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The Night I Met Torrie Wilson
by BiggDaddyNik (

I was standing there at the bar when I saw her walking in looking ever sexier
in person then on tv or in her playboy pictures. As soon as she walked in
every guy was all over her, so I figured why I should even try to talk to her
and as I was standing at the bar I looked over at her and she looked me right
in the eyes and gave me a smile. I smiled backed and continued to drink.

As time passed I watched as she told guy after guy to fuck off I couldn't
help but smile and after all those beers I had to drain my snake and when I
walked out the waiter handed me a beer. "Hey man, I didn't pay for this."

"Sir the beautiful lady over there paid for it."

"Alright then."

I looked over at her again and I had to walk over to her to thank her. Of
course the closer I got to her table the more I noticed how beautiful she was
wearing a tight white t-shirt showing her beautiful tits and tight blue jeans
with a pair of black boot. I sat down in front of her.

"Well I just wanted to thank you for the beer and introduce myself. Well. I'm
Alexander Santiago."

"Well, Alex, I'm Torrie Wilson."

I extend my hand to shake her's. As she shakes my hand. I can't help but
notice that her hands are incredibly soft and silky smooth.

"Ma'am I know who you are. I watched you since you workes for WCW and I have
both of your Playboy issues."

Torrie blushes a little as I look up and down her body. "Well I always love
meeting the fans especially when there as handsome as you."

Now it was my turn to blush.

"So Alex, why did it have to take me buying you a beer before you would come
talk to me?"

"Well, Torrie, I had seen you getting swarmed by guys and you turning every
single one down. I figured you would just turn me down, so I didn't even

"Well good thing you did cause it was only because you didn't come up to me
like if I was whore."

"Honey, I would never call you a whore unless you wanted me to."

I smile at her and that's when I felt her boot on my groin. I smile at her
and grab her soft hand and take her outside were I very passionately kiss
her soft lips. She puts her arms around my neck as I put my hands on her
beautiful ass and squeeze hard. She moans hard in my mouth and pulls away
and looks deeply into my eyes.

"Fucker that hurt your gonna have to kiss it and make it all better."

I smile and laughed "I'll kiss whatever you want me to kiss."

"Good cause your going to kiss my entire body."

I get into my car as she gets into the passenger's side. We ride to my house.
The entire way there Torrie plays with my cock. I get out and open the door
and help her out the car. As I take her into my house we have a little idle
chit chat were she tells me she like to dominate her men, but her husband
won't let her. I on the other hand have no problem with it as along as I got
to tap that ass.

I walked her to my bedroom. She sits on then edge of the bed. I walk over to
her, lean down and start kissing her hard, feeling her big tits, feeling how
soft they were. I knew they had to cost a pretty penny but I wasn't concerned
with that. She quickly pushed me away and put her boot to my shoulder and
pushed back a bit.

"You know what I could use right about now?"

"What's that Torrie?"

Torrie quickly slapped me across my face hard "You will only refer to as
Master or Mistress. Anything else will cause me to bring you pain you never
thought existed is that UNDERSTOOD?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Now take off my boots and give me a foot massage."

"Right away Mistress."

I quickly pulled her boots off and I started to massage her right foot Torrie
leaned her head back and closed her eyes as I massaged the heel of her foot
and soon I was massaging her right foot. Then I brought her beautiful and
perfectly manicured toes to my lips and started to kiss and lick her foot.
She moaned as I sucked her toes softly and licked around and between every
toe. I looked up and her and she was rubbing her pussy through her jeans I
smiled to myself as I gave her foot a nice long tongue bath. She kicked me

"That's enough slave. Now that you've had your appetizer its time for the
main course."

She stood up and slowly pulled down her jeans to show her shaven cunt. My
mouth literally started to water as I saw her beautiful cunt. She sat back
down and I went to dive my face into her pussy when she stopped me.

"First I want you to strip for me."

Without a word I stand to my feet and pull off my shirt.

"What the fuck are you doing slave?"

"Mistress I am undressing just as you ordered me to."


I start dancing as I kick off my shoes and pull of my socks. I take off my
belt and put it around her neck and pull her to my cock. As I rub my cock
against her face, she looks up at me as I start unbuckling my pants. I pull
them off along with my boxers. I continue to dance a little as she gasps at
my eleven and a half inch dick. She licks her lips as pulls the belt out of
my hand and puts it tight around my neck like a leash.

She slowly glides me to her pussy teasing me as well as herself. I stick out
my tongue and taste her outer pussy lips which taste sweet with a slight
bitterness. I smell a mixture of her juices and perfume. She finally shoves
my face into her pussy. I start licking her pussy fast and hard. As I lightly
nibble on her clit, Torrie pulls on the belt leaving me short of breath. I
try to catch my breath as best I can while I try to show her pussy how much
I love it right now.

I move my fingers up to hole and shove my fingers inside her hard as I suck
on her clit hard. Torrie moans hard as I pound her surprisingly tight pussy
as hard as I can with my fingers. I pull my fingers out and suck her juices
off them as I shove my tongue into wet pussy. I lick all around inside her
tasting her sweet juice. I rub and pinch her clit fast and hard as she moans
louder and louder. The deeper I got my tongue inside her the louder she got
and soon her body was shaking and she pulled my face deep into her pussy and
locking her legs around my head and soon I feel her juices gushing into my
mouth. As I swallowed it all down she pulled me up to her and started kissing
me and licking her juices off my mouth and chin.

"You're a very good little slave bitch, so im going to reward you for being
such a good boy."

With that she had me lay on the bed as she kissed me and starts to kiss down
my chest. Soon she was at my cock, which has never been harder. She looked
deep into my eyes as she licked the head of my penis. She slowly pulled off
her shirt and took off her bra and was laying between my legs naked and
licking my cock like an ice cream cone. Soon she took more of my cock and
more, but she couldn't get it all in her mouth. But I wasn't surprised. Not
many women can and I havn't met any that could, but back to the story.

She jerked my cock softly as she tried hard to get my cock deeper and
deeper into her mouth. I threw my head back and moaned. Then I feel her
mouth come off my cock. I look up and as I do, she lays down on top of me
in a sixty-nine. Grabbing her ass hard and pull her pussy down to my mouth
she put my cock back in her and moans making me feel the vibrations. I moan
and pull her down farther as I start to lick her pussy. I accidently hit
her asshole she moans in surprise as I start licking her asshole as best I
can in this position just barely hitting the hole. Torrie pulls my cock out
of her mouth and moves off me and gets on her hands and knees and spreads
her ass cheeks apart.

"If your going to lick my ass lick it right."

I smile and dive between her cheeks and start licking around her hole fast.
Then I lick around the opening and start licking up and down her ass. Torrie
moans hard. "OH God Alex fuck me NOW with that big Puerto Rican cock of

I lean up and push her back down making her ass and pussy stick up. I aim my
cock with the opening of her pussy and ram my entire cock into her pussy.

"OH god rip me apart Alex!"

I'm always one to make women happy, so I start pounding her beautiful pussy
hard and fast. As she moans, I smack her ass as hard as I can, leaving a deep
red hand prints on her ass. Torrie moans in pain and pleasure and reaches
under and starts rubbing her clit fast as I pound her pussy with reckless
force. She screams louder and louder. Then she leans forward making my dick
slip out.

"Shove that monster in my ass!"

I spit my finger and slowly push it inside her to open her up a little.

"I said fuck my ass NOW!!!"

I pull out my finger and taste her insides as I slowly shove my entire cock
inside her ass. I grip onto her hips hard as I pull her onto my cock. Every
time I thrust my cock into her ass Torrie screamed and yelled that noone has
ever been so deep in her ass before. I keep pounding her ass harder and
faster until I can't take it anymore and I tell her im about to cum.

"Pull it out and put it in my mouth I havn't have dinner yet and I think I
need a quick snack."

I pulled my cock out and quickly shoved my cock into her mouth. Torrie sucked
on my cock so hard that my cum came gushing out hard. She swallowed every

We talked for awhile waiting for my cock to get hard again, which didn't take
long at all. We fucked a lot more that night. We even went to bed with my
cock in her pussy with her on top.

When I woke up she was gone but there was a note on the night table, which

"Thanks for fun night! 555-5555. Give me a call whenever
you wanna talk and we'll hook up next time im in town.

PS - With a tongue and cock like that I'm going to have
to introduce you to Sable. Bye for now my sexy slave

I cant wait I get to have fun with Sable and Torrie so until next time bye.

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