feel it, in and out my cock went, penetrating her sexy ass. Trying
harder, I pushed my cock deeper into her, and could feel her rectum and anus,
then her dirt ring. I felt as though my cock was going to explode out of the
other end of her. I preferred fucking women in the ass. Coming in her ass, I
bent down and stuck my tongue in once more, lapping up my cum and her shit.

Grabbing her arm, I spun her around, and penetrated her cunt. It felt warm
and comforting, moist and lubricated, probably from all the cunt juice she
had all over it. Sliding my cock past her lips, I thrust myself inside her,
shafting her deeply as I kept a steady rhythm; I grabbed her hair and pulled
it. Looking at her face, which was looking straight ahead, emotionless, her
eyes were empty - we had completely destroyed her. Massaging her cunt with
my cock, I went at her for at least 20 minutes, coming five or six times in
the process. Worn out with screwing her, I leaned back; she simply lay
motionless against the tree.

"All yours," I told the guys, who ferociously raped her time and time again,
each at least five times, sucking and fucking, biting her nips and her cunt
lips until they ran red again.

Junior had a thing for feet, and began sucking on Joanie's sexy left foot,
nibbling her toes.

Afterwards, Joanie stood still.

"What now?" Pete asked.

I looked at her, and declared; "Cut her up."

Heading back to the car, Junior brought back my machete, and whilst he and
Pete held her down, I began sawing away at her legs, her screams of anguish
were now unbearable, amputating her left leg at the knee, I watched as the
machete cut like butter through the bone, then I kneeled down to lick at the
bone and blood, then continued to slice through her knee, crunching and
scraping, it almost made me want to throw up, and it turned me on too.

After that, we stood up, and watched as Joanie pathetically attempted to
crawl away, sobbing and bleeding profusely, it was only a matter of time
before this cunt was dead. Then, in a last gasp, she stared up at us, I
spat on her; and she expired.

"Who wants another go?" I asked.

There was no answer. So I kneeled down and put myself in her cunt, fucking
her dead body, harder and harder, until she got cold.

Standing up, I pulled out my pistol, and fired three shots at her; one in the
cunt, one in the left breast, and one in the left eye.

"Sorry mom," I said. "Don't worry, I'll deal with my sister too, she's next
on the list, stupid half breed nigger cunt."


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