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The Hardy Boyz Breakup: Part I
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Matt wrapped his arms around Lita's waist and pulled her in close.

"We'll go have our own special night later, all right?" he said and kissed
her on the cheek. Lita reluctantly smiled.

It was the night of the WWF's latest PPV, appropriately entitled
"Vengeance," and Matt Hardy was prepared to battle his own brother Jeff.
Lita, the girlfriend of Matt and close friend of Jeff, was to be the special
guest referee. During an interview with her just a minute ago, Lita had
claimed that she would be an unbiased official, but she knew otherwise. There
was a certain influence that would soon break those moral spirits.

Matt stepped out of view and slammed the door shut as he vacated the
locker room. Lita turned and was immediately intercepted by the arms of
Matt's brother, Jeff. He wrapped his arms around Lita's waist -- similar to
the way his brother had done so earlier-and kissed her on the lips. Lita
ran her hands over Jeff's body as they made out; her hands felt his soft
multi-colored hair, the smooth texture of his tight fishnet shirt that fit
snuggly like a second skin, and his black, unbuckled cargo pants. Lita could
feel Jeff's erection building as her slipped through the small flap in his
open trousers. His jet-black silk boxer shorts pres sed against her fingers.

Lita slipped from Jeff's arms and sank to her knees. With a forceful tug,
she forced his loosened cargo pants and boxer shorts to his feet. Lita took
merely a moment to admire the younger Hardy's tool; long enough to decide
that it was much better than Matt's and that she needed a better look later
tonight. Quickly, she stuffed his pecker down her throat, sucking and
spitting down its length. Lita held her position at the bottom of the tool
for a moment, nuzzling her cute nose in his rough pubic hair. She then came
back up and released her vice-like grip, generating a long trail of saliva
from her lips to the tip of Jeff's purple head. This was one brisk blowjob,
Jeff thought, but it was great nonetheless.

Jeff pressed on the back of Lita's head, hoping to get this little cumslut
to at least bob on his member for more than a second. Quickly, Lita gobbled
the piece down once again, slipping it between her parted lips. She puffed on
the head, sliding her tongue piercing against the slit of Jeff's penis.

"JESUS LITA!" he screamed, throwing his head back in an orgasmic scream.
His hair lashes out in a myriad of directions.

Lita giggled beneath her closed lips. Her mouth opened wider, allowing
Jeff's complete member to be jammed down her throat. Inch by inch, Lita took
the entire length of the piece into her gullet as she had done earlier,
slobbering all over it. Her nose again pressed against Jeff's patch of pubic
hair and Lita came back up. This time, however, she kept the piece trapped
inside her mouth and sloshed it around with her tongue. Once it was properly
lubricated with her saliva, Lita decided to fulfill her man's wishes and bob
on Jeff's prick. Like a jackhammer, the fiery redhead pistoned her head
wildly, driving Jeff absolutely crazy. His eyelids closed abruptly and he let
out a ear-shattering moan. Lita could feel his balls tighten as she held onto
them for leverage.

"OH, LITA... OH! LITA!" he screamed. He can feel the goo build up inside
of him for a mammoth release.

Then, as quick as it started, Lita retracted her tongue and removed her
lips from around Jeff's rock-hard pecker. Likewise, Jeff is absolutely

"What the hell is that?" he questioned. Lita rose in front of him and
patted him gingerly on the shoulder.

"Listen, Jeff," she explained. "That was absolutely wonderful and all, but
I'm the special referee tonight. You came here to make sure that you win. Let
me tell you, me giving you a blowjob isn't going to help influence me."

Jeff thought about it for a moment, and then smiled devilishly. He loved
this attitude that befitted Lita so well. Without further thought, Jeff
scooped Lita into his arms and kissed her neck. He continued to peck at her
neck/shoulders with small kisses as Lita lifts her fishnet shirt over her
head and tosses it aside. Jeff continues to indulge south, forcing Lita to
untie her referee shirt and heave it into the pile of clothes that lie in
front of the door. Instantly, Jeff takes one of Lita's breasts into his mouth
and swirls his tongue over the small areola. Her breasts were so soft and
firm that Jeff scolded himself for not attempting to get a piece of them
earlier. Jeff nibbled on Lita's dime sized nipples before removing his lips.
He paintbrushed his tongue all over Lita's chest, licking and sucking on her
two plump orbs and biting her rock-hard nipples.

The two lovers backed into a wooden table that lies in the corner of the
room. Ironically enough, Matt Hardy's stuff is lying atop. Jeff cradled his
smaller lover with one arm and uses the other to brush his brother's duffle
bag to the floor. He then laid Lita back on the table. Lita spread her legs,
rubbing herself through the fabric of her darkened cargo pants.

"Come and influence me, baby!" she commanded. Jeff buried his face between
her thighs and inhaled her sweet smell.

"Baby, you smell great." Jeff rubbed her thighs. "Let's get these pants
off of you."

Lita reached for the rim of her pants and thong and pulled them down
slightly. Jeff continued the endeavor and removed the redhead's cargo pants
and white thong, bringing them to her suspended feet. Swiftly, Lita kicked
the two articles of clothing to the floor below. Jeff held onto Lita's legs
and bent them straight up, opening them slightly. Between her thighs, he
found a gorgeous, trimmed, and delightful pussy that would only be found on
a woman of such beauty. Her hairs were neatly trimmed; not enough to burry
one's face in, but not enough to make one think that she's completely shaved.
Jeff stroked Lita's bare thighs as he admired her near-perfect genitalia.
Lita rubbed her breasts anxiously.

"Baby, convince me... convince me..." she chanted. Her cunt lips began to
contract beneath the anticipation.

With his prick in one hand, Jeff spread Lita's thighs and buried himself
into her puckered pussyhole. He could feel the sweet, tender walls of Lita's
insides scrape the side of his stiff member. Lita's cunt lips were almost
gasping for air, attempting to open for the large, bountiful boast. Jeff
continued to pillow more of his meat into the redhead, thrusting into her
continuously. Lita opened her mouth to holler, but a silent scream was all
that could emerge.

"You like that, don't you?" Jeff asked. He continued to hold onto Lita's
thighs as he plowed his way through her defenses.

Lita could only nod in approval. Her head fell back as she felt her labia
nestle onto Jeff's cock, wrapping it in a warm embrace. Her lips slightly
parted and a moan escaped her lips and echoed throughout the vacant room.
Lita never knew of such pleasure while she was with Matt. She was nothing
more than a quick fuck to him. Together, the two would have to secretly snoop
around, hide in a closet that was far too small, and screw standing up in the
same position. Lita wanted something more and thus found his brother.

"Jeff, this is absolutely amazing... Ooooh!" she cooed. She glanced at him
through the opening of her open legs. His face was clinched; his mouth wide
open and his eyelids completely sealed.

Slowly, Jeff's eyes peeled open. He was now steadily screwing the redhead
Team Extreme member with long, painted strokes. Jeff folds Lita's legs
together and pushes them to his right side, allowing him further access to
her gaping hole and a better look at her pleasure-stricken face. Jeff knew
that this chick was hot, but the faces she made during sex were unbelievably
sexy. Her jolted-down eyebrows and large, open eyes almost gave her a look of
evil. She bit her bottom lip as well, giving a completely different allusion
as a look of innocence. And her long, red highlighted hair was mostly pushed
back, except for the two thick strands that curled on her forehead and came
down across her cheeks. This chick was beyond beautiful.

Jeff leaned back as he felt his balls tighten for an impending release.
Lita could sense this too, feeling his stiff testicles dig into the crack of
her ass. Quickly, Jeff withdrew his dick from the redhead's tight snatch and
spread her legs once more. He liberally stroked his rod in front of her,
resting the purple tip on her pierced bellybutton.

"Oh baby, here it comes..." he announced, throwing his head back. Lita
rubbed her breasts for encouragement.

"Right there, baby, right on my breasts," she begged.

Naturally, the multi-color haired superstar replied in kind, squirting his
liquid onto her belly and breasts. Thick, long streams of milky white cream
skimmed across Lita's flat stomach and came to a sudden halt at her plentiful
breasts. Lita rubbed her hands all over her jizz-laden mounds, scooping the
cream onto her fingers. She then brought the fingers to her mouth and licked
them clean, smiling in approval.

"Am I a winner tonight?" Jeff questioned calmly, pulling his pants back

"You'll have to see in your match tonight," Lita replied snidely. "But
tonight, after the PPV is over, you'll definitely be a winner."

Jeff leaned forward, kissed Lita on the lips and headed out of the room
smiling broadly. Lita lies on the table panting; her legs spread wide open
and her mind filled with one solid thought: tonight, Jeff Hardy was
definitely going to be a winner.

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