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WWE Next Breakout Star
by Arcanine878

"And Welcome everybody to your longest, weekly televised show Monday Night Raw, live in LA! I'm Michael Cole, along with WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry the King Lawler, and boy do we got a good one for you today!"

"That's right Cole. Our champion, CM Punk, will go one on one with John Cena, in a steel cage match!"

"And if that's not enough, all the Diva's will be in a summer bikini battle royal for the WWE Divas Championship!"

"Boy, I just love the divas Cole!"

Bzzt! Drake turned off his TV, broadcasting the show. He was in the locker room, alone, as all the wrestlers were backstage hanging out. "Ring-ring!" Drake heard, as his phone was ringing. He looked at his screen, and it was no other than the Chairmen himself, Mr. McMahon.

"Hello?" Drake said.

"Hello Drake! You know who I am, and I know who you are. You have done some pretty outstanding moves in NXT and FCA, and I think it's time for you to finally spread your wings and get in a match live, tonight on Raw!" Mr. McMahon said.

"It's about time. Who's my opponent?" Drake said.

"Your opponent is Yoshi Tatsu. If you win tonight, you will be in the next episode of raw, airing in our nations capital, Washington D.C."

"I'll try my best." Drake pronounced, hanging up the phone. "It's about time I get on the hot show. I'm going to quickly take out Yoshi Tat-"

"Knock! Knock!" Drake heard from the door.

"Come in." he said.

The gorgeous, WWE Divas Champion Eve came inside the room. Drake examined her carefully. She was wearing short shorts that made her perfect ass pop out, and a white, tight tank-top, expressing her big titties.

"Well, well, well, what can I do for Queen Eve?" Drake said with a grin on his face. Eve chuckled a little. "Heyy Drake. I hear you have a match tonight. I'll sure be watching." She said seductively. AJ skipped into the locker room, holding something behind her back.

"Close your eyes, Drake." she said sweetly.

Drake, feeling a little bit suspicious, closed his eyes. AJ handed an item to Eve, and they both went over drake. Eve quickly tied Drake's hands behind the steel chair he was sitting in, and AJ put a blindfold over his eyes. They locked the door, to make sure no one would come in.

Eve took off Drake's shirt, and winked at AJ. AJ got the oil from one of the locker room shelves, and sat on Drake's lap.

"What are you guys doing?! I have an important match I NEED to win tonight!"

"You're so cute when your scared." AJ said.

"It's not so often we get such a young, strong, black male in here." Eve said.
Drake tried wiggling his arms free, but it was no use. They tied him down tightly.

AJ poured some oil in her hands, and began to rub them on Drake's abs. Drake's body was slippery and shiny from all the oil. She got up from Drake's lap, bent over, and pulled down Drake's trunks.

"Aww, he has a boner! Look Eve!"

"MMM lemme suck that cock."

AJ sat on her knees and began to suck Drake's long black cock. All drake could hear was the sound of his cock going down AJ's skinny throat. She began to suck quciker and quicker, stuffing her mouth with all of Drake's cock, soaking it in her saliva.

"I don't know what you guys are trying to get out this, bu-"

"Oh Drakee, were just warming you up for your match." Eve said with a smirk. Eve sat down, and started playing with Drake's balls.

"So squishy and round. I love them!"

AJ took Drake's cock out her mouth. Drake's cock was coverd in AJ's saliva.

"Eve, I think we should let him free, but only if he promises to fuck us, and fuck us good."

"I think so too AJ. You come up with good plans."

Drake had a smile on his face. "You want to be pleased? I'll please you good.".

AJ and Eve took off the rope and blindfold.

"Lay on the ground." Eve commanded. Drake layed on the ground, as said. She took off her clothes, and started massaging her pussy in circles.

"MMmm, your going to enjoy this tight pussy!"

She grabbed Drake's hard-as-a-rock cock, and placed her pussy around it. She began moving up and down slowly. Her big tits were bouncing and bouncing. AJ took her clothes off, and started to lick Eve's nipples in a circle, making them hard.

"MMM. OOh yea, pound my pussy." Eve said. AJ finished licking her nipples, and started rubbing her own nipples.

"I need my pussy destroyed too!" AJ said.

AJ stood over Drake. Drake saw her nice round ass, and AJ's nice little pussy. AJ sat on Drake's face, and Drake started licking her clit back and forth. He felt AJ's left pussy wall, and her right pussy wall. She began to moan. Each moan was louder than the next one. He was still fucking Eve's pussy, going deeper and deeper inside her.

"OOohh, MMM, of fuck yes, yes." Eve said. Eve's pussy was soaking wet, and was dripping onto Drake's cock. AJ's pussy started to ooze with female cum.

"MMMM, Ooh yea, feels so fucking good." AJ said.

Eve got up, with Drake's cock slowly sliding out of her warm pussy. AJ got up, yelling out a loud moan. They got on thier knees as Drake stood up. Drake started to masturbate over them, quicker and quicker.

"I want your cum all over me!" Eve said.

Drake's felt his cock filling up with his sperm. After a minute, his sperm started to fly out. His sperm flew all over Eve's tits. Eve started to lick the sperm up. Drake turned to AJ, and gave her a cum shot. AJ's mouth was filled with the nice, warm cum.

"Mmm taste so good." She said.

They both got up. They put back on their clothes.

"Good luck in your match out their Drake. We'll be watching backstage." AJ said with a wink. They unlocked the door, and walked out all sweaty. Zack Ryder came into the room, and took off his glasses, seeing Drake still naked. He looked back at the girls leaving, and back at Drake.

"Are you serious bro?!"

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