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The Million-Dollar Tap-Out Knock-Out Challenge Part 1: Trish Stratus
an erotic lemon/story by Dax G 2001 (

'Attention all women of wrestling, past present and future! We are offering
one million dollars to any female wrestler who can survive The Million-Dollar
Tap-Out Knock-Out Challenge. That's right, exactly one million US dollars for
defeating our wrestler, Mr. TOKO. All you have to do is defeat him once, by
either submission or knockout only in an almost anything goes match-up.
Except eye gouging. Bad previous experience, don't ask. HOWEVER, he gets
three rounds to defeat you in, also by tap-out or KO, and if he beats YOU
three times... Then he gets to have his wicked way with you!

'All you need is to be a women wrestler, whatever your in-ring experience,
and bring with you three different clothing attires (for the three falls he
has against you). They are: a wresting attire of your choice, a recognisable
bikini or swimsuit that you yourself have worn for a shoot, and a
recognisable clothing attire from a photo shoot that you have done (for a
DVD, website section, magazine etc). You must check with us beforehand to
ensure the attires are appropriate, and you can wear these in any order you
like. Remember, this will be filmed, so look your best!

'Still ready for the chance at one million dollars? Great, then we look
forward to seeing you soon! Oh, and do watch out for... The Sleeper!'

* * *

An extremely confident looking man wearing jeans and a referee's shirt stands
in the middle of a wrestling ring, waving at a non-existent crowd. He holds a
microphone and looks into the camera. "Hello one and all! Welcome to the
first, and possibly last ever, instalment of the 'Mr. TOKO Verses' challenge
series! I am your host, and always impartial referee, Dax G, and I welcome
you to my state of the art, secret underground wrestling bunker, where we
hope to play host to some of the most awe-inspiring wrestling known to man,
and woman, kind! But enough about me, let's bring out our challenger shall
we? Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome..."

The camera turns to a staging area, with a little screen over it for a
titantron, and lights. 'Time to Rock N' Roll' by Lil' Kim starts to play as
Dax continues to announce.

"Currently residing in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. She is a legendary
Diva of World Wrestling Entertainment. A former seven-time holder of the WWE
Women's Championship, and a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion. She was three
times voted WWE's Babe of the Year, as well being voted the Diva of the
Decade! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, starting things off confidently
in her wrestling gear - Trish Stratus!"

Out of the entranceway steps out Trish Stratus. The blonde beauty is smiling,
clad in a black and pink striped body suit of sorts, that hugs tightly to her
ass and to her chest, showing generous amounts of her cleavage from the
opened 'collar'-like front. She adjusts her elbow pads a little as she climbs
up the steps and into the ring.

"Welcome Trish!" Dax greets her as comes over to him in front of the camera.
He offers his hand to shake hers.

"Thank you Dax!" She shakes his hand with a warm smile, and then one to the
camera. "Nice little place you have here."

"You are too kind. Now Trish, you retired from wrestling in September 2006,
and as much as we're all grateful for you being here, I have to ask you:

Trish folds her arms over her more than plentiful chest and raises an
eyebrow. "Apart from the one million bucks you're offering?" She laughs a
little "I always love a challenge. Don't forget, as well as being a dominant
Diva, I was a police officer in Armed & Famous. You must be pretty confident
that your guy, whoever he is, can't be beaten even once, but he can beat me
three times. I'll take that bet on."

"You sound pretty confident yourself." Dax remarks. "You're starting out in
your wrestling clothes, any reason why?"

"I'm not taking anything your guy lightly, whoever he is. I've gone up
against guys in the ring before, so I'm taking this very seriously. He isn't
going to get his 'wicked way' with me without a fight."

"Now Trish, I don't need to remind you of the rules, but you're not exactly
known for your submission skills. What do you have planned for Mr. TOKO?"

Trish puts her hands on her seductively rounded hips. "That would be telling.
But don't forget, there have been Canadian wrestlers who have had great
submission holds, and as for KOs, two words that he won't see coming: Chick

Dax whistles "Wow, you can't argue with that. Well then, let's bring out your
opponent. He is our specialist submission, tap-out and knockout wrestler. He
weighs in at a cool one million dollars, US of course..."

"Hey!" Trish gives Dax a whack on the arm.

"Ouch!" Dax rubs his arm where he got hit. "The exchange rates are not bad!
Ahem, he hails from the generically named Parts Unknown. He is: Mr. TOKO!"

To no music, Mr. TOKO steps out. He seems to look not overly muscular, but
a good height and shape for an average wrestler. He wears only regular
wrestling boot, knee and elbow pads, green wrestling shorts that read 'Mr.
TOKO' on the back, and a green wrestling mask that hides his face, only
letting his eyes and mouth to be exposed. He enters the ring, silently, and
stands in a corner opposite to Trish, who has been in her classic 'bent-over'
wrestling pose, showing off huge cleavage. She is now sizing up her opponent,
relieved that it isn't some huge tall or overweight guy.

Dax has put down the microphone and goes over to check Mr. TOKO over for any
foreign objects. Satisfied that he's clean, he does the same with Trish, who
also obliges. Dax then returns to the microphone, and picks it up to speak.

"OK, this is how it goes. One fall, submission or KO only. That includes a
straight KO or stoppage by my decision, or failure to answer a 10-count.
Remember that I am impartial, I'm not going to screw either of you out of a
fall. Only legal submission holds will count - no chokes, no gouges and all
that. Keep it in the ring. Submissions can be broken from rope breaks, which
are unlimited. Other than that, anything goes. Remember Trish, you can lose
this match and still have two to go, but Mr. TOKO - it's one fall and you're
gone, and Trish gets the million. Understand the rules?"

Mr. TOKO nods his head.

"Got it." Trish says.

"Then let's go, match one!" Dax announces, before he walks over to the ring
ropes and puts the microphone down on a table, before ringing the bell on it
to start the match.

Trish confidently comes out of the corner, to the middle of the ring and
raises an arm up over her head, offering for a test-of-strength. Mr. TOKO
steps out slowly, tilting his head and examining the offer.

"Come on big guy!" Trish challenges, wiggling the fingers on her hand.

Mr. TOKO raises a hand to take the test, but it's a trick as Trish ducks
under to behind him, and measures her opponent, squatting down in position to
deliver a chick-kick. As Mr. TOKO turns around, the blonde Canadian raises
her leg up to hit the move, but finds herself caught as she grabs her leg in
his hands.

Stratus yelps in surprise, and then in pain as Mr. TOKO pushes her backward
onto her ass. Sleeper stands back as Trish gets back to her feet, rubbing her
butt as she does so. She motions like she's going to attempt a lock-up, but
fakes him out again to strike a regular boot to the gut that rocks him a
little. She tries another, but gets caught again, and this time Mr. TOKO
pulls her towards him, surprising her as he bends her over the knee and
spanks her incredible ass through her tight ring gear.

Trish calls out in pain as her holds her in place, delivering an open slap to
the other cheek, and then a couple more to both, before shoving her off and
standing up. She groans in pain, rubbing her round butt cheeks, shaking her
head when Dax asks her if she wants to quit. Now knowing it is not going to
be easy, and a little pissed off with humiliation, Trish gets back up, and
rushes forward with some forearm strikes to the side of Mr. TOKO's head,
rocking him but he stays on his feet. She takes a few steps back, and then
comes charging with a jump to deliver a forearm to his head again. He stays
up though, so she charges for another and connects.

She attempts another, but this time she is the one caught, by a clothesline
from Mr. TOKO that sends her crashing down to the mat. She hisses in pain,
rolling a little on the mat as she looks up at the ceiling. Reaching down,
Mr. TOKO grabs at her clothing, pulling the front of her body suit apart and
exposing her black sports-bra covered chest, which shocks the Canadian. More
is to come when Mr. TOKO picks up by the hair, scoops her up, and then drops
her down with a body slam. Dax steps in to check if she wants to quit, but
she says no. Her opponent follows up, picking her up and lifting her up in a

Trish calls out in pain, grimacing and waving her arms a little as the tight
submission hold is locked in. He has lifted her up high, so that his face is
right in line with her huge, rounded breasts. Dax asks if she wants to give
up, and even through the pain Trish says no. She tries in vain to use her
arms to break the hold; the man's grip on her is too strong. She fights back,
forearms to the side of the masked wrestler's head, and after a number of
blows he drops her, bending over and holding his head in pain. Trish staggers
back to collect her breath and assess the damage done to her, but it has
already been done. Taking advantage of her opponent's position, Trish grabs
him and hits him with a DDT, laying him out on the mat for the first time.
She motions for Dax to apply a count on Mr. TOKO. Showing his impartiality,
he delivers a deliberate, fair count, but her opponent is nowhere near being
beat just yet. Mr. TOKO starts to stir after only a two count, rolling over
onto his front, getting up to his hands and knees. He beats the count when it
reaches six, standing upright.

Trish catches Mr. TOKO using a handstand to wrap her feet around his head,
and then uses momentum to begin to swing around while holding him in a
headscissors for several revolutions, until completing the 'Whirlybird
Headscissors' takedown, sending him groggily down to the mat. Trish holds
her back, rubbing it as the effects of the bear-hug are still being felt.
Swinging punches into nothing but thin air, Mr. TOKO gets up, but this time
turns around and gets nailed square in the head by a trademark Chick Kick.

Trish stands back in a corner, watching as Mr. TOKO lies motionless on the
canvas and Dax applies a 10-count, her chest heaving and glistening a little
from sweat. Dax reaches five, when the masked man that stands between Trish
as one million bucks starts to stir again, rolling slightly towards the ropes
to use them to get to his feet. To the former WWE Diva's dismay, Mr. TOKO
just makes the count, this time at nine.

Sensing victory, Trish grabs him in a headlock, setting him up as she points
upward, signalling for her infamous Bulldog finisher. Holding him, she goes
forward and jumps, spring boarding off the ropes. But she finds herself being
shoved off and landing unceremoniously on her ass hard in the middle of the
ring by Mr. TOKO as he counters the move.

Rubbing her ass again she stands up, but Mr. TOKO now takes advantage by
delivering a forearm right into her back. Stratus drops down to her knees,
wincing in pain, but only receives another for her trouble. Trying to fight
through the pain, Trish tries and manages to get back up to her feet, but
before she can do anything she is grabbed and placed once again in an
excruciatingly painful bear-hug hold. She screams in pain as Mr. TOKO locks
the hold in tight, hurting her already sore back.

"What do you say Trish? Want to quit?" Dax asks.

"Urgh!! N.... N.... Ah damn!" Trish can only grunt, trying in vain to
free herself. "N... All right I tap! I tap!" She finally screams out, and
instantly Mr. TOKO releases the hold, letting her drop to the canvas with a

Trish, her face covered with pain, reaches back with her hand, rubbing her
back while Dax rings the bell and picks up the microphone again.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, via submission, that's one round against Trish Stratus
to Mr. TOKO!" Dax says, raising Mr. TOKO's hand in victory. "We'll be right
back for Trish's second attempt to topple Mr. TOKO. Don't go anywhere!"

* * *

"Thank you, thank you! You are all to kind!" Dax G says, to the invisible
crowd. "Well our contestants all all rested up now, so let's bring back out
our challenger for her second attempt - Trish Stratus!"

Trish's music plays again, and Trish comes out with a determined and
confident look on her face, this time in a black robe covering up what she's

"Welcome back Trish and tough luck in the first match, but now you can see
why Mr. TOKO is a submission specialist."

The blonde Canadian bombshell walks over to the referee and master of
ceremonies with a smirk. "Yeah, just ask my back. But don't worry, this time
I plan on delivering not only one hundred percent Stratusfaction, but one
million percent."

"Tough talk once again Trish, you're clearly ready to go again. But first,
your second choice of clothing. Are you giving us the treat of a bikini or a
photo shoot piece? You will have had plenty to choice from, right?"

Trish smirks. "Just a few. Well, I've gone for a little something from my
last WWE Divas magazine shoots. Something from the shoots I did with the
locker-room theme. Want to see?" She asks, with a seductively raised eyebrow.

Dax grins. "Hmmm... Let me think about that, hell yeah I do!"

Trish undoes the robe slowly, teasingly, before she lets it drop to the mat.
She has on the pink, see-though swimsuit-like one piece with black, lacy bra
and panties on underneath which pushes up and shows off her wonderful chest
and hugs tightly to her butt. Completing it are black boots with fishnet-like
socks that are toped with pink, and a black belt with a TRISH belt buckle.

"Damn Trish!" Dax exclaims, taking in the sight of the tanned beauty. "I'll
dare say you look even better than you did in the magazine now!"

"Flattery will get you nowhere..." Trish smirks, teasingly running a hand
over the ref's shoulder. "But try again after I win the million..." Trish
playfully pushes him away as she walks over to her corner to wait.

Dax watches Trish's ass say was she walks, before he snaps back into reality,
looking into the camera. "Uhhh... Ahem, now before anymore bribery takes
place... Please welcome back... Mr. TOKO!"

Mr. TOKO makes his way back out, in the same ring attire, and silently enters
the ring again while Dax clears the ring of Trish's robe. Dax then checks
over both competitors again, and checks if they're both ready to compete. He
then rings the bell, and the second match is on.

Trish takes a deep breath, running her hands through her perfectly styled,
long blonde hair as she steps forward to meet Mr. TOKO in the middle of the
ring. She makes the first move, a knife-edge chop square into his chest,
which makes him call out a little in pain, and for Dax to call out 'Woooo!'
but Mr. TOKO still stands. She repeats it, and it has the same effect, with
the masked man shaking his head, indicating that if she keeps doing it she'll
get nowhere.

She motions like she's trying a third chop, but fakes him out with a kick to
the gut, before she runs off into the ropes and hits a now standing opponent
with a bicycle kick. This staggers him back a few steps but not off his feet,
so she runs again and this time uses a clothesline. Again he is staggered,
but remains standing, so runs off again, but this time the masked defender of
the million dollars prize steps forward himself and uses a big boot right to
her chest to send the blond sprawling backward onto the mat, gasping for air.

The masked wrestler raises his arms in self-victory, turning around to gloat
as he roars through his mask. Dax is down, asking Trish is she wants to quit,
but she says no. As Dax goes over to inform Mr. TOKO, the one-time former
Hardcore Champion in the WWE reaches down to undo her custom-made belt,
pulling it off her body and she proceeds to wrap it around her fist.

Mr. TOKO comes back over, and pulls the blonde retired wrestler up by her
hair, not noticing the belt now around her hand, and when he has her upright,
he wraps a hand around her throat, setting her up for a chokeslam. He lifts
her up, using his other hand on her back, ready to slam her down, but this
leaves her wide open as she uses her TRISH belt buckle as make-shift brass
knuckles, punching him right in the head.

This staggers him, as he drops her and shakes his head, but Dax lets it go as
the match can't end with a DQ. Trish wastes no time in following up, punching
him again in the side of the head, and then once in the gut to double him
over. She delivers a kick to the top of his head, sending him staggering
upright again, before Trish runs off the ropes and catches him with her 'Air
Canada' Thesz Press, knocking him over onto his back and allowing her to rain
down more blows with her belt-buckle fist.

Trish gets up off of him, now pumped up as her performs her taunt of pointing
up into the crowd, which isn't there. Dax begins to apply the 10 count, and
the three time Diva of the Year readies herself in case her opponent
gets up. At the count of four he begins to move, getting up into a seated
position before he staggers back up to his feet, beating the count at eight.

She motions for him to turn around, and charges forward with her fist to use
the buckle again. This time Mr. TOKO blocks it by grabbing her fist, and
pulling the belt off of it, tossing it down to the mat and looking furious.
Trish decides to try and get distant between herself and her opponent,
turning to run, but he reaches forward to grab her, getting handfuls of her

The woman who was voted the WWE Diva of the Decade struggles out of the grip
of the masked man, and finds herself stumbling forward onto her knees into
the corner. Mr. TOKO takes a couple steps back from his momentum and looks at
his hands, holding torn pieces of what was the pink material Trish had been
wearing. Looking down at herself, Trish found he'd managed to tear the thin
material almost all off of her body, exposing her large, but bra covered

Furious, Mr. TOKO tosses the material down, and charges into the corner,
but the former WWE Diva dodges out of the way so that he slams into the top
turnbuckle face first, and chest first into the second. Still slumped in the
corner, Trish takes advantage by charging forward and hitting her version of
the 'Stinger Splash', the Stratus Splash.

Following up, Trish manages to pull Mr. TOKO out a little from the
turnbuckle, and turns him around as she sits on the top. She then performs
her regular heel tactic of locking in a rear naked choke while elevated on
the top turnbuckle, pulling him back and wrapping her long, smooth legs
around him as she chokes him. He puts his hands up onto her arms to try and
relieve some pressure, but she has it locked in tight.

Dax tries to convince her to stop, as since she's on the ropes this can't
count as a submission, but Trish ignores him as she tries to suck the life
out of her masked opponent with this choke. It appears to be working, as MR.
TOKO's arms seem to start fading away, flailing around at the air. Trish
squeals in shock when he reaches back with his arms, grabbing two handfuls
of her blond locks and pulls her forward and slams her down hard from the
top, freeing himself. He slumps back into the corner, breathing heavily and
rubbing his throat as he collects his thoughts, while the iconic Trish
Stratus squirms in pain on the mat.

Reaching up with both hands to the top turnbuckle, Mr. TOKO pulls himself to
his feet, and then walks, although slower than usual, over to the still prone
Trish, who has picked up the belt again and wrapped it around her fist. Mr.
TOKO starts to pick Trish up again, setting her up for something, but just
like before Trish breaks free of the grip and rears back to use the buckle to
nail him again. This time however, he steps back and she hits nothing but
air, spinning around from her own momentum. The next thing Trish feels is the
canvas as remorselessly Mr. TOKO gives her a German Suplex right into the
middle of the ring.

The former seven-time WWE Women's Champion is lying almost lifeless on the
mat, clutching her head and groaning, trying to figure out what truck just
hit her. She starts to come to when she recognises Dax's voice giving her
the 10-count to get back to her feet. He gets to five before she really
starts to stir, and it's only at seven does she get up onto her hands and

She gets to rest though, as Mr. TOKO grabs her by the hair again, pulling
her roughly up to her feet and grabbing her with a hand around her throat.
He wastes no time this time, as he lifts her up and then plants her squarely
in the centre of the ring with a vicious chokeslam, leaving her lifeless.
Dax applies a count again, but could have counted until one hundred, as
Trish wouldn't have gotten back up. He counts to ten, and then rings the bell
before grabbing the microphone.

"Scoring is second win over Trish Stratus, this time by knockout, Mr. TOKO!"
He says as he raises the masked wrestler's hand again. "I have to go wake
Trish up now, because she has one last chance at victory! She'll be back, in
a bikini, real soon!"

* * *

Dax is in the middle of the ring again with the microphone. "Well folks,
this is it. Trish put up two strong performances, but twice has fallen to the
submission and knockout powers of our wrestler, the mysterious Mr. TOKO. And
I mean mysterious, for some reason he has DVD box sets of That 70s Show and
wont let me watch them. But that's not the point, so let's not waste anymore
time. Once again, Gentlemen and Ladies, please welcome Trish Stratus to the

'Time To Rock N' Roll' by Lil' Kim plays again, and for the third time the
beautiful Canadian Trish Stratus steps out towards the ring, wearing a
trademark black cowboy hat and an black coat that doesn't show what's
underneath. She steps into the ring with a determined look on her face.

"Well Trish, now it's do or die." Dax says to her. "This is your last chance.
Either you beat Mr. TOKO and win one million dollars, or you lose and Mr.
TOKO gets to have his..." The referee looks to the camera. "Wicked way..." He
looks back to Trish. "With you. Any last thoughts?"

"It's not going to happen." She says firmly, plainly not in the mood for any
jokes. "No more little miss nice Trish. I can fight dirty, and he'll see it.
I am NOT going to lose this match. Guaranteed. Stratusfaction, Guaranteed."

"OK then Trish, well then, it just leaves the formality of the bikini you've
decided to bring as your last battle attire." Dax says, still smiling.

"I wore this a good few years ago, in a best body competition on Smackdown
against Torrie Wilson." Trish says, opening up her robe.

Trish has on a hugging black and sequined bikini which lets her large breasts
hang perfectly, as well as a belt with a '100%' logo buckle, and black boots,
that shows off all of her beautiful, tanned and sweat covered body.

"Very nice indeed Trish, thank you very much, and don't forget to watch out
for the trademark Sleeper Hold from your opponent in this round. Now let's
bring out the man who looks to defend one million dollars - Mr. TOKO!" Dax
says, motioning to the entrance staging. Again, out comes Mr. TOKO, who
compared to Trish looks fairly fresh and ready for battle. He enters the
ring, and again Dax carries out the checks on both athletes. Satisfied, he
rings the bell and the final match begins.

Mr. TOKO makes a waist motion, pointing at Trish, warning her about using
the belt she has on like she did the last time. Stratus takes her hat off,
tossing it down to the mat, and takes her coat off, but surprises her
opponent by throwing the coat right at him, blinding him as it covers his
face. She follows up by firing away with kicks to the legs and gut, and
forearms to the side of the head as the masked wrestler tries to free
himself, swinging wildly around and barely missing his blonde opponent.

Trish manages to knock him over with a stiff bicycle kick to the head, and
then she follows up by mounting him, again raining down with blows across
the coat covered head and chest, and any other part that she can manage. He
is able to push her off of him however with his hands, before finally tossing
the coat off of him and into the ropes, but he clutches his head in pain from
the unexpected attack.

The multi-time WWE Women's Champion charges forward, leaping onto Mr. TOKO's
back and locking in a sleeper hold that verges onto a choke with the way
she's locking it in. The masked man staggers forward and onto his knees,
Trish using her long legs to wrap them around her for extra support on the
hold. Dax is right in position to check if he wants to give up, but he shakes
a finger, indicating no.

Mr Sleeper keeps waving his arms, willing himself to fight as he gets back up
to a standing position. Trish tries wrenching the hold in, but her opponent
reaches up and grabs her by the hair, and roughly pull her over him and down
onto the canvas. She grunts in pain, while he rubs his mask-covered head as
he tries to relieve some of the pain.

He turns around, sees her and attempts a big boot to her face, but the former
Diva ducks under it. He turns around again, but then gets smashed in the face
with her roundhouse Chick Kick. He staggers down to a knee, seeming out of
it, when Trish grabs him around the head, runs up to the ropes, jumps up and
springboards off them, hitting her other finishing manoeuvre - the

Trish stands well back in a corner, brushing her hair back and gasping for
air as Dax starts to deliver his count. Things look good at five, which is
when Mr. TOKO starts to begin to start moving as she looks on nervously.
He's barely on his knees at eight, but to her horror just at nine and a
half he's only just standing once more.

Sensing victory, Trish presses forward and just manages to duck a wild grab
attempt from her opponent, then hitting a forearm to his chest, before she
again ducks a grab from the other side and nails another forearm. This time
he uses both his hands and grabs her by the head, his eyes full of rage. But
Trish grunts and brings her leg up, nailing him with an unforgiving low blow.
Groaning in pain, he lets go of her and falls back onto the mat.

Trish wipes sweat away from her forehead, looking more determined than ever
as she reaches down and holds his legs apart, before stepping one of her legs
in between them, and locking in the legendary Sharpshooter submission hold
perfectly. Mr. TOKO starts to scream in pain as he feels the pressure, with
Dax right down there to ask him if he wants to quit. The bikini-clad former
Diva looks back over her shoulder at her opponent, screaming herself at him
to tap out.

Unfortunately for Trish, despite the pressure and the painfulness of the
hold, the weight difference between herself and her opponent is too much. He
is able to crawl forward, dragging her back with him, and grabs the ropes to
force a break, which Dax enforces, much to her dismay. She slams a fist into
the mat in frustration, thinking about what to do next.

Trish watches and waits in a crouched position as Mr. TOKO pulls himself up
to a vertical base, ready to kick his face off again. When he turns around,
she goes forward with an attempted Chick Kick, but finds herself caught by
him. She struggles to free her leg, when suddenly with his free arm he
reaches forward and grabs her bikini top, ripping if off her body.

The stunning Canadian gasps in shock as she lets her large, incredible tits
be completely exposed for a moment before she covers it up with her hands.
This allows Mr. TOKO to take full advantage, spinning her leg away and her
around so he was behind her. Trish gasps again, but this time in pain as he
locks in his trademark and namesake, the Sleeper Hold.

Confused between covering her breasts, which she knows the camera will film,
and trying to fight out from the hold, she allows herself to be brought down
to a seated position. Attempting to fight out using one arm and hand while
the other tries unsuccessfully to cover both her boobs, Trish struggles
against the tiring effects of the hold, which only makes her expend more

Dax is right down with her, asking if she'll quit, but she refuses to submit
and let this masked wrestler win so carries on fighting, trying in vain to
edge her way over to the ropes, but if becomes clear it's a losing battle.
Try as she might, she is now too worn down to really fight back, as indicated
by her eyelids starting to slowly close, and her hands starting to drop to
her sides, exposing her chest once again.

Trish has been put to sleep by the hold, and Dax does his job of checking her
arms, raising it up and letting drop. He repeats for a second time, and it
drops down. He raises it up, indicating to the camera and to Mr. TOKO that
this is it. He lets it drop, and it falls down.

"That's it!" Dax says, going over and ringing the bell as the masked wrestler
releases the hold, letting the unconscious woman slump to the mat. "Ladies
and Gentlemen, your winner by three rounds to none, and undefeated, Mr.
TOKO!" Dax raises the victorious wrestler's arm up in the air, before he goes
over to the camera.

"Well, that's a relief! I thought I might have to stump up a million bucks!
Well, once post this I'm sure I'll get all of that, and then some! Trish was
a valiant first challenger, but Mr. TOKO was just too much for her to take.
Well, the rules are rules, and so now enjoy as he has his wicked way with
her!" He says with a wink, before leaving the ring.

Mr. TOKO stands over the fallen former Diva, reaching down and lowering his
tights, letting out his hardening cock before he kneels down and turns her
over onto her back. This lets her fantastically proportioned breasts to be
freely seen, with nicely sized nipples topping them. He reaches down with
one hand and starts to squeeze them, gently feeling the flesh and seeing how
they bounce and jiggle when he rubs each of them.

His hands run down further down her sweaty body, down to her bikini bottoms,
where he undoes her belt and tosses it away. He takes a hold of her bottoms,
and starts to slide them down her smooth, sexy legs, revealing her completely
shaved pussy. After tossing the bottoms away, he spreads her legs apart a
little, running his hand in between them and over her entrance, letting his
fingers trail over her lips, before he works a finger inside.

He grins, as he is able to easily work a finger in and out of her pussy,
pushing with relatively quick movements. He pulls out, running his hand over
it again before bringing his hand up to his mouth, exposed by his mask. He
licks his finger that was inside her, enjoying the taste of her. He then
moves down her, positioning herself between her legs, spreading them far
apart. With one hand he opens up her pussy apart, and uses the other to start
to insert his now fully hard, thick, twelve-inch cock inside her.

The winning wrestler moans lowly as he feels her warm and tight pussy around
his large cock. Reaching up with his hands to hold onto her toned waist, he
starts to slowly thrust in and out of her, letting the still knocked-out
woman's private hole get used to the size inside it. He's working in just the
head and a couple on inches inside her, which is enough to make him moan.

Trish Stratus is still out of it, her beautiful face turned to the side and
slightly covered by her long blonde hair as the masked man literally has his
wicked way with her. Despite the fact she couldn't do anything to stop him
anyway because of the rules of the whole challenge, she has no idea that the
man who defeated her is currently starting to fuck her tight pussy.

While she might not know, her body is starting to respond, her snatch
beginning to get wet from the thick dick moving in and out of it and allowing
slightly more and more of it to come in. He moans a little, licking his lips
as now a good five inches of so of his manhood is fitting inside her. He
stops his thrusts, moving a hand down to rub over her pussy, brushing over
the beginning to become exposed clit. This makes Trish's lips twitch
slightly, but she still isn't award of what's happening to her.

Mr. TOKO moves his hands up to her large tits, squeezing him as he starts up
his thrusts again. A moan escape Trish's lips, indication that she is soon
going to fully awaken. He continues on, pushing and rubbing her 'puppies'
together for a moment, then returning his hands to her waist. His steady
thrusts are doing well to work himself inside of the iconic former WWE Diva,
her wetness now also working wonders to get him deep insider her.

"Urgh... Mmmm..." Trish groans as her eyes start to flutter open, trying to
shake the fog off from her head. "What.... Mmm... What's going on..."

The masked man runs his hands up and down her sides for a moment, watching as
her hands react and move onto his arms. He picks up the pace a little now,
also making his thrusts a little stronger, satisfied now with the seven or
eight inches he's thrusting in and out of her.

The multi-time former Women's champion raises her head up a little, her deep
hazel eyes open and looking at the man fucking her.

"Ohhhhh nooooo..." She groans in unexpected pleasure, realising what's
happened. "I lost the match... Mmmm..."

He smirks, looking at her stunning body as it begins to sweat a little more
but this time from his work at fucking her. He carefully watches her face as
he gives her a sharp, deep thrust into her.

"Oh my..." She gasps, feeling the jolt. "Shit, you're filling me up!" She
rubs his arms with her hands. "Mmmm... I guess since you won... I'd better
just enjoy it then..."

He grins, further encouraged by the words of his 'prize' to pick up the pace.

Trish closes her eyes, her beautiful face covered in pleasure as she starts
to push her body back against her thrusts, making her boobs bounce in time to
his thrusts into her wet, welcoming pussy. He grunts as he goes hard and fast
into her, his hands on her thighs, keeping her legs spread far apart so he
can spear her snatch nice and deep.

"Mmmm you like that baby?" Trish Stratus moaned, sitting up slightly to look
at him. "You like my tight pussy? You gonna fuck me good?"

Mr. TOKO doesn't respond, staring down at her bouncing tits as he pounds her.

"Oh yeah, like that." She brings her hands up to run through her
sweat-drenched hair. "Fuck my tight pussy just like that, real hard and

A big moan comes from the masked man, and a louder one from the blonde
Canadian as his foot-long cock finally went completely inside her, his
balls resting against her skin for a moment before he resumed his series
of quickening and deep thrusts into her willing pussy.

"Oh God, oh Gooooooodddd!" She moaned loudly. His balls slap against her as
he powerfully thrusts in and out of her as she bucks her hips against his
pounding shaft, now coated with a layer of her juices. "Oooooooh fuck!" She
ran her hands over her breasts, pinching her nipples and pulling her tits up
a little.

"God that's it! Mmmm I'm gooooonna fuckin' cummmm!"

True to her word, Mr. TOKO felt her pussy tighten and clamp around her dick,
releasing a wave of juices all over his huge member as she moaned and arched
her back, lost in a wave of sinful pleasure.

"Fuck, oh fuuuuuck..." Trish moaned, licking her lips as she rode out her
orgasm, loving his dick still pounding in and out of her. "Sooo good..."

She sighed in disappointment when she left him leave her pussy. He moved over
to her head, and she gasped at the size of the cock she was presented with.

"That thing was inside me??" She licked her lips, sitting up slightly and
taking his dick in her hand, stroking it a little and getting her own juices
over her palm. She looked up at him, naughtily raising an eyebrow. "Maybe I
better clean it off for you?"

The masked man simply nodded his head, which all she needed. Lowering her
head down and expertly brushing her hair back, she opened her mouth and took
his dick inside it, instantly pressing her luscious lips around the tool and
lashing her tongue around it, tasting her own pussy juices off of his cock.

He moaned, looking down as the former WWE Women's Champion who was bobbing
her head along his shaft with ease, her mouth feeling just as good as her
pussy did, and just as wet. Her tongue was lashing her saliva all over his
cock now, greedily trying to lap up all the precum that was trickling out
of it. At the same time she sucked away with her lips, never missing a beat
as she pleasured the winning wrestler's cock.

"Mmmm..." Trish moaned, pulling her head off of his dick. She used a hand to
jerk him off at a quick pace, moving her head down lower to flick her tongue
out at his balls, trailing it around his nuts before she took one into her
mouth to suck on, making him moan again. She gave the other ball sack the
same treatment, before returning to his cock head, swirling her tongue around
it without a care in the world.

She resumed to sucking his dick, moving her head down further, and then
further, occasionally flicking her tongue up at its underside. Impressively
Trish Stratus was able to deep throat Mr. TOKO's entire thick, twelve-inch
cock, holding it all in her mouth with little signs of any gagging. She
started moving her head again, dragging her lovely lips slowly all the way
up and down his shaft, before starting to bob swiftly along it's length
without using her hands, except to brush her hair out of the way for a

After about a minute or so of this, Mr. TOKO withdrew his now soaking wet
from her spit cock from her mouth.

"Mmmm... What now?" She asked, looking up expectantly at him.

He said nothing, pushing her down onto her back, and then mounting her over
her chest, and then placing his dick right in between her breasts, and using
his hands to push them against his tool.

"Oh?" She gave a sexy smirk, rubbing her tits together against his cock. "You
want to fuck my tits do you?"

He didn't respond except by just starting to move his hips, pumping his cock
in and out between her great boobs.

"Yeah, fuck those tits!" The former multi-time Women's Champion said.
"Fuck'em nice and hard!"

He needed no encouragement, watching his cock vanish between her large mounds
as he pushed in and out of them. Unlike before he wasn't starting off slowly,
he was going quickly, showing he wasn't too far away from cumming. He was
getting even more pleasure from the fact she was pushing her breasts tightly
against his thrusting cock, sandwiching it between her soft flesh.

Trish couldn't help herself, watching the long, thick cock fuck her tits. She
leant her head down and lashed her tongue around the cock head as it appeared
from in between her boobs. This added pleasure became too much for Mr. TOKO,
who groaned as he started to fire a load right into her mouth and tongue.

"Mmmm!" Trish moaned in surprise, trying to lick up more of his load, but
most of it shooting onto and around her neck, giving her a pearl necklace.
"Mmmm..." Trish moaned again as she swallowed down the cum she had been
able to catch.

Now finished cumming, Mr. TOKO grunted, getting off of the sweat and
cum-covered body of the stunning Canadian blonde. Without saying a word he
picked up his ring tights and left the ring. This left Trish to scoop up the
cum on her in her hands and lick it off her fingers and palm, moaning at the
taste as she cleaned herself off from all the thick spunk.

"Well there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen!" Dax re-enters the ring, and
walks over to Trish, helping her up to her feet. "Let's have a big hand for
our loser, Trish Stratus! You put up a good fight, and you came close, but
that Sleeper Hold was too much in the end. I have to ask you, how do you
feel right now?"

Trish licked her lips, smirking at the referee and master of ceremonies.
"Hmmm... I think I want a rematch..."

Dax smiles "That's the spirit! Not a sore loser at all, so everyone ends up
walking away a winner from the 'Mr. TOKO Verses' challenge! So, if you feel
up to..."

Trish moves closer to Dax, pulling at his shirt a little. "Uh, Dax... I was
serious about that rematch..."

Dax gives the camera a confused look, before he looks to Trish. "Look,
seriously, I'm kinda still kinda working all this stuff out, I'm not sure I
can really..."

The Diva of the Decade grabs Dax by the shirt. "Very serious..." She says
with a smirk, starting to pull him out of camera shot.

"See you next time!" Dax says as he's pulled off "And I really mean watch
out for the Sleeper!"
_ _ _

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