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The Microphone Part 1
by Charlie (

Raw had just finished and I managed to sneak back into the stage area but
with some bad luck I got lost, so I kept going trying to find some of Raw's
superstars but then I hear this moan coming from a room just a few feet from
were I am. So I move closer to that room the door slightly open as I peek
inside to find out what that moan was and I see Lilian Garcia playing with
her microphone, she was stroking it like a hard cock slowly stroking it up
and down. Then with one hand she pulls down her panties, then licking her
fingers then sticking them in her pussy while still stroking her microphone
moaning, I was like fuck me if she's in the mood for sex then a man's got
to do what a man's got to do.I knock on the door and I hear her say...

Lilian: Oh shit, um just a minute, ok come in.

Charlie: Hi Lilian how you doing?

Lilian: I'm fine and you are?

Charlie: I'm sorry my name is Charlie.

Lilian: Nice to meet you Charlie, what can I do for you?

Charlie: No it's what I can do for you.

She looked confused, so I whisper into her ear what I saw her do to herself
at first she felt embarrassed, but then I get on my knees I open her legs up
running my hands up her legs until I reach her panties, then I slowly pull
them down once they were gone her legs were open. Her fingers playing with
her pussy, as I slowly kissed her thighs working my way up to her sweet
pussy, once I reached it, I licked my fingers andinserted them inside her
slowly pulling them in and out while licking her clit, her moans sounded
like the ones I heard before so I kept going then I thought I'll just eat
her pussy out. After a while I could feel my dick getting hard, but hey who
wouldn't get a hard on while going down on Lilian as I was eating out her
pussy her thighs pressed up against my face and the grip of her hands getting
tight on my head as I kept going.


Then I had stopped so we both stand up, then she looks down and notices my
hard on, with a smile on her face she says...

Lilian: I see your up.

So she takes my shirt off, then I took her top off, then she went straight
for my pants, undoing my pants then pulls them down, along with my boxers
exposing my big hard cock up and ready to go, as I kick them away I noticed
that she wasn't wearing a bra so I took her skirt off. Lilian then turns
around pressing her left side of her body against my right side, then Lilian
grabs hold of my cock stroking it like she did with her mike earlier, so I
kept fingering her pussy with my right hand while my left was holding her
breast, as her head turns towards mine she kisses me. Then her right hands
was moving from my thigh to my ass once she reached she kept a firm grip on
it like she was holding on for her life while we were still giving each other
hand jobs, her moans got louder as we kept kissing. Then Lilian pulls back
and turns around while still holding my cock and says to me...

Lilian: Hey Charlie I want that big cock of yours.

So she got on her knees tickling then holding my balls while she started to
lick my hard rod slowly making sure it's wet all over, so she kept licking
my cock from the tip down to my balls then once that was done she swallowed
it. She could only manage two thirds so I say...

Charlie: Lilian can't you take it all?

Lilian: I can't Charlie it's just so big.

Charlie: Ok just take as much as you can ok.

Lilian kept on going down on my cock taking as much as she could, her head
going up and down like a pump, then when she swallowed as much as she could
she then comes up but very slowly, shit I at first I thought she made me
cum. She briefly stops and says to me...

Lilian: You like it when I come up slowly.

Charlie: Fuck me Lilian you almost made me cum.

So Lilian kept swallowing my hard rod and slowly came up on it as I screamed

Charlie: HOLY SHIT!!!!!

Then I came shooting my load on to her beautiful face, but she kept going
swallowing my hard cock even as I was still coming, I could feel I was
shooting right down her throat, which made me scream out...

Charlie: OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!

Once I'd finished she was still holding my cock and says...

Lilian: Hey Charlie, I want you to take your big hard cock and stick it up

Lilian pointing to her little hole, so we both stood up Lilian turns around
with both hands on her sweet ass cheeks pulling them sideways, so I took my
hard rod and slit it inside her tiny hole and I'm not talking about her pussy
either. Fuck I noticed that no one has done her in the anal position, I
placed both arms around her waist while beginning to anal fuck her as she
moans like a virgin does when you first stick your cock inside that tight
little hole. Since it was her first time for anal the gentleman that I am I
thought I keep going slow up her ass until she tells me other wise as she
held me tight telling me to go...

Lilian: DEEPER BABY!!!

So I went deep inside her, that made her moan out louder as we kept holding
each other tight you'd think we were on the edge of a cliff, as I continue
to fuck her hard, and moments later I pull my cock out and turn her around
sticking my hard cock inside her pussy. Her hands on my face, with her head
tilted back and my face at her breasts licking then sucking them , and my
hands holding her firm little ass of hers while a digit of mine slips into
the little hole that my cock was previously in as I held her tight fucking
her standing up as her moans again got louder. With her moans being so loud
I'm surprise I'm not death but hey it's worth it tho about fifteen minutes
later Lilian pulls my head back.

Lilian: On your back boy.

So I slowly moved down to the floor, and on to my back with Lilian on top,
at first she pinned both my arms down and rode me like a wild horse at a
rodeo, so she kept riding me then her hands slowly coming down my arms then
on to my chest. As her hands kept moving down my body I still had my hands
on her ass and still had a digit up her other hole, then she began touching
herself with her hands on her hips moving up towards her breasts holding
them tight.

As Lilian continued to ride me she started to lean back as she rode me
moving back and forth kinda like what Sharon Stone did in Basic Instinct but
hey I not complaining as Lilian kept going we were both moaning...


Charlie: I'm cumming!

Lilian then jumps off holding my hard rod against her pussy stroking it
until I cum, then splat I did she kept stroking my cock as my load was shot
up like a water fountain and on to her body with her other hand holding her
hair back. Lilian kept pulling then I saw a bit of cum shoot up so high
Lilian caught it on her tongue, as the rest mainly ended up on her breasts
or her stomach, then once the load had come with both hands she rubbed my
cum all over her sexy body of hers. Lilian then lies on top of me kisses
me pressing her pussy against my cock then she asks...

Lilian: Hey Charlie you tasted so sweet.

Charlie: Thanks.

Lilian: See you next week.

To be continued

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