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The Hardy Boyz Breakup Part 4a
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Lita couldn't take it anymore. All these scattered emotions building
inside her head were driving her absolutely insane. She needed to evade all
of this; separate herself from Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and other men of the
federation, especially Test. There wasn't a thing she could do, though, due
to the fact that current storylines had her paired with Jeff, wrestling
around with Matt, and involved in backstage sketches with Test. She needed
to have the storylines completely rewired in order to save her own sanity.

In order to make such a major change, Lita had to arrange a special
appointment with the head booker and the boss's daughter, Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley. Normally, she was a tough individual to contact, but due
to their sister-like relationship, Lita was able to score some much-needed
time with Stephanie. Over the phone, Lita explained her problems briefly to
the Billion Dollar Princess. She instructed Lita to bring Matt and Jeff
Hardy with her and together, the four of them would discuss future plans.

The Brothers Extreme were still hot at one another, but agreed to join
together at Lita's side. Neither of them had a clue that Test had slept with
her just a few nights prior to their meeting. Lita had to make sure to keep
it that way. Hopefully, a split in storylines would assure her fewer
altercations with the brothers and thus keep her secret tucked down in the
bowels of her mind. This was going to be one of the hardest things Lita ever
had to do, but it needed to be done.

Matt, Jeff, and Lita met up outside Stephanie McMahon's office, several
minutes prior to the scheduled interview. Lita tried to burry the hatchet
with her former flame and wrap her arms around Matt's neck, but he brushed
her aside. Eagerly, Jeff wrapped his arms around the rejected diva and
scooped her into his arms. Matt shot a cold-stare toward his brother. Jeff
continued to rile his brother, resting his hands on Lita's chest. Matt
couldn't help but restrain his obvious rage. Tension was most certainly

Minutes later, the trio was called into Stephanie's office and not a
moment too soon. Matt Hardy's fists were visibly shaking as he held back the
anguish he felt toward his brother. Even entering the office, Jeff played
with his brother's emotions like a marionette, taking two handfuls of Lita's
delicate butt in his hands. He glanced over his shoulder and shot his brother
a cocky grin. Matt raised his fist to strike, but a smiling Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley popped in front of the trio.

"Welcome, I'm glad you could all make it here," she welcomed the trio.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's office was suited to comfort the Billion
Dollar Princess' needs. It was absolutely huge and almost completely filled
with expensive furniture. In the center of the room lay a large L-shaped desk
with a black leather chair seated behind it. Facing the table were three
chairs, each one lined with sheets of leather. On the far side of the room,
Stephanie had her own small viewing area, with a long leather couch, leather
loveseat, marble coffee table, and TV.

"Leather fetish?" Lita asked as she marveled at the room.

"What ever do you mean?" Stephanie replied jokingly.

Stephanie took a seat behind her desk and politely asked the three-some to
take their seats in front of her. Jeff, Matt, and Lita took their respective

"Let's talk business, shall we?" Stephanie said, propping her feet up.
Matt and Jeff seemed to stare straight at their boss with the utmost
attention, but were secretly checking out the hint of Steph's midnight blue
panties that was visible through her slightly open legs.

"Stephanie, we need new angles," Lita bluntly explains. "Jeff, Matt, and I
are involved with some emotional problems outside the ring and would really
appreciate it if you would separate us from each other inside the ring-at
least for the time being."

"What types of problems?" Stephanie asked inquisitively. She brought her
feet back down to the floor. Matt and Jeff turn in their seats, obviously
attempting to hind the tents in their pants.

Stephanie leans forward and rests her chin on her folded knuckles. Her
enhanced breasts seem to struggle to escape the tight fitting teal-colored
tank top that Mrs. Helmsley had chosen to wear. Entranced, Matt and Jeff
stare at Stephanie's cleavage, but then regain their focus.

"You see, the three of us are kind of■ involved■" Lita starts, turning
to Matt and Jeff. Neither could care less about what she was talking about.
Their main focus was the beautiful breasts of their boss, Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley. "I've been dating Matt for the past year or so, but during
the Vengeance PPV, I slept with Jeff."

"Oh, I see," Stephanie said, a bit taken with Lita's words. She turns in
her seat, which awaken the hypnotized Hardy Boyz. "We'll definitely have to
do something for you, then. The three of you will just have to disband and
take your own separate paths. Lita, I'm sure you can hold your own in the
Women's Division. Matt, you can have a run as the European Champion or
perhaps even the Light Heavyweight Champion. Jeff, what can I say? You're
popularity scares me sometimes. You can be the next HBK. However, you three
should know that together, you're a gold mine."

"We know," Lita responded with a sigh. "But we need this. We can't bear
to face each other in the ring. There are too many painful memories."

"I understand," Stephanie replied. "Don't worry, we'll create some new
angles for you."

"Thanks Steph," Lita said as she rose to her feet.

"But Lita, before you go, I have one question for you," Stephanie
interrupted. "Who has the bigger package?"

Stephanie seductively points to both brothers. Instantly, the two smile.

"What?" Lita asked. She was completely taken by the boss' question.

"Out of Matt and Jeff, which one has the bigger dick?" Stephanie repeats.

"I don't think this is something we should be discussing," Lita shot back
and turned away.

"You want new angles, don't you?" Stephanie blackmailed the redhead. Lita
remained silent. "Fine, I'll just have to find out for myself then, won't I?
Gentlemen, lower your pants."

Matt and Jeff wouldn't need to be told twice. Immediately, the two
unzipped their cargo pants and pulled their cocks out. Matt and Jeff seemed
identical in their units: each about six inches long with the enormous
hard-ons that each were supporting. Stephanie arose from behind her desk and
peeked over to catch a glimpse at the two brothers.

"Impressive," Stephanie finally responded. "No wonder you fucked them
both, Lita."

Lita started to walk out the door, disgusted with her boss's actions.

"One final question, Lita," Stephanie called out. Lita stopped and turned
around. "Which one was the better fuck?"

Again, Lita refused to answer the question. Stephanie furrowed her brow
in disappointment.

"Damnit, Lita, you could have made this so easy," she said mockingly.
"Now, I'm going to have to find out for myself."

Stephanie stepped out from behind her desk and strutted toward the leather
couch that sat in the far corner of the room. Matt and Jeff exploded from
their chairs and followed the brunette, watching her bulbous backside sway as
she walked. Lita stood in front of the doors and observed the action from
afar. She couldn't believe that the two men that she loved so dearly could
fuck this bimbo within seconds, especially Jeff.

The Hardy Boyz followed the Billion Dollar Princess like a mindless
drones; their smiles seemed to be eternally plastered onto their faces.
Stephanie reached her desired destination and turned to await her stallions.
She had the come hither look upon her face that made the Hardy's quiver in
anticipation. Matt and Jeff ripped off their WWF t-shirts as the two began
to walk at a much quicker pace. Seconds later, the two arrived at Stephanie's
feet, panting like dogs.

"Calm down, boys," Stephanie assured them. "You'll both have your chance
at this billion dollar body of mine. First, we just have to get rid of those

Quickly, the two superstars undressed-in record time. Matt dropped his
pants and boxers and carelessly tossed them to his side. Jeff did the same,
flinging his disregarded clothing over the back of his head. Clothing was
scattered amongst Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's office now with t-shirts,
pants, and boxers spread out along the carpet floor.

"That was quick," Stephanie giggled. "You two boys are quite the anxious
individuals. Now, let's get a good look at you."

Stephanie strolled behind the two standing superstars, eying them
intently. She tilted her head to the side and checked out their butts. Women
screamed for these men whenever their music surged through the arena and
honestly, Stephanie couldn't blame them. Their toned butts, like their
packages, were magnificent. Stephanie stepped in front of Jeff and wrapped
her fingers around his prick. Her fingers carefully caressed his bulging
meatstick as she slowly stroked him.

"Those packages are a nice piece of eye-candy, but let's see how they
taste■" Stephanie trailed off before dropping to her knees in front of Jeff.

Lips parted, Stephanie gradually stuffed his prick into her mouth. She
enclosed her crimson lips around the purple head and slurped on his pre-cum.
Stephanie forced the remainder of his cock into her enormous mouth and bobbed
on its length. Her cute nose mingled with Jeff's pubic hair as the Billion
Dollar Princess twisted and turned her head. Stephanie's head moved like a
jackhammer, sliding up and down Jeff's cock with ease. Her saliva covered the
Hardy Boy's stiff member and dribbled onto the carpet floor.

"Shit, that innocent little girl vibe is complete and utter bullshit,"
Jeff exclaimed. "'Daddy's Little Girl' my ass!"

Stephanie's lips curled into a smile as she continued to down this hefty
meal. She sucked on Jeff's dick with reckless abandon, bobbing her head like
a pro. Her hands rubbed over his inner thighs and tickled his balls. Jeff
flipped his hair back and sent a moan echoing throughout the room. Lita,
still standing at the doorway, could hear her boyfriend's cry of pleasure.


Standing next to the two, Matt whimpered. He held his cock in his hand,
aiming it toward the Billion Dollar Slut. Stephanie peeled Jeff's prick out
from deep within the bowels of her mouth and stroked it with her hands. She
turned her head and captured Matt's prick between her lips, sucking it into
her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip, capturing the pre-cum that had
been released. Matt felt his pubic hair being tickled by his boss's nose as
she bobbed on his stiff rod. Meanwhile, Stephanie rubbed Jeff's cock with her
hands to keep it erect.

"That's it slut, suck that cock!" Matt yelled.

He pressed his hand atop Stephanie's head and forced his dick further down
her throat. Stephanie nearly gagged, but her experienced throat allowed her
to continue her swift pace. She continued to puff and slurp on Matt's stick.
Her head tilted in all sorts of directions as she sucked on his dick and
attempted to keep her one solid breath of air. Matt could feel his balls
harden and his prick tickle the roof of Stephanie's mouth.

"Baby, I'm about to■" he started to moan before Stephanie spit his cock
out of her mouth. Matt tried to object, but Stephanie stood up and placed her
index finger over his parted lips.

"Sshh.." she quieted him. "I've got a much better spot for that load of
yours. Matt, honey, go sit down on the couch."

Matt did as instructed and sat down on the couch. His twitching cock was
aching for a release.

"Jeff, I need another taste of that cock," Stephanie said, turning to
Jeff Hardy. "Sit down on that coffee table over there-right in front of the

Likewise, Jeff did as he was commanded to do and sat in the center of
the marble coffee table, careful not to shatter it. He stroked his fading
erection. Jeff had totally forgotten about the lovely Lita, who remained at
the doorway, wondering just how far her two friends would go with this slut.

"You two listen well... I like that," Stephanie commented as she walked
toward them.

Stephanie stepped in front of Matt, then turned around and lowered her
skirt. She tugged the leather material over her broad hips and brought it
to her ankles. Matt gazed longingly at Stephanie's panty-clad rump as she
shook it for him, smacking herself on the ass. *SPANK* Seductively, she
peeled down her dark blue panties and kicked them to the side. With her bare
bottom exposed, Stephanie bent over and ran a finger through her bubbly
asscheeks. Matt and Jeff observed closely. Matt watched as Stephanie's
finger probed into her asshole. Jeff watched the beautiful breasts of his
boss dangle inside the strenuous teal tank top that she wore. Loving the
attention, Stephanie released a long, laborious moan and slipped her hand
back to her side.

"I absolutely love anal, Matt," she confessed. "I want you to drill me in
the ass... but first, it needs some proper lubrication."

Matt licked his lips and wrapped his hands around Stephanie's hips. He
eased her back slowly, pressing her smooth bottom into his face. His nose
buried between her beautiful cheeks and his mouth licked her sweet asshole.
Stephanie reached back and spread her buttcheeks. Matt slipped his tongue
deeper into his boss's anus.

"That's it baby, lick that asshole clean!" Stephanie whined.

He continued to munch on her tasty butt, much to Stephanie's delight.
Matt's tongue snaked in and out of her asshole like a piston. With his hands,
Matt rocked Stephanie's posterior back and forth, tongue-fucking her sweet
ass. Stephanie's bubbling backside rippled as it fiercely slammed into Matt's

"Yes, tongue-fuck my ass!" Stephanie hollered.

On the other end, Jeff was all smiles. His jaw dropped as he watched
Stephanie's tits swagger and sway during this constant commotion. Back and
forth, her butt rocked with a steady rhythm. Her breasts, too, felt the same
rhythm and swung like pendulums inside her shirt. Jeff freely stroked his
cock, completely disregarding the fact that his own brother was sitting a
mere few feet away. There was only one thing that he could see right now:
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

"Oooh... fuck that ass," shouted the Billion Dollar Slut.

Matt rose up and pushed Stephanie forward, holding onto her hips. Her open
mouth hovered over Jeff's throbbing member. Matt slipped his cock between
Stephanie's thick buttcheeks and into her lubricated asshole. Instantly, her
butt clamped down on his pulsating member. Matt eased his cock in and out of
her rump, trying to break the tension.

"Damn that's tight," Matt commented as his cock slid out of Stephanie's
butt and back in again.

Stephanie howled in pain as she felt her asshole being stretched out by
Matt's thick cock. Triple H had an enormous cock but never dared to attempt
anal with Stephanie. It would probably kill her. Stephanie loved the pain,
despite of it.

"Owww!" she cried. "Fuck that ass, Matt! FUCK IT!"

Matt parted her creamy buttcheeks with his thumbs and forced himself
deeper. His cock stretched out her near-virgin asshole and probed at her
insides. Hunched over, Matt wrapped his arms around Stephanie's stomach and
fucked her from behind. Stephanie arched her back and raised her rump in

"YES! FUCK MY ASS!" Stephanie cooed. "SPANK IT, MATT, SPANK IT!"

Reaching back, Matt slapped her on the ass. *SPANK*

"HARDER MATT, HARDER!" she screamed out. "PILLOW INTO MY ASS!"

Matt was simply amazed by the sexual prowess of Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley. He reared back and spanked her again. *SPANK* *SPANK* He
continued to fuck her from behind, ramming into her reddened backside.
*SPANK* Stephanie howled in pleasure and reached back to rub her sore behind.
Matt became relentless, spanking Mrs. Helmsley on the other cheek. *SPANK*
*SPANK* *SPANK* Steph tried to cover her other cheek, but was unable to due
to her compromising position. Her hands were firmly planted on the edge of
the coffee table and her plentiful bottom was raised in the air.

"FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD!" Stephanie exclaimed.

Matt had begun to catch his own rhythm and fucked her butt in a
conservative manner. Stephanie rocked back and forth, feeling Jeff's cock
poke at her chin. She tilted her head down and trapped the piece between
her lips once again. Jeff moaned as he felt the wet lips of Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley clamp around his cock. Hungrily, she fed on his massive
prick, spitting and slobbering all over the swollen purple head. Saliva
coated Jeff's member as it dripped down from Stephanie's wet mouth. She
feasted down the length of his slippery tool with ease, licking his
testicles upon reaching the base.

"Jesus Stephanie, you definitely know how to suck cock," Jeff cried in

"I just love this cock of yours," Stephanie growled, glancing up at Jeff
as she let his dick slip out of her mouth.

Stephanie licked the sides of Jeff's dick to keep it erect, still locking
eyes with her multi-colored-haired lover. Jeff felt as though he entered his
own personal paradise. Here was his boss, the sexy and sultry Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley, lashing her tongue all over his prick like it was a
lollipop. The look of lust in her eyes was enough to send Jeff over the edge.
Stephanie began to move her head from side to side, playfully slapping Jeff's
cock against her beautiful face.

"Mmmmmm..." Stephanie moaned delightfully. "You want me to suck your dick

"Oh yeah," Jeff answered back.

Even Matt became jealous of his brother at the attention his prick was
receiving. Stephanie parted her pouty lips once more and slipped Jeff's cock
between them. Her mouth moved up and down the rigid stick, stuffing it down
until it tickled the back of her throat. Clearly, this chick knew what a man
wanted in a blowjob. Jeff threw his head back to moan as he reached forward
and grabbed two handfuls of the brunette's plentiful breasts. He juggled the
hefty jugs in his palms, rubbing her nipples through their cotton covering.

"Ooooh," Stephanie cried out, her lips popping off of Jeff's slippery
erection. "Play with my tits. That feels good."

While Jeff fondled her fake breasts, Stephanie devoured his cock. She
spit all over it, constantly slipping it out of her mouth to lick up her own
saliva. Her brown hair tossed in each direction as her head was a constant
blur, bobbing and turning to suck her lover's hard-on. Meanwhile, Jeff
savagely attacked her boobs without remorse. He dug his painted fingernails
into the soft tit flesh, resulting in a howling cry from the Billion Dollar
Princess. She begged for more. Jeff pulled open her tight tank top, slipping
his fingers through the wide opening. His hands clutched around her swinging
tits like parasites. He squeezed her silicone-injected breasts and circled
his palms over the lace-covered nipples. Jeff could feel her swollen areola
pinch through the material of her dark blue bra.

"You just love my tits, don't you?" Stephanie asked him.

"Hell yeah," Jeff replied frankly. "They're some great breasts."

"Let me give you a better look then," Stephanie shot back. She peeled the
dick from her mouth and butt and rose to her feet.

Stephanie slipped her teal shirt over her head and tossed it aside. Her
breasts were struggling to contain themselves inside of the blue-lace bra
that Stephanie now wore. Matt and Jeff sat at the edge of their seats,
furiously pounding their cocks with anticipation. Stephanie reached behind
her back and unclasped her bra. She removed the disregarded article of
clothing and her breasts bounced in their newfound freedom. Matt and Jeff
nearly came at the sight of those beauties, hanging magnificently from her
chest. Each dollar spent on that enhancement was definitely worth it, the
two thought. Stephanie enticed her eager lovers, scooping her left breast
in her hand and licking the excited nipple.

"Shit, I'm going to cu...," Matt pronounced.

"Not yet, I have something better planned," Stephanie interrupted.

This girl sure was a little cocktease. Matt eyed his boss as she stepped
in front of him and pushed him back onto the couch. Carefully, she swung her
legs over his lap and straddled him, her breasts pressing into his face. As
she sat down, Stephanie grabbed Matt's cock and guided it into her twat. She
slid down his pole with ease, and then brought herself back up. Slowly, she
rode Matt's cock, getting a feel for his hefty member. Matt placed his hands
on Stephanie's hips and guided her as the puffy lips of her cunt clamped
around his cock.

"You like it when I ride you?" Stephanie asked seductively.

"Of course," Matt panted.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned back. "Jeff honey, would you mind sucking on my

Jeff eagerly climbed onto the couch and sucked on Stephanie's breast. He
tilted his head to the side and sucked on her swollen areola as his hands
fondled her other breast. Jeff seemed to completely neglect the fact that his
head was practically resting on his brother's chest as he did this. Neither
one seemed to care. Matt was too busy plowing into Stephanie's cunt and Jeff
was too busy sucking on her breasts to even consider the fact that they were
so close together. Stephanie threw her head back to moan, running her fingers
through her soft, brown hair.

"Shit, that feels good," Stephanie called out.

This was certainly paradise to Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Two of the most
desirable men in the World Wrestling Federation were pleasuring her at the
same time. Jeff's crafty tongue work was intoxicating. His tongue rolled over
her rock-hard nipple as his wet lips clamped around a portion of her boob.
His hands, meanwhile, kneaded her other breast like it were soft dough. The
palm of his hand rubbed her nipple and the rest of his fingers caressed the
tit flesh around it. Matt was as equally intoxicating in his own manner. His
massive hands held onto her hips as he bounced her up and down on his hard
cock. Stephanie could feel and hear the crack of her ass smack into Matt's
balls with each gyration of her hips.

"Here's something that will really make you squeal," Jeff announced,
taking his lips from around Stephanie's tit.

Jeff rose to his feet and stood behind Stephanie. He pushed her slightly
forward, enough to watch her buttcheeks part. Cock in his hand, Jeff slid his
tool between her bountiful cheeks and into her anus. He reached around and
fondled Stephanie's breasts as he fucked her in the butt. Matt continued to
pound into her cunt with reckless abandon.

"FUCK!" Stephanie squealed at the double penetration. "You were right
Jeff, that feels wonderful. Keep fucking my ass."

Jeff humped his boss from behind, still squeezing her breasts. He held
onto her enormous breasts, pumping her hard and deep. Stephanie could feel
her two openings being absolutely shredded by the sexual prowess of both
Hardy Boyz. Jeff squeezed the last inch of his prick between Stephanie's
buttcheeks. Her butt was incredibly tight, despite the earlier fucking from
Matt Hardy. Jeff decided to tear a page from his brother's page book and
slap the panting brunette on the ass. He threw his hand back and came down
hard on the side of her bulging rump. *SPANK*

"YES! SPANK THAT ASS!" Stephanie called out. "MORE! MORE!"

Rearing back, Jeff spanked Mrs. Helmsley on the rump once more. *SPANK*
Her skin rippled upon impact. *SPANK* *SPANK* *SPANK* Jeff slapped her ass
with every ounce of energy he had left. He hunched over in exhaustion,
resting on her arched back. Still, he pumped her large rump with his raging
hard-on. Jeff felt his balls tighten, slapping against the smooth skin of
Stephanie's rectum. He rose up as he felt the orgasm building inside his

"Oh shit, here it com... com..." Jeff panted between his deep moans. He
wrapped a fist around his swollen cock and pumped it vigorously.

"Oooo... baby, get it right there," Stephanie moaned as she reached back
to rub her thick butt.

Panting vehemently, Jeff pounded his cock with his closed fist. Stephanie
dipped a finger between her firm asscheeks and groped the bulky skin of her
butt with her hands, all the while encouraging her multi-colored-haired
lover to cum for her. Jeff reared his head back and cried out Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley's name as he released his pending load. He held his prick
like a water hose, squirting his thick white substance onto his boss's rump.
Stephanie rubbed the sticky solution with her hands and massaged it into the
milky skin of her butt. Her coated fingers dip down between her cheeks,
spreading Jeff's man-milk inside her rectum.

"Oooh, that felt so fuckin' good," Stephanie cooed.

Exhausted, Jeff stumbled back and sat on the coffee table. He could take
a pounding inside a steel cage; he could take a twenty-foot fall off a
ladder; he could be driven through the unforgiving wood of a table, but
when it came to pleasing his boss, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, he became
physically and mentally exhausted. This chick was a hard one to please.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley sucked on the last of her semen-dipped fingers
and turned back toward Jeff's brother, Matt. He was still pounding her
swollen cunt like an addict. Stephanie wrapped her arms around his neck and
took charge, riding him with intense sexual prowess. Each thrust of his hips
was completely obliterated with the gyrations of Stephanie McMahon's pelvic
muscles. She bounced up and down on his lap, feeling his thick cock penetrate
her insides. Matt ceased his movements and decided to sit back and watch this
little billion-dollar slut take charge. Stephanie grinded her broad hips
against his prick and gyrated her large rump against his rock-hard testicles.
Her breasts swung and bounced in front of Matt's parted lips. He trapped one
of the boobs between his teeth and nibbled on her inflated nipple.

"Are you going to cum for me, sweetie?" Stephanie inquired. She took her
breast out of Matt's mouth and kissed him on the lips.

"Anything for you, baby," Matt huffed, taking his boss's breasts and
fondling them in his hands.

"Cum for me!" Stephanie begged. "Cum for me!"

Stephanie whined like a child as Matt threw his head back and gasped.
Moments later, he came with an uncontrollable spasm of his hips and a final
resounding scream. He deposited his semen into the Billion Dollar Princess
as he repeated her name, chanting "Oh Steph! Oh Steph! Oh Steph!" Stephanie
continued to bounce on Matt's lap, moving her hips to bring forth more of
his seed. Matt screeched and unleashed his second load into the sweet and
tender pussy of his boss, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

"OH FUCK!" Matt hollered as his hips made another uncontrollable thrust
into Stephanie's snatch. "OH... STEPH... OH!"

Tilting his head back, Matt rested on the leather couch, panting Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley's name between breaths. His eyelids came to a slow close
while his mouth remained wide open. Stephanie dismounted her fatigued lover
with a smile on her face. She stood next to the couch, observing the masses
that sit before her. Jeff Hardy, a man that could hold his own with Rob Van
Damn, was physically exhausted and spread out on the coffee table. His feet
firmly planted on the floor, Jeff's back lay on the cold, hard marble with
his multi-colored hair hanging over the edge. Matt, his brother, was in a
similar state of exhaustion, but his position was far more comfortable. He
sank in the comfortable leather of the oversized couch, panting like a dog.
Stephanie glanced down at the crotches of each superstar. Their cocks hung
limp and looked just as exhausted as the men themselves. Stephanie smiled and
patted both men on the leg.

"You two might be considered `Iron Men' inside the ring, but when it comes
to sex, there are few that can please..." Stephanie started to utter before a
voice interrupted her.

"A dirty, disgusting tramp," Lita chimed in, standing directly behind
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

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