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The Million-Dollar Tough Enough: The REAL Sex Test
outline by Kristi
written by Dice

Shortly after the taping of Smackdown and Velocity has ended, the six
remaining Tough Enough contestants, Daniel Puder, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin,
Justice Smith, Ryan Reeves, Daniel Rodimer and Chris Nawrocki are all in
their locker room packing up their belongings, while at the same time
making fun of Puder for what he had to do.

"Oh fuck dude, that was so sick..." Reeves laugh.

"Yeah man, how could you go through with kissing that 80 year old bag of
bones?" Rodimer asks while laughing somewhat hysterically.

"Hey, get of my back man, it'll be worth it when I win the contest and
the million bucks," Daniel has a cocky smirk on his face as he puts his
wristbands into his bag.

"Does that mean you'd kiss a guy to win?" Mike asks with a laugh.

"Hey he did say anything for the million dollars, he'd probably let Hardcore
Holly bang his ass to win," Nawrocki says as he takes off his shirt that he
wore on the broadcast to change into another one.

Rodimer laugh again, "Yeah, there's no telling what Danny boy here will do to

Justice shakes his head as he takes off his bandana, "Hey lay off, we all
know we would've made out with Mae Young, because it's just like Puder said,
'Anything for the Million'."

Puder smiles appreciably as Justice's logic got the other guys to shut up,
"Thanks man."

As the teasing and chatter die down, the locker room door suddenly opens, and
the beautiful and ultra-sexy Smackdown Diva, Torrie Wilson enters the room.
All six men immediately look in awe after the turn their heads to see who has
entered the locker room. Torrie closes the door behind her, and smiles a bit
at the boys. Torrie is wearing a pink sleeveless shirt and white pants.

"Hey guys..." Torrie says as she walks to the center of the room.

A mix of stuttering versions of "Hey Torrie," from the contestants are said
to her in reply, causing Torrie to laugh a little.

"Guys, I got to apologize to you all for my little test tonight... it was a
little rib, but it was also a lesson that you all needed to learn."

"What lesson was that?" Justice asks out loud the question that popped into
every man's mind.

Torrie smirks, "That anything can happen in the WWE." All the guys look at
each other and laugh a bit, understanding what she means by that. When the
guys quiet down, Torrie puts her hands on her hips. "Now... it's time for
another sex test..."

Daniel backs up, shakes his head and raises his hands, "No More Mae...
please... anything but that." Torrie and the other Tough Enough contestants
laugh as Daniel has a half horrified look on his face.

"Daniel, I'm not talking about Mae... I'm talking about me," Before Torrie
can explain any further, Nawrocki jumps the guy and cuts her off.

"Hey baby... if you want to be impressed, look no further that me," Nawrocki
flexes a bit to show off his body. Torrie glares at him and folds her arm,
not at all impressed by Nawrocki's attitude.

"All right then... strip." Torrie says with a bit of serious tone.

"Say what?" Nawrocki asks with a confused look on his face.

"You heard me, I said strip, if you want to impress me, then you should have
no problem stripping down in front of everyone."

Nawrocki gets a gets a cocky grin on his face and removes his clothes until
he's naked as the day he was born. Torrie examines his body, and notices that
not everything about him is in proportion. The other guys also check Nawrocki
out to see how they measure up, and they all smirk as they see that only
thing big about Nawrocki is his mouth. Torrie silently gets down on her knees
in front of him and takes his cock into her mouth. She immediately starts
bobbing her head on it quickly, and sucks on it as hard as she can.

"Oh shit dude... look at that," Mizanin says as he and other guys watch
Torrie blows the both obnoxious contestant. Torrie pulls her head away a bit
and wraps a hand around Nawrocki's cock. She fills her mouth with his cock
again, and resumes bobbing her head on his cock while stroking his shaft as
well. Nawrocki has a tense look on his face and bite his lip hard as he tries
to survive Torrie's oral assault, but he can't.

"Ahhh damn it!" Nawrocki grunts loudly as he fills Torrie's mouth with a
little spurt of cum. Torrie swallows it then stands up.

"You're eliminated... get your stuff and get out." Torrie orders as she wipes
her mouth.

"Aw come on I wasn't ready..." Nawrocki protests.

"You opened your mouth, said you could impress me, that meant you were ready,
you couldn't cut it, so get out." Torrie folds her arms.

Nawrocki grumbles as he puts on his clothes and grabs the rest of his
belongings. As he heads out the lock room door, Nawrocki says, "Fucking
bitch..." in reference to Torrie as he slams the door behind him. The
remaining five guys laugh at Nawrocki after he's gone, while Torrie just
shakes her head. Torrie's mood improves a bit as she turns her attention
to the remaining studs.

"Listen up boys... before I was so rudely interrupted... this test is going
to be in two parts... the first... is going to be your basic gang bang of
little ol' me." Torrie smiles, "When you cum, you're eliminated, that means
you leave the room. I kinda expect the rest of you to be a little more
professional than Chris was."

The remaining men nod their heads, understanding the rules, before Puder
asks, "What's the second part of the test?"

Torrie licks her lips, "Well, the two of you that can survive the first round
will..." Torrie then smirks, "You'll just have to wait, and I don't want you
guys holding back in the first round, now who's going to be first."

Reeves and Rodimer remove their clothes faster than the Justice, Puder and
Mizanin and they quickly approach Torrie. Reeves quietly checks outs Torrie's
body as she slowly removes her clothes to tease them.

"Yeah that's right... take you time...cause you know you're going to be
seeing me in the second round," Rodimer smirks before he licks his teeth like
a wolf. Torrie rolls her eyes in disbelief that Rodimer is so cocky after
seeing her make quick work of Nawrocki. Torrie gets down on her knees again
and sizes both men up and is a bit impressed at the size of their dicks. She
takes both cocks into her hands and softly strokes Reeves' for a bit then
switches over to Rodimer's.

Torrie smirks before she opens her mouth and takes Reeves' prick into her
mouth. Torrie lightly bobs her head on his cock, tapping the bottom side of
his shaft with her tongue rhythmically. She tightens her grips one Rodimer's
cock as she firmly begins to pump it while she starts to increase her sucking
of Reeves' cock. Both men are moaning noticeably under the oral and hands on
skill that Torrie is using on them. After some time, Torrie lifts her head
from Reeve's cock and loosens her grip on Rodimer's. Torrie turns her head a
bit and quickly fills her mouth with Rodimer's cock. She doesn't waste time
with a slow sensual start, but instead she gives him a whore like blowjob.

Torrie then grabs the cocks of Justice and Puder with her hands when the come
to join the group. She continues to bob her head quickly on Rodimer's cock,
at exactly the same rate she was using on Nawrocki. Rodimer realizes this and
smartly pulls his cock out of her mouth before she makes him cum. Mizanin
quickly replaces him and holds his cock near Torrie's mouth. Torrie smirks up
at him before she licks the head of his cock before sucking on just the tip.
Torrie then does the same to Puder and Justice, before she begins licking up
and down the shafts of all three cocks in turn. Torrie sees Rodimer taking an
extended breather out of the corner of her eye, much to her disapproval.
Torrie stops orally working over the three cocks.

"You!" Torrie points at Rodimer, "Get behind me NOW! MOVE IT!" Torrie orders
as she gets into the doggy style position. Rodimer smirks and does what he's
told by quickly moving behind Torrie. He takes hold of her hips after he
shoves his cock into her tight cunt. The cocky youngster starts banging her
hard, and Torrie pushes back against him in response.

"Yeah... you like that big cock fucking you don't you..." Rodimer grunts as
he starts sweating heavily.

Torrie looks back at him and smirks, "I've had way better than you, punk..."
Before Torrie can finish what she's going to say, Justice takes hold of her
head and shoves his big black cock into her mouth. Torrie looks up at Justice
and winks, signally her approval of what he did. Justice holds her head in
place as he rocks his hips back and forth, thrusting his powerful dick in
and out of her mouth. Torrie is practically drooling around his shaft, but
Rodimer starts to slow down and eventually pulls out of her pussy all
together. Torrie manages to pull her head off of Justice's cock and turns
around on her knees to glare at Rodimer.

"Who fucking told you to stop!" Torrie yells at Rodimer, but again, Torrie is
cut off by the powerful Ryan Reeves. He gets behind her with her noticing,
wraps his arms around her to lift her up just enough to slide his cock into
her pussy. Torrie lets out a surprised gasp of pleasure. Reeves rolls down to
the right then on to his back.

Torrie has to actually look around to see that she's on top of Reeves. Torrie
smirks and starts to bounce on his cock at a decent pace as Mizanin and Puder
stand to her left and right respectively. Torrie grins and grabs both of
their cocks with her hands, and begins to alternate blowing them. Reeves
starts thrusting upward into her pussy, causing Torrie to constantly adjusts
how she's blowing The Miz and Puder.

When Justice starts to make a move to join back in on the action, Torrie
notices that Rodimer is not doing the same. Torrie stops blowing Mizanin and
Puder and points at Rodimer. "Hold him down!" she yells as she gets off of
Reeves. Puder, Reeves, Mizanin and Justice all exchange looks before they
rush Rodimer and force him to the ground. Torrie stands over him with an
angry look on face. "This is a contest you block head..."

Torrie doesn't allow Rodimer to reply, as she straddles his cock then drops
down on it sharply. Torrie roughly begins bouncing on his cock. To all of
the other contestants, Torrie looks like a blond blur rising and falling on
Rodimer's pole. Rodimer can't withstand the break-neck pace Torrie is going
on his cock, and soon starts to cum. Torrie quickly gets off his cock and
puts a foot on his chest.

"Pack your shit and get out... you are eliminated!" Torrie says as she and
the other guys move away from Rodimer. Rodimer shakes his head, disappointed
in his performance, but at the same time pissed at Torrie's treatment of him
over the course of the test so far. He gathers his belonging and throws on
his shorts and sneakers. Rodimer quietly leaves the room. Torrie watches him
leaves and smirks as she looks at the remaining four. "That's two down... I
thought you guys were supposed to be tough enough..."

Daniel smirks, "Hey, we lasted this long haven't we?"

Torrie laughs, "That's because none of you fucked me yet."

"That's about to change," Daniel grins as he starts to lie down on the
ground. He takes Torrie's hand and has her lay down on her side. Torrie looks
over her shoulder at him as Puder lifts her leg up and slides his cock into
her pussy. Torrie turns her head forward as she moans softly. Puder steadily
begins to fuck her pussy as Reeves kneels near her head. He taps his cock
against her lips, and Torrie opens her mouth as wide as she can, allowing him
to slide his cock into her mouth.

Torrie bobs her head along Reeves' cock at the same steady rate. Puder
reaches over and grabs one of Torrie's large tits. He squeezes her tit hard,
making Torrie moans around round Reeve's cock. Puder slowly comes to a stop
and pulls out of her pussy. Torrie spits out Reeves' cock and looks back at

"Don't fucking tell me... Ohhhhh fuck!" Torrie gets cut off when Puder shoves
his cock deep into her asshole suddenly. Torrie lets out another loud moan
when Justice lies in front of her and jams his black shaft into her pussy.
Justice and Puder begin alternating thrusts, whenever one pushes into her the
other pulls out. Torrie starts to feel like a ping-pong ball as the two men
bang her back and forth. Torrie bite down on her lip as she looks at Mizanin
and Reeves, who are jerking off while watching her get fucked. Torrie licks
her lips as she places her hands on Justice's chest. "Pull out nigger...."

Justice stops fucking Torrie and gives her a looks, "What did you say?"

Torrie smacks his face in response, "I said pull out Nigger!" Justice pulls
out her pussy, but has a look on his face that reads that he wants to knock
Torrie into the next century. Justice glares at her as she looks back at
Puder, "Hey, numb nuts, I said pull out!" Puder raises an eyebrow and pulls
out of her ass. Torrie gets up and dusts herself off.

"See ya later..." Mizanin smiles as he leaves the room, leaving Torrie and
Puder alone. Torrie spins around while still on his cock and looks at him and

"Ok stud... you're the last cock standing... but between you and the other
punks, I haven't come close to cumming yet..."

Puder doesn't reply verbally, choosing to let his actions speak for him.
Puder sits up and wraps his arms around her body. He rolls to his left, to
gets to his knees before he stands up. Torrie squeals in delight from the
sudden changes in position. Puder then rushes towards a wall and presses
Torrie against it as he begins to pound her pussy as hard and fast as he
can. Torrie bites her lit and wraps her arms around his body. She digs her
nails into his back, and her eyes roll to back of her head as she suddenly
starts to cum on his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck me!" Torrie yells as somewhat bangs the back of her head against
the wall behind her. Puder continues to fuck her cunt for a few more minuets,
before he gets the impression he's going to get his rocks off soon.

"Fuck... I'm going to cum..." He says as he lets Torrie down. The beautiful,
yet bitchy diva gets down to her knees and takes his cock in one hand,
strokes it for a few seconds before putting his dick into her mouth. Torrie
starts sucking on it hard while flicking her tongue against the piss-slit on
the tip of his dick. Puder moans a bit before he starts to cum, Torrie spits
his dick out and aims it down towards her beautiful tits and streams of sperm
shoot out of his cock and coat Torrie's chest. When he's done cumming, Torrie
rubs his cum all over her tits, and then licks his cock clean.

Torrie smirks as tries to catch her breath, "You...have potential...

Puder nods and smirks a bit "What can I say, the chicks love me."

Torrie smirks again and takes his cock into her hands "If that's true... then
you must think you're tough enough for another round?"

"I know I am..." Puder smiles widely and then adds," "But do you think YOU'RE
tough enough for another round with ME?"


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