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The Joy Loves Brings
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a SmackDown Live Event in the early spring of 2005, and Paul London is
walking back to his locker room area after coming up a bit short in his
attempt to win the Cruiserweight Title from Chavo Guerrero. Dressed in his
black wrestling tights with a yellow, red and green collection of stripes
on the sides, London walks towards the catering area where SmackDown's
massage therapist Joy Giovanni is getting herself something to drink. "Hey
Joy..." London smiles when she's about to leave the catering area.

Joy, the cute and adorable massage therapist, pauses and turns to face
London, with a soft smile "Hey..." Joy replies as she dressed in a short
white skirt and light blue tank top. Joy frowns a little "Too bad you
didn't win tonight, just wait though…one day you'll be the Cruiserweight
Champion, I know it.." Joy says with a soft laugh.

London laughs, "Yeah... if I can ever stop Chavo from cheating whenever I
have him right where I want him..." London places a hand behind his neck
and turns his head from side to side, and Joy can hear a bit of a cracking
sound coming from his neck.

Joy grits her teeth a bit and presses her shoulders up slightly, still
keeping her cute and adorable smile "Oh...ouch...that doesn't sound good."
Joy shakes her head "Do you have a little stiffness anywhere?" Joy asks as
she places the plastic cup she was drinking from down on the catering table.

London nods, "Yeah, I think I got a bit of stinger out there tonight... my
neck feels stiff... and tingly..." London moves his hand down from his neck,
"You wouldn't mind, checking out my neck would you?"

"Oh problem..." Joy replies, but then gives a weak smile "But all
my equipment just got packed up, and is already loaded on the trucks..." Joy
says with a slight frown.

London thinks a bit as he taps the top of the catering table, "Would the
couch in the guys locker room do? Most of the guys have already left I

"That...or I know Dawn and Michelle have already left since they had their
match earlier in the night.." Joy shrugs "We were the only the women to come
here the Women's locker room would be free" Joy nods "I think
there's a couch in there, I could look you over..."

"That's probably a better idea" London nods and smiles, but then he thinks,
"But if it's a bother I could have the arena physician check me out if you
want to get out of here..." London adds, expressing he doesn't want to hold
Joy up.

Joy shakes her head and smiles cutely "Oh's no big deal, really."
Joy shrugs "It's my job, that's what they hired me for..."

London laughs, "Yeah... that's true..." When Joy turns a bit and starts
walking, London falls into step behind her as they walk towards the woman's
locker room area.

Joy looks back over her shoulder as she walks, her round and slender hips
swaying from side to side in her tight-fitting white skirt. Joy smiles as
she looks back at Paul London "We're not too far away..." Joy says as she
continue to walk down the hallway, leading London to the Women's Locker

"Ok..." London smiles as he lets his eyes drift down to look at Joy's legs,
butt and hips to see how they move with every step she takes. London composes
himself a little, when he realizes Joy is still looking back at him, "So...
ummm... I think I know how my neck started feeling stiff..."

Joy smiles as she turns her head back to see where she's walking " do
you think?" Joy asks as she approaches the locker room door and slowly opens
the door. She steps inside the locker room and turns on the light; she holds
the door open and waits for London to enter the Women's locker room.

"Thanks..." London says in gratitude to Joy holding the door open. Once he's
inside the locker room, Joy closes the door and London rubs the back of his
neck again, "Anyway... I think I tweaked it when I dived through the ropes
onto Chavo. I kinda came down on the arena floor almost head first."

Joy grits her teeth cutely "Ohh...ouch..." Joys says as she cups her hands
together below her waist "Well...why don't you have a seat on the couch..."

"Ok..." London smiles as he looks around the locker room to see where the
couch is, then he walks over to it and sits on the right side of it. He
looks at Joy and smiles a little, "I really appreciate you doing this."

Joy smiles as she walks over to the couch, which London is sitting on. Joy
places her hands on her slender hips as she stands in front of the couch
"Ok...turn a bit away from me, so I can have a look at that neck." Joy says

London nods a bit, "All right..." London turns towards the left so that his
back is facing Joy. London leans his head downward a bit and Joy can see
there's a bit of swelling at the base of his neck.

Joy gently kneels down on the couch behind London and places her gentle
hands against the back of London's neck "Now Paul, is this the only area of
stiffness?" Joy asks softly as she starts to press her fingertips against
the area of soreness on back of London's neck.

London laughs a bit as he feels Joy's soft fingertips press against the
sore area of his neck, "Ummm is that a professional question?" He asks as
he places his hands on top of his knees.

Joy raises her eyebrow a bit as she gently rubs the back of London's neck
with her fingertips "Yes, it's a professional question." Joy says with a
laugh "But I'm serious is anything else stiff?"

"Yeah... there’s some other stiff areas.... but it just the usual stuff like
my arms and legs..." London replies as he tries to keep a straight face.

Joy nods as she moves her soft and delicate hands away from the back of
London's neck, she smiles a bit as she places her hands on top of his
shoulders "Is there anything stiff that needs to be worked on?" Joy says
in a serious and professional tone.

London turns his head to look back at Joy, and as serious as possible,
"Well... there is another area... but... it's not work related..." London
starts to laugh a little, losing some of his composure.

Joy raises her eyebrow as she moves off of the couch and out from behind
London. Joy turns to London a bit and places her hands on her hips "What is
it? Seriously...It's my job to make sure that you guys are
if there's any irritating stiffness, I need to work on it.." Joy says with
a soft smile.

London turns on the couch a bit so he's sitting on it normally as he looks
up at Joy, "Ok... the... stiffness... is kinda around this area..." He rays
he motions to the crotch of his wrestling trunks, which has a bit of a bulge
pressing against it from within.

Joy nods her head " you think you pulled a muscle?" Joy seriously
asks, before motioning her hand down to London's crotch "Why don't you take
off your tights, so I can see if there's any need for concern down there?"
Joy says nodding her head again as she looks at London as the adorable
massage therapist remain professional.

London nods his head a bit, "All right... maybe it was a groin pull..."
London says to answer her first question before he stands up. Placing his
hands on the waistband of his trunks, London starts to lower them down his
legs until they are at his ankles. He then stands straight up and Joy can
sees perfectly where the stiffness is occurring.

Joy nods her head as she leans down a bit, examining the surrounding area of
London's crotch " show me where the tension is occurring." The
massage therapist says as she positions herself down on her knees in front
of London, so she's able to get a better view of his crotch and where the
possible problem might be.

"It's right here..." London says as he motions with his right hand towards
his semi-erect nine inch long shaft. "It gets like that every once and
while..." London then smiles, "But I'm not quite sure why... I know I never
broke it."

Joy laughs a little "Now...don't get all weird on me..." Joy says as she
gently places her left hand around London's shaft and begins to gently move
her left hand along his shaft, feeling if there's a pulled muscle or anything
wrong "Are you feeling any pain?" Joy asks as she looks up at London.

London lets out a soft moan and as he feels Joy's left hand gliding back
and forth along his shaft, "I'm not... feeling any pain... but it sure is...
feeling a lot stiffer..." He says as he looks down at Joy.

Joy raises her eyebrow "Really..." Joy then smiles a bit "But does it feel
good?" Joy asks a bit more playfully as she gently strokes her left hand
against London's shaft.

London nods his head, "Yeah... it sure does..." London reaches back with his
right hand and places it on the armrest of the couch.

"You know.. sometimes to help relive the stiffness using heat
or warmth.." Joy replies as she leans her head forward to London's cock
"This might help..." Joy adds as she opens her warm, soothing mouth and
gently places his cock inside of her mouth. Joy wraps her lips softly
around his cock and begins to gently bob her head against his shaft, gently

"Mmmmm...." London presses his lips together as he feels the warmth of Joy's
mouth over the skin of his cock, which sends shivers up through his body over
how good it feels to him. "Yeah... that's.... helping..." London says as he
starts to breathe a bit quickly and he slightly dig his fingers from his
right hand into the armrest of the couch. SmackDown's Massage Therapist, Joy
Giovanni, gently bobs her head against London's cock, as she slides her
tongue around his shaft, lapping her warm saliva around his cock as she
soothingly sucks his cock. Joy softly moans against London's cock as she
rotates her head on his cock. "Ohhhhh.... damn..." London moans again as he
starts to feel extremely relaxed as the elegant diva blows him. He places his
left hand on Joy's head and lightly flips her hair back as he closes his

Joy opens her mouth a bit wider as she lowers her head down on London's cock,
bobbing her head quicker as she takes more of London's cock into her hot
mouth. Joy's soft lips rub back and forth against his shaft as she bobs her
head up and down.

"Mmmmm Joy... that... feels... incredible..." London says as he tilts his
head back, causing his fairly long black hair to brush against his back. He
then opens his eyes and looks down at Joy before he reaches down with both
hands to tug upward on her light blue tank top.

Joy slowly lifts her head up from London's cock after coated his cock in her
wet saliva, allowing London to remove her light blue tank top. Once her tank
top is off, the adorably cute Joy Giovanni flips her dark wavy hair back as
she reaches behind her and unclips her white bra. Joy slowly peels the bra
off of her nicely sized chest and lets the bra drop down onto the floor. Joy
smiles up at London, cutely "Are you feeling any better, Paul?" Joy asks in
a soft and sweet voice.

London nods his head and smiles down at her as he kneels down on the floor
in front of Joy. "Yeah... I'm feeling way better... but I think I should
return the favor..." London then softly kisses Joy and places his hands on
her large chest. As he slips his tongue into her mouth, London gently pushes
her backward for her to lay on the floor. Joy lays completely down on the
cold locker room floor as she twirls her tongue against London's tongue,
inside of his mouth as they kiss. Joy softly moans into London's mouth as
she feels him tugging down her short, white skirt. London breaks the kiss
with Joy and begins kissing her downward from her lips down to her neck and
breasts as he tugs down her white skirt. The top contender for the
Cruiserweight title pulls Joy's skirt all the way down her smooth legs and
slips it off, leaving her just wearing her white panties. London licks his
lips and lowers his head to her panties, and lightly bites the material of
them so he can tug them down slowly with his teeth. Joy smiles a bit as she
watches London slowly tug down her white panties, by the use of his teeth.
London casually drags Joy's panties down her smooth, soft skinned legs,
before slipping them off of her feet.

London turns his head to the left and lets Joy's panties fall from between
his teeth before he looks back at Joy. "Time to make you feel good..." He
says as he pushes Joy's legs apart and lowers his head down to her pussy.
London starts to gently flick his tongue against the soft lips of Joy's
pussy as he massages both of her thighs with his hands.

Joy licks her lips as she sits up on her elbows to watch London work his
tongue against her warm pussy "Mmmm..." Joy moans and then laughs a little
"Who's...the massage" Joy comments as she closes her eyes
enjoying the work of Paul London's tongue.

London lifts his head up from her pussy and smiles, "That was just a little
tease..." he says as he moves so that his body is pressing down a bit on her
lovely frame. London then reaches between his legs and grips his stiff cock
to guide the tip to Joy's sweet pussy. He releases his shaft and brings both
his hands up to Joy's shoulders and gently slides his cock all the way into
her warm pussy.

Joy bites down on her bottom lip as London's cock slides into her warm, sweet
pussy "Mmmmm.. yesss..." Joy moans softly as she gently wraps her smooth legs
around London's waist as he begins to gently thrust his cock in and out of
her sweet pussy.

London looks down into Joy's beautiful eyes as he keeps his thrusts soft and
gentle. "Mmmmm.... you're... beautiful..." London moans softly as he starts
to rub her shoulders, and he matches the movements of his hands on her body
with his thrusts.

Joy smiles softly "Ohhh...thank you...Paul..." Joy moans softly "You're very
handsome..." Joy says sweetly as she starts to gentle push her body down
against London's cock, forcing more of his member into her warm, sensational
feeling pussy.

London closes his eyes a bit and leans his upper body backward as he starts
to increases the tempo of his thrusts. "Ahhhhh.... man...." He moans as
slides his hands down from Joy's shoulders to her large chest.

Joy licks her lips as she starts to grind her pussy against his cock, almost
matching the rate at which London is thrusting his cock into her pussy.
"Ohhhhh awwww...Paul..." Joy moans as she grips London's strong arms with her
delicate and soft hands.

London opens his eyes, and Joy can see the lustful look he has in his eyes.
London lowers his head down to softly kisses Joy's luscious lips as he moves
his hands down to Joy's legs to unwrap them from around his waist. "Mmmmm
let's... do something else..." London smiles as he turns Joy on to her right
side and he lays down behind her. London slides his right arm underneath Joy
and lifts up her left leg so he's able to re-insert his cock into her warm
moist pussy. As be resumes to gently fuck her, London also rubs her clit with
his right hand, giving Joy a double dose of pleasure.

Joy tilts her head back against London's chest and moans softly as she feels
London's cock thrust in and out of her warm pussy "Mmmm...ohhh Paul...ohhh...
man.." Joy moans as she starts to push herself down on his cock.

"Ohhhh Joy.... you're... incredible..." London moans as he kisses the back
of her left shoulder while he continues to rub her pussy as he once against
picks up the tempo of his thrusts. London's firm body presses up against
Joy's back as he gives her one hard thrust, which catches Joy off guard.

Joy opens her eyes a bit in shock after receiving the hard thrust, after
having London's cock gently thrusted into her "Mmmmm...ohhhh Paul..." Joy
moans softly as she pushes her body against London. Soon both Joy's back
and London's chest, grind against each other.

"Uhhh sorry..." London groans as he starts to tilt back towards the left,
pulling Joy with him. Within moments, London is on his back with Joy laying
on top of him face up with his shaft in her pussy. Joy grits her teeth gently
as she places her hands back on London's chest and begins to gently bounce
herself up and down on London's cock, rocking her body back on London's cock
as she starts to gradually bounce quicker.

London bites his lower lip as he watches Joy bounce happily on his cock. He
reaches up and brushes his right hand through the back of Joy's beautiful
hair as he places his left hand on Joy's left thigh. "Ohhh.... damn....
Ohhhh Joy...." London moans as he arches his back whenever he thrusts up
into her pussy.

Joy gently crashes down on London’s cock and her pussy suddenly tightens as
her warm pussy becomes wet, when she erupts with an orgasm "Ohhhh god..."
Joy moans as she lowers herself completely down on London's cock.

London brings his right hand down from Joy's hair and puts it on her right
leg as he feels Joy's pussy tighten around his cock like a vice. The young
SmackDown grappler thrusts up several more times into Joy's pussy and he
clenches his teeth together, "Ohhhhh ahhhh Joy...." London moans as he
starts to cum inside of Joy's sweet pussy, and Joy can feel London's cock
throb inside of her after every burst of cum escapes his dick.

Joy tilts her head back "Ohhhh Paul..." Joy moans feeling his warm cum flood
into her wet and warm pussy. Joy closes her eyes as she licks her lips.

London closes his eyes and rests his head down on the floor of the locker
room, "Mmmm Joy... I think.... the stiffness is going down..." He moans as
he rubs her thighs as she remains on top of him.

Joy looks over her shoulder and smiles cutely "It is?"

London nods as he opens his eyes a bit, "Yeah.... you... sure know how to
take care... of troubling stiffness..."

Joy smiles and laughs cutely "Well...I guess I did a job well done..." Joy
says as casually slides her hand through her slightly dampened dark hair.

London smiles, "Yeah... until someone else... needs some of that joy that
you bring to help them out..."


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