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This is a sequel to and takes place a few weeks after "Team Xtreme Gets A
Little T&A".

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The Hardys Experience Xtreme Stratusfaction
arranged by Kristi
written by Dice

In the Hardys' locker room, Matt and Jeff are celebrating their first big Tag
Team win they've had in a few months. Matt and Jeff high five each other as
they sit down to remove there wrestling boots.

"Yeah bro... we're back on track... soon we'll have those belts around our
waists again," Matt grins.

"I hear you... man, I've gotten used to carrying around a belt in my bag...
I feel almost naked with out a title..." Jeff laughs, as the locker room door
opens. Trish Stratus, Jeff's current love interest enters the locker room.
She has a big smile on her face.

"Congratulations on the win guys," Trish smiles as she gives both Matt and
Jeff a hug.

"Thanks Trish," Matt says as with a goofy smile.

"Yeah, thanks," Jeff says before he and Trish share a quick kiss. Trish
breaks the kiss and looks at Matt.

"Hey, I just talked to Lita... she saw the match and says good work and
something about a big prize for when she meets up with you in Tampa next

Matt sighs, "That's great for next week...'s not the same without
her here..." Matt's comment isn't really heard by Trish and Jeff who are
softly kissing each other lips. Jeff lightly tickles her a bit, which gets
Trish to laugh. She pushes him away and puts a finger on his chest as if to
say stop it with out actually saying it. Trish moves away from Jeff and he
pats her on the rear, she looks back at him and smiles.

"Hey guys... I'll meet you two by the car... I got to talk to the Sarge about
something," Trish smiles.

"All right, we'll meet you there..." Matt says as Jeff lightly waves bye to
his girlfriend.

Some Time Later...

The Hardys and Trish have arrived at the hotel, and the trio decided to head
on down to the pool for a swim. Trish has arrived first and is sitting on one
of the poolside chairs as she waits for the Hardys to arrive. She spots Matt
arriving and waves him over.

"Hey Matt, over here!" Trish calls out as she waves. Matt sees her and walks
over to her.

"Hey Trish... Jeff will be down in bit... he's still getting changed..."

"Oh..." Trish smiles, "Hey Matt... you seemed kinda down at the arena... is
something wrong?"

"No... yes... I don't know..." Matt sighs as he sits on the poolside chair
next to Trish.

"What's wrong?" Trish leans forward a bit so she can hear him out.

"Well... Lita's been visiting her family the last few weeks... and...I've
gotten pretty lonely... if you know what I mean."

Trish nods her head completely understanding, "Oh... I'm sorry... and I'm
guessing that me and Jeff don't make it easier for you."

Matt nods, "Yeah... but I don't want to ruin what you two have going on..."

Trish smiles, "That's very sweet Matt... but we don't want you to feel bad...
maybe I can make it up to you."

"I don't see how..." Matt sighs.

"Oh come on..." Trish laughs, "I'm sure you can think of something..."

Matt actually thinks for a long moment, "Ummm can you... give me head..."

Trish laughs a bit, "Sure... I know you're feeling down... and if that'll
make you feel better... it'll be no problem."

Matt is totally stunned, "You... you're going to do it..."

Trish giggles, "I just said it won't be a problem...." Trish slides off the
chair and hands Matt a towel. "Hold this over my head..."

"Ok..." Matt says as he opens the towel and spreads it over Trish's head.
Under the towel, Trish pulls down Matt's black swim trucks, feeing his slowly
hardening cock. She takes his prick into her soft hands and gently being to
stroke it. Once Matt's cock is fairly hard, she starts licking up and down
his shaft in a teasing mater. Matt moans softly as Trish takes his cock into
her mouth and softly sucks on the tip of his cock. Trish lowers her head
further down on his cock. She starts to bob her head on his cock slowly as
she takes hold of his balls. Trish cups his balls sack with her hand and
gently pulls on it as she taps her tongue against the under side of his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Matt quietly moans as Trish slowly starts to pick up her
pace. The beautiful Canadian presses her lips around his cock and inhales it
as hard as she can. She opens her mouth a bit and resumes bobbing her head
along his cock. Trish intensifies her actions by swirling her tongue around
his cock while gently squeezing his wham-bag several times. Matt lifts both
of his legs up a bit as he bites his lip. Trish smiles to herself as she
realizes that Matt is closes to cumming. She moves her head off his cock and
grips it with her hand. She starts pumping his cock quickly.

"Ahhh ohhh fuck Trish... I'm... I'm..." Matt soon starts to cum, and Trish
aims his cock back a bit so his load lands on the lower parts of his stomach.
After Trish has milked his cock for all of his cum, she comes out from under
the towel and smiles at him.

"Feeling better?"

"Yeah... I am..." Matt laughs a bit; he then looks down at his stomach,
"Damn... I need to clean up... I'll see you later and thanks..."

Trish smiles, "It was no problem..." Matt smiles back at her and heads
towards the hotel entrance with the towel covering his stomach. Trish sits
back on the chair for a few moments, before she decides to take a dip in the
pool. She slips off her sandals, walks to the edge of the pool, and slowly
lowers herself in, completely letting her body get use to the temperature of
the water. Once Trish is submerged up to her chest, she starts swimming as
Jeff arrives.

The younger Hardy looks around for a few moments before he sees Trish in the
water. He lays his towel on a chair, and then takes off his sneakers as he
calls out to her, "Hey, Little Mermaid!"

Trish hears Jeff's voice and swims over to the edge of the pool closest to
him. "Hey Jeff... what took you so long?" She asks with a sweet smile.

"Briscoe wanted to talk to me about something for Summerslam..." Jeff answers
as he jumps into the water, and inadvertently splashes Trish's face.

"Hey!" Trish laughs as she splashes him a few times, Jeff tries to block her
aquatic assault as he moves in close to her and wraps his arms around her

"Hey what?" Jeff asks with a smirk, causing Trish to smile back.

"You didn't have to do that.... I was already wet..." Trish says.

"I would hope so..." Jeff laughs a bit.

"Oh you pervert!" Trish starts to laugh but Jeff stops her by sneaking in a
kiss. Trish practically melts in his arms and immediately kisses him back.
Both of them slowly part their lips and slide their tongues forward. The tips
of their tongues touch sending waves of exoticness through out their bodies.
Jeff starts rubbing his knee against Trish's bikini covered pussy, and Trish
moans into his mouth in response. Trish breaks the kiss a little.

"Jeff.... I... want you... right... now..." She whispers as she slides her
hands against Jeff's swim trunks.

"Right here?" Jeff whispers back as Trish lowers his swim trunks a bit to
free his half-erect cock.

"Sure..." Trish smiles as she grips his cock and starts stroking it under
the water. Jeff gets a pleasured filled look on his face as he pulls Trish's
bikini body to the side. Trish smiles and jumps up a bit. Thanks to her being
in the water, Trish's leap is very slow so she's able to wrap her legs around
Jeff's waist before she puts her arms around his neck. Jeff holds his cock
steady as Trish lowers herself on him as if he was a fire pole, and soon,
Trish can feel Jeff's cock pressing against the entrance of her sweet spot.

"Oooo..." Trish moans as Jeff gently pushes his cock into her pussy. The two
lovers start moving against each other in the water, with no real rhythm or
pace being set by either. Trish and Jeff share another kiss, as Jeff starts
to move a bit more steadily. To add to their enjoyment Jeff begins turning
around in to the pool, spinning his beautiful girlfriend around. Trish moves
her hands from Jeff's neck and holds onto his arms as she leans back to where
her hair is in the water.

"Mmmm Jeff..." Trish closes her eyes a bit as Jeff finally sets a pace. His
thrusts are slow but somewhat firm so he can deal with the water adding extra
pressure to cock. Trish licks her lips slowly as her lover begins to move him
and her over against the edge of the pool. Jeff pulls out of her pussy ands
stands Trish up. The two smile at each other and share another kiss, before
Jeff goes under the water.

"Jeff... what are? Ohhhhh...." Trish is surprised when Jeff slides his tongue
against her belly button as he pulls down her bikini bottoms. Jeff comes up
from under the water, holding her bottoms in his hand. Trish's face turns
twenty shades of red after she sees her bikini in his hand. Before she can
protest, Jeff gently turns her around and enters her pussy from behind. Trish
lets out a sigh of pleasure as she places her hands on the edge of the pull.
She pushes back against Jeff's cock as he steadily moves his cock in and
almost out of her.

"Does... that... feel good...?" Jeff asks as he wraps one arm around Trish's
waist to obtain more leverage so he can pleasure her with his dick a bit

"Ohh... yes..." Trish whispers as she feels Jeff's fingers dance across the
edges of her pussy. Combined with the way he's fucking her, the stimulus is
almost more than Trish can stand. Jeff's thrusts become slightly more frantic

"Ahhh Trish... I'm...." Jeff starts to climax while inside of her. The moment
the first shot of his sperm leaves his cock; Trish bites down hard on her
lower lip, to muffle her own scream of release as she reaches her own climax.
The two lovers take a few moments to recover from their respective orgasms.
Jeff helps Trish put back on her bikini bottoms. She turns around and kisses
his lips.

"That... was electric..." Trish smiles as she brushes a west strand of hair
from her face.

"Yeah... it was..." Jeff smiles as they kiss again, "You want to head back to
the room?"

Trish nods, "Yeah..." Then she starts to laugh, "If I stay in this pool any
longer, I'll turn into a prune!"

Jeff laughs in response to her comment as they exit the pool. They help each
other dry off a bit before they head to the room they are sharing with Matt.

A Little While Later...

Up in the hotel room, Matt Hardy is sitting on one of the beds watching a
movie on the television when Jeff and Trish walk in. Jeff has his arms around
Trish's waist and is kissing her neck. Trish sees the looks on Matt's face
and gently removes Jeff's arms from her. Both Jeff and Trish are still
wearing their wet swimwear.

"Jeff... we'll play later..." she says with a sweet smile. Jeff kisses her
neck one last time before he sits on a bed. Trish sits down next to him, but
she turns slightly to face Matt. "Hey Matt... feeling any better?" Trish

Matt laughs a bit, "Yeah... thanks again for the helping hand..."

"And mouth..." Trish laughs. Jeff is a bit confused at first, but soon
catches on to what both his brother and girlfriend are saying.

"So... something happened between you two?" Jeff smirks.

"Yeah..." Matt laughs a bit, uneasily. "Trish... helped me out earlier..."

"Really with what?" Jeff asks.

Trish pats Jeff's hand, "Don't get mad... but... I made Matt feel better...
he's been down ever since Lita went home."

"Oh...ok," Jeff smiles, "Lita's helped me out on occasion like that before I
met you..." Trish blushes as Matt gets a smile on his face.

"Hey bro... remember when Terri was managing us... how she always made us
feel good after we had a tough loss?"

"Yeah..." Jeff raises an eyebrow as he wonders what his brother is getting

"Well... how about... we have a night like that with Trish..."? Matt's
suggestion gets Trish to smile a bit, but Jeff frowns and shakes his head.

"No way bro..."

"Why not? It's not like we haven't had four ways with her and Lita..." Matt

"Yeah, so?" Jeff doesn't have a strong argument to go against his brother's
logic. Trish places a hand on Jeff's thigh, which makes him look at her.

"Jeff... I would love to have some fun with you and Matt..." Trish smiles as
she effectively ends the little argument between the two brothers.

"Really?" Jeff asks with a bit of a grin.

"Of course..." Trish says as she slides off the bed and down to the floor.
Trish removes her bikini top, freeing her beautiful breasts. Both men
practically drool as they watch her tits bounce as bit as she gets onto her
kneels in front of Jeff. She smiles up at him as she takes hold of the shorts
by the bottom and slowly pulls them down Jeff's legs and down to his feet.
With a tug, Trish pulls his shorts off and tosses them to side. She runs her
hands up and down Jeff's legs before taking hold of his cock. Trish winks at
Jeff as she licks the tip of his cock like an ice cream cone.

"Ohhhh yea...." Jeff moans as Matt stands up and removes the clothes he's
wearing. Matt sits back down on his bed and grips his own cock with the right
hand. Matt begins to stroke his own cock as Trish takes Jeff's cock into her
mouth. Trish practically gives Jeff's cock a bath by bobbing her sloppily on
it. Her saliva falls out of her mouth and down his prick and drips to the
carpeted floor. Trish then goes down completely on his cock, deep throating
his shaft with a little effort. She slowly lifts her head off his cock, but
as she does so, she sucks hard on his shaft and when his cock leaves her
mouth, there's a bit of a POP sound.

"Fuck Trish... that was so hot..." Jeff smiles.

"I know..." Trish smiles, "I've been wanting to try that for a while now..."
Trish turns around to face Matt. The two of them smile at each other as Trish
crawl over to him, while shaking her ass from side to side for Jeff's visual
enjoyment. Trish raises her upper body a bit and without using her hands,
takes Matt's cock into her mouth. She sucks on it like a straw, drawing
several non-verbal moans from the older Hardy brother.

Jeff's eyes are glued to Trish's round backside and he licks his lips as
Trish moves a hand between her legs. He watches his girlfriend give head
to his brother while at the same time, masturbating her hairless pussy.
Jeff gets off the bed and kneels behind her and puts his hand over Trish's
fingers. He guides her hand a bit before moving it away. Jeff then holds
his cock and presses it against the entrance of Trish's pussy, and teases
her by slightly pushing the tip of his dick into her. Trish lets out a
moan around Matt's cock, which sends mini-waves of pleasure through Matt's

Jeff continues to push his cock into her pussy, and once it's completely
inside her, Jeff begins to fuck Trish at a gentle pace. Trish pushes back
against him as she slides her tongue from side to side repeatedly against
the underside of Matt's cock. Matt runs the fingers of one hand through
Trish's blond hair as he thrusts a bit into her mouth. Jeff pats Trish's
thigh while fucking her at a bit of a faster pace making Trish suck harder
on Matt's cock.

"Ohhh damn Jeff... Trish... is so hot..." Matt moans as Trish lifts her head
from his cock.

"Mmmm... Matt... you... want... to.... Ahhh..." Trish is cut off when Jeff
gives her a sharp thrust before he pulls out of her. Trish looks back at Jeff
and smiles before stands up and gently pushes Matt so he's lying on the bed.
Matt smiles at her as Trish gets onto the bed and mounts his cock. Trish lets
out a small moan as he starts to ride his cock slowly. She places his hands
on his hest as she rocks back and forth on his cock.

"You... Like... that pussy Matt?" Trish asks as she leans back a bit and
starts humping Matt's cock.

"Ohhhh yea... Jeff's... a lucky guy..." Matt replies as he places his hands
on Trish's hips to start lifting her up and down on his cock.

"I know I am..." Jeff smiles as he sits on Matt's bed. Trish turns her head
a bit and smiles at him as she moves a hand from Matt's chest and gently
takes hold of Jeff's cock. Trish starts stroking his cock at the same rate
she's moving on Matt's dick. Trish soon starts the climax on Matt's cock,
and lets out a low moan of pleasure as she comes to a stop. Trish starts to
try to catch her breath as her body recuperates from her orgasm, and Jeff
helps her off of Matt's cock. When Jeff lays her on the other bed, Trish
reaches out and grabs his cock gently. She makes Jeff moves closer to her
head as she scoots towards the edge of the bed.

Trish smiles up at Jeff and starts flicking her tongue against his prick. As
she takes it into her mouth and lightly starts to suck on it, Matt comes over
and spreads Trish's legs apart. He kneels on the bed and lowers his head onto
Trish's pussy. The older brother begins licking her pussy softly, focusing
around her pussy. Matt licks up and down the slit of her pussy as Trish
kisses the tip of Jeff's cock. When Matt slides his tongue up into her pussy,
Trish slightly moves her hips, which causes Matt's face to become completely
smashed against her.

"Ohhhh Matt...." Trish moans as she lets go Jeff's cock to take hold of
Matt's hair. Trish starts moving Matt's head around in order to guide his
mouth to where she believes are her most pleasurable areas of her pussy.
Trish lets out whimpers of bliss as Matt's tongue finds the areas she's
trying to make him find. "Mmmmm Ahhh... Matt.... Jeff...." She cries out
as she has a mini-orgasm. Jeff takes hold of Trish's hands and gently
removes them from Matt's head, allowing his brother to stand up.

Matt then slides his cock into her pussy, and begins to fuck her slowly. He
climbs on to the bed and rolls over so Trish's is on top of him again. Trish
makes a face, for she doesn't want to ride Matt again. As she's about to say
something, Jeff moves behind her and pushes her upper body forward a bit,
which makes her ass more accessible for him. Before Trish can realize what
he's going to do, Jeff slides his cock into her asshole

"Ahhh shit..." Trish moans as Jeff begins to fuck her ass. Trish tries to
push back against him while rocking back & forth on Matt, but the brothers
start fucking her at a decent rate. Matt thrusts upward into her pussy as
he places his hands on her hips to hold her fairly still. Jeff steadily
fucks her asshole as he runs his hands all over her back.

"Mmmmm fuck me.... Fuck me good..." Trish moans as she reaches behind her to
take hold of Jeff's wrist. Jeff fucks her ass for a few moments more before
he pulls out of her ass. Jeff quickly reinserts himself into her, but this
time he puts his cock into her pussy, making Trish cry out in a mix of pain
and pleasure. Trish bites down on her lower lip as Jeff's cock moves quickly
in and out of her cunt. Both his and Matt's dicks grind against each other's
as they double-team her sweet pussy. Trish lets out several un-verbal moans
as tries to match what they are doing to her, and for the third time since
arriving in the hotel room, Trish has another climax. Jeff pulls out of her
and the Hardys work together to get her off of Matt's cock. Trish sits on
the bed.

"Oh fuck... that... was intense..." Trish says as she wipes some sweat from
her forehead. She then smiles Jeff when she catches him looking at her
well-fucked pussy. "See something you like Jeffrey?"

"Yes I do..." Jeff licks his lips a bit like a wolf licking its chops. Trish
looks at Jeff's cock and grins.

"Good... because I see something I like too..." With that Trish has Jeff lay
down on the bed. She then straddles his face, lowering her pussy over his
mouth. Jeff places his hands on her thighs to keep her still as he begins to
eat her out. Trish moans softly as she leans forward, placing her hands on
his cock and ballsack. She strokes his cock a bit before putting it in her
mouth. Trish bobs her head slowly on his cock as Jeff flicks his tongue all
over her pussy. Both man and woman moan as the other works over their lower
area of the other's body.

Matt has been stroking his cock while watching his brother and Trish
sixty-nine for a while before he figures out away to get back in on the
action. He gently pushes Trish off of Matt and she ends up on her side.
Matt lies behind her and lifts her leg as he slides his cock into her
pussy. Matt slowly begins to fuck her but soon starts to pick up the
pace, as Jeff kneels near her face to slides his cock back into her

Trish moans heavily around Jeff's cock as she sucks on it. Matt begins the
fuck Trish as hard as he can, grunting and moaning loudly. Trish cups Jeff's
balls with her hand, squeezing them firmly to keep him from cumming. Matt
starts breathing heavily as Trish pushes back against his cock. She starts
to rub her own pussy intensely, resulting in her having another intense
climax. Her pussy tightens like a vice around Matt's cock, and Matt soon as
to pull out of her. When he does, he blows his load on the back of Trish's
right leg and ass cheek. When Matt lays his cock against her cum covered
backside, Trish doubles her oral efforts on Jeff, bobbing her head quickly
on his cock.

"Ohhh Trish... I'm..." Jeff starts to cum inside of Trish's warm mouth, but
his beautiful lover doesn't swallow. Instead she uses her tongue to smear
his own sperm over his cock, mixing it with her own saliva. Once the younger
Hardy is done with his release, Trish lays on her stomach and starts to clean
off his cock, licking it clean, before she does the same to Matt after he
gets on his knees near her head.

Matt grins, "Why the hell do we have Lita managing us, when we could have

Jeff laughs, "Because Lita's your girlfriend, you bonehead."

"Oh yea..." Matt laughs, and then and asks with a smile, "You know... I could
use a little more Stratusfaction... how about you?"

Jeff laughs a bit and smiles, "Bro... I could always use some more..."

Trish smiles and winks at both of the Hardys, "That's good to here... because
I want to get extreme all over again!"


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