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The Legend Killer Gets Laid
by Scott Hall's Bitch

After another busy night, Raw was finally over. WWE employees were running
about the Staples Center, dismantling the ring, stage and the rest of the set
ready for next week's live show. Randy Orton had just showered and changed,
his wrestling gear in his case, the rest of his belongings in the trunk of
his car. As he passes through the various hallways and corridors, he thinks
about his family back home, proud of his accomplishments so far in his young
career. He stops to talk to his friend Triple H in the parking lot.

"Hey there Randy, wanna go for a few beers?" He smiles as he asks, a big grin
spread across his face that Orton can't refuse.

"Sure, let me take my gear back to the hotel and I'll be there."

Triple H laughs and gets into his car with Stephanie McMahon as Orton puts
his case into the back of his car. He looks up as he opens the door, noticing
Molly Holly looking in his direction. She smiles at him, Orton returning the
smile as he climbs into the seat.

"You wanna get another beer Randy?" Triple H smiles at Orton again as he gets
to his feet. "Two more over here when you're ready."

Just then a female's voice breaks Orton's concentration, a familiar voice
owned by someone warm and friendly. Orton turns around and standing directly
in his vision is Molly Holly, Orton turns back to the bar. "Make that two
beers and a white wine."

He turns back towards Molly and smiles, passing her a glass. She smiles
sweetly as she thanks him, taking a sip as Orton takes the beers. "You wanna
join us?"

Molly looks over at Triple H and Stephanie seated at the table and answers
him. "I was kinda hoping we could go somewhere a little more private. There's
something I have to tell you."

Orton nods his understanding but bargains with her. "Maybe you can join me
for a few drinks first, then we can go somewhere more private after."

"OK then", replies Molly.

A few drinks later, Orton leans forwards to grab his drink, Molly having the
same idea. A moment of awkwardness occurs as both Orton and Molly brush hands
accidentally, both grabbing their drinks, sipping nervously. After a minute
of silence, Molly moves her hand, placing it on Orton's thigh. Orton looks
down and lifts Molly's hand off his leg, clasping her hand in his tightly,
looking her in the eyes, hoping that Triple H and Stephanie haven't noticed,
glad that they carry on talking as if nothing has happened.

Some time later, Triple H and Stephanie say goodbye to Orton and Molly. As
soon as they're gone, Orton and Molly hold hands and look at each other,
smiling as they hail a cab. Orton instructs the driver to take them to the
hotel occupied by most of the Raw locker room and other WWE employees. They
slowly pull up outside the hotel, Orton paying the fare and helping Molly
out of the cab. Orton and Molly walk through the lobby towards the elevator,
Orton pushing the button for his floor. As the doors close and they stand
alone in the confined space, Molly surprises Orton with a kiss. The elevator
gets to the right floor and Orton steps out into the hall, a look of shock
on his face after the unexpected kiss planted on him by Molly.

"It's just down here," he says, leading Molly down the hall, stopping outside
a door. He opens the door and smiles at Molly. "Ladies first."

Molly walks into the room smiling. "Oooh, such a gentleman, aren't you

They laugh, Orton scratching the back of his head. "Well, I try to be."

Molly turns to face him, flicking her long, dark hair, a look of seriousness
on her face. "Let's see just how much of a gentle man you are."

Orton walks forwards, running his fingers through her hair as they stare
longingly into each other's eyes. They begin to kiss passionately, moving
towards the bed. They break contact while Orton removes his white t-shirt,
Molly admiring his muscular torso as she runs her hand across his chest.
Orton grabs Molly's black top, moving the straps off her shoulders, kissing
her bare skin before lifting her top over her head, Molly's voluptuous
breasts pressed against Orton as they kiss once more. Molly feels a bulge
against her body, Orton no longer able to ocntain his excitement. She begins
moving downwards, planting kisses on Orton's chest and stomach, removing his
belt and black pants, Orton standing wearing just his gray underwear.

"Calvins huh? You always wear Calvins?"

Orton looks down at Molly who is now kneeling in front of him. "Only for you,
Molly. Only for you."

She reaches forwards, grabbing Orton's underwear and pulling them down, Orton
steps out of them as his erection springs free. Molly reaches forwards and
gently strokes his big cock, running her tongue along the underside from the
base all the way to the tip. Orton lets out a loud sigh as Molly laps at his
now glistening head then takes his entire length into her mouth.

He tilts his head back and sighs loudly with pleasure as Molly's lips clasp
around him, pushing his foreskin back and forth slowly at first the gradually
getting faster, her tongue lapping his seeping tip. His cock starts to throb
in her mouth, Orton letting out a loud moan as his bloated balls begin to
unload into Molly's mouth. She swallows every drop then looks up at Orton,
smiling wickedly as she licks her lips. "Mmmm, that tasted so good." Orton
stares down at Molly and grins. "Now it's my turn."

Orton helps Molly to her feet, bending down as he cups her breasts in his
hands, kissing her soft flesh then starting to suck on her erect nipples. He
flicks his tongue against them and runs his tongue across her stomach, the
tip of it finding her belly button. Orton moves lower down Molly's body,
unzipping her jeans and gently tugging at them until they finally come off.
Molly climbs onto the bed, kissing Orton passionately as he starts planting
kisses all over her body, working downwards, exploring every inch of her
with his lips. Orton gently craesses Molly's thigh then kisses it, a patch
of dampness visible on her white cotton panties, betraying how wet she was
getting. Orton puts his fingers inside Molly's panties, slowly peeling them
off as he kisses all the way down her leg. He takes a moment to smell Molly's
womanly aromas still lingering on her panties then runs his tongue along the
sole of one of her feet, starting at her heel.

He starts sucking on each of Molly's delicate toes as she spreads her other
leg, displaying her wet and eager pussy. Orton continues sucking Molly's
toes as she rolls her eyes back and sighs, feeling pleasure but desperate
for more. Molly can't take any more and moves her hand down between her legs,
stroking her wet slit. Orton takes Molly's hand away and puts her leg down
on the bed, allowing her to spread it, her slick, puffy lips parting slightly
as she opens her legs, Orton between them, kissing Molly as he slides his
hard cock deep into her wet hole. He starts thrusting with Molly writhing in
pleasure underneath him, both moaning out loud. The base of Orton's cock
slides back and forth against Molly's swollen clit while his head manages to
find her G-spot, gently rubbing her. Molly starts panting and screaming, her
cunt getting wetter and wetter as Orton starts seeping inside her, grunting
with each thrust.

"Mmmm yeah, Randy, I'm gonna cum soon."

Orton gets really turned on by Molly moaning in his ear and feels ready to
cum himself. A few thrusts later he feels his cock start to throb inside
Molly's hot, wet pussy as her inner walls start to tighten around him. One
more thrust causes them both to cry out, hot sticky cum exploding from
Orton's swollen head, spurting deep inside Molly's cunt, splashing against
her insides. Molly feels her girly goo start to gush, her juices squirting
out onto Orton's balls and splashing back onto her soft thighs. They lie
there together kissing and cuddling, holding each other's sweaty bodies in
their arms.

After a few minutes Orton and Molly begin to get aroused again, Orton's
erection pressed against Molly. She whispers softly, "What would you like to
do now?" Orton takes her breasts in his hands. "I'd like to fuck your tits."

Molly smiles and climbs off the bed, Orton sitting on the edge as Molly
leans forwards, her beautiful breasts enveloping Orton's hard cock, his head
protruding from her cleavage. She pushes her breasts together as she rocks
gently back and forth, flicking her tongue across his seeping tip. Orton
moans, ready to ejaculate, Molly starting to suck on his head as a blast of
his salty cream hits the back of her throat, some of it dribbling down her
chin. Molly wipes it off with her finger the puts her fingertip into her
mouth before climbing back onto the bed on her hands and knees, her round
curvy ass wiggling. Molly lies back and opens her legs once more, spreading
them wide and urging Orton to have a better look.

Orton kneels in front of Molly, staring at her crotch. Molly takes her wet
lips and spreads them wide revealing her sensitive clit and juicy hole. "I
hope you'll put your tongue in here." Molly begins running two fingers up
and down the length of her hot moist slit as Orton watches.

After a few minutes she starts to moan, using her fingers to part her lips
and stroke her clit, Orton starting to get excited. He strokes his erect
shaft as Molly gently massages her swollen clit, rubbing circles on it with
two fingers. She pants and slips her fingers deep into her dripping wet cunt,
Molly's gaze shifting from her fingers working her pussy to Orton waxing his
upturned length. Molly pants and groans as she slowly fingers herself,
watching Orton pleasuring himself. Orton watches as Molly's goo leaks out
from around her fingers, soaking her tight puckered asshole ans dripping
down, a pool of girly cream on the bed.

Molly removes her fingers, beckoning Orton closer, slipping a finger into his
mouth, allowing him to suck her juices off it. She pops the other finger into
her own mouth, tasting herself. Molly moans softly, "Spurt all over me,"
Orton doing as she asks, masturbating just above her crotch. Molly stares
intently as Orton's head bursts out of his hand, his balls jiggling as he
jerks off. Molly cups them in her hand, caressing and fondling them, using a
finger to stroke them as she gently pinches her erect nipples, a finger
circling them while Orton grunts. He feels his cock throb and tense up as he
milks his balls dry, pumping his seed all over Molly's stomach, some of it
managing to land on one of her breasts. Orton immediately stoops down, using
his tongue to clean up his mess, lapping up every drop. "Mmmm, I hope you use
that talented tongue on me."

Orton makes his way between Molly's legs again, putting them over his
shoulders, Molly's feet in the air. Orton lowers his face and runs the tip
of his tongue into Molly's moist folds then parts her soft lips with his
fingers, gently flivking his tongue against Molly's clit. She moans out
loud as he pushes his tongue deep inside her dripping pussy, all the way
to the hilt. Orton tongue fucks Molly as she bucks against his face,
pushing her hips up as she arches her back, waves of pleasure running
throughout her body, her clit tingling as Orton's nose presses against it.
Orton feels Molly tighten up around his tongue, she lets out a loud cry
then her tasty juices pour from her pussy straight into Orton's mouth. He
keeps his tongue inside Molly as she has a screaming orgasm.

Orton removes his tongue and takes Molly's legs off his shoulders, giving
her soft thighs and moist cunt gentlr kisses. He plants more kisses on her
stomach, breasts, neck and finally her soft lips, the two kissing as their
bodies entwine. Orton and Molly stare into each other's eyes, Randy asking,
"S what did you wanna tell me?" Molly smiles at him, wrapping her arms and
legs around his body, pulling them closer together...

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