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By Wonder Mike.

Mike: Welcome one and all to the first annual mtv awards, we will be giving
out the golden dong to the best performers over the year, remember it is a
great honor just to be nominated.

We have a bevy of stars lined up to present the awards, this is the biggest
night in the history of mtv.

All the big stars are here, I see Cindy Williams, Lindsey Wagner, Cindy
Olsen, look over there, I think that's Tina Yothers, yes, it is, there is
Vanilla Ice, Ricky Martin and Fred Durst sitting together, they are all here

Before we get started I have a special announcement regarding the regular
show, Tammy Sytch will no longer be co host of the show.

Tammy: What do you mean? What did I do?

Mike: Calm down Tammy, you have been so busy lately, and have done such a
good job, you are being rewarded, You will be getting your own show on Mtv.

Tammy: Thank you so much, you are the best boss I have ever had.

Mike: That is not really saying that much, is it? The new co host of the
Wonder Mike show will be L A weather girl and host of The Test on FX, Jillian
Barbarie, she will be here to hand out an award later tonight.

Tammy: What kind of show will it be?

Mike: It will be an interactive show, it will be live, people in studio and
on the web will be able to send in the suggestions for what they want to see,
we will be getting the women of wrestling as special guest.

Tammy: It sounds like it could be fun, it will be good to be back in the spot

It will be huge, Mtv is growing so much, we may have to get clearance for a
second station.

Tammy: Like Mtv2?

Mike: Naw, what a stupid idea that would be, who would watch it?

Mike: It is time to get on with the awards, to present the first award Best
solo scene, please welcome television personality, hot blonde Debbie

Debbie: Thank you so much Mike, This dong is huge.

Mike: Two feet long, thicker than an arm, I think the guest on Mtv will work
extra hard to win one from now on.

Debbie: The nominees for the first award are Brittany Petros and her squash
from the Wonder Mike second annual Birthday bash.

Amy Jo Johnson and her bottle from Big Brotha's the second episode.

Riot and her baseball bat, Wonder Mike at women of wrestling .

Melissa Joan Hart and her four headed dildo, the Wonder Mike second annual
birthday bash.

The award goes to Melissa Joan Hart, the second annual birthday Bash, come
get it Melissa.

Melissa: Thank you all so much, I'd especially like to thank Mike for
allowing me to cum on his show, and to show my appreciation I'd like to bring
up my best friend, Britney Spears.

Britney: That is the biggest dong I have ever seen.

Melissa: You haven't seen the one in my basement?

Britney: I guess not.

Melissa: Now bend over bitch, lets show this crowd what this thing is good

Mike: I can't believe it, Britney is one her hands and knees, Melissa is
behind her lifting her skirt, she is rubbing the giant dong along the crack
of her ass, she just shoved the dildo into her cunt.

Britney: God, it's too big, slow down.

Melissa: Shut up bitch and take it.

Mike: Melissa is working the dildo inch by inch into her cunt, I cant believe
it, Britney has a foot of done shoved up her snatch, she has a foot left to

Britney: I'm not a little girl anymore.

Mike: Melissa is twisting the dildo into her pussy, slowly spinning it around
as it goes in. It is all the way in now, what a hole Britney has.

Melissa: Get up bitch, I'm taking you to the back and giving you a workout.

Mike: The two girls are leaving, Britney still has the award jammed into her
cunt, I guess it's time to bring out the next presenter.

Mike: Please welcome Espn fitness instructor Jennifer Dempster.

Jennifer: Thank you Mike, it's been awhile since I've been on the show, it's
an honor and a pleasure to be back.

I am here to present the award for best anal scene, since everyone knows how
much I love to show my ass, who writes this copy? Never mind. The nominees

Angelina Jolie and Matt in the 24th addition of the Wonder Mike show.

Spice, the Nitro girl and Bubba Jo Tyrone Malone in Big Brotha's the second

Beckie the farmers daughter and Wonder Mike, In the Wonder Mike from WOW

Kari Wuhrer Bubba Jo Tyrone Malone and Henry the third edition on Big

The award goes to Kari, Bubba and Henry, Bubba and Henry are still in jail,
accepting the award is Kari Wuhrer.

Kari: Thank you so much for this golden Dong, I'd like to thank Me. Look for
my new video game, Red alert two, and my new movies Berserker and Arac
attack, I also have two movies coming out direct to video.

Mike: Thank you Kari, lets bring out the next presenter. Please welcome from
Star trek Voyager Jennifer Lien.

Jennifer: Thank you so much Mike, It is great to be back on television, I
guess I made a mistake a couple of years ago.

Mike: Yes you did, Kes was the best character on Voyager.

Jennifer: I am going to prove that I will do anything it takes to be a star.

Mike: Jennifer is sitting her award on the ground, she is raising her skirt,
she is straddling the award, she is lowering herself on it, look at her go.

Jennifer is bouncing up and down on the giant dong, she is taking it deeper
and deeper with each squat, I can't believe how much that little girl can
take, it is all the way inside of her now.

Jennifer: God, I'm going to cum on this thing, I have to get me one, the
sides of it are ribbed.

Mike: Jennifer is jumping up and down on it, she is slamming all two feet of
it into her cunt, then raising herself off of it, what a pro.

Jennifer: I"m CUUMMING.

Jennifer: I guess it's time to hand out the award.

This award is for best lesbian scene, the nominees are.

Amanda Bynes, Janet Jackson, and Kari Wuhrer, the 21st edition of the Wonder
Mike show.

Charisma Carpenter and Kari Wuhrer, The first annual Wonder Mike birthday

Jennifer Lopez and Kari Wuhrer, the 20th edition of the Wonder Mike show.

Britney Spears and Kari Wuhrer the 16th edition of the Wonder Mike show.

The award goes to Janet Jackson, Kari Wuhrer and Amanda Bynes, the 21st
edition of the Wonder Mike show. Accepting the award are Amanda and Kari.

Amanda: Thank you so much, this is the first time I have ever one anything,
there is one person I have to Thank, Mike get over here.

Mike: It has been a pleasure to have you on my show.

Amanda: I want to give you something.

Kari: My new movie Poison will be released later this month, I am currently
shooting The Rose Technique which should be out next year. I will add this
dong to my ever growing collection.

Amanda: Whip it out Mike; I am going to give you what you need.

Mike: I don't know about this, your only fourteen, I don't want to burn in

Amanda: Don't worry, you can repent on your death bed.

Mike: You are wise beyond your years, take my cock down your throat Amanda.

Yeah, that's it baby, suck that cock, take it all the way down your throat,
yeah, just like that, now lick my balls while you deep throat me, that is so

Amanda: Pull my ponytail, yeah, just like that, slap my ass, harder, slap my
tiny ass harder, I like it like that, I'm a bad girl.

Do you like the way I suck cock? DO you, tell me how much you like it,

Mike You are a real pro, I think I'm going to.

Sorry about that, you like the taste of cum though don't you, I know you do,
let me see you swallow, that's a good little girl.

Jennifer: You are going to burn in hell.

Mike: I did not have sex with that girl, Amanda Bynes.

It's time for the next award, this one is for Best Host, to award it please
welcome from Buffy the Vampire slayer, Anya, Emma Caufield. Everybody cross
your fingers, Please please, please let me win.

Emma: Thank's Mike, I hope I get to guest star on your show someday. Lets
announce the nominees for the best host on Mtv.

Kari Wuhrer, for Big Brotha's.

Wonder Mike. For the Wonder Mike show.

The award goes to, Kari Wuhrer for Big Brotha's, it looks like Kari is the
big winner tonight.

Mike: Damn you all to hell, I want a recount, are the votes from Florida in

Kari: Thank you so much, I have three of these now, I will have to think long
and hard where to put them all. I 'm so happy I think I'm going to go out
into the audience and give everyone a blow job.

Mike: You don't get that kind of service at the Emmy's, Dempster, Debbie
Matenopoulos, get out there and service the crowd, everybody wait in your
seats for your turn.

Mike: It's getting down to the end, the last to awards, to present the
nominees for the best scene, please welcome Two of the biggest stars in the
world, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Maty-kate: Thank's Mike before we announce the nominees, we want you to see

Ashley: Yes, we are not little girls anymore, the European version of are new
magazine has hard core shots, we want to give you all a preview of what you
can see.

Mike: Ashley is pulling the gown of Mary-Kate, she is wearing wonder women
underoo's it is so cute, Mary-Kate is pulling the gown over Ashley's head.

Ashley is laying on the ground, Mary is sitting on her face, Ashley just
jammed her tongue into her sisters cunt.

Mary, has jammed two fingers into Ashley's cunt, Ashley just shoved two
fingers into Mary's ass, Ashley has her tongue all the way into her sisters

Mary has grabbed her sister by her long blonde locks, what a show, Mary is
forcing her sister to eat her out, can we show this on television?

Ashley has three fingers in Mary's ass now, I cant believe it, Mary just
shoved four fingers into her sisters tight cunt.

Mary just grabbed the golden dong, she is sitting it on the flour, Ashley is
on her feet, she is straddling the dong, there is no way, that dong is almost
the size of her leg, she is lowering herself on the dong.

The golden dong is splitting Ashley's pussy open, is slowly working her way
down on it, what a sight, it is halfway in her, Mary is helping her go down.

Ashley is raising up and down on the dong, with each stroke she is taking a
little more, these girls could make a real fortune in porn, she just gave a
mighty thrust, the dong has vanished into her cunt.

Kari has just jumped onto the stage, she is placing one of her dongs on the
stage next to Ashley, Mary-Kate is straddling it.

Mary is lowering herself onto the dong, it is sliding into her cunt easily,
it looks like she has done this before.

The dong is buried all the way into Mary now, both sisters are bouncing up
and down, what a sight, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

Mary is bouncing up and down faster and faster, she is taking the entire
thing with each stroke, Ashley is matching her thrusts, I think they both are

Yes, they are both cumming, I can see their juices sliding down the dong,
they are true professional, get up and take a bow girls.

Ashley: Now on with the show, the first nominees for best sex scene is.

Mary-Kate: Alyssa Milano and Rex the wonder horse, in the Wonder Mike PPV

Ashley: Neve Campbell, Matt and Amanda Bynes, The 20th edition of the Wonder
Mike show.

Mary: Wonder Mike, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Michelle Trachenberg, The
second annual Wonder Mike birthday bash.

Ashley: Jennifer Esposito and Eddie the bull, the Wonder Mike PPV special.

Mary: Riot, Wonder Mike, Matt, Wonder Mike at Women Of Wrestling.

Ashley: The award goes to...

Mary: Wonder Mike, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Michelle Trachenberg, The
second annual Wonder Mike birthday bash. I can't believe it, we won we won.

Ashley: I knew we could do it.

Mike: Thank everyone so much, I'd like to thank all the people who made this
special moment possible.

Mike: It's time for the final award of the night, the show of the year, to
present this award, please welcome the new co host of the Wonder Mike show
Jillian Barbarie.

Jillian: Thank you so much Mike, it is a great honor to be a part of the
Wonder Mike empire.

Mike: That's the Wonder Mike nation.

Jillian: I stand corrected, I hope to get fucked a lot on this show, and by
people who know what there doing, I'm tired of doing football player, sure
they're big, but they're lazy.

It's time to announce the nominees for the show of the year.

The 16th edition of the Wonder Mike show, with Lacey Chabert and Britney
Spears, the tribute show.

Wonder Mike at Women of wrestling.

The Wonder Mike PPV special, Jennifer Esposito, Alyssa Milano, Lindsay Sloane
and Katherine Heigl.

The second annual Wonder Mike birthday bash Brittany Petros, Holly Marie
Combs, Melissa Joan Hart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley
Olsen and Michelle Trachenberg.

The award goes to The second annual Wonder Mike birthday bash Brittany
Petros, Holly Marie Combs, Melissa Joan Hart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle
Trachenberg, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

To accept the award please welcome Wonder Mike.

Mike: Thank you so much, please, take your seats, it has been a great night,
I have no idea what I'm going to do with these things, oh wait a minute,
Jillian, get over here and show the world why you are the new co host of the
Wonder Mike show.

Jillian: It's about time, this is what I'm here for, they never let me show
my breast when I'm doing the weather they are real and they are spectacular.

Mike: Yes they are Jillian, now rub them together, now suck on them, that's

Jillian: They haven't let me do this on the Test yet either, but I'm keeping
my fingers crossed.

Mike: I don't know why not, it would boost the ratings.

Jillian: I think more people get Mtv then get FX.

Mike: I think you may be right, and I have a test for you, take my award for
best show.

Yeah baby, sit in on the floor, that's nice, slide it into your cunt, look at
it go, it's sliding right in there isn't it.

Jillian: Damn, it's filling me up, it feels so good, I can take it all.

Mike: That's it baby, take it all, right that dong, up and down baby, ride it
like you mean it, Tammy, get over here, lick her cunt while she rides that

Jillian: Yeah, lick it Tammy, your tongue feels good, eat me bitch.

Tammy: Take that dong bitch, ride it hard. DO it you skanky whore.

Jillian: Call me a whore, I need someone to spank me, I've been a bad girl.

Mike: Yeah, Tammy slap her ass, look at it jiggle slap it hard. harder, make
her ass red.

Jillian: Harder bitch, slap my ass harder, now pull my hair, yank it hard,
pull it bitch.

Mike: That's it twist that hair in your hand Tammy, slap that ass.

Now Tammy, tale my best sex scene award work it into her ass.

Tammy: This thing will never fit up her ass.

Jillian: Shut up bitch, yes it will, shove that giant dong up my Ass, Kari
could do it.

Kari Wuhrer: Yes I could, and you can still find my album "Shiny" at all
fine record stores.

Mike: Tammy is sliding the dong up Jillian's ass, I didn't think it would
fit, but it is sliding up her ass inch by inch.

Tammy has grabbed the dong with both hands, she has shoved it all the way up
her ass, Jillian is bouncing up and down on both of them, they are both
wedged inside of her.

Jillian is getting up, she is putting her gown back on, I can't believe it,
she is leaving with my awards, oh well, I guess they'll be happier with her

That's all the time we have for today, thanks for joining us for the first
annual Mtv awards, I hope there are many more to come, and don't forget to
look for the Wonder Mike show, Big Brotha's and Tammy Sytch's


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