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The Lawler Family Affair
outline by Kristi
written by Dice (, AOL Screen name: FredCasden)

In the early part of 2000, wrestling legend and Raw color analyst Jerry
"The King" Lawler married long time girlfriend and fellow WWF employee Stacy
Carter, otherwise known as Miss Kitty or The Kat. In Memphis, Tennessee at
the home of Jerry Lawler, which he shares with his bride that is half his age
and his son Brian, other wise known as Grand Masta Sexay, the Lawler family
seemed to be a happy one, and appeared that it was on it's way to becoming a
solid wrestling dynasty. However behind all the love, there was deception.
Whenever The King would be out of town dealing on his usual business that
included independent wrestling appearances and broadcasting Raw is War, the
stepmother and stepson would... well... I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise
now would I?

On a sunny afternoon in Memphis, TN, Brian Lawler is laying on his bed,
shirtless and with headphones on, listing to mixed techno CD when his
stepmother, Stacy Carter, enters his room wearing a black two piece bikini.
She smirks and licks her lips as she observes Brian's body. She walks over
to the bed and catches Brian by surprise when she gently lifts the headphones
off his head. Brian looks up at her and smiles.

"Hey... I was listening to that..."

Stacy tosses the headphones onto his desk and smirks at him, "Daddy's gone...
we're all alone..." Stacy was telling the truth, The King just called her
from the arena where Raw is War is broadcasting from on this particular day.

Brian sits up on the bed and turns a bit so he can look at his lovely
stepmother bed, "Awww... he's always away on business..." he says with a

"I know... it's so hard for him to be both a family man and a career man..."
Stacy replies as she moves in front of Brian and places her hands on his
chest. She licks her lips as she slowly sinks to her knees, "I so hate how
he's away so much..."

"So do I..." Brian replies as Stacy tugs down his sweat pants to release his
big 10-inch cock. She takes hold of his cock with her small hands and pumps
it up and down as she smiles at him.

"But it does... gives us time... to bond..." Stacy says as she lowers her
head onto his cock. She slowly bobs her head on his shaft, letting her saliva
drip from her small mouth down on to his shaft. She continues to move her
hands up and down his cock to work her slobber over the skin of his dick.
Brian lays back on the bed and moans as he puts his hands behind his head.

"Ohh damn mom... you give such great head..." Brian says as he closes his
eyes. Stacy moves her hands off his cock and lowers her bikini bottoms down
her sexy legs, followed by untying the strings of her bikini top to remove
it from her body. Stacy lifts her head from her stepson's cock and moves
onto the bed. She straddles his body and lowers herself onto his massive

"Ohhhh Brian... you should be called The King... Daddy's dick is so small
compared to yours," Stacy moan as she slowly begins to rock back and forth
on his cock. She places her small hands on Brian's hairless chest just as
he puts his hands on her hips.

"Mmmm mom... your pussy feels so good around my cock..." Brian begins to lift
Stacy up and down on his cock. Stacy bends her legs and rest her knees on the
sides of Brian's legs as she arches her back backward. She starts coming down
sharply cock, dropping down faster and harder until she climaxes on his cock.

"Ohhhhh ohhh Brian..." Stacy screams as she thrashes her head from side to
side as an orgasm rips through her. Brian soon clenches his eyes shut and
grits his teeth as he starts to erupt inside of her cunt.

"Ahhh ahhhh Mom...." Brian moans as her pussy milks the semen from his cock.
When he's spent Stacy moves off of his cock and then licks it clean of the
mix of her juices and his spunk. She pulls his sweat pants back up over his
dick and pats his crotch.

"Mommy's going to go get a tan..." Stacy smiles as she walks out of his room

Later in the day...

Brian is in the basement of the Lawler home, which has been converted to a
game room, playing a video game as his good friend and tag team partner Scott
Taylor, AKA Scotty 2 Hotty comes down the stairs.

"Hey man... how's it hanging?" Scotty asks as he plops down next to Brian on
a leather couch.

"Oh it's hanging pretty well if you know what I mean Daddy-O," Brian replies
as he pauses the game.

"Yeah, I kinda get what you mean," Scotty laughs and nods his head. "Man,
it's great that we both got today off from being on Raw... I needed a
break... 12 weeks on the road kicked my ass..."

"I totally agree cool cat, and get this, we're not the only ones who are off
tonight... My stepmom Stacy is off too..." Brian smirks a little.

Scotty shakes his head and grins at his friend, "Man you got that complex...
you know the one where you want to bone your mom..."

"Yeah so what? She's hot... and she's not my real mom..." Brian replies.

"Man, if your dad finds out..."

"Oh he won't... he's too busy going gaga over the other chicks in the Fed..."

Scotty smiles, "True... so... is your mom here... I got a stiff one..."

Brian nods, "Yeah she's getting a tan... come on..." Brian gets off the
couch and he leads Scotty through the house to the back patio, where Stacy
is laying on beach-chair, completely naked as she works on her tan. "Hey
mom..." Brian says as the two men approach her.

Stacy opens her eyes and sits up. She smiles and licks her lips as she sees
Brian and Scotty approach her. "Hello boys... coming to check up on me?"

Scotty smiles, "Kinda... just wanted to see if you felt like being

Stacy licks her lips, "Well... I've always got time for my son and his best
friend..." She turns on the chair so she's facing both men. "Ok boys... so me
what the...‘problem' is..." Scotty and Brian take reach into their shorts and
pulls out their hardening cocks as they move closer to Stacy. Stacy wraps her
hands around both cocks and slowly pumps their shafts. "Mmm... boys... you
are so big... I'm not sure I can help you... but I can try..."

"Thanks mom..." Brian smiles as Stacy takes his cock into her mouth. She bobs
her head along his shaft slowly, banging her little tongue against the bottom
of his dick as she pumps both his and Scotty's dicks. She then turns her
attention Scotty's, and starts on him by licking up and down his shaft as if
it was a Popsicle.

"Ohhh damn Mrs. Lawler..." Scotty moans when Stacy takes his cock into her
mouth and deep throats his cock. Stacy presses her lips tightly against his
cock and drags them along his shaft as she lifts her head off his cock. She
flicks her tongue against the underside of his cock for a moment before
turning her head back to Brian's dick.

"Mmmm... you boys taste so good..." Stacy moans as she takes his cock back
into her mouth. She takes it all the way in, so her nose is pushed against
his pubic hair. Stacy inhales the musk of his crotch as she bobs her head
along his shaft. She then pulls Scotty's cock closer to her mouth so that
when she opens her mouth as wide as possible, she tries to take both dicks
into her mouth. Stacy manages to get half of both men's cocks past her lips
and she moves her tongue wildly to lick them as she sucks.

"Ohhh shit man..." Scotty moans as he starts to cum inside of Stacy's mouth.
Stacy releases his cock and then closes her cummed filled mouth around
Brian's mouth. She uses her tongue and to slide the Scotty's cum all over
Brian's cock. Brian's eyes rolls back as she then sucks hard on his cock

"Damn mom... that's so hot..." Brian grunts as he starts to cum in her mouth.
Stacy swallows his cum instantly, as well as the remains of Scotty's spunk
that was all ready in her mouth. Stacy lifts her head off his cock and then
licks it clean before smiling up at him and then at Scotty.

"Boys... I need... some strong men... to help me... in my bedroom..." Stacy
stands up and starts to walk to the house, she stops and looks back at them
and smiles wickedly, "Are you coming?" Scotty and Brian don't even bother
to respond verbally as the run to catch up to Stacy.

A short time later, in the master bedroom of the Lawler home, Stacy is
sitting on the bed as Scotty and Brian remove their clothes. She licks her
lips as she examines their bodies with her eyes as they come close to the
bed. Stacy takes hold of their cocks and strokes them back to hardness.

"Mmmm you boys are so big..." Stacy licks up the side of Brian's cock and
then does the same to Scotty's. She takes both cocks into her mouth and
swirls her tongue around the heads of both dicks.

"Ohhh damn Mrs. Lawler..." Scotty moans as Stacy moves a hand to squeeze his
balls. Stacy lifts her head off of their cocks and smiles at Brian.

"Brian... would you be a dear and eat my pussy..." Stacy asks as she spreads
her legs and takes Scotty's dick back into her mouth.

"Sure mom..." Brian licks his lips as he moves between her legs. He spreads
her pussy open with his fingers and slides his tongue inside of her cunt.
Stacy moans around Scotty's cock as she slobbers all over his dick. She
places a hand on Brian's head to have him focus on licking on particular spot
and the petite blonde woman suddenly climaxes from Brian's talented lick. She
takes Scotty's cock out of her mouth and moans.

"Ohhh Brian... you eat pussy soooo good..." Stacy says as she takes Scotty's
hands and as him lay down.

"Wanna ride the worm?" Scotty asks with a grin.

"You bet I do..." Stacy replies as she gently moves so she's on top of him
and then riding his cock. Stacy starts off slowly, moving up and down on his
cock. "Ohhh Scotty... your worm feels so good in me..." Stacy moans as Brian
stands on the bed and slips his cock into her mouth. Stacy gags for a moment,
but quickly starts to suck on his shaft as Scotty sits up a bit to suck on
her perky breasts.

"Ahhh damn mom... you're the best cock sucker..." Brian moans as he threads
his fingers through her short blonde hair. Stacy moans around his thick shaft
as she bangs her tongue against his dick before letting it fall out of her

"Ohhh mmmm Brian... fuck mommy... fuck me good..." Stacy moans. Brian helps
move her off of Scotty's dick and sets her up in the doggy position. He gets
behind her and slips his cock into her pussy. Stacy grips the bed sheets
tightly as Brian fucks her cunt hard and fast. She pushes back against him,
to get Brian to fuck her pussy even harder, which he does. Brian grips her
hips to hold her still as he gives her some sharp thrusts. Scotty gets tired
of watching so he taps Brian's shoulder.

"Hey man, how about letting me back in your mom?" Scotty asks with a smirk.

"Sure dawg..." Brian pulls out of Stacy's pussy and Scotty takes his place
and moves in front of Stacy. Stacy opens her mouth and swallows up Brian's
cock to instantly deep throat his cock. Stacy moans loudly despite having
Brian's dick in her face as Scotty ravages her juicy pussy from behind.
Stacy however does manage to lift her head off of Brian's cock and crawl
away from Scotty so his dick fall's out of her pussy. She sits up on her
knees and places her hands on Brian's chest.

"Lay down..." She whispers into his ear before nibbling on the lobe. With a
smile, Brian lays down on the large bed and slowly yet seductively, Stacy
mounts herself on her stepson's cock. She places her hands on his hairless
chest as she slowly rocks back and forth on his dick. Brian raises a hand
and pull her head down so he can kiss her deeply.

"I got to get in that ass..." Scotty laughs as he kneels behind Stacy and
pushes his cock into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhh fuck me..." Stacy moans as she looks back at Scotty with a smile.
Scotty smiles back as he fucks her ass hard. Stacy pushes back against him
as she rises and falls on Brian's stiff prick.

"Mmmmm mom you're so fucking hot..." Brian moans as he leans up a bit to
suck on her breasts. Stacy swivel her hips to come down more sharply on Brian
while Scotty starts to pull out of her ass and then pushes himself back into
her continuously.

"Thank... mmmm ohhh fuck... you... ahhhh.... Can... you two... switch..."
Stacy moans as she slows down. Scotty pulls out of her ass and lays down on
the bed. Brian puts his strong arms on Stacy's hips and lifts her off his
cock in order to transfer her over to Scotty's. Scotty takes her into his
hands so the trade off is fairly smooth so she can come down on his cock
easily. Stacy lets out a quiet moan until Brian moves behind her and slips
his big dick into her ass.

"Ahhhh shit..." Brian grunts as Stacy's asshole tightens around his cock,
making it fairly hard for him to thrust in and out of her ass. Scotty
steadily thrusts up into her pussy, making Stacy push back against Brian.
Stacy slightly bends backward and reaches back with both hands to take
Brian's hands in order to guide them to her perky breasts. Brian squeezes
them each time he thrusts sharply into her ass.

"Ohhh ohhhh... good... you... two... are so good..." Stacy licks her lips.
Brian gets an idea and pulls out of her ass. Stacy is about to protest until
Brian spins her around on Scotty's cook. "Weeeeeee!" Stacy squeals as she's
turned around. Brian pushes her back a bit so he's able to presses his cock
into her already dick filled cunt. Stacy's eyes go wide as the cocks of both
men grid against each other in and out of her pussy. The two friends steadily
move their cocks in and out of her pussy, bringing the beautiful woman closer
to the brink. "Ohhh ahhh boys... I ... want you both... to bring me off...
with your tongues..."

Brian and Scotty exchange looks for a moment before Brian pulls out of his
stepmother's pussy. The two men work together to move Stacy off of Scotty's
dick and they lay her on the bed. Both men move between her legs and take
turns licking her pussy. They each use a finger to spread her cunt-lips open
and they continue to dart their tongues in and out of her twat. Stacy arches
her back and hips as she suddenly grabs both of their heads and force them
both to lick her at the same time. The tongues of both of the guys touch as
they collide at Stacy's key spot, sending the wife of the King over the edge.

"Ohhh Ahhh that's it... I'm... I'mmmm cumming!" Stacy screams as her orgasm
shoots through body like a tidal wave. Brian and Scotty sit up after both
lapping up the sweet honey of her pussy. The move to where they are kneeling
near her head, and Stacy grabs both of their cocks and alternates between
licking and sucking one then the other as she pumps them rapidly with her

"Ohhh fuck Mrs. Lawler... I'm going to blow..." Scotty moans as he starts to
shoot his spunk on her face.

"Here it comes mom..." Brian grunts as he starts dumps his hot sticky load on
her face. Stacy giggles as her face is covered in her stepson's and his best
friend's hot cum. Stacy pulls them both down and kisses them both before she
has them lay down next to her before they fall asleep for a rest.

Meanwhile... Miles and miles away at where Raw is War is going to be
broadcasting from for the evening, Jerry Lawler is talking with Lilian
Garcia and Jim Ross as they prepare to kick of Raw.

"I'm telling you, Stacy is the best thing that has happened to me, isn't
she great?" The King asks with a smile. Lillian and JR both nod their heads
politely and wait till he his gone. Lilian shakes her head and looks at JR.

"I don't know Jim... I know I've only been here for a short while... but I
don't trust her... she's going to end up hurting him..." Lilian says.

JR nods his head, "I know the feeling Lilian..."


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