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The Lawler Family Affair Continues...
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the large luxurious home of the Lawler family in Memphis, TN, the son of
the legendary Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Brian Lawler, is asleep in his bed as
his alarm clock starts to go off as it hits 11:00 AM. "Son of a bitch..."
Brian yawns as he starts to try to find the clock to hit the snooze button,
and after about five minutes, he succeeds.

Brian yawns once again and sits up in his bed, rubbing his eyes. Once Brian
focuses his eyes, he looks at the open doorway to his room in the basement
and is surprised to see the wife of his father and his step-mother, Stacy
"The Kat" Carter-Lawler, standing in the doorway of his room. Stacy, dressed
in a two piece white bikini with blond hair up in a short ponytail, licks her
lips as looks at her step-son, close to her own age "Good morning... birthday
boy." Stacy says with a slight smirk as she enters the now twenty-eight
year-old's room. Stacy places her hands on her slender hips, standing in
front of Brian's bed "Your daddy's on the road again...and on your big
Birthday too..." Stacy says with a slight frown.

Brian frowns, "Yeah I know... happens every year..." Brian yawns again as he
pushes off the blanket that's covering his lower body. Brian is just wearing
a pair of boxer-briefs and a plain white t-shirt. Brian sighs, "It really

Stacy then smiles a little "Oh well...we have fun without Daddy...don't we?"
Stacy asks with a sly smirk, before she reaches back and unties her hair from
the ponytail. She shakes her head a bit after she frees her hair from being
tied back "So...Bri...when are you little buddies coming over?"

Brian yawns and looks at the alarm clock, "Oh... in like an hour or so..."
Brian looks back at Stacy and smiles as he sees her hair in it's full length.
He stretches his arms upward and scoots to the edge of the bed, "I better get

Stacy licks her lips as she glances down at Brian's crotch "Would you like...
an early birthday gift?"

Brian sees the look on Stacy's face and smiles, "Yeah... I would... I'd
really love an early birthday gift..." Stacy smiles and nods her head as she
leans down and kisses Brian's lips sliding her tongue gently into his mouth.
Brian slips his tongue against Stacy's soft tongue while he places both of
his hands on Stacy's bikini bottom covered ass. He gives her ass cheeks a
gentle squeeze and moans a bit into Stacy's mouth.

Stacy slowly pulls her head away from Brian's lips, breaking the kiss as she
gets down onto her knees in front of her stepson. Stacy looks up at Brian
with a sultry look as she places her hands on his boxer-briefs, gently
tugging them down "You're so much more better than Daddy..." Stacy shakes
her head as she begins to pulls Brian's boxer-briefs down from his waist "I
clearly married the wrong one..."

Brian licks his lips and leans back on the bed, placing his hands behind
him as he watches his stepmother free his nice thick long cock from their
boxer-brief prison. "I have no complaint about that..." Brian smiles as he
locks eyes with Stacy.

Stacy licks her lips as she places her hands around Brian's shaft and begins
to gently stroke her hands against his eagerly awaiting cock "Mmmm...Brian...
I love your cock...nice...and hard" Stacy shakes her head "You don't need
Viagra for a Daddy does..."

Brian moans as he feels Stacy's tiny smooth hands around his cock, "Of course
I don't... I can just... mmmm.... look at you... and get harder than Chinese
algebra..." Brian smiles. "And... I'm not as old as he is... I'm in the prime
of my life... and at my peak." Stacy nods and licks her lips as she eyes
lighten up, watching Brian's cock get instantly hard after just a few quick
strokes of her hands. Stacy looks up at Brian with her manipulative eyes lock
with his eyes as she leans her head down and places her tongue on the tip of
Brian's cock. Stacy begins to slowly circle her tongue around on the large
head of Brian's cock. "Mmmmm... Christ... do I love that..." Brian moans as
he watches Stacy work over his cock with her wet soft tongue. He licks his
lips and leans back on the bed even further.

Stacy gently taps her tongue against Brian's cock as she slowly works her
tongue down his long shaft. Stacy slaps her warm saliva against his shaft
as she continues to moan her delicate tongue down his shaft. "Ahhhh don't
stop... Mmmm yeah..." Brian bites his bottom lip as he closes his eyes
slightly. The young man also known as Grand Masta Sexay groans happily from
the pleasure his stepmother is giving him. Stacy looks up at Brian with a
slight smirk as she brings her skilled tongue back up his shaft. Stacy
circles her tongue once again around the head of Brian's cock, before she
opens her mouth and takes his cock into her hot, wet mouth.

"Ohhhh shit..." Brian moans loudly as he feels the warmth of Stacy's mouth
all over the length of his cock. He lays back completely on the bed, and
grabs a pillow to put under his head so he can continue to watch Stacy.
"Man.... Dad doesn't deserve you..." Stacy tightens her grip, pressing her
lips tightly against his cock and starts to bob her head quicker on his
cock as she sucks deep, with long and teasing head bobs. Brian moves his
hands and reaches down to run his fingers through Stacy's soft blond hair.
He begins to buck his hips whenever his hot stepmother presses her lips
around the head of his cock to further tease him. "Ahhh... yeah... that's

Stacy opens her warm mouth wider as she presses all of her step-son's cock
into her mouth and begins to deep throat his entire cock. Stacy gags slightly
as she feels the head of his cock, hit the back of her small throat. Brian
sits up some and presses his hand on the back of her head to hold her down on
his cock, "Ohhhh ahhhh fuck... keep going... keep going..." Brian licks his
lips as he begins to breath a bit hard. Stacy keeps her head down on Brian's
throbbing cock, holding it deep in her mouth as she laps her tongue around
his cock, moaning softly against his cock. Brian leans his head back and
groans loudly as he begins to cum inside of his stepmother's mouth, shooting
his load right down her throat. "Ohhhh ahhhh shit... happy... fucking
birthday... to me...." Brian moans.

Stacy slowly lifts her head up from Brian's cock as some of his cum drips out
of Stacy's petite mouth. Stacy licks her lips clean on his delicious cum
"Mmmm...Brian baby...I love it when you cum.."

"Man... Stace... no one... gives head better than you..." Brian moans as his
cock starts to soften a little.

Stacy stands up with a smile "Happy Birthday Bri..." Stacy says with a wink
as she starts to leave his bedroom.

Brian sits up completely on the bed and smiles, "Hey... Stace... are you
sticking around for the party?"

Stacy shrugs "I may...I might stay and tan...or I might just head out and go
shopping..." Stacy says as she stands in the doorway to his room.

"Oh ok..." Brian stands up from his bed and picks up his towel, "Just
wondering, cause it'll be really cool if you partied with us..."

Stacy smirks as she licks her lips "Party huh?" Stacy laughs "We'll just have
to see about that then.." Stacy says with a sly wink.

A few hours later, out by the pool of the Lawler home, Brian's birthday party
is in full swing with loud music blaring from a boom box, a grill with hot
dogs and burgers on it, and several cases of beer. Brian, dressed in zebra
printed swim trunks, is sitting on a beach chair and he looks at his buddies
as they have a good time. By the cooler, Chris Irvine, also know as Chris
Jericho, is getting himself a beer and is dressed in lightning blue swim
shorts and an open blue shirt. His best friend, Scott Taylor, wearing red
trunk is sitting by the pool, and is chatting to Ron Killings, also known as
K-Kwik who is wearing black shorts and a white tank top. By the grill, Matt
and Jeff Hardy, both wearing purple and green swim shorts are arguing over
the proper way to cook a burger. As Brian laughs at the site, the other party
guest, Andrew Martin, the large man known as Test, comes over to him with two
beers. He hands one to Brian while he takes a slurp of the other. "Man great
fucking party Bri..." Andrew says with a big smile on his face.

"Thanks Andrew... glad you guys ain't all mad about the chicks not showing
up," Brian laughs.

Chris overhears Brian's comment and laughs a bit, "Well I'm a little PO'ed
about that, but this is still a great party, beer, a pool and a great day
with out any clouds in the sky, can't complain to much."

Scotty and Ron both start laughing, as does Andrew and Brian. Ron looks at
Chris, "Hey some things are just good as is, ya know? Take what's there and
make the most of it."

Scotty nods his head, "Yeah, and besides this is Brian B-Day, and there's
enough here to make a wild party with or without hot babes around."

Jeff walks away from the grill and over to the rest of the guys, "Hey guys...
Matt's going to be making the burgers... let me warn you that they are going
to be pretty flat..." Jeff shakes his head.

"Flat? How can a burger be flat?" Brian asks with a raised eyebrow as he
looks over at Matt who smashes a burger patty flat with the back end of a
spatula. "Never mind... I saw my answer."

As soon as Brian says that, the guys around him start laughing, while at the
grill, Matt flips over some burgers and as he looks up, he licks his lips as
he sees the door leading into the house open. "Damn..." Matt says to himself
as he sees Stacy Carter-Lawler stepping out of the house.

Stacy slides her left hand through her soft blonde hair as she removes the
sunglasses that she was wearing, still dressed in a white two-pieced bikini
top and bottom. Stacy fans herself off with her right hand "Boy...its hot
out here..." Stacy says as she closes the sliding glass door, leading into
the house.

Matt turns down the flame on the grill and goes over to the other guys, "Hey
guys... check it out... it's Brian's hot as hell stepmom..." Matt says as he
points her out. Everyone looks over in Stacy's direction and they all smiles.

"Man oh man is she fine..." Scotty licks his lips.

"I second that..." Chris says as he checks her out.

"Oh yeah... a hot white woman with blond hair..." Ron licks his lips and
adjusts his swim shorts to make his crotch more comfortable.

"Hey come on, we're talking about Bri's mom..." Andrew laughs.

Brian shrugs, "Hey I don't mind, I know she's hot..." Jeff is the only man
who doesn't say anything as he's starring at Stacy and doesn't realize he
makes eye contact with her. Stacy raises her eyebrow at Jeff as she licks
her lips. Stacy bites down on her bottom lip as she eyes the younger Hardy
brother as she motions him to come over to her with her left index finger.

Jeff smiles a little and starts to walk over to Stacy, while the rest of
men don't notice at first. "Man, who here would love the fuck her...
seriously..." Chris asks as he folds his arms and smirks.

"I know I would, in a heartbeat," Matt licks his lips.

"Same here... I bet she'd love some black meat..." Ron adds.

"Count me in that group," Andrew says as he slides a hand through his own

"Hey, I've already gotten a piece of her..." Scotty laughs.

"Bullshit..." Chris says as Brian remains a bit quite as he sees Jeff
approach Stacy.

"Hi Mrs. Lawler..." Jeff says to her as he licks his lips when he reaches

Stacy smiles as she locks her eyes steadily with Jeff's eyes "Ohh Jeff...
call me Stacy." Stacy says with a laugh as she hands Jeff a bottle of tanning
oil. Stacy turns around so her back is facing Jeff "Would you mind...for me
Jeff?" Stacy asks with an alluring smile.

"No I don't mind at all Stacy..." Jeff replies as he opens the bottle of
tanning oil. He squirts some on his left hand, sets the bottle down, rubs his
hands together and begins to rub the oil all over Stacy's back. Brian smirks
a bit as he sees Stacy look in his direction and licks his lips.

Matt happens to look around for Jeff and spots him with rubbing Stacy's back
and laughs, "That lucky bastard..." Scotty, Chris, Ron and Andrew all look
over at Jeff and Stacy, and have similar thoughts as they watch them.

Stacy smiles as she slowly backs up against Jeff and reaches back, gently
placing both of her hands on Jeff's waist. Stacy closes her eyes as she licks
her lips as Jeff works his hands, rubbing the tanning oil on now Stacy's
lower back " work good with those hands..."

Jeff moves his hands up to her shoulders and smiles, "Thanks Stacy... I'm
glad to help..." Jeff stops rubbing her back to pick up the bottle of tanning
oil to squirt a little more on her back. With Stacy's hands on his waist,
Jeff's cock starts to stir to life inside of his swim trunks.

"Man I'd wish I was Jeff right now..." Andrew says as he watches them, "Cause
from here it looks like she's pressing her cute behind against him."

"Really?" Ron tilts his head so he can look a the same angle Andrew is. "Oh
yeah... it does."

Stacy looks over her shoulder at Jeff and smiles slyly "You're such a cutie
Jeff... you know that don't you?" Stacy asks in a soft seductive voice as she
lowers both of her hands down to Jeff's crotch, brushing her hands against
the fabric of his swimming trunks.

Jeff licks his lips a little, "A lot of beautiful babes say that... so it
must be true..." Jeff says as he slides his hands down her back as he
slightly pushes his crotch against Stacy's hands.

Matt shakes his head, "Jeff always gets the chicks easily..."

"Hey, women like him... nothing wrong with that..." Scotty laughs a bit.

Stacy turns around slowly and smiles up at Jeff "I can're very..."
Stacy glances down at his crotch with a smirk "..Big...too.." Stacy licks her
lips as she flips her blonde hair back as she slowly gets down on to her
knees in front of Jeff, as she slowly pushes down Jeff's swimming trunks.

"Oh shit Bri... your stepmom is going down to her knees in front of Jeff..."
Ron says as he looks at Brian.

"If that's what she wants to do... it's cool with me..." Brian says with a

"You're cool with that? What about your pops, The King?" Andrew asks with a
bit of a surprise in his voice.

"She's a grown women..." Brian replies. Back over with Jeff and Stacy, Jeff
is smiling down at she lowers his trunks enough for his slowly erecting cock
springs free.

Stacy licks her lips "Mmmm...damn...I love...fresh young cock" Stacy says
with a slight smile as she pushes Jeff's swimming trunks the remaining way
down and wraps her soft, small hands around Jeff's shaft and begins to
stroke his cock as she leans her head forward and licks the head of Jeff's

"Ohhh geez..." Jeff moans as he feels the tight grip Stacy has on his cock
as she strokes it. He immediately places a hand on her head and licks his

"Oh shit guys... man I got to go over there..." Chris smirks as he starts to
walk over to Stacy and Jeff.

"Yeah I hear that," Andrew adds as he follows right behind Chris as they walk
over to Stacy. Stacy gently pats her tongue against the head of Jeff's cock
as she circles her tongue slowly around the head of his cock before she opens
her mouth and gently takes the head of Jeff's cock into her hot mouth.

As Stacy begins to orally pleasure Jeff, Andrew and Chris reaches them and
stand next to Jeff. "Jeff, buddy, pal... you were going to leave us out?"
Chris asks with a smirk as he starts to lower his swim shorts.

"Nah... I wasn't..." Jeff moans as he moves his hips to push his cock against
Stacy's warm mouth.

"Yeah sure Jeff... man you got to share..." Andrew smirks as he makes like
Chris and removes his shorts so that now, the two Canadian studs stand next
to Jeff with their cocks coming to life. Stacy tightens her lips almost
instantly around Jeff's cock as she starts to bob her head up and down on
Jeff's cock. Stacy reaches over to Jericho's cock with her right and Andrew's
cock with her left. Stacy wraps both of her hands firmly around their cocks
and begins to stroke their cocks with her soft hands as she bobs her head
quicker of Jeff's cock, sucking him off.

"Ahhh yeah... now this party is really getting started..." Chris moans as he
looks down to see Stacy jerk him off.

Andrew smirks and looks over at the other guys, "Hey guys... come on... let's
really make this a party."

"I'm down with that!" Scotty calls out as he removes his shorts and heads
over to stand near Stacy. Ron and Matt both look at Brian who is getting up
from the pool-side chair.

"Bri, man, are you cool with this?" Matt asks with a cautious tone in his

"Of course I am... what do you think?" Brian asks as he starts to walk over
to his stepmother while removing his swim trunks.

Ron and Matt exchange looks and Ron smiles a bit, "Damn... if he's down with
it... might as well go for it."

"Yeah... can't beat 'em, join 'em..." Matt laughs as they both get undress
and follow Brian over towards Stacy. Stacy slowly lifts her head up from
Jeff's cock and licks her lips as she turns on her knees slightly towards
Chris. Stacy pulls his cock closer to her mouth as she takes his fully
erected cock into her warm mouth. Stacy wraps her lips tightly around
Chris's cock and stands to rapidly bob her head at a quick rate on his
cock. While Stacy is sucking Chris's cock, she reaches behind, over her
shoulder, and continues to stroke Andrew's large cock.

Jeff takes a step back as some of Stacy's saliva drips off of his cock. When
Brian reaches the group, he kneels behind his stepmother and unties her
bikini top and reaches around to her front to peel it from her body. All the
guys look at him with a bit of surprise, and he smirks, "Hey... that's an
expensive top... don't want to get it messy..."

"Right... you got that for her for mother's day..." Scotty laughs as he
starts to stroke his own cock. Stacy swiftly bobs her head on Jericho's cock
as she laps her smooth tongue around his cock, while she wraps her right hand
around Scotty's cock and helps him stroke his cock too. Stacy gently pats her
tongue against Jericho's cock before she slowly pulls her head and flips her
hair back and out of her pretty face.

"Damn that was great..." Jericho licks his lips as he turns to take a step
back and his cock bumps into Ron's cock as the muscular black man steps to
stand right in front of Stacy.

"Sorry about that Chris..." Ron laughs as he gets to where he wants to be,
stroking his cock just inches away from Stacy's lovely face.

"Hey no problem..." Chris laughs as he sits on a near by pool side chair.

Stacy licks her lips as she looks up at Ron's large black cock, removing her
hands from Scotty and Andrew's cocks. "Mmmm...I love black cock..."

Ron licks his lips as he slowly strokes his cock in front of Stacy, "All
chicks do..." Ron says as he moves a step forward to press the thick head
of his cock against her lips. Behind Stacy, Brian has moved way and Matt
is behind her now. He pulls Stacy up and starts to lower her white bikini
bottoms from her gorgeous hips. When he sees her ass, he immediately gives
it a playful slap. Stacy looks over her shoulder with a playful laugh
before she turns her head back to Ron and opens her small, hot mouth and
accepts his black cock into her warm mouth. Stacy instantly wraps her soft
lips around his cock and starts to bob her head along his black shaft.

"Ahhhh yeah... Bri... your stepmom here... sure knows how to suck... black
dick..." Ron moans as he takes two handfuls of Stacy's blonde hair.

"Thanks... I guess..." Brian laughs as he sits on the concrete near Stacy.
He takes her left hand and guides it to to his cock, while Matt starts to
push his cock into her pussy. He shoves it in with a swift thrust and moans
loudly as he feels Stacy's pussy tighten around his cock.

"God damn..." Matt moans before he begins to thrust into her pussy.

Andrew looks at him and folds his arms, "Oh you jerk... couldn't wait, could

Jeff laughs and pats Andrew's back, "Don't worry about it Andrew... I'm sure
Stacy will be around to fuck for all of us."

Stacy moans around Ron's cock as she starts to gently push herself back
on Matt's cock "Mmmmmm..." Stacy moans around Ron's cock, making her moan
vibrate against his shaft as she quickly bobs her head, sucking on his black
cock. While Stacy sucks on Ron's cock and pushes herself back on Matt's cock,
she starts to move her left hand swiftly against her step-son, Brian Lawler's

"Shit... this is hot to watch..." Scott says with a smirk before he moves
around to Stacy's right hand to pick up her right hand. "But I want in on the
fun..." He adds as he places her soft hand on his cock. Behind Stacy, Matt
has his hands on her hips and is steadily thrusting in and out of her pussy
at a brisk pace and pushes her forward against Ron's big black cock. Stacy
laps her delicate tongue around on Ron's big black cock as she steadily
strokes Scotty and Brian's hardened shafts. Stacy pushes herself back against
Matt's cock at a quicker rate, causing her moans to be muffled by Ron's cock.

"Ahhh shit.... man... Jeff... you gotta try her pussy..." Matt licks his lips
as he pulls out of Stacy's vice like pussy. He taps her ass with his cock
before he moves from behind Stacy.

"It's that good?" Jeff asks with smirk.

"You bet it is..." Matt answers as he licks his lips.

"Hey if you're going to take your time, I'm not going to nail her..." Andrew
says to Jeff as he walks behind Stacy and pulls her up from the ground much
to the surprise of Ron, Brian and Scotty who were enjoying her mouth and
hands. "Hope you don't mind the lift..." Andrew laughs as he carries Stacy
over to a long pool-side chair. He lays on it and has Stacy straddle his
waist. Stacy smiles as she lowers herself on the long cock of Andrew. Stacy
squeals in delight as she comes down on his large power-rod.

"Mmmmm Andrew," Stacy moans as she places her hands on his strong and
powerful chest as she starts to quickly bounce on Andrew's cock, while rock
back and forth on her own momentum.

"Mmmmm... damn... your cunt feels great on my dick..." Andrew moans as he
puts his large hands on her hips to help her bounce faster on his cock.

"That jerk..." Jeff laughs as he speaks for the rest of the guys in reference
to what Andrew did.

"Oh well... might as well stay in the action," Scotty says as he goes over
to Andrew and Stacy and kneels behind her. He lays a hand on her ass and he
pushes his cock into her asshole, catching her my surprise.

Stacy tilts her head back and grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck..." Stacy groans as
she feels Scotty's cock enter her tight asshole. As Scotty begins to thrust
into her tight asshole it causes her rapidly bounce on Andrew's cock, also
causing her to slam down on Andrew's cock at a powerful rate. Stacy licks her
lips as sweat, due to the intense heat outside, rolls off of her forehead and
drips down onto Andrew's upper lip.

Andrew uses his powerful body to thrust up into Stacy's tight pussy as Scotty
slams his worm in and out of her asshole nonstop. "Christ... man... I love
your ass Stacy..." Scotty grunts as he pounds her ass.

Jeff looks at Brian and grins, "Brian, your stepmom is all right..."

Matt nods, "Yeah, Stacy's really got it on..."

Brian smirks, "Thanks guys... but I think she wants some more..."

Jericho gets up from the poolside chair he's sitting on and walks over to
Stacy, Andrew and Scotty, "Then let's add to her fun..." Jericho grins as he
gets behind Stacy and next to Scotty. Scotty moves a bit to the right so that
Jericho can start working his cock into Stacy's already dick filled pussy.

Stacy grits her teeth as she feels Jericho's cock enter her stuffed pussy
along with Andrew's cock. Stacy closes her eyes as allows Andrew, Chris and
Scotty to do all the work and lets her body relax slightly "Ohhhh fuck
yess..." Stacy moans.

Jericho and Andrew start to alternate thrusts after several awkward moments
getting used to their cocks grinding against each other while inside of
Stacy's pussy. "Damn... what else can we do with her..." Chris asks while
licking his lips as he gives Stacy some hard stiff thrusts whenever he can.

"I don't know..." Scotty laughs and grunts as he gives her ass a few more
stiff pumps with his cock before he pulls out of his her ass and moves off
to catch his breath.

Stacy tilts her head back and groans as Jericho moves directly behind and
steadily pumps his cock in and out of sweet pussy. Stacy groans loudly as
she slams down hard on Andrew's cock, sweat running and dripping off of her
petite tanned body. Stacy holds her mouth open as she moans loudly "Ohhhhhh
ahhhh...fuck me!"

Matt looks at his brother Jeff and smirks, "Hey Jeff... I think Stacy would
love some extreme action..."

Jeff licks his lips, "Yeah... maybe a little pool fun to go with it?" Matt
laughs and the two brother high fives each other before the start to make
their way over to Jericho, Andrew & Stacy. Jeff pats Jericho's back and
Jericho looks at him.

"Yeah?" He asks with a moan as he slams into Stacy.

"Our turn Chris..." Jeff grins. Jericho nods his head and smirks before he
pulls out of Stacy's pussy. Once he moves away, Jeff and Matt lift Stacy off
of Andrew's large cock, and work together to get her onto Jeff's cock. Jeff
wraps his arms around her petite sweaty body and manages to hold her
perfectly as Matt takes a moment to insert his cock into her asshole. The
pair of Hardys then begins to bounce Stacy up and down on their cocks as
they sandwich her with their bodies.

Stacy leans her back against Matt's chest as she bounces quickly in between
the two Hardy brother "Ohhhh awwww...fuck yesss!" Stacy moans as she starts
to grinding her pussy against Jeff's cock, each time her ass bounces on
Matt's stiff cock.

Matt and Jeff continue to work together to lift Stacy up and down on their
cocks as they begin to thrust into her at the same time. As the Hardys fuck
his stepmom, Brian and Ron both begin to walk over was they watch the action.
"Man Bri... your dad sure knows how to pick a wife..." Ron laughs.

Brian smirks, "Not sure if you mean that as a good thing or a bad thing... I
think it's good though." Ron shakes his head and laughs a bit more, while
Scotty and Chris sit down by the pool.

"Wonder if Stacy has ever been drilled in a pool before..." Jericho asks as
ideas pop into his head.

Scotty grins a bit, "That could be fun," he says as behind them Matt and Jeff
fuck Stacy harder than they were a short time ago.

Stacy grits her teeth as she slams down on Jeff's cock at a hard rate and
begins to cum on Jeff's cock "Ohhhhh god! Fuck!" Stacy moans as her body goes
weak and she practically falls back limp against Matt's muscular and sweaty

Brian licks his lips as he watches his stepmother get the fucking of her
life. He looks at Ron and smirks, "You know... she did seem to like your dick
earlier... why don't you get her one on one for a bit..." Ron smirks a bit,
"Yeah, that'll be fucking great..." He replies as Matt and Jeff pull out of
Stacy's pussy and ass and lay her down on the ground.

Jeff smirks, "Shit Matt... she's one hot babe..."

"I agree bro, I totally fucking agree..." Matt licks his lips as Ron starts
to move in Stacy's weak body. He rolls Stacy onto her side and lays behind
her. Ron lifts her right leg and slides his long hard black cock into her
already well fucked pussy.

Stacy slowly open her eyes as she feels Ron's big black cock enter her sloppy
wet pussy from behind "Ohhhhh..." Stacy groans.

"Yeah... you like that fucking black cock..." Ron grunts as he begins
thrusting his shaft in and out of her pussy as fast as he can. He pulls the
beautiful sweating blond back towards him during every thrust, causing her
ass to slap against his dark hips.

Andrew gets up from the chair he's laying on and approaches Brian, "Bri, I
got to ask, how can you be cool with this?"

Brian looks at him and smirks, "She's not my real mother, give me some
credit... but come on, she's the same age as all of us..."

Andrew grins and laughs, "You're a lucky son of a bitch you know that."

Stacy licks her lips as she starts to grind her petite body against Ron's
cock as she reaches between her legs and begins to rub his shaft with her
hands as he's thrusting in her tight pussy "Mmmm...I need something to...
suck.." Stacy moans.

After hearing what Stacy moaned, Brian grins a bit, "That's my cue... excuse
me Andrew..." Brian passes by his tall friend and walks over in front of his
stepmom and grips his cock to hold it steady for Stacy as Ron thrusts harder
into her pussy. "Here's something for you to suck..." Brian laughs a bit.
Stacy smiles up at Brian as she opens her mouth and takes his cock into her
warm, wet mouth. Stacy wraps her lips tightly around his cock, like a vice as
she starts to bob her head along his cock while Ron's steadily and powerfully
thrusts into her white cunt.

"Holy shit... look at that..." Chris says as he looks back to see Stacy
blowing Brian's cock. Jeff and Matt all look over in total surprise, and
Andrew's mouth is hanging open, as he still can't quite believe what he's

Scotty looks and shrugs, "Oh that's old news...." He says with a laugh, which
gets everyone to look at him with surprised looks on their faces.

"You knew about them?" Andrew asks as he's a bit speechless.

"Yeah... of course, Brian's my best friend... hell I've banged her before,"
Scotty replies with a smirk. Meanwhile Ron has pulls out of Stacy's pussy,
and Brian has laid her on her back to slide his cock into her warm wet cunt
to begin fucking her.

Stacy grits her teeth as she wraps her smooth, shaven legs around Brian's
waist and starts to push herself roughly back against Brian's stiffened cock,
that's ramming her extremely wet pussy "Ohhhhhh ahhhh...awww...give me that!
Ohhhh fuck me!" Stacy moans loudly.

Brian looks down at her and the two lock eyes as he repeatedly rams his cock
in and out of his stepmother's wet pussy, fucking her exactly how she wants.
He grinds his teeth together before he lowers his head and forcefully kisses
Stacy's lips, which gives the other guys a display they'll never forget.
"Mother fucker..." Jericho says as he licks his lips and shakes his head.

"Technically... Step-mother fucker..." Scotty laughs a bit Brian rolls onto
his back so that Stacy is not on top of him.

"Man... I don't give a fuck... that's too hot to stay out of..." Andrew says
as he goes over and sticks his cock into Stacy's mouth first chance he gets.
Stacy closes her mouth around his cock and starts to suck on it as hard as
she can as she begins to bounce hard on her stepson's hard rigid cock. Stacy
moans around Andrew's large cock as he places his hands on her head and
gradually has her deep throat his cock. "Ahhhh fuck... that feels so fucking
good..." Andrew says as he feels the warmth of Stacy's mouth on his cock.

Jeff smirks, "I'm with Andrew... that's too good to pass up..." Jeff quickly
runs over and gets behind Stacy and shoves his cock into her asshole. The
younger Hardy brother instantly starts to fuck Stacy's firm round juicy ass
with hard quick movements that makes her rock harder on Brian's cock. Even
though Andrew's cock muffles her moans, they are loud enough for Jeff, Brian
and Andrew to hear. Stacy extends her arms out and motions for two men to
come over for her to jerk off. Matt, Scotty and Chris rush over and they
slightly push each other to try and get their dicks into Stacy's small hands.
Eventually, Scotty and Chris both have their cocks in her hands, and Stacy
instantly starts to jerk them off.

"God damn it..." Matt laughs as he realizes only himself and Ron are the
only two not involved with Stacy in some way at that moment. He looks at his
brother and smirks, "Hey Jeff..... Move over a bit..." Matt says as he joins
his brother behind Stacy and manages to get his cock into her pussy along
side Brian's dick. Stacy moans loudly around Andrew's cock and it deeper
into her hot mouth.

"Ahhhh shit..." Andrew grunts as he tilts his head back and starts to cum
inside of Stacy's mouth. Stacy manages to swallow every bit of his cum
before she allows him to pull his cock out of her mouth. Stacy licks her
lips seductively before she grits her teeth to push back against the Hardys
while continues to bounce on Brian's cocks while continue to jerk off Scotty
and Chris.

"Shit... I gotta fucking cum..." Chris moans as he Stacy rubs the head of his
cock with the palm of her hand just moments before he starts to cum. Stacy
turns her head quickly and opens her mouth wide to catch a good portion of
his load while the rest lands in streaks across her neck. After she releases
Chris's dick, Stacy feels a sudden warmness in her asshole as Jeff suddenly
unleashes his cum inside of her butt.

"Ohhhh Jeff... I love to feel cum in my ass..." She moans as she squeezes
her asshole around Jeff's shaft to milk every drop of his sperm. Jeff smiles
a bit and frees his spent cock from her asshole. Once his brother has moved
away from Stacy, Matt pulls his cock out of Stacy's pussy and slips it into
her cum filled asshole as she brings Scotty's cock to her mouth. Stacy
continues to rock back and forth slowly on Brian's cock and pushes back
against Matt's cock when he thrusts into her asshole.

"C'mon Stace.... Yeah... that's it..." Scotty moans as he runs his hands
through Stacy's hair as the pressure of his building eruption starts to
build. Stacy taps her tongue against every inch of the underbelly of his
dick. Scotty thrusts his hips forward and begins to cum in Stacy's mouth,
however unlike with Andrew, Stacy doesn't swallow his load. Instead she
collects it in her mouth and when Scotty pulls out, Stacy lets his cum
dribble out of the sides of her mouth.

"Ahhhh ahhh shit..." Matt grunts as he fucks Stacy's cum lubricated asshole
with some of the hardest thrusts he can pull together. Stacy now stays fairly
still on Brian's cock and winks down at her stepson as she looks over hers
shoulder at Matt.

"Ohhhh yeah... ohhh god... Matthew... cum in my ass.... like your brother..."
Stacy licks her lips. Matt nods his head and delivers some more stiff thrusts
before he begins dumps his dick juice into the depths of her asshole, filling
it up more with cum. Stacy moans happily and closes her eyes as she feels
Matt's cum inside of her asshole. When Matt pulls out of her asshole, Stacy
opens her eyes and looks over at Ron who is stroking his black cock. She
looks down at Brian and smiles as she bounces softly on his dick "Bri...
baby... are you... going to cum soon?"

Brian nods his head, "Yeah.... Stace... I am."

Stacy smiles and gets off of his cock slowly, "Save it for me... I want you
to see me...get Ron's thick cum... from his cock..."

"All right..." Brian licks his lips and sits up as Stacy gets on her hands
and knees. She begins to crawl over to Ron. When she reaches him she sits
back on her knees and wraps both of her hands on his long black cock and
begins to milk his cock with her hands. Stacy twists and turns her lovely
hands around his thick shaft as she jerks his meat.

"Damn girl... you know how to work... that black dick..." Ron moans as Stacy
skillfully handles his cock.

"I told you before... I love... black cock..." Stacy winks her eye
seductively at him as she presses her lips on his cock. She takes it into her
mouth and lightly sucks on the tip while continuing to stroke his shaft. Ron
grunts and clenches his eyes shuts just moments before his cock erupts with
several powerful spurts of cum right into her mouth. Stacy takes more of his
cock into her mouth and sucks hard on it as if to suck out more of his load
even after he stops cumming. Once satisfied, Stacy lets his cock fall out of
her mouth and she slowly looks back at Brian with a lustful smile on her face
before she starts to crawl back over to him. "Bri... Baby.... It's time..."
Stacy moans seductively as sees every one of Brian's friends watching her.
"It's for you... to cum..."

Brian nods his head and smiles at her as she again lays on her back. Brian
gets on top of her and presses his chest down against her petite tits as he
slides his throbbing cock back into her pussy. Stacy wraps her legs around
his waist and her arms around his neck as soon as he begins to drill her
pussy. Knowing that The Hardys, Andrew, Chris, Scotty & Ron are watching,
Brian starts slowly, using long thrusts that involve him pulling out almost
completely each time. Stacy pulls his head down and whispers, "Baby...
Brian... cum inside me... they all cummed in my ass.... in my mouth... I
need your cum... in my cunt..."

"All right... Stace..." Brian says as he kisses her. His friends all watch in
silence, not wanting to say anything as Brian begins to fuck his stepmother
harder. Stacy grinds her tight soaking wet pussy against him as best she can
before one of his will timed thrusts his her the right way.

"Ohhhh god...ahhh fuck yesss..." Stacy's eyes roll back in her head as she
arches her back and cums on Brian's cock. Stacy's breathing becomes ragged
and heavy as feels Brian's cock move in and out of her pussy in a familiar
pattern, giving her a sign that her stepson is going to cum. She pulls his
head down and kisses his lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth. Brian
and Stacy both moan into each other's mouths as their tongue intertwine the
moment Brian begins to cum inside of Stacy's pussy.

Brian slowly breaks the kiss with Stacy and the two smile at each other,
"This... is the best birthday... I have ever had..."

Stacy grins tiredly up at him and slides one of her moist hands against his
sweaty face, "Happy Birthday Bri..."


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