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This story is pure fiction and does not suggest the sexuality of Trish
Stratus, Stacy Keibler or Jackie Gayda, only read this story if you are 18
or over, this story is a request for someone, Enjoy :D

The Interview
by Ace

Jackie Gayda stepped out of her taxi at the WWE Headcortors, she had an
interview with her new boss Eric Bishoff about her upcoming storyline for
her debut on the RAW brand of the WWE.

Jackie entered the building and walked down the hall to the elevator, she
pressed the button to go up, then glanced to beside her and noticed she
could see her reflection on the glass wall, she took a minute to look at
how hot she looked for her interview, she had her blonde hair down, and
she was wearing a white blouse with a grey jacket, and a matching short
grey skirt, and open toed black platforms.

The elevator opened and Jackie walked in, she pressed floor 12. The elevator
doors open and she began to walk down the hall to the secretaries office.

Jackie to secretary: Hello, I'm Jackie Gayda, I have an interview with Mr.
Bishoff today.

Secretary: Hello Miss. Gayda, there has been a change of plans, Mr. Bishoff,
had to fly out to San Antonio, Texas today to make some changes on this weeks
episode of RAW, so instead of having the interview with Mr. Bishoff, you will
have your interview with Stacy Keibler.

Jackie: Ok that's fine.

Secretary: Right through there Miss. Gayda. (pointing to a near by door.)

Jackie opened the door to the office, and saw Stacy Keibler sitting behind
the desk.

Stacy: Come in Miss. Gayda, have a seat.

Jackie: It's a pleasure to meet you Miss. Keibler (extending her hand to

Stacy: The pleasure is all mine. (as she shook Jackie's hand.)

Stacy: Ok down to business, Mr. Bishoff left me the info he wanted to discuss
with you about your storyline with RAW, basically he wants you to play a sexy
bisexual uuuumm slut, with the recent success of our HLA angle, he thinks it
would be a good idea.

Jackie: Oh that's a pretty wild character to play, would I... you know have
to do stuff with girls?

Stacy: Well since your character will be bisexual...yes, but it wouldn't be
anymore then kissing, I think, also Eric mentions here that he is willing to
pay you more money to play that particular character, what do you think?

Jackie: Well if I get more money, then yeah I guess I will do it.

Stacy: Great, I will pass on your decision to Mr. Bishoff.

Stacy stood up and offered her hand to Jackie, who stood up and began to
shake Stacy's hand, just then a there was a knock on the door.

Stacy: Come in.

The door open and standing there was Trish Stratus, as Jackie looked at Trish
an excited smile spread across Stacy's lips, "Right on time" she thought to
herself. Jackie turned her head back to Stacy to say thank you and goodbye,
as she looked a Stacy, Trish closed and locked the door behind her. Trish
walked up behind Jackie and put her hands on her shoulders and began to
massage them. Jackie was about to say something, when Stacy said.

Stacy: Jackie why don't you take your seat again, Trish and I have more to
discuss with you.

Jackie sat back down as Trish continued her massage, Jackie was really
beginning to feel good, she felt her eyes becoming heavy as she closed them
and enjoyed the sensual massage.

Trish: You see Jackie, your new character is gonna be after 2 of the sexiest
Diva's in the WWE.

Stacy: Can you guess which 2 Jackie? (with a sexy smile.)

Jackie just nodded she was enjoying the massage too much to speak. Trish
moved from her shoulders to her sides, working just beside her big breasts.

Stacy: Put your legs up on the desk, Jackie.

Jackie did as she was asked and put her legs up on the desk in front of

Stacy: Oooooohhhh Jackie your feet are so sexy.

Stacy put her hands on Jackie's knee and slid them down to her shoe, undoing
the straps and pulling it off. Taking Jackie's foot in her hand she began to
massage it, running her fingers all over the sole of her foot, her thumbs
rubbing the top of her foot. Bending her head down Stacy began to lick the
top of Jackie's foot, the sweet soap smell of Jackie's foot was beginning to
make her hot, she took a second to admire the foot, it had painted toe nails
they were red, her toes were just begging to be sucked, letting her tongue
slide over the big toe, sucking it into her mouth, running her tongue over
it, pulling it out of her mouth, Stacy began to lick the entire sole of
Jackie's foot.

Jackie was in heaven at this point, Trish was massaging and squeezing her
tits through her blouse and bra, her nipples were just aching to be released,
as Trish read her mind she began to unbutton the blouse opening it up,
revealing Jackie's sexy white lace bra. Trish pulled Jackie's blouse right
off and before Jackie knew it her bra was unhooked and lying on the floor
beside her blouse. Her nipples felt great free out in the air. Trish grasped
Jackie's tits in her hands and began to tug on the nipples, pinching and
pulling on them.

Jackie watched Stacy as she worshipped her foot, Stacy was wearing a one
piece black skirt, she looked incredibly sexy, Jackie had never thought of
girls sexually, but now she wondered why not, the new pleasure she was
feeling was amazing, far better then any man had given her.

Stacy climbed up on the table in front of Jackie and Trish, and began to
dance sexily, as Stacy began to dance Trish bent down and put her face up
beside Jackie's and began to kiss and lick Jackie's cheek. Jackie turned
her head and opened her mouth and took Trish's tongue into her mouth,
Jackie and Trish's tongue's entwined as they began to explore each others
mouth's, taking there mouth's apart so they could watch Stacy's sexy dance.
Stacy began swiveling her hips, running her hand from her thighs up to her
hips, and further up to her perfect breasts cupping them in her hands,
turning around as she squeezes her tits, taking a hand off a breast so she
can lift the bottom of her dress, revealing the greatest ass in the world
to Trish and Jackie, raising her and quickly brings it back down spanking
her ass for her 2 onlookers, who both licked there lips in turn. Taking her
hands of her breasts and putting both on her wonderful ass cheeks spreading
them apart, her black thong just slightly falling between the lips of her
pussy, letting go of her cheeks and giving her ass cheek one more hard
smack, before raising her dress up, over her tits, and then over her head,
reaching behind her back unclasping her bra and letting it fall to the
floor. Stacy turns around again showing her ass to Trish and Jackie, hooking
her fingers around the elastic of her thong and pulling it down over her
ass and down her everlasting legs to her feet, bending her body right over
touching her toes, giving Trish and Jackie a perfect view of her ass and her
moistening pussy, putting a hand between her legs, using her middle finger
and starting at her asshole, slowly begins to slide it down right between
her wet pussy lips and over her erecting clit, and up to her lips where she
proceeded to suck her finger clean of her juices. Sitting down on the table,
Stacy spread her legs wide, bringing her hand down to her pussy spreading
the lips apart, and sliding a finger into her love canal, bringing her other
hand up to her breast, and began tugging on the nipple.

Meanwhile both Trish and Jackie had stripped down to there bra and panties,
Stacy's show was more then Trish could take, Trish got up on the table and
crawled between Stacy's, getting closer and closer to her sweet smelling sex.
Stacy didn't notice Trish climb between her legs, because she had her head
thrown back and her eyes were closed. Trish extended her tongue and gave
Stacy's hand a lick, Stacy opened her eyes and gazed into Trish's eyes and
licked her lips and moved her hand out of the way allowing Trish access to
her soaked nearly hairless pussy. Trish let her tongue slide up the middle
of Stacy's slit making Stacy let out a moan of pleasure as Trish began to
lick at Stacy's slick hole, letting her tongue penetrate the opening, taking
her fingers and spreading Stacy's lips apart, letting her tongue slide up
making contact with Stacy's clit she began to flick it with her tongue.
Jackie had her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy furiously through
her panties watching Trish's beautiful swaying thonged ass only inches from
her face, with a wet spot right in the middle, with one hand Jackie nervously
reached out and touched the spot, instantly getting moisture on her finger,
bringing her finger to her nose and took a sniff, and then timidly she slid
it into her mouth, tasting Trish's delicious pussy juice, Jackie decided she
liked the taste and wanted more, leaning her head forward, pulling the
material of Trish's thong aside, Jackie revealed a smooth, wet, blonde haired
delicious looking pussy, she stuck out her tongue and touched it to Trish's
outer lips, sending a shiver through Trish's body. Jackie began lightly
tracing her tongue over Trish's wet folds slowly taking in the taste of
womanhood, loving more and more with each stroke of her tongue, getting more
into she used her thumbs to spread Trish's cunt apart and began licking
harder, hearing muffled moans from Trish, who's head was still buried in
Stacy's snatch, let her know that she was doing a good job of eating out

Stacy got off the table, and walked over to Jackie and said.

Stacy: Why don't you come over here and lie on the table, we will take care
of you, Miss. Gayda.

Without saying a word Jackie walked over to the table, got up on it and
laid down, still in her bra and panties. Stacy walked behind Jackie
standing directly behind Jackie's head, Stacy reached out and pulled the
top of Jackie's bra down revealing her breasts and hard nipples, wrapping
her hands around the big globes, massaging the flesh passionately. Trish
didn't want to be left out of the fun, walking up to Jackie's legs,
lifting them up and putting them on her shoulders, lifting her ass off
the table, reaching down Trish grabbed a hold of Jackie's panties and
pulled them down her thighs and then her creamy legs, throwing the panties
aside Trish immediately dove tongue first into Jackie's soaking box,
furiously licking at Jackie's folds, Jackie began bucking her hips wildly
into Trish's mouth, Trish's mouth covered most of Jackie's pussy, sucking
it like a vacuum, meanwhile Stacy had her lips attached to Jackie's left
nipple, sucking and nibbling on it, Stacy put her knee on the desk beside
Jackie's head, raising herself on the, her breast hovering just above
Jackie's face, Jackie quickly took a nipple in her mouth and began running
her tongue over the hardening piece of flesh, but it was pulled from her
mouth as Stacy started crawling into a 69 position, Trish pulled her mouth
from Jackie's pussy, as Stacy replaced with her own mouth, going straight
for the clit, Stacy took the sensitive nub between her lips, sending waves
of electricity pulsing through Jackie's body, Jackie began thrusting two
fingers into Stacy's slit, pounding them in and out as her thumb rubbed
Stacy's clit. Trish licked down Jackie's legs to her sexy feet, licking
all over the top of her foot before taking each toe into her mouth,
increasing Jackie's stimulation, Trish flattened her tongue and slid it
the entire length of the underside of Jackie's foot, pulling Jackie's foot
to her breast and began rubbing her foot all over it. Jackie began spaziming
in an earth shattering orgasm from Stacy's expert licking.

Jackie: I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh god, oh yes, I'm cumming.

Stacy kept flicking her tongue over Jackie's clit, Jackie still slamming her
fingers in and out of Stacy's slick cunt, licking her clit at the same time,
Stacy glanced up at Trish who had her eyes shut tight and was furiously
rubbing her sex with the palm of her hand, while Jackie was using her foot
to rub Trish's breast, Stacy began moaning from Jackie's amature work on her
pussy, cum began flowing out of both girls pussy's at once, Stacy caught as
much in her mouth as she could, as Trish lowered her head to Stacy's mouth,
they let there tongue slide together as they shared Jackie's tasty cum.

The girls got off the table and got down on the floor In a triangle.

Stacy: Your feet Jackie, they are just so sexy, can I please suck on them?

Jackie: You sure can.

Trish: Let me enjoy your feet Stace mmmmmmmmmmm!

Stacy began sucking on Jackie's big toe, slipping her tongue around the toe,
giving it its own little blowjob, as Trish began licking and kissing Stacy's
foot all over, licking all over the ankle and heel, bringing it down to her
pussy, rubbing the beautiful foot all over her pussy, sticking the toes into
her steaming honey pot. Jackie decided to try the foot worshipping, she began
by licking the top of Trish's foot, not finding it to bad she began sucking
on her toes, this was beginning to really turn her on, all this sucking and
licking Trish clean, perfectly painted toes, sucking each one into her mouth.

The triangle ended up as, pussy to face, pussy to face, pussy to face. It
went Stacy eating Trish, Trish eating Jackie, Jackie eating Stacy. Stacy
spread Trish's legs wide as she began by licking the spot between Trish back
entrance and her gorgeous, slippery pussy, flicking her tongue over asshole
just a little before moving to her goal, sliding her tongue up the entire
length of Trish's slit, Trish in turn turned her tongue into the shape of a
small cock, and penetrated Jackie's rather tight hole, letting it slide in
and out, probing the hole, feeling it squeeze her tongue, Jackie was in
heaven once again, just completely loving Trish's treatment, using two
fingers Jackie spread Stacy's lips and sucked her slit into her mouth,
sucking the precious flesh between her lips, nibbiling it slight, feeling
Stacy begin shake, Jackie knew she was close to bringing Stacy over the
edge, she began to hum slightly on Stacy's clit causing to start moaning
uncontrollably, cumming into Jackie's mouth, Jackie loved the taste of pussy
by now, she swallowed the juices down hungrily. Stacy couldn't keep her mouth
on Trish's sex she was In too much extasy, instead she slid 3 fingers in and
out of Trish's burning hot bush, and another was pistoning in and out of her
ass, which was fine for Trish she was cumming hard onto Stacy's fingers.
Trish was alternating between sliding her tongue up and down over Jackie's
soaked slit, and rubbing it hard with the palm of her hand, bringing Jackie
over the edge into a ferocious orgasm. The girls got and proceeded to share
each others juices in a passionate three way kiss. Licking there lips, Stacy
was the first one to speak.

Stacy: That was utterly amazing Jackie.

Trish: Yeah Jackie, thanks a lot for that.

Trish: I'm so glad we set this up Stace.

Stacy: Yeah I know it was a great idea, and it was so easy to get Eric out
the office.

Jackie: What?

Stacy: Yeah Jackie this was all a setup, to get into your pants, your
character isn't really gonna be a Bisexual slut, hehehehe!

Trish: Yeah your infact is no where near that, you aren't even gonna be on
RAW, you will debuting on Smackdown! As Kanyon's manager, ahahahaha!

Jackie: Well you may have lied to me, but it was well worth it, and its
really a shame I won't be playing the Bisexual slut, I would love to be in
a storyline with both of you.

The End

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