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The Loaded Gunn
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the starts of the September 23, 1996 edition of Monday Night
Billy Gunn, wearing jeans, cowboy boots and a t-shirt, is looking for his now
former manager Sunny in the backstage area of the Hershey Park Arena in
Hershey, Pennsylvania. The previous night at the Mind Games Pay-Per-View,
Sunny fired him and Bart Gunn after they lost the World Wrestling Federation
Tag Team titles to Owen Hart and The British Bulldog. Billy is about to give
up when he sees Sunny entering her private dressing room, "Hey Sunny! Hold
it!" Billy yells as he runs down the hall and he blocks the door from closing
as Sunny is about to close it.

Sunny pauses and slowly turns her beautiful blonde haired head back to look
at Billy Gunn as she raises an eyebrow "Can I help you?" Sunny asks as she
presses her sultry, soft lips together while dressed short, tight fitting
black skirt and low-cut, nicely revealing black top.

"Can you help me? What the hell... I want to know why you fired ME when it
was Bart that got pinned last night!" Billy shouts.

Sunny slightly smirks as she folds her arms against her nicely rounded, large
chest as she seductively looks at Billy Gunn. "Billy...sweetie, it's quite
simple...I don't support losers...I want winners!"

"Ok I get that... but it was BART that lost the match, not me!" Billy
answers, "Not to mention that we did have a nice little thing going in bed
every night..." Billy adds with a smirk.

Sunny narrows her eyes slightly "That's your opinion..." Sunny says as she
tosses her blonde hair back teasingly and turns to step back into her
personal locker room.

"That's not an opinion... that's a fact... I rocked your world every
night..." Billy smirks as he steps forward into Sunny's locker room.

Sunny stops walking as she hears Billy Gunn enter the locker room and close
the door shortly after entering. Sunny glances back over her shoulder and
seductively laughs "Says who..." Sunny then shrugs her shoulders "Bart rocked
my world many more times than you had the chance to."

"Oh right... and you kissing me in public was just to make him jealous..."
Billy says as he rolls his eyes as he proceeds to take off his shirt,
revealing his muscular and tanned upper body.

Sunny places her hands onto her deliciously rounded, curved, tanned hips and
raises an eyebrow as she glances at Billy Gunn's nicely muscular, tanned
chest "Just what do you think you're doing?" Sunny asks with a slight lick of
her lips.

"Simple... going to show you that you made a big mistake in firing me..."
Billy says with a smirk as he starts to undo his jeans.

Sunny cutely laughs as she playfully steps closer to Billy Gunn as he
unbuckles and unzips his jeans "Oh...and Billy, how are you going to do

"First I'm gonna show you what you're gonna miss..." Billy grins as he lowers
his jeans, freeing his decently large and hardening cock.

Sunny lightly grits her teeth together and narrows her eyes as she hungrily
licks her pouty, soft lips, glazing down at the nicely thick, hardening cock
of Billy Gunn. " really think I'll reconsider?" Sunny asks as she
playfully tosses her blonde hair back and sways her hips from side to side.

"Damn straight I do... because I rock..." Billy smirks as he kicks off his
boots and steps out of his jeans.

Sunny smirks and shrugs her shoulders "We'll see about that..." Sunny says
before she immediately drops down onto her knees in front of Billy Gunn,
unable to resist the size of his cock, firm and thick, long and hard. Sunny
sweetly glances up at Billy Gunn as she wraps her left hand around the thick
base of his cock and leans her blonde haired head forward to twirl her wet
tongue against the head of his shaft.

"Mmmm... Billy moans and smirks down at Sunny as the most downloaded Diva on
the internet circles her tongue around his stiff cock as she stroke the lower
part of his cock with her left hand.

"Mmmmmmm..." Sunny softly moans as she locks her beautiful eyes with Billy
Gunn, gently circling her wet tongue around the head of his cock, brushing
her saliva against the tip as she flicks her tongue.

"Yeah that's it..." Billy Gunn smirks as Sunny flicks her tongue against his
piss slit while she looks up at him.

Sunny opens her incredible mouth and lowers her head on the thick head of his
shaft, wrapping her luscious lips firmly around the head of his cock.
"Mmmmmm..." Sunny seductively moans as she starts to smoothly bob her head on
Billy Gunn's cock.

"Mmmmm yeah... suck it..." Billy moans as Sunny bobs her head at a nice pace
on the head of his shaft. Sunny sits up higher on her knees and places her
hands onto his muscular waist as the gorgeous blonde haired Diva starts to
steadily bob her head on his cock, slurping and sucking his shaft with ease.

Billy has a cocky smirk as his former manager sucks and slurps on his cock.
Billy folds his arms and licks his lips, "Yeah you know you're already
regretting firing me..." Billy says. Sunny drags her soft, wet tongue against
the bottom side of Billy Gunn's incredibly thick cock as she easily fits more
of his meaty shaft into her mouth. Billy continues to smirk down at Sunny as
she takes his cock deeper into her sensational mouth as she works her tongue
against the underbelly of his shaft. Sunny grinds her luscious, soft and
pouty lips against his thick shaft as she easily lifts and lowers her blonde
haired head, splashing her soothing saliva against his cock.

"Ahhhhh fuck... mmm..." Billy Gunn moan as Sunny easily and repeatedly takes
his cock deep into her hot, wet mouth.

Sunny slowly turns her head on Billy Gunn's cock before she smoothly lifts
her head off of his cock and smirks up playfully at him. "You still think
you'll be able to rock my world?"

"Hey I'm the real Smoking Gunn around here... I know I can rock your
world..." Billy replies as Sunny starts to push her tight fitting black skirt
from her slender waist.

"We'll see about that..." Sunny says with a teasing, cute laugh as she works
her short, tight fitting skirt door her perfectly curved, tanned hips, down
her waist and down her gorgeously smooth and tanned legs. Billy licks his
lips as Sunny kicks off her skirt before she turns to position herself on all
fours. Sunny sways her juicy round ass back and forth as Billy kneels behind
her and he grabs her hips to keep her still. Then with a firm thrust, Billy
pushes his cock into Sunny's tight wet and warm pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh shit!" Sunny groans as her gorgeous body suddenly jerks forward as
she is positioned on her hands and knees after Billy slams his thick cock
into her tight, warm pussy from behind.

"Mmmmm yeah..." Billy moans as he starts to rapidly thrust his cock in and
out of Sunny's hot pussy while he jerks her backward so that his shaft is
driven deep into her.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh like that Billy, baby, don't you?" Sunny asks and
moans as she tilts her blonde haired head back slightly and proceeds to rock
back on her knees in order to push herself back against his deeply thrusting

"Mmmm yeah bet you like it more than I do..." Billy says with a cocky tone as
he slams his cock sharply into Sunny's wet pussy. Sunny licks her luscious,
sensual lips and playfully laughs as she rocks back and forth on her hands
and knees, lightly smacking her juicy, tanned and perfectly rounded ass
against his muscular waist as she feels his cock quickly and deeply sliding
into her wet pussy.

"Ahhhh... awww..." Billy Gunn groans as he drives his cock repeatedly into
Sunny's hot pussy while she rocks back to match his quick pace.

Sunny slyly and playfully glances back over her shoulder to smirk at Billy
Gunn as he firmly pulls her body back against his cock. "Ohhhh yeah
Billy...ohhh..." Sunny moans.

Billy grits his teeth as he continues to pull Sunny backwards towards him as
he fucks her pussy from behind. Sweat starts to drip from Billy Gunn's
forehead, and once he adjusts his hands positions on Sunny's hips, he turns
over on the floor so that he's underneath AOL's most downloaded woman. Sunny
licks her teeth and closes her eyes as she places her hands behind her onto
the muscular, tanned chest of Billy Gunn and begins to bounce up and down on
his shaft as she is easily able to control the pace and force she uses on

"Mmmmm...." Billy groans as he keeps his hands on Sunny's waist as he lifts
her up and down on his cock while she rocks on it.

"Ohhhhh yeah Billy...ohhhh you like that?" Sunny moans as she smoothly
bounces up and down on his rock hard cock, feeling his shaft starts to
lightly thrust up into her tight pussy.

"Ahhh yeah..." Billy moans as he pumps his shaft up into Sunny's pussy. Sunny
sits up right on Billy's cock so that she can take off her tops to allow her
large tits to bounce freely while she bounces on her former client's shaft.
Sunny rubs her seductive, soft and moist lips together as she smoothly rocks
forward on his cock, grinding her ass down against his muscular waist as she
moves back and forth on his shaft easily.

"Mmmmm shit.... ahhh...' Billy Gunn groans as Sunny grinds her ass on his
waist while she works her pussy up and down on his pistoning cock. Sunny
slyly glances back over her shoulder at Billy Gunn and starts to aggressively
rock back on his cock, easily bouncing on his shaft.

"Ahhhh awww shit..." Billy moans as Sunny's ass smacks down repeatedly on his
waist as she bounces quickly and rocks sharply on his cock as he drives it up
into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh shit Billy!" Sunny lustfully moans as she sharply slams down
on his rock hard cock.

"Mmmm shit... fuck!" Billy moans as he sits up for a moment so that he can
pull Sunny back before he turns to lay on their sides. Sunny lifts her right
leg up as Billy quickly pumps his cock in and out of her hot snatch.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh...ohhhhh shit" Sunny moans and presses her soft lips together
as she slides her gorgeous, tanned body against his muscular body, feeling
his shaft relentlessly slam into her pussy.

"Awww.... mmmm fuck... ahhh..." Billy Gunn licks his lips as sweat drips down
his muscular and tanned body as he pounds Sunny's hot wet pussy from behind
while they lay on their left sides.

"Ohhhhhh....ohhhh Billy...." Sunny moans as she arches her body against Billy
Gunn's body as he pulls her against his muscular body as he deeply pounds her

"Ohhh yeah... mmm fuck... awww..." Billy Gunn groans as his cock starts to
throb inside of Sunny's wet pussy as he keeps his relentlessly quick pace in
fucking her.

Sunny leans her head back and flicks her tongue against Billy Gunn's firm
lips as she grinds herself back against his cock. "Ohhhhhh...mmmmm..."

"Ahhhhh awwww!" Billy Gunn moans as he starts to cum inside of Sunny's wet
cunt following a deep thrust.

Sunny closes her eyes and smirks as she feels Billy's warm cum flooding her
pussy as she breaths heavily and sweat drips against her tanned body.
"Ohhhh...mmm shit Billy..."

"Ahhh yeah... see I rocked your world... bet you want me back..." Billy
groans as he keeps his cock inside of Sunny's pussy until he's finished. He
then pulls out and grabs his boots and jeans in order to get dress.

Sunny seductively turns to her other side to face Billy Gunn and narrows her
eyes to glare at him. " I said, I don't want losers...get out!"

"What the fuck are you talking about! I just fucked you better than anyone
could!" Billy shouts just as he zips up his jeans.

Sunny raises an eyebrow and lightly shrugs her shoulders "That's your own
opinion, Billy....I want winners that can truly rock my world night in and
night out..." Sunny says before she stands up from the floor. "Now get out of
my locker room before I call security..."

"You fucking little bitch...' Billy snaps, "You haven't heard the last of
me!" Billy yells after Sunny moves towards the phone. Billy opens the locker
room door and leaves. "I'm the fucking star... I don't need Bart... I don't
need that blond bimbo... I'm Billy fucking Gunn! I'm going to rock the WWF!"
Billy yells as he storms down the hallway and he passes by The Honky Tonk Man
who is looking at a list of the WWF roster.

The Honky Tonk Man looks at Billy as the fired up Superstar walks down the
hall and he thinks for a moment "That kid might just have what I'm looking


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