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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Italian-Caribbean Connection
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following their win over Paul London and Brian Kendrick on the December 17,
2007 edition of RAW, Carlito and Santino Marella are talking about their new
alliance as Santino's sweet girlfriend Maria follows them to the Superstars
locker room. "See Carlito... I, Santino Marella, told you that us teaming up
would be perfect for us to climb the ladder of excess..." Santino says and
he's dressed in black wrestling trunks.

Carlito, who's dressed in blue wrestling trunks, raises an eyebrow as he
tosses and catches his apple, "That's success..." Carlito says as he corrects
his new Italian tag team partner.

"We'll have that too..." Santino says as he turns to look at Maria, "Now...
my sweet Maria, what do you think of this epic Union of Nations... Italy and

Carlito raises an eyebrow again, "Hey that's not cool... Carlito's Puerto
Rican not Columbian..." Carlito says as he again corrects Santino just before
Maria can answer Santino's question.

The adorable and sometimes ditzy, Maria, cutely scrunches her nose up and
cutely presses her shoulders "I like it! I think it's going to be really
fun...Carlito and Santino...and Maria!" Maria says with a cute laugh while
she's dressed in a short black skirt and a black tank top.

Carlito smirks a bit as he looks at Maria, "Yeah... now how you said it....
that's cool..." Carlito says as he casually checks out the hot RAW Diva.

Santino opens the door the Superstars' locker room, "Of course that's cool...
because I am Santino Marella... and I make everything colder...." Santino
says as he enters the locker room.

Carlito looks at Maria as they enter behind Santino and asks her, "What did
he say?" Carlito asks.

Maria scrunches her nose up cutely as she looks at Carlito, with the same
confusion of what Santino Marella had just said "Mmmm...I think Santino...
meant to say that he makes everything cool?" Maria suggests with a cute
squeak in her adorable voice.

"Carlito doesn't think Santino knows what he's talking about.." Carlito says
with a laugh as he closes the locker room door.

Santino turns and looks at Maria and Carlito, "I know perfectly well what
I'm talking about... unlike those fools who praise that horrible movie The
Condemned..." Santino says before adding, "Because I know.. that my sweet
Maria... would like being with two men who will spit on those who are not
cool." Santino says before he looks at Maria, "Ain't that right my Maria..."

Maria bites down on her bottom lip "Umm...Santino...I kinda liked the
Condemned..." Maria says with a cute smile as she looks at the handsome

Carlito nods his head, "Carlito did too... The Condemned was cool..." Carlito

Santino sighs slightly, "I do not know what movie you two were watching but
it does not matter..." Santino says, "Because we are a new connection... that
is colder than all the rest and we should work together outside of the ring."
Carlito gets a confused look on his face as he looks at Maria.

Maria presses her lips together as she glances at her Italian boyfriend,
Santino. "Oh...Santino, do you mean like when we play Twister together!?"
Maria asks with a cute laugh as she gets excited "I love when we play
Twister! Could Carlito play with us too?!"

Carlito raises an eyebrow in confusion, "Twister?" Carlito asks as he looks
at Maria, then at Santino and back at Maria.

Santino nods his head, "Of course my sweet Maria... in fact... why not let
Carlito go first so he can learn the rules."

"Yeah! Oh it's so much fun, Carlito!" Maria says with a cute, excited laugh
"When Santino and I play we always end up in these crazy positions! Don't we

Santino Marella nods his head, "That's right Maria... we end up all over each
other... and that's... as you say Carlito, is cold."

Carlito looks at Santino with a raised eyebrow before he turns his attention
to Maria, "Carlito is interested... how do you play?"

"Well..." Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she steps over towards
Carlito "There's all these different colored circles and move your body to
put your hand or foot on the circle..." Maria cutely blushes "And some times
Santino gets really close to me...and then we have sex!" Maria says as she
looks at Carlito, who instantly raises an eyebrow at the word 'sex'.

"Sex? You mean... you two... play games before you... have sex?" Carlito says
as he looks at Santino and Maria, "How long do you two wait..."

Santino cuts Carlito off, "The sooner we get really close... we begin..."
Santino says.

Carlito looks at how far he is from Maria, "Carlito is really close to
you..." Carlito says to Maria.

Maria cutely bites down on her bottom lip as she locks her adorable eyes with
Carlito, before she cutely laughs "Yeah you are Carlito..." Maria says before
she glances over her shoulder to look at her boyfriend Santino "He is really

"My sweet Maria... you know the rules..." Santino says with a slight smirk
as he looks at his new tag team partner and his adorable, yet somewhat ditzy

Maria licks her lips and cutely nods her head "Yep Santino! And rules are
rules..." Maria says with a cute laugh before she steps directly up to
Carlito and places her hands against his muscular, waist before the adorable
RAW Diva kneels down in front of Carlito and locks her adorable eyes with
Carlito. Maria presses her lips together as she starts to push down Carlito's
blue wrestling shorts.

Carlito raises an eyebrow as Maria tugs down his blue wrestling shorts,
freeing his twelve inch cool Caribbean cock, "Now these rules.... are
cool..." Carlito says with a smirk on his handsome face.

Maria scrunches her nose up and laughs as she drops Carlito's blue wrestling
shorts down his legs before she places her soft, smooth hands around
Carlito's thick shaft "Mmm... I love it when Santino and I play games...I bet
you'll like it too, Carlito!" Maria says before she lowers her dark brown
hair and gently laps her soft tongue around the head of Carlito's twelve inch

Carlito licks his lips, "Yeah... Carlito likes these kind of games..."
Carlito says with a moan as Maria gently moves her tongue around the thick
head of Carlito's foot long shaft. Santino smirks a bit as he lowers his own
black wrestling shorts, bringing out his own fat ten inch Italian cock, which
he starts to stroke as he watches Maria 'play' with Carlito.

Maria keeps her adorable, soft eyes locked with Carlito while she taps her
wet tongue against the head of his twelve inch Caribbean cock. "Mmmmm..."
Maria moans as she opens her adorable mouth, taking Carlito's shaft into her
sweet mouth. Maria presses her soft lips around Carlito's cock and she starts
to smoothly bob her head.

"Mmmmmm.... ahhhh... now this... is cool..." Carlito moans as he puts his
hands on his nice toned waist as Maria bobs her head slowly along the length
of his twelve inch cock.

"That's real good Maria... Carlito is liking that..." Santino says as he
lightly strokes his cock as he watches Maria blow Carlito.

"Mmmmm...Mmmmm..." Maria softly moans mouth as she smoothly lifts and lowers
her head, sweetly sucking on Carlito's twelve inch shaft. Maria's soft lips
gently rub against Carlito's shaft as she lifts and lowers her head,
gradually taking more of his Caribbean cock deeper into her sweet mouth.

Carlito licks his lips and closes his eyes as he tilts his head back,
"Ahhh... mmmmm so cool..." Carlito moans as he enjoys the way the sweetly
ditzy and smoking hot Maria is sucking his Caribbean cock. Santino licks
his lips as he steps a bit closer to watch Maria take Carlito's shaft deep
into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" Maria moans as she takes his Caribbean shaft deeply into her wet,
warm mouth while her sweet saliva drips on his cock. "Ohhhh...mmmmm" Maria
moans as her soft lips grind against his shaft while the head of Carlito's
cock presses against the back of her mouth.

"Ohhhhh mmmm...." Carlito licks his lips as he opens his eyes to look down
at Maria as she easily holds his twelve inch cock deep in her warm, wet and
soothing mouth.

Santino Marella licks his teeth, "Maria... do not forget the rules... I am
close to you now..." Santino says with a smirk.

Maria slowly lifts her head off of Carlito's cock and licks her lips before
she turns around on her knees to face her Italian boyfriend. "Ok Santino!"
Maria says with a cute laugh as she gently pulls his ten inch Italian cock
towards her and smoothly strokes her left hand against his shaft before she
takes him into her adorable, sweet mouth.

"Awww.... ohhh my Maria... that is soooo perfect...." Santino moans as
Maria takes his fat ten inch cock into her warm wet and very soothing mouth.
Santino instantly puts one hand on Maria's head and licks his lips as he
feels Maria's tongue sliding against the bottom side of his cock. Carlito
raises an eyebrow slightly, but casually steps behind Maria and bends down
so that he can lift up Maria's short black skirt to see her black lacy
panties. Carlito smirks before he starts to slide down Maria's panties while
leaving her skirt up on her hips.

Maria cutely laughs around Santino Marella's cock as she sits up on her knees
while she smoothly bobs her head along Santino's hard cock. "Mmmmm...mmmmm"
Maria adorable moans as she easily bobs her head on his ten inch Italian
cock, taking him deeper into her sweet mouth.

"Ohhh yes Maria.... mmmm that's what I like...ohhhh...." Santino moans as
Maria bobs her head back and forth along the length of his thick, rock hard
Italian shaft.

Carlito licks his lips as he sees Maria's tanned ass become slightly exposed
once he removes her panties. "Now that's a cool ass..." Carlito says as he
rolls up Maria's skirt up over her sexy waist as he kneels down and pushes
his foot long twelve inch cock into Maria's warm, tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Mmmmmm!" Maria moans around Santino's cock as her wet tongue slaps
against the bottom side of his shaft, while the adorable RAW Diva presses her
nicely tanned ass back against Carlito's toned waist as he starts to thrust
his cock into her warm, tight pussy from behind.

"Aww.... mmmm ahhh..." Carlito moans as he grabs hold of Maria's rolled up
skirt as he pumps his twelve inch cock in and out of Maria's warm, tight

Santino licks his lips as he watches Maria suck his fat cock, "Ohhh Maria...
that is so magnificent as always..." Santino moans as he slides his fingers
through Maria's hair.

"Mmmm...hmmmm..." Maria cutely moans as she lifts her adorable eyes and
locks them with Santino as she quickly and eagerly moves her head at a
smooth, brisk pace while she slaps her enjoyable tongue around his thick
Italian cock. Maria places her hands down on the floor as she starts to
rock back on her knees, pushing her nicely rounded ass back against
Carlito's toned waist as his cock deeply slams into her pussy.

"Mmmmm... Maria... you as so good..." Santino moans as she takes his cock
deep into her warm wet mouth at a pace perfectly matching Carlito's thrusts.
Carlito licks his lips as he quickly thrusts his cock in and out of Maria's
warm, tight pussy, and his large balls smack right against Maria's smooth

Maria lifts her adorable head from Santino's cock as her sweet saliva slowly
drips down his meaty Italian shaft. "Mmmm...ohhh...ohhh Carlito!" Maria
cutely moans and presses her soft lips together as her nicely rounded ass
smacks back against his toned waist as he deeply fucks her warm, tight pussy.

"Mmmmm.... awww.... uhhhh... now this is cool..." Carlito moans as he pumps
his cock in and out of Maria's pussy as he lets go of Maria's skirt so that
it starts to fall back into place.

Santino licks his lips, "Carlito... I know you are cold... but this is my
Maria... she can't just play twister with you..." Santino says.

Carlito raises an eyebrow, "Okay..." Carlito says before he pulls his twelve
inch cock out of Maria's pussy and he also takes off her short black skirt
as well.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she sweetly looks at her Italian
boyfriend "Ohhh're so great!" Maria says with a laugh as she
starts to stand up.

Santino smirks a bit, "I know I am great... I am Santino Marella!" Santino
says with an over confident tone.

Santino lifts up and removes Maria's black tank top to reveal her nicely
sized, round and beautiful tits as Carlito says, "Now those... are cool..."
Carlito says wit ha smirk. Maria laughs and bites down on her bottom lip
before the adorable and sweet RAW Diva walks over to the couch, swaying her
nicely tanned ass back and forth before she sits on the couch and spreads
her smooth, tanned legs a part to show her smoothly shaven pussy.

Santino Marella licks his lips as he looks at Maria's perfectly shaved pussy,
"Mmmm... my Maria... you are beautiful all over..." Santino says as he walks
over to the couch and bends down a bit so that he can push his fat ten inch
Italian cock into Maria's warm tight pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Santino!" Maria moans cutely as she bites down on her bottom
lip, feeling Santino's cock thrusting in and out of her warm, tight pussy.
Maria places her soft hands onto Santino's muscular waist as she easily
rocks forward against his thrusting shaft "Ohhhhh yesss Santino!"

"Ahhhh.... awww Maria... mmmm!" Santino moans as he places his hands on
Maria's waist as he thrusts his thick cock in and out of her tight pussy
with quickening movements.

Carlito smirks as he walks over to the couch and steps up onto it, "Hey...
Carlito thinks that this is going to be real cool..." Carlito says as he
lowers himself a bit so that his shaft is at a perfect height for Maria to
get at it.

Maria cutely licks her lips before she opens her adorable mouth, allowing
Carlito's cock to slide into her mouth. Maria closes her eyes as she presses
her lips around his shaft and she starts to gently bob her head along his
Caribbean cock while Santino deeply slams his cock into Maria's adorable
pussy "Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Maria moans around Carlito's cock as she moves forward
against Santino's quickly thrusting shaft.

"Awww.... ohhhh yeah... mmmm that's cool..." Carlito moans as he moves his
hips back and forth to thrust his shaft in and out of Maria's mouth. Santino
Marella licks his lips as he looks down at Maria's pussy as he quickly pumps
his fat cock in and out of it.

"Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Maria moans as she bobs her head on Carlito's shaft, her soft
lips easily rubbing back and forth against his cock while she gently grinds
her warm and wet pussy against Santino Marella's cock as she deeply pushes
his shaft into her sweet pussy "Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Maria moans as sweat
starts to lightly drip on her tanned body.

"Ohhhhh... mmmm Maria.... ohhhh Maria..." Santino moans loudly as he fucks
his adorable girlfriend with quick, firm thrusts. Santino licks his lips as
he closes his eyes and thrusts his cock deep into her pussy as he starts to
cum within her pussy.

"Mmmmmm!" Maria moans as she presses her smooth, tanned legs around Santino's
waist as she feels his warm cum spraying into her sweet pussy. Maria opens
her adorable eyes and cutely looks up at Carlito while she laps her soft,
wet tongue around his twelve inch cock as she quickly moves her head.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh.... ahhhh... mmmm this is cool.... ahhhh so cool..." Carlito
moans as he begins to cum inside of Maria's warm, wet mouth as keeps sucking
his twelve inch dick.

Maria presses her soft lips around Carlito's throbbing shaft as his warm cum
flooding her adorable mouth. Maria slowly lifts her head and happily swallows
Carlito's cum before she licks her lips "Mmmm... I love playing games!" Maria
says with a cute laugh.

Santino pulls his cock out of Maria's pussy and sits next to her on the
couch, "See... we are a perfect team... you Carlito... me Santino Marella...
and my Maria..." Santino says as he runs a hand over Maria's hair. "We shall
play the game... all the way to championship gold!" Santino adds with a

Carlito nods his head a bit, "And that... would be cool."

Maria presses her soft lips together as she cutely smiles, looking at Carlito
and then at Santino "Oh that sounds like a lot of fun!"


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