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This story is done by me ThePac all copyrights are mine and all people
situations and storylines in this work are fake and did never happen. You
must be 18 or older to read this erotic work of fiction and any feedback good
or bad for this story can be sent to The time of this story
is November 2000 and based slightly on the Hardy's vs. T&A rivalry and of
course the amazingly sexy Lita and Trish Stratus hope you all enjoy this

The Hardy's And T&A Swap Partners
by The Pac

After a heated match at Survivor Series the Hardy Boyz and Test and Albert
are in the male locker room arguing loudly.

"Fuck you Test we won the match you lost the bet," Matt yells at the long
haired blonde.

"No way Matt," The tall bald headed Albert says stepping in between Matt and
Test, "Your slut Lita got involved and she cost us the match so really we win
the bet."

Jeff Hardy steps forward pushing Albert back, "Screw you sore loser Trish
came out to the ring with you guys and she stopped me doing the Swanton so
your slut interfered before Lita was even at ringside."

"Look Hardy losers stop crying and man up you lost the bet pay up," Test
declares clenching his large fist in anger.

The two teams go face to face when Trish walks into the locker room still
dressed in her ring outfit of a tight black top cut to show off her
impressive cleavage and a pair of tight black shorts.

"There you are I've been looking for you everywhere, where the hell have you
been and why are you with these guys," Trish asks walking up behind Test and
Albert who have still not taken their eyes off Matt and Jeff.

"Nothing's up Trish," Test says.

"Yeah Trish nothing is wrong," Albert chips in, "We are just trying to get
these losers to pay up on the bet we made."

"Bet you guys didn't bet with these two baboons?" Lita asks as she steps into
the locker room dressed in black see though mesh shirt and green cargo pants
with her red thong sticking up above the waistband of her pants.

"Go away slut no one needs your fat ass here," Trish snarls at the red head.

"Matt why are these shit's even in our locker room," Lita quizzes her

"We're here to collect out winning bet from your loser boyfriend," Test says
turning to the red head.

"Yeah Lita they for some reason think they won the tag match we just had,"
Jeff laughs and shoves Test back.

"Hey you little rainbow haired freak don't push my partner," Albert roars and
pushes Jeff backwards into a steel locker.

"Guys stop it you don't want to get fined for fighting in the locker room,"
Trish says trying to hold her tag team back.

"What was the bet Matt," Lita asks still curious.

"Lita stay out of it," Matt says going face to face with the larger Test.

Test smirks, "Yeah Lita do what your little boyfriend says save your pretty
little mouth for later."

Matt jumps Test and starts forearming in the side of the head and when Albert
tries to pull Matt off Test, Jeff runs in knocking Albert back into the
locker. Ignoring the cries of their two female valets The Hardy's and T & A
start brawling in the locker room area. Referees and fellow wrestlers see the
brawling superstars and they rush across to break it up. The four wrestlers
shout loudly and swing fists as they start fighting and have to be forcefully
split up. The noise is so loud it brings Shane Mc Mahon into the locker room
looking pissed.

"Ok what the hell's going on here, we are trying to finish the PPV and we
don't need you guys brawling around like indy wrestlers," Shane says and all
4 stop struggling against fellow superstars and ref's.

"Sorry Shane it's just we had a bet with these two losers before the match
and we won cause Lita interfered," Test says with a smile on his face as he
looks across the room to where Lita is holding onto Matt's arm.

"Don't listen to him Shane the ref counted the 1 2 3 for us we won and got
our hand raised we won the bet and these dicks are refusing to pay up," Jeff
says to the boss's only son.

Shane ponders for a second then asks, "What was the bet, guys?"

Matt looks at Lita sadly then speaks up, "We bet T & A that if we beat them
here tonight we would get to spend a night with Trish."

"And if we beat them we would get to take Lita for a night and do whatever we
want to here," Albert says to a stunned locker room.

Both Lita and Trish are shocked and start yelling at their respective tag
teams while the rest of the all male locker room are laughing and joking at
such a sexy bet.

"Ok, ok, ok everybody shut up I know just how to settle this," Shane commands
and soon all the chatter dies down and everyone looks at Shane.

"Seeing as neither of you can decide who won the bet I call your bet a draw
meaning both of you win the other's valet for the night," Shane says calmly.

Trish and Lita start yelling and screaming again while both the Hardy's and
T & A look daggers though each other.

"There is no way in hell I am going to be fucked by those two fucking
losers," Lita screams.

"Yeah I don't want to fuck the Hardy's and pick up all of Lita's diseases,"
Trish says begging Shane.

"Well ladies you can either complete the bet or I fine you and your teams a
hundred thousand dollars each for starting a backstage brawl.

That makes all 6 of them shut up looking at each other, Trish looks the
Hardy's up and down and licks her lips at the two young studs and she can see
Jeff checking her out as well. Matt looks sadly at Lita his face trying to
say sorry and Lita looks back at him sorry as well. Test and Albert check out
Lita's sexy body and they can already feel a semi start to push against their
wrestling tights. Trish walks over and stands next to the Hardy Boyz and
looks at Lita and gives her a sick smile and Lita moans and with her head
bowed low and goes over to T & A and stands next to them.

"Good now we are all happy now don't say a word any of you I want all of you
out of the building go back to your hotels and collect your prizes there and
I never ever wanna here another word spoken about this bet again," Shane say
laying down the law and watching as T & A leave with the sexy red head and
the Hardy's take Trish back to their different hotels.

In T & A's hotel room the two big men walk in and put down their suitcases
and kick off their boots as Lita stands meekly by the door.

"Come in Lita we won't bite well not at first," Test jokes.

Albert shakes his head, "No Lita you can't walk over to us get on your knees
like the little slut you are and crawl to us."

Test smiles at that idea and slaps his friend on the back as Lita closes the
door and drops down to her knees. Lita slowly crawls across the dark green
carpet towards T & A who are buy removing their shirts and watching Lita's
sexy body. On her hands and knees Lita gets up to them and sits on her knees
in front of them as both Test and Albert unbutton their pants and pull them
down. Test's 8 inches and Albert's fat 11 flop out right in front of Lita's
face and the red head is shocked at the size of the two wrestlers. She
reaches forward and strokes them and is in awe of how large they are in width
as she can barely wrap her hand about Albert's shaft. Test puts his hands
behind his head as Lita slowly rubs his cock with her soft hands and the tall
Canadian's eyes are already searching over her fine rack visible though her
see though top. Lita begins to jerk them faster as she gets used to their
large size as she tries to forget about Matt betting for a night with Trish
Stratus and get on with pleasing these two massive dicks. Albert groans as
Lita's right hand glides up and down his shaft but he looks down at her lips
coated in a deep purple lip-gloss and he wants to see his big meat sliding
though those sexy lips. Getting into it Lita leans forward and kisses
Albert's large purple cock head making his whole dick twitch and makes him
moan loudly with pleasure. She does the same to Test and his moan is louder
than his partner's and he starts thrusting his hips forward fucking Lita's
left hand.

"Fuck this slow moving crap Lita we only have one night and I want to see you
suck on my big cock," Albert orders.

Lita does what she's told with a huge grin on her face she stops jerking
Albert and slides his fat cock into her mouth. It barely fits but soon Lita
starts breathing though her nose and she is able to slide inch after inch
down her throat. Albert watches with a huge grin on his face as Lita's sexy
face swallows his giant cock and soon Lita starts licking the underside of
his shaft with her tongue.

"Hey don't leave me out bitch I want you to use both your fucking hands on my
cock," Test says and no soon have the words left his lips than both of Lita's
hands shoot out and grab Test's cock and starts jerking his big cock hard.

Rocking her neck back and forth Lita starts sucking Albert's cock and the big
man enjoys the site of his dick sliding in-between those purple coloured
lips. He can feel his dick head hitting the back of her throat and he is very
impressed she hasn't gagged on it or started choking.

"Hey Test this slut must have sucked some big cocks before she is really
going for this," Albert says grinning down at the slutty red head.

"Bet since she's been with Matt she hasn't had any big cock in a while," Test
jokes then starts laughing as Lita nods her head while sucking faster on

Lita's two handed pumping of Test's cock soon has the blonde haired grappler
moaning and groaning as she really works hard rubbing his cock. Test is
staring at her black bra clad tits as she jerks him and he can feel his cum
building up inside his balls. He hasn't cum for at least two weeks as they
have been travelling no stop doing promotional work for the WWF so he knows
his first cum would be quick but hopefully he would have a lot more in him
and for a hot babe like Lita, Test really hopes he has several more shots in

"MMMM MMMMM I'M GOING TO CUM LITA," Test warns the red head who thinks
quickly and points Test's big dick at her pretty face.

Test moans and groans as Lita points his big dick at her face and he loses
control shooting cum all over Lita's face. Cum splats against Lita's face and
it drips from her forehead and nose even her sexy red hair has cum shot onto
it. Lita's entire face becomes caked in cum but though all that cum being
blasted on her face Lita keeps sucking on Albert's cock. Test finally shoots
out the last dribble of cum that misses Lita's face and drips onto Lita's
black mesh top. As Test backs away from Lita satisfied after shooting all
over her face and down her top Lita but all her attention into sucking
Albert's big dick. Albert moans and groans as Lita sucks his cock, he can
feel her wet mouth and hear the sounds of her slurping over his dick. Looking
down he can see Lita's pretty face caked in cum working hard on his dick and
that image alone is enjoy to make Albert leak pre cum into the sexy red
head's mouth. Lita uses her tongue cleaning and licking Albert's large cock
head licking up all the pre cum and pleasuring the most sensitive area of the
big guys cock. Bobbing her head faster and faster on Albert's dick the red
head can hear him moaning and groaning with his breathes getting deeper and
shorter. Albert is trying to last as long as he can but Lita's face is right
in his crotch sucking his dick with her face already sprayed with cum and
Albert knows he's not going to make it.

SWALLOW," Albert roars as he starts slamming his hips into Lita's face
fucking Lita's throat with his cock.

His cock twitches and Albert groans loudly again and shoots a wave of cum
into Lita's mouth. She braces herself but is not prepared for the sheer
volume of cum sent racing down her throat. Lita gets really turned on as
Albert shoots his spunk into her mouth it has always been one of Lita's
favourite parts of sex having a big strong man shoot his load into her mouth.
Test watches on as Albert's face is twisted with utter pleasure as she cums
and Lita is doing her best to swallow every last droplet of cum. Albert
finishes and staggers back holding his sore but very satisfied cock as he and
Test watch Lita swallow the last bit of jizz before looking up and smiling at
them. Her face is still coated in Test's cum and now Albert's cum is stuck
all over her lips as she looks like a well worked porn star. Lita looks down
and sees the blob of cum staining her top and she simply grabs the hem of
the shirt and pulls it up and over her head. Both Test and Albert get their
first proper look at Lita's big tits encased in a black lace bra and even
though her tits are no match for Trish's, test and Albert are both turned on
to see her big boobs. Lita grins as she can see test and Albert get semi hard
again so soon and in her own pants Lita can feel her dampness staining her
favourite red thong.

"So are you boys finished or can you take some more," Lita says deeply
licking her cum stained lips.

"Get that slutty bra off you little whore," Test orders stroking his cock, "I
want to see those big round tits of yours."

Lita doesn't need telling twice as she reaches behind and unclips her bra and
pulls it down her arms and off her body. She throws it into a corner of the
hotel room before sitting down on the carpet and pulling off her black
sneakers and black and pink socks exposing her bare feet. Lita stands up now
bare foot and topless watching on horny as the two big naked wrestlers move
towards her. They are rubbing their dicks and Lita can't help but rub her big
breasts at them until Test and Albert are standing right next to her. Both
grab her breasts and start squeezing and playing with them much to Lita's

"MMMMMMM yeah guys that's it play with my big boobs," Lita moans as her pussy
is getting wetter and wetter.

Test and Albert both rub Lita's tits softly, rubbing her bright pink nipples
and feeling just how soft the skin is. Albert moves behind Lita as Test
stands in front of her and pushes his face right in-between Lita's tits
licking and sucking on every inch of flesh he can see. Lita moans and groans
loudly as Test sucks and licks her big boobs. She runs her fingers though her
hair only to feel Albert behind her rubbing her naked back. Moving up Test is
now sucking on Lita's rock hard nipples making the red head groan and squeak
as her sensitive nipples are lovingly played with by Test's tongue. Reaching
around Lita's skinny waist Albert's large hands unclips the gold button on
Lita's baggy pants and he in one motion yanks the pants all the way down to
her feet. Lita groans as cold air hits her wet pussy and she hears Albert
groan as he can see her round ass clad in just a tiny red thong. She can
feel his big hard cock rubbing against her bare asscheeks and she moans as
Test is really sucking on her left nipple while his hands play with her other
breast and Lita has never had so much attention paid to her big tits. Albert
reaches around again this time his hand slides under the waistband of Lita's
thong and the red head gasps as his fingers rub against her soaking wet pussy

"What do you think Lita you think I should finger fuck your wet pussy?"
Albert asks the horny diva who is grinding her feet into the floor as she is
being teased and pleasured so much by T & A.

"Yes please," Lita answers moaning softly.

"Tell me Lita, tell me and Test just what you want us to do," Albert says
slowly rubbing his fingers up and down the entrance to Lita's pussy.

"I want you to finger fuck my wet pussy Albert and I want Test to lick and
suck on my big tits then I want both your big cocks inside me fucking me hard
like the slut I am," Lita cries out to the pleasure of Test and Albert.

Albert doesn't waste another second and pushes two of his fingers deep inside
her wet pussy and it makes her cry out and moan loudly. Test now bites down
on Lita's hard nipples making her howl and nearly makes her cum. The shock
and the pain really makes Lita wet and Albert takes advantage of that and
pushes his fingers in deeper to the divas cunt and finger fucks her harder.
Lita moans as Albert stands behind her her thrusting his two big fingers into
her wet cunt while Test bites down on Lita's nipples making her head spin as
wave after wave of pleasure hit her body. Albert's big dick is rubbing up
against her thong clad ass cheeks while Test is fully hard again his dick
rubbing against Lita's thighs leaving a slight trail of pre cum on her tanned
legs. His fingers pounding into Lita's pussy Albert can feel her juices
flowing down his hand onto his wrist as his finger fucks the red head's

shutting her eyes tight as her body lurches into an orgasm.

Her entire body shakes and Test and Albert hold her as she cums hard all over
Albert's hand and her own thong panties. Lita groans softly and falls back
limply into the rock hard body of Albert a big dreamy smile plastered on her

"Think the little slut enjoyed that," Test says smiling as she rubs Lita's
tits still gleaming with his saliva.

"Well we aren't finished with her yet," Albert says pulling his fingers out
of Lita then scoops her up in her arms and carries her over to the bed.

He throws Lita onto the bed then in one move grabs her cum stained panties
and tears them clean off her curvy hips.

"MMMMMMM that's it Albert expose my slutty little pussy," Lita moans rubbing
her hot body, "I bet you boys wanna fuck me nice and hard don't you?"

Test walks around to Lita's head and slaps her hard in the face with his big
cock and it makes Lita giggle. Albert smiles and climbs onto the bed and Lita
spreads her legs to give him an easy route to her pussy. Climbing onto the
bed too Test rubs his cock in Lita's face and the sexy red head moans
flicking her tongue out licking Test's shaft. Test now pushes his cock deeper
towards Lita's big mouth and his dick head slides in between her cum stained
lips. Just as Test's cock slides between her lips Lita screams as Albert rams
his big dick into her wet pussy making her moan and spit Test's cock out.

"No way slut I'm getting a fucking blowjob from your slutty mouth," Test
roars and pushes his 7 inch dick all the way down Lita's mouth making her

Test then starts bucking his hips as he leans over Lita fucking her mouth
with his big dick as Albert is between the red head legs fucking her dripping
wet pussy. Her cunt is tight but with all her juices acting as lube Albert is
quickly able to get up a good rhythm fucking her. Albert hooks his arms
around Lita's legs lifting them up in the air allowing him a better shot at
driving his big dick into her pussy. Lita would moan and groan as Albert
fucking her but she is choking on Test's cock as it pounds her mouth hard.
She loves being fucked rough and these two big wrestlers are really
dominating her and she loves it. Digging her hands into the bed sheets Lita
moans and groans as two big cock's pound her and as Test's cock bangs against
the back of her throat. Albert groans as he really goes to town ramming
Lita's pussy, her wet pussy is one of the best he has ever fucked and the way
Lita is pushing her hips into him he knows she is loving it as well.

"That's it you little cock sucker," Test moans as he face fucks Lita but to
his shock he can feel her lips tighten on his cock and her sweet little
tongue licking along the underside of his shaft.

Test groans and thrusts his hips faster and harder his ball slapping against
Lita's red cum covered cheeks the slapping noise echoing around the hotel
room. These two big sweaty wrestlers pound Lita and she is in heaven as her
body is treated like a sex toy. Her throat is sore from Test's massive cock
head hitting it and her pussy is soaking wet as Albert fucks her. Test's
moans are getting louder and louder and he throat fucks Lita and once Lita
moves her hands up and starts rubbing his balls and Test knows it's only a
matter of time.

"Take it slut take it all," Test screams out as he bucks his hips even faster
slamming his cock down her throat.

Lita's groans may be muffled but she is still getting a fair amount of sound
out of her full mouth. Test wipes his sweaty blonde hair from his face and
thrusts into Lita once more before groaning and shooting his load right down
Lita's throat. Lita is once again forced to swallow and this load from Test
is just as big as the last as Lita struggles to catch her breath. Finishing
off his last bit of cum Test climbs off Lita and falls onto the bed next to
her. He watches her throat move as she swallows his thick seed but when he
looks up he sees Lita's cheeks are bulging. Albert even slows down and looks
at Lita who looks like a child holding her breath but those sexy little eyes
tell another story. Lita's eyes are sparking and curbed with a naughty
thought and before the tag team can say anything Lita spits out her mouth and
a fair amount of Test's cum flies out and lands on her big tits.

"Wow that is one of the hottest things I've ever seen in my life," Test
groans as he looks at Lita's tits with a glob of his spat out cum covering

"Fuck yeah that's so fucking dirty," Albert moans as he thrusts in slowly
watching his cum trickle down her cleavage.

"You boys don't know how fucking dirty I can be" Lita says a grin on her face
as her hands move to her chest.

In front of Albert and Test's shocked faces Lita starts rubbing it into her
chest to match her cum coated face.

"I'm such a dirty little whore," Lita moans rubbing her breasts, "Matt won't
even shoot cum over my face never mind my tits.

"Fucking idiot," Test groans as he is rubbing his cock again as Lita plays
with her tits.

"Man poor Trish," Albert thinks out loud, "She loves getting covered in cum."

Lita laughs, "Yeah Matt doesn't really like fucking sluts he wants me to be a
good girlfriend not the slutty bimbo I can be."

Both Test and Albert look at each other and smile this night has been getting
better and better and now knowing they fuck Lita better than Matt can makes
them happy.

"MMMMM Test is there any think that can make your cock go soft," Lita purrs
as she sees Test getting semi hard again.

"Not for you baby it really likes red headed sluts," Test groans stroking his
cock to Lita's nude cum soaked frame.

"Yeah Lita," Albert says, "You say your this big horny slut but all these
things we have done to you is the same stuff Trish does so what can you do
that makes you such a whore."

Lita ponders for a second then sits up pushing Albert's big dick out of her,
"Well has Trish ever let you two boys fuck her at the same time."

Both Test and Albert shake their heads with massive grins on their faces
knowing they are lying but wanting to both nail Lita together as Lita gets to
her knees and crawls over to Test. She rolls the blonde onto his back and
jerks his cock with her left hand until it is rock hard and sticking up in
the air. Getting to her feet Lita stands over Test and slowly lowers herself
down her pussy is forced down onto Test's big dick. Lita takes all of Test's
cock up her soaking wet pussy and grinds her hips down making Test groan. She
then leans forward so her tits rub against Test's face and she is face to
face with the big Canadian. Reaching behind her Lita's hands takes a hold of
her tanned ass cheeks and she spreads them wide exposing her asshole to

"Come on big guy," Lita teases I know you wanna fuck my big ass bad and now's
your chance."

Albert doesn't need to be told twice as he climbs onto the bed behind Lita
and pushes his 11 inches hard up Lita's butt.

screams as Albert pushes into her.

Test grabs onto Lita's sides and starts bucking his hips up and down making
her groan.

Lita howls as Albert is all the way into her ass and is now lying on top of

Lita's tanned body is now crushed between Test and Albert like a sandwich
with two big cocks stuffed inside her pussy and ass. Albert pumps back and
forth as Test pushes up and down and this is Lita's dream to be used like a
fuck toy and these two hard cocks are fulfilling every wish she has ever had.
Moaning and groaning Albert pounds her tight hole he knows he won't last long
after smashing Lita's pussy for the last few minutes but her ass is so tight
he wants to fuck it hard. Test leans up and bites Lita's groaning lower lip
and is rewarded with the red head grinding her pussy into his thrusting
cock. With Lita grinding her body it means her soft tits rub up along Test's
chest and he can feel her hard nipples against his ribs and he shuts his eyes
and grunts with pleasure. Lita's grinding body also means Albert is getting
more pleasure as he fucks her ass and while on her knees Lita leans her feet
around Albert's back and locks them behind Albert's massive thighs keeping
him locked in place. The three wrestlers are now locked together like some
sexual jigsaw and all 3 of them are moaning and groaning as they fuck fast
and hard. Lita grabs Tests hair and pushes her hips into his pushing his cock
deep into her cunt and pushes his pre cum covered cock head right into Lita's

as her lungs will let her.

Albert slams her ass hard and his big hands now start slapping her round
asscheeks making her moans and groans louder than Albert has ever heard a
woman scream. Lita is trying to scream not just the hotel down but the whole
district and there is nothing in the world that wants to make Test and Albert
stop her. Groaning louder and louder Lita screams as Test and Albert suddenly
start fucking her together, by accident they are matching each other's
thrusts and this sends Lita over the edge.

CUMMING," Lita screams nearly break the windows as her body loses control and
she cums.

Red and panting Lita can feel Albert's cock starting to slide out of her ass
and she yells, "No, no don't stop keep fucking me I'm not finished keep

Albert hears the red head beg and slides back into her ass and starts picking
up the pace again. Test can feel his big cock covered in Lita's cum but the
second she starts rocking her hips around he moans and starts pounding her
tight cunt again. Neither man can believe Lita is still going her screams
though her orgasm where ear drum bleeding loud yet the slutty little diva
doesn't want to take a break instead she is right back into her groove. Two
hard cocks pounding Lita's two holes and she is bouncing and moves her body
around making sure those two big cocks really fuck her tight holes. Test and
Albert sandwiching Lita isn't working as Lita is moving around rolling left
and right making sure she is being fucked hard.

"Oh fuck Lita you are a really a big slut fuck you're the biggest slut in the
locker room," Test cries out as he pile drives his hips into Lita's pussy.

"Yeah Lita he's right you are one big red headed slut maybe the biggest in
the world," Albert moans as his fingers dig into Lita's meaty cheeks.

Lita smiles at their nice words but can't answer as the constant pounding to
her already horny frame has left her on the verge of orgasm again.

tilting her head back and wailing as loud as her sore throat can manage.

Test feels Lita's sticky cum leaking out over his cock and onto his hips and
after her second orgasm in succession she her head falls onto Test's houlder.
Albert waits a few seconds but once he sees she is out of it he starts to
pull out.

"Not yet not yet I'm fine it's ok guys keep going I'm still up for it," Lita
says softly her entire sweating heavily.

Stroking her hair Test looks into her eyes and asks her, "Are you sure Lita
we can stop if you can't last we can stop and wait."

Lita digs her bright white teeth gently into Test's collarbone and growls at
him, "Fucking don't you dare stop I want you to fuck me hard or are you
pussies cause if you are I will have to back to the Hardy's so they can fuck

That insult fires Test and Albert up as they slam back into Lita's body
fucking her harder than before. Lita cries out with joy as T&A fuck her body
as hard as they can and she is bouncing up and down side to side across and
back and loves every single second of it. Test and Albert are very close to
cumming but fucking Lita's slutty body feels too good to stop and knowing she
is a true slut relaxes them about warning her they will cum.

OWWWWW OWWW OHHHHH FUCK ME," Lita is lost in the own world of pleasure with
her pussy sore and soaking wet, her ass sore from Albert's big cock but she
won't stop until the two big wrestlers have shot their loads inside her.

Lita's body shakes again and Test knows she has cum again for the third
straight time in the last few minutes but though all her moans and screams he
can't tell and she hasn't stopped moving and grinding her body into him so he
keeps going. All three are soaked with sweat their loud noises have kept most
of the hotel away and the headboard of the bed has nearly cracked after
hitting the wall time after time after time. Albert suddenly starts pounding
Lita's ass like a jackhammer, his fingers dig into her ass holding on for
dear life and to help the big man Lita slowly moves her ass around in a
circle sending his cock deeper and deeper inside her. His eyes drop back and
Albert groans loudly as he starts pumping a giant load of seamen into Lita's
asscrack. At the same time Test can take no more and his third cum shot of
the night floods Lita's already wet pussy. Lita moans in pleasure as she is
filled up by cum in two holes and when they finish Lita feels Albert slide
off her and into a heap on the bed. She slides off Test's cum covered dick
and lies down on the bed gasping for air and rubbing her sore, overworked
private areas.

"MMMMM guys thank you it was so good a fucking blast when do you think you
will be up for another fucking.... Guys hey guys," Lita looks up to see
Albert and test our fast asleep their cocks still shining with pre cum.

With both men out and sleeping like babies Lita lifts up the sweat coated
bedcovers and wraps up her naked jizz covered body and falls asleep too happy
in the powerful fucking she had and happy Matt had made and lost the bet.

Across town in another hotel room, Trish Stratus and the men for the night
Matt and Jeff Hardy are inside an elevator going up to the room Jeff booked.
All three have changed from the clothes they wore in the arena; Jeff has on a
pair of scruffy white sneakers, black jeans and a black t shirt. Matt has on
a white button up shirt with bright blue jeans and is wearing the same
sneakers as his brother but kept them in much better condition. Trish is
wearing a long black coat and underneath that has a pair of knee high leather
boots, a bright pink cleavage showing top and a pair of tight black shorts.
The lift goes up slowly and while Jeff has a big hungry grin on his face his
older brother looks down at the floor and is a lot more nervous.

Trish turns her head and notices Matt is looking at the ground not seeming as
happy as his brother and she touches his arm, "What's wrong Matt?"

Matt keeps staring at the ground and his younger brother notices the
behaviour of his brother and leans across, "Yeah dude what's up?"

Turning to look at them Matt sighs, "Don't you think this is a little wrong I
mean, Lita is across town cheating on me and I'm over here cheating on her
and for a stupid bet this feels wrong," Matt admits.

Trish nods in agreement, "Yeah this is wrong I mean poor Lita getting the
fucking of her life from my two very big boys, Matt she will not only be
cheating but they will pound her to a point where she won't have sex again
for another week."

Jeff sees the slight rage build in his brother's eyes and catches on to what
Trish is doing and joins in, "Yeah Matt I heard some of the things they want
to do to her, fuck her face both inside slamming her pussy I heard they do
rough anal too."

Trish smiles moving closer to Matt almost touching him, "My boys are very
rough Matt and them doing all that to Lita and you with no means of getting
revenge on them say like fucking their manager and favourite sex toy," Trish
smiles provocatively.

"Matt we both know how much you wanted to nail a blonde with big tits I mean
we spend years going though old Playboy's so I know that's what you want,"
Jeff adds seeing his brother's resolve break down.

Trish licks her lips at both men with a sexy little grin on her face, "And I
didn't mention it before but I'm a big slut, even if you didn't bet with Test
and Albert I would still be getting a hard fucking because I'm such a whore
for sex with big strong men."

Jeff visibly gulps while Matt now looks up and stares at Trish with growing

"As a slut I will do anything you boys want, if there is something that your
ex girlfriend's or Lita never wanted to do for you well boys you can do it to
me," Trish winks seductively.

Both Hardy's are smiling now and Jeff suddenly reaches forward and punches
the lift stop button and the lift grinds to a halt. Matt looks out at Jeff in
surprise at stopping the lift but Trish seems to know what Jeff has in mind
as she pulls her coat down exposing her barely clad body to Matt's hungry
eyes. Matt's eyes grow wide as he looks over Trish's amazing curvy body, eyes
not leaving her big tits sticking out of her tits or her massive tanned
thighs. Jeff holds Trish's coat for her as a semi dressed Trish drops to her
knees in front of Matt and her hand reaches forward and grabs the front of
his jeans.

"Still having any doubts about fucking pretty little me?" Trish asks in her
cutest tone and adding that to her hand groping his cock though his jeans
makes Matt moan and melts all the doubts of fucking Trish away.

Jeff grins as he watches the sexy blonde rubbing his brother's cock and his
eyes are drawn to her big booty which is sticking out in just her tiny black

Trish grins up at Matt so happy that finally he has stopped doubting fucking
her and now she can act and be the proper slut she loves to be. Matt reaches
down and unbuttons his jeans and Trish starts to pull them down Matt's legs
and is quite pleased at the large bulge sticking out against Matt's dark blue
boxer shorts. Her well manicured nails poke against his hardening cock making
the older Hardy groan loudly as he has one of the hottest Divas in the world
on her knees and is about to play with his cock inside a hotel lift. Leaning
back Matt's hands grab hold of the sliver railing stuck onto the wall and
that allows him to balance back and thrust his hips further out towards
Trish. Slowly the little blonde self confessed slut lowers Matt's boxers down
his well built legs and gasps and licks her hungry lips with joy and seeing
Matt's 7 inch cock sticking out. It's quite long but not quite as thick as
her other two boys but that means it's very easy for her to get it in her
mouth and Trish loves nothing more than giving a man a nice sexy blowjob.
With Matt's tool inches from her face, Trish can feel her mouth getting wet
as she feels Jeff kneeling down behind her his hands grabbing her soft hips
and she moans in pleasure hoping these two boys can give her the fucking she
wants. She can't help being a slut but she loves being fucked and the larger
number of people fucking her the better as she needs and it turns her on so
much and now inches away from Matt's cock and Jeff's hands all over her
Trish can feel her panties getting wet.

"Please tell me your going to fuck me hard boys, I'll be such a good little
slut if you promise to fuck me hard," Trish finds herself begging the Hardy's
making sure they know what she wants.

Jeff nods as his hands move round touching the waistband of Trish's shorts as
Matt thrusts his cock forward brushing the head of his dick against her red
lips silently begging Trish to take his cock in her mouth. Not wanting to be
a tease Trish opens her mouth and slowly swallows inch after inch of Matt's
cock sliding it down against her throat and hearing Matt's lusty moans. Matt
has never felt a mouth as good as Trish's mouth feels so good and feeling his
shaft slide against her big lips sending a shiver of pleasure up his spine.
Jeff's hands move to Trish's big booty and this is the main reason Jeff made
the bet with T and A for Trish's big ass. He had been jerking off to those
thick cheeks since Trish first started in the WWE and the fact she is always
showing off her big ass in those tiny shorts has made Jeff mad with lust and
wanting to touch it. Now Jeff is and as he squeezes Trish moans and it makes
her swallow a little more of Matt's cock and the head of his cock pushes
against the back of her throat. Matt moans loudly as Trish deep throats his
cock and he closes his eyes and runs his fingers though his dark hair. Lita
is a good cocksucker but she has never deep throated him before and now he
has a busty blonde deep throating his dick, he is in heaven. Trish starts to
nod and bob her head sucking Matt's cock running her sexy lips across his
shaft and Trish loves it sucking a nice big cock having it fill up her mouth.
Jeff Hardy takes his time on his knees, his hands all over Trish's massive
ass slowly rubbing and groping it against her skin tight shorts and already
Jeff is painfully hard inside his ripped jeans. Matt can't believe he is
getting an ultra hot blowjob in the lift of quite a modest hotel and as he
looks down all he can see is a long blonde head of hair sliding back and
forth along his dick. Trish's hot breath and tongue move against his rock
hard very sensitive prick and Matt is already thrusting his hips into her
aiding and helping Trish's cock sucking letting her lips slide across his
cock faster. Sliding his hand up her back Jeff moves his hand down and
slips underneath Trish's shorts and the sexy little blonde moans against
Matt's penis as Jeff's hand rubs against her warm skin. Trish presses her
lips hard against Matt's cock making the older Hardy moan loudly as a on her
knees Trish sucks harder and harder on Matt's hard cock. Matt loves this
getting a blowjob from Trish Stratus in a lift hearing her lips smack against
his flesh and his hands can't help but move down and grab hold of Trish's
head keeping her sucking at a steady pace.

"Oh fuck Trish your mouth is so good, you're fucking amazing god so good,"
Matt moans bucking his hips against Trish's mouth as Trish's hands suddenly
move up and cups Matt's balls nearly making Matt's eyes roll back into his
head with utter pleasure.

Jeff smiles at his brother as he rubs and touches Trish's thong covered ass
under her booty shorts as Trish sucks on Matt's cock bring and making his
moans louder and louder and surely someone has noticed that one of the lifts
is not moving. Matt doesn't notice anything as his eyes are tight shut
moaning loudly feeling Trish's tongue swirl around his penis while her hands
grope and gently his balls and Matt can feel cum building up inside him.
Trish can feel Matt's cock twitching so she doesn't hold back moving and
pumping her head faster as her head becomes a blur really making a loud
slapping and slurping noise that fills up the compact tiny space. Jeff looks
up hearing his brother's large and loud cries of pleasure and knows from very
thin bedroom walls that Matt is close to cumming so he pulls his hand out of
Trish's shorts and pushes back the stop button and the lift bumps back into

"OH FUCK, OH FUCK SHIT TRISH I'M GONNA CUM," Matt screams holding onto
Trish's head but the blonde doesn't let up sucking harder wanting to make him

Matt grunts and pumps forward and lets out a thick stream of cum and it
shoots down Trish's throat and like a true slut swallows each and every drop
of cum from the former tag team champion. Sucking up all of Matt's cum Jeff
can't help but laugh and the pleasurable look of shock on Matt's face of
having shot a big load of spunk into Trish's mouth and to have the pretty
blonde swallow and drink it all up. Trish drains the last few drops out of
Matt's cock and as she slides his dick out of her mouth then licks clean the
sticky head of his cock clean and gives it a quick kiss before standing back
up. Jeff and Trish smile at each other as Matt has to quickly recover and
pull his pants up just as the lift doors ping open but luckily it's late at
night so there is now one to catch Matt Hardy with his face bright red and
holding up his unbuttoned jeans. Trish takes her coat off from the floor and
folds it under her arms and walks out looking behind her as Jeff is walking a
few steps behind her admiring her tight booty shorts wiggling around making
him even harder. They walk across to their hotel room and Trish dips into
Jeff's jean pocket and pulls out his hotel key and opens the door. Matt is
still stood in the lift fixing his jeans and breathing hard trying to recover
from that sudden yet amazing blowjob from Trish and the doors nearly close on
him but he just gets out and half jogs up the corridor after Jeff and Trish
who leave the hotel room door open. Matt walks in and shuts the door
turning round to see Trish and Jeff in a big embrace kissing hard, their lips
crushing together.

Feeling far more relaxed and less guilty about cheating, Matt chuckles at the
kiss, "Hey bro you do know those pretty little lips might be a touch stained
from me."

Jeff pulls away a little but with a smile on his face as Trish licks her lips
looking a little sad teasing the high flyer, "Oh come on Jeff don't be like
that, I find it kinky."

Swinging round Jeff points at his brother, "If you ever tell anyone I kissed
your cum off a girl's lips I will kill you," He threatens.

Matt and Trish both laugh at this as Trish falls back sitting on the white
sheet covered bed and she kicks off both her thick black leather boots.
Sliding them off her pretty little feet throwing her boots away and looking
up at both Hardy's grinning at them before grabbing the bottom of her low cut
pink top. She slowly pulls it up her body showing off more and more of her
toned mid section before it pulls up past her red lace bra. Jeff and Matt
both open their mouths moaning softly looking at Trish's big tits barely keep
inside her red bra cups and both wrestler's can't believe how much of Trish's
cleavage is already spilling up and over her bra. Trish loves men's reaction
to her big tits, it's part of the reason she got breast implants just to
get's men's attention and have them staring and drooling at her sexy little
frame. It makes her feel even more like a slut knowing her body and the way
she dresses gets men rock hard and ever since she joined WWF her fantasies
have been getting bigger and hotter as now entire arena's of horny men are
getting off on her big tits and sexy ass dressed as slutty and with as little
fabric as she can. Being backstage as well with all these big strong
wrestler's just soaks Trish's panties even more as being a slut she loves a
lot of rough sex and you can get rougher sex than from a muscle bound 300
pound grappler. Just thinking about what dirty things the Hardy brother's
want to do to her makes Trish clamp her thighs together pushing her short
shorts against her wet pussy mound sending a wave of pleasure though the
young Canadian's body. Reaching behind her Trish unclips her bra and lets the
lacy material drop to the floor and she stands up from the bed sticking her
chest out.

"Holy shit Trish they look perfect," Matt moans staring in wonder as Trish's
massive tanned tits sticking out with her pretty pink nipples rock hard and
pointing out.

Jeff would agree with Matt but his mouth isn't working too well, after a long
hard summer of little sex and having this hot little cock tease in his
fantasies to finally see her topless and those giant tits on display nearly
makes him lose control inside his pants. Trish giggles even jumping up and
down a bit making her big tits shake and bounce around as she watches both
young men as their eyes follow her big tits though every bounce and she can
see Jeff really loves her big boobs. She grabs them and squeezes them
together and Jeff slowly moves forward pulling his shirt off trying not to
take his eyes of Trish's near perfect tanned tits. Licking her sexy red lips
Trish loves Jeff's naked torso and she puts her hand out touching his abs
slowly rubbing them making Jeff moan. Looking down Trish sees the big bulge
in Jeff's jeans and nothing gets Trish hotter than to see the effect her sexy
little body has on a horny man. Grinning Jeff lifts both hands out and grabs
Trish's boobs and the second his painted fingertips press against Trish's
skin he is rewarded with a loud sexy moan from the blonde that seems to echo
though the medium sized hotel room. Matt is already kicking his shoes off and
is unbuttoning his shirt as he watches his little brother grope and play with
Trish Stratus's boobs. Trish now has both hands across Jeff's skinny chest
put is loving feeling his body moving her hands all around his chest and the
sensitive touch of Trish's hands has Jeff closing his eyes and breathing
harder and makes him rub and touch Trish's big boobs even more.

"MMMMMM do you want more Jeff?" Trish asks and is not shocked by Jeff
nodding his head.

Trish reaches up wrapping her hands around the back of Jeff's head and
pushing his face right into her naked cleavage and Jeff moans as his face
rubs against those soft tits. Moaning too Trish can feel Jeff's hot breath
against her sensitive tits and taking hold of the young man's multi coloured
hair she holds his head against her boobs where she hears a noise from across
the room. Matt pulls down his jeans and boxers and now walks over to Trish
completely naked, his dick already semi hard slapping against his leg and she
is so distracted by a naked Hardy walking towards her she forgets the other
one is face first in between her boobs. Jeff can't resist kissing any inch of
flesh he can see and the sudden pressure of Jeff's lips against her tits
makes Trish moan loudly again as a naked Matt stands behind her. Slowly
dropping to his knees Matt grabs hold of Trish's shorts and pulls them down
her well built legs and Matt can't help but gasp in lust at Trish's big
tanned ass cheeks spilt apart by a tiny red thong. Tugging the shorts further
and further down her legs Trish lifts her feet up one at a time allowing Matt
to remove that tiny bit of spandex from her and now Trish is sandwiched
between two Hardy's dressed in nothing but a tiny red thong. Matt moans
stroking his semi hard prick as he kneels in front of Trish's amazing ass
with a thin line of thong fabric barely covering up her ass crack and Matt is
sure he can see her pussy lips though the tiny thong as well. Trish spreads
her legs to give Matt a better view as Jeff pulls his head out of her boobs
for air but with a huge smile on his face as he sucks in some oxygen before
sliding his face back down into her rack again leaving a trail of kisses
across Trish's skin. As Trish has her boobs licked and kissed Matt puts his
hands out and starts rubbing and feeling up Trish's big ass making the slutty
blonde moan as these two are almost worshipping her body rather than using it
as a cheap place to dump their cum like a lot of other guys do. Now Jeff
moves his hands up and down the side of Trish's boobs almost stroking them as
his face is pressed right in the middle of them as he kisses and licks her
sexy cleavage and with Matt's hands running up and down her thighs across her
ass, Trish finds herself swaying and moaning with pleasure as the two Hardy's
take their time to touch up and feel her sexy body. Jeff licking and kissing
her big boobs while Matt is rubbing and squeezing her big cheeks has Trish
experience a whole wave of pleasure as she moans and groans, her hands dig
into Jeff's hair keeping his face in between her big fake breasts. Pulling
back Matt grins and slaps Trish's butt hard making the flesh giggle bringing
more sexy moans from Trish as she moans almost begging for more. Matt spanks
Trish's butt a couple more times bring the Canadian's groans up several tones
and just as she enjoys her big butt being spanked Jeff moves his face around
and take's one of Trish's nipples in his mouth and starts sucking down on it.

moans loud enough for the people in the next room can hear.

Matt's hands shoot out and squeeze Trish's ass cheeks together pressing the
tanned and toned skin together as Jeff's fingers twist and play with the
nipple he isn't sucking.

"You like this kind of stuff do you Trish?" Matt asks spanking Trish's butt a
few more leaving a slight pink tinge on her cheeks where his bare palm made

"Yes I do Matt, it's so good it makes me so wet," Trish moans loudly trying
to stand still and not grind her body impatiently against these two young
barely dressed sexy wrestlers.

Grinning Matt leaves one hand on Trish's big butt and moves his other hand
between her open legs and rests it against her crotch.

"Wow your right Trish, you are so wet," Matt says rubbing his hand against
the wet crotch of her tiny thong grinding it against her pussy lips making
Trish lean her head up moaning hard.

Jeff changes nipple, licking and kissing it rubbing his hands all over her
big boobs bringing and sending more pleasure though her sexy body. It feels
like every inch of Trish's body is being pleasured by the Hardy's with Jeff
playing with her tits and Matt rubbing her ass cheeks and pussy. Trish can do
little but grunt and cry as hands roam all over her body and when Matt starts
rubbing hard on her pussy, Trish has to close her eyes and softly moan before
Jeff starts biting softly down on her soft tit flesh and Trish looses it.

screams and she has never had to beg so hard for sex and these two high
flying wrestler's have her pleading and screaming at the top of her lungs.

Jeff stands up and kisses Trish's sexy red lips with his hands still playing
with her big tits, rubbing his palms all over them before he moves his lips
away from Trish's.

"I need something from you first," Jeff whispers into Trish's ear and the
blonde shakes a little at feeling his smooth breath against her earlobe.

"Anything please anything just promise you will fuck me soon," Trish moans
trying not to scream out again as below her Matt runs three fingers against
the wet spot on her panties and her wet sensitive pussy is aching to be
touched more.

"I want to fuck your tits," Jeff whispers again trying to ignore the big
smile on his older brother's face.

Trish doesn't say anything instead she drops to her knees quickly nearly
impaling Matt's finger's into her crotch but her quickly twists his hand
skilfully and is back rubbing her warm wet pussy though her tiny thong.
Working quickly Trish unbuttons Jeff's jeans and tugs them down along with
his boxer shorts allowing his thick 7 inch cock to pop out and Trish licks
her lips as she already sees pre cum dripping off the head of Jeff's prick.
Trish wraps her big tits around Jeff's hard shaft making him moan at the
first contact of her soft boobs against his rock hard prick. Jeff's hands are
curled up in Trish's long blonde hair as she jerks his cock with her big
silicone filled boobs making Jeff moan and groan loudly. Moaning loudly Jeff
grips Trish's hair harder as his hips start to buck back and forward
in-between Trish's big tanned boobs fucking her tits as his brother is behind
her rubbing and pressing harder against Trish's thong covered crotch. With
both Trish and Jeff moaning loudly Matt notices Trish is the only one not
naked here as he grabs the sides of her thong and starts to pull it down her
legs. Trish lifts her legs up allowing Matt to finish removing her soaking
wet thong and as he pulls it off her feet Trish stays on her knees but is
able to tilt backwards a little. Her legs still wide open and now she is
sticking her big thick ass out wiggling it in front of Matt's face. Matt's
fingers move in again and rubs them against Trish's now wet and bare pussy
and the first touch of Matt's fingers on her bare pussy lips makes Trish
groan loudly making her jerk and move her tits faster along Jeff's cock. The
whole of Matt's right hand is rubbing and pressing against her wet pussy and
Trish can't believe he hasn't pushed or probed any fingers inside her as she
jerks Jeff's thrusting cock faster between her tits. All his spit from
kissing a licking her cleavage acts as lube making it so easy for him to
slide his cock in and out of Trish's boobs and the young Hardy is in heaven
as he fucks the former fitness model's massive fake tits. Trish groans
pushing her big tits closer together almost trapping Jeff's cock between them
making him thrust much harder and bringing him more pleasure as his shaft is
trapped between her soft and sweating flesh. It feels so good to Jeff and is
making him cry out more often and louder than Trish who is still having her
bare pussy rubbed from behind by Matt. Thrusting harder and faster Jeff's
eyes are shut and his hands almost painful dig into Trish's long hair pulling
right at the tips of the blonde roots making Trish grunt and press her tits
firmer together loving a bit of pain mixed with pleasure. She wanks Jeff's
big dick with her large fake tits as she chances a glance behind her to see
Matt one hand between her tanned legs the other hand taking turns playing
with his hard cock and her taken off wet panties.

"OHHH SHIT TRISH'S I'M GONNA CUM," Jeff moans out a warning to the sexy
blonde and Trish smiles turning her full attention back to the colourful
haired Hardy.

Trish pulls her tits open and pulls Jeff's cock out of its happy home
thrusting between her tits and Trish's right hand quickly starts rubbing
Jeff's rock hard cock. Moaning loudly Jeff leans back letting Trish's expert
hand stroke his cock and allowing his eyes to keep front staring at Trish's
big boobs know with the knowledge of how they look, taste and feel to fuck.
Having given a lot of hand jobs it's not long before Trish's hand is moving
like lighting along Jeff's shaft and soon the young man is moaning loudly
before screaming out. Aiming his cock at her big chest Trish lets Jeff pump
in her hand and he shoots his big load out and it splats across her massive
chest. Trish and Jeff both moan loudly as cum sprays out of his cock and
splatters across Trish's massive chest soaking her boobs with his spunk.
Leaning forward Trish pushes her chest out even more making her big tits
catch all of Jeff's hot, sticky cum. The young wrestler grabs his shaking
cock and delivers a final few hand thrusts spraying the last of his cum
across Trish's chest before he drops back and rests himself against a chair,
worn out but very happy. Trish smiles at Jeff before looking down at her cum
covered chest and stands up moving away from Matt's palm and in front of both
Hardy's starts rubbing the thick white cum across her chest like it's a
lotion. Both wrestler's stand their stunned with their mouths hanging open at
this sexy little blonde dripping juices from her pussy, standing completely
naked in a hotel room rubbing and pressing Jeff's cum into her chest. She
rubs and works all of Jeff's sticky cum into her big tits moaning softly as
she feels up her own breasts with two naked and well built young men watching
her. Trish presses the palms of her hands flat against her nipples making her
massive amount of tit flesh squeeze tightly against her hands making them a
little bigger as she carries on wiping and rubbing Jeff's spunk all over her
tanned skin. Finishing off her erotic display Trish licks her fingers clean
of Jeff's juices then walks over and gets onto the big bed and crawls across
the sheets. She looks behind her to see both Hardy's watching her sexy ass
shake as she crawls to the middle of the bed. Winking at them she rolls over
and lies on her back in the middle of this big bed and slowly spreads her
legs out wide. Matt and Jeff watch on as Trish exposes her completely shaved
pussy to them, dripping wet with her own juices and looking so perfect to
fuck. Both Hardy's stare at each other as neither of them knew Trish was such
a slut but love the fact that now not only do they know but are both going to
get the chance to fuck this blonde cock tease.

Moving forward Matt climbs onto the bed stroking his throbbing hard cock
staring between Trish's spread legs right at her shaved little pussy. Having
been rubbing and stroking it for the past few minutes Matt is pretty sure
Trish has the hottest and sensitive pussy of any girl he has ever been with.
To have this blonde prick tease spread out in front of him naked and willing
is almost too much for him to take it. Taking hold of his shaft Matt Hardy
crawls across the hotel bed staring at Trish's big grinning face. Jeff takes
a seat nearby to watch this free porn show going on in front of him. Matt is
so close to Trish now and he eases his hard cock against her pussy lips and
Trish gasps as the young man slowly works himself inside of her.

"Oh Matt fuck me fuck me now I need you so bad don't go slow please don't go
slow fuck me," Trish cries and begs grabbing onto her own big tits and
forcefully squeezes them.

Matt doesn't need begging twice as he abandons his soft style and plunges his
hard cock deep inside Trish. All three wrestling superstars in the hotel room
all groan loudly right at the same time as Matt thrusts hard inside Trish's
wet pussy. He starts banging and pushing his hips driving his cock hard and
deep inside Trish's pussy and is soon rewarded with loud moans from the horny
blonde. Matt digs his fingers into Trish's hips, pinning her down as he slams
inside the young blonde's hot wet cunt. Slamming into Trish hard all of
Matt's worries and fears melt away as he lives a long held teenage wet dream
of banging a blonde with big fake tits. Trish moans and groans as she is
being fucked hard viscously humped back against the soft bed sheets. Both
Trish and Matt are grunting and groaning Trish's big thick legs wrap
themselves around Matt's torso keeping him locked inside her as he thrusts
away. The sound of bare skin hitting skin fills the room as Jeff sits up and
watches wide eyed as his older brother really is fucking Trish hard. Matt's
long black hair hangs down around his face, his eyes fully focused on nailing
Trish's beautiful body making the young Canadian woman scream with pleasure.
Trish is close to screaming the hotel down with pleasure as Matt is fucking
her hard while Jeff is watching them. She loves being double fucked so she
never has to wait after cumming because with two men one will cum then the
other steps in till the first is ready to go again. Being such a dirty moral
less slut Trish doesn't mind which guy gives her more as long as both deliver
and right now both Hardy's are taking her to such wonderful places. Matt's
cock pounds in deep and the blonde screams out moaning deeply before Matt's
hands move forward latching onto her tits squeezing them hard. Trish moans
louder than she ever thought she could watching Matt rub her cum soaked
boobs, the ones his own brother shot over just a few minutes ago. The pure
raw and dirty incest of the whole thing leaves Trish panting hard praying for
Matt to keep thrusting inside her. He crushes her boobs with his fingers and
Trish purrs at her big fake boobs being treated roughly like objects. That
never fails to get her off when a man just uses her big tits like some cheap
play toys and she loves every second of having her big tits treated badly.
Matt squeezes and rubs the cum stained silicone together and Trish gets a
rush of excitement moaning out Matt's day so loud they must be able to hear
her all the way down in the lobby.

and screams her naked body bucking against the bed.

Matt starts slamming into Trish harder and faster, his dick now so easily
slides in between her soaking wet pussy lips and really drives the head of
his cock deep inside her. Trish claws at the sheets her eyes closed tight as
her orgasm is building up deep inside her. She hasn't cummed all day and this
hot build up, bet and fucking has left her sweating and red faced and right
on the edge of ultimate pleasure. Matt's big cock pounds away at her tight
dripping wet pussy and Trish shuts her eyes lost in her own moans and the
large surge of pleasure she feels running though her. In a corner watching
Jeff Hardy has his cock in his hand slowly stroking it as he watches his
brother fuck his long term wank target. His big cock slams hard into her
tight pussy and Matt really works his hips thrusting pushing himself deep
inside Trish making her grunt, cry and scream with joy at getting the hard
fucking she wanted. Matt's hands slide away from her tits back controlling
her hips so in the haze of lusty thoughts Trish grabs her own cum soaked
boobs and starts to rub and squeeze them pleasuring herself. Jeff teases and
strokes his cock harder as Matt fucks Trish hard and the blonde rubs and
grinds her own big tits together. Trish is flat out on the bed, her eyes
closed and her mouth wide open letting her grunts and moans out into the
open. She is being pounded hard into the bed and soon Trish loses control
screaming as hard as her lungs can cope with. As Matt's cock pounds harder
into her Trish lets out a large scream of passion and cums hard soaking
Matt's cock as it carries on sliding inside her. Eyes shut tight Trish's
whole body rocks and shakes as the powerful building orgasm washes over her
and soon she is quiet, breathing hard and sweating heavily. Matt however
doesn't stop after Trish's massive orgasm as he rocks back and forth going
balls deep into Trish's pussy. Trish's juices leak out all over his cock and
out onto the bed as she softly groans still dazed from her earth shattering
orgasm. She must have screamed so loud Test and Albert on the other side of
town must have heard her cum. Jeff is back hard again after watching Trish
shake and cum hard, he gets up and walks round to her red and sweating face
still softly stroking his dick. He pumps and works his cock slowly as Matt
keeps sliding into Trish's wet cunt going a little slower as she is almost
out cold but still feeling pleasure from her tight walls and the fact she is
so wet. The sound of his dick squelching inside her is enough to make Matt
groan loudly and makes Trish unconsciously move and wiggle her hips into
Matt's movements.

"Fuck man I told you this would be even hotter than we thought," Jeff groans
slowly working his hard cock inches away from the sexy face of Trish Stratus.

"Fine I gotta hand it to you bro you sure know how to pick the sexy hot do
anything sluts," Matt responses still pumping away inside Trish.

Jeff looks back at his brother grinning, "Man I bet this chick is even more
wild and dirty than any of our female groupies."

Matt can't help but laugh at Jeff's annoying grin, "I'm sure she is Jeff I
heard half the locker room has already sampled this slut, Bubba was telling
me even Kane has had a piece of this ass."

"You sure know how to kill a sexual fantasy don't you Matt," Jeff says eyes
rolling back into his skull trying to block out any mental image of the big
red machine with Trish.

Laughing Matt enjoys messing with his younger brother's mind before turning
back and slowly grinding his hips and cock deeper inside a moaning Trish.

Jeff aims back at Trish's face and sees the blonde slowly fluttering her eyes
open, her soft moans getting a bit louder.

Grinning Jeff waves to her still rubbing his hard cock, "Hey beautiful sleep

"MMMMMMM I did that was an amazing orgasm, ohhhh and I feel big brother isn't
finished yet," Trish groans looking down her naked body seeing Matt kneeling
still between her legs thrusting into her.

Matt smiles back at Trish thrusting harder so Trish calmly lays her head back
on the bed but as she does she sees Jeff still hovering over jerking his rock
hard cock to her sexy face. Trish leans up grabbing Jeff's cock making him
gasp before aiming it towards her sexy mouth. Before Jeff can even say a word
Trish opens wide and takes the young wrestler's hard cock in her mouth and
gives it one hard long suck. A deep groan erupts in the back of Jeff Hardy's
throat and the young man pushes his hips forward sliding every inch of his
prick into Trish's mouth. Jeff will burn the image in his mind till his dying
day of his cock deep inside Trish's mouth and those big lips closed right
around the base of his shaft. The pure sweet innocent look in her eyes is
enough to drive Jeff wild as he bucks his hips into her and instead of
choking Trish merely moans louder deep throating the former tag team
champion. Looking up Matt Hardy is treated to the sight of Jeff leaning back
in an arch while his cock is stuffed deep into Trish's mouth and he watches
as the slutty little blonde starts bobbing her head blowing him. Jeff lets
out another deep loud moan much like the cry he gives before doing some sick
dive off the top of a ladder. Matt is transfixed watching Trish's head move
up and down, watching Jeff's cock slide in-between those big brazen lips.
Trish is one of the best cock suckers backstage according to rumours and the
blonde is living up to her high billing by sucking and licking on Jeff's cock
hard really making him grunt and moan. Matt has seen a few girls blow Jeff
and would freely admit he doesn't try to look away often but he has never
seen Jeff be this pumped up and loving it this much. Jeff has never loved a
blowjob more all those other girls were just amateur compared to Trish, the
way her lips hold and brush against his shaft the way her tongue teases and
licks along the sides and when he can feel his cock head bounce against the
back of her throat Jeff almost cries out with lust. Matt can't help but grip
his hands tighter to Trish's waist and start to pick up the pace of fucking
her. Trish feels the sudden change of pace from Matt and muffles out a groan
of approval as Jeff starts manual sliding his dick in and out of Trish's
throat. He is making the little cock tease use all her skills to pleasure him
and Jeff lets out constant groans of joy to let her know her magic is working
on him. Watching the hot blowjob session in front of Him Matt picks up his
pace going back to the speed that first made Trish cum. The bed springs
starts to creak and moan as the head board scratches across the cheap
wallpaper and Trish Stratus is being further and further fucked into the bed
sheets. Matt grunts as he pounds into Trish hard and fast while Jeff moans
fucking the blonde's throat and it's a while before Trish realizes she has
both men's stiff cocks inside her body fucking her. Being double teamed with
two big hard cocks pounding her sweaty naked body Trish Stratus is in her
heaven. She bucks and twists her body grinding almost impaling herself on the
two thick dicks in her pussy and mouth trying to force them to fuck even
harder. Matt fires in hard putting his mind at ease knowing how much Trish
can take the rough stuff so he can really start pile driving his way inside
her dripping wet hole.

The sound of skin slapping hard against skin fills the room, Matt's pelvis
hitting Trish's lips while Jeff's ball bounce right off her chin as she sucks
and slobbers over his thick cock. Pounding and thrusting away Matt is using
Trish's juice covered pussy as lube to help him grind and pound in even
harder. Balancing on his knees, Matt wipes the sweat from his brow as he
pumps and moves his hips driving himself deep into Trish's pussy. Matt Hardy
thrusts and fucks away making Trish's entire lower body shake and only the
pressure of Jeff sliding in and out of her mouth is keeping Trish flat out on
the bed. Trish moves her legs spreading them out wider and wider testing her
natural flexibility to the limit allowing Matt all the access he could want
to really give the dirty blonde the hard fucking she is craving. Slamming in
harder and harder Matt knows he doesn't have long left as the built up
pressure in his balls is getting too much. Thrusting in hard one final time
Matt pushes into Trish as far as he can before his dick jerks and wave after
wave of hot sticky cum are blasted inside Trish's pussy. Still sucking on
Jeff's cock, Trish shakes as she can feel the warm hot wave of Matt's seed
being dumped inside her pussy. Matt groans thrusting in letting the last few
sprays of cum shoot out deep inside the blonde and Matt pulls out rolling
away from Trish, tired breathing hard and his cock shining with the stains of
Trish's juices. He sinks down onto the carpet where he sits catching his
breath after empting and awful lot of cum inside Trish who is still lying on
the bed with Jeff Hardy's cock fucking her mouth. Jeff gives one final thrust
into Trish's mouth before pulling out and sliding down Trish's body rubbing
her tits, gliding a hand across her flat abs then to her cum soaked and
dripping pussy. Trish shakes as Jeff runs his palm across her lips still so
very sensitive from her hard fucking by Matt.

"Trish are you ok, you too sore down there to carry on?" Jeff asks with
concern still throbbing hard and horny.

"MMMMMM yeah baby I am so sore your brother fucked me open good guess there
is only one place left on me that still needs a good hard fucking," Trish
says rolling over onto her back lifting and sticking her big ass up in the
air. Jeff's eyes light up as Trish slowly shakes and moves her big booty
around inches from his naked body.

"Come on Jeff I've seen you staring I know what you wanna do to my big butt
now I'm begging you to do it," Trish teases shaking her ass harder making her
big meaty cheeks jiggle.

Rubbing his cock hard Jeff lines himself up behind Trish leaning his hand out
touching her big tanned cheek. Trish moans as she feels Jeff squeeze her
booty and with her bending up like that she can feel the combined juices of
her and Matt leak out from her pussy and down her inner thighs. She feels
like such a slut here naked in a cheap hotel letting two fit young me have
their way with her body. Wiggling her ass again Trish teases Jeff until Jeff
raises his hand and spanks Trish's right ass cheek hard. Moaning with a mix
of pleasure and pain Trish sticks her ass out further and is rewarded with
another hard spank. Jeff lives out all his recent masturbation fantasies
spanking Trish's big naked ass watching the sexy blonde get onto all four's
watching her tits jiggle and shake as he slaps her thick ass. His cock is now
throbbing hard so Jeff carefully pulls apart Trish's butt cheeks exposing her
ass out and slowly pushes in. Trish groans as Jeff's big cock works its way
into her tight hole, she can feel her anus widening as Jeff's thick cock head
slides deeper and deeper inside her. Matt is sat naked on the same chair Jeff
was watching his little brother slowly enter into Trish's ass. He can see the
look of joy on both Jeff's face and on Trish's as he slides deeper and deeper
giving a few hip thrusts making Trish moan. Once Jeff is nearly all the way
in he pulls out and just as a cry of disappointment escapes from Trish's big
lips Jeff powers back into her ass as hard as he can.

"OHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD," Trish screams as she is nearly knocked off her hands
and knees at the pure force of Jeff's thrust.

Like a Wildman Jeff really goes in hard pumping inside Trish's tight ass and
even for a slut like Trish this is a hard fucking beyond anything she has
ever felt. The passion of the young man from North Carolina, the pure primal
need to slam her ass as hard as his body will let him already has Trish on
the brink of another powerful orgasm. Jeff pounds Trish's ass as hard as he
can, his brightly painted nails dig into her soft hip flesh clinging on for
dear life as he grinds and drives his hips against Trish's ass. Trish is lost
in a world of her own as Jeff's powerful thrusts leaves her feeling so damp
and horny, she loses the feeling in her arms and drops face first onto the
bed. Her body is limp worn out from the hard Hardy fucking as Jeff keeps
pounding her booty. Trish feels like she will pass out until the soft warm
touch of Matt Hardy's lips on her keep her eyes open. Matt is kneeling down
in front of her kissing her sexy sweat covered face while his hands move
under her body and cup her massive boobs. Trish cries out as Jeff pounds even
deeper really filling up her ass, his hard long shaft forcing her tight
cheeks apart really giving her the best anal fucking of her young sexual
life. Matt rubs and squeezes Trish's big tits as Jeff holds her hips and
relentless fucks her while Trish gets closer and closer to yet another huge
orgasm. Jeff pounds and fucks harder until Trish screams out with Matt teases
and pulls on her nipples; Trish is hit with another massive orgasm.

"OHHHH OHHHH SHIT OHHHHHH OHHHHHHH FUCK," Trish screams another huge orgasm
filling her body making her juices run even wilder down her thigh even
collecting in a small puddle on the bed.

Both Matt and Jeff grin at each other as Trish moans softly, her entire body
sweating and shaking and Jeff slowly eases in a final few thrusts into
Trish's ass smiling as the blonde still tries to arch her back. Trish just
moans and groans too tired to feel Jeff's cock inside her anymore as she is
held up by Matt. Luckily for Jeff only a few more thrusts are needed inside
Trish's perfect ass before the cum builds up inside him. Groaning Jeff pumps
hard firing a wave of cum inside Trish's ultra tight booty and the blonde
even moans at having spunk shot deep inside her asshole. Jeff holds on tight
feeling his load spray Trish's insides before he carefully pulls out. His
legs don't work well anymore, his entire body drained so Jeff just falls
sideways onto the bed and is soon joined by Trish who rolls over and presses
against him. Matt joins then and Trish lets out a little moan of delight as
her ting body is lying in bed pressed together by two naked Hardy's.

"That was amazing," Jeff moans kissing Trish's neck.

"Yeah utterly amazing Trish you really are a great fuck," Matt answers back
stroking Trish's long blonde hair out of her face.

"No problem boys any time you wanna make another bet I'm game," Trish says
with a smile before tiredness sends all three superstars asleep in each
other's arms.

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