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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own AJ Lee, Paige, or any WWE/WWF stars for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story is a spin-off of This Is My Ass Now. This is pretty much what I was originally going to do with that story, until a suggestion changed my mind. Everything up to Part 4 of that story is the same, this is where it deviates.

Codes: Anal, FF, Oral, Rim, Spank, Toys

The Harder They Fall
by MTL (

AJ Lee was NOT in a good mood. She just lost her precious diva's title to Paige for the second time, and while in the way the first loss had been far more devastating as it signified the end of her record-breaking/first title reign this was different because it had another title up for grabs. Namely the title of the Alpha female of the WWE divas, a title AJ had kept all to herself since doing the seemingly impossible, butt fucking the Glamazon Beth Phoenix into submission. After all, the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus had been trading that title back and forth for years and pounding each other's asses in the process, Beth had been the first truly unstoppable force, until AJ took her place.

Given how easily she found it to dominate the Total Divas AJ had been convinced she would beat Beth's record and remain the Alpha female of the WWE divas until she retired, but like the Glamazon before her she had been defeated. Lost an all-important match where both participant's asses were literally on the line and now all AJ could do was face the music and wish she hadn't given Paige a chance to give her a taste of her own medicine/avenge her own virgin ass hole.

To be fair AJ had been coming fresh off a victory over Paige, and only a few months prior she had beaten the diva's entire roster, and she hadn't really had a challenge since Beth surrendered to her completely, so she felt she had a right to be overconfident, but it definitely cost her big time. Although truth be told it wasn't so much bottoming for Paige which bothered her as AJ started out in the WWE as a bottom and part of her missed it. Especially the part about getting her ass fucked. But after taunting the other divas for so long AJ wasn't sure she could cope with the humiliation of being butt fucked in front of them.

Fortunately for her moments before she reached the diva's locker rooms she was pulled into a supply closet, AJ just about to counter-attack when she heard a familiar voice in her ear, "Hey there pumpkin, ready to be my bitch?"

AJ sighed slightly in irritation as Paige started grinding her tits into her back and crotch into her ass, and then softly murmured, "One condition."

"Condition? Oh no, no, no sweetie, your ass is mine." Paige grinned wickedly.

"For now." AJ murmured, before turning around forcefully and looking Paige in the eye, "But what would you prefer, a reluctant bottom, or a eager slut?"

"Both sound good to me." Paige smiled evilly, before adding, "But I'm listening."

"Take me back to your place. Or come back to mine, I'm not fussy." AJ said, trying to make her words not seem like a command, "Then I'll be a slutty little bottom for you. If that's what you truly want."

Paige crossed her arms, "And why should I do that?"

"Think about it Paige..." AJ said, "When the roles were reversed I did the courtesy of slamming your ass in private. That way you could still pretend to be a top."

"I am a top." Paige snapped.

"Prove it." AJ challenged, "Let's go somewhere private, then you can try and break me. If you can."

"I can and I will." Paige grumbled firmly.

"Maybe." AJ said dismissively, "But trust me, you've got a better chance at turning me back into a pure bottom away from the prying eyes of my other sluts. Why do you think I've been so nice? Baby steps Paige. Trust me, that's the key to turning out a top. After all, it worked with Beth."

"Sounds hot." Paige nodded in agreement, before grinning, "But so does butt fucking you in front of all the other divas."

"Then they won't respect you." AJ pointed out, "Sure, I put the title of Alpha female on the line, but it hasn't actually exchanged hands in that way in years. No, the diva's title goes back and forth between matches, but the title of Alpha female? That's special. It has to be earned. Or at least, it should be, and is so much more fun when it is. More importantly, if I had just shown everybody Beth's butt hole after the first time I fucked it open there would have been a power vacuum. Divas at each other's throats and passing round the title of Alpha female like it was meaningless. Instead I waited until I had Beth completely broken. Then no one dared challenge me. At least not until you. So, the question is Paige, do you want to be a fluke Alpha who no one takes seriously, or do you want to be THE Alpha female?"

There was a long pause and then Paige grumbled, "Fine, meet me in my room in an hour. Don't be late, and don't stretch your own ass. I want it nice and tight for my big cock."

With that Paige licked her lips suggestively, smacked AJ's ass and then strode out of the supply closet with her head held high. AJ stayed behind for a few minutes both to make it seem less suspicious and just to breathe a sigh of relief. She had narrowly avoided pretty much losing all credibility as a top, a fate which was equal parts arousing and terrifying. Now, if she could only dodge the bullet entirely and literally save her own ass from the intent on revenge Paige. Luckily after the way Paige had acted last time they were together AJ might just have a shot at not only escaping without her own ass hole being stretched, but once again leave the supposedly mighty Paige a quivering and gaping mess.

* * *

Paige was in a good mood. She was on cloud fucking nine. She had beaten AJ Lee for the diva's title. Again. And while nothing could beat the high of winning her first title, having it being on a major pay-per-view like Summer Slam and on her birthday was pretty close. More importantly she was technically the Alpha female now, and while initially she had been over the moon about that AJ was right, it wasn't enough to beat AJ. She had to break her. She would break her. Screw any feelings of submission, this was her time and she was going to take what was hers. Namely AJ Lee's tight little ass, and then the entire diva's division.

The last two times they'd met and AJ had fucked her up the arse? That don't mean anything. Ok, she'd cum really hard, Paige was woman enough to admit that, but she was still a top. She'd had spent the last two weeks proving it as she mercilessly slammed her beloved Emma's arse hole, that poor little hole paying for Paige's mistakes as the English girl relentlessly sodomised the Australian. Actually that was nothing new, but while normally Paige would occasionally make love to Emma's ass for the past few weeks it had all been brutal rectum wrecking, Emma either face down or lying down flat so it was easier for Paige to imagine it was AJ she was anally assaulting.

Just then AJ dramatically flung open the door, flashed Paige a grin which made her insides feel funny, then casually stepped inside and locked the door before sauntering over to her with that same grin on her face, practically purring when they were almost face to face, "Hey there sweet cheeks, you sure you wanna do this?"

"What?" Paige frowned.

Capitalising on this AJ giggled, "Why top me of course silly."

"Don't call me silly." Paige fumed.

"But you are silly. This whole thing is silly." AJ said once they were officially face to face, "A bottom like you pretending to be a top, and trying to top the Alpha female, it's so, so silly."

"I'm not a bottom!" Paige growled, closing the distance between them so they were practically nose to nose, "I'm a top! I'm the Alpha female! I'm-"

Paige then gasped as AJ grabbed her ass and began to squeeze and fondle it while the smaller brunette purred, "Is that why you came so hard last time I fucked you up the ass? Cause you're a top?"

"Get off of me!" Paige spat, slapping AJ's hands away from her arse and stepping back slightly, "That was a fluke."

AJ smirked, "And the time before that?"

"Yes." Paige said, then when AJ gave her a look she added, "Not that it matters now."

"Oh I think it does." AJ said.

"Well it doesn't." Paige snapped, "All that matters is that I beat you, in the centre of the ring, with your ass on the line. That means I'm in charge, and you're going to get your ass fucked tonight."

"And that's what you really want?" AJ asked.

"Yes." Paige said, taking a page out of AJ's book and stepping forward, grabbing the other brunette's arse and beginning to squeeze and fondle it, "I wanna fuck your tight little arse. I want to violate your tightest hole. Stretch it wide open and fill it full of strap-on cock. And then when you're skewered on my strap-on I wanna fuck your arse hard and deep. I wanna fuck it, and fuck it, and fuck it until you can't even remember what it's like to be a top, and your butt hole is gaping wide open in testament to how well I've arse fucked you. I want it more than anything AJ, and there's nothing you can do to stop me because I won your arse fair and square, and now I'm going to take what's rightfully mine."

There was a long pause and then AJ forced a smile, "You sure about that?"

"Fuck yeah." Paige growled.

"Because I took down the longest reigning Alpha female ever, and you remind me a lot of her." AJ said, "Bigger than me, stronger than me, think you've already won, but you know what they say, the bigger they are-"

"The harder they fall." Paige interrupted, "And you've got way too big for your britches AJ. It's high time someone took you down."

With that Paige grabbed tightly to the other brunette's butt and then used it to shove her rival onto the bed, which seemed to shock AJ. Then the little bitch grinned in delight as Paige quickly yanked off her top, jeans, bra and panties and crawled on top of her. Briefly Paige was tempted to kiss the other woman, and if this was her dear sweet Emma she definitely would have, but after everything AJ had done to her there was no way Paige was going to do anything as soft as kissing, at least not without AJ's lips and tongue coated in cum and pussy cream first. So instead she quickly crawled up AJ's body, positioned her pussy over the older brunette's face and then lowered herself downwards.

Once she was literally sitting on AJ's face Paige started to taunt, "Lick me bitch! Come on, lick! What's the matter AJ, were you hoping for a kiss. Maybe some sweet and gentle foreplay? Well tough luck bitch, cause I've been dripping ever since oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmmm, that's it, lick me! Lick my pussy just like that. Now harder. Faster! Do it! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, oh AJ, I've been sooooooooooooo wet ever since I beat you. Oh fuck, mmmmmmmmmmm, actually I've been horny all week thinking about topping you, mmmmmmmmmm, and now I finally get my chance. Oooooooooooooh yeah, you better hurry it up AJ, I can't wait much longer to destroy your fucking arse!"

Paige loved how quickly AJ started licking her cunt, but it was hardly surprising. She'd seen AJ chow down on the tasty treats between her fellow diva's legs before, and Kaitlyn had told her all about how AJ was even more of a shameless rug muncher when they were alone together. Or when AJ was a bottom. But of course this was the first time Paige was on the receiving end of AJ's tongue, and the experience was far from disappointing, Paige gleefully throwing her head back and letting out a loud series of moans, happily letting her new bitch hear just how good she was making her feel.

It was a sound AJ loved, as she always took pride in pleasing her lovers. Not that she could really enjoy this right now, this while normally AJ was so skilled at fucking other women she could just switch into autopilot whenever she began eating pussy, or fingering or strap-on fucking, it was hard to relax when she was being smothered by pussy. Perhaps more importantly, it was impossible for her to relax when she had a pussy this wet in front of her, and oh was Paige wet for her. The fact that Paige was mostly wet from the anticipation of fucking her didn't matter to AJ, at least not right now. No, all that mattered was lapping up as much of the other diva's honey as possible.

So AJ eagerly lapped away at her rival's cunt with long, drawn-out licks, which soon became faster and more forceful. Partly because Paige apparently wasn't in the mood for a long pussy licking, but mostly because as wet as Paige was at the beginning AJ's skilful tongue work unsurprisingly caused the younger girl's twat to leak even more cunt cream. Soon AJ was wrapping her lips around Paige's entrance so the other girl's pussy juice just flowed directly into her mouth, down her throat and into her stomach where it belonged, which for a while worked like a charm and made AJ feel like she was in pussy heaven.

Then Paige started grinding down against her face, making it impossible for AJ to swallow all of her rival's pussy cream. Or even the majority of it. But even then it was another girl rubbing her cunt, and her cunt cream, into her face which still made AJ feel like she was in lesbian heaven. It just had the unfortunate side-effect of re-waking her submissive side. For a while she tried to fight it by reminding herself how she would 69 with her beloved Kaitlyn, normally starting out on top and then rolling them over so she could play with her secret wife's big bubble butt while the two of them frantically licked each other's pussies. But AJ also couldn't help remember how Beth and others used to sit on her face when she was a bottom, and to be in this position again was undeniably thrilling.

Despite her best efforts submissive thoughts had been creeping into her head ever since she was first confronted by Paige. No, if AJ was being honest it was before then, because she had gone down to NXT to scout her future competition, and had ended up watching a pale English girl fed a girl called Bayley her pussy, and then fuck her big ass. Then the asses of several other women AJ had heard good things about, including Emma and Sasha Banks, Paige gleefully wrecking those bottoms in a sign she was top dog in NXT, the entire time part of AJ wanting to be one of those lucky women. And tonight, she would be. And she was mostly okay with that.

Before she felt AJ's tongue on her cunt Paige had been very much planning to make this quick so she could fuck AJ's sweet little arse. Now she was almost considering letting this drag out for a while, maybe spend all night with AJ's pretty face buried in her cunt. However as good as AJ was at eating pussy Paige had her heart set on ramming her rival's arse hole, and a little rug munching certainly wouldn't turn the tables on AJ and officially make Paige the Alpha female of the WWE. So, to ensure she would have the energy to break AJ, and because she desperately wanted to cum right now, the English girl started roughly grinding down on the American girl's face.

More importantly Paige ordered her soon to be bitch, "Fuck me! Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue! Tongue fuck me bitch, fucking aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck me, mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck me just like that, oooooooooooooooh AJ, make me cum AJ! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, make me cum all over that pretty little face of yours. Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I want my cum dripping off your pretty little face as I fuck you up your tight little butt! Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, I can't wait to butt fuck you AJ! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, I'm gonna fuck your butt soooooooooooo gooooooooooodddddddddd, that you forget all about being a top and turn back into a bottom, and more importantly my little bitch! Oh yeah AJ, get used to eating my pussy, because you're going to be eating it a lot. And my ass, and getting your ass fucked, and ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddd!"

Paige kept up the taunting for as long as she could, but eventually the pleasure just became too intense and her words dissolved into the occasional swear word and long cries of pleasure as AJ continued to prove just how good she was at pleasing pussy. Specifically by pushing her tongue inside Paige's cunt pretty much the second she was given permission too and then beginning to fuck her with that soft wet muscle, gently at first but gradually picking up the pace until Paige was on the edge of orgasm. Then, infuriatingly, she kept her there. She kept her on the edge of climax despite the fact that Paige was supposed to be in charge.

No matter what Paige tried she just couldn't get AJ to push her over the edge. Paige's first attempt was of course to order it, but she was still too far gone to utter more than one word coherently. Next was to grind down as hard as she could onto the other brunette's face, but that added friction didn't help as AJ just slowed down the force of her tongue thrusts accordingly. Finally Paige reached down, grabbed a handful of hair almost as dark as her own and shoved AJ's face as deep as it could go into her cunt. She then let out a whimper of frustration as AJ continued to defy her, and in the process prove that she was in charge right now.

After being forced to dwell in that for what felt like an eternity AJ finally increased the pace ever so slightly. That was all it took to push Paige over the edge and she came wonderfully hard, throwing her head back and letting out a loud scream like she did during her entrance, only longer and with cum squirting out of her cunt and onto the pretty face of one of her fellow WWE divas. In that moment Paige tried to tell herself she was marking her territory and making AJ hers, but she was clearly a long way off from breaking the little pipsqueak. Luckily she had a few ideas how she could put AJ in her place.

AJ was feeling pretty proud of herself right now. Not only had she made another girl cum, but even in this position she had re-established her dominance, at least in some small way letting Paige know she hadn't won yet. Most of all, she had more girl cum then she could swallow, although AJ tried her best. But even though she couldn't gulp down all of it the majority of that yummy cream ended up on her face, just like the pussy juice before it, and AJ adored having her face covered in girl cream. It made her feel so delightfully slutty, and admittedly submissive in this particular moment. But it was nothing compared to what happened next.

Way sooner than she would have liked Paige crawled off of her, and then after taking a few moments to compose herself panted, "Get naked... and get on your hands and knees."

For a few seconds AJ hesitated. Part of her was really looking forward to being ass fucked, but she was afraid what it would do to her. She loved being the Alpha female, and didn't want to really lose the position to anyone, especially not someone like Paige who could keep it. But she had to obey Paige right now, those were the rules, AJ telling herself that she would turn the tables once again on Paige and re-establish her dominance as she took off all her clothes and got into the 'requested' position. Then AJ wiggled her ass at Paige, partly to genuinely entice her to butt fuck her, and in some small way to taunt her.

Instead of taking the bait Paige retrieved a big strap-on dildo and then slowly strapped it on and stroked lubricant into it while taunting her rival, "See something you like? Huh? Mmmmm, either way, this big fucker is going up your arse! Oh yeah bitch, I'm about to ruin your rectum! Bum you so hard and deep you won't be able to sit for a fucking week."

Even though she wanted to AJ couldn't offer up a retort as she was too busy staring at the large dildo about to bust open her tight little ass hole, that poor hole quivering with an extra fear and excitement as Paige stroked her newly acquired cock and ran her mouth for quite a while before finally moving round so she was kneeling down behind. AJ then tensed in pure fear, and then forced herself to relax as she half expected Paige to immediately shove the dildo up her unprepared butt hole, which after so long without a proper fucking was practically virgin tight.

Instead Paige just stared at her ass for a few long seconds, obviously savouring the moment. She then continued to do so as she slid her hands onto AJ's ass for a few minutes of shameless groping, the real Alpha female of the WWE wonderfully humiliated as she was treated like a piece of meat. Then Paige delivered one hard slap to her right ass cheek, causing AJ to cry out with a mixture of surprise and pain. There was then a pause and then Paige delivered an equally hard smack to her left butt cheek, then her right and so on, the pale brat giving AJ her first spanking since just before she'd made Beth Phoenix her bitch.

"This is for taking my anal cherry!" Paige screamed, not too loudly. After all, she didn't want anyone hear this, "And this is for treating me like your ass whore! And this is for thinking I was going to be your butt slut! And this is for making me suck your strap-on after it's been up my arse! And this is for making me eat ya cunt! Even though I really like that part!"

"You loved it all!" AJ yelled back, looking over her shoulder with a wicked smirk.

"Shut up and take it!" Paige snapped, delivering an extra hard double smack.

Paige emphasised each of her sentences with a hard smack to AJ's cute little ass, each one causing her rival to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Which proved if there was a wanna be top in this room was definitely AJ. Oh yes, this little bottom obviously loving every moment of this spanking. Which was more than a little surprising, as it wasn't the kind of playful spanking Paige would give Emma on occasion, but the type of brutal butt beating she reserved for her NXT bitches when they stepped out of line, Paige putting every ounce of her strength into each blow, and yet there was still noticeable pleasure in AJ's cries.

That continued to be the case even as AJ's beautifully tender skin turned bright pink and then even red under Paige's assault, Paige unsure what she loved more, that discolouring, the cries or the way AJ's sexy little ass jiggle with every strike. She didn't get time to come up with a definitive answer as this was all making her super horny and desperate to ass fuck AJ, or at least more than before which Paige thought was impossible. Also her hand just got tired from smacking AJ's backside so hard. And before ramming her dildo into this cute little butt there was one more thing Paige was eager to do.

So after who knows how many spanks Paige abruptly stop, pulled those reddened cheeks apart with both her hands, leaned down and pressed her tongue to AJ's clit. She then slowly slid her tongue upwards, causing AJ to cry out in pure pleasure as her tongue slid across her pussy. AJ then gasped as Paige's tongue slid across her tight little ass hole and then all the way up her ass crack, before finally moving back down to concentrate on AJ's ass hole. Which of course caused a lot of soft little moans from AJ, which in turn made Paige grin wickedly as she prepared AJ's arse in her favourite way of doing so.

She still had the lube, and after a few minutes of passionately rimming her rival Paige carefully covered her fingers in the slippery liquid so she could thoroughly stretch AJ's shit hole out. The entire time she made sure to keep eagerly lapping away at AJ's butt hole, partly to make sure she was properly prepared, but mostly because Paige just loved eating ass. True, Emma's rump was her favourite to dine on, but this was special. This was preparing AJ Lee's tight little ass for a fucking, and Paige wanted to savour every moment of it, but more than anything it would signifying the changing of the guard. Of her getting everything she'd ever wanted. Of her ascending to her rightful role as Alpha female, and AJ becoming her bitch.

AJ was just as worried about that as Paige was excited, even though she doubted Paige could break her with just one butt fucking. After all, Paige had been able to hold onto her desire to top even after being thoroughly sodomise by AJ multiple times now, and while there was an outside chance that AJ would fall completely in love with being ass fucked, she couldn't ever see herself going back to being a pure bottom. Topping other women was just too fun for that, and just because she wasn't arguably the Alpha female any more didn't mean that she couldn't win it back and remind Paige who the true Alpha female would always be. But in the meantime she planned on doing her best to enjoy the pleasure of being fucked up the butt.

Butt sex had been AJ's favourite thing ever since Beth Phoenix busted her anal cherry about five years ago now, which felt like several lifetimes ago, and the only thing that had changed was her preference from receiver to giver. And aasn't all bad now she was about to be the receiver again. Especially as considering she was taking her revenge for AJ taking her anal virginity Paige made thought about them both, first by lubbing up her dick and then gave her a long drawn-out rim job which had AJ moaning in blissful happiness. It felt like it took an hour for Paige to push her tongue as far as it would go up AJ's butt and start fucking her with it, let alone add her finger into the mix.

So in a way AJ was disappointed when Paige removed her tongue from her butt and replaced it with her finger, even though she mostly cried out in pleasure when Paige pushed that finger into her ass. Which of course Paige quickly picked up on, "Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, moan for me AJ! Moan for me while I finger your tight little arse! Ohhhhhhhhhhh AJ, I swear to God that your virgin tight! Mmmmmmmm, guess after years of neglect it stands to reason your bum hole is soooooooooo tight for me. Mmmmmmmmm, which is good for me, but it just means I'm going to enjoy that much more."

As she spoke Paige was at first sliding her finger all the way up to the knuckle inside AJ's ass and then slowly beginning to pump it in and out, each time pulling back so only the tip was left inside AJ's butt before burying the finger in all the way. Then she twirled it and curled it the inside AJ's rectum. Then after a few minutes of that she added a second finger and repeated the process, again giving AJ a more thorough stretching than AJ would have guessed. Then again it was clear that Paige just loved stretching ass, and AJ couldn't blame her for savouring the moment of her victory. Well, she could, but after everything she had done to Paige AJ had to admit that turnabout was fair play.

Clearly thinking the same thing Paige eventually pulled out her fingers, smacked AJ's butt and ordered, "Spread your cheeks! Mmmmmmmm yeah, show me that pretty little butt hole I won fair and square, and now get to fuck!"

Despite her earlier mantra of wanting to enjoy this as much as possible AJ didn't want Paige to enjoy this as much as possible, or completely threw away her dignity. So instead of obeying right away she turned her head to glared back at Paige for a few long seconds. Which unfortunately didn't seem to phase Paige, the infuriating pale girl just mouthing wickedly and popping her fingers that had just been loosening AJ's ass up into her mouth and greedily sucked them clean. Which caused AJ to forget her glaring momentarily, before then doubling down for a few extra seconds before finally pressing her face down the bed sheets, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks for her victorious rival.

Paige licked her lips at that wonderful sight as she pressed the tip of her strap-on against her target and pause to savour the moment. She had been waiting for this for so long, and after being robbed of her own anal cherry by this little pipsqueak she fully intended to draw this out as much as she could. Which was why when she finally pushed forwards it was as gently and slowly as possible so she could savour every second of AJ Lee's arse hole stretching for her, and then stopped completely for a few long minutes once that little hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of the strap on to slip inside that wonderful little rear, making both brunettes cry out.

To Paige's amazement and delight both cries were of pure pleasure, that mostly continuing to be the case as she slowly slipped inch after inch of strap-on cock into AJ's back passage. Sure, there was a little pain and discomfort mixed in there for her rival, but mostly AJ seemed to enjoy being anally stuffed, and the only reason Paige didn't viciously mock her for it was because she was completely lost in the breath taking sight of her cock disappearing into AJ's stretched wide bum hole, Paige getting a perfect view of that thanks to AJ still obediently spreading her cheeks like a good little bitch. Then what felt like hours later her hips came to rest against those cheeks, announcing she had buried every inch of her cock in AJ's bowels.

That was when Paige mocked her rival, "Mmmmmmm, you like that, huh? You like my big dick up your arse? Huh? Yeah you do, mmmmmmmmm, you love it, oooooooooh, and now, ya got every inch. Oh yeah, you've got every single inch of my big dick in your tiny little arse, and now I'm gonna fuck it. I'm gonna fuck your arse AJ and turn you into my bitch!"

Although Paige was disappointed that AJ didn't respond it was hardly surprising, and in fact although the older girl didn't say anything her silence spoke volumes. As did the cry she let out when Paige slowly began pulling the dildo out of the other girl's butt. AJ then gritted her teeth, obviously trying not to give Paige the satisfaction of responding, but eventually whimpers, groans and even moans escape the lips of the now former diva's champion, and while at first those sounds were mostly of pain there was differently some pleasure mixed in which eventually became overwhelming as AJ's arse obviously relaxed and got used to being fucked again.

In the meantime Paige was fascinated with the beautiful sight of AJ's tiny arse hole stretching for her big cock. It never cease to amaze Paige that a woman's tightest hole could take a big cock like the one strapped around her waist, and she would never tire of forcing women to take dildos up their butts. Of course this butt was special. This tight little bum hole belonged to AJ Lee, the now former Alpha female of the WWE, and if Paige was going to solidify her new role, she was going to need to destroy this tight little hole and leave it gaping wide open. And ideally AJ herself completely broken.

AJ promised herself that wouldn't happen. Continued reminding herself she was a butt busting top as for the first time in over a year she was anally penetrated and then ass fucked. At least the penetration was mostly painful, her back passage struggling to stretch for the monster dildo that slowly but surely made its way through her rectum into the deepest part of her butt. Then her ass hole remembered it used to be a frequently used fuck hole, and the pain of the initial stretching melted away and AJ felt nothing but pure pleasure. Pure, overwhelming pleasure, which made it impossible to keep quiet.

It was hard enough during the initial anal penetration, because the truth was AJ had missed being butt fucked and back when she was Beth Phoenix's personal ass whore she had been totally addicted to taking it up the ass. Back then she had even enjoyed the sensation of getting her ass initially stretched, and even though it had been years since she had been that much of an anal slut the sensation of being anally taken again put her right back to the start of her career where she had been bottoming every night for everybody on the roster.

Even when she was turning Beth Phoenix into HER personal ass whore AJ never forgot those years, and would often daydream about them. Especially when sodomising other women. Once or twice she even came to the memory of them, mostly while butt fucking her fellow divas or at least receiving head from them, because as the Alpha female of the WWE there was little point to masturbation for her. Of course, there were a few times she couldn't help herself, and most of those time she had shoved a dildo up her ass to relive her past, but somehow it always felt like that didn't count. That for her to truly experience submission again she needed to be ass fucked by another woman. Or at least a man.

Back when she was a pure bottom AJ had taken it up the ass for men all the time, and had adored the feeling of them shooting their loads up her slutty little ass, but none of them ever truly dominated her the way that women did. Even her submissive little Kaitlyn used to make her feel more submissive than men, and Kaitlyn had always been a total bottom. Paige couldn't compare to the likes of Beth Phoenix and Natalya in terms of dominance, but she was definitely better in that department than Kaitlyn and even as AJ forced herself not to give in completely she had to admit there was a certain thrill to being submissive again.

To her credit while Paige wasn't quite up to the level of Beth and Natalya she was a very skilled butt fucker in her own right, effortlessly loosening AJ's rectum in a matter of minutes and continuing to slowly sodomise her as the pleasure built and built. She even increase the pace ever so slightly, not enough to make AJ cum but enough to make her want to beg for it. And it was certainly enough to make it impossible for AJ to hide her enjoyment, Paige mocking her for that for several long minutes until AJ just couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck me!" AJ screamed in frustration, "Fucking fuck me! Fucking fuck my ass! Oh God Paige, please just make me cum!"

"You want it?" Paige grinned wickedly, "Then tell me... who's ass is this?"

Paige emphasised her words with a hard slap to her ass, making AJ grid her teeth momentarily, but ultimately grumble, "Yours."

"I'm sorry, what that?" Paige pushed.

"Yours!" AJ yelled desperately, "My ass is yours! Yours was mine, mmmmmmmmm, and it will be mine again, but for now, oooooooooh, this is your ass."

"And what does that make you?" Paige grinned.

"Your bitch." AJ grumbled, then when there was another strike to her sore ass she quickly added loudly, "It makes me your bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd Paige, I'm your bitch. You're the Alpha female and I'm just your bitch. For now."

"For now and ever, bitch!" Paige laughed gleefully, using both her hands to give AJ's arse a hard double smack before she continued, "I'm the fucking Alpha female of the entire WWE, and you and every single one of the other lesbian anal sluts around here are my fucking dyke bitches! I own your arse holes! Mmmmmmmm, all your most private holes are now my personal fuck holes! Every single hole on your bodies are mine to use as I please, ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, and I'm going to use them. I'm going to use them all, but especially yours. Yeahhhhhhhh AJ, I'm going to fuck this tight little arse in front of everyone, just like you did to Beth! And Maryse, mmmmmmmm, and all the others, mmmmmmmm, but not before I've arse fucked you in front of Beth and your precious Kaitlyn. Oh yeah, I'm going to make sure they know the woman who conquered them is nothing but my ass whore, my butt slut, my anal slave, my cunt muncher, my carpet cleaner, my muff diver and most importantly my dyke bitch! You hear me AJ? I'm going to make sure they know your ass belongs to me! That this is my ass now!"

"Oh God, just shut up and fuck me!" AJ whimpered.

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Paige grinned, tightening her grip on AJ's thighs, "But how about you thrust back at me? Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm tired of doing all the work, and I want to see your cute little booty bounce back at me. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, that's it slut, give me that ass! Give me that ass that I now own!"

With that Paige began slowly increasing the pace until the sound of flesh smacking off flesh was echoing throughout the room. They were almost as loud as AJ's squeals of pleasure, the true Alpha female of the WWE pulling her face out of the bed sheets and completely giving up on hiding just how much she was enjoying this. She then began slamming herself back against Paige's now ass wrecking thrusts, making the butt fucking even harder.

Throughout this Paige taunted her and AJ did her best to ignore the uppity brat and concentrate on visions of getting her titles back. Of turning the tables back to what they should be, and bending Paige over in the middle of the locker room and making all the other divas watch as she completely broke the first-ever NXT women's champion once and for all. However as much as she tried to stay focused on her fantasies, and memories, of wrecking Paige's ass and the asses of all her other WWE sluts AJ just couldn't escape the fact that she was being butt fucked for the first time in years, and when she finally came she was completely in the moment.

Thankfully after that she pretty much lost her mind to the ecstasy rushing through her body, AJ not caring what made her cum, just that her cum continued to squirting out of her cunt and that her body kept shaking so wonderfully. To her credit Paige was enough of a top to make that happen, and despite herself AJ's last coherent thought for a while was she was actually impressed with the new diva who's ass she'd pretty much owned since shortly after her main roster debut.

Paige was in heaven. Ever since AJ Lee had popped her anal cherry she had been haunted by memories of being fucked up the ass. If they were just memories of pain and humiliation that would have been bearable, but Paige couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt. How hard she came. How natural it had been to bend over and be little AJ Lee's bitch. It made her question whether she was really a top. Whether she had ever really been a top. Whether she might be a bottom with delusions of grandeur. However surely this proved once and for all that she was a top. That she was an Alpha female. THE Alpha female. Oh yes, beating AJ in the middle of the ring was one thing, but this was how she was going to take the title of Alpha female and make AJ Lee her bitch.

Feeling like her old self again Paige pounded AJ's tight little ass with every ounce of her strength, and amazingly AJ actually helped her. The woman who was still technically the Alpha female of the WWE shamelessly impaled her own ass hole on Paige's dick, the two divas working together to make sure AJ's rectum was almost literally ruined and the woman who had topped every single other diva, including Paige, came over and over and over again, each climax harder than the last until AJ collapsed face down in a whimpering heap, while Paige continued banging her butt.

Paige partly did that out of pure instinct, but also because thanks to the stimulator against her clit and the sheer joy of butt fucking AJ Lee she had been unable to hold her own climax back for that long, and as soon as the first one hit she was almost overwhelmed by one after the other. It was less physically pleasurable than being on the receiving end of the ass fucking, but the mental pleasure made up for it, and considering how hard AJ had cum and the way she mostly bounced back against the anal ramming maybe there was hope after all that Paige could be the one to turn AJ back into an anal loving bottom.

Clearly AJ still loved it up the ass, something that would be impossible for her to deny from now on, Paige very much looking forward to taunting her about it later. For now she had totally lost her voice, exhaustion flooding her body, even as she tried to squeeze one more orgasm out of this passionate butt fuck. Ideally for them both, but she would settle for AJ as breaking her was what was important here. Although honestly Paige wasn't sure whether she succeeded as all she knew was one moment she was pounding AJ's ass, and the next she was lying on top of her equally exhausted rival, both divas just lying there in a sweaty heap for a few long seconds as they desperately tried to recover.

Then Paige growled into AJ's ear, "Who's ass is this?"

There was a brief silence and then AJ replied, "Mine! Just like your ass is mine!"

"Wrong answer bitch." Paige growled, before grinning, "But that's okay, you'll soon learn your place one way or another. For now... why don't you show me your pretty little gaped butt hole?"

Even though she kind of phrased it as question they both knew it was a demand and Paige's delight AJ barely hesitated to obey it, and that was likely only because the other brunette was as exhausted as she was. Hell, Paige barely had the strength to roll over, but she had too if she wanted to complete AJ's humiliation. So she did, her dick quickly exiting AJ's ass hole with an obscene sound before Paige laid back, relaxed and gave that order. Then AJ did what she had forced countless women to do for her, including Paige, the pale girl blushing as she briefly remembered presenting her own gaped bum hole to the other girl. Then she got a good look at AJ's well opened arse hole, an submissive thoughts were replaced with dominant ones.

Although it was unnecessary to make AJ spread her cheeks, as they were so tight, firm and small they couldn't possibly hide the gaping crater in between them, which only a few minutes ago had been all tiny and tight. But it enhanced the dominance/pride and submission/humiliation that the two divas were feeling, something Paige knew from recently being on the receiving end while AJ was now on the receiving end for the first time in years. As she wanted to make that feeling last Paige happily stated that ruined hole for several minutes, committing the sight to memory just in case she ended up losing this rivalry, although she was more determined than ever before to win it.

Reinvigorated by the sight of AJ's gaping arse hole Paige called out, "Alright bitch, get over here and taste your ass! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, suck your ass cream off my cock. Get every drop, just like your precious Kaitlyn and Beth did when I fucked them up their asses. Oh yeah, your bitches loved ass to mouth, and I bet you do too."

AJ turned her head and simply glared at her rival for a few long seconds. But then her eyes lowered to Paige's strap-on and then her mouth watered. It had been so long since she had tasted the deepest part of her ass on a dildo, and ultimately she just couldn't resist. She still technically had to obey Paige anyway, so she had that as a way to save face, although it wasn't very effective as once she was kneeling in front of Paige she quickly wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo which had just been pummelling her butt and she moaned loudly at the perverted taste which she had missed so much.

"Yeahhhhhhhhh, you love the taste of your own ass, don't you bitch?" Paige cackled with delight.

"Not as much as you." AJ grinned, quickly taking the dick out of her mouth to do so before putting it right back in as Paige scolded her.

"Hey, get that cock back in your mouth!" Paige growled, and then once AJ had done so added, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, suck my cock! Oh AJ, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. Mmmmmmmm, I always knew you would. I always knew you'd make a great cock sucker, and now you're MY cock sucker! Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, my little ass to mouth bitch! Oh yeah, suck that cock! Get every drop of your slutty little gay butt off that dick! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, you say I love the taste of my own arse? Maybe, but not as much as you. Cause no one loves the taste of their own arse as much as AJ fucking Lee, my new ATM loving whore!"

Mostly ignoring the infuriating pale girl AJ closed her eyes and concentrated on the joy of going ass to mouth. Back when she had been a pure bottom this had been one of AJ's favourite things, maybe even second only to getting her ass fucked, as it just made her feel like such a slut. Ever since she became the Alpha female she had removed her own strap-on to suck it clean a few times when she had fucked the slut she was with into unconsciousness, and kissed her bitches after they had given her, or another girl, a rim job or had sucked her strap-on cock straight out of an ass hole, but it just wasn't the same. No, pretty much nothing could compare to the submission of giving someone a blow job after they had completely dominated you by fucking you up the butt, and despite the circumstances AJ enjoyed every second of this.

She especially enjoyed sucking the taste of the deepest part of her ass off the dick, so she did it as slowly as possible, AJ savouring every drop of that cream. She then began eagerly bobbing her head up and down the dildo, at first concentrating on the bottom half but inch by inch she took the lower half into her throat like the well-practised cock sucker she was. All too soon AJ took the entire length of the strap-on in her mouth and down her throat, meaning that after a few more passionate sucks there was no more butt juice for her to clean. But, despite Paige's commentary, AJ was still thoroughly enjoying herself, so she continued to give her rival the nastiest blow job she could possibly give her.

While she continued sucking that now thoroughly cleaned strap-on AJ opened her eyes and looked up defiantly at Paige. The infuriating pale girl was so caught up in her own words she didn't notice at first, but when she did she shut up and they had themselves a little stare down, both knowing that this wasn't over. That it would take a lot more to break either one of them, and both were very willing to do whatever it took to make the other their bitch. The only difference was that AJ knew she was going to win, and just like Beth Phoenix before her Paige would learn the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

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