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The Kurt/Steph Story
by Steph's Thong

It was late at night after the Smackdown tapings ended. Stephanie McMahon
stood behind a tree in the parking lot of the arena where Smackdown was
located watching carefully at everyone leaving the arena.

Steph was dressed in some tight low cut blue jean pants and a dark red
tanktop. Her entire chest fully visible showing their huge size. Her look
hasn't changed since she was fired from the WWE, but she had another plan,
to regain her power in the WWE!

Stephanie soon found her man. She started to walk over and ducked a few
times next to cars as some wrestlers might notice her. She bent down next to
a car which wasn't good as her pants pulled down and her shirt rode up her
back exposing Steph's sexy back and almost her sexy big ass.

About five cars away Kurt Angle was placing his bags in the trunk. Lucky
for him, Kurt still had hair but was going to lose it Sunday to Edge. He
closed the trunk and went for the car door when he heard a whisper. He looked
around and still heard it, "Pss... Hey Kurt, over here."

Stephanie tried not to make a loud voice. Her voice was sexy.

Kurt looked down and saw Steph ducking as low as possible. Kurt smiled,
"Steph..Stephanie is that you?"

Steph said, "Yes Kurt, we need to talk. Please open your door so I can get
in. I'm not allowed here."

Kurt opened the door and acted as if to fix something.

Stephanie bent low crawled to the car and got in. Kurt closed the door and
got in the car. He turned it on and sped out of the parking lot.

He said, "Steph, it's all clear."

Stephanie sat up in her seat and said, "Thank you for not just leaving me
out there."

Kurt said, "Why would I do that? I can't leave you there..I'm a man of
integrity and intelligence."

Steph smiled and said, "Now Kurt, I have a VERY VERY important favor to

Kurt looked over and glared into Steph's sexy eyes. He just melted looking
at her sexy face. He said, "Anything for you Steph."

Steph said, "Ok Kurt, don't get me the wrong way on this..but I need you
at ask my father for me to return to the WWE."

Kurt's face just froze. "You know Steph, I would and will do anything for
you..but it would never work!"

Steph yelled in her heel voice, "Oh Kurt you have to try, you just have
to! It's worth it, please Kurt!"

Kurt looked over at a torn Stephanie. He wanted to say 'yes' but his job
might be at stake.

Kurt said, "I'll think about it. I would Steph, its just..well my job is
on the line."

Steph said, "Please Kurt!" Steph begged.

Kurt said, "Ok,I'll think about it tonight and decide tommorow. So tonight
Steph, I care about you Steph, so I'm going to take you home to rest."

Kurt said, "Where's your hotel room at?"

Steph calmly said."I don't have one. My dad took all my money and I used
it all hoping to convince you."

Kurt had no choice. "Ok Steph, it looks like you'll come to my hotel room.
I can't and will not let you see you sleep outside."

Steph said, "Thank you Kurt. You have a good heart."

Stephanie thought in her mind 'There has to be a way to convince him.
Money was out of the way. Asking didn't help.' Stephanie looked down at the
cars floor thinking what she could do. Just as she was giving up her eyes
caught her huge breasts. Stephanie sat up happily and finally had it...maybe
asking was wrong and showing (her body) would do it.

Steph said, "Kurt, I'm really tired. Do you think we could just stay at
that hotel right there?"

Kurt thought, 'I already reserved the room...but Steph has been through
a lot lately.'

Kurt pulled up at the hotel. He paid for him and Steph. The two then
walked up stairs and found their room. As they walked in, Kurt locked the
door and said, "Well, here you go Steph."

Steph said, "Thank you for tonight, Kurt. I knew you were good."

Kurt smiled and said, "Its ok, Steph."

Steph glared into Kurt's eyes and gave him a long kiss. Kurt just stared
as steph said, "I need a shower."

Kurt watched as she closed the door. He watched her sexy butt all the way
and just wanted her so bad. Kurt heard the water running. He immediately
began to undress into some shorts. He grabbed his toothbrush and walked over
to the bathroom door. He took a deep breathe and knocked.

Steph answered,"Yeah, Kurt?"

Kurt said, "Could I come in and brush my teeth?"

Steph replied, "Ok, Kurt go ahead."

Kurt walked in to a room with steam. He stared over at the shower but
Steph was covered by the shower curtain. He went to the sink and began to
brush his teeth. Steph didnt bother to say anything. Kurt noticed on the
toilet seat that all of her clothes were there. Her pants, shirt, bra and
what shocked him was that she had a black thong on.

Steph said, "Now or never." She opened the shower curtain and Kurt looked
back seeing Steph completely nude. Her huge soft boobs and her sexy stomach
all exposed. Her sexy shaven pussy was there. Steph said, "Kurt come here."

Kurt walked and pulled his pants down. His huge penis began to get hard.
He got in the shower with Steph and closed the curtain. Steph went close to
him and he grabbed her whole body. Steph began to become scared as Kurt
carried her body out and threw her on the bed. Both were so wet.

Stephs big tits jiggled fast as he flipped her over. He quickly inserted
his dick into her fat ass and began to fuck her. Steph moaned loud as Kurt
fucked her sexy firm ass. He thrust so hard that Steph's whole body went

He went in and out and grabbed her hips. His speed increased faster and
Steph moaned, "Ohh Kurt... Yeah."

Her huge butt cheeks smacked his body as Kurt camm in her ass. Steph
recieved the blast and just moaned loud. Her ass began to get sore as Kurt
smacked it. He pumped her faster and then stuck it out. Steph's ass hurt as
cum poured out of it.

Steph gasped for air and Kurt rubbed her sexy smooth legs. He said nothing
to her and then jammed it up her pussy. He felt the urge to explode and soon
he fucked her up her pussy. She cried and yelled but Kurt showed no sign of
stopping and cum dripped all over. Her pussy was tight and small. She was
sweating and Kurt often felt her pussy juices leak on his dick. Kurt knew his
dick couldn't take it and when it went an inch deeper. Steph yelled in pain
as her pussy begin to leak cum.

Kurt got up and kissed her on her lips, then her neck. He then began to
rub her breasts. He grabbed her nipples and kissed her chest. He then kissed
her stomach and finally he started to eat her out. He licked and sucked
dipping his tongue in her crack. She yelled and played with her breasts. Kurt
rubbed her sexy tan body all over and ate her pussy.

He wanted it so bad he exploded on the covers. Steph came into Kurt's
face. Kurt then saw Steph get up dripping white stuff all over. She then
grabbed hold of his dick and she started to sqeeze. She then dipped her
tongue on it and gave him the most powerful blow job she could. Her face
was soon covered in white cum.

Kurt didn't moan. He pulled her back and began to fuck her huge tits. He
yelled and fucked fast cumming everywhere.

Kurt wanted more but Steph said, "Will you ask?"

Kurt said, "YEAH I WILL!"

Steph smiled and put her robe on. Kurt was confused and said, "Steph, I
want more of you."

Steph grabbed her cell and said, "Kurt you can have this all night," and
threw the robe off, "but you have to ask...kurt. Ask."

Kurt said, "I will Steph, but let me just have sex with you one more

Steph got on the bed spreading her legs out. Kurt slipped his dick in and
fucked her all night long. He ate her out several times and went up her sexy
ass more. He even licked Steph's huge tits and whole body clean. They did it
till the morning where Kurt fell alsleep with his penis in between her sexy

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