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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

**WARNING - This story features bisexual male incest activities**

The OMEGA Chronicles Part 9: No Fucking Way...
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At Jeff Hardy's home in Cameron, North Carolina, the OMEGA crew consisting of
Jeff, his brother Matt, Shannon Moore, Gregory Helms and Adam 'Joey Matthews'
Birch are together for their monthly poker game. Matt is shuffling the deck
as he tells a story about Shannon. "So Shannon goes into the Divas locker
room asking them to help him dress like a girl and Man you should've seen
Shannon... Dawn and Torrie totally decked him out from head to toe in their
clothes that he looked like a chick..." Matt laughs.

"I bet you were a hot bitch..." Jeff laughs teasingly as Shannon blushes

"So Shannon did anyone try to pick you up?" Gregory asks with a laugh.

"Yeah Big Fatu did..." Matt laughs.

"Oh man... I wish I could've been there to have seen that..." Jeff laughs.

"Yeah... laugh it up... that's nothing compared to what you and Matt did..."
Shannon says as he leans back on his chair as Matt starts to deal out the

"What did they do?" Adam asks as he takes a sip of his beer.

Shannon grins mischievously, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you what
those two did..."

"Sound like a juicy piece of dirt..." Gregory Helms says as he shows how
interested he is by adding, "Spill it Shannon!"

Shannon smirks, "Jeff blew Matt and Matt fucked him..."

"No fucking way!" Gregory, Adam and The Hardys both yell at the same time but
with different reactions. Gregory and Adam are both amused while the Hardys
seem instantly angry.

"Shannon I never sucked Matt's dick and he never fucked me!" Jeff yells.

"That happened! I swear... call Torrie she'll back me up cause she was
there!" Shannon laughs.

"Oh man that would've been something to see..." Gregory laughs.

"I always thought Jeff would be the bitch if he and Matt ever screwed
around!" Adam replies.

Matt glares at Shannon, "That's a bunch of bullshit Shannon that never

"Yes it did! Like I said call Torrie..." Shannon replies.

"So when did this happen Shannon?" Adam asks.

Shannon scratches the back of his head, "This was like back in 2003... like
after Jeff got canned..."

* * *

On July 4, 2003 most of Matt Hardy's guests for his Independence Day party
have left, with the exceptions of Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore and Torrie
Wilson. Matt is wearing a pair of blue shorts and a t-shirt, Jeff is wearing
a black tank top and baggy jeans, and Shannon is wearing a sleeveless shirt
and shorts. All four of them are in Matt's living room with shot glasses and
a couple of bottles of tequila. "Man sucks that Amy had to leave..." Jeff
says as he fills up everyone's shot glass.

"Yeah... but she's has appointment to evaluate the healing of her neck
tomorrow morning down in San Antonio with Dr. Youngblood..." Matt says as he
lifts up his shot glass to drink it.

"So Torrie... how many shots can you do?" Shannon asks as he looks at the
gorgeous Playboy Covergirl before he drinks the tequila from his shot glass.

Torrie Wilson, dressed in a pair of tight and short jeans shorts and a light
blue tank top playfully smiles at Shannon Moore. "How many do you think?"
Torrie asks with a laugh.

Shannon smirks, "Probably just enough to let me fuck your ass raw..." Shannon
replies. "That won't take much..." Matt Hardy laughs before he and Jeff each
drink their drinks.

Torrie glances over at Matt Hardy with a raised eyebrow "And what is that
suppose to mean?" Torrie asks as she slightly glares at Matt.

"Well I heard from Adam that at the WrestleMania post-party, you got drunk
and he and Jay really gave your ass a good fucking..." Matt replies.

Jeff smirks slightly, "I wouldn't mind pounding some ass... or getting my ass
pounded..." Jeff says as he glances at Shannon which for Torrie's angle,
looks like Jeff is glancing at Matt.

Torrie licks her lips slightly and then laughs glancing at Matt Hardy. "First
off Matt...don't believe everything you hear...." Torrie says before she
glances at Jeff Hardy. "And did you just say to Matt that your want him to
pound your ass?" Torrie asks as she turns to visualize for Jeff Hardy the
angle at which she was looking from when Jeff made his comment.

"What... No!" Jeff says quickly with a laugh.

Shannon laughs, "Now that would be real hot... Hardy on Hardy action...."

"You got a sick mind Shannon..." Matt snaps slightly.

"What do you think Torrie? How much would those two have to drink to let us
see that?" Shannon laughs as he teases the Hardys.

Torrie Wilson licks her lips and narrows her eyes seductively as she glances
between Matt and Jeff Hardy. "What? Is that too extreme for you two? Jeff... guys have no problem screwing around with other guys...what's the
difference if it's just you two?" Torrie asks with a laugh.

"He's my brother that's the difference!" Matt replies.

"Man I would totally love to see Jeff ride ya Matt..." Shannon grins.

"Shannon I'd have to be drunk off my ass to let Matt fuck me..." Jeff laughs.

"Yeah..." Jeff nods his head and smiles. "No way I would do that even if I
was drunk..." Matt says.

Shannon glances at Torrie, "Hey Torrie... that sounds like a dare to me..."

Torrie nods her head and glances at Shannon. "I think so too..." Torrie says
before she pushes her shot glass toward Matt Hardy. "I can't pass on this,
but I think you and Jeff need to start drinking up..."

* * *

Later on, a stunned and amused Shannon Moore and Torrie Wilson watch as a
drunk Jeff Hardy is on his knees in front of Matt, bobbing his head sloppily
on the equally drunk Matt Hardy's cock. "Ahhh fuck..." Matt groans as Jeff
slobbers all over his cock as he sucks it.

"Yeah Jeff got to town on that dick!" Shannon laughs as Jeff sways his ass as
he sucks on Matt's cock.

Torrie presses her moist and pouty lips together. "Mmmmmmm that's hot really
hot..." Torrie says with a laugh as she glances at Shannon Moore, while
standing next to him. Torrie slyly narrows her eyes as she lowers her left
hand to the crotch of Shannon's jeans and begins to rub his cock through the
material of his jeans.

"Mmmm... you want some dick Torrie?" Shannon asks with a grin as Torrie cups
her hand against his jeans covered cock.

Meanwhile Matt has grabbed hold of Jeff's head and is thrusting his cock in
and out of Jeff's mouth, "Ahhhh come on... suck it..." Matt groans. "Ahhhh
gahhh gahhhh!" Jeff lustfully gags on Matt's shaft.

Torrie nods her head and smirks. "Mmmmm you bet I do Shannon..." Torrie says
before she turns to face him and proceeds to sink down onto her knees, while
moving her left hand up and down against the material of his jeans, feeling
his hardened shaft beneath. Shannon licks his lips as he unbuttons his jeans
as Torrie continues to move her left hand against his crotch. Once his jeans
are undone, Torrie starts to pull Shannon's jeans down from his waist,
freeing his huge cock. Torrie glances up and slyly smirks up at Shannon
as she places her left hand around his shaft and begins to smoothly pump her
hand against his shaft, feeling him suddenly harden completely.

"Ohhh yeah Torrie..." Shannon moans as Torrie strokes his cock.

Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy is bent over the couch as Matt reaches between his legs
to stroke his cock with his left hand while he thrusts two fingers into
Jeff's ass from his right hand. "Ohhhh fuck... ohhh... ohhh!" Jeff moans as
Matt finger fucks his ass and jerks him off at the same time.

Torrie Wilson lowers her blond haired head and seductively flicks her wet
tongue against the head of Shannon's cock as she moves her left hand smoothly
against his shaft, stroking him at a quicker pace. Shannon slides his fingers
through Torrie's blond hair as the gorgeous Diva flicks her tongue against
his cock as she strokes his shaft rapidly. "Ohhh fuck yea Torrie..." Shannon

"Yeah you like that you little slut..." Matt slurs his words as he keeps
pumping his fingers into Jeff's ass while he strokes his dick. Torrie slaps
her wet tongue against the head of Shannon's cock before she opens her mouth
and lowers her head, taking his cock into her mouth. Torrie smirks around
Shannon's shaft as she hears him gasp before she starts to smoothly bob her
head, beginning to suck on his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck... mmmm fuck..." Shannon groans loudly as Torrie Wilson bobs her
head steadily up and down on his cock.

"Ohhh fuck me Matt... ohhh fuck!" Jeff groans as he pushes his ass back
against Matt's fingers that are pumping into his ass. Torrie lifts her
seductive and beautiful eyes to look up at Shannon Moore as she smoothly
turns her head around his shaft, taking him deeper into her mouth as she
steadily rocks her head back and forth, wetting his cock with her

"Ohhhh yea Torrie suck that cock... mmmm..." Shannon moans as Torrie takes
his cock deeper into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy pulls his fingers out of Jeff's ass and stands up
behind, "So... you wanna get fucked..." Matt groans as he smacks Jeff's ass.
Torrie presses her pouty lips tighter around Shannon's cock as she steadily
and smoothly bobs her blond haired head back and forth on his cock, slapping
her tongue teasingly against his shaft.

"Ohhhh yea Matt..." Jeff licks his lips as he looks back at his brother as
Matt smacks his ass again. Matt smirks drunkenly at Jeff before he spreads
Jeff's ass and plunges his cock into his younger brother's tight asshole.
"Ohhhh fuck!" Jeff groans loudly.

"Ohhhh shit Torrie.. . mmm fuck..." Shannon groans as Torrie teases his meaty
cock with her tongue as she continues to suck his dick.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...mmmmm...mmmmmm" Torrie moans as she continues to bob her
head rapidly on Shannon Moore's cock, seductively sliding her tongue against
the bottom side of his shaft, while rocking slightly on her knees to stuff
her mouth full on his cock.

"Ahhhh mmmm yea..." Matt grunts as he grabs hold of Jeff's hips as he pumps
his cock deeply in and out of Jeff's ass. Shannon closes his eyes as Torrie
deep throats his entire cock with ease

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmmm..." Torrie moans as she smoothly turns her head on
Shannon's cock, taking him deeply to her wet and warm mouth. Without warning,
Torrie lifts her head off of Shannon's cock, leaving him dripping with her
saliva. Torrie glances over her shoulder and smirks at the sight of Matt
Hardy fucking his younger brother, Jeff, from behind. Torrie bites down on
her bottom lip as she notices Jeff's rock hard cock hanging freely in the air
as Matt fucks him.

"Ohhhhh ohhh shit! Ohhhh fuck!" Jeff Hardy moans lustfully as he pushes back
against his brother's pistoning cock as Matt drives it into him.

"Man that's so fucking hot..." Shannon grins as he turns his attention
towards Matt fucking Jeff.

Torrie places her hands onto the floor in front of her and begins to
seductively crawl toward Matt and Jeff with her tanned and gorgeously juicy
ass swaying as she moves. Once she approaches Matt and Jeff, she sits up on
her knees and leans her head toward Jeff's cock as he is bent over and
getting his ass fuck by his older brother. Torrie parts her lips and takes
the head of Jeff's cock into her sultry and wet mouth.

"Awwww ahhhh!" Jeff moans lustfully with surprise as Torrie takes his cock
into her mouth and begins to suck on it as Matt continues to fuck his ass.
Shannon looks at Torrie's perfectly round ass and casually moves to get
behind her.

"Ahhh mmmm fucking take it slut!" Matt grunts as increase the pace and force
of his thrusts.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Torrie lustfully groans around Jeff's cock as she closes her
eyes and steadily bobs her head back and forth on Jeff's cock, feeling him
thrust his shaft deeper into her mouth every time he rocks forward on his
feet from Matt Hardy ramming his cock into his ass.

"I'm starting to feel a little left out here..." Shannon grins as he kneels
behind Torrie before he guides his cock into her tight wet pussy.

"Ohhhh ohhh fuck me! Fuck me!" Jeff groans as he moves his hips back and
forth to push his cock into Torrie's mouth and to push his ass back against
Matt's dick.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Torrie moans louder around Jeff's cock as she feels Shannon's
cock thrusting into her wet and tight pussy. Torrie starts to smoothly rock
back and forth on her knees against Shannon's beginning steady thrusts, while
she continues to bob her head to suck on Jeff's cock.

"Mmmm fuck... ahhh..." Matt groans as he pulls his cock out of Jeff's ass.
Matt drops to his knees behind Jeff, spreads his brother's ass cheeks apart
and buries his tongue into Jeff's asshole.

"Mmmmmm!" Jeff moans as he feels Matt's tongue circle around inside of his

"Mmmmmm ahhh..." Shannon licks his lips as he pumps his cock steadily into
Torrie's pussy as he watches her suck Jeff's dick.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Torrie moans as her pouty lips rub back and forth
against Jeff's shaft as she continues to smoothly and swiftly bob her head,
while Shannon deeply pumps his cock into her.

"Ohhhh my god... mmm!" Jeff moans as Torrie swiftly sucks and slurps on his
cock while Matt darts his tongue in and out of his ass. Shannon places his
hands on Torrie's lower back as he starts to speed up his thrusts.

Torrie slowly pulls her head back from Jeff's cock and grits her teeth as she
glances over her shoulder as she is firmly pulled back by Shannon, feeling
his cock deeply ramming into her. "Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh fuck..."

"Ahhhh yea.... mmmm fuck..." Shannon groans as he pumps his cock sharply into
Torrie's tight wet pussy.

Matt lifts his head up from Jeff's asshole that is dripping with his saliva
and lays on the ground, "Get your ass on my dick Jeff..." Matt says. Jeff
glances back at his dark haired brother,

"Mmmm fuck you're pushy..." Jeff says as he moves to straddle Matt's legs.
With his back facing Matt, Jeff lowers himself down and places his hands back
on Matt's chest as he takes his brother's fat dick into her saliva-coated

Torrie licks her lips as she continues to seductively look back at Shannon
Moore as she rocks back on her knees against his cock, feeling his long shaft
slamming into her. "Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh Shannon...ohhhh fuck"

"Mmmm fuck you're so fucking hot Torrie..." Shannon grins at the blond
bombshell as she rocks back against his large, thrusting shaft.

"Mmmm yea..." Matt groans as Jeff starts to rock back and forth on his cock
that's deep within his ass. Torrie leans her head forward slightly enough to
reach Jeff's cock once against as he is steadily mounted on Matt's cock.
Torrie slides her wet and soft tongue against Jeff's swollen ballsack as she
begins to teasingly drag her tongue against his long and hard shaft.

"Mmmmm fuck... ohhh ohhhhh!" Jeff moans and tilts his head back as he starts
to bounce on Matt's thick cock as Torrie drags her tongue up and down his
cock. Matt grits his teeth as he places his hands on Jeff's hips as he begins
to thrust his shaft up into his brother's tight ass.

"Mmmm fuck... ahhh..." Shannon groans as he pulls his cock out of her snatch.
Shannon turns around and lays on his back in order to slide underneath Torrie
in order to start lapping his tongue against her deliciously wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhhh!" Torrie lustfully moans as she drags her wet tongue
against Jeff's shaft, coating him with her saliva as she starts to grind her
pussy down on Shannon's face as he works his tongue against her wet pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah ride my dick!" Matt groans as he helps his younger brother
bounce up and down on his cock. Jeff tosses his multi-colored hair back as he
grinds his ass on Matt's dick as Torrie laps her tongue against his shaft.
Shannon places his hands on Torrie's thighs as he raises his head up further
so that he can push his tongue deep into her snatch.

"Mmmmmmmmmm....ohhhhh yeah...." Torrie groans as she feels Shannon's skilled
tongue working against her wet and warm pussy as she circles her tongue
smoothly against the head of Jeff's cock.

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" Shannon moans as he laps his tongue against Torrie's pussy as
she grinds herself on his face.

"Ohhh fuck! Fuck! Ahhh!" Jeff groans as he bounces on Matt's cock as it
starts to throb in his ass.

Torrie moves her head away from Jeff's cock as she bites down on her bottom
lip and firmly grinds her pussy down on Shannon's tongue as he works his oral
skills against her snatch. "Mmmmmm...ohhhhhh fuck..."

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck... mmmmm!" Matt Hardy grunts loudly as he starts to cum
inside of Jeff's ass as Jeff keeps rocking on his cock. Shannon lowers his
head from Torrie's pussy and slides out from underneath her.

"Mmmm tasty..." Shannon grins as he takes hold of Torrie's hips and has her
lay on her side, Shannon lays behind her and pushes his cock back into her

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip and glances over her shoulder as she
feels Shannon start to steadily thrust his cock deeply into her wet and warm
pussy. "Ohhhhhh yeah Shannon...ohhhhhhh..." Torrie moans as she moves on her
side along with Shannon to push against his cock.

"Mmmm fuck... ahhh..." Shannon groans as he pumps his cock in and out of
Torrie's pussy as she pushes back against him.

Jeff Hardy lifts himself off of Matt's cum spent cock and then gets to his
feet. Matt gets up to his knees and Jeff steps in front of him, "Gonna leave
me hanging bro?" Jeff asks with a drunken grin. Matt smirks up at his younger
brother before he wraps a hand around his cock and takes it into his mouth.

Torrie leans her head back and flicks her wet tongue against his lips as she
smoothly guides herself back against his rapidly thrusting shaft.
"Ohhhhhhh....." Torrie moans as her gorgeous ass grinds against his tanned,
muscular waist.

"Mmmmm ohhh fuck..." Jeff moans as he slides his hands through Matt's black
hair as Matt bobs his head briskly on his cock that is starting to throb
within his mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah Torrie... mmmm..." Shannon groans as he quickly pumps his dick in
and out of Torrie's cunt as he starts to flick his tongue against her lips.

"Mmmm! Ahhh!" Matt groans as he sucks and slurps on Jeff's pulsating dick.

Torrie closes her eyes and seductively slaps her tongue back against
Shannon's tongue as she feels his cock deeply ramming into her wet and warm
pussy. "Mmmmmmmmm...."

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Shannon moans as he slaps his tongue against Torrie's tongue
as his huge cock starts to throb within her hot, wet and tight pussy.

"Ohhhh ohhh fuck Matt! Ohhh ahhh!" Jeff groans as he starts to cum inside of
Matt's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Matt moans as he quickly starts to swallow Jeff's warm load as
his brother cums. Torrie closes her eyes and sharply grinds her wet and tight
pussy against Shannon's cock as he steadily and firmly pumps his cock into
her pussy.

"Ahhhh mmmm... fuck... ahhhh!" Shannon grunts loudly as he starts to cum
inside of Torrie Wilson's tight pussy following one last deep thrust.

Torrie licks her luscious lips as she glances back at him. "Mmmmmmmmm....

Matt lifts his head up off of Jeff's cum spent cock and licks his lips, "Mmmm
fucking incredible..." Matt says.

Shannon grins at Torrie, "Man... we should get Jeff and Matt drunk again..."
Shannon says mischievously.

Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow and smirks. "Mmmmm...well you know the night
is still young..."


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