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The Hardy Boyz Breakup: Part 4b
Posted by Innovator Of Awesomeness

"A dirty, disgusting tramp." It rang through Stephanie-McMahon-Helmsley's
ears as she slowly turned to face her female foe.

"Excuse me?" the Billion Dollar Princess asked, stepping up to the fiery

"Oh please!" Lita shot back mockingly. "Get those fake pieces of shit out
of my face."

Lita cradled Stephanie's swinging breasts in her hands and shoved the
brunette backward. Stephanie nearly crashed into a half-awake Jeff Hardy on
the coffee table, but managed to keep her ground. Nonetheless, she was

"What the fuck is your problem, Lita?" Stephanie asked. She began to march
around a still Lita as she interrogated. "Are you mad because I had some
excitement in my life? Are you mad that Jeff and Matt are nothing but
pedestrian men and cheated on you? Or are you mad because you know that you
could never satisfy a woman the way you satisfied these two `boys'?"

Stephanie came from behind and, making sure to emphasize her point,
whispered "boys" into the redhead's ear. Lita shuddered as she felt a long,
hot breath escape Stephanie's mouth and soothe her earlobe. Stephanie moved
closer, tickling Lita's back with her enormous jugs.

"Is that it, Lita?" Stephanie whispered into Lita's ear. "You can't
satisfy me and you know it."

"No... it's not■" Lita stuttered.

These endless emotions bombarding Lita's mind were driving her insane.
She swallowed hard and glanced around the room. Matt and Jeff were both
exhausted, lying on the couch and coffee table respectively. These were
the two men that she once loved and thought loved her. Apparently, this
was not the case. Now, the female fetal was faced with her own boss,
Stephanie-McMahon-Helmsley, the same woman that had caused this entire
mess to begin with. Deep down, Lita knew that sleeping with Stephanie
would not be the correct solution to her emotional problems, but Matt
and Jeff had committed some inconceivable acts and needed to be punished.
Sleeping with Stephanie would be her bittersweet revenge and would show
Matt and Jeff that, as the old saying goes, "two can play this game."

Turning slowly, Lita captured her boss in her arms and planted a firm
kiss on her faded red lips. Stephanie was caught off-guard, but continued to
lock-lips with the fiery redhead regardless. Lita's tongue began to probe
the brunette's mouth as her hands fondled Stephanie's thick butt. Her
fingers curled around the contours of Stephie's bubble butt and tenderly
massaged the soft flesh. Moments later, Stephanie broke free from the smooch,
panting like never before.

"Lita!" Stephanie gasped. "I didn't know you had it in you."

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Lita remarked coyly, shoving Stephanie back
onto the couch, inches from Matt Hardy.

Stephanie landed with a heavy "plop" as her bare bottom stuck to the
leather of the couch. Lita stripped off her cargo pants and mounted the
flabbergasted brunette, straddling her right leg. She leaned in, kissing
Stephanie on the side of her neck while grinding the crotch of her pink
cotton panties against her boss's knee. Stephanie cooed in pleasure, running
her hands through the soft red hair of the WWF Diva. Lita began to lick the
area just below Stephanie's neck, swirling her pierced tongue closer and
closer to her enormous tits.

"These tits are so fuckin' awesome," Lita commented, kissing Stephanie on
the chest. She fondled the left breast as she caressed the other with her
steel ball piercing. "I could devour these things whole."

"Oh, you mean those `fake pieces of shit'?" Stephanie asked jokingly.

Lita chuckled softly and licked Stephanie's excited nipple, grazing it
with the cold steel ball of her tongue piercing. The Billion Dollar Princess
moaned approvingly, stimulated by the redhead's sexy ball tongue. Lita
watched Stephanie's facial expressions change as she let her tongue swing
like a pendulum-back and forth-lashing at her dime-sized areola. Each tongue
lashing sent Stephanie into her own private dream world. Her head fell back
against the couch, only to be snapped back with another stimulating swing
of Lita's tongue. She then pulled the redhead from her breast and planted a
sensual kiss on her parted crimson lips.

"You look so hot right now," Stephanie remarked, pushing Lita away.

"You're not so bad yourself," Lita commented, kissing her boss on the

"Oooh... let's get this top off of you," the breath-taken brunette urged.

Crossing her arms over her mid-section, Lita pulled off her black halter
top and tossed it carelessly aside. It happened to land on the lap of the
still exhausted Matt Hardy. He barely opened his eyes, just enough to
survey the area and smile. The two lustful ladies that sat next to him saw
absolutely nothing. They continued to roam each other's beautiful bodies,
failing to notice that Matt was still staring at them through his half-open

Moments later, a pink bra flew through the air and landed gently atop Matt
Hardy's shoulder. He peered over and caught a small glimpse of his lovely
ex-girlfriend, completely topless. Her breasts were just as he had remembered
them: two perfectly round palm-sized orbs topped off with a matching pair of
dime-sized nipples. Lita climbed back onto the couch and knelt next to her
female employer. Stephanie took both of Lita's firm breasts between her
fingers and squeezed them to test their firmness. The Billion Dollar Princess
seemed satisfied by the sinister smile on her face. Hungrily, she fed the
tender boobs to her lips. Each tit was alternately popped into Stephanie`s
mouth with a audible "SMACK" that echoed throughout the room. Stephanie
suckled on Lita's breast for a minute or so, licking and spitting all over
the rounded orb before trapping the other one with her wet lips. Back and
forth, she slobbered all over Lita's boobs, trading them between her lips and
her palms. Lita loved the attention her chest was getting and just watched as
Stephanie's saliva dripped from her nipples.

"Oh yeah, Steph.. suck on my tits," she encouraged, running her hands all
over her boss's nude body.

Lita's fingers traced over each sensual curve of Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley's magnificent frame. Each section of the brunette's body
was a pure masterpiece in itself. Her soft, milky skin felt like silk. Lita
rubbed Stephanie's thighs, making small circles with the tip of her index
finger. Gradually, the Billion Dollar Princess's legs parted and Lita's hand
ventured further up the brunette's sexy legs. Stephanie's breathing became
heavy as the redhead circled her pussy. Lita brushed over Steph's brown pubic
hairs with the palm of her hand.

"You want me to finger you?" Lita whispered in Steph's ear.

"Mmmmhmmm" Stephanie moaned in replied, her mouth full of Lita's left

"Tell me how bad you want it," the redhead replied.

"Mmmmm..." the Billion Dollar Princess removed Lita's breast from her
mouth. "I want it badly. I want to feel you finger-fuck me■ hard!"

Stephanie continues to beg while she rubs her hands all over Lita's
breasts, hoping to entice the fiery redhead. Still, the Team Extreme member
makes circles around her boss's cunt with her index finger. Stephanie
whimpers, then lowers her head and takes both of Lita's breasts between her
lips, managing to stuff a majority of the two orbs into her large mouth.
`Finally, that large mouth came in handy,' Lita thought. She yelps,
subconsciously jamming her finger between Steph's labia. Stunned, the Billion
Dollar Princess releases a small yelp of her own, muffled beneath Lita's
round breasts in her mouth. A smile finds its way on the face of Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley and the brunette continues to suckle on Lita's tits
extremely content.

Down below, Lita's finger pumped in and out of Stephanie's lower
extremities to the rhythm of the brunette's muffled cries. Lita curled her
index finger at each possible point, digging deep and tickling the pink
lining of Steph's moist vagina. She glared into her boss's eyes as she
pleasured her, starting at the moaning brunette with an immense
determination. Lita's eyes were like torches and her pupils like fire.
Never had Stephanie seen such a look of sheer passion on anyone's face --
man or woman. Hunter never showed that type of passion when he was fucking
her. Stephanie wanted to see more from this fiery and passionate redhead.

"Mmmmmm... Lita, I want you to eat me out," she boldly stated. Stephanie
shoved Lita's breasts away and pushed down on the top of her head, hoping to
encourage her.

Luckily, Lita didn't need much encouragement. "Anything you want honey,"
the eager redhead shot back and slowly sank down with Stephanie serving as
her personal guide.

Stephanie continued to push Lita until she was below her broad waistline.
There, the experienced redhead took control and swung Stephanie's gorgeous
legs over her shoulders. Lita was now face-to-face with the Billion Dollar
cunt. Stephanie repositioned herself on the couch, laying back and bending
her back over the arm at the end. Still poised between her boss's thighs,
Lita took a new position on the couch as well, laying flat on her stomach
with her feet slightly extended over Matt's nude lap. Matt Hardy glanced
down and saw his ex-girlfriend's toes brush up against his rising cock, but
continued to fake his deep sleep.

Tongue extended, Lita pushed her cute face between Steph's legs. Her nose
became buried in the midst of the brunette's thick brown pubic hair as her
tongue entered her wet snatch. Lita closed her eyes and began her
intoxicating work. Her tongue, like her finger, was extremely flexible. It
curved every which way, making sure not to leave one area of Stephanie's
pink inner walls untainted with saliva. And Lita's sexy ball tongue made
it all the better and all the more enjoyable. `Looks like that legend about
chicks with pieced tongues is true after all,' the Billion Dollar Princess
thought to herself as she watched Lita munch on her pussy. She couldn't see
the redhead's face, but she knew that if finger-fucking her had gotten such
a passionate glare from her, Lita's face must have been overwhelmed.

"Oh baby, that's it," Stephanie called out as she arched her back and
leaned off the end of the couch.

Lita released a strain of muffled moans, then reached up and fondled
Stephanie's large breasts. Her palms fit snuggly over the end of each tit
and her ringers rolled delicately over her swollen nipples. Stephanie could
hardly contain her excitement as she leaned back a bit more and ran her
hands all over her flat mid-section.

"Damn, you just love my tits, don't you honey?" the Billion Dollar
Princess asked.

Again, Lita answered in a muffled call; an audible "Mmhmmm." Stephanie
couldn't really blame her. Her tits, no matter how fake they were or how
much they cost, were incredible. Lita's soft hands wandering all over them
as a definite turn-on for the both of them. Stephanie began to grind her
hips and rub her hands all over her beautiful body. She could feel her
insides being torn apart by Lita's rough tongue with each gyration of her
wide hips. Lita found herself becoming excited by her boss's trance-like
movements and decided to return the favor. Her backside rose straight up
into the air and shook with similar swift movements to Stephanie's hips.
The Billion Dollar Princess licked her lips as she watched the redhead's
stout butt sway back and forth like the pendulum in a grandfather clock.

Matt Hardy was quite enticed as well with his ex-girlfriend's butt. He
opened his eyes to the fullest extent and glared longingly at Lita's smooth
ass, encased in a pair of flimsy thong panties. He had done just about
everything a man could think about doing to that ass, but for some strange
reason, Matt Hardy was becoming hornier than ever just staring at it. Perhaps
it was the atmosphere in the room; perhaps it was the fact that he just
fucked his boss; perhaps it was the fact that his ex-girlfriend was eating
out another hot woman. Either way, Team Extreme member found his cock
becoming increasingly erect. He could no longer hold in these sexual urges.
He wanted a piece of his ex-girlfriend.

Gradually, the horny, raven-haired superstar brought his legs up
underneath his seated body and rose up to his knees. He tried not to make a
sound as he snuck up on Lita, but his sweaty, nude body kept sticking to the
leather of the couch. Fortunately for Matt, however, the two women were too
indulged in themselves to notice the added noise. Their moans clouded their
minds and covered their ears. Smiling, Matt knelt behind an unsuspecting Lita
and prepared to give her the fucking of a life time.

To Matt's surprise, a moan shot Stephanie up into a seated position. Matt
froze immediately. Stephanie could see the young Hardy brother and knew his
intention almost instantly. She looked down at Lita between her legs, then
back up at the innocent look on Matt Hardy's face. In another twist of fate
(no pun intended), the Billion Dollar Princes nodded and smiled her infamous
sinister smile. Matt smiled back and knew that Stephanie was encouraging
him to fulfill his desire. He did so, quietly lacing his thumbs around the
waistband of Lita's thong. She failed to notice this.

Then, in one solid thrust, he yanked the panties down to Lita's crooked
knees. This time, she took notice and became almost instantly alarmed. She
tried to wiggle free, but Matt's strong hands kept her stationery. He pushed
down slightly on lower back, which caused Lita's entire torso to lower and
her face to become smothered in Stephanie's pussy. The Billion Dollar
Princess loved Lita's panic. Each short breath the redhead took was a hot
gust of wind on Stephanie's labia. Lita tried to scream, but her cries became
instantly muffled and were thus futile. Matt watched his ex-girlfriend's butt
jiggle with each movement she made, which turned on the superstar even more.
He parted Lita's smooth buttcheeks with his thumbs and jammed his cock
between them.

Even through the muffled noises, the scream that escaped Lita's lips was
clearly distinct as it echoed throughout the room. Matt held her cheeks open
as he eased in and out of Lita's rigid asshole. His hips rubbed up against
her smooth rump. Gradually, Lita became less irritated and more invigorated
with this surprise fuck from behind. She continued to rub Stephanie's breasts
and tickle her pussy with her tongue, taking brief moments here and there to
cry out her words of enjoyment.


Matt seemed a bit confused, but shrugged and decided to fulfill her
request. He let her ample buttcheeks fall into place, grabbed onto her hips
and plowed into her butt at a swifter pace. Back and forth, Matt's hips
slammed into the lovely Lita. His balls swung fiercely and smacked against
her soft pussy with each powerful piston-like movement. Lita seemed to be
enjoying herself immensely.

"YEAH! FUCK IT! FUCK THAT ASS!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. "COME

This chick was a hard one to please and Matt had been in a relationship
with her before. He couldn't believe the sexual prowess that she had gained
since they had broken up or the fact that she STILL didn't know who was
behind her. Never once did the redhead look back in her lustful cries.
Nevertheless, Matt Hardy continued on. He tried to move faster, bucking his
hips and humping his ex-girlfriend with all the energy he had left. If it
hadn't been for the three-some with Stephanie earlier, he would have been
able to give Lita exactly what she wanted. Unfortunately, for a superstar
that had been in half-hour matches that involved tables, ladders, and chairs,
he was becoming exhausted. He hunched over Lita's body, resting his head on
her back and continuing to pump in and out of her ass. He reached around his
former teammate's back and fondled her dangling breasts as an added

"Oooh.. that's it, play with my tits■" Lita instructed.

"You like it when I play with them, don't you?" Matt finally broke his
silence. "You're still a dirty little slut."

"...Matt?" Lita muttered in a state of shock.

"Yeah, it's me," Matt replied. He stopped sticking it to Lita but
continued to rub her breasts. After all, they did fit nicely into his hands.

A hushed silence fell over the room. Matt didn't know whether or not his
ex-girlfriend would play into the mood or if she would completely shun his
attempts to get back together with her. Then, she spoke.

"How would you like a better look at my tits?" she asked and pulled away
from Matt's prick.

"I would love it," he responded, like any man would.

Still a bit confused, Matt sat back and watched his ex-girlfriend crawl
across the couch over to where he was sitting. There, the redhead swung her
legs over his lap and straddled him. Lita then gradually sank down, impaling
herself on Matt's pole. Her perfect breasts swung within a tongue's reach of
his mouth. Taking advantage of this, Matt stuffed Lita's right tit in his
mouth and began to suck on it. Lita, meanwhile, shifted her body back and
forth in short, sudden movements, riding Matt's hard-on intensely. It was
just like old times. Matt slid his hands behind Lita's back and groped her
plump ass as she rode him harder and harder, just like they used to do. Lita
took her breast out of her lover's mouth and pulled him in for a kiss. They
exchanged a long, sensual kiss that seemed to officially begin their
rekindled relationship, as if the fucking that they had done wasn't enough
of a start.

"Oh baby, I'm so glad we're back together," Matt panted, breaking free of
the kiss. He went back down to Lita's breasts and kissed them tenderly. All
the while, he continued to rub and massage her amazing butt.

"Just like old times," Lita commented. She continued to gyrate her hips
back and forth and from side to side while feeling Matt's wet lips on her
tits and his strong hands on her ass.

On the end of the couch, Stephanie felt deserted and alone. She decided
to include herself in Matt and Lita's get together -- after all, she did
technically arrange it. The Billion Dollar Princess climbed off the couch
and positioned herself -- on both knees -- between Matt's legs. Once there,
the brunette pressed her pretty face toward the one thing that grabbed her
attention the most: Lita's stout backside. Matt's hands were wandering all
over it as it sat between his legs, resting delicately on his ballsac while
she rode him. Stephanie brushed Matt's hands away and parted Lita's cheeks
with her thumbs. After a deep breath, she dove right in, tongue-fucking the
redhead's sweet asshole. Her tongue slithered in and out of her hole like
a boa constrictor, covering it with the sticky saliva. Lita loved the
attention her ass was getting and stuck it out even more to further her
boss's interest. Eyes-shut, Stephanie pushed her face further and further
between Lita's cheeks, licking and sucking all the way. At that moment, the
three of them seemed to be in their own paradise.

Jeff, on the other hand, was not as lucky. He arose from the coffee table
and surveyed the area. His brother, Matt, was fucking his ex-girlfriend and
the girl that he (Jeff) just fucked a few days back while his boss sucked on
her asshole. It looked like some sort of porno movie -- a scene that he
wanted to be involved with.

"I need to get a piece of that pussy," he mumbled to himself as he, cock
in hand, approached Stephanie from behind.

Completely unaware of what was going on behind her, Stephanie continued
with her dedicated rim-job on Lita. Jeff reached down and lifted up on the
brunette's hips, bringing her to all-fours. She went along with the entire
situation, completely enthralled in the gorgeous butt that was on the end
of her tongue. With his arms still wrapped around Stephanie's hips, the
multi-colored haired Jeff stuck it to the Billion Dollar Princess and jammed
his piece between her soft labia. She felt loosened, which was most likely
from the combination of Matt's rough fuck and Lita's oral sex. Nevertheless,
a fuck is a fuck. Jeff bucked his hips and slammed into the billion dollar
brunette with all he had. Stephanie's face was forced deeper and deeper
between Lita's buttcheeks -- a uncontrollable action that the Billion Dollar
Princess had no objections to. Muffled words escaped Stephanie's lips, which
Jeff took in his own way. Hardy moved faster, slamming his boss's backside
and pounding her pussy. The skin on her large butt rippled each time Jeff`s
hips would slam into it. It was an incredible turn-on.


Jeff just couldn't restrain his urges anymore. He had slapped that ass
before and needed to again, especially now. It was something about the
rippling effect on her butt that turned him on.


His hand left a viscous hand-print on her plentiful bottom.

"Mmmm..." Stephanie moaned in what appeared to be approval.


Although it looked painful, she seemed to be enjoying it. Jeff was growing
tired of slapping her ass and it actually began to hurt his hand. He decided
to hold off for now and just continue to fuck her.

Minutes later, Matt's balls tightened and he reached his climax. Lita
could feel his orgasm approaching and dismounted him. She sat between his
legs -- next to Stephanie -- and rubbed his dick between her fingers.

"Come on Matt, cum for me," Lita commanded.

"Here it... it... ooooh!" Matt hollered and felt his cock twitch between
his girlfriend's fingers.

Thick streams of semen erupted from Matt's cock and squirted both women.
Lita opened her mouth wide and caught a small taste before Stephanie brought
her head up and receipted some. The two cum-sluts fought for a bit, each one
attempting to get a good swallow of Matt's tasty goo. Following the last
spurt, the two showed their camaraderie by sharing a long, passionate kiss.
Matt almost became hard just watching them go at it like the eager sluts
that they were. After the kiss, both ladies swallowed hard and seemed to be
satisfied with their amount.

Jeff Hardy was the next one to erupt. His nuts had already hardened while
watching Lita and Stephanie make out and now, he was definitely on the verge
of a release. He tried to get in a few more thrusts on Stephanie's pussy
before he pulled out and began to jerk himself off. Stephanie turned herself
around and knelt down between Jeff's legs, pulling his dick close.

"Jeff, please blow this load all over my wonderful tits," Stephanie
whined. "Please!"

As if Jeff needed to be encouraged, Stephanie rubbed his dick on her chest
and pushed her giant mounds in around it. Then, the whining brunette slid up
and down Jeff's pole and allowed the WWF superstar to accomplish the dream
of every man that has ever watched Stephanie's enormous tits sway back and
forth in one of her sexy outfits. He was tit-fucking his boss and didn't want
it to end. Unfortunately, his cock felt otherwise and within a minute, it
began to spurt streams of man-goo onto Stephanie's chest.

"That's it baby, cum all over them," Stephanie directed. She took Jeff's
dick between her hands and rubbed it all over every inch of her chest, almost
like she was taking a shower in his load. "Oooh yeah, that feels so good."

One final blast later, Jeff stood over a knelt Stephanie as a proud and
accomplished man. He looked down at the brunette and smiled at his work. Her
large tits were completely covered in his white sticky substance and looked
marvelous. There was no way this moment could get any better.

"Looks like you need to clean yourself off," Lita commented, crawling over
to Stephanie and completely overshadowing Jeff's previous belief that the
moment couldn't get any better. It could.

Much to the delight of the male spectators, Lita cradled Stephanie's large
breasts and spread her tongue all over the semen-covered skin. She licked
Stephanie's cleavage, her nipples, and even her tits themselves -- anywhere
there was goo, Lita's tongue found it. Stephanie ran her fingers through
the redhead's soft hair and watched her feed on her tits.

"So, you three still want to be split up?" Stephanie asked, glancing up at
Matt and Jeff who were sporting hard-ons once again.

"Nah, I think we'll manage fine together," Matt replied.

"All right," Stephanie said and pulled Lita from around her tits. "I'll
just have the writers put you three back together. We don't need to explain
it to the fans. They'll just be happy that their Hardys are back together and
that Lita and Matt are once again an item."

"But speaking of happy..." Lita interrupted.

The redhead crawled over to her boyfriend and captured his hard piece
between her soft, pouty lips. Stephanie followed her lead and did the same to
Jeff. Simultaneously, the girls sucked on their man's dick. Matt and Jeff
looked at one another with a cocky grin and nodded in approval.

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