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The Ivory Trade

*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of Humiliation, Non-Consensual sex, Shaving, Piercing,
Verbal Abuse, and She-Males. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then
don't read it.***

***This story features the Characters of Ivory and Chyna. They are the
characters as portrayed and in no way represent Lisa Moretti or Joanie
Laurer. It should not need saying, but Chyna does not and never has
possessed a dick. This is only a fantasy.***

The Ivory Trade - Part 1

By High-Heeled Jill and Spring-Heeled Jack

RTC Spokeswoman and moral campaigner Ivory suppressed her nervous
anticipation with deep breaths and a silent, calming mantra. Her hand rose
of its own volition to fiddle with the jeweled clasp at her throat. She was
wearing her best white blouse, one with a paneled front and small lacey
frills, closed at the neck by the clasp in place of her usual necktie, a
black jacket and a straight black skirt that reached all the way down to her
heeled ankle boots. With her hair pulled back into a severely tight braid
she looked like the strictest school ma'am ever to walk the earth. She
fiddled with the clasp some more and bit her lower lip in a way that brought
an adorable vulnerability to her beautiful yet harsh Slavic face, making her
look years younger than she was.

Nerves always troubled Ivory before making a speech but she knew that once
she started she would be fine. It was the waiting beforehand that made her
want to run and hide with stage-fright, but once it was over she would be
happy. Happy that she had done her part to spread the word and try to make
people realize the moral decay eating away at the fabric of America.

Today though she was even more nervous than usual. The audience in the hall
beyond the curtains was nowhere near as large as some crowds she had
addressed in the past, barely a fraction of the many thousands that attended
wrestling events where she had preached often and been heckled and booed by
the fans, but all of these people were here specifically to listen to her.

More importantly, this night marked a new step in the RTC's strategy. Two
local ethnic groups who claimed to share the goals of the RTC, the "Parents
against Undesirable Social Sex in our Youth" and a students' organization
"Quality Unquestioned In Media" had recently merged into a united movement
to become the "Coalition Of Concerned Kinfolk" and extended an invitation to
the RTC, and specifically to Ivory, suggesting that the RTC become an
umbrella group coordinating as many as possible of the smaller parent,
teacher, and community groups that were worried about the increasing levels
of sex and violence on TV and in their communities.

Ivory took a deep breath, smoothed down the front of her conservative blouse
and straightened her collar. She stepped onto the curtained stage and peered
through the narrow gap between the heavy drapes. She was pleased to note
that a large proportion of the audience was made up of teenagers and a few
older children, precisely the sort of young people that most needed to hear
her message. There were at least a couple of hundred of them, both girls and
boys, in the hall, and with the adults in attendance there was barely enough
room to fit everybody in.

Feeling flattered by the turnout Ivory stood even more upright, even more
proudly. God knew that few youngsters appeared to want to hear the truth
about sex and morality, they would much rather follow their licentious
desires, and she was gratified that so many had come out to see her. Most of
the time teenagers either ignored or heckled her and the RTC but these
well-dressed children sat in respectful silence as they waited for the
meeting to begin.

She was still a little off-put by the fact that almost all of the people
there were of ethnic backgrounds, mostly Black, with a few Asians and
Hispanics and one or two Whites dotted here and there. Ivory had grown up in
a respectable, middle-class White neighborhood and was not used to being in
the minority. She realized that her feelings represented an unfair prejudice,
so she tried to suppress it, knowing that it wrong. She did try very hard to
be Good.

Footsteps approached from behind and Ivory turned to face the organizer of
this gathering, Ms. Dee Baucherie.

"Feeling nervous, Ms. Ivory?" she asked in her soft, musical voice. The tall
black woman had come as quite a surprise to Ivory. She was well-spoken and
smartly dressed, but something in the way she moved, so gracefully and
elegantly, suggested a dancer to Ivory, and not the sort of dancing that one
could do in polite company. She was also incredibly beautiful with large
dark eyes, a delicately graceful face and flawless skin.

"A little," Ivory admitted in answer to her question, and smiled, "I'll be
fine once we get started."

"I'm glad to hear it. I'm sure that you will amaze us all." Ms. Baucherie
smiled, flashing perfect white teeth when her dark red lips parted. "I am so
pleased that you accepted our invitation to this meeting. We all wanted to
let you know that your sterling work in highlighting and combating the
terrible depravity that is rife in America today is appreciated. We feel
that you have not received the recognition and reward that you deserve for
your efforts."

"Why, thank you!" Ivory pulled herself up to her full height and glowed with
self-satisfaction at the black woman's flattery. Even with the three-inch
heels of her short boots, she was still more than half a head shorter than
the ebony beauty.

There was a moment of silence before Ivory returned to an earlier thought.
"I did want to ask you about one thing though. Most of the groups that have
invited the RTC to speak at in the past have been women's groups or Parent
Teacher Associations dominated by women, but I notice that most of the
people out there are men. Aside from an enlightened few, we haven't had much
luck recruiting men," In fact the RTC had had not had much luck recruiting
anyone apart from the sorts of people that would never be invited to join
the depravity they claimed to abhor. "And I was wondering how you managed to
attract so many to the cause?"

After a pause Ms. Baucherie said, "Well, most of these people grew up in
rough neighborhoods and all of the husbands, fathers and brothers that have
joined us are men who worry about the immoral influences that their wives,
daughters and sisters are exposed to every day by our corrupt and depraved

Ivory smiled ruefully, "I only wish that more men were as concerned with the
moral welfare of young people today. Too many of them just want to bury
their heads in the sand and pretend that it isn't a problem."

The taller woman leant down and Ivory caught a waft of her scented perfume
as she spoke softly into her ear. "I've always suspected that most men want
immorality to hold sway over our young girls, so that they would be easier
prey for their disgusting lusts!"

Ivory nodded emphatically. She had privately come to the same conclusion
long ago but Steven Richards had convinced her that it would harm their
cause if they were to vocal about that. He had argued that because men held
most positions of power and authority, it would be a better strategy to use
a subtle form of emotional blackmail to compel those men to take action in
order to demonstrate that they were not one of the nameless "Perverters"
that the RTC insisted were corrupting the children. However, Ivory decided
to make a small change to the speech she had planned. She would warn them of
the perverts that opposed the RTC because they wanted to corrupt their
daughters, and she would congratulate these enlightened men for fighting the
good fight!

Ms. Baucherie glanced at her watch and said, "It is almost time. If you
would take a seat?"

Ivory nodded and made her way across the stage to the seat that the black
woman had gestured toward. The stage was sparsely furnished. There was a
backdrop of a second set of curtains and between those and the
stage-curtains was a small group of 4 chairs and a long desk offset to the
left hand side while the right was occupied by a large screen for a
projector, and holding center stage were a lectern and microphone.

As Ivory settled in her wooden chair, three more women walked onto the stage
and sat down alongside her. They had been introduced earlier. The oldest of
them, Ms. Van Dyke was around the same age as Ivory although she was as
beautiful as any model and the same near-pitch-black as Ms. Baucherie, the
second Black woman, introduced simply as `Saffy' was younger and paler, her
flawless skin the color of caramel, and the third was a small Chinese
student called Miss Honey who looked far too delicate to have organized a
garden party let alone a pressure group.

Ms. Baucherie took her place at the lectern to make the introductions. Ivory
felt incredibly proud at the rapt attention of the audience as the
accomplishments and ambitions of the RTC were reiterated as a prologue to
her speech. She sat stiff backed with a barely concealed grin on her face,
the one hand that kept stroking the notes in her lap as though to remove a
crease was the only evidence of her nervousness.

* * *

". . . and so it gives me the greatest pleasure," Ms. Baucherie was reaching
the conclusion of her opening, "to introduce our honored special guest
tonight. Ladies and gentlemen . . ."

Ivory rose from her chair and took a deep breath ready to thank Ms.
Baucherie before making the impassioned speech she had crafted for this

"I give you, the Ninth Wonder of the World . . . Chyna!"

What? Ivory stood open-mouthed and dumbfounded. Chyna? Chyna?! Why would
that depraved pervert be here?

The crowd erupted into deafening cheers and Ivory spun around to see Chyna
stride purposefully through the second set of curtains. High-heeled boots
clicked across the bare boards of the stage, and a long, black silk kimono
flapped about her calves. The robe was belted at the waist, but above that
the two halves did not meet, exposing Chyna's deep cleavage and clearly
showing that she was wearing nothing beneath it. The amazon's nipples poked
stiffly through the thin material little more than an inch from being
completely revealed.

Chyna walked serenely past her arch enemy and stepped up to the podium. She
gripped each side of the plinth and waited for the cheering to subside.

"Thank you, thank you." She said, "I would first like to commend Ms.
Baucherie on the excellent job she did on her recap of the RTC and its
goals. I am sure that you would all like to join me in applauding all the
hard work she has done that has made this night possible."

Chyna turned slightly and raised her hands to lead a round of applause for
the slender Black woman, who smiled slightly and bowed,

"We all know what the RTC has done, and what they hope to do in the future
to wipe out everything that they think is `sexy' or `immoral' or `perverted',
but I say that the only reason that they are so hung up about sex is because
they aren't getting any!" The crowd cheered loudly.

Ivory stood alone, a picture in dejection and disappointment. It was obvious
that she still hadn't put the pieces together.

"They are so screwed up and repressed that they just can't enjoy themselves
without getting all twisted up inside with angst and guilt. And so they want
to stop anyone else having fun! Ivory here even thinks that she is doing us
all a favor that we should be grateful for! Well I don't think that it is
thanks that Ivory deserves. We know what frigid bitches like her really need,
don't we?!"

The crowd exploded so loudly that it was impossible to hear what they were

"What does she need? How should we reward all her hard work?!"

The shouts grew even louder, but, after a couple of minutes, they settled
into one tumultuous chant that terrified Ivory to the very depths of her


Men, women and children, all screaming in unison,


Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Whites all began punching the air with the
first syllable of the repeating chant,


Chyna turned around and smiled sweetly at the terrified spokeswoman. Ivory
tried to back away but her progress was block by the two black women, Ms.
Van Dyke and Saffy.

Suddenly realization came crashing down on Ivory. How could she have been so
stupid! Ms. Dee Baucherie. Ms. Van Dyke. Saffy. "Parents against Undesirable
Social Sex in our Youth". "Quality Unquestioned In Media". "Coalition Of
Concerned Kinfolk".

Debauchery. Dyke. Sappho. P.U.S.S.Y. Q.U.I.M. C.O.C.K.

Ivory struggled desperately against her captors but they held her too
securely for her to escape.

"Now then Ivory," Chyna said in a conversational tone that could barely be
heard over the dying echoes of the chanting crowd, "There's no reason to be
afraid. We're just going to show you what it is that you've been missing!"

"Keep away from me!" Ivory struggled against her two captors as Chyna strode
across the stage toward her.

"How can you possibly judge immorality if you don't have any experience of
it?" she said with a smile.

"I know as much as I need to know about the sorts of things you sickos get
up to!" Ivory answered.

Chyna's smile grew into a wicked grin. "Oh I doubt that you do Ivory, I
really doubt that!"

This time Ivory said nothing but simply glared back at Chyna with all the
courage and defiance she could muster. She tried to twist her body away as
Chyna's arm rose up and came toward her, but she could not break free and
the amazon cupped one of the older brunette's small breasts in her hand.

Ivory closed her eyes and turned her head as she was fondled by another
woman. She didn't know what they were going to do to her, she didn't really
believe what the crowd had chanted. They were trying to scare her. That was
it, they wanted to scare her into renouncing the RTC! Well it wouldn't work,
she resolved. She would defy them and do what they may, she would prevail,
because her heart was pure!

She opened her eyes and raised her head defiantly to stare eye-to-eye with
Chyna as the amazon toyed with her breasts. Instead of being impressed by
the smaller woman's courage Chyna seemed to be amused by her bravado.

"Tell me Ivory, have you ever done it with a woman before?"

Ivory licked her lips nervously as Chyna's hand trailed down her stomach
toward the waistband of her ankle-length skirt. Her eyes opened wide as the
raven-haired amazon pushed her hand inside. She jerked her hips backward,
and then forwards as the woman behind her pushed her groin firmly into
Ivory's taut buttocks, and the twisted from side to side, but it did no good
as Chyna's fingers stroked up and down the thick cotton panties that covered
her crotch.

"Have you ever had some dyke's tongue thrashing around inside your tight
little pussy?" Chyna chuckled softly as Ivory's face flushed red with

The captive diva's face tightened with fear and she whimpered slightly as
Chyna pushed her way inside Ivory's panties, combing her fingers through
thick pubic hair until she had her index finger stroking up and down the
length of Ivory's furry slit.

"How many cocks have plowed this particular furrow I wonder?"

Ivory yelped and her composure and resolve snapped when Chyna thrust her
finger up into her dry, tight vagina.

"Get your hands off me you sick PERVERT!" she shouted. "Leave me ALONE!"

"Not many it seems. Nice and tight, I like that!"

Ivory bucked her hips and twisted wildly in an effort to dislodge Chyna's
penetrating finger, but to no avail as Chyna grinned and pushed in and out
of the frantically struggling moralizer.

"We'll soon have you loosened up!"

"Get off me! Let me go! I'm not like you vile, filthy immoral SLUTS!" Ivory
screamed and ranted as she was finger-fucked. "I'll never renounce the path
of righteousness, no matter what you do! You're disgusting! You know what
you are Chyna? You're just like the rest of them, a whore prostituting
herself in Playboy! Well I'm better than you! I'm better than all of you!"

Chyna laughed lightly at Ivory's impotent fury.

"I'm going to let you into a secret Ivory, I didn't bare all in Playboy. You
think I showed the world everything I've got? Well you're wrong! And I've
got a BIG surprise for you!"

With that Chyna pulled her hand out of Ivory's panties and pushed her back
to where the two black women held the panicked moralizer firmly. The amazon
pulled apart the sash belt and let her kimono fall open for its full length.

Ivory's eyes went wide and her mouth fell open in shock. She was totally
transfixed by what was between Chyna's legs. She couldn't believe what she
was seeing.

Chyna had a cock! A HUGE cock! The raven-haired amazon was hung like a

"Didn't you ever wonder why I'm called `The Ninth Wonder of the World'? Well
here it is!"

Even though it wasn't yet fully erect the tip was more than halfway to her
knees and the length and girth of that massive tool was terrifying. The
strait-laced Ivory had never seen or imagined anything like it. It couldn't
be real! It was longer than Ivory's forearm and the huge ballsac beneath it
looked to be as big as both her fisted hands would be. How could Chyna ever
have managed to conceal that monster?

"What do you think Ivory? Do you like my big she-dick? I'll bet a frigid
little bitch like you has never seen a REAL cock before! Can't you just
imagine what this is going to feel like in your tight little cunt?!" Chyna
exulted and the audience cheered their approval.

Chyna pumped her heavy cock in her fist, licking her lips slowly as she
fondled her big heavy breast with the other hand. The voluptuous, heavily
muscled Chyna was seething with barely suppressed lust, sexual desires that
she was going to expend on the tiny Ivory. She was going to make the uptight
moral campaigner her own personal rape-slut!

"Y-you, you have a . . . a . . ." She couldn't bring herself to say the word
"You're a . . . a . . ." Ivory stammered.

"A what? Say it, Ivory. What am I?" Chyna sneered.

"Chyna, no Chyna please! Please! You don't want to do this! Please . . .
please?" Ivory babbled fearfully, ignoring Chyna's leading question.

"I don't want to do what!?" Chyna smiled cruelly at the little brunette.
"You think I DON'T want to rape you? That I don't want to ram my big
she-dick in your tight virtuous twat? That I don't want to feel your chaste
lips wrapped around my cock as you drink my load? That I don't want to stick
my thick 16-inch shaft between those sweet little buns of yours and fuck
your uptight ass?! Well you're wrong! Because that is exactly what I want,
and that is exactly what I'm going to do! You're gonna suck my cock until I
shoot my spunk in your mouth, then I'm gonna spread the walls of your
neglected cunt and teach you what it really means to be FUCKED! And then,
I'm going to slam-fuck your sexy ass so hard that you'll be screaming like
it's never going to end!!!"

Ivory whimpered and flinched with each of Chyna's comments. Her eyes were
wide-open and her lower lip trembled in terror. She just could not accept
what Chyna was saying. The perversity, the depravity, the sheer wickedness.
It was beyond belief.

"Ch-Chyna . . . p-p-please don't hurt me . . . !" Ivory sobbed, shaking with

"Shut up bitch!" Chyna said calmly and cheerfully.

Ivory stared at Chyna, her eyes brimming with tears and her lower lip
trembling adorably. Chyna couldn't resist, she grasped Ivory's head with
both hands and kissed her passionately on the mouth, cutting off a half
formed yelp.

"MMMmmmaauuuugghhhh!" The older woman's cry of distress was muffled by
Chyna's hot lips and questing tongue.

The frigid RTC Spokeswoman's entire body quivered with shock and disgust.
Her arms came up and flailed ineffectually against the bigger woman's broad
shoulders, trying vainly to push her off. Chyna was unrelenting, thrusting
her long tongue deep into Ivory's mouth, wrestling with her tongue and
licking her palate. Ivory could taste Chyna's lipstick and saliva and it
made her feel ill.

Then Chyna broke off and the kiss was over. Ivory spluttered and spat as she
struggled not to retch. She had been kissed by Chyna! She looked back at the
broadly grinning amazon, and then down to the gigantic, impossible,
throbbing penis between her thighs and her stomach started to turn
somersaults in her belly. This couldn't be happening! It couldn't be real!

The two black women twisted Ivory's arms up behind her and forced her to her
knees. Chyna threw off her robe so that she was wearing only her high-heeled,
knee-length boots and stepped closer so that her powerful thighs were on
either side of the smaller woman's head. The large screen suddenly sprang to
life on the stage, and the crowd cheered as the concealed cameramen caught
the moment when the unbelievably huge, heavy penis of Chyna swung forward and
bumped against the side of Ivory's face. The moral campaigner flinched and
screwed her eyes shut tight as it bounced up against her cheek.

"You've got a sweet mouth slut," Chyna said as she licked her scarlet lips,
"I can't wait to try it!"

"Chyna, please, n-no!" Ivory begged once, looking up at the face of her
amazonian dominator with the tears rolling from her eyes as she pleaded for
mercy. Ivory was utterly repulsed by the idea of what Chyna wanted her to
do. She could not imagine that it was even possible, since the huge head of
Chyna's cock was far too large to fit!

"Don't worry, bitch," Chyna said, almost as though she were reading Ivory's
mind, "We all know what a big mouth you've got! It's time you put it to good

"P-please! Pleeeease! No!" Ivory implored, the sick feeling in her soul
worsening as the stiffening shaft bumped against her face as she twisted her
head to one side again.

Then she shut up, as the slimy head of Chyna's dick contacted her lips. The
brunette clamped her mouth closed, almost biting on her own lips in her
determination not to do this disgusting, perverted act.

"Suck my cock Ivory!" Chyna said forcefully as she guided her enormous
she-cock to the girl's mouth with one hand and grasping Ivory's tight braid
to hold her head steady with the other. Despite Chyna's firm grip Ivory
still tried to twist away from her fate.

"MMMMMNNNnnnn!!!" The muffled cry came as the big round knob of Chyna's
cockhead mashed up against the older woman's lips. Chyna grasped a tight
hold on her 16-inch dick and began slapping it against Ivory's severely
attractive face. Ivory turned her face away and kept her mouth shut.

Ivory was determined not to do this deplorable act. She knew all about the
sick lusts and depraved perversions that weak-willed people indulged in.
Steven Richards said that it was important for them to understand how such
appalling wickedness could corrupt people into sin and immorality. She had
seen the pictures and videos of the disgusting things that people did, with
each other, with objects, even with animals. Steven had explained how the
weak could not defend themselves against images that appealed to the
primitive, uncivilized parts of the human psyche but that somebody with
morality, virtue, and goodness in their hearts could resist the lure. She
had not been sure that she agreed entirely. She had noticed the bulge that
appeared in Richards' trousers while watching the perverted material, and
she was herself ashamed that she had noticed it, but they had remained
professional throughout their regular viewing sessions.

But the thought of doing any of those things, but especially the thought of
a penis in her mouth, utterly nauseated her. It just wasn't natural. It was
disgusting! Oh god, She'd have to taste it!

Chyna's slimy cock pressed more firmly against Ivory's tightly clamped lips
and the moral campaigner whimpered in fear and loathing.

"Open your mouth, Bitch!" Chyna snarled, "Open your mouth and suck my big

Ivory felt the amazon's free hand grip her chin, the long fingers curling
around to dig into her cheeks, crushing the soft flesh against her teeth as
they tried to force their way between her jaws. The two black women holding
her down suddenly grasped Ivory's clothed breasts, rubbing them quickly to
find the prominent tips of her fear-stiffened nipples.

"NNNnnnnnnaaauuullllpppppphhhhhhmmmmMMMMMfff!!!" Ivory cried out as they
pinched and twisted her teats viciously through the layers of her shirt and
bra, but the moment her lips parted to emit the sound Chyna's penis rushed
forward to force its way through the gap.

"Oh Yeah Ivory, do it! Suck my cock!" The flavor and smell of the slimy
organ filled her senses, the creamy, salty taste vile to the frigid RTC
spokeswoman. "Suck my COCK! Make me cum in your innocent little mouth!"

Ivory had no choice but to comply. She was terrified by what Chyna intended
to do to her and did not want to antagonize her further. As disgusting as
this was, perhaps if she played along then Chyna might go a little easier on
her later? She dreaded to think what the musclebound bitch would do to her
if she tried to bite her cock, so she did as she was told and tried to suck
the huge penis into her mouth. Her wide mouth was open as far as possible
but couldn't even get it around the big bulbous head of Chyna's gigantic
dick. That didn't matter to Chyna though. She just leant forward and pushed
harder, forcing the fleshy cockhead into the helpless woman's defenseless

Chyna moaned loudly and pumped her giant shaft with her fist as she looked
down at the face of the older woman, her fuck-slut. She enjoyed the
sensation of her hated enemy sucking on her mighty member and she slowly
licked her lips in pleasure as she moaned.

"Lick my dick you worthless little BITCH!!" Chyna demanded, pulling her cock
out of Ivory's mouth with an audible `pop' and slapping the shaft against
her face. "Bathe my big prick with your tongue!"

She rubbed her meaty penis against the moralist's lips and was rewarded with
sobs of disgust, fear and defeat.

Ivory obeyed Chyna's orders tearfully, sliding her tongue all over the
raven-haired amazon's throbbing shaft and dragging her tongue all the way
from the base all the way to the glistening tip. Chyna dictated Ivory's
actions and the humiliated diva complied submissively, even as she mentally
railed against the perversity that she was forced to perform. She ran her
tongue all over the entire cock, licking it up and down. Ivory caressed the
underside of Chyna's giant member with her tongue, the tip feeling the
pounding of Chyna's pulse through the thick veins than ran the full length
of that incredibly massive pole.

"Oh yes! Ohhh . . . lick it! Lick my cock!!" Chyna moaned, her enormous
breasts heaving as her breathing became deeper.

Ivory continued to lick Chyna's throbbing erection and tried to ignore the
cheers and catcalls of the audience. She could not believe she was kneeling
before Chyna in front of hundreds of people and licking a woman's cock!

Chyna wrapped her long-fingered hand around her massive member, although her
fingers were not long enough to encircle that incredible phallus, and raised
it so that its throbbing length pressed against her washboard abs, the tip
of it disappearing into the valley of her huge breasts. Chyna's fist-sized
testicles hung heavily between her legs.

"Lick my balls Ivory, suck them into your mouth! Suck my nuts, bitch!"

Ivory slid her tongue all over Chyna's smooth hairless ballsac, thoroughly
bathing every square inch of it with her saliva. The frigid moralizer looked
up at Chyna with an expression of utter defeat and humiliation as she opened
her mouth wide around one of Chyna's big balls and began sucking. She sucked
as much of the raven-haired amazon's sperm-loaded testicle into her mouth as
she could. As wide and big as her mouth was, she could just barely get that
one inside and her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked wetly.

"Mmmmm! Oh yes! Suck it!" Chyna moaned.

Ivory was completely disgusted by what she was being forced to do. The warm,
fleshy testicle felt utterly wrong, alien even, as it moved around inside
the hairless scrotum, surprisingly cool as it slipped from side to side as
she worked on it with her tongue. After a while she switched to the other
huge ball.

As Ivory served her, Chyna rolled her shoulders forward, using her biceps to
press her massive mammaries together and trap the head of her monstrous cock
between them. She held her cock straight up and wrapped her free hand under
her tits to make the valley tighter, and then she began rocking her hips
back and forth, slowly enough that Ivory's mouth could stay firmly fastened
to her scrotum but with enough speed that she could enjoy her solitary

Chyna slowly pumped her wet penis between her tits, making wet squishing
sounds as her pre-cum lubricated her cleavage, and gazed down into the
defeated eyes of her enemy. With her dick securely held by her own globes,
she was able to release it and use both hands to grind her tits back and
forth around her own cock, rubbing and squeezing it with her mammoth
mammaries, and pinching her nipples frequently. She made the disgusted diva
suck on her balls for at least ten minutes before she finally allowed her to

Chyna took one step back and released her massive hard-on. It sprang out
energetically and struck Ivory on the forehead, one squirt of almost clear
pre-cum erupting from the tip to dribble down her face, much to the delight
of the audience watching it in close up on the projection. Ivory flinched
back but the two black women still held her in place so that Chyna's jutting
erection swayed less than an inch in front of her, the tip so close that she
could not focus on it.

Chyna licked her lips lasciviously and reached down between her legs and
gripped the base of her huge penis, able to wrap her hand only halfway
around it. Chyna gripped her dick and rubbed it all over the woman's face
once more, savoring Ivory's defeated sobs and pathetic protests.

"Okay Ivory, you're pretty good at sucking balls but now you're gonna
deep-throat my cock! Every last inch of it!"

Ivory was terrified, trembling with fear. She couldn't possibly take it, she
couldn't swallow that 16-inch cock; it just wasn't possible. She tried to
struggle again but she was held fast, there was no escape! Chyna was going
to choke her to death on that massive monstrosity, she just knew it! She
clamped her mouth shut but, as they had before, Ms. Van Dyke and Miss
Sapphos pinched and twisted Ivory's clothed nipples until she screamed and
Chyna's huge she-cock filled Ivory's mouth again.

Ivory panicked and twisted her head vigorously to spit out the head of her
penis. "N-Nooo! Please! It's too big, Chyna! You can't do this! I'm begging
you! PLEASE!!! You'll choke me to death! It's TOO BIG!!!!"

"It wouldn't be as much fun if it wasn't too big!" Chyna sneered, "Now shut
up and SUCK!"

Chyna brutally lunged forward, ramming a quarter of her massive penis into
the diva's mouth mid-protest and powering down her tight gullet.

"AAAAWWWRRGggggggllllhhhhhh!!!!" The moral campaigner gagged, her throat
impaled and stretched by the enormous invading cock.

Chyna pulled back slightly and slammed forward again in one hard, quick,
savage jab, forcing half of her throbbing hard-on down Ivory's throat.

"MMMUUUUAAAAWWwwrrrgggghh!!!" Ivory choked, tears now streaming from her
wide-open eyes.

In extremis she managed to jerk her arms from her captors and she flailed
against Chyna's hips in a futile effort to push her away, to get the woman's
massive maleness from her tortured throat. It was obvious that the little
moralizer did not have the strength to balk Chyna's lustful thrusts, so the
black women didn't bother to recapture her arms. They let her pound away
uselessly at the dominating dick-dyke because, just like the people in the
audience, they were turned on by the sight of her futile struggle.

Ivory was still fully dressed, and the image of the respectable,
conservatively attired woman being orally raped by a well-hung musclebound
she-male had every man, woman, boy and girl powerfully aroused and most of
them were masturbating furiously in their seats.

"GGLLLLLLHHAAAAAAAUUUUHHGGG!!!" Ivory gurgled as Chyna again withdrew
slightly and then lunged forward again, spearing three-quarters of her
monstrous appendage in Ivory's tight, clasping throat.

Chyna groaned as her victim's gullet gripped her huge cock tightly, squeezing
it delightfully with her instinctive gag reflex. The girl's widely stretched
throat spasmed reflexively over and over again, rapidly clasping Chyna's cock
furiously as she involuntarily sought to force it out. Chyna threw her head
back, her long black hair flying wildly, and she reveled in the pleasure from
her throat spearing cock and the fear of her orally impaled enemy. She didn't
pull back again, instead she hunkered forward slightly and then forced the
rest of her massive cockshaft down Ivory's tightly gripping, unwilling

"MMMMAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHhhmmmpppphhh!!!" Ivory screamed as Chyna's huge balls
came to rest on her chin and every last inch of that monstrous cock was
buried in her throat.

Ivory's chest heaved as she fought for air and her frantically thrashing
arms came up behind Chyna to grasp at the amazon's big muscular buttocks.
She clutched at them desperately and tried to pull Chyna back in vain. The
raven-haired domina simply stayed where she was, not moving at all and
smiling wickedly as she enjoyed the sensations that Ivory's wet, spastic
throat provided her.

"You don't look so prim-and-proper now, Ivory. Not with my big dick rammed
down your throat!"

With no air Ivory swiftly became light-headed and stars swam before her
wide-open, tear-filled eyes, her jaws ached from being forced open so wide
and it felt as though Chyna's cock was filling her chest. Her heartbeat was
a hammer pounding against the invading penis. Just when Ivory felt sure that
the whirling dizziness and falling darkness spelled the end for her, Chyna
finally pulled her cock all the way out of the diva's throat with a wet
sucking sound.

Ivory immediately coughed and gasped loudly for breath, ropy strands of
drool connecting her lips to the amazon's mighty she-cock. She fell forward
and her body heaved as she gulped in great lungfuls of precious air.

"Oh, you're good! I can hardly believe that you've never done this before! I
think maybe you aren't as virtuous as you'd like us to think! You're must be
a natural cock-sucking whore!" Chyna said.

She slapped her big saliva covered dick against the diva's face with a wet
smack and rubbed it all over her attractive features. She loved the look of
defeat and helplessness in Ivory's eyes when she looked up pleadingly.

"Don't think I'm done with you Ivory. We haven't even started yet!" Chyna
sneered, delighting in the humiliation of the little brunette. "You have to
learn obedience! You're my slave now Ivory, just a fuck-slut for my pleasure!
My own personal RAPE-BITCH!"

Ivory sobbed as Chyna smeared her spit-covered cock over the diva's face.

"I want you to beg me bitch. Beg for me to fuck your throat! Beg for me to
blow my load into your mouth! Have you ever tasted cum Ivory? You're going
to learn to love it!"

The weeping diva looked up imploringly. "Please . . . Chyna, please . ."

"That's a good start," Chyna smirked, "but you can do better! Come on Ivory,
beg for my dick!"

"Chyna, p . . . please don't . . . for the love of God, please stop . . ."
Ivory's pleading was broken by gasping sobs.

"Wrong sort of begging BITCH!" Chyna snarled and slapped Ivory's face with
her slimy dick once more.

The amazon knelt down in front of Ivory so that their faces were closer to
level. "Let me explain what's going to happen, just so that you are quite
clear on this," she said softly, "At the moment I am going to rape your
mouth, your pussy and your ass, and for every time that you disobey an
order, you'll earn a penalty. You won't know what the penalty is until I do
it to you, but you won't like it. You just earned your first penalty. So,
what I suggest is, that you do exactly what I tell you to, and just try to
relax. You might even enjoy it!"

Chyna stood back up and her monumental penis reared up over Ivory's head
once more. "Now, one more time, BEG!"

The humiliated moralizer stared up at the towering she-male, frozen with
fear and disgust, and the inability to think of anything. She wracked her
brain to remember the sorts of things that the perverted and exploited women
in porno films said, but she was coming up blank.

"P . . . please Chyna . . . please, I want . . . I want to suck y . . .
your, your cock."

"Come on Ivory, you can do better than that! Tell me how much you want it!
Tell me what a good cocksucker you are! Tell me you want to drink my spunk!"

The brunette shuddered and blushed hotly with shame. "C . . . Chyna . . ."

"Come on, beg! Unless you want another penalty?"

Ivory screwed up her resolve to obey. She had no choice. She had to publicly
consent to, publicly ask, for the degradation that Chyna was meting out to
her. The fact that begging for her abuse added to the humiliation that she
suffered was not lost to her or her abusers.

She licked her dry lips and grimaced as she tasted the remnant flavor of
Chyna's cock.

"Oh please Chyna, I want to . . . I want to suck your big cock. I want to .
. ." her voice broke with a sob, "I want you to shoot your sperm in my
mouth. I want to . . . to drink your sperm. I want to learn what it tastes
like. Please Chyna, teach me how to be a . . . a good cocksucker."

Ivory closed her eyes to shut out the vision of Chyna's smirking face.
"Please Chyna, fuck my face!

"Since you asked so nicely!" Chyna laughed, "Open your mouth slut!" she
demanded, pressing the tremendous head of her huge throbbing penis against
the older woman's lips.

Ivory had to give in. She opened her mouth wide once again and as soon as
she did the massive knob of amazon's cock lunged forward. In one great
thrust, the entire monstrous length of Chyna's penis was jammed down the
diva's throat.

"MMMUUUUUAAWWWWLLLLGGHHH!!!" Ivory gagged, her tear-filled eyes wide with
terror. It was no easier a second time and her neck and chest spasmed around
the intruder.

"Oh yeah, that's nice! Suck on my dick like a good little bitch while I fuck
your throat!" Chyna snarled.

She pulled her cock back out of Ivory's tight throat and the diva did as she
was commanded and sucked hard. Ivory's cheeks hollowed out as she suctioned
with all her strength on Chyna's massive cock. Ivory had no idea how to do
what Chyna wanted, and no desire to do it either, but as she had no choice
she simply sucked repeatedly on the column of flesh in her mouth, desperately
trying to ignore the disgusting heat and taste of it. To the she-male amazon
it felt as though Ivory was trying to give a love-bite to her whole cock!

"Get your tongue on it. Wiggle it against my cock!"

Ivory obeyed, alternating her deep sucks with thrashing applications of her
tongue to the giant shaft. Although Ivory's ministrations were both
inexperienced and incompetent, it was that very innocence that most turned
Chyna on. Chyna was sure that this really was the first time that the older
woman had ever had a dick in her mouth, and that knowledge alone was almost
enough to make her cum, especially with the look of humiliation and torment
on Ivory's impaled face.

They settled into a rhythm with Chyna slowly plunging her full length down
Ivory's gullet, then the older woman sucking hard as she withdrew and finally
swirling her tongue around the head of it as Chyna paused just long enough
for Ivory to catch a breath. All the time the RTC Spokeswoman was keenly
aware of her degradation, kneeling before her mortal enemy and sucking her
impossible cock in front of an audience of non-whites. From the corner of her
eye she could see herself on the big screen, sucking Chyna's cock like a
common prostitute. She was thoroughly humiliated and despoiled, and she knew
there was worse to come, but Ivory was forced to accept her fate.

There was a loud wet sucking "POP!" when Chyna suddenly pulled her cockhead
out of Ivory's sucking mouth. The heavy she-cock bobbed pendulously in front
of the moralizer while big wet strands of saliva hung in ropes between penis
and mouth.

"You like that Ivory? You like being my cock-sucking whore?"

Ivory said nothing. She was trying to resist the urge to swallow the mingled
saliva and pre-cum in her mouth and it drooled from her lips as she gasped
for air.

"I asked you a question! Do you enjoy sucking cock like some common little
slut? DO YOU?!"

Ivory gave the only answer that she knew was acceptable.

". . . yes . . ."

"GOOD! Because your gonna be getting as much cock as you can handle from now
on WHORE, and then a lot more besides!"

Chyna slammed her massive penis all the way down the startled diva's throat
in one hard savage thrust.

"GGGHHHLLLLLAAAAUUUUMMMPPPPHHHH!!! Ivory choked, as her lips were stretched
wide around the base of Chyna's cock and the amazon's huge balls slapped
against her chin.

Chyna held her cock in the debased diva's throat and adjusted her stance,
spreading her legs wider apart for a good fucking pose. Her huge breasts
heaved as she enjoyed the way Ivory's gagging throat was squeezing and
contracting on her gigantic erection and she moaned with pleasure.

"Oh YES! Suck my cock you worthless little SLUT! I'm raping your throat and
you LOVE it, don't you BITCH?!" Chyna snarled.

Ivory couldn't answer but Chyna smiled as the contractions of her throat
increased in response to the insult. When Chyna finally pulled her penis
back, she gasped with pleasure as the moral campaigner sucked hard on her
enormous cock. When the head popped out of Ivory's mouth, she gasped and
coughed for air before Chyna repeated the process, plunging her massive
member balls-deep down her throat again.

Again and again, Chyna rammed her monstrous she-cock in and out of the girl's
sucking mouth and tight wet throat.

"Suck it BITCH! Suck my big hard DICK!"

Chyna started slamming her cock faster and harder down the diva's gagging
and unwilling throat. She barely gave her time to catch a quick gasp of air
as she increased her sadistic oral assault.

With the increase in the tempo of Chyna's fucking, the audience became
quieter, watching in anticipation as the she-male amazon approached orgasm.
The meeting hall echoed with the sounds of the meaty smacks of Chyna's balls
colliding with Ivory's face, the sucking sounds of Ivory's mouth, the wet
squishing sounds of Chyna's cock fucking her throat, the wet sucking `pops'
of the raven-haired amazon's cock as it pulled out of Ivory's mouth, the
diva's gasps for air, the loud moans and groans of Chyna until she eventually
reached her own climax.

"OOOOAAAAAHHHHH! I'm gonna CUM! I'm gonna cum Ivory, gonna cum in your
mouth! Aaahhh! Gonna shoot my load down your throat and fill your belly with
my SPERM!!!" Chyna yelled.

She lunged forward hard and kept her big throbbing cock buried to the hilt
in Ivory's widely stretched throat, the diva's gag reflex still frantically
squeezing her cock.


Chyna's big dick suddenly jerked and spasmed. Ivory wept with disgust as she
felt powerful thick jets of sperm shoot repeatedly from Chyna's climaxing
cock inside her virginal throat. The pulsing spurts were so strong that
Ivory could actually hear them.

To the humiliated RTC woman, the stream filling her belly with she-spunk
seemed to last forever, but it was no more than a minute before Chyna pulled
out of her tight gullet.

"Drink my CUM bitch! Swallow it ALL!!!"

Ivory's face contorted with revulsion as Chyna rested her still erupting
cockhead in her mouth, forcing the brunette to taste Chyna's simultaneously
creamy and salty sperm before she swallowed it down. Chyna pulled back a
little more so that her cockhead came out of Ivory's warm mouth and rubbed
her sperm-shooting cock all over the prudish diva's face.

The moral campaigner flinched and sobbed with loathing for what was happening
to her, but the men and women in the audience erupted with cheers at the
sight of Chyna's cum painting her victim's face and turning it into a sticky
mess. The sperm splattered across her cringing skin and her tightly tied
hair, dripping down onto her white cotton blouse and making the material
transparent with wet splotches where it landed.

"AAAAHHHHH! YEAAHHH! This is all you're good for, you WORTHLESS SLAVE! From
now on you're just a CUM-SLUT!!!" Chyna snarled, wrapping her fist around
the base of her big jerking cock. "Open your mouth, SLAVE and swallow my

Chyna placed the head of her spasming dyke-dick almost inside the girl's
mouth. She spurted her thick jizz directly into her open mouth, filling it
in seconds with gooey sperm.

Ivory didn't swallow. She couldn't. Her belly rebelled against the she-spunk
already filling it and Ivory fought the urge to retch. Chyna continued to
fill her oral cavity to overflowing with her thick sperm and it rolled down
the debased diva's cheeks from the corners of her mouth.

"SWALLOW IT BITCH!!! Swallow it ALL!!!" Chyna demanded.

The tearful Ivory tried, she forced her throat to open but as the warm slimy
liquid entered her gullet her gag reflex kicked in, causing her to choke.
Ivory coughed and spluttered with her mouth and throat filled with cum,
spraying the thick white spunk up into the air so that it landed on her face
and clothed breasts. Her face fell forward and Chyna's geysering cum
splattered against her tightly tied hair. Chyna stepped back slightly and,
with an evil grin, she aimed her spurting dick over Ivory's white cotton

Ivory continued to cough and spit as Chyna's torrential ejaculation ran its
course, dousing the diva with amazonian she-spunk.

Once her balls had sent the last spurt of sperm over Ivory's kneeling body
the crowd erupted into cheers and whoops at the sight of the fallen diva.
Her features were barely recognizable underneath a glistening mask of slimy
cum and the spunk dripped down from her chin in slow sticky strands, her
blouse had become transparent where sperm had soaked through the material
and the outline of Ivory's bra could clearly be seen beneath it, her breasts
heaving with great sobs that delighted the audience.

Chyna stepped away from her humiliated victim with her pendulous cum-dripping
cock swinging heavily between her legs. The massive column of flesh was still
semi-hard and twitched lustfully. The amazon knelt down and smeared the blade
of her hand over Ivory's slimy face, scooping up her own cum into her palm.

"Okay slut, lick it all up!" she said as she dragged her hand across Ivory's

Disgusted but compliant, Ivory stuck out her tongue and licked Chyna's cum
from her hand like an obedient pet. Once she had licked and swallowed the
first load, Chyna used her fingers to scoop up more of the sperm mask and
ordered Ivory to suck it from her fingers. It took several minutes for Ivory
to lick and suck all the spunk that Chyna scraped from her until her face
bore only the glistening residue of its coating.

Chyna then dropped to her knees, her legs to either side of Ivory's and her
heavy cock landing in the diva's skirt-covered lap. Chyna grabbed the woman's
braid and tilted her head back. Ivory gasped in pain and Chyna mashed her
mouth against Ivory's cum-smeared lips, kissing her passionately. Chyna
probed the diva's mouth with her invading tongue, sucking and licking the
remains of her sperm from her victim's mouth. Ivory gagged slightly as
Chyna's thick long tongue slid all the way to the back of her throat in its
search for spunk.

Finally, Chyna pulled away from her passionately obscene kiss, long ropes of
drool and cum connecting her lips to Ivory's. The RTC Spokeswoman gasped and
panted for breath as she fought the powerful urge to throw up the churning
contents of her swollen stomach.

"There now, wasn't that fun?"

* * *

Ivory didn't put up any fight as the two black women pulled her up to her
feet and stood her so that she was facing the audience. Her cheeks burned
red with shame and humiliation as the crowd cheered at the sight of her
fully clothed, cum-covered body.

"Tell me Ivory," Chyna said once the cheers died down, "why is that you
disapprove of nudity? After all, there is nothing unnatural about nudity,
and the naked body is a beautiful thing. Although some of us have much, much
better bodies than others!" Chyna smiled smugly and indicated her own naked,
perfect she-male figure.

"Is that the reason? Is it because you are ashamed of your body Ivory? I
think that you should show us all what it is that you are so ashamed of, so
that we can give you our honest opinion!"

Ivory heard the two black women chuckle behind her.

"Come on Ivory, strip!" The last word had the crack of command.

Ivory stood motionless as her guards released her.

"I said STRIP!"

Still, Ivory did nothing, her body focused on holding down the spunk that
roiled in her belly as her mind insisted on replaying the humiliation she
had suffered and conjuring up visions of everything that was yet to come.

"Listen bitch, you've already earned two penalties, trust me when I say that
you don't want a third. For the first offence of not obeying orders I'm
going to shave your pussy." Ivory closed her eyes and trembled. "Your second
offence was spitting out my cum, and that deserves a very serious punishment.
But since all of this is new to you I'm going to give you a chance. You are
going to take off all of your clothes, everything, voluntarily. You're going
to perform a little striptease for us. If you do it really well then I might
let you off with a less severe penalty, but for every second that you delay
it will get worse."

"Now STRIP!" Chyna snapped.

Ivory remained motionless with her eyes shut.



"Chyna, please, haven't you done enough?" the cum-splattered diva said in
little more than a whisper.

The amazonian she-male smirked. "Three."

Ivory's hand fluttered to the collar of her sticky blouse. She couldn't do
it. She stared out at the lustful crowd and knew that she couldn't do it.


She had no choice, she told herself. Chyna wanted her to humiliate herself
in front of all these people, and she didn't have any option but to obey.
She had to do it herself, because if she didn't she was sure that Chyna and
her accomplices would do it for her, and then they would hurt her for her


Ivory fumbled with the clasp as she tried to remove it in a hurry. The pin
wouldn't unfasten and she tore at it desperately. The jeweled broach hit the
stage just as Chyna opened her mouth to count `six', but instead she grinned
broadly as Ivory began pulling apart the buttons on her blouse.

She was choking back sobs as she wrenched the blouse open, several buttons
popping free with the clumsy force she used. Her skin recoiled from the
horrible wet patches that stained the material but in moments she had tugged
the ends out of the waistband to her skirt and the full length of her blouse
was open. She paused momentarily as she screwed up the nerve to continue.
The knowledge that her situation was helpless actually helped to bolster her
resolve, and in one swift movement she pulled the slimy blouse off her body,
exposing her plain white bra to the cheers of the audience.

She struggled to pull the sleeves from her arms as she had forgotten to
unbutton the cuffs, but that held her up for no time at all. She toed off
her sensible shoes and then she reached around behind her back to unzip the
long black skirt. Her bright red blush extended down to her chest as her
embarrassment rose even further. She quickly tore the button away from the
waistband and let the heavy skirt fall to the ground.

The audience hooted in appreciation. Ivory's almost naked body, covered only
by her plain white cotton bra and panties, was firm and athletic and her skin
was as pale and perfect as her name suggested.

Ivory took several deep breaths before reaching back to get to the fastening
of her bra.

"Not like that." Chyna's voice called across the stage. "Turn around. Tease
them a bit!"

Despite her misery Ivory could hear the mocking laughter in the amazon's
voice, but she did as she was told and turn to face the five women on the
stage. And the huge projector screen that showed her exposed body in
magnified detail. The women gave her directions on how to finish her
incompetent striptease, and Ivory followed their instructions compliantly.

"Now, undo your bra and slide it down your arms." Said the older Black
woman, Ms. Van Dyke.

The women gazed at Ivory's small but shapely, milky-white breasts with
lustful eyes.

"Hold it out to your side and drop it onto the floor." Said the teenager,

Ivory fought the urge to cover herself as the crowd hooted behind her.

"No, don't take off your panties yet. Bend over at the waist, as far as you
can go." Said the tiny oriental girl, Miss Honey.

The moral campaigner felt her mortification become even greater as she

"Now spread your legs apart." Said Ms. Baucherie.

Ivory did so, and through her parted thighs she could see the licentious
expressions on the upside-down faces of the people behind her.

"Pump your hips back and forth, like you're fucking yourself onto some big
stud!" Ordered Chyna.

The frigid moralist had no idea how to do something like that, but she made
the best guess she could and judging from the cheers of the audience it was
obviously working to inflame their lusts even further.

"Close your legs and pull down your panties." Said the tiny Chinese girl,
"No, don't straighten up! Let everyone see your sexy ass as you peel your
panties off. And do it slowly."

Ivory thought that she might die from shame, so mortified was she as she
slowly pulled the last remaining item of clothing from her body. The crowd
whooped and cheered as the white cotton made its way down her shapely legs
and eventually dropped onto the stage below. The black fleece of Ivory's
pussy showed starkly between the pale white skin of her athletic thighs,
delighting the depraved audience. The cameramen zoomed in for a close-up and
everyone could clearly see the slight pinkness poking through her fur-covered

The moralist remained naked and bent over to show off her pussy and ass to
the watching men, women and children for what felt like an eternity to Ivory.
Her shame was like waves of heat washing over her body, even as her skin
pimpled and her nipples hardened in response to the cool air.

"Okay, stand up straight," said Chyna.

Ivory complied, her hands automatically moving to cover her furry pussy and
exposed breasts as she did so. Chyna just smiled as Ivory trembled facing
her abuser.

"Now turn around."

Her eyes closed momentarily while she forced herself to comply with Chyna's
command. Her bare feet shuffled in tiny steps as she slowly turned on the
spot where she stood, her hands still covering her unappreciated charms.

There were more cheers as the upright moral campaigner stood stripped and
shivering in the middle of the stage before an audience of hundreds of
lust-crazed men and women, still trying to maintain her dignity.

"It's time Ivory. Show all these good people what you've been hiding all
your life!"

Ivory's hands twitched but didn't move far, just hovered a little over their
previous positions as she instinctively tried to cover her exposure.

"Spread your arms wide you cock-sucking slut, straight out!"

Ivory did so and closed her eyes once more as the crowd applauded and stamped
their feet at the sight of her fully revealed nudity.

"Open your eyes Ivory, take a good look at all these people. Look into their
eyes and see how much they desire you. See how much you're turning them on!
Don't you like that? Don't you like knowing that your hot, sexy body is
turning these men on so much that they can't wait to stuff their big hard
dicks into you?"

Ivory sobbed as she saw the cruel and unadulterated craving that burned in
the eyes of the men and women out there.

"Come on Ivory, I know that you've always wanted men to find you attractive.
Well now they are! So give us a smile, show them that you're pleased that
they like you. That's it, a big wide grin to show how happy you are to be a

Her smile never touched her large fear-filled eyes, it was more a rictus of
terror, a broad curving of her lips that was totally unconvincing and filled
the screen behind her. This was worse than her worst nightmare! Naked,
exposed, shamed, forced to suck cock and drink sperm in front of so many
people that were cheering her assailant on. And she knew that her ordeal
would continue, and that it was going to get worse. She could not really
believe that it was possible that she could be any more humiliated than she
felt now, but she could not stop the images from forming in her head of the
things that Chyna had promised to do to her.

She had only wanted to help people, to make them better, more moral human
beings. She didn't deserve this! Oh God, it was so unfair!

* * *

Ivory stood and endured the exposure, the scrutiny and the catcalls of the
crowd, for what seemed like an eternity. The pale white skin of her face,
neck and chest was flushed almost red with her shame, and she felt very cold
and alone.

"I guess they really do like what you've got Ivory! Doesn't it make you feel
all tingly inside, knowing that HUNDREDS of men have big, throbbing hard-ons
because of you? They're practically ready to explode they want to fuck you
so bad!"

Ivory heard Chyna's voice grow louder as she approached the naked diva from
behind and she trembled fearfully as the amazon approached. Her mind's eye
insistently imagining the spectacle of Chyna's massive, semi-erect, penis
wobbling between her muscular thighs as she moved. Then she felt it, the hot
wet tip of the monstrous she-cock pressing against the upper swell of her
left buttock. Hot breath against the back of her neck sent a shiver down her
spine before Chyna's hands came around to caress Ivory's firm breasts,
causing another shiver to travel back up to her brain.

"I can't say I blame them," Chyna said softly, "It's all I can do to stop
myself from raping your sexy little ass right now!"

Ivory flinched and whimpered slightly, but remained standing as she was, her
arms spread wide and her nakedness exposed, as Chyna pressed her powerful
body against the smaller woman's back. The amazon's huge breasts squashed
against Ivory's shoulder blades and the enormous dick grinding up against
her spine as Chyna humped her hips forward.

"A nice handful, just the way I like them!" Chyna breathed as she tweaked
the moral campaigner's stiff nipples.

"You've got an amazingly hot body Ivory, it's practically a crime that
you've been hiding this away. This is something that deserves to be shared,
not concealed under those horrible drab outfits you wear. Don't worry
though, we'll make up for lost time yet, and we'll teach you what all this
sexiness is for!"

Chyna's long-fingered hand slid down Ivory's well-defined abdominals to comb
through her soft pubic hair once again.

"But before we do, there is something that we need to take care of. I owe
you a punishment!"

Chyna tugged on Ivory's pubic hair sharply enough to elicit a yelp of pain.

"Go to the desk." Chyna ordered moments later after taking her hands off
Ivory's naked, quivering body.

The moral campaigner flinched with trepidation, but made no move to obey.

"Get over there you stupid little slut!"

Ivory jumped and hurried to comply, only to stop suddenly as she caught
sight of herself on the huge projection screen. She froze as the reality of
her situation, her exposed vulnerability, hit her once again. Her head
flicked back to look at the crowd and her trembling became even more
pronounced. Her knees went weak and she tried to shrink in on herself,
trying to hide even though there was nowhere and no way to do so.

Chyna's hand swung down and struck Ivory's firm ass with a resounding
`smack!' - snapping Ivory out of her stasis. She scurried across the stage
and stood in front of the table, her head bowed and her back to the

The Ninth Wonder spun Ivory around by her shoulders and directed her to the
end of the table. She pushed her back so that the edge of the table pressed
against the upper swell of her buttocks and forced the naked woman to lie
down on the wooden desk.

Two of the black women came forward and grabbed one of Ivory's ankles each.
The prim diva moaned and fought against opening her legs, but the women were
too strong for her to prevent herself from being exposed utterly.

Chyna stepped between her spread legs and pressed the palm of her open hand
against the downy curls that covered Ivory's pubis.

"You have a very pretty pussy, Ivory." She raked her fingers through the
soft silky hair. "But I want to see it in all its glory!"

Ivory's heart leapt as Ms. Van Dyke handed Chyna a gleaming cut-throat
razor. Then she remembered Chyna's promise to shave her nude and shivered,
closing her eyes in useless denial. Ivory's flushed face blanched as the
sharp blade descended toward her sex. Chyna pulled a handful of hair up from
the fur-covered delta.

"Hold still Ivory, neither one of us wants any mistakes now do we?"

Ivory gasped as Chyna began running the cold razor over her mound,
dry-shaving her virgin pussy. The edge was well-honed, and although the
hairs jerked their roots as Chyna passed over them, each stroke of her hand
carried away a swathe of the short dark curls that adorned her sex. Chyna
was clearly well practiced in intimate shaving, as she quickly denuded the
older woman's mons and moved onto her pussy-lips, scraping away every wisp
of hair until Ivory was as naked as the day she was born.

The moralist did not want to see the result of her latest humiliation, and
so she kept her eyes closed, her face a picture of abject misery as she felt
the oddly cool sensation of the air against her sensitive shaven skin. Then
she screamed as something cold and wet was applied to her groin, stinging
the exposed flesh horribly.

"Don't worry, this will just prevent any rash . . . and help keep you nice
and smooth like a good little slut!"

Chyna smiled as she massaged the lotion into her enemy's vulnerable pussy,
enjoying Ivory's continued whimpering.

"Take a look Ivory. Take a good long look at your sexy little cunt!"

Ivory kept her eyes closed until Chyna jerked her head up by her braid,
forcing her to face the huge projector screen. On it was displayed Ivory's
shaven pussy between her wide spread thighs, and, at the top of the screen
she could see her own face turned to the left. It was strange and disturbing
to see herself so totally naked and exposed, every detail of her intimate
treasures on displayed for hundreds of leering men, women, and children.

The RTC spokeswoman was completely transfixed by the sight, even after Chyna
released her braid and returned to the other end of the table she was still
unable to tear her eyes away from the vision of herself, denuded and
degraded as she was.

* * *

"And now, since you're positioned so conveniently, I think we'll get the
second punishment out of the way immediately."

Startled, Ivory looked down her body, through the V of her thighs and over
her freshly shorn pubis, and into Chyna's eyes. What more could she have in
store for her?

"Spitting out my cum is a very serious offence. One that deserves the most
harsh of punishments, but since you are new to this I am inclined to be
lenient. I think that the real problem here is that you don't understand
that you are my SLAVE! Your sole purpose is my pleasure! So, I think that
what you need is a little reminder, something to ensure that you never
forget your new status!"

Ms. Baucherie handed Chyna something and then she, Ms. Van Dyke and Saffy
adjusted their hold on Ivory to pin her upper body to the desk. The thing in
Chyna's hand looked like a very small gun and Ivory's heart froze in the icy
grip of terror.

"Do you know what this is?"

Ivory didn't, but she was certain that it did not bode well, and her lack of
understanding amplified the fear.

"Well then, how about these?" Chyna pointed to Saffy who held up a couple of
very large silver rings, each at least an inch in diameter.

Ivory was both puzzled and afraid. She could not understand what was going
on. Chyna smirked, amused by the look of apprehensive incomprehension on the
moralizer's beautifully harsh face, and she decided to simply show Ivory
what her second punishment was to be by doing it.

Chyna reached forward with her free hand and began stroking Ivory's right
breast. The skin was tight and the nipples small and stiff with the terror
of what was happening to her, of the weapon in Chyna's hand. The amazon's
fingers swirled slowly around the whimpering woman's tit, spiraling up her
shapely orb until her fingertip teased the nipple. Ivory's face reddened and
small gasps came involuntarily from between her lips as Chyna caressed her
creamy orbs. Almost instantly, her teats swelled larger and began protruding
upward, as though eager for more. Ivory's blushing face turned an even darker
shade of red.

The raven-haired amazon grabbed one erect nipple between finger and thumb
and pulled the hard nub of flesh up from Ivory's body until her breast was
stretched into a cone. Her other hand came up to the extended breast and she
put the tip of the cold metal implement against Ivory's nipple. There was a
gap in the barrel of the thing, right at the end, and it fit easily around
the teat.

Ivory looked down with disbelieving horror. It couldn't be!

"No! Chyna! Don't! DON'T!! STOP!! NOOOOOOOOOAAaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!"

Ivory shrieked with agony as the sharp needle inside the small gun shot
through the meat of her nipple!

Chyna slowly turned the little piercing implement so that the needle twisted
inside Ivory's speared and sensitive nipple, causing the diva to cry out in
pain. The needle was hot, and Ivory squealed as the metal burned her tit,
cauterizing the wound. She struggled futilely against the hands that held
her down, but there were too many and they were too strong. She was helpless
to stop Chyna from taking one of the large rings from Ms. Baucherie and
sliding it through the hole left when the needle was withdrawn. A tiny
trickle of blood ran down her milky white breast but Miss Honey wiped it
away with a damp cloth.

"OH GOD OH NO NO AAAAAIIIIEEEEeeeeee!!!" Ivory screamed as Chyna performed
the same task on the nipple of her left breast, so that both tits were
decorated with large silver rings.

"Do you understand yet BITCH?! You belong to me! I can and will do whatever
I want to you! You are my personal RAPE-SLUT, and these rings will remind
you of that fact for the rest of your life!"

Ivory writhed with resistance, her athletic body rippling with flexing
muscles as she sought to deny the truth of what had just happened. She had
been mutilated; pierced and ringed, and marked as Chyna's personal property!
She begged Chyna to release her, to stop hurting and humiliating her, and
promising to do anything that Chyna wanted if only she would take the rings

"Tut tut Ivory, this is your punishment remember? I told you that for every
second you delayed in stripping off for us that it would get worse. Well,
you took five seconds, which means that you get five rings! Now, where shall
we put the other three I wonder?"

Ivory screamed again as Saffy and Ms. Van Dyke released her upper body and
moved down to pull her legs wide apart once more. The crowd cheered once
more as they realized what was going to happen next. Ivory tried to roll off
the table but the little oriental girl clambered up on top of her and sat on
her chest, pinning her in place.

With Miss Honey sat on her chest preventing her from looking down and one of
the women standing in the way of Ivory's view of the screen, she could not
see what was happening. However, she could see enough at the edges to know
that the audience was being treated to another close up shot of her shaven

It seemed to take an age before she felt the touch of Chyna's fingers,
stroking her full lips and pinching at her protruding labia. Then those
fingers slipped down and apart, spreading her hairless vulva apart. She
sobbed and begged with fear for what she knew would happen next, but instead
of the horrible pain of the needle gun, she felt something pleasurable,
something warm, wet, and prehensile.

Several seconds passed before the humiliated moral campaigner realized that
Chyna had just licked her pussy!

Ivory squirmed in an effort to get her sex away from Chyna's gifted tongue
and she grimaced as she sought to deny the strangely pleasant sensation. The
tendons in Ivory's thighs trembled violently from her futile battle against
the black women holding her legs open. More than anything else in the world,
Ivory desperately wanted to close her legs against the feelings that Chyna
was arousing in her unwilling body. The amazon's tongue speared between her
victim's twitching lips to probe the entrance to her virgin vagina and
obtaining a startled yelp as a result.

Chyna grinned broadly even as she continued to stimulate the inexperienced
older woman. Chyna knew that the psychological torture she was inflicting by
making Ivory wait, dreading the next ring and experiencing unwanted pleasure
in her fear, was almost as effective as the actual piercing itself would be.
One way or another, Ivory would learn that Chyna had complete control over

The tongue curled upward, away from the gateway, to lick the full length of
Ivory's bald slit. The older woman quivered as Chyna slowly worked her way
back down, sweeping her tongue back and forth, applying pressure to either
side. Against her will, Ivory began to feel herself moisten.

Chyna's cock pulsed powerfully between her muscular thighs, and she reached
down with one hand to massage the huge pulpy head of it. The taste of
Ivory's virgin juices was driving her wild with desire! She resisted the
urge to rush, and instead directed that desire toward her provocative oral
assault and she began eating Ivory's pussy with a passion!

Ivory sobbed with despair. Her nipples felt as though they were on fire, but
her sex was consumed by a fire of a different sort, one that was infinitely
worse to the prim and upright moralist

Chyna took Ivory's swollen clit into her mouth, sucking it like a tiny cock
while she pushed her thumb into her new slave's wonderfully tight pussy.
Ivory had never felt or imagined anything like what she was feeling now. It
was incredible, impossible for her to describe, even to herself. A pleasure
so intense that it far exceeded masturbation, and it almost seemed as though
the knowledge that there were hundreds of people watching it happen, that
she had absolutely no say over her own body, seemed to magnify the

At Chyna's command the women holding Ivory's legs pulled them up further,
until her knees were almost touching her pierced breasts, and forcing her
hips to rise and present her sex fully to Chyna's mouth. The amazonian
she-male turned her head and sucked one of the full, fleshy pussylips into
her mouth. She varied the strength of her suction, sucking and releasing the
lip rhythmically, her tongue licking the sensitive skin. Then she switched
to the other lip, stimulating Ivory's vulva so that they swelled in her

Chyna stopped suddenly, and the warm air in the hall felt very cold on
Ivory's shaven sex. Her smooth lips and clit were fully engorged after
Chyna's expert oral ministration, and her cunt almost seemed to be inviting
penetration. The Ninth Wonder resumed stroking Ivory's lovely pussy. Her
victim wriggled in the grasp of the black women as Chyna gripped the fleshy,
left vulva of her sex between her powerful fingers. Ivory gasped in horror
as she realized what was coming next.

"Oh, God, please no, you can't no please I'll do anything just please no
more ... "

As soon as she felt the cool metal of the needle-gun on her tender pussy,
panic overwhelmed her and she started begging incoherently, "Oh, God, please
no, have mercy, please oh please have mercy..."

"I am your God now! I control what happens to you! And you will worship me
with your body! Me, and my cock!"

"NOOOOO!!! AAAAYYYYIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!" Ivory shrieked as the needle speared her
tender cunt-meat.

The heat of the needle burned her for a moment, and was then replaced by the
cold of a silver ring being inserted through the hole as the spike was

Ivory's cries became breathless as she hyperventilated, her chest heaving
violently beneath Miss Honey's firm buttocks. Chyna paused for a moment to
admire the big silver ring adorning the smooth, fleshy pussylip of her enemy
before turning her attention to the right vulva.

Ivory's screams of pain resumed as the she-male amazon shot the needle
through that lip, then pulling it out slowly as she pushed a ring through
the hole. Ivory writhed and twisted, screaming in pain while Chyna held her
delicate folds and secured the second ring.

Chyna laughed evilly at the diva's misery, savoring every moment of her
distress. And then her strong fingers latched onto Ivory's tender clit,
stretching it as far as it could go.


Ivory's shriek of agony was earsplitting, the uninhibited pain as the needle
stabbed through her most sensitive part was beyond description!

The older woman's hips were twitching spastically, but Chyna had little
difficulty in threading the final ring through her enemy's throbbing

Once it was done, Miss Honey climbed off Ivory's chest and the four women
each to a limb, pulling it out from Ivory's body so that she was completely
spayed, her every detail exposed for the scrutiny of the cameras that panned
across her, giving everybody a good view of the jewelry that now adorned the
prim and reserved RTC Spokeswoman most intimate parts.

Ivory sobbed with pain, with disgust, with humiliation. She was ruined,
mutilated. Marked as Chyna's slut by the five slave-rings. The amazon looked
down upon Ivory and felt her lust rising even higher. She stroked her
pulsating cock, her eyes focused on Ivory's pierced and shaven quim and she
yearned to drive herself into the virgin orifice to the hilt!

"Ladies and Gentlemen," She said as she turned to the audience, "Boys and
girls, I think that it is time now for the feature attraction! It's time for
me to pop this bitch's cherry!"

The cheers and applause was tumultuous as Chyna turned back and walked
slowly between Ivory's spread-eagled legs. The unfortunate moralist stared
wide-eyed in horror at the monstrous tool bouncing with each step, and then
watched it descend as though it had her hypnotized, moving closer and closer
to its goal . . .

* * *



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