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Pairings/Characters: Matt Hardy/Mickie James

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The I Will Not Diaries: Hey Mickie, You're So Fine!
by DarkDefender85 (

It was Wrestlemania weekend; the entire WWE was all a buzz over the upcoming
pay per view. It is the biggest night of the year for those in the WWE. For
Matt Hardy, it would be the night before he would have to face his own
brother in an Extreme Rules Match. Matt and Jeff had been feuding onscreen
for the past couple of month but behind the scenes, they were still as close
as they ever were. They wanted to make sure that they gave the fans their
money's worth why not injuring one another.

After a long training session in the ring to make sure everything was on the
mark, Matt Hardy to get back to his hotel room to get into his suit for the
Hall of Fame ceremony. Every WWE Superstar and Diva was going to be on hand
to see Stone Cold Steve Austin get inducted into the Hall of Fame. It was in
the back when Matt was having a quick conversation with the Rattlesnake, that
he saw former WWE Divas Champion Mickie James.

Since Matt was on Smackdown and Mickie was on RAW, they were rarely in the
same building with one another, however tonight, he sure as hell was glad she
was. She was in a beautiful Zebra print dress that was very form fitting, and
she did have a very pleasing form. Mickie was having a pleasant conversation
with Koko B. Ware, another WWE Hall of Fame inductee. After the conversation
was over, Matt walked over to Mickie to try to make his move. Jim Ross had
once given him some advice to not date another Diva, but when someone like
Mickie James is single and available, you need to risk getting hurt for the
chance at getting the girl.

"Hey Mickie, I have got to say that you are the best looking of all of the
divas tonight." Matt says as he gets close enough to Mickie to strike up a

"Why thank you Matt, I have to say that you are looking rather dashing
yourself tonight." Mickie says at the older Hardy.

"So how is the planning coming for the Divas Battle Royal?" Matt asks,
getting an eyeful of the cleavage that was coming out of Mickie's dress.

"Well I am a little pissed off, I just found out that they are turning it
into a sideshow will Kid Rock taking up all of the Diva's entrances and
Santino is going to win as his "sister"" Mickie said with an irritated tone
in her voice.

"That is just insane, why would they put every great diva in the match only
to have it turn into something sad like that," Matt said.

"It's pretty obvious that Vince thinks this is going to be funny even if this
patronizes every day in the past and those in the future. Trish and Lita were
smart to not except the invitation." Mickie says.

"Well maybe if you do well in the match Vince will get his head from up his
butt and give you the Women's championship again," Matt says.

"Yeah, that is what I am hoping for. Speaking of matches, how is yours coming
along?" Mickie says.

"It' s gonna be a spectacle. The finish is going to be something that will
get the fans butts out of their seats. Jeff is going to jump off of 20 foot
ladder and try to hit me with a leg drop." Matt says.

"Wow, that does sound neat" Mickie says.

"Listen, the party is kind of dying down here; do you need a lift back to the
hotel?" Matt asks, all of the WWE superstars were staying at the same hotel.

"Sure thing, I just need to tell Kelly that I got another ride" Mickie said
as she walked away. As she did, that gave Matt the chance to get a glimpse of
her round ass. It was a sight for sure. It was round, tight, and jiggled in
all of the right ways. After Mickie has a quick conversation with Kelly
Kelly, Mickie comes back over to the older Hardy.

"Let's get going" Mickie smiles as she takes Matt's hand.

The feel of Mickie's soft skin on his own brings a familiar feeling of
tightness to Matt's cock.

The duo walk to the parking garage and Matt does the polite thing and opened
the car door for Mickie. Matt gets into the other side and drove them both to
their hotel. Once they arrived at the hotel, Matt helped her out of the car
and walked her to his room. Vince had set up both Matt and Jeff up with a
pair of hotel suites at the hotel to reward them from their hard work. Matt
put the do not disturb sign up on the door and shut it.

"Would you like something to drink, the minibar is full with all kind of
stuff" Matt said to Mickie.

"I'd love something thanks" Mickie said.

Matt looked into the minibar and pullout two little bottle of liquor. One was
a bottle of Jack Daniels while the other was a bottle of Vodka. Matt walked
over and sat next to Mickie on the rooms King Sized bed.

"Ladies Choice" Matt smiled as he held up the two little bottles of booze.

"I think that I am going to take the vodka." Mickie said as she took the
little bottle of vodka and gulped it down. Matt did the same thing with the
bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Wow, you can really hold you liquor" Matt smiled

"There are other things that I can hold" Mickie said while moving her little
hand over Matt's crotch and grabbing him through his pants. She was very
surprised at what she had grabbed. Matt seemed to have the biggest cock that
she had ever seen, and she once had a one night stand with Kofi Kingston.

"Oh wow, that feels incredible" Matt moans as Mickie rubs his crotch. Mickie
soon gets down on her knees and unbuttons Matt's pants. She also slides off
his boxers to reveals his big cock. It had to be at least 12 inches longs.
Mickie soon begin to kiss and lick his cock all over, getting it nice and
wet. While she was kissing and licking his dick, Matt took off her suit and
rubbed his hands in Mickie's hair. Mickie's head began to bob up and down as
her juicy lips wrapped around Matt Hardy's cock.

"Oh my god Mickie this is the best blowjob I have ever had and Amy was a
total whore" Matt said as he made reference to his ex-girlfriend Amy "Lita"
Dumas. This only seemed to egg Mickie on as she began to suck ever harder
while moving her head up and down faster than before.

"Mickie if you don't stop, I'm gonna cum" Hardy moans.

Mickie does not say a word. She stands up so that she can slide off her
dress, thong, and heels. Mickie was now standing in front of Matt totally
nude. Matt stands on the edge of the bed and pulled Mickie close to him. Her
sexy tummy was now at eye level with Matt. Matt grabbed Mickie's round ass
from behind and gave her tummy a little kiss. Matt stood up and lay her onto
the king sized bed. Matt started at Mickie's toes and begins to kiss his way
up her body. He got to her tits and began to lick and kiss them.

"Oh god Matthew, that feels incredible." Mickie moans, Matt was a bit turned
on hearing Matt call out his full name. Matt kissed his way up to Mickie neck
and gave it a light kiss before moving to Mickie's soft lips. Their two
tongues danced together as Matt slid them bed covered over them both and slid
his cock into her tight pussy. Mickie pulled her tongue out of Matt's mouth
long enough to scream in pleasure.

"Oh fuck Matt I think that monster of yours is going to tear my pussy in
two." Mickie screamed as Matt began to move his cock in and out of her
snatch. Mickies hands moved to Matt's butt and squeezed, this pulled his cock
even deeper into her pussy.

"Your pussy is so damned tight Mickie" Matt moaned as he began to pick up the
pace and fucked her deeper and harder. Matt rubbed his hands all over her
body before grabbing Mickie's smooth legs and putting them on his shoulders.
Matt begins to drill into her pussy as Mickie screamed in intense pleasure.

"Oh yea that's right tear my championship pussy up baby! Give Mickie want she
wants" Mickie growled at Matt as he fucked her. Matt was always one to give
a lady what she wants, so he picked the pace up even more and fucked her
harder. Matt also begins to suck on all ten of Mickie's cute little toes.
Mickie could not help but giggle at this. Mickie decided to take control and
flipped over so that she was on top. She began to bounce up and down on
Matt's big dick. As she did this, her big boobs bounced freely in the air.

"Those beauties may be fake but they look fantastic when they are bouncing up
and down like that" Matt smiled as he watched her tits go up and down, up and
down, in a almost hypnotic motion. He soon grabbed a hold of her tits and
groped them as she bounced on his cock. Matt hands did not stay on her tits
for long as they soon traveled down to her round rump and gave it a couple of
good spanks.

"Ohhhh, have I been a bad girl?" Mickie teased as she began to grind on his

"Yes, you have and bad girls need to be spanked" Matt said

"Oh well, if that is the rule." Mickie hopped off of Matt's cock and got up
on all fours. She wiggled her big booty to tease Matt.

Matt got up on his knees and gave Mickie's ass a couple of nice, long licks
before spanking Mickie's booty until it was beet red. With every spank that
landed its mark, Mickie would let out a cute little yelp.

"Is spanking my booty the only thing that you are going to do?" Mickie asked.

"Well I did have a few more ideas" Matt said as he lined up his cock and
pointed it at her little rosebud. Matt slowly slides his cock deep into
Mickie's ass until he was balls deep. When he hit bottom, he pulled out only
to slam it back in. Once he had built up a bit of a rhythm, he leaned forward
and grabbed Mickie swaying tits.

"Oh god Matt keep it up and you are going to make me cum!" Mickie screamed

"Well that is the whole point" Matt smiled as he spanked her again while
plowing her tight ass. This is all that it took to drive Mickie over the
edge. She came hard and screamed so loud that the people three doors down
could have heard.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooooooooooooood! I'm Cumming! I'm
Cumming! I'm Cumming! I'm Cumming!" Mickie yelled and her body went limp on
the bed. Mickie was not the only one who was going over the edge.

"I'm Cumming too" Matt said as she pulled his cock out of her ass and sprayed
her booty all over with his hot load. Matt fell next to Mickie on the bed and
kissed her lightly on the nose.

"Oh wow, that was.that was" Mickie panted

"Oh was incredible" Matt said between pants.

Matt pulled Mickie close to him and rested her head onto his chest. He ran
his hands through her hair until they both feel asleep. When Matt awoke the
next morning Mickie was gone, but there was a note on the table.

It read, "Dear Matt, I had to leave early this morning to get ready for match
tonight at Wrestlemania. I know that you have to do the same. Good luck
tonight against your brother. I will look for you afterwards. Maybe we can
have a little celebration if you win *wink* See ya, Mickie."

Matt smiled at the note and put it away. He knew he had to get up soon to get
ready, but for the next few minutes he just wanted to reminisce about last
night's event. He knew that tonight may be the biggest night of his life
however last night with Mickie was going to be pretty difficult to beat.

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