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The Morning After Room 357
by Drake

Torrie awoke the next morning, not knowing where she was. But as she saw
her bra on the floor next to the bed, she remembered everything that had
transpired the previous night. She turned over, expecting to see Dawn Marie,
but no one was there. Surprised, Torrie got out of bed and was about to
search the room for Dawn Marie when she noticed that, although all of her
clothes were still lying on the floor, Dawn Marie's bra, panties, and robe
were missing. Torrie thought Dawn Marie had left, so she decided to do the
same. But as she went to put her pink panties on, the sounds of a running
shower came from the bathroom.

Torrie dropped her panties and walked to the bathroom. As she opened the
door, she looked in and saw Dawn Marie's clothes on the floor. She stepped
in and quietly closed the door behind her. To her right, Torrie saw the
silhouette of Dawn Marie's body through the shower curtain. She immediately
had flashbacks of the ecstasy she had felt last night. This was the perfect
chance to give Dawn Marie that same feeling.

Torrie walked to the tub and opened the shower curtain from the back,
startling Dawn Marie.

"Don't worry, it's only me," Torrie said as she closed the curtain. "You had
me scared. I thought maybe you had left without me."

"Now why would I ever want to do that?"

Torrie reached over Dawn Marie's shoulder and grabbed the soap. "Especially
after a night like last night." She began lathering the soap in her hands.
"I mean, I've been with a lot of men, but none of them made me feel like you
did. After something like that, I at least want to show my gratitude."

Torrie began running her hands down Dawn Marie's bronze skin, covering it in
bubbles. Dawn Marie noticed how deliberate Torrie was while washing her tits.
Once Torrie had finished scrubbing, she removed the detachable shower head
from its stand and began rinsing Dawn Marie's backside.

"And how do you plan on doing that, Torrie, because it sounds like you are
very grateful?"

"Oh, believe me, I am." Torrie finished rinsing off Dawn Marie's back. "Turn
around." Dawn Marie whirled around, her back now to Torrie. Torrie began to
wash away all the soap from Dawn Marie's chest. "But I say, why wait?"

Torrie immediately lowered the shower head, aiming it directly at Dawn
Marie's pussy.

"What are you - ohhh - doing?"

"I'm just giving you what you want. Don't you want me?"

"Uhhhh... Uhhhh!"

"I guess that's a yes."

Holding the shower head in her right hand, Torrie began fondling Dawn
Marie's tits with her left hand and kissing the side of her neck. She
moved the shower head closer to Dawn Marie's body until she felt it on
her clit.

"Everybody looks at me and thinks I'm a good girl. Even you did at first,
didn't you?"

"Torrie... I... Uhhh... I... Uhhhh!"

"Didn't you?!"

"Yes... Ohhh... God, yes!"

"I just want to thank you for bringing the bitch out of me. Aren't I a

"Yes... Yesss... Ohhhh!"

"And do you want this bitch to fuck you?"

"Ohhhh... Yesssss... Ohhhhh!"

"Say it. Say, 'fuck me, bitch' ".

"Fuck me, you bitch."

"No, I want you to say it like you really want it."

"Fuck me! Fuck me, bitch!"

"Louder!" Torrie jammed the shower head harder into Dawn Marie's pussy as
she squeezed her tits.

Marie exploded, an immense load covered the shower head, but Torrie did not
remove it from Dawn Marie's body.

"C'mon, Dawn Marie. After what I gave you last night, I know you can do
better than that." Torrie then flipped the switch on the side of the shower
head, changing the pressure from low to medium. Dawn Marie felt a jolt as
the faster water hit her clit.

"I bet that feels much better, doesn't it?"

"Ohhhh... Ohhhhhh... Torrrrie!"

"Say it. I know you want to."

"Torrrrrie... Ohhhhhhhh!"

"Say it!"

Dawn Marie tried to hold back, just to preserve the pleasure she was feeling.


orgasm, one then times better than the first, ran through Dawn Marie's body.
It was so strong that it became hard for Dawn Marie to stand. But Torrie
still wasn't finished.

"That felt good, didn't it?"

Weakly, Dawn Marie responded, "Yeah Torrie... it... it did. But I can't
handle another one."

"That's what I thought last night, but you proved me wrong. Now, I'm gonna
prove you wrong, too." Torrie proceeded to adjust the setting on the shower
head from medium to high. As the pressure of the water increased, so too did
the agony on Dawn Marie's face.

"Torrie, please. It was fun at first, but---"

"But what? You want me to stop?"


"Well, I wanted you to stop last night, but you didn't."

"I'm... I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. I'm glad you didn't stop. I had never felt like that

"Like what?"

"Like this..." Torrie took her left hand off Dawn Marie's body and placed it
on the hot water knob. She then turned the knob as far as she could.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Dawn Marie screamed as she was writhing in pain. She tried
to push the shower head away, but was too weak to break Torrie's grip.

"C'mon, Dawn Marie. I'm just turning up the heat like you did on me." Torrie
could see steam beginning to emanate from Dawn Marie's pussy.

"STOP IT! IT HURTS.. IT... IT..." The overwhelming pain Dawn Marie felt had
not subsided, but the orgasmic elation that Torrie was counting on had taken
over. Dawn Marie's screams were now out of sheer pleasure.

"YESSSS... OHHHHH... OHHHHHHH..." Dawn Marie put her hands behind Torrie,
bracing herself as she grabbed a handful of Torrie's ass.

"TORRRRRIE... OHHHHHH... OHHHHHHHH..." Dawn Marie could feel herself about
to orgasm like never before, the juices overflowing in her cunt.

"I'M... I'M GONNA... I'M GONNNNNNA..." And with one last thrust of the shower
head on Dawn Marie's pussy, Torrie got what she wanted.


Dawn Marie's juices covered the shower head and Torrie's hand as she passed
out in Torrie's arms, completely exhausted. Torrie slowly lowered her until
she was laying in the tub. Dawn Marie had gotten everything she wanted and
so much more.

Torrie stepped out of the tub and walked to the bathroom door. She turned and
looked at Dawn Marie's naked body in the tub and decided she wanted something
to remember this experience by. She grabbed Dawn Marie's black panties,
turned, and left.

Torrie put her clothes on in the bedroom, except instead of her panties, she
put Dawn Marie's on. She picked up her panties and left them on the bed for
Dawn Marie. Torrie walked to the door, grabbing her coat along the way, and
left the room.

As Torrie drove back to her hotel, the feel of Dawn Marie's panties against
her pussy reminded her of how Dawn Marie's tongue had massaged her clit. Each
mile she got hotter and hotter as she flashed back to the night before. The
feeling was too intense. Torrie pulled to the side of the road and began
masturbating in broad daylight.

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