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The Hardy Boyz Breakup Part 2
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Despite their extreme secrecy, he found out.

Matt Hardy, following the loss to his brother Jeff, headed backstage and
learned of the incident that occurred in his locker room, moments after he
left the room. An unnamed source informed him that his brother and his
girlfriend had been together and even produced video proof. Matt was furious
and wanted revenge.

However, in a situation quite like this, simply ripping his brother a new
one just wasn't going to cut it. No, what Jeff and Lita had done to Matt was
heartbreaking and in this case, violence wasn't the answer. These two had to
be taught in a much sweeter method: jealously. Matt Hardy would make these
two jealous of him, but how?

In gathering information about his brother and Lita, Matt was informed
that the two had rented out a room in a local hotel for the night. He decided
that the first step in his master plan should be to occupy the room next to
them, to at least get some sort of proof of their affair. Unfortunately, the
room had already been rented out to somebody and Matt needed another way in.

At around 9:00 PM, following a house show that Lita and Jeff somehow
arrived late to, Matt Hardy entered the hotel and traveled upstairs.

"Room 213," he mumbled to himself.

He stalked the halls like an animal, searching for the room that held his
backstabbing brother and his bitch for a girlfriend. He came upon room 213
and placed his ear against the door. He could hear small spurts of words, but
heard enough to distinguish that voices were indeed Jeff Hardy and Lita. This
was all the proof he needed. These two were going to pay and pay dearly.

Matt knocked on the door of the room next to the one that held his brother
and Lita. No answer. Reluctantly, he tried the doorknob. He twisted the
handle just a tad, enough to discover that the door had been left unlocked.
This was turning out to be a better night that he had expected. Immediately,
Matt scoped out the room: a bed, two nightstands, a television, and a large
window; nothing that would suggest that there was somebody in the room. Matt
closed and locked the door and then climbed up onto the bed. He pressed his
ear against the wall above where the headboard rested.

"Ooh! Jeff... this is so great..." he overheard; obviously Lita's voice.

"Damn Lita, you taste better than I thought," an obvious Jeff Hardy voice

Matt sank to a sitting position and leaned against the headboard. He
buried his face inside his hands and began to shake his head. He couldn't
believe that the woman he loved for so long could do something this cenacle
with his brother. Just when he thought his heart could be broken anymore,
Matt heard a sound. The walls were rumbling and pictures were nearly coming
off their hold. He heard a loud, repeating squeak coming from Jeff and Lita's
room. It was obvious what the two were doing now.


Like a time bomb, Matt grew furious. Each squeak and each pound sent him
closer and closer to an emotional breakdown. He furiously began to pound the
headboard into the wall, hoping to match the noise of his brother and Lita.
He shouted curses at both Jeff and Lita. Matt was losing it.

"You want to make that bed squeak for real?" he overheard a voice. Matt
turned suddenly.

Trish Stratus, the WWF Women's Champion, stepped out of the bathroom. She
wore nothing but her bra and panties. Her red lace bra clung to her breasts
and pushed them up toward her neck, making them appear much larger and
firmer. Her matching thong panties were a tight fit around her large
backside, but managed to wrap around her hips and slide down the crack of her
ass beautifully. Trish stood with her hands on her hips and her eyebrows
raised, as if to say, "well?"

Matt sat on the bed, absolutely marveled. Just a few hours ago, he was
cheated on. Now, he had the gorgeous Trish Stratus standing in front of him
in nothing but a pair of bra and panties, asking him for sex. He didn't know
how to respond, but luckily, Trish Stratus knew what he was thinking.

Trish slipped onto the bed and crawled over Matt's stretched feet to his
chest. He lowered his head and kissed the lovely diva on the lips. Trish
wrapped her hands around Matt's neck as she puckered with him. Matt pulled
away suddenly, panting and spell bounded.

"But wait, why?" he asked. Sure, this was a beautiful woman coming onto
him, but there had to be some sort of motive behind her sudden decision to be
with him. This could be some sort of trick.

"Matt, listen to me," Trish started. She rubbed her hands along his chest
as she began to talk. "Lita is nothing but a two-bit tramp. I've been sick of
her since the day I arrived. She jumps around in the ring like a man in ugly
cargo pants and a fishnet shirt, has small breasts and a small ass, and still
gets the popularity."

"Me, on the other hand," she continued in a sensual voice. "I'm perfect.
These breasts are gorgeous..." She pushed her breasts together. Matt nodded.
"This ass is large, round, and tight..." Again, she demonstrated, slapping
her ass. "...and the clothes I wear are far better than what she wears. At
least I match."

Trish sat up on Matt's lap, shooting him a look of sheer innocence. Her
authenticity was about as fake as her breasts.

"So, Matt, which one would you rather have?" she asked. She held onto
Matt's hand and guided it over her lace-laden breasts.

"Quite frankly, I don't know," Matt responded. Trish looked horrified.
"Afterall, I haven't had the chance to get to know you better."

Matt leaned forward and pressed his mouth against Trish's parted lips. She
nibbled on his bottom lip as he kissed her passionately. Matt's hands found
Trish's breasts and he squeezed them tenderly. His thumbs circulated over her
nipples, rubbing them through the thin lace material. Trish faintly moaned as
she guided Matt's hands over her round breasts. Matt moved his head down and
kissed Trish's cleavage. Instantly, she pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Matt questioned.

"Honey, there's nothing wrong," Trish assured him. "Your kissing was
wonderful. It felt so great. But we'll have time for that later. You want to
make some noise to combat Lita and Jeff, right? Sit back and watch the master
at work."

Trish pushed Matt back into a sitting position; the back of his head
rested against the headboard. Trish rose to her knees and began a sexy little
striptease. She wiggled her ass seductively, turning to spank herself. Trish
gyrated her hips rhythmically and folded her arms behind her back. Seconds
later, her bra floated to the bed. Trish's breasts bounced free, returning to
their natural hanging position. Like pendulums, her tits hung gorgeously.
Matt studied them carefully, eyeing them as they swung when Trish moved her
body. She reached down and rubbed an index finger over her crotch. The red
lace material sunk into her throbbing cunt as she pushed inward. Trish slid
her hands up to the waistband of her thong panties and slowly, inch by inch,
brought them down to her knees. She sat down momentarily to completely remove
them, then returned to her position on her knees.

Like a hawk, Matt watched his lover float toward him. Her breasts bounced
simultaneously as she moved. Trish swung her left leg over Matt's lap and
straddled the Hardy Boy. She leaned forward, pressing her lips to his
forehead. Her breasts leaned inches from Matt's wet lips. He tried to lick
her bouncing tits but Trish moved once again. This girl was driving him nuts.

Trish slid down to Matt's torso and unbuckled his cargo jeans. Fiercely,
she tugged his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His cock stood proudly: a
nice six inches or so and it wasn't completely erect yet. Trish scooped the
partially limp member into her delicate hands and stroked it smoothly.
Gradually, she felt his dick expanded at least another half an inch beneath
her soft grip. Trish smiled devilishly.

"I knew he had some more in him," she commented. Matt chuckled a bit.

Opening her mouth, Trish force-fed the entire meatstick between her pouty
lips. She crammed his entire dick down her throat, layering it with saliva as
it tickled her pink tongue. Matt rested a hand on the back of her head,
guiding Trish as she stroked his dick with her soft lips. Trish bobbed on his
prick several times, just enough for it to be properly lubricated. She held
the dick in her hands and withdrew her lips. She spat atop the throbbing
purple head and rubbed it in with a crafty handjob. Matt seemed a bit
disappointed. He had heard that this chick was an expert at blowjobs and here
he was getting a simple handjob.

"Don't worry, honey," Trish said, sensing his tension. "You'll get the
blowjob of a lifetime later, but we're out to make some noise."

Trish arose to her knees and crawled to Matt's stomach. She felt his
lubricated prick brush against the hairs of her well-trimmed cunt as she
advanced over it. Trish held herself up with her arms as she raised her butt
in the air. Matt wrapped his hands around Trish's slender waist and assisted
her as she lower ed herself onto his prick. Gradually, Matt's slick cock slid
into her moist pussy. Trish sat back, resting her butt on Matt's testicles.
Her cunt was clenching tightly around his massive tool.

"That's it baby... oooh... that feels awesome," Matt commented.

Matt felt Trish's breasts with his hands, kneading and rubbing them. His
fingers glided gently over her hard nipples. Trish leaned forward slightly
and squeezed her breasts together. Matt placed each large orb into his
respective hand and rubbed her soft tit flesh. Trish tilted her head down and
licked her own breasts, running her tongue over Matt's fingers as well.

"Oooo... damnit, that feels nice," Trish remarked. "Let's make some noise,
baby. Brace yourself."

Reaching back, Matt's hands found the top of the headboard and he nodded
in approval. Trish began to gyrate her hips back and forth swiftly, grinding
her cunt against Matt's pulsating cock. Her pace rose and her hips moved at a
quicker, fiercer rate. Matt's fingers dug into the hard wood of the headboard
as he watched his woman ride him like a mechanical bull. Trish threw her head
back and thrusted her hips forward. Her labial lips clamped around Matt's
dick with unbelievable force. Trish rocked back and forth, over and over,
grinding into Matt's stiff rod. Matt could do nothing but hold onto the
headboard and command his sultry lover.

"FASTER TRISH, FASTER! YES!" Matt screamed.

The bed rocked back and forth, maliciously slamming into the wall with
each fierce thrust of Trish Stratus' hips. Framed photos fell from the wall
and crashed to the floor below. Jeff and Lita's noises were a distant blur
now. Echoing through the room were the sounds of Trish's bulbous rump
slapping into Matt's balls and the metal frame of the bed slamming against
the wall. Nothing more.

"OH FUCK! THIS FEELS GOOD!" Trish screamed. Her ear-shattering screams
were extra loud for the occasion.

"Shit baby, I'm going to cum soonş" Matt trailed off between his moans.

Trish dismounted Matt and retook her position between his legs. Her soft
lips curled around his twitching prick, licking and sucking on the pre-cum.
Trish swirled the drops of cum around in her mouth and swallowed them down
without a hitch. Matt felt his balls harden as his blonde-haired slut bobbed
up and down on his cock. He announced his release.

"Here it comes, baby!" he announced. Trish floated to the top of his
prick, focusing her attention on the purple head.

Matt watched as his cock twitched and shot loads of cum into Trish's
awaiting mouth. The back of her throat was bombarded with shards of white
liquid. Still, the experienced little cum-slut swallowed every drop. She
continued to suck on Matt's reducing prick as he sat back, moaning and
panting heavily.

"That was simply amazing," Matt managed to spit out. "YOU were amazing."

"You're not so bad yourself there," Trish responded as she spit the cock
out of her mouth. "I'm glad I was able to get that tramp back."

Matt rolled off of the bed and stood on his feet. He watched Trish as she
positioned herself on all fours, searching for her bra and panties. That rump
was waving freely through the air, almost taunting Matt Hardy. Sure, he was
able to get his own personal vengeance on Lita, but he didn't feel completely
satisfied. He needed a piece of that gorgeous rump.

Cock in his hand, Matt climbed back onto the bed without Trish's
knowledge. She continued to bend over in front of him, feeling beneath the
bed sheets. Matt admired her slightly parted buttcheeks with a smile across
his face. He wrapped his arms around Trish's mid-section and pulled her in
close. His cock entered her tight butthole with a sharp gasp from the blonde

"Back for more, are we?" Trish asked coolly.

Matt neglected to respond. He thrusted his hips into Trish's beautiful
backside, holding onto her hips for leverage. Each thrust nearly sent Trish
collapsing forward. She reached out and held onto the headboard; quite
similar to the way Matt had done so earlier. She tilted her head to the side
and released a strenuous moan. Her cries fueled the Hardy brother and he
pistoned into her asshole at a blinding speed. Matt retracted his hands,
leaned back, and forcefully pillowed into his smaller lover's anus to
demonstrate his complete control. He brought his hand down on Trish's left
buttcheek, slapping it hard. SMACK! Matt did it once more, spanking the other
side with a harder shot. SMACK! Back and forth, Matt spanked his blonde
companion with reckless abandon.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Each hard shot seemed to be turning Trish on even
more. Matt's hand grew tired. Trish's ass was completely laden red after the
tremendous spanking and she loved each and every second of it.

Matt's panting grew heavy as he leaned back some more and thrusted his
final thrusts into Trish's butthole. He felt his balls clench up once again
for another release. Trish could feel his rock-hard testicles slap into her
cunt. Matt clenched her ample buttcheeks with his hands and plowed into her
butt with an unrelenting force. He felt his orgasm nearing.

"Here it comes again, baby," he called out.

Trish withdrew Matt's cock from her butt and turned around to face him.
Matt fisted his cock in his hand as the Women's Champion knelt down in front
of it. Moments later, he released a long, fierce moan and squirted his semen.
Drops of the milky white substance hit Trish in the chin and dripped down
into her cleavage. She eagerly dipped her fingers between her breasts and
brought them to her mouth, licking them clean. Matt fell back onto the bed,
exhausted and satisfied. Trish crawled into his arms and nestled his
throbbing pecker in her hands. Matt dipped his head down and sucked on
Trish's breasts as she stroked his member.

"That'll show Lita," Trish said proudly.

"Lita who?" Matt responded, lifting his head up to smile.

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