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The Most Extreme Vixen
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the shower area of the ECW arena on the September 26, 2006 edition of ECW
on Sci-Fi, Rene Dupree steps out of the showers, with just a towel around his
waist. He looks into the camera and smirks, "I'm Rene Dupree... the most
extreme athlete in the history of ECW..." Rene says to the camera before he
moves his towel a bit and looks down at his crotch and smirks before looking
back to the camera, nodding his head as his short promo segment ends. Rene
chuckles a bit as he adjusts the towel around his waist again, "They know
I'm extreme..." Rene smirks as he walks over to the changing area where his
clothes are. Rene removes the towel from around his waist and puts on the
table as the ECW film crew leave, and the crew leaves the door open behind

" think you're extreme huh?" The voice of the original and true Queen
of Extreme, Francine says behind Rene Dupree as she stands in the doorway
leading into Dupree's locker room. With a raised eyebrow, Rene Dupree slowly
turns around to look at the extreme ECW Vixen who presses her lips together
with a slight smirk as she places her right hand on right hip, while dressed
in a semi-skimpy red dressed with a red strip of material covering up a small
portion of her large, rounded tits.

Rene Dupree doesn't bother to try and cover himself up as his large, thick
eleven inch shaft hangs between his legs. "Think? I do not need to think...
I am... the most extreme athlete in ECW..." Rene replies with a cocky tone
as he puts his hands on his waist.

Francine tilts her head back slightly and releases a laugh "You...extreme?"
Francine replies before shaking her head "Don't make me laugh..." Francine
says as she kicks off her black high heels from her feet and begins to enter
Rene Dupree's locker room "Well...In case you didn't know...I'm the Queen...
of Extreme!"

Rene chuckles slightly as he sees Francine kick his locker room door close
with her left foot. "I know who you are..." Rene says, "You don't look as
extreme as I heard..."

Francine presses her lips together as she folds her arms over her large,
rounded chest and raises her eyebrow "Is that so?" Francine laughs a little
"Honey...I was extreme before it was a word..." Francine slightly snaps at
Rene Dupree as she casually glances down at his hard, thick eleven inch cock
that hangs between his legs.

Rene Dupree licks his lips, "Francine... you are.. old news... you are not
as extreme as the new blood of ECW... like myself..." Rene says as he looks
right at Francine's large, round tits that are covered by the red strip of
material that covers that gives him more to see then he would expect.

Francine raises her eyebrow more and nods her head slowly as she takes a step
towards Rene Dupree "Oh...I'm extreme! I'm the Most Extreme Vixen!" Francine
snaps slightly at Dupree "I'm more extreme then those sluts Kelly and

Rene Dupree smirks cockily, "Then... you would... have no problem proving
it..." Rene says, slightly taunting the hot ECW Original.

Francine gently grits her teeth together as she stands directly in front of
Rene Dupree "I guess not..." Francine pauses and locks her eyes with Rene
Dupree "What do you say New want to get...Extreme?"

Rene Dupree licks his lips and flips his long, wavy brown hair back with his
right hand, "I am Rene Dupree... I am always ready to get Extreme..."

Francine smirks and then licks her lips "Good...welcome to my version of
Extreme!" Francine says before the true Queen of Extreme locks her eyes
with Rene Dupree as she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of
the impressive physically built ECW Extremist. Francine gently grits her
teeth as she reaches forward and places her soft, skilled hands around
the meaty shaft of Rene Dupree and begins to guide her hands up and down
as she strokes his cock.

Rene Dupree puts his hands back onto his waist as the gorgeous ECW Vixen
moves her extreme hands up and down the length of his hardening cock, making
his French pole rise to full attention with ease. "Mmmm... I see this is not
new for you..." Rene says with a slightly moan. Francine looks up at Rene
with a slight smirk and shrugs her shoulders with a soft laugh as she
continues to more her soft and gentle skilled hands along the shaft of Rene
Dupree, before she lowers her head towards his cock and gently slaps her wet
tongue against the large head of his French cock.

Rene lets out another brief moan as Francine's wet tongue hits against the
head of his French cock. "Mmmm...." Rene looks down at her, watching the
Queen of Extreme as she continues to pump his cock with both of her hands
while tapping her tongue right against the bottom side of the tip of his
shaft. Rene's cock throbs wildly as Francine teasingly attacks the very
sensitive tip of Rene's meaty eleven inch cock. Francine closes her eyes as
she slows down the pace of her hands, stroking his shaft, as she opens her
mouth and lowers her head taking the head of Rene Dupree's cock into her
warm, wet mouth. Francine then twists her head on his cock before she presses
her lips around the head of his cock as she begins to bob her head on his
cock, lowering her head further down his cock as she takes him deeper into
her warm mouth.

"Ohhh... my.... that is... quite... impressive..." Rene moans as he places
both of his hands on top of Francine's head and entwines his fingers with her
long light brown colored hair. The self proclaimed most extreme athlete in
ECW history tilts his head back and closes his eyes as he enjoys the warm,
soothing sensations of Francine's mouth moving along the length of his thick
dick. Francine gently moans against his cock as she removes her hands from
around his shaft as she starts to begin to quickly bob her head on Rene
Dupree's cock taking him deeper into her soothing, warm and saliva-dripping
mouth. Francine presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she twists her
head against on his cock once again. The Queen of Extreme begins to laps her
tongue around his shaft, casually smacking her delicate, extreme tongue
against the sides of his shaft.

Rene leans his head forward as Francine works over his cock with the extreme
skill of a true ECW Original Vixen. "Mmmm... that is... very... very... close
to being... as extreme as I am..." Rene groans, slightly taunting The Queen
of Extreme as she devours his meaty cock repeatedly, deep throating his
entire shaft with no problem at all.

Francine opens her eyes and looks up at Rene as she slowly lifts her head up,
leaving his meaty French cock coated in her warm and wet saliva. Francine
licks her lips as she scoots back on her knees and smirks up at Dupree "Oh...
I can get more extreme..." Francine says with an arrogant laugh before she
places her hands on her slender shoulders and removes the straps of her red
dress from off of her shoulder. Francine stands up as she lowers the top
portion of her dress, exposing her large, firm and rounded tits.

Rene Dupree's eyes nearly pop out of his head as they become glued to
Francine's large, firm, round tits. "Hmm... those... must see a lot... of
extreme action..." Rene says with a bit of a sly smirk as he folds his arms
across his smooth, muscular chest.

"You'd be surprised..." Francine says with a smirk as she places her hands
on her lips and she begins to down the skirt portion of her semi-skimpy red
dressed. The dress drops down Francine's rounded, but slender hips and travel
down her smooth, tanned legs as she exposes her cleanly shaven, extremely hot

Rene laughs slightly, "Nothing surprises me... I am Rene Dupree after all..."
Rene says as he looks right down at Francine's long, smooth tanned legs and
then stares at her extreme pussy before he locks eyes with her. Francine
tosses her wavy light brown hair back as she grits her teeth and approaches
Rene Dupree. Francine licks her lips as she places her hands against his
smooth, very muscular chest and slides her hands against his chest as she
walks past him and over to the a wooden bench at the far end of the locker
room. Francine grits her teeth together as she knees down on the wooden bench
and places her hands onto the bench.

Rene Dupree turns around and looks at Francine as she looks over her right
shoulder and gives him a look. The studdly, young Extreme Frenchman licks his
lips and walks over to the bench and stands behind her. He places his right
hand on top of Francine's perfectly round ass and grips his cock with his
left hand, "Let us... get extreme..." Rene says as he presses the head of his
cock against Francine's soft pussy lips. He then puts both of his hands onto
Francine's waist and he jerks the Queen of Extreme backwards, making her take
all of his meaty eleven inch cock into her pussy in one shot.

Francine grits her teeth and tilts her head back "Ohhh this is
extreme!" Francine groans as she collides against Rene's thick, hard cock.
Francine closes her eyes as she begins to bounce her body back against his
cock, repeatedly as she guides her hot, extreme Vixen body back against his
hard cock.

Rene Dupree grits his teeth slightly as he slides his hands down to
Francine's thighs, holding on to them firmly as he pounds her tight pussy
with quickening, sharp and hard thrusts. "Uhhh... mmmmm...ahhh..." Rene moans
while driving his cock in and out of her pussy with impressive force behind
each thrust which makes Francine jolt forward, but then he pulls her back
towards him.

"Ohhhh fuck like that extreme pussy don't you?" Francine moans as
her body rocks back and forth against the wooden bench as she on her knees
with every powerful, quick thrust that Rene Dupree slams into her tight,
extreme pussy.

Rene Dupree licks his lips, "Uhh... mmmm... you... are changing... my opinion
about you..." Rene replies as he continues to ram his cock in and out of
Francine's hot, tight pussy. Since the self-proclaimed most extreme athlete
in ECW is standing, Rene Dupree is able to use more of his strength to give
Francine's extreme cunt a very consistent assault of hard, swift sharp

Francine tilts her head back as she begins to sweat "Ohhhh...ohhh...yeah!
Give me that big dick!" The Queen of Extreme moans loudly as her tight pussy
is rammed deeply with Rene Dupree's thick, hard French cock.

Rene smirks slightly as he also begins to sweat and he suddenly comes to a
stop and he pulls his cock out of Francine's hot, tight extreme pussy. "Stand
up... on the bench..." Rene says as he smacks Francine's round, firm ass with
his right hand.

Francine looks over her shoulder with a smirk and then licks her lips
"Sure..." Francine says as she tosses her wavy light brown hair back and
proceeds to stands up on top of the wooden bench Rene Dupree smirks a bit
and he steps to where he's almost in front of the Queen of Extreme. He
reaches up and wraps his arms around Francine's hot extreme body and he
lifts her from the bench. The powerful, studdly Frenchmen holds Francine
against him as he slides her down the front of his muscular physique until
her pussy comes right down onto his cock.

Francine grits her teeth as she is lowered down on top of Rene's hard, meaty
cock "Ohhhh yeah...mmm...this is extreme!" Francine moans as she wraps her
legs around his waist as she begins to bounce on his cock as he thrusts up
into her tight pussy.

"Yes... it is..." Rene grunts as he keeps his arms wrapped around Francine's
waist. He moves his hips back and forth in order to keep fucking the Extreme
Vixen, and he lowers his arms a bit to allow Francine to move every way she
wants too as she holds on to him with her legs around his waist.

Francine places her soft hands against Rene Dupree's muscular, smooth chest
as his chest drips of beads of sweat "Ohhhhh ohhh yeah...fuck that cunt!"
Francine moans as she begins rock back and forth against his cock at the
impressive physically built Extremist holds Francine as he fucks her pussy
while standing.

Rene grinds his teeth together as he lets Francine lean backward so that her
sweat dampened light brown hair to hang straight down and brush against the
wooden bench. "Ahhh... mmmmm you like... the MOST... Extreme Cock... in ECW?"
Rene asks with grunt as he pistons his shaft in and out of Francine's pussy
while he swings her a bit from side to side.

"Ohhhh...ohhh...oh fuck yess! I love it in my cunt!" Francine moans as Rene
Dupree sharply drives his cock into her tight, wet pussy.

Rene Dupree smirks as he continues to slam his cock deep into Francine's
pussy, "Mmmm... ahhh... show... me... how extreme... you can be..." Rene
says as he turns around and he sits down on the wooden bench. He then pulls
Francine up into a sitting position so that her large, round sweat covered
tits smack right against his sweaty muscular chest. Francine grits her teeth
as she begins to rock back and forth smoothly on Rene Dupree's cock as her
large, rounded sweaty tits rub against his muscular sweaty chest as she
starts to buck her hips as she rides his cock more aggressively.

Rene Dupree licks his lips as he puts his hands underneath Francine's ass
and he squeezes her firm ass cheeks as she bounces up and down on his cock.
"Ohhh... mmmmm... yes... show me... you're... the most extreme... vixen..."
Rene moans as he thrusts his cock up into her hot cunt.

Francine tosses her light brown hair back as she sits up on top of Rene
Dupree's hard cock and begins to roughly bounce on his cock as she slides
her soft hands against his smooth, muscular, sweating chest "Ohhhh yeah...
ow's this for extreme!" Francine moans as she thrusts her body down against
his cock, forcing his cock deeply into her wet pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmmm... fuck..." Rene groans as his dark brown hair hangs down over
his face as it becomes heavy with sweat. The hot, well-built French stud
violently pushes his cock up into Francine's hot tight pussy as he slides his
own strong hands over her large round, sweat dripping tits.

Francine closes her eyes as she slams her extreme ECW Vixen body down on Rene
Dupree's hard, thick cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh...yeah...ohhhh fuck yesss!" Francine
moans loudly as she starts to roughly grind her pussy against Rene's cock.

Rene groans as the Queen of Extreme grinds her hot pussy on his cock,
"Uhhh yeah... fuck... come on... come on!" Rene moans as he grits his teeth
together and tilts his head back. He pops his hips and gives Francine a hard
stiff thrust that make her jump and come crashing down on his dick again.

With her extreme, hot body soaking in sweat, Francine bites down on her
bottom lip as she thrusts her body against his cock roughly. "Ohhhhh how's
that for extreme!" Francine moans.

Rene licks his lips as his body is dripping with sweat, "Fuck... that's...
really... extreme!" Rene replies as he suddenly lifts the gorgeous ECW
Original off of his throbbing eleven- inch French cock and lowers her down
to the floor. He then stands up from the bench and puts his right hand on
Francine's head and has her tilt her head back. Rene grips his large cock
with his left hand and starts to quickly stroke his cock. "Ahhh... ehhh...
shit!" Rene Dupree moans as he starts to cum, shooting his hot French cum
across the Queen of Extreme's face.

Francine closes her eyes and licks her lips as Rene Dupree's warm cum sprays
against her face "Ohhhh yeah...cum on my face..." Francine groans as some of
his cum lands on her soft, pouty lips as she then licks her lips clean,
taking his warm cum into her mouth and swallows it.

Rene lets go of his cock after milking his shaft completely of his warm
sticky cum, "Ohh... ohhh shit... you... told the truth... you... are the
most... extreme..." Rene groans as he sits back down on the wooden bench,
completely exhausted.

Francine presses her lips together and smirks as Rene Dupree's warm, sticky
cum drips down her face "That's right...and there ain't none more extreme...
then ME!"


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