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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a
fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can.
The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous
people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution
(ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry
Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and
there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Midnight Stalker
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On May 20, 2001 at the Undertaker's home in Houston, Texas, Sara Calloway has
finished watching the Judgment Day pay-per-view where her husband was
unsuccessful in defeating Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship. As
she turns off the television, Sara hears a tapping sound on the front window and
walks towards it to look outside.

The blond and beautiful wife of the Undertaker, dressed in a pair of jeans and a
white tank top, turns her head at the noise of the tapping sound. Sara bites
down on her bottom lip and raises an eyebrow as she reaches forward for her cell
phone on the coffee table. Sara takes a deep breath and hits the pre-set speed
dial for the cell phone belonging to her husband.

As she waits for her husband to answer his phone, Sara jumps as the door bell is
suddenly rung twice, causing her to drop her cell phone.

Sara takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "You're losing it..." Sara to
herself before she reaches down to pick up her cell phone to end the call to her
husband. Sara slides her left hand through her blond, slightly curly hair and
walks over to the front door. Sara unlocks the door and opens the door to reveal
the empty darkness of night. Sara raises an eyebrow and cautiously steps through
the door and onto the porch, slowly turning her head to look around. "Hello?"

Sara takes a breath as she doesn't see anything and starts to turn around when
she hears her's and Undertaker's dogs barking from back within the house.

Sara pauses for a moment and raises an eyebrow as she hears the dogs barking.
Sara laughs a bit to herself, thinking nothing of the barking. "Guys! Leave the
neighbor's cat alone!" Sara calls out before she steps back into the house,
closing the front door behind.

Just as Sara locks the door, she hears a loud crash coming from the direction of
the master bedroom.

Sara slightly shivers and takes a deep breath. "Hello?" Sara calls out before
she starts to slowly step over towards the master bedroom. "If...anyone is in
there...I suggest you leave now!" Sara says, attempting a firm tone, but her
voice trembles.

Sara waits a few moments but doesn't hear anything other than the dogs barking
from the other side of the house. Nudging the bedroom door open with her foot,
Sara leans forward to peak inside. Seeing nothing in the darken bedroom, Sara
starts to step forward to enter the room completely and just as she moves to
flick on the light switch, she is suddenly grabbed and shoved towards the large
bed in the middle of the room.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Sara screams.

Sara tries to get back up in order to turn around but she's held down by the
invader of her home, feeling the invader's budging crotch pressing right against
her jeans covered ass as the individual starts to rip the back of her white tank

"Hey! Get your hands off of me!" Sara yells as she raises her hands and swings,
attempting to hit her mysterious attacker.

"Mmmmm..." The home invader moans and chuckles as Sara's attempts to get free
result in her grinding back against his crotch. Using one hand to hold Sara's
upper body down on the bed, the attacker reaches under her with the other hand
to undo her jeans so that he pull them from her hips.

"Get your fucking hands off me!" Sara yells and struggles against her attacker's
strength while feeling her pants dropping from her waist.

Lowering her jeans as far as Sara's knees, the home invader continues to hold
Sara down with one hand while he uses his free hand to lower his own pants,
freeing his diamond-hard, large and meaty cock. The attacker smirks as he starts
to directly grind his impressive tool against Sara's toned ass cheeks.

Sara grits her teeth and tries to swing her left arm back, trying to elbow her
attacker in the stomach. "I'm warning you!" Sara yells as she feels the head of
the attacker's cock rubbing against her toned, tanned ass. "You have no idea who
my husband is!"

"Oh I know who he is...' The invader replies in a low yet firm tone. The home
invader works his cock down to where he can work it between Sara's legs, which
lets the wife of the Undertaker feel the large, stiff pole sliding against her
neatly shaven pussy.

"Ohhhhhh...don't you dare..." Sara groans and grits her teeth as her body
trembles as the sensation of the attacker's cock brushing against her pussy.

"Mmmm..." The attacker groans as he slides his cock back and forth against
Sara's twat. Pulling back to where he can angle the head of his tool against
Sara's cunt, the home invader holds it there, teasing himself and horrifying
Sara with what is unavoidable.

"No...please...don't...I'm begging you!" Sara helplessly pleads as she is forced
to bend forward toward the bed.

"Ahhhh..." The invader groans as he suddenly shoves his cock forward into Sara's

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhhh fuck!" Sara moans and closes her eyes as she jolts forward on
her feet against the bed, while she feels her arms jerked back and her arms
being pinned by her attacker's hands against her lower back.

"Mmmmm awwww shit..." The invader grunts as he firmly holds Sara's hands behind
and against her lower back as he starts to firmly thrusts his cock in and out of
her pussy.

"Stop! Stop! STOP IT!" Sara yells as she feels his cock working in and out of
her pussy from behind, feeling him pushing deeper into her pussy with each

"Ahhhh... awww..." The attack groans as he plows his cock in and out of Sara's
snatch at a steady pace, which makes Sara feel the entire length and thickness
of his tool traveling all the way in and nearly all the way of her cunt.

"You....sick better stop!" Sara yells as she raises her left leg
from the floor and starts to kick back, trying to hit her attacker in the leg.

The attacker lets go of Sara's left wrist in order to grab her left leg as she
kicks back at him. The attacker lifts Sara's left leg up in a slight angle that
causes Sara to slightly turn onto her right side which allows him just being
able to ram his cock even harder into her twat.

Sara turns her teeth and turns her head back to look at her attacker, however,
is unable to see him due to the darkness of the bedroom. "Ohhhhhh...please...
please...stop...what do you want!?" Sara yells and moans as the attacker firmly
drives his cock into her.

"Mmmmm your hot fucking body..." The attacker replies with a groan as he thrusts
his cock lustfully in and out of Sara's twat. Even in the darkness of the master
bedroom, when Sara squints her eyes she can tell her attack is tall and decently
built as she is turned over onto her back without stopping his thrusts.

Sara closes her eyes and shakes her head as she starts to moves against the bed
to where she is laying on her back, with her attacker now standing over her and
thrusting into her pussy. " make me sick!"

"Good..." The invader replies with a chuckle as he keeps driving his cock deeply
into Sara's tight pussy, "Cause I know you're liking it... you're so fucking
wet... ahhhhh..."

Sara sits up on the bed and grits her teeth as she balls her hands into fists
and starts to swing her closed fists into her attacker's chest.

"Mmmmm ahhhh I like a fighter... ahhhh..." The attacker groans as he grabs both
of Sara's arms and forces them down to the bed as he leans forward to where he's
nearly laying on top of her as he hammers her cunt.

Sara shakes her head and throws her body from side to side as she tries squirm
away from the attacker as she continues to slam his cock into her pussy.

"Awww yeah... mmmm fuck..." The invader groans as all of Sara's attempt to get
away just result in her grinding her pussy against his pistoning cock.

"Get the fuck off me!" Sara yells as she pushes her body against her attacker.

"Mmmmmmm fuck...' The invader groans as he directly responds by increasing the
pace of his thrusts, which causes Sara to arch her back.

" fucker!" Sara yells and grits her teeth as she moves back against
the bed, with the attacker slamming his shaft deeper into her.

The invader smirks in the darkness as he relentlessly hammers Sara's pussy,
clearly savoring every moment he's getting of fucking the athletically toned,
blond haired wife of the Undertaker.

"You...sick son of a husband will kill you..." Sara moans as the
attacker sharply slams his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmm will just.... ahhh... make me famous..." the attacker groans and laughs
as he pounds Sara's wet tight and hot pussy.

" fucking bastard!" Sara yells as her juicy tits
bounce with her body trembling as the attacker intensely fucks her pussy.

"Mmmmm yeah... ahhh talk dirty bitch..." The attacker groans as he keeps up an
impressive lust driven pace.

Sara narrows her eyes and glares up at her attacker before she sits up and
manages to spit into his face.

"Awwww yeah... ahhh I'm gonna return that favor..." The home invader groans as
he lets Sara's saliva drip down his face as his diamond hard, large and meaty
cock begins to throb inside of Sara's soaking wet pussy.

Sara closes her eyes and turns her head away as she starts to whimper, with his
cock deeply ramming into her pussy.

"Ahhhh... awww..." The attacker's thrusts start to become more erratic as the
throbbing of his cock increases as he drills Sara's cunt relentlessly.

"Nooooo...please....please... stop..." Sara groans as she starts to cry.

The attacker clearly ignores Sara's pleas as he keeps on fucking the blond
haired beauty while he terrifies her with the thought that he might cum inside
of her.

Sara shakes her head and tears stream down her cheeks. "Please...please

"Mmmmmm I'm not like your husband.... mmmm fuck... I'm not fucking stupid..."
The attacker laughs as he pulls out of Sara's pussy much to her relief. The
invader chuckles as he proceeds to straddle Sara's sweat coated body and then
begin to stroke his throbbing cock.

Sara turns her head and grits her teeth as she refuses to look at her attacker's
cock as he strokes his pulsating, vile tool.

Grabbing Sara's hair with his free hand, the attacker forces Sara to face up
towards him as he strokes his cock. "Ahhhhh... awww..." The invader groans
loudly as he begins to cum, spraying an impressive load of cum onto Sara's tears
and sweat coated face.

Sara closes her eyes and presses her lips tightly closed, refusing to allow any
of her attacker's cum into her mouth, as his thick load drips down her face.

"Mmmmm fucking hot.... I look forward to... visiting again..." The attacker
laughs as he gets off of Sara after he's finished cumming. Pulling up his pants,
the attacker rushes out of the bedroom door. Moments later as Sara opens her
eyes and sits up, she hears the back door of the house slamming shut.

Sara reaches over picks up the sheet on the bed and uses it to wipe her face
clean of her attacker's cum. Sara takes deep breath before she quickly reaches
over and pick up the phone within the master bedroom and dials the number for
her husband's cell phone.

After a few rings, Sara hears the start of Undertaker's voice mail message "Wait
for the beep, you know what to do..."

Sara closes her eyes and presses her lips together as hot tears flow on her
cheeks. "Mark...please call me...something happened..."

* * *

In his home in Greenwich, Connecticut, as his wife Marissa gives him a dirty
look, Shane McMahon steps out of his bedroom with his cell phone as it rings.
Answering it, Shane smirks as someone chuckling from the other end of the line,
"Shane-O... Sara felt the bang...." The caller says

Shane McMahon laughs slightly, "Excellent... excellent... this is gonna make you
really famous Dallas... just you wait..."

Diamond Dallas Page smirks, "Oh I know it... and I know Sara is just eager for
me making another visit..."


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