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The Life Of A WWE Security Guard: Mickie James In the Locker Room
by Tom...Just Tom

When I first joined the WWE as security, I was living a dream. I have been a fan
of wrestling since I was five years old and dreamt of being a wrestler. As a
teen, I was six feet tall and weighed 190 pounds and weigh around that right
now. Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident when I was 17 shattered my ankle and
ended that dream. I went to college and got my degree in physical education and
was planning on becoming a teacher. I was 23 when I met wrestlers John Cena and
Rey Mysterio at a gym and when they found out how much of a fan I was, they told
me of a position opening in security. I went in for the interview and, to my
suprise (and maybe a little help from Cena), I got the job. Believe me, there
are alot of perks to being security. You get to see TV and PPV matches for free,
hang out with the wrestlers, and, most importantly, you are around the WWE
divas. I dated a former assistant to Stephanie McMahon by the name of Patty, and
the sex was incredible. What I didn't realize was that she told some of the
divas about my sexual prowess, not to mention the size of my manhood. This leads
me to the story of how I became the object of affection, or horny ways, of the
divas. The first was Mickie James, but let me tell you the story from the

It had been about a month since Patty resigned from her job and broke up with
me. Some of my fellow security team had been hearing rumors that Mickie had her
eye on me, especially since her and Kenny Dykstra (one of the members of Spirit
Squad) broke off their engagement. Needless to say I was suprised... and
interested in finding out how hot she was for me. Anyway, I was working a house
show in Amarillo, Texas, and Mickie had a match with Victoria. She was backstage
and walked up to me with a smile on her face and a swing in her hips.

"Hi, Joe. I was wondering if you would come with me for a second. I wanted to
talk to you." A this point, Mickie had taken my hand and was leading me away
from the other people around us.

I was happy to oblige and called out to one of the security guys, "Tony. Keep an
eye on things while I'm away." Tony nodded and smiled.

As we walked, I couldn't help but stare at Mickies full, round ass. All I could
think about was how it looked bare and sticking my tongue up her asshole. At
this point, she had led me to the women's locker room. Mickie opened the door
and looked inside. After a few seconds, she motioned for me to follow her.

"Alone at last", she said. "You know, I was good friends with Patty, and we
talked about everything." She got closer to me, pressing her tits against my
body. "And I mean EVERYTHING!"

Trying to play it off I asked her, "Like what?"

Mickie started to run her hand across my chest and down my stomach. "Oh, how
good you were to her. How she really liked you."

At that point, her hand was at my beltline.

"Especially about how big your cock is." As she said that, she took hold and
gave it a squeeze. "My goodness! She wasn't kidding," she exclaimed.

I couldn't believe that she did that. "Hey! That's not fair.You grab me and I
don't get to grab anything?"

Mickie removed her hand from my pants and stepped back. That was when she pulled
off her top and stood in front of me wearing her sports bra.

Without saying anything, I stepped forward, took one of her tits in my hand and
started to lick between her cleavage. I felt her body seize and goosebumps grow
on her flesh. As I did that, Mickie removed her bra. I looked and saw an awesome
pair staring right at me. I couldn't help myself. I took one of her nipples in
my mouth and licked and teased it until Mickie let out a low moan.

"MMMMMM baby that feels so good. Tease my nipples. I love that."

After a few seconds, I stood straight and removed my shirt and pants. Looking at
Mickie as she eyeballed me from head to toe, her eyes got big as she saw what
was in my boxers; a rock hard, 8 and 1/2 inch pleasure wand. She dropped to her
knees, pulled my shorts down and began stroking my cock.

"God it is so big. You got me so horny. I gotta suck it."

She started to lick around the head and slowly slid my hardness into her mouth.
I could feel the warmth of her mouth as she moved her head back and forth, her
tongue curling around the bottom of my shaft. I closed my eyes, feeling both
shock and ecstacy; shock that Mickie James was blowing me, and ecstacy that she
was a fantastic cocksucker. She pulled me out of her mouth and was stroking me
hard and fast.

"You like that, Joe? You like how I suck cock?", she asked. Then she lifted the
shaft and took my balls in her mouth, licking and sucking my sack as she kept

"OHHHHH FUCK!!! Never in a million years did I think this was gonna happen.
Gimme your mouth again."

I took my cock from her hand and stuffed it back in her mouth. Grabbing the back
of her head, I began fuck her sweet little mouth, hitting the back of her
throat. I heard her gag and slowed down. As I looked at her, I took hold of her
tits and pressed them against my balls. She pulled me out of her mouth and
looked at me.

"I know what you want", she said. "You wanna fuck my tits, don't you?" I nodded
in agreement. "Hold on a sec."

Mickie walked over to her gym bag. She started to removed her pants and exposed
that ass that had me hypnotized earlier. I was amazed at how tight and tanned
she was. She reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. When she
came back, she gave me a long, passionate kiss, then got back on her knees.
Opening the bottle, she squirted some on her chest and then rubbed it in. Then,
she stroked my cock again and slid it between her tits. I took hold and slid my
cock back and forth. It felt so good, even she was enjoying the massage she gave

"Yeah baby. You have some great tits", I said. The tip of my cock was pressing
against her lips and she stuck her tongue out, flicking it against the head.

"Don't you stop until you shoot all over me", she said in between breaths. That
made me pump faster. I was so turned on watching her face as I reached my
climax. Breathing harder, I let out a loud moan as my cum shot out of me,
hitting her chin and pooling in her cleavage.


I slowed down my strokes and stopped to catch my breath. Mickie stood up and had
a huge grin as she rubbed my cum into her chest.

"That was great. But look. We're both a mess. I think we need a shower. Care to
join me?"

As she turned and walked away, her ass wiggling with each step, I said to
myself, "Round two!"

To be continued...

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