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The Hardy Boyz Breakup Part 3
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Lita removed her fishnet shirt and tossed it aside. She stood in front of
a full-length mirror, admiring herself. Normally, in a neon green bra and
matching thong panties, covered with a pair of charcoal wind pants, she would
look at herself in the same way that other men did: as one of the hottest
chicks in the wrestling world. However, on this night, Lita looked at her
reflection with disgust.

"I look so horrible," she tried to convince herself. "No man should want

Lita's lack of self-confidence was directly attributed to her encounter
the previous night. At the time, she knew that cheating on Matt Hardy was a
mistake. She realized that she should not have been with Jeff Hardy following
the PPV. Unfortunately, she did just that and could not change the past. But
in the next room, she distinctively overheard Matt Hardy and Trish fucking
with reckless abandon. Although she cheated on him, Lita felt absolutely
horrible. She tried to apologize to him, but couldn't bring herself to doing
so. She knew that she would have to explain the reason she slept with his
brother - a question that she herself could not answer.

As a result, Lita felt completely overcome with a feeling of confusion.
She had the overwhelming burden of sleeping with Jeff Hardy on one shoulder
and the lingering feelings for Matt Hardy on the other. She had to admit, she
was jealous that Matt slept with Trish despite her acts of treason herself.
Lita wasn't sure how to handle the situation other than to breakdown into a
sea of emotional sorrow. She wept like a child, falling into a seated
position against the wall of her locker room. Her cries echoed through the
deserted room, once occupied by both Hardy Boyz. Now, she was all alone.

Test, the rising superstar that gained immunity in the World Wrestling
Federation following the Survivor Series PPV, happened to pass the locker
room of the weeping diva. He peeked his head in, surveying the area. He found
Lita with her head buried between her clasped knees, crying hysterically.
Being the "compassionate" man that he was, Test decided to enter the fray and
comfort the broken-down diva.

"Lita, what's wrong?" he consoled. He sat down next to Lita and wrapped
his muscle-bound arm bicep around her neck.

"Hey, Test," she greeted him in a sea of tears. "It's Matt and Jeff."

Normally, Lita would keep to herself and bottle up her emotions. Matt and
Jeff were the two lucky individuals that she shared intimate secrets with and
discussed her problems with. This time, the problem circulated around them
and Lita had no one to turn to, except for Test.

"What about them?" he said compassionately. He continued to play the
benevolent role even though his intentions were far from that.

"I slept with Jeff behind Matt's back, Test," Lita confessed. "Matt and I
were so happy together, but, I don't know, I just wanted to try something
new, ya know? Jeff was there, the opportunity arose, and I just couldn't say
no. Last night, Jeff and I were at a hotel room fucking and I overheard Matt
and Trish in the next room. I know I'm with Jeff now and all, but I still
have those lingering feelings in the back of my mind that belongs to Matt
Hardy. I'm just so confused."

All this talk about sex was having a profound impact on Test. He crossed
his legs, hoping the hide the tent that suddenly jutted out from beneath his
leather pants.

"You know, you need to get away from all of this," he told her. "You need
to dissociate yourself from both Hardy Boyz... for the time being, of course.
I think you need to sit back and re-evaluate your life, then perhaps make a
decision. Hopefully, that decision is the right one for you."

"Thanks, Test," Lita sniffled. She leaned over and hugged the near
seven-footer. Her bra-clad breasts rubbed against his bare chest.

"Anytime," he responded, wrapping his arms around Lita's back. Her bra
strap brushed against his fingers. Test could hardly contain his erection.

"Well, I need to finish changing," Lita announced, rising to her feet.
Test eagerly followed. "So, you're going to have to leave. I'm sorry"

Lita tugged at her cargo pants with one hand while shooing him away with
the other. Test enclosed his arms around Lita's body and pulled her in for a
kiss. As their tongues mingled, Lita neglected to pull away. Lita removed
her cargo pants and stepped out of them as the two continued to lip-lock.
Suddenly, the redheaded diva pushed Test away.

"What am I doing?" she asked. "I can't do this. I'm having enough trouble
as it is."

"Baby, it's all good," Test said slyly. His true intentions were becoming
quite clear. "You need this. Matt and Jeff don't know how to treat a woman. I
mean, come on, Matt slept with another woman the SAME night you two broke up,
and Jeff... well, he's not even here for you. He could be off fuckin' some
broad as we speak."

His words struck a deep nerve inside Lita. She shook her head in
confusion. Test's words were quite accurate and seemed to make sense.

"Just let me do all the work," Test assured her. He held onto the
waistband of Lita's neon green thong panties. Lita sighed, but did not reject
his endeavor. "That a girl." Test smiled devilishly.

Test slid her panties down and she reluctantly stepped out of them. Lita
watched as Test kissed her legs: first her feet, then her ankles, then her
inner thighs. Lita's pussy throbbed in anticipation as Test's lips crept
closer. Test kissed her aching labia and licked her trimmed pubic hairs.
Another contraction rained down from Lita's moist sexpot. Test cupped his
parted lips around Lita's cunt, tugging on her labial lips with his teeth.
His tongue snaked past the parted lips and licked her tender insides. He
could taste Lita's sweet flavor on the tip of his curved tongue. Lita stood
in complete bliss and moaned in approval. Her hands found the back of Test's
blonde hair and she pushed him further. He eagerly obliged, digging his
tongue deeper into her insides.

"Ooh!" Lita cooed. "Test, that feels fuckin' great. Keep it up."

Slightly nodding his head, Test continued to feast on her tender pussy. He
tenderly nibbled on her labia; his tongue lapped at her syrupy juices. Test
wrapped his forearms around Lita's hips and dug his hands into her butt. His
fingers massaged her rump, kneading the skin like dough. Lita released a long
strain of heavy moans. Each moan sent her fingers deeper into Test's scalp.

"OH FUCK!" Lita screamed. "Shit, lick me, Test, lick me."

Test retracted his tongue and licked Lita's tender cunt lips, brushing
over the teeth imprints he had left on them. Surges of lust barreled through
Lita's body as his tongue lashed at her labial lips. He fed each labium
between hips and sucked on them. Faster and faster, he alternated between the
two labia. All the while, his hands continued to feast on Lita's tender butt.

"Ooo... I'm going tož I'm going tož" Lita chanted between her pants.

Lita screamed as a surging orgasm fled through her body. Thick strands of
honey leaked from her parted labia. Test gobbled down her juices with an
uncanny eagerness. He swallowed hard and lifted his head. Gradually, Lita
retracted her hands from Test's scalp and placed them at her side. Test stood
in front of his visibly shaken lover.

"Wasn't that worth it, baby?" Test asked with a sly grin.

"Oh yeah," Lita responded.

"But I'm not done yet," he informed her, unbuckling his leather pants.

Test removed his pants and kicked them to the side. His dick hung from the
opening of his boxer shorts. Lita admired his package with an eager glance.
Smiling, Test pulled his boxers down and stepped out of them. He held his
dick in his hand, waving it toward Lita.

"You want some of this?" he asked, extending his arms. "Come here."

Readily, Lita jumped into his huge arms and wrapped her legs around his
waist. Test inserted his stiff prick into her wet cunt with a forceful
thrust. He held onto Lita's hips and bounced her on his pulsating member.
Lita leaned in and kissed Test on the lips. Her soft butt slapped against
Test's balls with each jolting thrust. Test pulled from Lita's lips and
buried his head in her cleavage. He kissed her breasts as she reached back
and untied her bra strap. Lita's bra fell from her chest to the floor below.
Lita pushed her breasts together and Test force-fed her nipples between his
lips. He alternated on each areola, brushing his rough tongue over it. Test
continued to plow into Lita downstairs, thrusting his hips into her.

"OH YES! FUCK!" Lita cried out as she threw her head back.

Test feasted on Lita's magnificent tits. He shoved each breast into his
mouth and sucked on it like an infant. His speed and quickness was a marvel
to Lita. He spent mere seconds on one breast before spitting it out and
trapping another one between his lips. This constant switch was driving
Lita absolutely crazy. Test munched on her tits with an unmatchable sexual
prowess. Neither Matt Hardy nor Jeff Hardy could meet these types of

A bit south, Test did not lose his pace as he plowed into Lita's slippery
sexpot. He steadied Lita on his prick with his powerful hands and fluctuated
his hips back and forth, his muscular ass contracting with each gyration.
Lita flipped her red hair back and screamed in ecstasy. Her hands sunk into
Test's pectoral muscles, squeezing the life out of them as she was being
tossed around like a rag doll.

"Baby, I got something else lined up for you," he informed her. Test
gently knelt to the floor and set Lita down. "Turn over."

Lita did as she was told, turning over and lying on her stomach.

"Now, raise that ass up a bit," he continued. Lita raised her backside and
Test slapped her on the ass. "Just stay still."

Lita could see nothing as her face was buried into the carpet floor. Test
stood above Lita's raised posterior, his pecker hanging down toward her anus.
Steadily, he squatted down, keeping his stiffening member lined with her
contracting butthole. Test peeled Lita's buttcheeks apart and squeezed
himself between them. Lita cried out, but her screams were muffled beneath
the carpet flooring. Test gradually rose up, and then sank back down. He
gained a steady rhythm, pumping Lita's tight butt as she lay prone on the

"Ugh, how's that feel baby?" Test grunted.

"Wonderful... ooh!" Lita cried out.

Test enjoyed his steady rhythm, slowing sinking into the diva's
magnificent anus. Her firm cheeks clasped around his rock-hard tool. Test
knew that he envied Lita's thongs for a reason. Lita had one hell of an ass.

"Faster, Test, faster," Lita chanted. She began to match Test's own

Test slapped Lita on the ass and increased his pace as directed. He stood
in the squatting position, thrusting his hips into Lita's firm butt. His
testicles dangled freely and slapped against Lita's cunt as he vigorously
fucked her in the butt. Test began to fuck like a rabbit, hugging Lita around
the waist as he swiftly pumped her from behind. Lita's skin rippled with each
collision. Test panted heavily, but continued to piston his dick through her
rigid buttcheeks. He could feel his testicles firm up and rub against Lita's
dripping cunt.

"Shit baby... oooh... I'm going to cum..." he panted.

"Let me suck you dry," Lita spoke forcefully.

Lita slipped out from beneath Test and arose to her knees. Test stood and
held his cock in his hand. Lita moved forward and devoured his entire piece
with one swallow. Her lips tightened around his stiff cock as she moved her
head down its length. Lita's sweet, angelic face brushed his blonde pubic
hair. She arose, sucking the pre-cum from the tip of his purple head and
swallowing it down. Lita pulled the cock from her mouth and held it in her
hands. She licked the saliva-laden piece, jerking Test off as she did so. Her
smooth hand briskly glided up and down the length of his pecker, rubbing his
purple head. Lita ran her tongue over the sides of Test's cock, and then
sucked on his balls. Test could feel them tighten even more between her lips.

"Fuck, it's coming..." he called out.

Being the greedy little cumslut she was, Lita quickly shoved his cock back
into her mouth and sucked on it with reckless abandon. Her lips ran over its
length, gentle caressing the veins on the underside of his pecker. Lita could
feel the piece shiver between her lips-a building orgasm approaching - and
jerked it from her mouth. She opened her mouth and steadied the twitching
prick with her hands. Moments later, he erupted. Moaning, Test emptied his
cock into Lita's awaiting mouth, squirting his milk between her parted lips.
Lita swallowed the milky white substance down and crammed Test's dick back
into her mouth for one final suck.

"Jesus that felt good, baby," Test said, satisfied. He pulled his cock
from his eager slut's mouth and picked up his clothes.

Lita sat on the floor with a smile across her face as she watched Test put
his clothing back on. He buckled his leather pants and then knelt down next
to Lita.

"I'm leaving baby, see ya," he informed Lita, kissing her on the cheek.

Test stepped out of the locker room and closed the door behind him. Lita
rested her head back against the wall and thought about what she had just
done. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. She had become a two-time cheater.
First, she cheated on Matt Hardy with Jeff Hardy. Now, she had cheated on
Jeff Hardy with Test. Something had to be done about this.

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