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The New Owner
by Nolee_Lacroix

Trish Stratus is seen dressed up in a business outfit as she sits in her
office after buying WWE from the McMahons. She smiles and waits to see who
would enter

Stephanie was furious. Her father had sold the WWE. That would have been
manageable. But to have sold it to Trish Stratus of all people was just
downright degrading. All her hard work of making Vince love her more than he
did Shane so she would be given the larger share of the company was for
nothing. She walked into Trish's office, a cold look on her face. "Who do you
think you are?!"

"Who do I think I am? The new owner of WWE for one! To be honest, it needed
to be done. I'm a woman who knows business Stephanie. I run a Yoga Studio, I
run an Enterprise! So, buying WWE was a business Decision. A smart one at

Trish sits back down and looks at Stephanie

"Mom, Dad, Shane and I were doing just fine without you being around here
Trish," Stephanie coldly said. She bit her lip, noticing the way that Trish
was looking at her.

"Let me guess, stormed in here without reading the full thing?"

Trish grabs the contract and throws it to Steph to let her read

"News Flash...I kept one McMahon as run it with me...if you had
bothered to read."

Stephanie blushed bright red as she read the contract, feeling foolish.
"You're keeping me as your co-owner? Why? I mean, you and dad had that
thing..." Stephanie fondly remembered seeing Trish riding her father and yet
at the same time it was sickening.

"Maybe it's time I told you. You see, your dad said he used me. To be honest,
I used him. Even after the years, he knew how much of a business woman I was.
He trusted you...but he wanted to make sure that someone outside ran it.
Plus, to be honest, I used your dad to get to the real McMahon I wanted...."

Trish smiles as she looks at Steph.

"And it wasn't your mom...or your brother..."

Stephanie was baffled, "Let me get this straight, you were the master
manipulator? You had sex with him to not only get to the company but to get
to me?"

"Come on women got to stick together..."

Trish smiles as she gets closer to Stephanie.

"I'm clean by the way....he never touched me...."

"That's a croc," Stephanie laughed. "I remember walking in on you two in that
Boston hotel room. You were practically bouncing on him." She didn't hide the
way her eyes looked over the curves of Trish's perfect body. "So what are you
into Trish? I mean, I owe it to you for giving me this job."

"Faked it, your dad was asleep...had something on me."

Trish smiles as she looks at Steph.

"I'm into you...and to be honest...I like it."

Trish softly kisses Stephanie.

"Well aren't you the little actress," smirked Steph, leaning into the kiss
and letting her hands travel over Trish's stomach. "I'm into you to hun. In
fact when I say I'd do anything to make it up to you....I do mean anything."

"Since I have the Women's Title before I bought WWE...I'm making you a
competitor again...I do need a challenge...and...Someone by my loving

Trish softly continues the kiss.

Stephanie smiled a bit, "Oh you know how much I like competition. As for
being by your side, I'll either have to get rid of my dead beat husband or
we'll have to learn how to like being watched."

Trish smiles as she shows the divorce papers signed by Steph's husband

"Sign on the dotted line babe...."
"How in the world did you get Hunter to sign divorce papers?" Stephanie asked
as she signed the paper.

"And Sign this little secret."

Trish gives her the papers, knowing only to Trish, were the first stages of
the marriage papers.

Stephanie gave Trish a look but shrugged it off as nothing and signed the
other paper as well. "Anything else I need to sign love?"

"Not till our wedding day..."

Trish shows Stephanie the second paper she signed.

Stephanie gasped, "Wh...what?! Wedding...oh god..." she felt like she was
going to faint with the feelings of jubilation.

"I know, bit of a rush...but I'd rather see you married to the perfect
person...than a loser."

Trish holds Stephanie as she looks into her eyes.

"Plus...I want WWE to be where Wrestling happens Stratus...not

"So what you're saying in a nut shell is that I'm going to be expected to
change my last name?" Stephanie asked as she sat on the edge of the desk, not
crossing her legs like a lady but not having them spread open enough so that
Trish could see anything. She had made Hunter work for it, she was gonna make
Trish work for it.

"Unless you got a problem with being Stephanie McMahon-Stratus..."

Trish smiles as their business outfits begin to cling to each other as she
holds and kisses Steph.

Stephanie smiled, "Stratus sounds so much better than Stephanie McMahon-
Levesque." Her hands traveled toTrish's shoulders and gently pushed her away.
"Save it for our wedding night. I'm not easy."

"Really? Could have fooled me...Miss Easy."

Trish smiles as she kisses Stephanie's lips lovingly.

"Oh? And how am I easy?" Steph smiled, pressing against Trish.

Trish smiles as she felt Stephanie's panties, feeling how they already have a
wet spot.

"Your panties are wet for one missy."

"Maybe it's because it's your high beams under your nice white shirt," Steph
said licking her lips.

Trish smiles as she kisses Steph, wanting to take off her clothes so bad as
she caresses her.

Steph moans, "Is the door locked?"

"Been locked."

Trish smiles as she sexually slaps Steph.

Steph moans, "Hmmm...I've been naughty..."

"Wait...before I do..."

Trish smiles as she goes over and pulls out the Divas Championship. She comes
back and gives it to Steph.

"Since I'm Co-Owner and Women's Champion...wouldn't be fair if my business
partner and...soon to be wife...wasn't a champion either."

Trish kisses Steph as she plays with Steph's business shirt.

Steph smiles, holding gold, before pulling Trish close and kissing her
passionately. "God, I love you future wife..."

"Love you more..."

Trish smiles as she gets the camera.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow, "You just keep a video camera in the room?"

"My office. Besides...I was thinking of a porn line...unless you have any

Trish kisses Steph as she took off her own jacket showing her white buttoned

"Well the whole WWE PG thing is going to be a problem if you open a porn
line..." laughs Steph.

"You really don't read you?"

Trish smiles as she gives Steph the new notes as she takes off Steph's

"I don't like reading, I'm more of an actions girl..." smirked Steph, tossing
the notes aside.

"We're back to TV-14. Got contracts for Playboy and, we can do a
porn line...I want you to be the first before you marry me..."

Trish smiles as she kisses Steph's neck

"How many girls you used that line on?" Steph teased as she shivered from the
kisses being applied to her neck.

"Come on...I was gonna star with you..."

Trish smiles as she unbuttons Steph's shirt.

"Hmmm...we may have to save that for when the tides have turned and no one
visits the line..." smirked Steph.

"Trust me...our ratings have never been higher...afraid?"

Trish takes off Steph's shirt.

"Afraid? Why would I be afraid?" Steph nervously laughed as she felt the cold
air hit her arms and stomach.

"That your family would disapprove of you doing porn."

Trish caresses Steph's covered breasts.

Steph shuddered, "The family disapproved of me marrying Hunter but I still
did that didn't I?"

"Then porn shouldn't be a problem."

Trish giggles as she lays back, rubbing her own covered breasts, teasing

"Trish...I have three children. I can't do something like that..." Sighs

"Oh yea...I forgot. Forgive me...that reminds me, how are we going to explain
us to your children?"

Trish's mood was leaving, reality setting in.

Stephanie sighed, "Sorry if I didn't have the kids, I would in a heartbeat.
They know some mommies like mommies and some daddies like daddies."

"Unless we change your name....some people are stupid."

Trish kisses Steph, trying to relax her.

"Some people but not all," Steph smiled. "You'll love my little girls. Aurora
actually has a Trish Stratus action figure."

"Yea. We'll figure something out."

Trish uses her finger to tell Steph to come to her as she lays back, wanting
Steph bad.

"Is the camera off?" Steph asks, walking over to Trish who's laying on the


Trish smirks, hoping Steph would check and she would show off her features.

Stephanie picked up the camera, wanting to make sure that Trish was telling
her the truth.

Trish smiles as she watches Steph bend down. She begins to softly rub her own

Steph turned around, "Alright, you were telling the truth. Now...where were

"I was gonna make you my bitch, hehe."

Trish pulls Steph to her and begins to rub her covered breasts.

Steph moans, "Oh god Trishie..."

Trish continues to rub as she tries to take off her own shirt.

Steph smiles, "Allow me..."

"I wanted you to say that..."

Trish smiles as she lets Steph take over.

Steph slowly removes Trish's shirt, "Hmm...You're 'assets' are nice..."

Trish smiles as the two presses their covered breasts with each other,
finally feeling each other's skin.

Steph leans down, kissing Trish, "Don't you have a show to run soon?"

"I want me to continue later?"

Trish giggles as she holds her lover.

"I want you to forget the show and continue now," Steph smirked.

"They can wait, hehe."

Trish leans in and continues the kiss, slowly unzipping Steph's skirt.

Steph smiles, "You want control or not?"

"I want it Stephie...."

Trish licks Steph sexually, begging for it.

Steph smiled, standing up to take off her skirt and panties, smirking at
Trish, "Like what you see?"

"You missed a spot."

Trish smiles as she takes off Steph's bra and uses it to pull Steph back to

"Now I do."

Steph smiled, "You're a little tease!"

"Of'm still clothed...gonna do something about it?"

Trish smirks as she spanks Steph's ass.

Steph smiles, "Hey, I undressed myself. You're a big girl."

Trish smiles as she unzips her skirt and takes it off with panties, leaving
her bra on.

"Like what you see?"

"Like is an understatement..." Steph says licking her lips.

"Did I miss a spot?"

Trish points at her bra since she took off Steph's bra.

Steph nodded, reaching around to undo Trish's bra and quickly tossing it into
the corner. " look fine..."

"This is what you finally got me. Pin me, hook my
leg..I wanna live out a fantasy baby."

Trish lays back, acting weak, wanting Steph to touch her so badly.

Steph smirks, making sure to rub a hand against Trish's wetness before
hooking her leg, "A fantasy huh?"

"Yea...where we pin each other...turn each other on...ahhh."

Trish moans as she lays back.

"You like that?" Steph smirks, "Oh yeah, with pinning comes counting. 1..."

Trish moans a little, loving each moment of her soon to be wife

Stephanie smiled, "I have to count some more. 2..." she grinded down into

Trish kicks out and gets on Steph, pinning her and grinds onto Trish.


Steph moaned, "Hmmm...."

"I love you....2......................."

Trish grinds some more, leaning in and kissing Steph's neck.

Steph arches her back, exposing more of herself to Trish.


Trish smiles as she kept grinding away and looks into Steph's eyes.

Steph kisses Trish passionately. "Looks like you win..."

"Not yet..."

Trish leans down and begins to eat out Steph.

Steph moans, gripping the desk as she bucked up.

Trish kept eating Steph out, showing her who was the dominant one in the

"Oh Trish...hmmm..." Steph moaned, gripping her hair.

Trish went deeper, licking up Steph's juices.

Steph moaned, "Oh baby..."

Trish kept going, knowing Steph was almost there.

Steph felt herself rush over the brink. "Oh Trish!"

Trish kept going, not stopping.

Steph felt weak, "Oh babe..."

"Yes honey?"

Trish smiles as she lays beside Steph.

Steph breathed, "That was amazing..."

"Was I better than your ex?"

Trish smiles as she uses her finger and plays with Steph's erect left tit.

"That was...amazing..."

Trish smiles as she pulls Steph closer and cuddles with her. She places her
hand on Steph's pussy as she smiles and kisses her lips.

Steph kissed back, smiling sweetly as she did.

"So, since we found out who's better. Still think we need to get our sexy
asses to the show?"

Trish smiles as she gets ontop of Steph and lays on her.

Steph laughed, "You have to show the world that you're the new boss. I think
that's important."

"Really? I wanted to get a strap-on and fuck that tight pussy of yours before
we left."

Trish giggles as she kisses Steph.

Steph blushed, " long do we have before the show?"

"Bout three hours. Thought we could get rough with each other since we love
to wrestle, hehe."

Trish smiles as she spanks Steph.

Steph giggles, "Well....we could..."

"What kind of match should we have love?"

Trish smiles as she rubs her breasts against Steph's.

"I dunno..."

"You're serious? After finally getting me naked, you can't think of a good
sexual match to do? You McMahons Suck! Hehe."

"We do not, we lick," Steph smirked.

"You suck at licking too! Hehe."

Trish smirks, hoping that would get Steph into a sexual rage.

Steph rolled her eyes, "Fine if you don't want any, I want try."

"Come here, hehe."

Trish smiles as she kisses and caresses Steph.

Steph sighs, "Trish, I have to go make sure my children are okay. I left them
with that ingrate they call a father for the evening."

Trish thinks for a minute and maybe she's right. All this time, she had
thought about Steph and her sex drive, she had forgotten about the kids. She
helps Steph up and kisses her as she looks into her eyes.

"Go ahead and do that. I need a shower so we can get ready for the show
tonight. Want to look good to show us off."

Trish smiles as she kisses Steph again and walks off into the other room for
a shower.

Stephanie put her suit back on and walked out of the room to see her children
sitting in the hall outside of Hunter's room. "Aurora, Murphy what are you
two doing out here?"

"Daddy has his special friend inside there, so he told us to go play," Aurora
frowned, "I don't wanna play."

Stephanie smiled and picked up Aurora in one arm and Murphy in the other,
"Why don't we go meet Aunt Trish?"

Trish was still in the shower, not noticing that Stephanie's Children was
already inside. She began to relax, letting the water hit her sensitive skin
like it was a massage therapist. After a few minutes, Trish turns off the
water and gets out. She gets a towel and dries herself off. She wraps the
towel around her body and another one around her hair. She comes out and
notices Steph with the kids as Trish smiles.

"Hey there, how are you two doing? Sorry Steph, if I had known, I would have
taken my clothes in the bathroom."

Steph smiled, "That's fine. Trish, I'd like you to meet my daughters Aurora
and Murphy."

Trish smiles as she lowers down and picks up the two young ones. Somehow,
both girls were a little tired as they rest their heads each on Trish's
shoulders. Trish smiles as she lays them softly down on the couch and goes
over to Steph as she speaks.

"Poor girls are tired. I wonder why?"

Trish did ponder that as she looks at Steph.

Stephanie ran a hand through her hair, "They've been through a big day. When
they hang out with their good for nothin' father..."

"Calm down dear, I don't want you to get a vein in that pretty little
forehead of yours."

Trish giggles as she holds Steph tight and cuddles against her. It has been a
good day indeed, but with a hour left before that have to go to the show,
Trish wonders and speaks.

"Where are the kids going to stay while we work?"

"I use to keep them in the room. Hunter would look out for them. But since us
both work..." frowned Stephanie.

"We'll think of something. Don't you worry."

As soon as she said that, one of Trish's maids comes in and decides to dust
the place. Trish goes over and asks if she could take care of the kids while
her and Steph went to work. She agreed as she sits beside the kids. Trish
smiles as she pulls Steph to the bathroom to get ready.

Steph sighed, "I dunno what I'm going to do. He kicked the kid's outta the

"We'll figure something out later. Like I said, don't get a vein popping out,
I need you to look good baby. This is our night...our night to shine."

Trish smiles as she grabs some makeup and gets ready for tonight. She didn't
want Steph angry as she smiles at Steph.

Steph nods, applying her make up as she gets ready for work.


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