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The Highlight Of Trish's Night
By RageWWF

RAW had just started, and the first thing up was Chris Jericho's Highlight

"I would like to welcome you all to, CHRIS JERICHO'S HIGHLIGHT REEL!" Jericho
shouted into the mic. Jericho spent a good 5 minutes insulting the people of
New York, in Madison Square Garden.

"Without further interuption, I would like all of you ass-clowns to welcome
my guest on the reel tonight. She is one of the most beautiful divas in the
WWE, TRISH STRATUS!" With that said Trish's enterance music played and she
made her way down the ramp, and into the ring, Jericho shook her hand and
welcomed her to the reel.

Jericho : "I know your down here to discuss whats been going on the last few
weeks between you Test and Nash.....but let's talk about the REAL reason your
down here Trish."

Trish looked a little annoyed.

Trish: "and what would that be Chris?"

Jericho: "C'mon Trish, don't deny your feelings, I've seen the way you look
at me and watch me. I know for fact you want a piece of the first EVER

Trish rolled her eyes, this not being the first time she had heard this from

Jericho: "Trish you know you need a shot of Vitamin C!"

Trish: "I've had enough, for the last time, I DON'T WANT YOU CHRIS, I

Jericho was about to go off when Kevin Nash's Theme hit and Nash came down to
the ring, A fight between Jericho and Nash ensued, until it was interrupted
by Linda McMahon's Music.

Linda McMahon: "Jericho, it's time we end this between you and Trish once
and for all, Tonight there will be a match Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Nash. If
Jericho wins, Trish you will have to go on a date with Jericho. But if Kevin
Nash wins, Jericho, you will treat Trish like a goddess, you will do as she
says, and stay at her feet for one night. Failure to cooperate will result
in immediate termination of your contract."

Linda exited to her theme as the Cameras caught Jericho's reaction, He looked
repulsed. On the other hand Trish gave a look that showed this was appealing
to her.

Later on RAW the match took place, and Chris Jericho lost after HBK Shawn
Michaels came out and interfered, giving Y2J sweet chin music. Jericho was
recovering in the ring when Trish came onto the ramp.

Trish: C'mon Jericho! Get back here now! You know the stipulation!

Jericho hesitantly made his way backstage.

* * *

Jericho walked into Trish's locker room. "Get down, your supposed to be at
my feet!" Trish yelled at him. Jericho, angrily got down and crawled to Ms.
Stratus, who was sitting on a couch, was wearing skin tight jeans and one of
her Stratusfaction shirts. She had ankle high boots on. "First you'll need
to clean my boots" Trish said as she crossed her legs so her left boot was
dangling in front of Jericho's face. Jericho didn't respond, he just sat
there on the floor. "Do you like your job?" Trish said tauntingly. Jericho
growled a little and leaned forward. "Ah ah ah. Hold on." Trish said, then
she proceeded to spit on her left boot. "There now clean with your tongue
now, Chris." She scowled pointing to her boot. Jericho ran his tongue across
the top of Trish's boot, spreading Trish's saliva across her boot. Trish bent
her ankle upwards, Jericho licked the bottom of her boot clean. Trish's boot
glimmered under the light. Jericho proceeded to do the same with her other
boot. "Good boy." Trish said, as Jericho spit constantly trying to rid of the
leather taste. "Now 'Y2J' why don't you take off my newly polished boots and
we'll get to whatelse you need to do, but i'll warn you, i was running around
a lot in these so beware of the smell." Trish giggled after finishing her
sentence. Jericho rolled his eyes, he wasn't speaking, he just wanted to get
it over with. Jericho went to unlace her boot, but Trish made him unlace her
boots with his teeth. Jericho pulled her boots off, and immediately the aroma
of Trish's sweaty socked feet filled the air. Jericho didn't gag. The smell
of the blonde bombshell's feet was actually good in it's own unique way. "Now
Jericho, why don't you get that smell cemented into your nostrils"Trish said
as she pulled her legs up at the knees so Trish's socked soles were in
Jericho's face. Jericho pushed his face into Trish's soft socked soles, her
socks were a little damp from her sweat. Jericho's nose fit perfectly
inbetween her her soles because Trish had some pretty good arches and curvy
feet. Jericho took deep breaths inhaling the sweet soapy and yet sweaty smell
of Trish's feet. Trish rubbed her socked feet all over Jericho's face before
she put her feet down. "Very good. You know, it's like you've done this
before your so good at it." Trish smiled. "Now, you can pull my socks off,
and we'll really get to business." Trish ordered. Jericho bit the tip of her
socks and pulled them off revealing Trish's beyond beautiful bare feet, her
feet shined a little from her sweat, her toenails were neatly polished black.
Jericho wasn't one for feet but he was beginning to enjoy this a little, he
smelled her socks once more before he threw them onto her boots. Jericho
observed her feet and to his surprise actually got a semi hard-on. Before
Trish could spit out the next order Jericho had already starting rubbing
every inch of her feet with his hands, and smelling her now bare soles. Trish
was surprised. "Don't for get my toes...and you should lick my feet too.."
Trish muttered, still shocked. Jericho grabbed her left foot and ran his
tongue across her bare sole slowly, covering it in saliva, he licked her left
sole again from heel to toes, Trish giggled and wrinkled her little pink
soles unintentionally because the sensation was ticklish. Jericho set Trish's
left foot down and picked up her right foot, now with a full hard-on. Jericho
popped Trish's big toe into his mouth, in and out he popped her toe in his
mouth. He put her big toe in his mouth and sucked on it gentily. Jericho ran
his tongue across her big toe feeling every little ridge on her toe. Trish
loved this feeling. Jericho had the taste of Trish's feet in his mouth. Y2J
moved on to suck each of Trish's cute little toes. As Jericho was sucking her
toes, Trish saw that he had a hard on. Trish pulled away her feet. "Well Well
Well, looks like my little foot slave has begun to apperciate feet a little
more?" Trish said pointing to Jericho's bulge in his pants. Jericho became a
little embarassed. "Since you have to do anything i say, why do you pull it
out and show it to me?" Trish said excited. Jericho hesitantly pulled his
wrestling tights down and pulled his cock out. He couldn't help but start to
stroke his cock while looking at Trish's Feet. Trish giggled and placed her
feet around his cock., she slowly pushed her feet up and down his shaft.
Jericho leaned back, as Trish picked up the pace until she was doing it as
far as she could. Jericho's cock shot out pre-cum. Trish rubbed her soft
soles up and down his shaft as quick as she could, she placed her left foot
on Jericho's cock head and rubbed it with her toes. Suddenly, cum shot out
all over Trish's toes. Trish continued to rub Jericho's cock as cum shot out
and out all over her feet. Jericho was breathing heavy, he was looking like
he was gonna leave, but Trish spoke. " I DON'T THINK SO! YOU HAVE TO BE HERE
ALL NIGHT!" Trish scowled.

"NOW LICK MY FEET!" Trish yelled. Trish dangled her cum-covered feet in
front of Y2J's face. Jericho just realized he had to to do it, or he would
be fired. Nearly sick Jericho grabbed Trish's Feet and slowly licked his own
cum off of Trish's feet. He licked them clean. " suck my toes..."
Trish said pleased. From there on, Chris Jericho spent the next 7 hours at
Trish Stratus' Feet, Sucking her toes, licking her soles, putting polish on
them...massaging them....

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