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This picks up where the previous story "A Night with the Divas" picks up.

The Night After
by JCP

2:10 AM

Just hours after Joe Cool had sex with Lita and Trish Stratus, there was a
knock on the door from John the bartender. John was locking up for tonight
so they had to leave. Joe Cool wakes up both Trish and Lita telling them
that it's time to go. The three quickly got dressed and left for the hotel
where they were staying. The Difference was Joe Cool's hotel room was on
the second floor,the two Divas room was on the third floor.

10:45 AM

The next morning Trish was getting dressed she already had on her black lace
bra and matching thong so she slips in to a pair of light blue jeans then
slips on her StratusFaction T-shirt. Lita was still in the shower when Trish
went in to brush her long blonde locks.

Lita: Hey Trish,Did you have fun last night?

Trish: Oh Yeah. Did You?

Lita: It was awesome last night,it was so awesome last night that we oughta
do it again tonight.

Trish: Do you want to?

Lita: No what I was thinking is that I have Joe Cool for the first part of
tonight,then you can have the rest of him later in the night.

Trish: Sounds like a plan to me.

2:30 PM

Later in the bar Trish Stratus was sitting differently on the chair (Remember
the Rod Stewart video "My Heart Can't tell you no"?). Anyway John walks up to
her and chats with the Canadian blone.

John: Hi Trish.

Trish: Hello John. You know it was a great night last night in StratusLand.

John: What? He said with a puzzled look.

Trish: My friend Amy and I had sex with Joe Cool last night in the office.

John: That must have been a night in heaven for Mister Cool? That reminded
me of the time your friend and her lover were here and they did it from when
I opened the bar until Closing time.

Trish: Damn. They must have really wanted it that time.

John: Well all I can say is this whenever you bring someone here the office
is always yours anytime necessary.

Trish: I know and Thanks John.

John: Now what will you have?

Trish: Scotch on the rocks

John: One Sctoch coming right up.

4:45 PM

Trish is still in the bar when Joe Cool arrived in a black silk shirt and
black leather pants.

Joe Cool: Hey Trish How are you?

Trish: I'm fine,how are you Joe?

Joe Cool: I'm still hanging over from last night those shotglasses of
whiskey really did a number on me,But what the hell I'm on vacation so I
can drink whatever I want,Hey John bring me a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey
and Coke John who was on the other side of the bar heard his request.

John: Coming right up Joe.

Joe Cool: So what are your plans for tonight?

Trish: Well since Amy enjoyed our little fun last night I was wondering
instead of you with us at the same time,I thought you might like to have
Amy for the first couple of hours tonight, while I have you for the rest
of tonight. So what do you say?

Joe Cool: Girl in the immortal words of Stone Cold Steve Austin "OH HELL

6:15 PM

Back at the hotel Lita is decked out in a pink fishnet top showing her push
up bra,a gorgeous looking mini-skirt showing her sexy legs and a pair of her
platform boots(from the cover of her autobiography),when Trish entered.

Trish: Are you gonna wear those fishnet stockings of yours?

Lita: I'm not wearing those tonight.

Trish: Well you better go you don't wanna keep Joe waiting.

Lita: Remember Trish when I'm done with him, you do the honors for the rest
of tonight.

Trish: I'll remember.

As Lita left, Trish stripped out of her shirt and her jeans revealing the
black lace bra and panties from before. She pulls out her dresser drawer and
picks out a black tank top and a black leather miniskirt and she says to

Trish: He's dying to see me in this so she slips in to them and she looked
sexxxy in that attire.

9:25 PM

Anyway Three Hours Later Joe Cool and Lita were at the bar where they were
the previous night having a few drinks and they talked about certain things.

Joe Cool: Well Amy How do you like tonight so far?

Lita: Not bad, but don't you wanna go somewhere other than here?

Joe Cool: Where do you want to go?

Lita (whispers in his ear): I want to go to your hotel room and fuck your
brains out.

Joe Cool laughs silently about what she just said. But Lita asks him.

Lita: What's so funny?

Joe Cool stopped laughing and looked at Lita like she was dead ass serious.

Joe Cool: You want me to go with you back to my hotel room?

Lita: Yes. But you have to catch me first.

Lita runs out of the bar just teasing JC to chase her.

Joe Cool: John Check Please.

9:40 PM

A few moments later Lita checks back at her hotel where Trish was watching

Lita: Hey Trish I have him right where I want him.

Trish: Good. By the way what time do you have?

Lita: Twenty minutes til Ten.

Trish: Take all the time you need on him. But save some for me.

Lita: I will.

As just when Lita leaves her hotel room on the third floor she looks down and
sees Joe Cool entering his room on the second, she wasted no time in racing
down the stairs and once his door was still open she stepped in and slammed
it and then tackled JC onto the bed.

Joe Cool: Damn you got me hard.

Lita: I hope I didn't hurt you. She said with a concerned look om her face.

Joe Cool: No It's the first time a woman knocked me down with a football
tackle before.

He laughs at that crack.

Lita: Okay Okay. Now let's get these off and see what I'm in for tonight.

She unbuttons and unzips his leather pants and pulls out his dick, Lita
looked at it and was mesmerized by his 10" penis that she opened her mouth
and started to suck on it. She took all of it in her mouth,As She did that
JC grabbed the back of Lita's head and shoved her down his dick forcing her
to take more and more. Even though his dick was ten inches long it wasn't
even hard yet,However once Lita stopped for a few moments she used her free
hand to stroke the shaft of his dick trying to make it hard, so without
warning she beat his meat harder and faster once it got real hard she went
back to placing his cock in her mouth. JC was amazed from Lita's incredible
blowjob that he unbuttoned his black shirt and took it off as his dick was
going deeper and deeper down Lita's throat with every single thrust.

Joe Cool: Oh Yeah Amy,keep on sucking lady you know you're doing me right.

He said seeming satisfied from the blowjob.

Lita used her free hand to play with his balls while the other hand is still
in the shaft of his dick.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM That's nice baby,real nice." He moaned in pleasure, but still
he wanted Lita to do more. So he grabbed two hand full of Lita's hair and
shoved her down his dick even further than before,like if he was facefucking
Lita viciously.

"Oh God I'm gonna cum." He moaned as he lets go of the back of her head.

Once she let up she stroked the shaft of his dick and blasted into her face
with cum.

"Make sure you get all of it." He commanded extremely satisfied.

So she got all the cum off his dick making sure there was nothing left and
whatever was on her face, he gently wiped it off of her with his hand and
when he did that she licked the cum clean off his hand. Then she got off
and took off her pink fishnet top but just as she was about to drop her bra,
JC pulled her back down on the bed.

Joe Cool: I want to do you so bad that I can't wait until you take it all

Lita: Do it to me.

She moaned in anticipation as she took off her blue lace bra. He buries
his face into her huge tits, licking them and nibbling them his left hand
was holding the back of Lita's neck, while he used his right hand to go
underneath her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her thong panties.

Lita: Oh God UUUH UUUUH. She moaned heavilly.

"YEAH OOOOOOOH YEAHHH." She continued to moan and groan from JC rubing his
fingers through her thong clad pussy, and once it hit the right spot he
continued to fingerfuck her.

Joe Cool got off her breasts after he licked and nibbled on them, then goes
to her skirt and peels it off and sees her thong which was so wet from his
fingerfucking so she pulls that off and begins to suck off the juices of she
sweet nectar,before he would eat the hell out of her love box.


She moaned with intense pleasure. She was in a trance from Joe eating her
alive. He grabes both of Lita's legs and clamped them tight forcing him to
take more of her pussy, he ate her pussy for as long as he could. Until Lita
wanted his dick in her.

Lita: Joe OOOOOOOOOH I want you to fuck me. Put your dick in my wet pussy.

JC took his leather pants all the way off and started beating the shaft of
his dick making it hard again before he would put it in her pussy.

Lita: I'm ready for it,shove that hard dick of yours deep into my pussy.

He slid his dick into her with ease and started pumping her. He picks up the
tempo as he slamfucks Lita's pussy harder and faster.


She moaned and fondled her bouncing breasts. Joe Cool reached forward and
held onto the edge of the bed for more leverage as he pounded her with
wreckless abandon. Soon after they switched positions with Joe laying down
and Lita was on top, straddling him lowering herself down onto his hard
member. Joe held her tight buns as she began to bounce up and down. As she
moved faster,he moved his hands ouf of her ass and up to her tits squeezing

Lita:OOOOOOH FUCK your dick feels so good! AAAAAH FUCK.

She moaned in between panting breaths. She then got off of him as she laid
on all fours on the bed,JC got from behind and stuck his rod into her tight
ass. He pushed his way into Lita's asshole before it got in with no problem,
it wasn't before long when he would fuck her.

Lita: OOOOH YEAH Give it to me Joe.

She moaned in anticipation. He rubbed her buns up and down before he grabbed
onto her hips and begame to pump his member onto her tight ass. Lita moaned

JC pounded on the ass so bad that Lita was going through multiple orgasms.


She screamed in satisfaction. Joe slowed down,giving her a few more thrusts
before pulling it out cum started unloading all over Lita's ass.


He said before there wasn't anymore cum blasting out. He laid in the bed for
a few minutes while Lita got up and took a long hot shower.

After her shower she got dressed and sees Joe Cool laying on the bed but not
sleeping. She approaches him and asks "Are you feeling energetic?"

"I will once I catch my breath." He replied.

Lita: I thought I'd ask because once I leave Trish will come over.

Joe Cool sits up and looks at her with a big ass smile on his face.

Joe Cool: Bring her to me.

Lita left to get Trish, while Joe Cool stood up and took a quick shower
before he would see Trish.

11:50 PM

Ten minutes before MIDNIGHT when Lita comes back into her hotel room and
talked to Trish.

Lita: Hey Trish he's all yours now.

Trish: Oh Really? Well how did you do?

Lita: He was awesome Trish. Now you have the honor to finish what I started.

Trish: Don't wait up. She walks out of the room and downstairs to see Joe

After JC got out of the shower he hears knocking on the door so he answers
it and it's Trish.

Trish: Well now I know what kind of fun you and Amy were having all this

She looks at him wearing a towel around his waist. Trish pushes him down on
the bed and strips him of his towel.

Trish: I hope you're ready for some late night Stratusfaction because I am.

Joe Cool: Give it to me.

Trish gets on the bed and trades kisses with him.

Joe Cool: Let's get this off.

He helps Trish out of her top revealing her bra as they got back to trading
kisses with one another. Joe Cool then places his hand on the zipper of
Trish's skirt and unzips it and peels it off of her revealing her thong.
Trish wasted no time in putting JC on his back,grabbed his dick and began
to suck on it. She was trying to make it as hard as it was then Lita was
sucking on it earlier. Joe Cool then somehow got a hold of the back of
Trish's bra and unhooked it the straps of her bra fell off of her as he
tossed it aside when it was all the way off. Trish went back to forcing
Joe's dick in her mouth. Suddenly Trish cralwed on top of him straddling
his face then leading forward in a 69 position.

Joe Cool peeled off her thong before eating her pussy,Trish continued to
suck on his rod,while JC was using his tongue to tickle her snatch. They
were in that position and did it to one another until Trish and JC came up
for air.

Trish: OH That was good.

Joe Cool: But I'm not done yet

Trish: Neither am I.

Joe Cool remained laying on his back while Trish straddled onto his cock,
before sitting down on it. He held her mid-section real tight as she rocked
him up and down and back and forth.

Joe Cool: MMMMMMMMMMMMMM You're good.

He moaned in amusement from Trish.


She moaned while she continued to rock him faster than before. They soon
switched positions and this time Joe was reasy to fuck the hell out of
Trish's pussy. He began the thrusts slowly before he turned up the speed,
making his balls slap the back of her pussy. Trish placed his hands on
his ass as he slammed into Trish. She dug her fingernails into his ass as
she moaned louder from getting pussyfucked. Joe Cool didn't let up one bit
he continued to slam into Trish until he pulled out his dick and stroked
the shaft of it but no cum came out so he turned Trish around as she was
on all fours when he drove his dick up her tight firm ass. He slowly pushed
his dick deeply in to Trish's asshole and the slowly pulls it out, he
continued to do that until his cock went in smoothly. He picked up the
speed as his balls once again smacked the back of her pussy.


She moaned as loud as she could. He pumped into her so hard and so fast that
Trish was now having multiple orgasms.


She commanded as she moaned and panted heavily. Joe Cool stuck his dick
straight up her joints in the ass. He continued to buttfuck her viciously
until she was screaming in a high pitched voice in another orgasm and JC
was about to cum.

Joe Cool: I'm cumming Trish. He said just short out of breath.

Trish: Put it in my ass. She groaned just waiting for it.

His dick shot out a BIG LOAD of cum into Trish's sweet ass in Penetration.
Joe Cool then fell down on the bed as Trish fell right beside him as she
turned around and gave him a LONG KISS Good Night.

1:05 AM

After the long kiss goodnight they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

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