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The Lick of Death
by Evil_from_CSSA

"God can't help you now."

Those words rang through the head of Ivelisse Velez repeatedly in the hours since the 'indicent', as she referred to it had happened. Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc had been training when....SHE...had showed up. Talking in riddles and touching Ivelisse.

Ivelisse didn't like being touched.

For some reason, which still escaped Ivelisse's reasoning, she was unusually passive at the advances of Catrina and it let her guard down when she held up the stone.

'That stone, there has to be something about it.' Ivelisse thought to herself remembering the incident and getting angrier by the second.

The next thing Ivelisse knew she was getting helped off of the ground by some of the Lucha Underground security and ring crew. Neither of her idiot partners could remember what had happened.

Ivelisse slammed her locker shut in anger making her partners jump at the sudden sound.

"What?" asked Son of Havoc.

"I'm going to get her." Ivelisse stated.

"Who is it this time?" Angelico asked in his thick, South American accent.

"That bitch and her goons." Ivelisse said, not mentioning them by name.

"You mean that shit from earlier?" Havoc asked.

"What do you think I'm talking about?" she spat back limping hard to grab her crutches. She began limping for the door, not listening to her partners behind her. She was going to get her payback one way or another.

"You know that's a stupid move right?" Son of Havoc shouted.

"Dude, let her go. She's going to do this no matter if we want her to." Angelico replied as Ivelisse limped away.

* * *

Some time later in a different part of the temple Ivelisse had seen one of the Disciples of Death sneak into one of the alcoves deep below the Temple and she had followed him, thinking he could lead her to Catrina.

As soon as she turned the corner, he was gone.

At that moment the lights began to flicker. Ivelisse smiled. She knew this is what happened the last time, what she didn't see was Mil Muertes appering in the hallway behind her, he disappeared when she turned around.

At that moment Ivelisse felt a gentle touch trance itself along the back of her neck. A cold chill went through her body and she turned to find herself face to face with a smirking Catrina.

Those same feelings briefly came back, fighting for dominance inside Ivelisse's mind, confusion, emptiness, and a bit of arousal; before her anger took the forefront again. Ivelisse dropped her crutches and put up her fists. Catrina chuckled.

"A girl coming to find a fight even she knows she cannot win." Catrina stated as she slowly walked around Ivelisse. Ivelisse spun and took a swing at Catrina, who ducked the punch and sent Ivelisse crashing into a nearby wall.

Before Ivelisse knew it, Catrina had her arm on the back of Ivelisse's neck.

"Or maybe there is something else you were looking for." Catrina stated backing off and letting Ivelisse gather herself.

"What are you talking about?" Ivelisse asked as she grabbed her crutches.

"You didn't reject my advances earlier." Catrina stated, for the first time Ivelisse noticed that Catrina was holding the stone. Those same feelings from the last time returned in full force.

"That doesn't mean I--" Ivelisse's words stopped as Catrina ran her fingers across Ivelisse's cheek.

"Shhhh..." Catrina said "...we both know why you really came looking for me. You came looking for something you haven't had in a really long time."

"I--but..." Ivelisse stammered.

"Shhhh. Hush now. Follow me." Catrina gently commanded, she spun on her heel knowing Ivelisse would follow her. Ivelisse followed, her mind fighting her body the entire time."

* * *

Moments Later.

Catrina pushed the door open to a hidden room in the temple. Inside it was a bed and a dresser, it wasn't much for someone to live in. More like crash in for a few nights.

Catrina pointed to the bed in the corner and Ivelisse sat down on it, putting her crutches on the floor. Ivelisse looked up at Catrina wondering what was going to happen next. She thought about making a run for the door but her broken ankle would insure she wouldn't get very far and her body wasn't obeying her commands to get up and run for it.

Catrina set the stone on the dresser and reached behind her neck undoing the snaps on her catsuit. She turned to face Ivelisse as her breasts dropped into view. The once fiery Puerto Rican blushed and tried to look away but couldn't. Catrina wouldn't allow her to.

Catrina crawled on to the bed as Ivelisse adjusted herself to accomodate her, leaning up against the wall with the pillows under her. Catrina looked right into her eyes as she undid the workout pants Ivelisse had on, she grabbed the straps of the thong she had on and removed them on one swoop bumping the cast Ivelisse still had on her ankle causing her to wince in pain.

Catrina paid it no mind and dived forward, tonguing Ivelisse's clit. She held a tight grip on the injured woman, but relaxed it slightly knowing she wouldn't try to make a run for it. Instead Ivelisse's fingers slid through her hair and tugged. Catrina moaned as she slid her tongue into Ivelisse's moist pussy.

Ivelisse moaned very loud, enough to cause Catrina to stop briefly.

* * *

Meanwhile, in another part of the temple's underbelly, a cage door rattled slighty. As soon as that rattle was heard, a slam came from another cage. Both cages soon fell silent.

* * *

Catrina slid her finger deep into Ivelisse, her tongue moved along the wet folds of Ivelisse's pussy. She suckled and pulled at the flesh of her lower lips as her nose teased at Ivelisse's clit. Ivelisse's hands pulled and ripped at the pillow above her head as Catrina teased her body bringing her to the brink and then slowing down causing much more frustration in the mind of the entranced latina.

Catrina moved her tongue moved to swirl around Ivelisse's throbbing clit. Ivelisse's moans filled Catrina's ears as Ivelisse's hips wiggled and her thighs clenched. She orgasmed very loud and took several deep breaths as she came down from her orgasmic high.

Ivelisse finally came back to reality to see Catrina over her.

"You-- Um, you've still got--" Catrina put her finger to Ivelisse's lips silencing her instantly.

"Do you want to return the favor?" Catrina asked.

"GOD YES." Ivelisse stated, sounding a little too ready. Catrina smiled and stood up, kicking off her heels and sliding the catsuit down the rest of her body.

"Wow." Ivelisse said, not realizing she said it out loud. Catrina smirked and climbed back on the bed, hovering herself over Ivelisse. Catrina said nothing as Ivelisse began to gently lick.

Ivelisse nibbled on Catrina's tits as she moved her fingers down to the totally shaven pussy between Cantrina's legs. Catrina settled Ivelisse's fingers inside her and began to slowly move up and down, fucking herself on Ivelisse's fingers. Catrina's hands grabbed Ivelisse's breasts, squeezing them tight enough to make her scream. It didn't hurt. It felt good. Ivelisse moaned in pleasure as the ravishing woman continues to fuck herself using the latina's fingers.

Catrina kissed Ivelisse on the lips as she climaxed, keeping her moans silent and intot he mouth of her injured lover. Once Catrina broke the kiss, both women breathed deeply and sighed in exhaustion.

After a few moments to regain herself Catrina got off the bed and quickly redressed, tossing Ivelisse her clothes as well. Ivelisse kept looking at Catrina the entire time, making the dark haired woman smirk.

"So-- um, are we...?" Ivelisse asked. Catrina agains put a finger to Ivelisse's lips silencing her.

"Don't worry darling, you won't remember this at all." Catrina said as she held up the stone.

Thunder and lightning could be heard causing Ivelisse to look around, when she looked back at Catrina her eyes were flashing in the dark. Electricity shot from Catrina's eyes into Ivelisse's and before she knew what hit her Ivelisse fell back on the the bed unconscious.

The disciples of death appeared out of nowhere around Catrina.

"Take her back to where we found her, and leave her there." Catrina smirked. Thunder and lightning flashed again and she disappeared.

* * *

The next morning...

The temple windows were showing signs of morning as the southern California sun shown through them.

Dario Cueto, founder of Lucha Undergound approached his office, ready for another day of total control of his world. Before he could enter his office he noticed something, a body lying in the middle of his ring. Usually the bodies didn't hit the mat in his ring until later that night.

As he approached the ring, he saw that it was Ivelisse as her now telltale crutches lay on the ring apron right net to her.

dario rushed around the ring to the timekeeper's table. He picked up the hammer and rang the bell several times to arouse Ivelisse from her slumber.

"What the--?" Ivelisse said, waking up unaware of her surroundings.

"You train too hard last night?" Dario asked with a smirk across his face. Ivelisse grabbed her crutches and slid out of the ring, her head still pounding.

"What happened to me last night?" She asked herself as she limped away from the ring area.

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