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The Humiliation Of Trish Stratus
by Wonder Mike (

It was thirty minutes before the start of Wrestlemania, Trish was in the
office of Vince McMahon, he had been in a surely mood lately, the XFL was an
unmitigated disaster, Vince didn't take kindly to failure, his football
league was the lowest rated program ever on network television. To top it all
off, he got into an argument with that runt, Bob Costas, that was the last

The rating for Raw where also the lowest they had been in years, Vince
knew the XFL was distracting him from his wrestling work, he hired Paul
Heyman to help with it.

Paul had an edgy idea for Vince to put Trish Stratus in her bra and
panties in the ring, that would spike the ratings for the next couple of
weeks, Vince liked the idea, it would also give him a chance to let out some
of his frustrations and give the sick humans what they wanted.

Trish didn't want to do it, she saw the pictures of Tammy Sytch in Vince's
office, she was the most popular female ever in wrestling, when wrestling
wasn't big, Vince fired her for not stripping in the ring, Trish wouldn't
make the same mistake, she would do what ever Mr. McMahon said.

The PPV was half over, it was time for the spot, Vince told Trish he was
going to humiliate her in the ring, the only thing she had to remember was to
do whatever Vince said, they had done it before, she was ready.

Trish and Vince hit the ring, the crowd was on their feet, Vince grabbed
the mike, he told the crowd that he wasn't sure Trish was securely in his
corner, the crowd screamed she wasn't, Vince told her was going to make sure.
Trish told him she would do anything.

Vince ordered her to take off her brand new fur coat, she smiled and did
it, she was wearing a white shirt and black leather miniskirt. Vince ordered
her to twirl around so he could have a look, Trish did it, then bent over and
shook her ass.

Vince told her it was nice, but he had been there and done that, he told
her to take off her shirt, Trish smiled and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, the
crowd was screaming, and she loved it, she was getting wet.

The 65,000 people in the arena where screaming, "skirt, skirt, skirt."
Vince looked at Trish and said, "You heard them, take off your skirt." Trish
spun around and whipped it off.

Trish stood in the ring in her panties and open shirt, Vince asked her why
her shirt was still on, Trish let it drop to the ring, she put her hands on
her hips and soaked up the cheers.

Vince told her we've done this before, and this is pay per view, take off
your bra.

Trish smiled and unhooked her bra, she held it in front of her and folded
her arms across her chest, she waited for Vince to tell her to cover up.

Vince looked at her and screamed, "What are you waiting for, take off you
bra and let it fall to the mat."

Trish was confused now, she didn't know what to do. Vince screamed louder,
"Drop your bra to the mat."

Trish dropped her bra, she covered her huge breast with her hands, Vince
stood behind her and pulled her hands apart.

Trish couldn't believe it, Vince had just exposed her breast on world wild
television, she tried to cover up, but Vince held her, he told her if she
covered herself, she would never work in wrestling again.

Trish knew that Vince had just bought WCW and ECW, there was nowhere else
to go, she let her hands drop to her side.

Jim Ross came up to ringside, this wasn't what they had agreed on, Vince
screamed him back to the announce table, Lilian Garcia climbed into the ring,
she grabbed Trish's coat and put it over her shoulder, Vince screamed at her.

The veins on Vince's head where bulging, it looked like he was going to
have an heart attack, he ripped the jacket away from Trish, he told Lillian,
not only was she fired, but her entire family was going to be deported.

Vince told her she was a waste anyway, he could get any girl out of the
crowd to do what she does, Lilian began to cry, Trish put her arms around

Vince looked at Lilian and asked her if she wanted to keep her job, Lilian
wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded, Vince told her to take off her

Lilian was wearing a leopard skin mini skirt with a matching top, she
pulled her shirt over her head. Vince told her to get on her hands and knees,
she did as she was told quickly, Vince told Trish to do the same.

Vince looked at the two girls side by side, he lifted Lilian's skirt up
over her waste, he told Trish "I wish I could take ten pounds off your ass
and put it on Lillian." Trish just nodded.

Vince said there is still something not right about this picture, he
looked at the two girls again and told Lilian to take off her bra.

Lilian shook her head no, Vince told her to get out of my arena and my
country, Trish told her to do what he said, Lilian unhooked her bra and let
it drop to the mat.

The girls each looked up into the cheering throngs, Vince told them to
shake their asses as if their jobs depended on it, they both did.

Vince said, there is still something not quite right, 65,000 people
screamed in unison, "Skirt" Lillian pulled her skirt off, both girls where in
just their panties now.

Vince stood behind both girls and grabbed them each by the ass, they both
squealed, Vince laughed, he knew these two where good for something.

Vince grabbed their asses again, he told the two girls to kiss, Trish
looked over and shoved her tongue down Lilian's throat before she could move.

Lilian quickly pulled away. Vince grabbed them by the ass again and
laughed, he asked the crowd if they wanted to see more. They screamed in
unison again.

Vince slapped Trish's ass, she giggled, he slapped it harder. Lilian
looked on, Trish wiggled her ass as Vince slapped it again. He then looked at

Vince grabbed a handful of Lilian's ass, then he reared back and slapped
it hard, Lilian yelled, Vince grabbed her ass again, then he reared back and
slapped it again, the force knocked her forward.

Vince told the two girls to lose the panties, they looked at each over,
Trish began to slide her panties down her legs, Lilian shook her head no,
Vince growled at her, Lilian tore her panties off.

The two girls where naked now, they held their head down, they didn't want
to see the crowd, the stadium was so loud, it was shaking though, Lilian had
never felt anything like it before.

Vince stood behind the two girls, he stuck a finger into each of their
pussy's, he wiggled them, then pulled them out, he held them up to the camera
man in the ring for a close up, he wanted to show everyone how wet his
bitches are.

Vince leaned over and showed two fingers into both of their pussy's,
Lilian moaned, Trish just smiled, Vince began to twist his fingers, then he
pulled them out and held them up again.

Vince then held up three fingers, Trish and Lilian looked back at him,
Vince jammed the fingers into their cunts, Lilian moaned again, Trish gritted
her teeth.

Vince began to pump his fingers in and out of their cunts, They both laid
their heads on the mat, Trish began to slowly rock back and forth on Vince's
fingers, he pumped them in harder.

He shoved his fingers as far as they could go into the two girls, then he
pulled them out and held them up for the fans again, the crowd began to chant
"four, four, four" Vince held up four fingers. The crowd went wild.

Vince took am with his four fingers, he slammed them first into Lilian,
they went in easily, he had to work them a little into Trish, but they all
slid in.

Vince began to pump his fingers into their pussy's, Trish was slamming
back as hard as she could onto Vince's hand Lilian had slowly began to rock
back and forth also.

Vince held his hands still and ordered them to fuck themselves on his
fingers, Trish slammed back even harder, Lilian began to rock back and forth
harder with each stroke also, they both began to shake, Vince knew they where
both going to cum.

Vince yanked his fingers out of their pussy's he held them up to the
camera man again, the crowd started to chant "five, five, five." Vince held
up his fist. Trish whispered "please do it."

Vince grabbed the mike and said "I didn't hear you." Trish repeated
"Please do it." Vince asked her what she wanted.

Trish told him I want you to fuck me with your fist. Vince looked at
Lilian, he asked "What about you?"

Lilian said "Me, too."

Vince asked her what she wanted, Lilian told him "I want you to fist fuck
me. Vince began to work his hand into Lilian.

His hand slid into Lillian's box easily, Vince had it in past the
knuckles, he began to pump it harder and harder, Lilian was cuming all over
his wrist.

Vince then began to slide his hand into Trish's cunt, it was a tighter
fit, he pushed and pushed, but it wasn't going all the way in, he was stuck
at the wrist bone.

Vince told Trish if he didn't get his hand all the way inside of her, she
was fired, Trish reached between her legs and grabbed his wrist with both
hands, she shoved as she slammed back, Vince's hand vanished into her blonde

Vince screamed at both girls to fuck themselves with his massive arms, he
was the undisputed king of wrestling and had put everybody who had dared
challenge him out of business, he was billionaire Vince.

Lilian reached between her legs and shoved Vince's arm deeper into her
pussy, she had about four more inches of arm up her cunt then Trish did, both
girls rocked back and forth.

Vince began to twist and turn his arms inside of the two girls, they where
both screaming, this just made Vince want to fuck them more, he pumped his
arms into them deeper.

He pulled his arms out of the two, he held them both up, they where both
glistening with cum, Trish and Lilian, where weak knee'd, Vince slapped them
both on the ass again and grabbed them by the hair.

Vince walked around to the front of them, he stood with his hands on his
hips, he told them he wanted them to do what they do backstage to all the

Trish unzipped his pants, his eight inch cock spilled out, Trish stroked
it with both hands, Vince stroked her hair, Trish handed the cock to Lilian,
she began to stroke it. Vince said "I have two words for you." 65,000 people
screamed "Suck it."

Lilian wrapped her ruby red lips around his cock, she began to slowly work
it down her throat, Trish grabbed her by the back of the neck, she worked
Lilian's head down until she took Vince's entire cock.

Trish snatched the cock away from Lilian, she shoved it down her own
throat, Lilian grabbed her by the hair, she started slamming Trish's head up
and down on Vince's cock, she forced Trish to deep throat him with each

Lilian then snatched the cock away from Trish she slammed her head all
the way down on it, she gobbled away at his cock, Vince grabbed her by the
hair he began to fuck her face as the crowd cheered him on.

Trish dropped to her hands and knees again she spun around and began to
rub her ass against Vince's leg, Vince pulled his cock away from Lilian and
took aim, he shoved his cock into Trish's cunt.

Trish moan and slammed back against him, Vince grabbed her by the hair as
Trish rocked back and forth on his cock, Vince then began to slap her ass as
she fucked him.

Trish slammed her ass all the way back onto Vince, and wiggled her ass
against his chest, she then began to ride him again, his balls slapped
against her ass.

Vince pulled his cock out of her cunt and shoved it deep into her ass,
Trish squealed, Vince knew she shoved it up the ass, and he was going to give
it to her good.

Vince pumped his cock to the hilt into her harder and harder with each
stroke, he could see the cum dripping out of her gaping cunt, he was the
genetic jack hammer.

Trish slammed her ass back as hard as she could against Vince, it felt
good and was going to make her a star, she slammed back harder.

Lilian grabbed Trish by the hair, she pulled her off of Vince's cock,
Trish fell to the mat, Lilian spun around and stuck Vince's cock into her

Vince stroked her hair, he was proud of her aggressiveness, Lilian began
to rock back onto his cock, Vince yanked her hair hard and pulled her back,
Lilian slammed back onto his cock.

Vince leaned back, holding her hair with one hand, he began to slap her
ass with his free hand, Lillian spread her long, thin legs wider and rocked
back, she was going to get herself of again, the cheering crowd made her cunt

Vince pumped his cock harder into her, he then yanked it out and laid it
on her back, the crowd screamed for him to put it in her ass, Vince did what
they wanted.

He slammed his cock all the way into her ass on the first stroke, she
hadn't gotten it up the ass since she left Spain, Vince cupped her small
breasts as he reamed her ass.

Lilian slowly rocked back onto him, until his cock was buried all the way
inside of her, she felt his balls resting on her ass, she reached between her
legs and caressed them.

Vince began to slam her ass again, he was ready to cum, he asked which one
of the girls wanted his McMahon seed. Lilian told him she wanted it.

Trish screamed, "I want to eat your cum."

Vince yanked his cock out of Lilian's ass, he shoved it down Trish's
throat. She began to stroke it, Vince quickly began to shoot his load down
her throat.

Vince was cumming and cumming, Trish began to gag on his giant load,
Trish's mouth quickly overflowed with his seed, it was spilling out the
corners of her mouth as she continued to suck his cock.

Lilian grabbed the cock form Trish, Vince was still shooting a stream, he
hit Lilian squarely between the eyes, it rolled down her face and into her
mouth, Trish licked Lilian's face clean.

The trio took a bow and headed to the back, it was time to get back to the
wrestling, the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Vince walked back into his office, Daffney Unger and Major Gunns where
there looking for work, Vince had a plan for them.


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