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The Kat Gets Stuffed
by "Sugar" Shawn Alexander (

Times were not good for Stacy Carter aka The Kat. After she and King split
up, she moved to Florida, a nice house in a good neighborhood in Miami could
get expensive. Soon she found herself doing autograph sessions for half she
would have done them for when she was with the King. But she needed the

It wasn't all peaches and cream for Marcus "Buff" Bagwell. He got fired
one day after his WWF debut. He was still under contract but getting paid the
bare minimum a contract wrestler can make. To be blunt, he needed more money
to keep up with the bills and his expencive taste.

The two didn't live to far from each other so Buff often dropped by. But
this time Stacy was desperate. She hadn't paid her bills in months and she
was going to be evicted unless she could get $50,000.

"Hey, Stace. What's up?" he asked enthusiasticly.

"I need money. Hell, I'm even considering sucking cock on the corner to
get it." she replied almost breaking into tears.

"Don't worry. How much do you need?"

"Fifty Grand."

'Damn!' he thought 'I could give her what I saved up over the years, but
then I'm broke.' "It's okay." he said "You won't have to stoop that low. Just
suck my cock and I'll give it to you."

"WHAT!" she screamed.

"Did I say that out loud?" he replied dully.

"Yes you did!" she screamed.

"Oh shit." he said with a look of guilt on his face.

"Get out!" she screamed. She couldn't believe it. Just because he was good
looking and offering fifty grand he wanted a blow job? 'Wait,' she thought
'Fifty grand for ONE blow job.' and she was literally about to throw this
opportunity out the door. "Marcus," she said "does the offer still stand?"

"Yeah, but the only reason I'm charging is because I've been down on my
luck, too."

"Fine." she replied "Drop 'em and let's get started."

They went to a room with no windows so no one would see them.

"Okay, here we go." she said with zero enthusiasm. She went to her knees
and began to blow him. She tried not to think about the fact that she was
doing it for money but more on the fact his cock was huge. She tentatively
kept sucking him off.

She looked up to see what kind of expression he had on his face. She
looked up only to see him looking down directly at her. This was strange,
usually when she sucked cock the guys would usually have their eyes closed
and looking up. But Buff was looking dead at her. After about 10 more minutes
he came, getting most of his nut on her face but not in.

"Marcus," she asked after she cleaned up "why were you looking at me give
you head?" she asked.

"It's a guy thing. Shit, we like to see women give head even when we're
not on the recieving end." he answered.

"Really?" she said "Because I felt real sexy sucking dick and being
watched. I might have even enjoyed it as much as you did."

"So now you like fucking and being watched, huh?" he asked.

"Yeah. I guess I do."

"You know, people get paid big bucks to fuck and be watched. And we're
both down on our luck. Let's make a sex movie, we'll have someone record us,
I'll make DVD's on my computer and we'll sell 'em on my website."

"I don't know Buff."

"Stacy, about a half hour ago, you were contemplating sucking cock for
chump change. We can both live off this one DVD. Think about it, Buff Bagwell
and The Kat fucking each other. People will pay $50 for a disk. We can be
rich. People will buy it and we'll benefit because we're selling it. Not like
the Pam and Tommy tape, where the producers got all the money. And maybe, if
we're lucky. Big time producers like Vivid, Puratin, and Extreme Associates
will pay big bucks for the rights. Come on Stace. We need the money."

He had a point, she couldn't deny that "Do you have a camera man in mind?
Cause, since we're charging 50 bucks, we might as well give 'em their money's
worth and I could fuck him too." she said with a smile on her face. Buff
simply smiled and told her to do her make up in the morning because she was
in for one wild afternoon.

Buff did have a cameraman in mind, it was her former step son Brian
Lawler. She felt weird about the fact that she was gonna fuck her step son
but didn't think to much about it as they we're getting ready.

"You guys ready, because I'm gonna start recording soon." Brian said.

"Okay, were ready." Buff said.

Brian started filming and Buff started a monolouge. "For those of you that
bought this DVD, this is the 'Buff and Kat sex DVD' where yes, myself and
the Kat are going to have sex. Plus an added bounus. Kat come here please."

She walked over, she was naked and flirting with the camera as she went to
her knees. Buff stood up and whipped out his dick. Kat started slowly but
picked up the pace, sucking the stuff out of Buff.

After about 6 min. of blowing. She stopped and laid on the bed, legs
spread wide. Buff lowered his head between her legs and started licking her
slit, nawing her labia, and sucking her clit like a vacuum. They were barely
in the first 15 min. and she was already cumming. Buff worked faster, rubbing
her clit and licking her asshole tasting her pussy juices and her tiny butt
hole at the same time. He looked at the camera and said "Delicious.", he took
off the rest of his clothes and laid on top of her.

He entered her slowly but once he was inside, he started humping like
there was no tomorrow. Kat was already on the verge of orgasim #2, but Buff
stopped and turned her over on her belly. Once again he laid on top of her
and slam fucked her good. She was loving every second of it, his dick was so
big, she could practically feel it in her stomach. Buff was going to cum so
he slowed down and knelt behind her and lifted her ass up more so he wouldn't
pull out. Buff started to slap her ass. It was nice, her ass felt like a
teenager's, soft to the touch but firm when squeezed. Buff started to hump
again, her smooth folds ran up and down his dick, massaging it, lubing it,
making it feel good. Compared to his rod, she felt like a virgin, so tight
and tender he was suprised he could hold it in this long.

Buff knew he couldn't hold it anymore. He started to pound the fuck out of
that pussy before pulling out and running over to her face before releasing
jet after jet of sperm on her pretty face, covering it completely. Kat wiped
off him jizz and liked her fingers clean. "Ok. Now I'm gonna hold the camera
and Brian's gonna fuck her."

Brian hands the camera to Buff and starts to hump his step mom
doggy-style. Brian was hard as hell from just watching he was gonna cum
already. But, he managed to hold on for 15 min. and cum all over her ass and
back. They set up the camera and thanked every one for watching. As Buff
turned off the camera the last shot was The Kat sucking some Grandmasta dick.

Buff made the DVD's and advertised for them on merchandice. Before the
month was through they raked in over $250,000. Buff got a two way contract
with XPW as pornstar and wrestler while Kat reaped of the benefits that one
afternoon brought her.

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