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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The OMEGA Chronicles Chapter 12: Scream Baby Scream
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At Gas Chamber Ink, Shannon Moore's tattoo parlor in Southern Pines, North
Carolina, Shannon is closing up as Adam 'Joey Matthews' Birch and Matt Hardy
wait for him. "Come on Shannon hurry up..." Matt says.

Shannon comes out of the back room with a paper towel, drying his hands,
"Hold on... I got to..." Shannon starts to say as his cell phone starts to

"We're never going to get out of here..." Adam laughs as Shannon takes his
cell phone out of his pocket and looks at it.

"Just a second..." Shannon says as he answers his phone, "Hey Shannon, what's
up?" Shannon says as he turns to head to the back room.

"Shannon is talking... to Shannon?" Matt asks as he looks at Adam.

"Yeah you known, Shannon Spruill..." Adam says and when he sees the look on
Matt's face he adds with a grin, "You know, 'The Screamer'..."

"Ohhhhhh..." Matt nods his head as he realizes who Adam is talking about, "I
remember her... she's down in TNA these days right?"

"Yeah... and she's 'Zombie Hot'..." Adam grins.

"Never will understand why the WWE never signed her... other than she's a
louder screamer than Melina..." Matt laughs.

"Yeah... particularly when you, me and Shannon triple teamed her," Adam

* * *

Following the conclusion of the May 13, 2003 SmackDown television tapings at
the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore Maryland, Matt Hardy, wearing jeans and
a sweatshirt is talking with Adam 'Joey Matthews' Birch who had a tryout
match for the WWE against Chris "Crowbar" Ford in one of the evening's dark
matches. "Man you looked good out there...." Matt says.

Joey, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, smirks, "You trying to seduce me Matt?"
Joey says jokingly.

"Not funny..." Matt laughs, "I'm talking about your match... I have a feeling
the WWE is gonna sign ya..."

"Why so I can be another MF'er?" Joey asks with a laugh, "I mean you got

"What's with you?" Matt laughs as he tries to brush off Joey last comment

"Nothing really, just really, just love the fact that Shannon's gimmick is
basically being your bitch boy..." Joey laughs, "Speaking of which... where
is he? Thought we were all going to ride on down to my place."

"Good question..." Matt says as he looks around as various WWE Personnel are
preparing to leave the First Mariner Arena. After a few moments, Matt spots
Shannon, wearing baggy pants and a loose fitting t-shirt, near a vending
machine, talking to former WCW Diva Shannon 'Daffney' Spruill, who had a
tryout with the WWE as the manager of Crowbar in Joey's match. "There he
is..." Matt says before he and Joey start to walk towards where the two
Shannons are.

"Man he works fast..." Joey comments as he assumes Shannon Moore is trying to
pick up Shannon Spruill.

"Yeah he does..." Matt laughs as he and Joey get closer to Shannon and
Shannon. "Hey Shannon..." Matt says.

The two Shannons both stop their conversation and look at Matt while saying
at the same time, "Yeah?" which causes both Matt and Joey to pause for a long
moment before realizing the obvious.

"Um... I was asking for him...but I guess your name is Shannon too..." Matt
says as before both Shannons start to laugh.

The woman formerly known as WCW's screamer Daffney, dressed in a black tank
top that fits perfectly against her large chest and a pair of semi-baggy
jeans, places her hands onto her hips and glances at Matt Hardy with a raised
eyebrow. "What? I am not good enough to talk to?" Daffney asks with a little
laugh, playfully sticking her tongue out at Matt Hardy.

"I didn't say that..." Matt says after Daffney sticks her tongue out at him.

"Hey I'll talk to you...." Joey says.

Shannon shakes his head, "Guys this is Shannon... she and I were in WCW
together..." Shannon explains.

"Thought I recognized her... she's the screamer right..." Matt says as he
looks Daffney to confirm if she who he thinks she is.

Daffney smirks slightly and looks at Matt Hardy, crossing her arms against
her chest. "Depends on who you are asking if I'm a screamer or not.." Daffney
says with a laugh.

"Looks to me you can be a screamer..." Joey says with a laugh.

"Shannon did say there was a girl that could get really loud in WCW..." Matt

Shannon laughs, "Shannon don't mind them... they are a couple of dorks..."
Shannon says.

Daffney presses her lips together and laughs. "'ve already
filled me in on how much of a dork Matt is...I think I know..." Daffney says
as she glances at Matt Hardy and then back at Shannon Moore.

"Hey... I'm not a dork... and I could probably fill you in better than
Shannon..." Matt says with a laugh. Joey smirks, "Yeah if you don't mind
having something smaller filling you up..."

"Hey shut up Joey..." Matt says.

Shannon laughs a bit, "So you want to get out of here..." Shannon asks
Daffney as she turns her attention back to Matt and Joey following their
recent comments.

Daffney nods her head "Yeah sure!" Daffney says with a hint of excitement.
"I'd love to sit back and chill Shann! Just like the old days....speaking of's my little Nightmare on Helms Street? I haven't seen him for such
a long time..." Daffney says as she and Shannon begin to walk away, leaving
Matt Hardy and Joey Matthews behind as they bicker about the other's
respective size.

"Oh he's good... over on the RAW brand... and nailing everything with two
legs, breasts and a heartbeat..." Shannon says.

"Hey where are you going? Matt's not that small..." Joey says teasingly.

"Joey I swear I have half the mind to show you why you're always on the
bottom right now..." Matt says.

Shannon looks back at them, "Like we don't know that answer you just like
being on top..." Shannon says as he and Daffney walk slowly down the hallway.

Daffney glances over her shoulder to look back at Matt Hardy and Joey
Matthews for a moment, before she turns to look at Shannon Moore beside her
as they walk down the hallway. "Are they for real?"

"Yeah they are... Joey's harmless... Matt is just weird half the time..."
Shannon laughs a bit

"Yeah...I can see that!" Daffney replies before she rubs her lips together.
"So...ready for some fun?!"

"Yeah I am... but if you want... we could have those two join us..." Shannon
starts to say with a grin.

Daffney raises an eyebrow and looks at Shannon. "Are you sure about that?"

"Up to you...." Shannon grins.

Daffney shrugs her shoulders and laughs " know me Shannon...I'm
never afraid to see what any man has to offer..."

"All right... wait right here..." Shannon smiles before he turns to head back
to Joey and Matt.

* * *

A few hours later at Shannon's hotel room, Matt, now wearing jeans and a t-
shirt, and Joey, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, are sitting on one of the
hotel room beds having a few beers as they watch Daffney sit right on
Shannon's lap. Shannon sees the look Matt and Joey are giving him, "Hey
what's up guys? Jealous Shan is over here?" Shannon asks jokingly.

"You damn right..." Joey laughs.

Daffney smiles as she turns slightly on Shannon Moore's lap to face Matt
Hardy and Joey Matthews. "Awww...guys don't be jealous. Shann-man is just
little cuddly teddy bear!" Daffney says with a laugh before she turns to look
at Shannon Moore and in a soft, valley girl-like voice says. "Isn't that
right?" Daffney says before she wraps her arms around Daffney and tightly
squeezes him with a hug.

"Soft? From here he looks hard as hell..." Matt says with a laugh.

Shannon wraps his arms around Daffney and hugs her back, "Hey if Shannon says
I'm a cuddly teddy bear I'm not gonna argue..." Shannon grins.

Daffney raises an eyebrow and mischievously smirks while looking at Matt and
Joey. "I do like him to be a naughty one though..." Daffney says with a
laugh. "A dirty, filthy, naughty one..."

"That sums up Shannon in a nut shell..." Joey says just before Shannon tilts
his head and starts to nibble a bit on Daffney's right ear lobe.

" know that makes me horny!" Daffney groans and laughs as
she starts to noticeably grind herself on Shannon Moore's laps

"Mmmhmmm..." Shannon moans his reply as he continues ot lightly nibble on
Daffney's earlobe while she grids herself on his lap.

Daffney grits her teeth slightly as she grinds her nicely juicy ass down on
the crotch of his jeans, feeling his hardened bulge underneath. "
you're trying to make me all wet, then?"

"Mmmhmmm..." Shannon nodes his head a bit as he flicks his tongue against
Daffney's earlobe.

"Man I feel like they are setting us up..." Joey laughs a bit.

"Who cares... Shannon looks like he know all of her buttons..." Matt replies
as he sees Shannon's hands moving to grope Daffney's large tits through the
material of her tank top.

Daffney closes her eyes and grits her teeth as she leans back against
Shannon, continuing to grind herself down on his crotch, moving his hard cock
back and forth underneath the material of his jeans, while he gropes her
large tits through her tank top.

"Fuck your tits feel a lot bigger..." Shannon whispers into Daffney's ear
while he gropes her tits.

Daffney tilts her head back slightly to rest her head against his left
shoulder as she perfectly leans back against him and continues to work her
body down in grinding on his crotch. "Mmmmmm....damn...Shannon..." Daffney
groans. "You were always so easy to get hard..."

"You say that as if it's a bad thing..." Shannon groans as Daffney keeps
grinding herself on his crotch. Shannon slides his right hand down from her
tank top covered tits and slides her his hand into her semi-baggy jeans to
rub her pussy as Joey and Matt both intently watch.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhh really want me to be naughty tonight Shannon!"
Daffney moans and grits her teeth as she starts to rock slightly on Shannon
Moore's lap to push against his hand while he rubs her pussy, which causes
her to sharply grind against the hard crotch of Shannon's jeans.

"Oh you know it..." Shannon replies as he flicks his tongue against Daffney's
earlobe again as he gropes her tits with his left hand while he rubs his
right hand against her pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh Shannon...mmmm make me wet...I love being all wet...."
Daffney moans as she moves her hips to grind her wet pussy against Shannon's
hand as he uses his finger tips to tease her.

"Wet... you're soaking..." Shannon says as he teases her pussy with the
fingers of his right hand.

"Fuck this is hot..." Joey says as he starts to grope his cock through the
material of his shorts and Matt nods his head in agreement. Daffney leans her
head back and seductively slides her wet, frisky tongue against the side of
Shannon's neck as she moves her nicely juicy hips down on his lap while she
simultaneously works her pussy against his hand and her juicy ass down on his
hard crotch.

"Mmmmm you want my dick out Shannon? Hmmm? You want my hard cock..."
Shannon moans into Daffney's ear as she flicks her tongue against the side of
his neck as the tips of his right hand's fingers enter pussy causing her to
move her ass even harder against his bulging crotch.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh yeah..." Daffney groans and nods her head. "I want to suck
that fucking dick...."

"Mmmm then lets get you undressed first..." Shannon says as he uses just his
left hand to push up Daffney's tank top while he slides his right hand out of
her jeans to unbutton them.

Daffney eagerly raises her arms and ducks her head slightly as Shannon Moore
removes her black tank top to expose her nicely juicy and large, rounded
tits, with her nipples perfectly erect.

"Fuck how can someone so small have tits that big..." Joey asks.

Matt smirks, "That reminds I got to introduces you to Terri Runnels..."

Meanwhile, Shannon tosses Daffney's tank top behind himself as Daffney grinds
herself on his crotch as she starts to push off her undone baggy jeans.
Daffney turns her head to slyly smirk back at Shannon Moore before she slides
off of his lap and stands up as she places her hands onto her hips to push
her slightly baggy jeans to expose her nicely juicy ass to Shannon Moore
behind her, and her shaved, wet pussy to Matt Hardy and Joey Matthews in
front of her.

"Damn she looks tight..." Matt comments as he looks at Daffney's cunt.
Shannon Moore takes off his shirt and quickly undoes his jeans to push them
from waist, freeing his huge cock while Daffney is steeping out of her jeans.
Daffney turns around now to show her juicy, nicely rounded ass to Joey
Matthews and Matt Hardy as she now faces Shannon Moore as his large, exposed
and thick cock. Daffney hungrily licks her lips as she bends forward to place
her left hand around his cock, moving her hand down his length as she moves
down onto her knees.

"Mmmmm been almost three years since your hand has been on my dick..."
Shannon grins at Daffney as she strokes his cock with her left hand.
Meanwhile, Joey and Matt are getting undressed as they watch Daffney sway her
ass in their direction.

Daffney smirks up at Shannon Moore and laughs. "And you've missed it..."
Daffney says before she lowers her dark haired head to Shannon's impressive
cock and slides her tongue against the length of his long shaft, as she works
her hand against the bottom portion.

"Mmmmm you bet..." Shannon moans as Daffney drags her tongue down the length
of his cock until she reaches her own hand. Matt and Joey move to kneel
behind Daffney and as soon as they each place a hand on her ass, Daffney
lifts her head and looks back at them.

Daffney raises an eyebrow and smirks. "Now I have one simple rule that you
all must follow..." Daffney says to Matt and Joey as she look back at them,
while she moves her hand up Shannon's shaft where her tongue was just

"What's that?" Matt asks as gropes Daffney's right ass cheek while Joey feels
up her left ass cheek.

"I don't like being bored!" Daffney says in a firm tone and a sly smirk
before she turns her head back to Shannon Moore's cock and opens her mouth,
eagerly taking him into her frisky mouth. Daffney presses her lips around his
shaft and begins to steadily bob her head with her left hand at the base of
his cock.

"Mmmmm fuck...." Shannon moans as Daffney bobs her head up and down on his

"That was a rule?" Joey asks.

"I guess it was..." Matt says as he turns to lay on his back and he slides
his head underneath Daffney's raised body. Matt then starts to flick his
tongue against Daffney's pussy while Joey spreads her ass cheeks and he
lowers his head to start working his tongue against her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Daffney happily and seductively moans around Shannon's cock as
she feels the tongues of Matt and Joey working against her pussy and asshole,
equally pleasing the former Scream Queen of the WCW. Daffney closes her eyes
and starts to gradually bob her head at quick pace as her lips swiftly brush
back and forth on Shannon's cock.

"Mmmmm yeah Shan...." Shannon moans as he leans back on the bed as Daffney
lifts and lowers her head at a steady pace on his cock. "Mmmm...." Matt moans
as he flicks his tongue against Daffney's snatch. Joey holds Daffney's ass
cheeks apart as he pushes his tongue into her asshole.

Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Daffney moans around Shannon Moore's cock and
begins to lightly rock back on her knees as Matt is beneath her munching on
her wet pussy, while Joey Matthews blushes his tongue across her tight
asshole. Daffney presses her frisky, moist lips tightly around Shannon's cock
and sharply twists her head before perfectly lowering her head completely
down on his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah..." Shannon moans as he starts to lightly thrust his cock up
into Daffney's mouth as she holds his dick in her mouth while Matt and Joey
work their tongues in and out of her snatch and ass.

"Ohhhhhhh! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Daffney increasingly moans on Shannon's
cock as she places both of her hands down onto his thighs as she begins to
rapidly and swiftly bob her head on his cock, slapping her tongue eagerly
against his shaft. Daffney energetically rocks back on her knees, grinding
her wet pussy against Matt's tongue and mouth as he works his skill against
her snatch.

"Mmmm ohhh..." Joey moans as he darts his tongue in and out of Daffney's ass
as she pushes back against his face, which causes her pussy to grind against
Matt's face as he eagerly eats her twat. Shannon tilts his head back and
licks his lips as Daffney continues to speed up the way she's bobbing her
head on his tool. Daffney rapidly and smoothly moves her dark haired head up
and down on Shannon Moore's cock, sliding her tongue against his long shaft
as she swiftly bobs her head, making her saliva drip and coat every inch of
his shaft.

"Yeah Shannon.... ohh fuck you know what to do with a big dick..." Shannon
moans as he feels Daffney's saliva dripping down his shaft to his balls as
Daffney continues to blow him. Meanwhile, Joey and Matt are still thrusting
their tongues into Daffney's ass and pussy as she moves between both of their
faces. Daffney lifts her head up from Shannon Moore's cock and slyly smirks
up at him as she places her left hand back onto his cock and with his shaft
now dripping with her saliva she can easily and quickly move her hand up his
long shaft, before lowering her hand swiftly back down.

"Mmmmm ahhh..." Shannon moans as Daffney strokes his cock with her left hand.

Joey lifts his head up from Daffney's ass and smirks, "I can see why she was
in WCW..." Joey says as Matt slides out from underneath the former Scream

Daffney grits her teeth and seductively glare as Shannon Moore as she moves
her left hand swiftly and steadily up and down his saliva coated shaft.
" like that Shannon? like my saliva all over your

"Ohhh yeah... but you know what I like better on my dick Shannon?" Shannon
asks as Daffney continues to jerk him off.

Daffney raises an eyebrow and laughs at Shannon Moore. "A hot, wet twat?!"
Daffney asks excitedly

"You got it..." Shannon says just before Daffney lets go of his cock, places
her hands on his knees and pulls herself on top of him in one smooth motion.
Daffney smirks and tosses her dark hair back as happily moves to straddle
Shannon Moore, placing her hands down onto his muscular, tanned chest as she
pushes him to lay back flat on the bed before she firmly drops down on his

"Mmmmm fuck...." Shannon moans as his entire cock enters Daffney's cunt as
she drops down on him. Shannon places his hands on Daffney's perfectly round
hips and starts to thrust his cock up into her. Daffney aggressively grits
her teeth together as she pins Shannon down on the bed with her hands on his
chest and begins to swiftly rock on his cock at a steady, smooth pace.

"Ohhhh ahhhh..." Shannon moans as he bends his legs on the bed as he rapidly
pumps his cock up into Daffney's pussy.

Joey steps up on the bed and moves in front of Daffney, "Hey your mouth
looks... whoa...." Joey starts to say as Daffney reaches for and grabs his
cock and pulls him close enough to where she can slap her tongue against his

"MMMMMMMMMM!" Daffney loudly moans around Joey Matthews's cock as she
starts to rapidly and smoothly bob her head at a quick pace on his shaft,
holding her right hand on the base of support as she continues to
impressively and swiftly rock back and forth on Shannon's cock, while
bouncing from his thrusts up into her pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah.... mmmm!" Joey moans as he places both of his hands on
Daffney's head as she eagerly bobs her head on his cock while she bounces on
Shannon's upward thrusting dick. Matt Hardy licks his lips as he kneels on
the bed between Shannon's legs and he proceeds to guide his cock into
Daffney's asshole.

"MMMMMMMMM! OHHHHHHHHHH!" Daffney loudly and lustfully screams around
Joey's cock as she feels the head of Matt Hardy's cock working into her
asshole before his shaft follows. Daffney places her hands down firmer on
Shannon's chest as she wildly rocks on his shaft to push back on Matt's cock.
Daffney closes her eyes, meanwhile, and rapidly rocks her head back and forth
on Joey's cock, easily sucking him and taking him deeper.

"Ohhhh yeah Shannon take all that cock!" Shannon moans from underneath
Daffney as he pumps his dick up into her pussy.

"Ahhhh..." Matt groans as he pumps his cock in and out of Daffney's asshole
while she is busy riding Shannon and blowing Joey.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Daffney moans as she slobbers her saliva all over
Joey's cock as she happily and energetically moves her head back and forth,
easily devouring his impressive cock with her talented mouth. "Ohhhhhhhhh!"
Daffney deeply groans as she feels Matt's cock firmly pistoning in and out of
her ass, causing her to sharply rock forward on Shannon's cock in her pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah... suck it.... mmmm fuck suck my dick!" Joey moans as he thrusts
his cock in and out of Daffney's mouth as she rocks between Shannon and Matt
as they fuck her with their large stiff tools. Daffney removes her hands from
Shannon Moore's chest and places her hands onto his Joey's toned, tanned
waist as she rapidly bobs her head up and down on his cock, taking him deeper
into her eager and loud mouth.

"Mmmmm fuck.... ohh yeah what a juicy ass..." Matt groans as he hammers
Daffney's asshole repeatedly with his pistoning cock as Shannon thrusts his
shaft up into her pussy.

Daffney lifts her head off of Joey's cock and licks her lips as she
seductively looks up at him with his cock now dripping with her saliva.
" liked having your dick in my mouth?" Daffney asks as she
rapidly rocks between Matt and Shannon's cocks as they deeply pump into her
ass and pussy.

"Hell yeah I did..." Joey nods his head eagerly as Matt pulls his cock out of
Daffney's juicy ass.

Daffney presses her lips together and narrows her eyes seductively as she
looks at Joey Matthews. "I bet you were impressed how deep I took it!"
Daffney asks as she quickly rocks back and forth on Shannon Moore's cock.

"Yeah I was... can't wait till see how deep you can take my cock in one of
your other holes..." Joey grins.

Shannon licks his lips, "That's not a bad idea Shannon..." Shannon says as he
slows down his upward thrusts.

"Mmmmmmm....well you know me! I love trying out new things!" Daffney says
with a laugh. Matt surprises Daffney when he lifts her off of Shannon's cock
and pulls to her to face him as he pulls her when he lays on his left side.
Daffney instantly has an idea of what Matt wants and she lifts her left leg
up to let him have easy access to push his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!" Daffney loudly screams as she feels Matt's
cock entering her tight and wet pussy before he starts to swiftly pump into

"Ahhhh mmmm..." Matt moans as he thrusts his cock into her pussy. Joey lays
on the bed behind Daffney and places a hand under her raised leg to give her
extra support before he pushes his cock into her asshole.

Daffney glances over her shoulder and narrows her eyes lustfully as she looks
back at Joey Matthews. "OHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK! AHHHHHHHH!" Daffney loudly
screams as she feels his cock thrust into her tight asshole, causing her to
sharply move forward against Matt's dick.

"Scream Shan scream..." Shannon says teasingly as Joey and Matt pump their
large cocks in and out of her asshole and pussy. Daffney places her hands
onto Matt Hardy's shoulders as she moves back and forth between Joey Matthews
and Matt, while sandwiched between the two friends, all three laying on their
sides with their cocks swiftly hammering into her ass and pussy.

"Ohhh yeah.... mmmmm fuck..." Joey moans as he thrusts his cock swiftly into
Daffney's asshole while she rocks between him and Matt who is busy fucking
her hot wet cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmm yeah! Ohhhhhhh!" Daffney moans loudly as she begins to sweat
while her pale skinned, curved and gorgeous body grinds between Joey and
Matt, with both cocks deeply pumping into her ass and pussy, as both of their
respective thrusts send her against the other's cock.

"Awww fuck... mmmm!" Matt moans as he quickens the pace of his thrusts as he
rams his cock forward into Daffney's pussy as she keeps moving back and forth
between himself and Joey.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhhhhhh!" Daffney moans and grinds her pussy
back against Matt Hardy's cock, while Joey Matthews rapidly and firmly pumps
his cock into her tight and juicy ass.

"Mmmm shit.... awwww... ahhh!" Joey moans as his cock starts throbbing and he
pulls out of Daffney's asshole so that he can unload his cum all over the
back of her ass. Daffney licks her lips as she glances over her shoulder to
look back at Joey Matthews's cock throbbing and his cum dripping on her juicy

"Looks like you were too much for him Shannon..." Shannon grins as he lightly
strokes his cock while watching Joey move off of the bed. Matt turns Daffney
on to her back so he's on top of her and he increases his pace of his thrusts
as he drills Daffney with his throbbing dick. Daffney leans her head back on
the bed and grits her teeth as she swiftly moves back and forth on the bed
against Matt's thrusts as he plows his cock into her.

"Ohhh fuck.... ahhh... www..." Matt grunts as he rapidly pumps his cock into
Daffney's snatch.

"Ohhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhhhhh!" Daffney moans and leans her head back as she
arches her body and hooks her legs around his waist to keep his cock inside
of her snatch as he rapidly pumps into her.

"Ahhhh.... ahhhh fuck.... mmmm!" Matt moans as he rams his cock deeply into
Daffney's pussy as his dick throbs more intensely.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! AHHHHHHHHHH!" Daffney lustfully and loudly screams as
she grinds against his cock eagerly.

"Ahhhh shit.... awwww fuck!" Matt groans as he starts to cum inside of
Daffney's pussy.

Daffney licks her lips as she feels his warm cum filling her wet pussy.
"Ohhhhhh yeah..." Daffney moans, her body dripping with sweat.

"Awww man.... mmmm..." Matt moans as he slowly pulls his cock out of
Daffney's pussy after he's done cumming.

When Matt moves away, Shannon comes back over to Daffney and grins, "Ready to
scream some more Shan?" Shannon asks as he starts to turn Daffney over onto
her stomach.

Daffney nods her head and laughs. "Oh you know me! I love to scream!" Daffney
replies. Shannon smirks as Daffney sticks her ass up into the air once she's
on her stomach. Shannon spreads her juicy cum covered ass cheeks apart and
then shoves his massive cock into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah! Mmmmmmm fucking stick it deep!" Daffney moans as she props
herself up onto her elbows and begins to rock back on her knees.

"Ahhhhh fuck.... mmmm..." Shannon grunts as he holds Daffney's ass cheeks
apart as he quickly speeds up his thrusts as he fucks her ass.

"Mmmmmmm. Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhhh! AHHHHHHHH!" Daffney moans as he deeply and
sharply pounds her juicy ass with his large cock. Shannon rocks on his knees
as he slams his entire cock into Daffney's asshole with his balls smacking
loudly against her juicy ass cheeks.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh yeah! Mmmmmmm fuck that ass!" Daffney moans as she
grits her teeth and begins to swiftly rock back on his cock, feeling him pump
swiftly into her.

"Ahhhhh.... awwww fuck.... mmmmm yeah take that big cock!" Shannon moans as
his cock starts to throb while he deeply fucks Daffney's juicy ass. Daffney
licks her lips and lifts her head up slightly as her juicy ass swiftly smacks
against his toned waist he rapidly plows into her. Shannon Moore grits his
teeth as he hammers Daffney's ass repeatedly with his cock going in and out
of her asshole as it pulsates. Shannon then jerks his cock out of Daffney's
ass and firmly smacks her sweat coated ass cheeks with his left hand as
he starts stroking his cock with his right hand.

Daffney seductively narrows her eyes as she looks back at Shannon as he
strokes his cock. "Ohhhh yeah cum baby cum!"

"Mmmmm ahhhh..." Shannon moans as he starts to spray his cum all over
Daffney's ass cheeks.

Daffney smirks and laughs. "Mmmmmmmm...always have a big load Shannon..."

"Ahhhhh... you bet..." Shannon groans as he strokes his cock as he continues
to cum. By the time he's finished, Daffney's ass is dripping with his spunk.

Daffney glances over her shoulder and licks her lips. "Damn...that brought
back some excellent memories!"

Shannon smirks, "Yeah... if the WWE offers you a contract or something we
could make some more..."


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