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The Man Conquers Ronda
by ThatWrestlingFanWrites

After RAW, waiting in the elevator of yet another hotel, Ronda Rousey was relieved she was finally going to be able to lie down and sleep. It had been a long day being the champ, and Ronda needed time to unwind.

The lift stopped on the second floor. Ronda groaned and rolled her eyes. Her eyes widened once a very familiar face stepped on.

"Going up?" Becky Lynch asked. She looked at the buttons on the control panel. "Seventh? That's my stop."

Ronda swallowed hard. "I watched your interview on Smackdown Live."

"I bet you touched yourself to me," Becky smirked. "Is that correct to assume?"

Ronda nodded her head. "Made a fucking mess on that couch, ma'am."

"Ah, well, maybe if you behave, I'll invite you to your room. You booked a queen, yes?" Becky cooed.

Ronda nodded her head. "Yes, ma'am. Queen bed with extra pillows."

Becky chuckled under her breath. "Good. Queen bed, how appropriate."

Ronda scanned her eyes over the woman that occupied most of her thoughts. Even dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt, Becky was a sight to be told. Her curvy body sent chills across Ronda's body and made her sweat. Her glorious tits could hardly be contained by that shirt. And her ass... Ronda already knew her own jeans were soaked through, and one of those reason was because of Becky's amazing ass.

"Excited?" Becky asked, looking at the wet spot between Ronda's legs.

"All for you, ma'am," Ronda said. "I'm a loyal subject to you. I wish to please you when we arrive at my room."

Becky grinned. "Do you? Well, I suppose we can since I'm feeling a little bit aroused myself," She narrowed her eyes towards Ronda. "Do you think you can handle more than a few moments?"

Ronda nodded her head. "Yes, ma'am, I can."

Kiss by kiss, Ronda could feel herself about to erupt. But she wasn't even naked yet. The Man held her in place while the two shared several wet kisses.

"Mmmm, you kiss well, peasant," Becky praised.

"Thank you, ma'am. I like kissing you," Ronda said.

"Strip me," Becky ordered.

Ronda pulled Becky's shirt over her head. She unsnapped the bra clip and let the lacy fabric fall to the floor. Ronda meant to keep going, but her mouth watered at the sight of Becky's tits there in front of her.

"Would you like to lick them?" Becky asked.

Ronda's eyes widened. "May I?"

Becky nodded. "You may."

Ronda eagerly slid her mouth over Becky's nipple. The Man leaned her head back and moaned quietly. Ronda nibbled a little on the erect nipple just to see the reaction; Becky's breath hitched when she did it, so maybe she liked it.

"So good," Ronda commented, switching breasts. "So fucking good, ma'am."

Becky snapped her fingers. "Pants. Off."

Ronda immediately dropped to her knees. She unbuttoned Becky's jeans and pulled them away, along with her lace panties.

Becky crawled onto the bed and spread her legs. "Care to join me?" Becky taunted her underling.

Ronda wasted no time in frantically climbing onto the bed and diving face first into Becky's womanhood. Becky's back arched off the bed; Her hands balled into fists, taking a handful of sheets in each.

"Oh my, feisty little girl," Becky growled.

Ronda stared back into her Man's eyes. "I want to please you so badly," She lapped quick at the moist lips and pink clit in front of her face.

Becky chuckled dryly. "You are doing a very good job, peasant. The Man can feel her climax approaching."

Ronda smiled to herself. She was getting better at this.

"All for the Man," She said, adding two fingers to bring Becky's orgasm quicker.

Becky made Ronda continue even after her climax left the RAW Women's Champion's face covered in her come. Ronda brought Becky to her peak two more times before Becky ordered her to stop.

Ronda, kneeling anxiously in her underwear at the foot of the bed, waited for Becky to break out the duct tape and bind her.

"You did fine work, peasant," Becky praised. "The Man is satisfied."

"May the peasant be taped?" Ronda asked.

Becky chuckled. "My my, you really like it, don't you?"

Ronda nodded her head. "Yes, ma'am. You are the absolute best. I dream about you touching me... I want, no, I need it."

Becky sat up. "Very well. I suppose you can be pleased now since you did such an amazing job with me."

Ronda eagerly held out her hands. She even went along with Becky taping her mouth without a dirty look.

"Beautiful," Becky admired the bound nude woman on the bed. "What a masterpiece."

Ronda lifted her cheeks as best as she could to show she was smiling.

Becky, fury washing over her face, took a handful of Ronda's golden hair.

"You slut," Becky growled. "You think you decide when we fuck? If I didn't enjoy the taste of your come so much, I'd shove you into the hallway dressed like this."

"Fmmmph mmmmph," Ronda whined.

Becky shoved Ronda onto the bed. Once again, Ronda was flipped over to her stomach.

"You don't make the fucking rules," Becky slapped Ronda's ass. "I do! I'm the Man!" She hit her peasant again. Then again.

Ronda felt herself getting more aroused as the spankings continued. If Becky didn't stop soon, Ronda was going to come. Thankfully, she was thrown back to her back and Becky's tongue met her awaiting pussy once again.

"You hold on," Becky warned. "You fight it if you must. Do you understand."

Ronda's toes went numb. It was too late, Ronda's come leaked from her body and coated Becky's face.

"You imbecile!" Becky roared. "Why do you disrespect me?"

Ronda was roughly thrown to her stomach again. She braced herself for more spankings, but something else entirely different happened. Instead of Becky's hands, and long piece of plastic was shoved inside her.

"You like this?" Becky asked. "Do you like feeling the Man fuck you?"

Ronda snuck a peek over her shoulders; Becky had some kind of harness around her waist and hips. No matter, it was unbelievably erotic and Ronda knew she was going to come at least a half dozen more times before Becky was done with one.

The sounds of Becky's hips bouncing off of Ronda's ass filled the room. Ronda's face was buried in the pillow. She was wrong. She came eight more times since Becky started fucking her. Ronda wasn't sure if she had died and this is what heaven was supposed to be, but she knew she loved it. Eight times? How did Becky do it?

"Fuck," The Man mumbled as she finally slid out of Ronda. "The Man is exhausted. Time to rest."

To the surprise of Ronda, Becky began untying her.

"Sleep," Becky said. "You will cuddle with me on nights we make love. Otherwise, stick to your side."

Ronda nodded her head. "Thank you, ma'am. I love it when you fuck me with your cock."

Becky smiled. "Good. There will be more of it in your future then."

Ronda kissed Becky one more time. Then, laying underneath Becky's arm, Ronda laid her head on Becky's bare breast and drifted off to sleep.

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