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This is the first story written by the team of Vintage and MTL. We decided to
work together when MTL had heard Vintage had lost one of his stories. Wanting
to help, MTL offered to help Vintage re-write the story, but by that time,
Vintage had recovered the story he thought he had lost. Vintage then said
he'd be interested in co-writing a story with MTL anyway. So after various
ideas were exchanged, we decided to write about The Beautiful People and
Karen Angle during the TNA Impact episode where it was announced Karen Angle
signed a TNA contract. The idea was from Vintage, and MTL was the one who
decided to use it.

The following story you are about to read is pure fiction. We the writers
know fully these kinds of actions do not happen between these people in real
life, but if it has or ever does, we would like to see it for ourselves. So
enjoy the story you are about to read, but remember, none of this actually
happened because it is FICTION.

The Pecking Order

The Pecking Order
by MTL ( and Vintage (

The landscape in TNA has been rocked with the addition of the women's
knockouts division. Now, more and more women have been on TNA Impact. Some
women in TNA have earned their way into the company, going through the
rigorous training, traveling around the country to make a name for
themselves, etc. Some women in TNA got there because they were good in bed,
good enough to be married to the top superstar in TNA, Kurt Angle. Karen
Angle, the wife, had been with Kurt for a long time, but once Kurt brought
Karen into TNA, their relationship got rocky. After allegations and rumors,
Karen and Kurt had separated from each other. That story within TNA has been
a main vocal point on television and pay-per-views. However, two people in
particular have been extremely upset at the fact that Karen has been taking
up a lot of air time. The Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky,
have been through the hardships of the business, unlike Karen. They came to
TNA to wrestle and look good doing it, since nobody else was too interested
in looking good while wrestling. But ever since they got to TNA, Karen Angle
was the one that got TV time, Karen Angle was the one that got the
recognition, and Karen Angle was the one that got all the attention. After
nine months of taking a back seat to Karen, The Beautiful People still
managed to establish themselves, and now, it was time for them to teach Karen
a lesson.

Karen Angle was scheduled to have an interview on TNA Impact about officially
becoming a part of the TNA roster. That interview was about what most of TNA
Impact has been about recently, Karen and Kurt splitting up, but it was also
about how Kurt Angle had put a hit out on his wife Karen. The Beautiful
People were shocked that Kurt didn't choose them to make the hit, but they
weren't discouraged about it, if things went their way, they'd teach Karen a
lesson she wouldn't forget. So Angelina and Velvet decided to wait in the
shadows during Karen's interview so they could confront her...

"Karen Angle, first off, let me congratulate you on your new Spike TV deal,
you are now an official member of the TNA roster," said Jeremy Borash.

"I am, and JB I am so greatfu..." Karen Angle responded before JB

"But more importantly than all that, Kurt Angle, your ex-husband, takes out a
hit on you on the program tonight?" JB exclaimed, "I mean you're the mother
of his children."

"Right, and you know JB, that's all I am, is the mother of his children. This
whole thing, has gone too far, and, I know the real Kurt, I know what's deep
down inside of him, and once he re-thinks this whole situation and what he
has done, he's gonna call it off, if not for my sake, then at least for the
sake of my children, this is ridiculous. JB, you can find out what he's up
to, you need to go talk to him..."

"I'll diffuse this whole thing,"

"...yes diffuse need to...yes, yes, go," Karen said, starting to
turn JB around. However, The Beautiful People have heard enough of this lousy

"Oh well well..." Velvet Sky said, interrupting the interview.

"Oh look Velvet, its the new TNA Star, Karen Angle," Angelina said in a
bratty tone.

"Congrats on your new contract Karen, but, how much will they be paying you
anyways? Cause word going around in the locker room, is that you'll be making
double, what the other girls make," Velvet sneered

"You know what? My contract is none of your business," Karen responded

"Oh but I think it is,"

"OH, but I also think it is," Angelina interrupted, "because we're gonna make
it, our business. Hey, look bitch, The Beautiful People never liked you to
begin with. You think, you can just walk into our world, make more money than
we do, get more TV time than we do, well guess what, it doesn't work that
way, there's a pecking order in TNA, Karen! It goes, The Beautiful People,
and THEN, everybody else."

"You know what Angelina? I do not need this tonight," Karen said as she tried
to walk away, however, Angelina Love grabbed her by the hair and pulled the
shrieking Karen Angle back.

"Velvet, get the BAG!"

"Ah, ah no!" Karen's cried in terror. But before anything was done to her, AJ
Styles came in and broke everything up. The Beautiful People made fun of AJ
for his interference, but then came on to him to show that they are above
Karen, after pushing Karen aside. They then left together.

At the end of the show, chaos was rearing its head inside the TNA ring.
Suddenly Karen Angle came out to try and restore some order, but what she did
was start her downfall. After mocking her ex-husband by asking if he would
hit her, Karen heard the theme music of her worst nightmare possible. It
seemed that Kurt Angle's hit would be answered by TNA Women's Knockout
Champion, Awesome Kong. Kurt held onto his ex-wife's arm to keep her from
leaving as Kong entered the ring. When Kong was right in front of her, Karen
tried to plead Kong not to do it, but in the end, Kong laid out Karen with
one punch, or at least that's what it looked like to the viewers at home. A
few seconds later, Kong picked up Karen and Awesome Bombed her with reckless
intent, causing Karen to be knocked into unconsciousness. A stretcher was
brought down for Karen before she was taken to an ambulance. Once Karen was
put into the back and was secured, the EMT's shut the doors and signaled for
the driver to take Karen to the hospital. However, little did they know, that
the real ambulance driver had been lured from his vehicle, knocked out and
replaced by The Beautiful People, who had no intention of taking Karen to the
hospital, they were going to take Karen to a place where no one could hear
her scream. Karen was about to learn about the pecking order in TNA.

* * *

As she slowly returned to consciousness Karen heard a noise which in her
dazed state sounded distant and far away, but as she began to wake the noise
got louder. The noise sounded a lot like... moaning... female moaning...
pleasurable female moaning.

When Karen's eyes finally blinked open she was greeted by an unfamiliar
sight. The last thing she could remember she w as in the Impact Zone but she
now appeared to be in what looked like an expensive hotel suite. It wasn't so
much where she was that caused her to freak out as it was what she was seeing
in front of her very eyes.

There lying on their sides on the queen sized bed and wrapped in each other's
arms were The Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, the two women
who had mocked and threatened her earlier, passionately making out and
caressing each other's bodies. Even in her current state it was obvious to
Karen that the moans that had brought her back to consciousness were coming
from The Beautiful People and as she became more aware she soon realised why.
Both of The Beautiful People's right arms were moving rapidly and although it
was a little hard to see given that their bodies were blocking her view Karen
quickly realised that Angelina and Velvet were finger fucking each other.

Karen was so mesmerised by this wanton act of lesbian lust shown between The
Beautiful People that it took her a few moments before she became aware of
her current position.

It was then Karen Angle screamed hysterically.

Her scream was muffled by the ball gag in her mouth, which up until now she
had failed to notice. This however was not even half as distressing as the
fact that she seemed to be tied down to some kind of bored leaning against a
wall and was unable to move her arms or legs.

In desperation she tried to pull herself free but all Karen ended up doing
was knocking the board off-balance so she fell sideways, almost knocking
herself unconscious again as her head ricocheted off the carpeted floor.

The sound of Karen's screams caused Angelina to smile into the kiss with her
BFF/girlfriend. She broke the kiss and looked up just in time to see Karen
hit the floor with a hard thud. If Karen had knocked herself out it was no
real concern to Angelina. They had the suite booked out for the rest of the
week and because they had used fake names she seriously doubted that anyone
from TNA would be smart enough to find them so they had plenty of time to put
Karen in her place. And besides, Angelina was really enjoying the soft mouth
and fingers of her besties/lover Velvet and could quite happily spend the
next few hours with her before having to lower herself down to Karen Angle's

Unfortunately Velvet didn't feel the same way, who removed her fingers from
Angelina's panties and try to get up.

"Oh come on Velvet, she isn't going anywhere." Angelina said, grabbing a
tight hold of the only person other than herself that she cared about.

"But I want to make her pay." Velvet whined.

"We have plenty of time for that." Angelina pointed out.

"Oh, come on Angelina." Velvet pleaded in that voice Angelina could never
resist, "You know you want too..."

"Ok." Angelina sighed after a pause.

Velvet smiled wickedly and The Beautiful People untangle themselves from each
other, rolled off the bed and walked over to where I dazed Karen lay crying
on her side, still securely strapped to the stretcher from before.

"Oh sweetie, did you fall and bump your head?" Angelina taunted.

"Boo-hoo-hoo." Velvet mocked.

Without waiting for a response The Beautiful People laughed, high five'd, and
pulled Karen back up and put her back against the wall.

"There, there." Angelina said insincerely, stroking Karen's face and then her
hair, "Don't cry, we haven't even started yet!"

Karen cried loudly into her gag as Angelina suddenly pulled on her hair hard
enough to pull some of it out.

"WE TOLD YOU BITCH!" Angelina screamed.

"We told you!" Velvet echoed helpfully.

"We told you that there was a pecking order in TNA, but did you listen? Did
she listen Velvet?" Angelina yells turning to her partner.

"No." Velvet said.

"That's right, no, you didn't, but you're going to listen now. There's a
pecking order around here, and the pecking order is real simple, it goes, The
Beautiful People, and THEN, everybody else. You think, you can just walk into
our world, make more money than we do, get more TV time than we do, and get
away with that? Fuck that! And fuck you! We're going to teach you about the
pecking order." Angelina said menacingly before turning to her20BFF/lover,
"Velvet, get the scissors."

This caused Karen to scream even louder than before especially after Velvet
returned with a large pair of scissors and handed them to Angelina. The
Beautiful People had been more than partly responsible for Roxxi Laveaux
losing her hair and had threatened to shave the head of a few of the other
TNA Knockouts and Karen was terrified that Angelina and Velvet might try and
do the same to her.

Karen's screams came to an abrupt end however when Angelina pressed the
scissors up against her cheek and began to slide them over her face.

"Are you scared?" Angelina asked after tormenting Karen with the scissors for
a while.

Fearing what would happen if she didn't answer, or if she gave the wrong
answer, Karen nodded.

"Good... cause you should be." Angelina said menacingly as she leaned in
close, "You see Karen, this place is very special. It caters to the high ups
of society, like Velvet and me, who want to engage in a little fun with out
anyone asking any pesky questions or hearing anything they shouldn't hear.
Sure it was a little bit of a chore sneaking you in but when you know how to,
tip, the right member of staff, it's very, very do-able. And now you're here
in our little private, luxury, soundproof suite of ours your going to learn a
very, very important lesson."

"Don't mess with The Beautiful People." Velvet laughed.

Angelina joined her friend/girlfriend in laughter, carefully brought the
scissors down to the bottom of Karen's shirt and began to cut.

Karen screamed and wriggled but The Beautiful People just continue to laugh.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you bitch." Velvet chuckled.

"Yeah, I might slip and cut you." Angelina pointed out.

"And you don't want that, cause we don't know first aid and even if we did we
wouldn't risk messing ourselves or our clothes up for you bitch." Velvet

"We so wouldn't." Angelina laughed, stopped cutting off Karen's shirt for a
second to high-five Velvet before continuing her quest to rid Karen of her

A terrified Karen forced herself to stay still as she possibly could, her
body still visibly shaking as Angelina cut her shirt off before turning her
attention to the rest of her clothes. Her pants, bra and panties were next,
Angelina only leaving Karen her high heels which she simply slipped off her
feet and tossed aside. Once Karen was completely naked Angelina placed the
scissors on a side table near the bed before she and Velvet got up close to
Karen, The Beautiful People standing either side of their still bound victim,
smirking wickedly.

"You know Karen, The Beautiful People are going to do whatever they want, as
always." Velvet said, pausing only to high-five Angelina.

"Totally." Angelina said.

"But if you, play nice, tonight might not be so bad for you." Velvet said
suggestively, she and Angelina each running a finger over Karen's helpless
body, "All you have to do is do anything and everything we say..."

"And we mean anything and everything we say..." Angelina added.

"Then maybe you'll enjoy this as much as we're going too. What do you say?"
Velvet asked.

Despite her fear and helpless state Karen just couldn't bring herself to take
the easy way out and agree to do anything and everything The Beautiful People
said, especially when she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach she
knew what that meant. Not that she wanted to even voice it in her own head.
The Beautiful People's creepy touches and looks made Karen's skin crawl, but
at the same time there was a dampness in her pussy she refused to

Summoning up all her courage Karen yelled 'Fuck you' through her gag and
although it came out as complete jargon both Angelina and Velvet knew what
she meant, and they couldn't have been happier.

"Good." Angelina said, as she took off her belt.

"We were worried you were going to be too easy." Velvet said as she grabbed
one of Angelina's belts from their travelling bag.

The Beautiful People stood in front of Karen, exchanged an evil look, and
brought the two belts down hard upon Karen's boobs. Karen screamed
hysterically into her gag but this only caused The Beautiful People to laugh
as they continued to beat Karen's unprotected cleavage.

Even though she knew screaming was hopeless at this point Karen continued
whaling on every strike of the belts against her flesh, tears running down
her cheeks as she tried to cope with the pain. It was hard to tell which was
worse Angelina's belt or Velvet's belt. Angelina's belt was metal with a
pattern on it which dug into Karen's flesh but Velvet's belt was bigger and
although it was only made out of leather it seemed to hurt just as much as
the metal belt.

Karen quickly learned that there was no escape. In the beginning of the
beating when the pain of the breast-beating she was taking would become too
much she would knock herself over for the chance to have even a moment's
break. Each time she fell she prayed that she would smack her skull against
the floor hard enough to knock herself unconscious so she wouldn't have to
deal with this pain any more. However the floor was too well carpeted and the
stretcher kept her body straight so no matter how hard she tried her weight
landed on her entire body instead of just her head and she could not get
enough whiplash to knock herself out. Not that she got much of a chance to do
so. After each attempt to knock herself unconscious The Beautiful People
would stop beating her tits just long enough to start beating her entire
body, punching and kneeing her in the stomach and smacking her in the face
repeatedly before using their belts to whip all over her body before going
back to concentrating on her bruised boobs.

Finally Karen just gave up and just let Angelina and Velvet do what they

That unfortunate was a mistake.

When The Beautiful People realised they had beaten the fight out of Karen,
temporarily at least, they exchanged another wicked smile, and then lowered
their aim.

After what felt like hours of screaming Karen didn't think she had any voice
left. She was proven wrong the second the two belts simultaneously hit her

Even with the ball gag in her mouth the scream Karen let out was ear
piercing, but it only made The Beautiful People whip her harder.

Brutal strike after brutal strike was raining down upon Karen's cunt, the
metal and leather belts digging and cutting into her pussy to provide her
with the most excruciating pain she had ever felt before in her life. Fresh
tears filled her eyes as she tried helplessly to get away from the agony.
Again she knocked herself down, not even having the strength to try and knock
herself out, no, this was just a desperate attempt from a desperate woman to
escape unbelievable torment. Unfortunately this enraged The Beautiful People
who after picking her up, placed both their bodies either side of her, a hand
on each of her shoulders to make sure she stayed in place this time as
Angelina and Velvet took out all their frustrations on Karen's helpless

Karen screamed, struggled and cried for what felt like an eternity but it was
no use, The Beautiful People just kept beating her and eventually the fight
drained from Karen and she just hung limply as Angelina and Velvet continued
their assault.

Time lost all its meaning to Karen and her world became revolved around her
cunt and the agonising pain it was in. Just when she thought she would die or
at the very least pass out from the pain Angelina and Velvet stopped
concentrating on her cunt and began spreading their abuse all over her body.
From the tips of her toes to the hair on her head Karen was hit by belt shot
after belt shot, but oddly enough after the beating she had received she was
just grateful The Beautiful People were no longer concentrating on her cunt.

The beating continued for what felt like hours, and then all of a sudden The
Beautiful People stopped beating her, pulled the gag from her mouth and undid
the straps holding her to the stretcher.

Physically and mentally exhausted Karen fell like a lifeless body to the
floor, the only thought in her mind a whisper that she hoped her ordeal was

It wasn't.

Karen let out a cry in utter pain, frustration and hopelessness as she felt
the sting of one of the belts against her right ass cheek. A blow to her left
ass cheek quickly followed as The Beautiful People began to attack her now
exposed back and back side.

Digging down deep Karen summoned every ounce of strength she had to force
herself to move, to try and run, to try and run away from this horrible
beating. Scrambling onto her knees Karen saw a door, a way out, her escape,
her salvation, something to push her forward and force herself to try and

Velvet and Angelina were whipping her every step of the way, their belts
covering her back, butt, legs, arms, and even hands in brutal shot after
brutal shot, but it didn't matter because she was so close, so very close, so
close that she finally lifted herself up onto her feet and threw herself
towards the door turning the handle and pushing forward.

Nothing happened.

She tried turning it the other way.

Nothing happened.

She tried pulling while turning the handle first one way and then the other.

Nothing happened.

She screamed in frustration and desperately trying to get the clearly locked
door open, and the only thing she succeeded doing was making herself an easy
target for The Beautiful People.

Karen stayed there trying to somehow get the door open as The Beautiful
People continue to strike her before heartbroken and defeated she laid down
and allowed Angelina and Velvet to continue beating her. And then with a
final burst of energy she got up and charged The Beautiful People, who
sidestepped her attack with ease, pushed Karen face first back down to the
ground and continue beating her.

Finally Karen screamed, "STOP!"

And then the most amazing thing happened, they did.

The Beautiful People stopped whipping Karen and just left her lying there for
a while until Karen summoned up the courage to turn around and look at her

"Are you willing to do anything and everything we say now bitch?" Angelina

Karen wanted to refuse, to spit in their faces and keep fighting back, but
Angelina and Velvet were just too cruel and Karen feared what they would do
to her if she continued to disobey them so she nodded her head meekly.

"Good... get on your knees, face down, ass up." Angelina ordered.

Karen slowly, reluctantly obeyed, her mind fearful of what they were going to
do to her, although she had a pretty good guess and unfortunately she guessed

The first sting from one of t he belts caused Karen to cry out as loudly as
she could with her sore from screaming throat and the next few hard belts
shots cause her to fall onto her stomach again.

"Ass up bitch!" Velvet screamed, smacking Karen's ass harder with the belt.

Karen was soon crying again however she was helpless to do anything but obey
in the hopes that if she did what she was told The Beautiful People would go
easy on her. For the first time that night she was lucky in that The
Beautiful People did in fact go a little easier on her when she got back into
position, but not by much, and only because Velvet and Angelina had plans
which involved Karen wanting to do what she was told, and to eventually do it
without question.

As far as The Beautiful People were concerned Karen was going to be their
little bitch for the night and her training had only just begun. They had a
lot of work to do before their pet for the night was housebroken. Luckily The
Beautiful People were more than willing to give Karen some helpful tips on
how to be the perfect submissive bitch.

"Arch your back." Angelina commanded, as she delivered a particularly sharp
blow to Karen's back.

Karen did as she was told and the whipping continued.

"Stick out your ass more." Velvet ordered.

Shame flowing through her Karen did as instructed.

"Good, now wiggle your ass." Velvet demanded, "Wiggle it like you have a

Her cheeks now burning with shame Karen once again did as she was asked,
fearing the consequences if she didn't. Both The Beautiful People laughed at
Karen's misfortunes as she wiggled her ass.

"That's it, wiggle that ass like the little bitch that you are." Angelina

"Yeah, like a bitch." Velvet also laughed, before a thought occurred to her
and she whispered into Angelina's ear.

Angelina smiled at her BBF/girlfriend to show she liked the idea before
turning her attention back to Karen.

"Get on all fours." Angelina commanded, Karen struggling to do as she was
told in her beaten state, "Now crawl... I said crawl bitch!"

Karen cried out again as the metal belt hit her extra hard, punishing her for
not being quicker off the mark when obeying20The Beautiful People. Unsure
where she should crawl to Karen just started crawling around the room, The
Beautiful People following her and whipping her every step of the way.

"That's it, crawl like the bitch you are." Angelina taunted, "Now bark, bark
for us like a bitch!"

Fresh tears fell from Karen's eyes as she gave up what little left she had of
her dignity and began barking weakly as she crawled round on the floor like
an animal.

"Louder!" Velvet ordered as she slapped Karen's ass extra hard with her belt.

Disgusted with herself Karen began to bark louder, even adding in other dog
noises in an attempt to please her tormentors in the hopes that they would go
easy on her.

"Now nay like a horse." Angelina demanded with another hard whip.

Without needing to be told twice Karen switched from imitating a dog
imitating a horse, and adding other horse noises as she continued crawling
around the hotel room suite.

"I've got one." Velvet said, like this wasn't her plan all along, "Squeal
like a fucking pig!"

And Karen squealed alright, she squealed her heart out. Her dignity was gone,
her self-respect broken and lying in pieces all over the floor. All that was
left of her now was a broken woman desperate to please her tormentors in the
hopes that they would be gentle with her. Karen didn't even dare to hope this
would be ever over anymore. That hope was gone and the only small hope she
had left was that The Beautiful People would have mercy on her.

Unfortunately for Karen The Beautiful People had no intention of showing her
any mercy. They beat her relentlessly, over and over, as they made her crawl
around the room making various different animal sounds until her body
collapsed from both physical and mental exhaustion, what was left of Karen
Angle lying facedown in the carpet, weeping hysterically.

It was a long time before Karen even realised The Beautiful People had
stopped whipping her. Her body ached all over to the point where she mistook
the throbbing coming from different areas of her body as fresh beatings, but
they weren't.

The room fell silent except for Karen's cries, which sounded deafening in the
silence even though they were by far the softest of the night.

When enough strength had returned to her body Karen summoned the courage to
look up at the two women who had reduced her to this whimpering mess.

The Beautiful People were just standing there staring at her intently.

Finally Angelina said, "So, are you still willing to do anything and
everything we say?"

Karen blinked, tears still running from her eyes, and nodded.

The Beautiful People smiled wickedly.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky had gotten the high and mighty Karen Angle to be
nothing more than a little crying mess. The feeling they got, the rush they
got, was great. Still, it is nothing compared t o what they will have Karen
do next. With grins on both their faces, The Beautiful People made their way
over to the bed, took off their shoes and sat down with their legs crossed.
They looked at Karen Angle and motioned for her to crawl to their feet.

"Kiss our feet!" Angelina commanded. Karen lowered her head and started to
kiss up and down the feet of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. She went from
laying pecks on their feet to slobbering all over them, licking up and down
and in between their toes. As she worshiped the feet of The Beautiful People,
Karen's only mindset was to please her tormentors in hopes that she wouldn't
be harmed any further.

"Look at this bitch!" Velvet exclaimed, "Does someone have a foot fetish
Karen?" Karen nodded her head yes in response, not caring whether or not she
did have a fetish. "Let's see you work my pussy over instead," Velvet

"No Wait!" Angelina said interrupting, "She has to earn the right to eat us
out. Why don't you start by undressing us, then by sucking on our tits."

"We love it when our tits get sucked."

"What are you waiting for you fucking bitch? Didn't you hear Velvet? We want
you to suck our nipples! Do it!" Angelina screamed, slapping Karen across the
face. Karen got up and helped The Beautiful People take off all their
clothes, even being made to take off their bras and panties. After she had
finished Karen was forced back on to the floor by, the now naked, Angelina
and Velvet. Karen stayed on her knees but was upright as Angelina cupped her
face before sending it into Velvet's breasts. Karen quickly put her left
nipple in her mouth, while fondling Velvet's and Angelina's right nipples
respectfully and obediently. Velvet's head went back as she softly moaned.
Angelina, on the other hand, had gotten off the bed and let Velvet get all of
Karen's attention. She then went behind Karen and grabbed her belt.

"Oh that's how you suck... I bet you sucked Kurt's dick just like this,
because that's all you're good for." Velvet said, mocking Karen. "You suck at
everything but sucking, and it doesn't matter what it is right? Right?"

"Answer her question you sorry excuse of a woman!" Angelina said, whipping
Karen's sore ass. On contact, Karen popped Velvet's nipple out of her mouth
and let out a yes in a desperate cry.

"Did I say you could stop?" Velvet asked, "You'll never learn. It's called
multitasking you dumb bimbo." Velvet smacked Karen's forehead before taking
her by the hair and forcing her back into her chest. Karen continued to lick
and suck on Velvet's breasts. Angelina randomly whipped Karen's ass, causing
her to whimper while pleasuring Velvet. "Mmm, it doesn't matter if its dick,
tits, ass, or pussy, you'd suck anything to get what you need, right bitch?"
Karen replied with a Mm Hm. After Velvet's nipples became erect, she threw
Karen off of her, causing her head to land at the feet of Angelina, who
whipped her breast again, causing Karen to cry out again.

"You missed me, didn't you?" Angelina said, holding up her belt as if she was
going to take another shot at Karen. Karen's head shook frantically, up and
down, doing anything she could to not get whipped again. Angelina smirked and
grabbed Karen by the hair to force her onto her knees again. She then dragged
Karen by the hair until they were in front of the bed again. Sitting down,
Angelina pulled Karen up with her, and forced her head into her breasts.

"Yeah, suck Angelina's tits," Velvet said excitedly.

Karen worked over Angelina's rack. She licked around the nipple, pushed her
breasts together, groped and caressed her breasts, and switched off on the
nipples she sucked on. Angelina loved the site of Karen Angle, doing anything
to make her happy, because she told her to. They should have thought of this
sooner, but now, she wanted Karen to lose all self-respect. Angelina motioned
to Velvet to check out Karen's pussy, and a wicked smile came across her face
and one came across Angelina's face following that.

"Wow Karen, I didn't know you loved our tits so much," Velvet said. "You may
think you're only doing this to get out of here, but it looks like you are
enjoying it from20where I am!"

"Ha, this bitch really is a whore!" Angelina responded. "Well, tonight you're
our whore, our bitch, and we're doing whatever we want with you whether you
like it or not!"

Velvet Sky then sits back down on the bed and spreads her legs, signaling to
her BFF/girlfriend that she wants Karen to eat her out. Angelina then pulls
Karen away, by the hair, from her erect nipples, and throws her back onto the
floor. Karen looks up and sees Velvet with her legs spread and she crawls up
to Velvet's pussy.

Angelina looks down at Karen and then looks at her own erect nipples. "You
know Karen, Velvet was right, you just love to suck. It doesn't matter if its
dick, tits, ass, or pussy, you'd suck on it!" Angelina asked in a demanding
tone. Karen looked over to Angelina and nodded her head in fear. "Good, cause
right now, you haven't earned the privilege to eat out Velvet. You have to do
more." Angelina motioned to her best friend/girlfriend to turn around. Velvet
understood completely and grinned from ear to ear. She then turned around and
stuck her ass out. "You see Karen, if you want to eat out Velvet's pussy,
then you have to eat out her asshole first, and if you want to get out
without any serious damage to your health, then you'd want to eat out
Velvet's pussy."

"The same goes for Angelina, you stupid cunt!"

"What the fuck are you waiting for, put your slutty tongue up her ass!"
Angelina commanded.

"I'm waiting mmmmmmm...oh yeah you bitch!" Velvet moaned. Karen had her face
planted in Velvet's butt cheeks, sliding her tongue in and out of the asshole
in front of her face. Angelina smirked at the site in front of her. There was
Karen, degrading herself by eating out her special friend's ass, and doing a
good job too. Velvet was gripping the covers of the bed as her head went back
with her eyes shut. The feeling of Karen's tongue swirling around in her
asshole was incredible, and the fact that it was the formerly high and now
not so mighty Karen Angle, made the rimjob even better. Angelina crawled onto
the bed next to her BFF/girlfriend and laid down next to her. The Beautiful
People then engaged in a beautiful kiss between themselves. Velvet randomly
moaned into her best friend's mouth, as their tongues swirled around in each
other's mouths, as Karen's tongue swirled around in Velvet's ass. Soon Velvet
could not continue their kiss as Karen's tongue worked over her asshole to
the point where her moans were loud and continuous.

"Yes! Oh you dirty fucking slut! You give a rim job like a pro!" Velvet
moaned. Angelina moved down to the edge of the bed and bent her ass over it
right next to Velvet's. Suddenly, Velvet backed her ass up, causing Karen's
tongue to go even deeper into her ass. Karen was making slurping and
slobbering noises as she did as she was told.

"Alright, my turn, eat my ass out bitch! Get your tongue in my ass hole!"
Angelina commanded after a few long minutes of Karen licking and sucking
Velvet's ass hole had passed.

"You heard her bitch, go stick your tongue in Angelina's ass hole!" Velvet

Karen softly whimpered pathetically, but did as she was told and moved so
that she was behind Angelina's ass. Without warning, Angelina reached back
and grabbed Karen by the hair again, and stuffed Karen's face into her
awaiting ass.

"I said get your tongue in my ass hole bitch!" Angelina yelled as she pushed
Karen's face into her ass.

Once again, Karen stuck her tongue up another woman's ass, but this time, she
felt the pressure of Angelina's hand pushing her forwards, and the pressure
of Angelina's ass sticking out more. With this, her tongue went far up
Angelina's ass. She rolled it, circled it, and swirled it, in and around
Angelina's asshole, causing her tormentor to moan softly.

"Oh, you were right babe, this bitch in my ass knows what she's doing,"
Angelina said to Velvet, "She really wants to pleasure our pussies, but I
like having her tongue where it is for now. You hear that Karen? Keep your
fucking tongue in my ass until I say so. Yeah, that's the shit I like, you
really do seem like a pro at this. Fucking lick my asshole until you can't
remember what your name is! Fucking lick my asshole until you can't get the
taste out of your mouth! Fucking lick my asshole until..." Angelina's rant
was cut off by Velvet's lips pressing onto20hers. The fire in Angelina's
voice was a total turn on for Velvet, and she needed to kiss her best
friend/girlfriend to get that fire of hers working with her tongue. Breaking
the kiss, Angelina looked back at Karen, "I bet you're enjoying this, aren't
you bitch?" Karen's head bobbed up and down with her tongue still up
Angelina's ass. "That's what I thought. Well, we like the fact that you would
do anything to pleasure us. And since that tongue of your feels so good up
our asses, I think you've earned the privilege to eat out our pussies. But
just to be certain, go back to licking Velvet's asshole, do that for 10
minutes, and then lick my asshole again for 10 minutes. Then go back to
Velvet's for nine, then mine for nine, then Velvet's for 8, then mine for 8,
and so on, until you reach 1, you got that whore?"

Karen again bobbed her head up and down on Angelina's asshole before slowly
removing her tongue. She then advanced to Velvet's ass and did as Angelina
told her to do. She was determined to complete the process that she was
commanded to do, for her sake, if she didn't, then she couldn't imagine the
pain The Beautiful People would put her through. After almost two hours of
eating out assholes, The Beautiful People pried her tongue out of their
asses. It seems that Karen was so scared that she didn't want to take her
tongue out until she was certain it was ok for her to do so. The Beautiful
People loved the site of Karen inside their asses, but their pussies were
begging for a slut to make them cum. Their wetness and horniness could not be
denied any further, and they had to admit, Karen really did earn the right to
touch their pussies. With two devilish grins on their faces, The Beautiful
People turned over and looked at Karen with a piercing stare.

In her fragile state Karen was too scared to do anything with out permission
and there was a long moment where she just knelt on the floor in front of The
Beautiful People, staring up at them and doing nothing.

"What are you waiting for you dumb bitch? Get to work!" Angelina snapped

"Yeah, get your tongue in our cunts you stupid whore!" Velvet spat.

Karen looked from one woman to the other, trying to figure out who she should
lick first, terrified whichever choice she made would be the wrong one, but
at the same time too afraid to go for to long without obeying her tormentors.
So making a choice Karen dived face first towards Velvet's pussy, even
opening her mouth in preparation to wrap her lips around the blonde's cunt
and shove her tongue deep into her however before she could get the chance
Karen was stopped by a hand which came out of nowhere to grab her hair.

"Wait." Velvet commanded, before turning to her bestie/girlfriend, "Do you
want her mouth first?"

"Awww, that's sweet of you," Angelina said, smiling one of her honest and
genuine smiles which she reserved only for Velvet, "But I wanna see that
whore eat you out first."

"Fine by me." Velvet said, before turning back to Karen, "You hear that
Karen? You get to eat me out first. Aren't you happy about that?"

Karen nodded her head up and down as best she could with Velvet holding her

"Yes you are aren't you, you fucking whore! But first, I want you to kiss
your way up my inner thighs, from here, all the way to here." Velvet
commanded, showing caring where she wanted her to kiss, "Start on the right
leg, then moved to the left, then go back and forth until I tell you to

Karen did as she was instructed, slowly running her lips over Velvet's inner
thighs, gently at first before her eagerness to keep The Beautiful People
happy caused her to slobber all over Velvet's thigh which was something
neither blonde appreciated.

"Ewww, gross, bad bitch." Velvet exclaimed, smacking Karen around the head,
"I said kiss my thighs not slobber on them like some disgusting pig. Clean
that up, clean that up right now!"

"Yeah, clean up your mess you disgusting pig." Angelina chimed in.

Following the instructions as best she could Karen sucked up all of her
slobber before returning to her previous work, gently as possible worshipping
Velvet's inner thighs with her mouth, over, and over again for what felt like
an eternity.

The really fucked up thing was that Karen found herself actually wanting to
eat Velvet's pussy. She hated herself for wanting it but she couldn't deny
the truth. Her own pussy had been dripping since the spanking and being
forced to worship Angelina's and Velvet's asses had only made her want their
pussies more, as had all the verbal abuse she had taken.

Every time Karen kissed her way down Velvet's thighs she would find herself
unable to tear her eyes away from the other woman's cunt, her mouth watering
at the site, her mind imagining for the first time what another woman's pussy
would taste like. In addition to the site was the smell which Karen just
couldn't help but find intoxicating. All in all she wanted Velvet's pussy,
and God dammit she had earned it, she had ate Angelina's and Velvet's asses
for literally hours so why were The Beautiful People denying her their
pussies? It just wasn't fair.

Luckily for Karen as much as Velvet enjoyed the feeling of another woman's
lips on her thighs and the anticipation of those lips on her pussy the blonde
much preferred to actually feel a woman's lips on her pussy and she had had
enough of this foreplay shit.

"Alright that's enough, get your face in my cunt you fucking bitch!" Velvet
yelled, grabbing Karen by the hair and pushing her face first into her pussy,
"Fucking lick me!"

Karen hesitated, but only for a moment, before her tongue slowly slid out of
her mouth, the tip touching the bottom of Velvet's pussy so gently before
Karen got up the nerve to slowly slide her tongue up Velvet's cunt, Karen
licking a pussy for the first time in her life. From the moment Karen got her
first lick of pussy and sampled the delicious taste of another woman she knew
from that moment on she'd be a life long pussy licker and this thought was
only reinforced by the next few licks as she began to lap at Velvet's pussy
like a kitten with a saucer of milk.

The Beautiful People were however not impressed by Karen's soft licks.

"Is that all you got bitch?" Angelina asked as she leant over and brought her
belt down hard upon Karen's ass.

Karen immediately stopped licking Velvet's pussy to let out a loud cry of
pain as the belt smacked off her already beaten red butt.

This was a mistake.

"What do you think you're doing? Get your face back in my cunt you fucking
bitch!" Velvet screamed before pushing Karen back into her pussy and turning
to Angelina, "Whip this bitch until she gets it right!"

"Gladly." Angelina chuckled as she brought her belt down again and again on
Karen's ass, causing the brunette to cry into Velvet's pussy.

For a while Karen didn't do anything but weep into Velvet's cunt as Angelina
continued to beat her ass but eventually she was persuaded to get back to her
licking duties by some gentle words of encouragement...

"Stop crying you fucking whiny little bitch and start eating my pussy!"
Velvet yelled, slapping Karen around the head, "Eat me bitch, eat my pussy!
Lick my cunt you stupid little whore! Lick my oooooh!"

Velvet's verbal abuse of Karen ended in a pleasurable moan as Karen's tongue
slipped out and began to lick her again and for a few brief moments both
women were satisfied. Angelina even stopped beating Karen's ass. But then
Velvet remembered she had wanted more than just a gentle cunt lapping from
Karen and slapped her around the head again.

"More! Get your worthless tongue into my cunt you fucking bitch!" Velvet
ordered as Angelina raised her belt again.

Fearing further whipping Karen's tongue quickly found the blonde's moist love
hole and plunged it as deep into Velvet as it would go.

"Oooooh, that's better bitch, just like that, now fuck me with your worthless
tongue." Velvet moaned, "Oooooh, on second thoughts maybe it isn't
worthless... it's not worthless cause I think we just found a use for it, and
your mouth, didn't we Angelina?"

"Yeah we did." Angelina laughed before raising her hand.

"Holla!" The Beautiful People said in unison as they high-fived.

As The Beautiful People celebrated their victory over Karen the brunette got
to work worshipping Velvet's pussy, sliding her tongue gently around inside
her, carefully listening to her responses as she tongue fucked her. Up, down,
left, right, in, out, Karen experimented with her tongue, seeing what worked
best. Sometimes she would receive a stroke of her hair as an encouragement
for her efforts, sometimes a moan, other times it would be a slap round the
head and more verbal abuse but gradually Karen learned how to please her

Karen only wished she could say truthfully that was all she was trying to do
at this point, please her tormentor, but the truth was that she had loved the
taste of Velvet's pussy from the moment it had touched her lips and every
lick and suck at Velvet's cunt told Karen that she loved being forced to eat
another woman's pussy, if 'forced' was the right word at this point.

Even with the constant verbal abuse and the hand tugging at her hair Karen
was able to block out everything else and just concentrate on licking and
sucking on the tasty treat in front of her. The only reason she didn't become
lost in her new lust for pussy was the random spanks from Angelina, who had
started using her belt on Karen at random intervals, seemingly just for her
amusement and perhaps to keep Karen on her toes.

Of course Karen didn't care anymore about the pain she was receiving, all she
cared about was pleasing the pussy in front of her, fucking it with her
tongue and lovingly sucking at it with her mouth, swallowing all the yummy
juices down her throat, and doing her best to try and ignore everything that
wasn't this heavenly cunt.

Velvet was impressed with Karen's devotion to her cunt.

Sure the bitch had been clumsy at first, and Angelina had punished Karen
accordingly, but eventually the brunette had got better. Even when she wasn't
particularly good at cleaning carpet Karen had been an eager little cunt
lapper though, and now the bitch was getting the hang of it she was really
starting to make Velvet feel good.

Velvet loved having her pussy eaten, and as a bisexual woman she'd been on
the receiving end of a lot of great head from both men and women, although
mostly women, who could have eaten pussy professionally and right now Karen
was quickly reaching professional levels. There were only a few women who had
eaten Velvet's cunt this good, and one of them was her BFF/girlfriend
Angelina so right now Karen was very much impressing her.

The Beautiful People had done this to a few bitches before but she had never
seen such an eager little pussy licker. And her tongue felt so good inside
her, not to mention her mouth, which was sucking at her pussy so wonderfully.
It made Velvet wonder if she should ask Angelina if they could keep Karen as
a pet, their own personal little pussy licker. That sounded fun.

The whole time Velvet was receiving head from Karen the brunette's butt was
on the receiving end of an almost constant ass whipping at the hands of
Angelina, or belt as it were. In fact the only time Angelina wasn't beating
Karen was when she was busy sucking on Velvet's nipples or kissing her girl,
like she was right now.

Velvet could quite happily kiss Angelina from now until the end of time, but
her orgasm was approaching and she wanted to get a little more verbal abuse
on Karen before that happened.

So, breaking the kiss, Velvet moaned and said, "Oh god Angelina, she's eating
my pussy like a pro. I think she's done this before."

"You think so?" Angelina questioned.

"Uh-huh." Velvet said.

"Mm, well why don't we ask her then. How about it bitch," Angelina asked,
pulling Karen's face out of Velvet's cunt.

"Hey, I was using that bitch's mouth." Velvet protested.

"Have you done this before?" Angelina asked, ignoring her bestie/girlfriend.

Karen shook her head and was roughly slapped for it.

"Don't lie bitch!" Angelina snapped.

"I'm not lying I swear." Karen cried before she was slapped again.

"You are lying you pathetic little cunt, now tell us the truth!" Angelina

"Ok, ok, ok, I've done this before." Karen lied, telling Angelina what she
wanted to hear.

"You've eaten pussy before?" Angelina asked.

"Yes." Karen wept.

"Say it." Angelina spat, "Tell us you've eaten pussy before, tell us you love
it, tell us you're nothing but a disgusting little cunt lapper!"

"I've... I've... I've eaten pussy before... I love pussy... I'm a pussy slut,
a disgusting little cunt lapper, a dirty little pussy eater, a filthy little
dyke, a pathetic little lesbo, I'm anything you want me to be." Karen wept,
breaking down under Angelina's cruelty.

"Damn right you are." Velvet said, uncaringly shoving Karen face first back
into her pussy, "Now eat me you no good dyke bitch!"

The moment she was back in between Velvet's legs Karen went into cunt lapping
overdrive, the brunette shamelessly slamming her tongue in and out of her
tormentor's love hole as fast as she could. In addition to speed Karen now
knew a lot of sweet spots inside Velvet's cunt. She knew just how to make her
cry out in pleasure, and that's exactly what she did. With every hard tongue
thrust into Velvet's pussy Karen twirled her tongue around inside the blonde,
touching every sweet spot she had been able to find, bringing her the maximum
amount of pleasure possible.

In addition to the tongue fucking she was giving Karen also wrapped her mouth
tightly around Velvet's pussy lips and sucked ravenously at her hole. The
main reason for this was the same reason for the tongue fucking, to bring
Velvet pleasure, but Karen also had an ulterior motive. The fact was Karen
had become practically addicted to the taste of pussy and this gave her the
perfect opportunity to swallow as much of it as she could get her hands on,
or mouth on as the case may be.

As Karen worships her cunt Velvet moaned loudly at the pleasure she was

Karen was hitting all of the right buttons and Velvet knew it was only a
matter of time before she came, however she wanted to get as much pleasure
from Karen's mouth as possible before she handed her over to her BBF/lover

So, with that in mind, Velvet dug her fingernails into Karen's scalp and
began to thrust her pussy into her victim's mouth, using Karen's face as a
fuck pad.

Much to Velvet's delight despite the changing in place Karen was able to keep
up her pussy eating duties, strenuously licking, sucking and slurping away at
her cunt no matter how brutally Velvet fucked her face. And whenever Velvet
thought Karen was even beginning to show the signs of the slightest hint of
slowing down all Velvet had to do was look at Angelina and her best
friend/girlfriend would savagely whipped Karen's ass once more.

Velvet held out for as long as she could, enjoying the moment, however
eventually everything caught up with her and she began to scream as she went
over the edge.

The moment Velvet opened her mouth Angelina's lips were wrapped around her
nipple sucking away furiously, adding to her stimulation like only she could.
Her baby always did know what she needed and when she needed it.

Crashing over the edge Velvet's body shook violently, her hips going into
overdrive fucking Karen's face as stars flew past her eyes and her body

For her part Karen had become so lost in eating Velvet's pussy she was caught
completely off guard by Velvet's orgasm and most of it joined the pussy juice
which was already covering her face, however because Karen's mouth was open
some of Velvet's cum ended up sliding down her throat and the moment Karen go
t a taste she knew she had to have more. So Karen sealed off Velvet's cunt as
best she could and allowed the other woman's cum to slide into her mouth and
down her throat.

As soon as Velvet's climax had subsided and there was no more cum for her to
swallow Karen felt another hand on the back of her head lifting her away from
Velvet's pussy.

"My turn now bitch!" Angelina said, as she shoved Karen's face into her
weighting cunt.

Now completely cunt crazy Karen slammed her tongue into Angelina the second
her face was buried into her pussy and began to give her the exact same
assault she had been giving Velvet, sucking and fucking her with her mouth
and tongue like a woman possessed.

However Karen soon realised that there was subtle differences between
Angelina's pussy and Velvet's pussy, meaning she had a whole new set of
pleasure zones to find, a task she was more than up for.

As before Karen carefully slid her tongue around inside of her tormentor's
cunt, paying close attention to both the verbal and physical response she got
from Angelina as she worshipped her pussy.

Karen experimented with her tongue moving it through Angelina's cunt, up,
down, left, right, in, out, seeing what worked best. Like before the feedback
she received was varied. Sometimes she would receive a stroke of her hair as
an encouragement for her efforts, sometimes a moan, other times it would be a
slap round the head and more verbal abuse but after receiving similar
treatment before Karen was a lot quicker this time in learning how to please

As Karen began to find it easier telling the subtle differences between
pleasing Angelina and pleasing Velvet she also began to appreciate the subtle
differences between the way Angelina tasted compared to Velvet. Velvet's
pussy had been delicious and from tasting Angelina's cunt Karen now knew it
wasn't a fluke before, she loved the taste of pussy and just couldn't get

Her whole life now seem to revolve around pussy, pleasing it, worshipping it,
fucking it with her tongue, the whole time greedily sucking at it with her
mouth, guzzling all the tasty juices down her hungry throat, Karen becoming
completely lost in the pussy her face was buried in.

Angelina was surprised at Karen's pussy eating skills.

After a clumsy and awkward start, which she had been punished for, Karen had
slowly and surely got it right. The fact that Karen was a little slow on
learning how to please her didn't surprise Angelina, what did surprise her
however was how good Karen became at eating her cunt when the brunette got in
touch with her inner dyke.

Being bisexual Angelina had received alot of great head over the years from
both men and women, although mostly women, who could have eaten pussy for the
Olympics and if pussy eating ever became recognised as an Olympic sport than
Kurt wouldn't be the only member of the Angle family to have a gold medal.

In fact the only woman who had eaten her cunt as good as this was Angelina's
bestie/lover Velvet which was very, very impressive. Not that Angelina would
acknowledge that verbally of course.

Angelina and Velvet had reduced stuck up bitches like Karen to whimpering
little pussy lickers before, but none of the bitches The Beautiful People had
broken before had been this... eager. Perhaps they should keep Karen around,
as a pet, their own personal little cunt lapping pet. That would be fun.

As Angelina enjoyed Karen's mouth Velvet took over whipping the brunette's
butt with her belt, at first because Karen was failing to please Angelina,
but eventually Velvet just ended up doing it for the fun of it. And just like
when Angelina had done this Velvet occasionally stopped beating Karen so she
could turn to her special friend and take a nipple into her mouth, or suck on
her neck, or kiss her, anything to bring her BBF/lover pleasure.

Angelina greatly enjoyed the treatment she was receiving, but before she came
she wanted to further humiliate Karen, and she had a brilliant idea just how
to do that.

Pulling Karen away from her cunt Angelina bent forward until they were
practically face to face and said, "Open your mouth bitch!"

Karen tried to do as she had been told but it was not enough.

"Wider bitch!" Angelina yelled as she slapped Karen in the face.

Karen opened her mouth as wide as she could.

"Stick out your tongue." Angelina ordered.

Again Karen obeyed. After she did Angelina spat into her open mouth and then
pushed her back down to her pussy.

"Push my spit back into me, use it to pleasure me!" Angelina laughed.

This process was then repeated over and over, The Beautiful People taking it
in turns to spit into Karen's mouth before shoving her back down to
Angelina's cunt. More often than not Angelina and Velvet would intentionally
miss Karen's mouth and aim for another part of her face, laughing as they
spat into Karen's tear stained eyes and cum stained cheeks, forehead, hair,

Fresh tears run down Karen's cheeks at this humiliation but it only seemed to
turn her on further, as did the constant physical and verbal abuse she
received. And The Beautiful People were of course loving every moment of
degrading the formerly stuck up Karen Angle and putting her in her place,
which was of course beneath The Beautiful People.

Eventually when the feeling of degrading Karen combined with the bitch's
mouth and tongue became too much for her Angelina pressed Karen's face down
and grinded her personal whore for the night into her cunt and came with a
loud scream.

Velvet returned the favour from earlier and sucked one of Angelina's nipples
into her mouth as her friend/girlfriend came in Karen's face, her body
shaking just as violently as Velvet's had done earlier.

Once again Karen's mouth was filled with girl cum but unlike last time there
was no hesitation. The moment she tasted girl cum on her lips Karen willingly
pressed her face deeper into Angelina's cunt so she could better swallow her
tormentor's cream, her once high and mighty persona a thing of the past as
she became obsessed with swallowing another woman's cum.

However even when she had finished swallowing Angelina's cum the ordeal for
Karen Angle was far from over.

For the next two hours or so The Beautiful People passed around Karen like
she was a piece of meat, using her mouth for their pleasure, and their
pleasure alone, not once doing a single thing to bring any pleasure to Karen.

At first Karen didn't mind this but as she continued to eat pussy she became
more and more aroused until it felt like she could cum just from eating pussy
but the truth was she needed a little added stimulation before she could
achieve her climax and The Beautiful People seem determined not to let her
have it.

A few times Karen's hand tried to travel down to her pussy but every time she
reached her destination she only had the briefest moment to flick her clit
before either Angelina or Velvet would slap her hand away and then give her a
few extra hard beatings with the belt, screaming at her, reminding her that
for tonight she was nothing but their whore, their slut, their bitch, their
toy, a living, breathing dildo which lived only for their pleasure.

Karen wept and cried and pleaded but eventually she gave up on her own
pleasure, the pain she received for disobeying The Beautiful People and
touching herself not worth the moment of pleasure she felt right before the
inevitable whipping.

After she had completely given up on her own pleasure Karen20devoted herself
completely to The Beautiful People's cunts, her whole world becoming revolved
around using her mouth and tongue to please Angelina and Velvet.

Karen tried using her fingers on them at one point but after she tried that
not only were her hands slapped a way but for a few horrible moments she was
denied The Beautiful People's pussies as Angelina and Velvet both
concentrated on beating her butt to the point of almost bleeding.

After that Karen's arms hung limply by her sides as The Beautiful People
guided her from one cunt to the other, the poor, once respectable woman
becoming completely lost in eating pussy.

The Beautiful People enjoyed their personal little cunt licker and her
surprisingly gifted tongue, using it to achieve many orgasms but eventually
they became bored with Karen's mouth.

Exchanging a look with each other they smiled wickedly.

They were each in agreement, it was time to move on and really put this bitch
in her place.

Karen felt The Beautiful People start to push her face away from their
pussies, but she tried to stay in place. The taste of pussy was one Karen
could not get enough of, at this point, and she wanted to get more and more.
However, she soon felt a familiar pain on her ass, as both Velvet and
Angelina whipped her ass with their belts simultaneously. Karen raised her
head up and cried out before Angelina pie-faced her and sent Karen to the
ground. Angelina then got up off the bed and went over to Velvet's and hers
travelling bag and searched for two items. Karen got up off the ground and
tried to get in between Velvet's legs again, but Velvet grabbed her by the
throat and face before kissing the bitch in front of her, tasting a mix of
her own and her special friend's love juice.

"Ah Ha!" Angelina exclaimed, "There they are!"

Angelina grabbed two strap-on dildos from the bag and walked back over to the
bed, where Velvet was now holding Karen's mouth open. Before strapping in the
dildo, Angelina spit in Karen's mouth again. Once the strap-on was on her,
Angelina used it to cock slap Karen a few times as Velvet strapped on her
dildo. Karen felt constant shots to her cheeks of fake, inch and a half
thick, dick. Velvet then stood up and grabbed the kneeling Karen by the hair
again and pulled her back by it, causing Karen to moan out. Taking advantage
of the situation, Velvet then spit in Karen's mouth once more before sitting
back down onto the bed and forcing her strap-on into Karen's mouth and making
the bitch suck on it.

"I'm so excited to fuck this bitch up the ass!" Velvet exclaimed to her best
friend and lover Angelina. "I'm gonna get her ass warmed up for you girl!"
"That's sweet of you," Angelina replied in a loving tone, one Karen had not
heard before. "I think I'll get this whore's cunt ready for you in return."

Leaning down so that her head was next to Karen's pussy, Angelina examined
and was surprised, yet pleased, to see what had been happening to Karen. Even
after all the abuse, Karen's pussy was all wet, and it appeared that Karen
was almost enjoying this as much as The Beautiful People.

Angelina turned to her girl and said, "Get this bitch off your cock for a sec

"Sure thing," Velvet replied, shoving Karen's face, causing the dildo to pop
out of her mouth.

"Well well well Karen. I just took a look at that nasty cunt of yours, and
guess what, you're all wet and sticky down there. You know what that means
don't you? That means you are enjoying every bit of this. You are a total
slut aren't you? Not only do you bend over for anyone and everyone, but you
take the punishment like a total pain slut. Karen, do you know what we do to
a cunt of a person like you? We fuck those cunts and keep them as our little
toys. Tell me Karen, do you want to be a part of that collection? Oh and by
the way, there is only one right choice here, so don't take too long to think
about it."

Everything that Angelina just said to Karen was true at that moment. She had
loved everything that had just happened to her. She wanted to be The
Beautiful People's fuck-toy right then and there, and that scared her. What
was even more creepy was that, as Angelina talked down to her, Karen was
getting even more aroused. Karen knew the decision she should make, and that
was to run, but she felt that she needed to stay. With that realization,
Karen's eyes started to water again as she nodded her head yes.

"I w ant to hear this bitch tell us where she belongs!" Velvet said

Angelina slapped Karen across the face with her strap-on, "Make Velvet happy
and tell her how you feel! Do you want to be a part of our collection?!"
Angelina yelled in a commanding tone, pulling back on Karen's hair.

"YES!" Karen shouted threw the pain, "I want to be your little fuck-doll! Add
me to your collection and use me anyway you want!"

Satisfied, with a smirk on her face, Angelina leaned in to Karen's face and
roughly kissed the bitch for a few seconds. Then, without warning, Angelina
grabbed Karen's face, broke the kiss, stood her up, and threw her backwards
onto the bed beside Velvet.

"Fuck her face in while I fuck this cunt to shreds!" Angelina said. Velvet
laughed and high fived her special friend before crawling onto the bed.

Velvet then positioned herself so that her strap-on was just about to enter
Karen's mouth. Last time, Karen only got half way, but this time, Velvet was
going to force all 12 inches of her strap-on down Karen's throat. At first,
Velvet slowly pushed the strap-on into Karen's mouth, and when she got half
way again, she forced the rest into Karen's mouth. Gagging, Karen started to
cough and choke on the dildo, until Velvet pulled out a bit. She gave Karen a
mere second to relax her throat before thrusting into her mouth. Velvet
repeated this for the whole time, and eventually, Karen stopped gagging, and
started to suck and slobber on Velvet's strap-on as her mouth was used as a

Once Velvet started to get into a rhythm, Angelina looked down at the cunt of
Karen Angle. It was oozing with wetness, and was prime for loving, but
Angelina was not going to make love to Karen's pussy, she was going to fuck
Karen's cunt and tear it apart.

Spitting onto the pussy, Angelina grabbed onto Karen's hips before slowly
pushing her strap-on into Karen, penetrating her pussy. The head of the fake
cock slid in easily into Karen's pussy, but Angelina wasn't going to give
Karen the chance to relax after the initial penetration like Angelina did
when she fucked Velvet, no, she didn't even pause, she just kept pressing
forwards until there was 8 inches of dildo inside her new bitch. From there,
Angelina dug her nails into Karen's flesh and forced the dildo all the way
into Karen's pussy with her second, even harder thrust.

Without a moment's pause Angelina began to hump and thrust in and out of
Karen's cunt before she began experimenting and having some fun with her
brand-new little fuck toy.

Angelina pulled out half-way before quickly shoving the strap-on all the way
back into Karen's pussy. She pulled out at different paces and always shoved
the dildo back in as far as she could. The moans of Karen were heard
throughout the room, as they were muffled due to the 12 inches of strap-on in
her mouth.

This was quite a site. On the bed were The Beautiful People and Karen Angle,
positioned so that Karen's legs were hanging off the side of the bed with
Angelina standing on the floor while fucking her pussy, and with Velvet
fucking her mouth as she rested the lower half of her body on Karen.

Velvet was showing no regard for Karen's mouth whatsoever now, simply using
it as a cunt, an orifice for her pleasure, and all that could be heard from
Karen were slurping sounds and moans of pain and pleasure.

All the while Angelina was having a field day fucking Karen's pussy. Angelina
was done playing around with Karen and now she was in the process of giving
her new bitch a real pussy pounding. And that's what she was giving her. A
real pussy pounding. Angelina was tearing through Karen's cunt like she was
trying to rip it apart and if Karen hadn't been such a slut maybe she would
have succeeded. That being said Karen was surprisingly tight and Angelina
couldn't wait to see what her ass would be like, but for now she was more
than happy with fucking her pussy. And that was exactly what she was doing,
fucking Karen's pussy with lightning fast speed, thrusting and humping into
her, her hips bashing against Karen's inner thighs which were turning pink
under the abuse.

Karen didn't mind though. She was too busy being lost in a heaven of
pleasure, caused by this wonderful fucking. Karen had been serving The
Beautiful People's pussies and asses with her mouth and tongue for hours, and
that combined with the verbal and physical abuse she had suffered had gotten
Karen to the point where she was desperate to be fucked, and now she was
finally getting what she wanted and she was loving every second of it. And as
an added bonus while she was receiving such pleasure the two wonderful women
that had broken her and introduced her to the joys of pussy eating and ass
licking were taking their pleasure from her body, using her mouth and cunt
for their own enjoyment and Karen welcomed it. For now she was too
overwhelmed with pleasure to do anything else but let The Beautiful People
use her, and more importantly, be happy for it.

All three women were loving every moment of this fucking and they wished they
could keep it up but they knew they couldn't. Their pleasure was growing and
it was only a matter of time before they all came.

Both The Beautiful People also got stimulation from the fuckings they were
delivering as their strap-ons constantly pleasured their clits while they
fucked Karen.

Angelina was now working double time then what she had done before, and
started to long-dick Karen, causing Karen's body to shake beneath The
Beautiful People.

Predicting an orgasm about to go through Karen, Velvet allowed herself to cum
from the stimulation coming off of Karen's mouth threw her strap-on. Once a
quickie went through her, Velvet pulled her strap-on out of Karen's mouth and
let her gargled moans escape from her mouth.

Angelina then leaned down, bucking and fucking Karen with no remorse, as the
moaning and groaning bitch before her was about to cum. Laughing as she
fucked Karen, Angelina looked up at Velvet, who started to bite down on one
of Karen's nipples.

A scream roared out of Karen's mouth, music to the Beautiful People's ears,
as she came. After being aroused for hours and then suddenly overwhelmed with
pleasure Karen came harder than she ever had done before in her life, her
orgasm ripping through her like a tidal wave as she was fucked senseless, her
mind melting under the heavenly pleasure.

Laughing maniacally now after seeing what she had done to her new bitch,
Angelina let herself cum, the clit stimulator on her strap on doing its job,
the force of her climax and the power of Karen's bucking almost causing
Angelina to stop what she was doing but instead she powered through,
continuing to fuck Karen's pussy all the way through her orgasm.

When her climax was finally done Angelina pulled out of Karen's pussy,
panting like crazy before she turned to her BBF/girlfriend and exchanged a

"This bitch's pussy has had so much dick," Angelina mocked.

"Too much dick," Velvet responded, "But let's see how much dick her ass can

"Ooo, she's all yours babe." Angelina said.

The Beautiful People kissed as Karen lay beneath them, panting and gasping
for air, unaware that she was nowhere near finished being used by Angelina
Love and Velvet Sky.

The kiss between The Beautiful People was long and passionate. It did at
least give Karen some chance to recover but not much. Just as Karen's
breathing almost returned to normal Velvet broke the kiss and turn to her.

"Hands and knees bitch." Velvet barked, "I'm about to tear your ass up, and I
want you on your hands and knees so I can enjoy watching your ass get

Long past the point of disobedience Karen hurried to do as she was told,
turning herself over and lifting herself up onto her hands and knees. She
then felt a set of hands on her ass cheeks and whimpered as they were spread

Taking a good look for the first time at Karen's ass hole The Beautiful
People burst out laughing.

"I guess Kurt was telling the truth, she does take it up the ass." Velvet

"Take it up the ass, fuck, it looks like the entire locker room has been up
there!" Angelina snickered.

"Is that right Karen? Has the entire locker room been up your ass?" Velvet
asked mockingly, "Are you just a disgusting little up the butt slut who just
can't get enough of it in the ass?"

Karen nodded, tears once again forming in her eyes but that wasn't good
enough for The Beautiful People.

"Tell us bitch!" Angelina demanded, letting go of Karen's ass cheeks and
smacking them, "Tell us what you are!"

"I'm a disgusting little up the butt slut who just can't get enough of it in
the ass!" Karen cried out, telling The Beautiful People what they wanted to
hear, which of course caused them to laugh at her again.

"Looks like this bitch doesn't need her ass stretched out for you so you can
have her ass first if you want!" Velvet offered her best friend/girlfriend
once they had finished laughing.

"Awww, that's sweet," Angelina said, " But I got first dibs on the last
whore's ass so I think it's only fair you get to rip this bitch's ass hole
open first."

"Oh Angelina, you're the best." Velvet said happily, before kissing her
special friend again before moving so that she was behind Karen.

Spreading the brunette's ass cheeks Velvet lent down and spit directly onto
Karen's ass hole before straightening up and pressing her strap onto her
bitch's butt hole.

Velvet considered slamming forwards with all her might and trying to bury the
entire 12 inch dildo in Karen's ass in one powerful thrust, but she decided
against it, not because she couldn't do it, but because she wanted to see
Karen's shit hole slowly stretching around her strap on and then watch inch
after inch disappear into that cock depository Karen called an ass hole.

Karen cried out and lowered her head in pain as she felt her back door being
slowly forced open, and then cried out again when her hair was grabbed and
yanked upwards until Karen found herself looking into the eyes of Angelina.

"I'd relaxed that whore ass of yours if I were you bitch, cause me and Velvet
are going to tear that ass up and you might as well make it easy on yourself
and give us that ass rather than making us take it, because believe me, if
you make us take it, we'll make sure that you'll never shit right again!"
Angelina threatened as she continued pulling at Karen's hair.

Whimpering at the threat Karen concentrated all her efforts on relaxing under
the circumstances. She had been trying to relax before but she had been
finding it difficult and that didn't change. The fact was that her ass had
never taken something as big as what The Beautiful People were packing. Up
until this point the biggest thing Karen had taken up her butt had been her
ex-husband's 8 inch cock and that had been a struggle. Plus whenever Karen
had been butt fucked in the past it had always been by someone she trusted
and loved, at least at the time anyway, and certainly by no one who was
threatening to 'tear her ass up'. Karen feared what The Beautiful People
would do to her ass hole, but she had no choice, she had sworn to service
them and she was too physically and emotionally exhausted to get away from
them even if she tried.

So Karen surrendered her ass hole to The Beautiful People before they took it
from her, praying they would not ruin her ass hole to the point where she
could 'never shit right again'.

Moments after Karen surrendered her ass hole to The Beautiful People, with a
groan from Karen and an extra large push from Velvet, Karen's ass hole
stretched wide enough to let the head of the dildo inside her back passage,
The Beautiful People laughing at Karen's discomfort.

"God, that's hot." Velvet said, as she watched Angelina spread Karen's ass
cheeks so they could get a better look at the dildo invading Karen's ass

"It's only hot because this is the one thing this bitch is good for!"
Angelina pointed out, "The only thing she is good for is to be fucked."

"You're so right baby." Velvet said, leaning down towards Angelina.

"You know I am babe." Angelina chuckled before kissing Velvet.

Velvet had only meant to give Angelina a quick peck on the lips but as with a
lot of times when kissing her life partner she became lost in the kiss and
for a short while forgot all about Karen and her ass hole.

This didn't last however, and just when Karen thought she was going to get a
break she cried out as Velvet slammed her hips forward and buried a couple
more inches into her rectum.

The Beautiful People broke the kiss and laughed out loud at Karen's pain,
Angelina spreading Karen's ass cheeks again so they could watch as Velvet
filled their bitch's butt hole with strap on dick.

Velvet took her time in stuffing Karen's shit locker with her cock, slowly
sliding inch after inch into the brunette's bowels, watching with glee as
Karen's poop shoot had to stretch to accommodate more and more of her dildo,
the bitch's suffering backside on perfect display thanks to Angelina
spreading Karen's butt cheeks. It was this part of a butt fucking Velvet
loved the most. Watching some bitch's ass hole being forced open by a dildo
strapped around her waist, inch after inch disappearing up a bitch's dirt
track, the bitch in question powerless to do anything but to allow her to
sodomise her, too let her use her most private of holes for her pleasure,
Velvet just couldn't imagine a bigger rush.

The slow invasion of her bowels was actually good for Karen because it gave
her a chance to adjust to the monster sized dildo determined to turn her crap
factory into a cock depository, her rectum stretching and straining around
the strap on being stuffed inch by inch into her shit hole. After Angelina
had buried her dildo quickly into her pussy, or at least by comparison, Karen
was so grateful to Velvet giving her the chance to relax around the huge poll
in her poo pipe, but the truth was Velvet's slowness was nothing to do with
Karen's comfort and had everything to do with The Beautiful People just
enjoying the sight of her stretched wide out back door.

For all three women in some ways the stuffing of Karen Angle's ass hole felt
like an eternity and yet at the same time it felt like it only took seconds
in between the moment Velvet first penetrated Karen's pooper and the moment
Velvet's thighs came to rest against Angelina's hands which were still
spreading Karen's ass cheeks announcing every single inch of that big dildo
had been buried right up the once high and mighty Karen Angle's butt.

"Oh my God look at that," Angelina practically moaned as she spread Karen's
butt cheeks even wider so both she and Velvet could get the best view of
Karen's fully stuffed ass possible, "You got every inch up that slutty ass,
oh baby I'm so proud of you."

"Awww, thanks baby," Velvet said smiling, "Wanna watch me stretch this
bitch's ass hole out even further?"

"Oh fuck yeah, stretch that slut's shit hole! Break her fucking back door!
Tear that ass wide open! Make sure she can't close it ever again!" Angelina
said excitedly as Velvet began trying to accommodate her request.

Both The Beautiful People practically moaned softly as they watched Velvet
slowly pulling out of Karen's ass hole, watching that tight, abused anal ring
slowly stretching around Velvet's strap on as inch after inch was removed
from Karen's rectum until it was about halfway out before they smiled
wickedly at each other and Velvet slammed back into Karen's shit shoot with
all her might.

Karen cried out loudly, the momentary relief of the re-movement of the dildo
suddenly replaced by the terrible pain of having her bowels suddenly forced
open again by the entire length of the strap on, The Beautiful People
laughing at her discomfort.

Velvet repeated this over and over for a long while, slowly sodomising Karen,
stretching out her shit hole for the ass slamming to come. Not that Velvet
was doing Karen any favours, no, she was far more concerned with preparing
Karen's ass for Angelina. Velvet knew how much Angelina loved pounding ass.
They both did but while Velvet loved fucking another woman's ass Angelina was
practically in love with fucking another woman's ass. Velvet had seen the
look in Angelina's eyes when she was putting some bitch in her place with a
nice rough butt fucking and she knew how much her bestie/lover cherished
being able to rip apart an ass hole and Velvet just wanted to make sure when
Angelina got her hands on Karen she would be able to slide the strap on into
Karen's shitty depths like a knife through butter and once she had buried her
dildo inside Karen's bowels her girl would be able to tear their new bitch's
butt hole apart with ease.

With the purpose of stretching Karen out for the vicious and brutal butt
fucking which was her destiny at the hands of her friend/girlfriend Velvet
experimented with different techniques in stretching out Karen's shit pipe.

After spending a long time slowly pulling out before hammering her dildo back
inside Karen's back door Velvet switched techniques so that she was slowly
sawing in and out of Karen's butt, stopping every so often to rotate her hips
so the strap on moved around inside Karen's colon, stretching her shit hole
this way and that.

After enjoying this technique for quite a while Velvet changed her tactics,
this time pulling her dildo all the way out of Karen's ass and studying her
victim's gaping back passage. Because of the way Angelina was still spreading
Karen's butt cheeks their bitch's ass hole was on complete display and The
Beautiful People could see deep into Karen's rectum which at this point more
resembled a bottomless pit than a butt hole. After pulling out of Karen's ass
Velvet would wait a while before plunging her strap on back inside Karen's
poop hole. The time constantly varied. Sometimes Velvet would wait only
seconds before slamming her dildo back inside Karen's shitter, other times
she would wait until Karen's ass hole had completely closed before burying
her dick back inside Karen's butt, and of course as time went on and Karen's
shitty depths were stretched out and loosened it took longer and longer for
Karen's butt hole to close completely until it got to the point where Velvet
began running out of patience before Karen's ass closed itself and just
forced her way back into Karen's bowels before her ass hole had returned to

Velvet then began switching between these techniques, mixing and matching
them, playing with Karen's ass hole like the toy it was, playing with Karen
like the toy she was.

As Velvet used Karen's ass hole for fun Angelina continued to do what she
could to make this buggering of another woman as good for Velvet as possible.
She kissed, licked and sucked at Velvet's nipples, kissed her special friend,
and stroked her lover's body in between holding Karen's ass cheeks open, just
anything she could to help Velvet degrade and fuck this bitch.

Velvet looked so beautiful pounding Karen's ass and Angelina loved watching
her BBF/girlfriend slowly sodomising and stretching out Karen and her desire
to take a more active role in the fucking and degrading of Karen Angle soon
took over and after one last long passionate kiss with her girl Angelina let
go of Karen's butt cheeks and went to lay down in front of Karen so that she
was leaning back against the pillows. Once she was there Angelina grabbed
Karen by the hair and the base of her dildo and pressed the tip of her strap
on against Karen's lips.

Without needing to be told Karen opened her mouth and took the dildo inside,
not giving a moment's thought to the fact that it had been so recently buried
inside her own pussy, but instead immediately beginning to slobber all over
it in an attempt to give Angelina's cock the best blow job possible.

Not that long ago this would have been because Karen would have just been
afraid what would happen to her if she didn't do everything in her power to
please The Beautiful People however to her that felt like a whole lifetime
ago. The truth was Karen felt that she had been on a constant sexual high and
she could never remember being this turned on in her life. If she was
truthful with herself Karen knew she had loved every disgusting and degrading
thing The Beautiful People had done to her and now all she wanted to do was
pleased them in any way possible and if that meant sucking a huge strap on
dick while taking another up the butt then so be it.

Although she had fought it at first Karen had now lost herself to her own
desires and was The Beautiful People's happy little fuck pet. Sure there was
a moment when Velvet was trying to shove what had felt like a telephone poll
up her butt were she had hated it but after her ass hole had adjusted to its
size and properly relaxed thanks to Velvet's stretching tactics and pain had
faded away and now all that was left was pure bliss.

Karen loved it up the ass and after what felt like hours of anal pleasure at
the hands of Velvet all Karen wanted now was for The Beautiful People to
fulfil the earlier threat and tear her ass up. She wanted The Beautiful
People to rape her ass so hard that every time she sat down, or walked
around, or took a shit she would feel agonising pain to remind her of the
butt pounding she had received at the hands of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

Karen wanted to beg The Beautiful People to rape her ass but she was too
afraid to take the dildo out of her mouth in case she might upset them so
instead she concentrated all her efforts on sucking cock.

Thanks to Velvet previously using her mouth as a cunt Karen was able t o
relax her throat muscles enough so she could soon get her lips right down to
the base of Angelina's strap on, the tamed beauty bobbing her head furiously
on the cock as she switched between slobbering and sucking on it, tasting her
own juices on Angelina's dick.

Angelina laughed at Karen as her bitch continued sucking on her strap on.

"Look at this bitch." Angelina said to Velvet, "Not so high and mighty now is

"That's because now she knows her place." Velvet said dismissively as she
continued enjoying Karen's ass.

"Is that right..." Angelina said thoughtfully as she turned her attention to
her bitch, "Is it Karen? Do you now know your place?"

Karen nodded as she continued bobbing on the dildo, but that was not a
satisfactory answer and it earned her a hard slap across the face.

"Answer your betters when they ask you a question bitch!" Angelina spat as
she pulled Karen off her dick, "Do you know your place?"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" Karen wept, after another slap.

"What is it then? I want to hear you say it." Angelina demanded.

Karen paused for a moment, her mind racing as she desperately tried to think
of the right response before ultimately going with, "Sucking and fucking?"

"No, that's all you're good for!" Angelina said, slapping Karen again,
"You're place is serving The Beautiful People as our bitch. That's all you
are now you know, our bitch. You're just our bitch, our slut, our whore, our
toy, our cunt, you're anything we fucking want you to be. Do you understand

"I understand. I understand I'm nothing but your bitch. I'm nothing but your
bitch, your slut, your whore, your toy, your cunt, I'm anything you fucking
want me to be. Please, use me, use your bitch, use your slut, use your whore,
use your toy, use your cunt, use me anyway you want." Karen pleaded.

"You wanna be used do you slut?" Angelina asked.

"Yes!" Karen cried.

"Are you going to be a good little bitch?" Angelina asked.

"Yes." Karen said, before quickly adding, "I'll be a good little bitch."

"Who's good little bitch?" Angelina asked.

"You're good little bitch. Angelina's good little bitch." Karen proclaimed.

"Your my bitch?" Angelina asked.

"Yes, I'm your bitch." Karen said.

"And are you Velvet's bitch?" Angelina asked.

"Yes, I'm Velvet's bitch." Karen said.

"Well tell her then." Angelina ordered.

Turning her head around so she could look at the woman who was still
sodomising her Karen said, "I'm your bitch Velvet."

"My bitch huh?" Velvet inquired.

"Your bitch." Karen parroted.

"Mm." Velvet said, "If you're my bitch do I own your ass hole?"

"Yes, you own my ass hole." Karen said.

"No, but I'm about too." Velvet said menacingly as she tightened her grip on
Karen's hips and prepared to show her bitch what she meant by owning her ass

Karen let out an ear piercing scream as the slow sodomy she had been
receiving suddenly turned into a brutal butt fucking in a matter of a few
strokes, Velvet all of a sudden slamming her shitter with all her might and
causing pain to shoot through Karen's rectum like never before.

The scream didn't last long however because after only a few seconds Angelina
used her grip on Karen's hair to push her head downwards, Angelina stuffing
her strap on inside Karen's open mouth and forcing her all the way down to
the base.

"Yeah, that's it Velvet, own that ass hole! Show our new bitch who's boss!"
Angelina encouraged her friend/girlfriend, paying very little attention to
Karen who was choking on her dildo.

As Angelina used her dildo to choke Karen's throat Velvet used her dildo to
practically rape Karen's ass, slamming through the beaten woman's bowels as
hard as she could.

Velvet was done playing around with Karen's ass hole and was in the mood to
give this formally high and mighty bitch the kind of ruthless butt pounding a
whore like her needed to be put in her place. Velvet wanted Karen to scream
for her, to cry and weep at the force of the ass fucking she was giving her,
to cause her pain and teacher a lesson, a lesson not to mess with The
Beautiful People. However there was another reason for Velvet sudden
brutality and that was that she wanted to prove to Angelina that she could be
just a good as an ass pounder as she was.

With in The Beautiful People both of them knew that Angelina was the more
dominant of the two. She was just a little more sadistic than Velvet, a
little more brutal, a little stronger, and, even Velvet had to admit, the
better wrestler. When it came to sex between just the two of them Angelina
was almost always the dominant one and in truth Velvet only dominated
Angelina when Angelina was in a submissive mood and allowed Velvet to do so.
Deep down in her heart Velvet knew she was practically Angelina's bitch,
which had always bothered her, but she was in love with Angelina and Angelina
didn't rub this fact in her face which made Velvet love her all the more. And
besides, it wasn't that bad being Angelina's unofficial bitch. But still the
situation frustrated her from time to time and Velvet was about to take all
her frustrations out on Karen's ass hole and show Angelina while she maybe a
little less dominant than she was Velvet could still tear a bitch's butt hole

And that's exactly what Velvet did. She tore through Karen's bowels like she
was literally trying to ruin her rectum, the strap on pounding in and out of
Karen's pooper at lightning speed, the sound of Velvet's thighs smacking off
Karen's ass cheeks echoing throughout the room along with the gurgling and
moaning sounds coming from Karen who still had a throat full of dildo which
she was choking on.

The sounds inside the room would turning Angelina on, as was the feeling of
the knob on the inside of her strap on rubbing on her clit as Karen sucked
her cock, and the sight of Karen sucking on her cock, but most of all it was
the sight of her girl completely owning Karen's ass and showing her who's
boss which got Angelina's juices flowing.

Angelina felt so proud of her BBF/lover in that moment. In truth Velvet
didn't have to prove anything to her, Angelina already knew she could fuck
ass just as well as any dominating female out there and the fact that Velvet
was more submissive when they were together didn't bother her in fact she
loved it. Velvet wasn't just a bitch to Angelina, she was her girl, her
everything, and Angelina never thought of what she did with Velvet as
dominating her, she saw it as giving her what she needed.

The Beautiful People were two very dominating women but each of them had a
submissive side which they only showed each other, and no one else. When it
came to being with other men and women The Beautiful People were always
dominant but with each other they could be just them. But it wasn't just them
at this moment, and Angelina was perfectly happy about that. Angelina loved
being with Velvet but she also loved fucking bitches like Karen Angle and
putting them in their place, and she couldn't wait to do so.

As much as Angelina was enjoying watching Velvet fucking Karen's ass while
Karen sucked her cock it just wasn't enough. Angelina wanted to physically be
fucking Karen too, and that was exactly what she was going to do.

Waiting until Karen bobbed her head downwards so that every inch was inside
her throat again Angelina tightened her grip on the back of Karen's head,
forcing her to remain where she was as Angelina repositioned herself, first
sitting up and then kneeling so she was now facing Velvet. With both hands on
the back of Karen's head now Angelina began sawing in and out of Karen's
mouth, fucking her throat and turning the once proud Karen Angle into a face

Once Angelina had established a rhythm in fucking Karen's mouth she locked
her eyes with Velvet and The Beautiful People became lost in lovingly staring
at each other. Their eyes spoke words of love to each other as they continue
to fuck their bitch, Karen becoming almost a vessel, The Beautiful People
showing how much they loved each other by how hard they could fuck her, while
at the same time making clear to each other through their eyes that Karen was
nothing to either of them, just a slab of meat for them to enjoy, a pig being
skewered on a spit roast for their satisfaction, a piece of ass for them to
use and abuse as they saw fit.

As The Beautiful People became lost in each other's eyes Karen became lost in
the wonderful fucking she was receiving. Like when Velvet had first started
stuffing Karen's ass hole with strap on dick, and then again when the butt
fucking had began, when Velvet had started viciously pound fucking her pooper
there had been a lot of pain, but unlike the initial back door penetration
the pain of the rough butt fucking quickly melted away and only a few moments
after Velvet began slamming her shit hole Karen noticed those sparks of
pleasure coming from her ass hole in the same way they had done during her
shitter stretching and as the sodomy continued they became more and more
powerful until Karen began to feel like there were lightning bolts of ecstasy
running from the inside of her butt hole all the way to her brain.

It was just so unbelievably good. Velvet was fucking Karen up the ass better
than anyone had ever fucked Karen up the ass before. All the men that had
butt fucked Karen in the past had spent very little time slowly fucking her
ass before they had got carried away and started drilling through her back
passage like they were trying to strike oil or something. But Velvet, she had
slowly sodomised Karen for what felt like hours, slowly stretched out her
shit hole and allowed her rectum muscles to not just relax, but to become
stimulated until Karen thought she was going to go crazy from her anal lust
and now finally Velvet was pounding her ass just as hard as any man had done
but because Velvet had taken the time to stretch out and stimulate her butt
hole Karen's ass felt like it was on fire with pleasure.

And on top of that Karen knew it wasn't a matter of time before the dick in
her ass when soft. Velvet's dick would never go soft and the other woman
could slam Karen's shit pipe for as long as she wanted, until Velvet was
finished taking her pleasure from fucking Karen's ass hole. And oh how Karen
hoped Velvet was taking pleasure from fucking her ass hole.

Whether it was the anal or verbal abuse something had snapped inside Karen
and now she realised that Angelina was right, she was nothing but The
Beautiful People's fuck toy and she should be grateful to them for allowing
her the privilege of being their bitch. Karen had been privately hoping to
herself that she could please her new owners with her slut body when Angelina
had started using her mouth as a pussy and Karen welcomed it like the honour
she now realised it was. She rejoiced in Angelina using her as a face pussy
and prayed that her owner would use her mouth for her pleasure in the same
way Velvet was using her ass hole for her pleasure.

And it seemed Karen got her wish as The Beautiful People spit roasted her for
what felt like an eternity but in reality was only half an hour. For that
entire 30 minutes Angelina and Velvet never stopped staring into each other's
eyes as they continue to use Karen like the orifice she was, her mouth and
butt hole being used as nothing but pleasure holes for The Beautiful People's

During this time Karen came many times without even touching her pussy, her
humiliation mixing with her amazing anal stimulation to send her over the
edge time and time again, although Karen felt like she could almost cum from
the humiliation of having both her mouth and ass being used as cunts at the
same time by two women. Every time she came she would writhe on The Beautiful
People's dicks like crazy but Velvet and Angelina always had a firm grip on
her and never allowed her orgasms to slow down her fucking in any way. She
was not however given any chance to recover from a single orgasm as The
Beautiful People continued to throat and butt fucking her simultaneously.

As for The Beautiful People themselves the two received a good handful of
climaxes, the clit stimulators doing their job well and easily combining with
the sheer perverted joy of spit roasting another woman like this and turning
her into a sniveling, poor excuse for a human being, but at the same time
they never allowed themselves to miss a stroke as they continue to tear
through Karen's holes. They were however becoming bored of the orifice they
were fucking and were already eager for a change.

With no regard for Karen, The Beautiful People pulled out of her at the exact
same time. Angelina simply pushed Karen's face away and off her strap-on,
while Velvet yanked her strap-on out of Karen's ass before observing the
damage done to Karen's asshole. Velvet chuckled and motioned for Angelina to
look at Karen's asshole as it slowly but surely started to close. Unaware of
what was going on at this point, Karen tries to get up to her feet, and once
she stands up, she turns to face Angelina Love and Velvet Sky once more, who
have devilish grins on their faces, and push Karen back onto the bed with one
finger each. Karen trembles as she looks up at The Beautiful People. These
two women have made her feel so pathetic, and worse, they made her feel so
good, so good when it came to the sex, and so good when it came to being
pathetic. The Beautiful People have changed her life, instead of thinking she
was better than everyone else, Karen now thought that there were no two
people better than The Beautiful People. With her new instincts, Karen slowly
spread her legs, and offered herself to Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

"Look Velvet," Angelina commented, "Our little fuck pet has learned
something...she now knows what she is good for...tell us Karen, what are you
good for in this world?"

"Yeah bitch, tell Angelina and I why you are on this earth," Velvet added.

"I...I...I'm..." Karen started

"I I I, out with it whore!" Angelina commanded, smacking Karen's pussy.


"Oh, you want to be my bitch?" Velvet asked


"I thought you wanted to be my bitch, bitch," Angelina said.


"Whose bitch do you want to be?" The Beautiful People asked together.

"I WA..." Karen started before she was cut-off.

"It doesn't matter what you want, what you say, or what you do Karen, from
now on, you do what we tell you to do," Angelina stated. "You are my bitch,
you are Velvet's bitch, you belong to the Beautiful People."

"Say it!" Velvet commanded.

"I belong to the Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. They own me
and I do as I am told. They have put me in my place and now I am their
bitch," Karen said looking up, teary eyed, at The Beautiful People.

With that, the Beautiful People high fived and crawled back onto the bed.
They knelled down at the head of the bed while they instructed Karen to lay
down, facing them, at the end of the end. Karen quickly re-positioned herself
on the bed and spread her legs.

"Eager little bitch aren't you?" Velvet asked.

Karen frantically nodded yes in response, even though she didn't know how
much longer she could last.

The Beautiful People had been cumming all night, yet they were able to keep
on going, and Karen had just recently, compared to Velvet and Angelina,
experienced orgasm after orgasm and was fatigued. She wonders how The
Beautiful People are keeping this up, all until she feels two pairs of hands
guide her body. Angelina and Velvet turned Karen's lower body onto its side,
while Karen lay flat on her back. With Angelina on the right side, and Velvet
on the left side, Karen was now wondering what would be next and whether or
not she would enjoy it, however, she still wanted to please Velvet and
Angelina, so if they were enjoying themselves using Karen's body, then Karen
would enjoy being used, whether she liked it or not. But all the things she
had gone through so far, Karen enjoyed. Her mind became lost in what had
happened this night, but before Karen could even get past the whippings in
her thoughts, The Beautiful People were about to do to Karen what has never
been done.

"AAAH!" Karen groaned, as Velvet and Angelina double penetrated her

Thus far only the head of Velvet's strap-on was in Karen's pussy and the same
went for Angelina's in Karen's ass. The Beautiful People start to slowly
thrust forward, in sync with each other with perfect timing. Together they
pushed their strap-ons deeper into Karen's ass and pussy. Before long,
Karen's moans were long and ongoing as Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were
buried "balls deep" in Karen Angle. Once that was accomplished, Angelina
turned to Velvet and they met in another passionate kiss. Wrapping their arms
around each other, The Beautiful People forgot about Karen and were lost in
their kiss. Their tongues swirling in each other's mouths and their hands
groping at each other's bodies. Karen, on the other hand, was adjusting to
having 12 inches of cock in both her holes. She couldn't believe that this
was happening, and it was such a rush. Karen needed more and she started to
thrust her hips forward, trying to get The Beautiful People's attention.

"Look Velvet," Angelina said, breaking the kiss. "Little Karen Angle here
wants us to fuck her."

"Maybe we ought to make her beg for it?" Velvet replied.

"That is a good idea girl...Now look bitch, Velvet and I want you to beg for
us to fuck you. So beg already, and we'll fuck you so hard that you won't
remember your own damn name!" Angelina commanded as she and Velvet pulled
their strap-ons out a little bit.

"Please fuck me! Please fuck me so hard that I can't remember who I am!"

"Oh please Karen," Velvet mocked, "You have to do a lot better than that!"
Velvet then smacked Karen's ass.

"Please oh please fuck me! Fuck me and my slutty pussy! Fuck me and ruin my
ass! Make me forget my own name! Make me wish to never stop being your fuck
toy! Use me as your fuck toy! Please Velvet, please Angelina, fuck me like
the pathetic whore that I am! Oh for the love of god, fuck meaaaaah!"

Karen's pathetic pleading ended with a scream of pleasure as The Beautiful
People pushed their strap-ons all the way back into Karen's ass and pussy.
They started off slowly fucking Karen with the same pace, as both their
dildos went in and out of Karen. The long moans of Karen Angle filled the
room. Then they decided to switch tactics by keeping one strap-on buried as
the other one kept going in and out. At this point, a simple touch of Karen's
pussy would have gotten her off, but Karen was holding out for her new
owners. If she came too soon, her new owners would not be happy, and Karen
wanted to make Angelina Love and Velvet Sky happy.

It didn't matter to The Beautiful People if Karen came or not. If she did
then they would keep fucking her anyway for their own pleasure. Velvet was
really working over Karen's pussy now as Angelina slowly eased her way in and
out of Karen's ass, randomly giving it some hard thrusts. Both Angelina Love
and Velvet Sky reached down and lifted up Karen's left leg and held it on
their shoulders, creating more room for their strap-ons to fuck. They both
then reached down at Karen's breasts with their free hands and started to
pinch the bullet hard nipples. It wasn't long until Karen was cumming, and
The Beautiful People kept on fucking her as they planned. Keeping the juices
of Karen Angle backed up in her pussy. Once they saw that Karen was squirming
from her orgasm, The Beautiful People switched their tactics. Now Angelina
was giving short and fast thrusts in Karen's ass while Velvet maneuvered her
strap-on inside Karen's pussy without moving it in or out.

"Look at this bitch, we barely got started double teaming her!" Velvet said.

"Yeah, and she's exhausted already which is just so pathetic." Angelina said,
"But our nasty little slut here is far from finished, you hear that Karen,
FAR from finished!"

"OOOOH YEEEES!" Karen screamed in pleasure.

Those were the only words that could escape her mouth as The Beautiful People
continued to work her over. With Velvet in as far as she could go with her
strap-on, moving from side to side in her pussy, and with Angelina fucking
her ass with short quick strokes, another orgasm rocked Karen's body,
followed by another, yet her cum was still being barricaded in her pussy by
Velvet's strap-on. The Beautiful People took a second to look down at Karen's
dildo stuffed holes and admire their work. How their strap-ons look so well
adjusted by Karen's ass and pussy. How great that Karen Angle was the one
they were doing this to. How they were putting Karen in her place, making her
their fuck toy even more than before. Karen would be a submissive wreck by
the time Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were finished with her.

Looking back up at each other, Velvet and Angelina gazed into each other's
eyes and engaged in a sultry kiss again. It w as loving and passionate at
first, and equally so even when Angelina started to slowly dominate the kiss.
Velvet knew what her friend was thinking about doing next, so she broke the
kiss and started to suck on her hard nipples for a brief moment before she
re-positioned herself.

"Go on babe, slam that ass, fuck it until she has nothing but a gaping hole
left instead of an asshole!" Velvet suggested excitedly.

"For you Velvet, anything." Angelina responded.

With that, Velvet laid herself down on her side, facing Karen, with her
strap-on still buried deep into Karen's pussy. Karen turned her head so that
they were face to face, and Velvet then cupped her face and gave her a peck
on the lips before licking her cheek. Angelina then motioned for Karen to lay
on her side completely so that hers and Velvet's bodies were facing each
other. Once Karen was in position, she started to suck on Karen's neck and
slowly move her strap-on in and out of Karen's pussy. Within an instant of
being touched by Velvet, Karen's pussy was flowing on the inside, making
Velvet's strap-on move easily within her pussy. Karen softly moaned at the
complete change of pace and how good it felt, but it wouldn't last long as
Angelina postured upright and firmly grabbed Karen's right leg, placing it on
her own shoulder. Angelina then reached down and grabbed Karen firmly by the
waist, her strap-on still entirely in Karen's ass.

"Karen, I want you to give20Velvet as much pleasure as possible while she's
down there. As far as I'm concerned, it's an honour to have Velvet there, so
make her feel welcomed." Angelina commanded. Karen did as she was told, using
her hands to cup Velvet's breasts and using her lips to kiss Velvet's.
"That's good Karen, good little slut, pleasure Velvet like the obedient bitch
you are! Now then...what was I about to do..." Angelina pondered.

An evil smile came across Angelina's face. She knew exactly what she was
about to do to Karen. Velvet knew exactly what Angelina was about to do to
Karen. Karen knew exactly what Angelina was going to do to her. Yet Angelina
just enjoyed playing with her bitch's brains, toying with whatever
functioning brain they had. Now with Karen in position, doing as she told her
to do, Angelina started her pursuit to fuck Karen's ass.

Angelina pulled out her strap-on until only the head was still in Karen's ass
and paused for a second, causing Karen to let out an agonizing moan. Before
she could contest, Karen then felt the dildo get thrust back into her ass.
With no regard for Karen's well being, Angelina started to really pump the
strap-on in and out of Karen's ass. She always changed her pace though, first
she started with slow but long thrusts, then she went back to short but
powerful thrusting. Karen's ass was well adjusted to the strap-on inside of
it, and while Angelina buried it into her ass, Karen also had Velvet humping
her pussy with a strap -on. Velvet was working the same pace as Angelina at
one point, but then started to furiously fuck Karen. Grabbing onto Karen's
tits and sucking on Karen's neck, Velvet proceeded to further bury her strap-
on into Karen's pussy. The double penetration was working wonders on Karen
and her body was reacting just how the Beautiful People expected it to, that
is, like a total fuck slut. Suddenly, as if they knew each other's next move,
both Velvet and Angelina started to viciously long-dick Karen with their
strap-ons. Velvet pounded Karen's pussy as Angelina ripped apart Karen's

"Yeah! You fucking slutty dumb pathetic whore! You are such a total slut it's
not even funny! Oh Velvet and I are gonna have fun using you like the toy
that you are Karen!" Angelina screamed in Karen's ear as she slapped and
fucked her ass, "Now fucking cum for us you nasty little bitch!"

And cum Karen did. After the most powerful orgasm rocked through Karen, she
was hit with another record breaker followed by another and another. She
couldn't stop cumming at the hands and strap-ons of the Beautiful People. As
Karen's body jerked around on the bed, going through multiple, powerful
orgasms, The Beautiful People kept on fucking her body like the piece of meat
it was to them. They also played with her body as well, with Velvet pulling
on Karen's erect nipples and biting down her neck, and with Angelina smacking
Karen's ass and pinching her clit. Once Angelina Love and Velvet Sky stopped
the action, Karen's body collapsed on the bed, or at least she felt like her
body collapsed. The Beautiful People just sat upright, side by side, with
their strap-ons still inside Karen, looking down at the pathetic sight of
Karen Angle, panting for air, all sweaty, without a doubt having the best
sexual experience of her life. They both laughed at the sight before them.

Pulling their dildos from their bitch The Beautiful People grabbed ahold of
Karen and positioned her so that she was face down on the bed, her lower half
hanging off the edge and her ass presented to her owners.

Karen was so exhausted she just let Angelina and Velvet do what they wanted,
although in her currents submissive state it was unlikely that she would put
up any resistance even if she had been on full strength.

Once Karen was in position The Beautiful People each placed a hand on one of
their fuck pet's butt cheeks and spread them wide so they could take a look
at Karen's ravaged pussy and ass hole.

"What do you think Velvet?" Angelina asked her BBF/girlfriend, "Have we
stretched this bitch enough?"

"Well," Velvet said thoughtfully, "We've done a great job in stretching her
out so far, especially you, but I want to stretch out that ass hole of hers
until it's the size of a fucking crater!"

"Oh I love how you think babe, especially if you're thinking what I'm
thinking." Angelina said with a grin.

"Oh I think I'm thinking what you think I am thinking." Velvet said.

"Well then you first baby." Angelina said.

"Gladly." Velvet said as she pressed her strap on to Karen's not quite
recovered ass hole and pushed forwards, Velvet forcing her cock inside her
bitch's butt hole.

Karen groaned as the head of Velvet's strap on forced her ass hole open, but
it was ok because after the two rounds of brutal butt fucking Karen had
received already at the hands, or more accurately the dildos, of The
Beautiful People her back door was ready for another ass pounding. Hell,
Karen wasn't just ready for another ass pounding, she wanted another ass
pounding. Her ass hole was looser than it had ever been and Karen was able to
take the first few inches of Velvet's strap on without the slightest bit of

There was no doubt in Karen's mind the rest of that monster would slide its
way through her shit hole with the same amount of ease until her owner was
balls deep inside her butt, and then Velvet would no doubt give Karen another
hard ass pounding which would have her cumming over, and over, and over

In her current state of exhaustion Karen wondered if receiving such
tremendous pleasure could actually be painful but ultimately she decided she
didn't care. She wanted to get fucked again, wanted The Beautiful People to
use her as their own personal little fuck slut and bang all her holes until
she was sore and worn out and she passed out from exhaustion. Besides, all
she had to do was lie there and take her fucking like the bitch Angelina and
Velvet had turned her into and she had no problem with that.

However The Beautiful People had other ideas.

Karen frowned when she felt something pressing against her already dildo
stuffed butt hole, wondering what it was, but then she let out a scream as
suddenly the object was violently thrust forwards, gradually forcing her ass
hole to further stretch open, slowly and painfully, until it felt like her
back door was being torn apart.

Looking behind her Karen saw that The Beautiful People had positioned
themselves so that Velvet was leaning over her with one leg on the ground and
one on the bed while Angelina was in almost the exact same position except
she was behind her girlfriend, pressed up against her back while trying to
slide under her legs so she could force her strap on into Karen's ass hole
along with Velvet's.

Karen let out a pitiful whimper but she was too drained of strength to do
anything other than that and The Beautiful People laughed at her misfortune
as Angelina stretched Karen's shit hole until the poor brunette's back door
was spread wide enough for the head of Angelina's strap on to force its way
inside Karen's butt hole.

The pain was excruciating, far worse than anything Karen had ever felt before
and she couldn't stop herself from wailing and crying hysterically. However
she didn't do anything to stop The Beautiful People from double penetrating
her ass, because Karen knew it was not her place to stop The Beautiful People
from double penetrating her ass.

Angelina and Velvet owned Karen and her body was theirs to do with as they
pleased, and if that meant they stretched her ass hole until it was the size
of a fucking crater than it was their right to do so.

Karen was nothing but their bitch and she would not dare deny them what they

So without any objection from Karen, other than her constant sobs, The
Beautiful People continued their assault on their bitch's butt hole, ripping
her rectum apart without any thought for her well-being whatsoever.

This was not the first time Angelina and Velvet had double teamed a bitch's
butt hole and with out saying anything to each other they knew exactly how to

Velvet would roughly thrust forwards, forcing her dildo further into their
victim's bowels while Angelina left her dildo resting in their victim's
colon, waiting for her turn. When it was Angelina's turn she would roughly
thrust forwards, pushing past Velvet's strap on and further into their
victim's bowels, this time Velvet waiting patiently for her turn.

The Beautiful People kept this technique up until first Velvet's and then
Angelina's strap on slid into the hilt inside Karen's shit pipe.

Angelina and Velvet both grinned in triumph once they were both balls deep
inside their bitch's butt, but their was an annoying whining sound coming
from the piece of ass they were splitting open that was taking away from
their enjoyment.

The whole time The Beautiful People had been stuffing her shit locker Karen
had been pitifully crying and Velvet had had enough of it.

"Stop your whining and kiss our feet bitch!" Velvet said placing her foot so
it was right next to Karen's face.

"Yeah, kiss our feet." Angelina said, copying her girl.

Karen continued to whimper but did as she was told and lathered The Beautiful
People's feet with kisses as they simultaneously pulled their dildos out of
her shit hole only to force them back inside, Angelina and Velvet beginning
to sodomise her again, this time with both their strap ons at once.

Drawing from previous experience The Beautiful People quickly established a
rhythm in double butt fucking Karen.

Every time Angelina would pull out of Karen's ass hole Velvet would push in,
and every time Angelina pushed into Karen's butt hole Velvet would pull out.
Occasionally when one of them was buried in Karen's colon one of The
Beautiful People twisted their hips so that their dildos moved around inside
Karen's bowels, stretching out her shit locker even more. Other times they
would both pull out completely and spread Karen's ass cheeks so they could
look at just how widely spread their bitch's butt hole had been stretched

They repeated this process over and over, double butt fucking Karen at a
steady pace, sometimes finding Karen's whimpers enjoyable, sometimes
annoying, but mostly just trying to concentrate on the fact that they were
sodomising a bitch who was trying to steal their spotlight.

However as the double butt fucking went on Karen's whimperings slowly changed
from painful to pleasurable.

At first having two dildos inside her rectum had been agonisingly painful but
as her owners continued using her ass Karen's colon somehow relaxed around
the huge invaders and, just as before, pleasurable spark started erupting
from the inside of her dildo stuffed back passage and then those sparks
became more frequent, and more powerful, until Karen felt like there was a
fireworks display going off in her bowels.

Soon Karen began moaning and groaning in pleasure, raising her ass for the
brutal double fucking it was receiving.

This display of enjoyment and submission did not go unnoticed by The
Beautiful People.

"Oh my God, look Velvet, this pathetic bitch fucking20likes it!" Angelina

"Ewwww!" Velvet said in disgust, "Does she have no shame?"

"Of course not sweetie, she's just a fuck slut. Fucking is all a whore like
her is good for." Angelina said.

"Well I guess she's just lucky we turned her into our personal fuck slut."
Velvet said.

"Damn right she's lucky." Angelina said, "Isn't that right Karen? You're
fucking lucky we turned you into our personal fuck slut?"

"YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I'm so lucky you turned me into your personal
fuck slut! Thank you so much Angelina and Velvet for turning me into your
personal fuck slut! I'm your personal fuck slut now and that's all I want to
be! It's all I'm good for. Thank you so much for putting me in my place and
turning me into your personal fuck slut!" Karen squealed in delight as she
continued being overwhelmed by the butt slamming she was receiving.

"Damn right we put you in your place bitch," Velvet said, before a wicked
smile crossed her face, "We put you in your place in the pecking order."

"Oh my god Velvet, baby, you're so right." Angelina laughed, immediately
getting it, "We told you Karen. We told you there was a pecking order in TNA,
and we just helped you find your place on it."

"Yeah we did." Velvet agreed.

"Holla." The Beautiful People said in unison as they high-fived before
Angelina decided to rub in their victory even more.

"You do understand your place in the pecking order don't you Karen?" Angelina

"Yes." Karen whimpered.

"Well then tell us what it is bitch." Velvet demanded.

"Your fuck slut. Your personal fuck slut. I'm The Beautiful People's personal
fuck slut. My place in the pecking order is as The Beautiful People's
personal fuck slut. My place in the pecking order is as The Beautiful
People's personal fuck slut, their personal whore, their personal bitch, my
place is being whatever you want me to be." Karen wept submissively.

"I'm glad you understand you pathetic whore, now shut the fuck up and take
your fucking like the fuck slut you are!" Angelina screamed as she and Velvet
went into double pooper pounding overdrive, tearing through the brunette's
shitter so hard it was doubtful Karen would ever be able to sit down again
without tremendous pain.

Of course Karen was beyond caring about that. As far as she was concerned she
would be happy if she never sat down again as long as her owners kept up this
wonderful double butt fucking. Hell, she should probably never sit down
again, after all her ass wasn't for sitting on, it was for Angelina and
Velvet to use and abuse as they saw fit. In fact Karen's whole body was now
their play toy so Karen should really just devote herself completely to them
and accept that all of her orifices were now fuck holes for The Beautiful
People's exclusive use and that's all she and her holes should be used for.

At that moment devoting her body to The Beautiful People was something Karen
was more than happy to do considering the pleasure they were giving her.

Angelina and Velvet had given up working as a team momentarily and had
started trying to one up each other in ripping apart Karen's ass. And that's
exactly what this was now. This wasn't even a butt fucking anymore. They were
just trying to rip Karen's ass apart. The thrusts were hard and brutal, the
two blondes tearing through Karen's pooper with no regard for her well being
in the slightest and because they were now no longer working together the
thrusts were far more random, sometimes thrusting inwards together in one
hard bowel wrecking thrust, sometimes first one thrusting in and then pulling
out as the other thrust in like before, sometimes one thrusting in moments
after the other was balls deep, and everything in between.

This didn't last however because when The Beautiful People locked eyes their
little competition about who could fuck Karen's ass harder was forgotten and
they remembered how little Karen meant to them and how all this was putting a
bitch in her place. The only thing Angelina and Velvet really cared about was
each other and all they had to20do was look at each other to remember that.
At that moment all they wanted to do was toss Karen aside like the garbage
she was and make slow passionate love to each other, but there was no way
they were going to let Karen get off that easy.

Without saying a word Angelina and Velvet agreed on what they should do next,
a beautiful smile crossing the faces of The Beautiful People as they
synchronised their thrusting so they plunged inwards into Karen's ass hole at
the same time and pulled out of their bitch's butt hole at the same time,
their already dangerously wide bowel stretching becoming even more deadly.

Karen's ass hole was now forced to stretch around over 3 inches wide to take
the monsters ruining her rectum, which she had done before in the initial
thrust but this was far worse because The Beautiful People were now using
their dildos to tear through her rectum at a lightning fast pace.

A lot of women would have objected at this, but not Karen. Her ass hole had
been stretched out so much that she felt nothing but pure pleasure so instead
of objecting she begged shamelessly for more, which only made The Beautiful
People pound her pooper harder until she came screaming in ecstasy.

One orgasm after the other rocked Karen's body, huge explosions that started
off in the very deepest part of her bowels and then spread all over her body
leaving her a quivering wreck.

The Beautiful People were disgusted with Karen for cumming so hard for
something so disgusting and lewd as a double ass fucking, but at the same
time her submission to them really turned them on and that combined with the
stimulators on their clits and the sheer perverted pleasure of double butt
fucking another woman and leaving her a quivering wreck caused both Angelina
and Velvet to go over the edge, screaming almost as loud as Karen as they
came. Their orgasms were so powerful they almost stopped double butt fucking
Karen, almost.

Once recovered from their orgasms The Beautiful People pulled out of Karen's
ass simultaneously, each one of them grabbing a hold of one of her butt
cheeks and spreading them wide open, exposing the once tight ass hole of
Karen Angle which now looked more like a giant crater than an ass hole.

"What do you think Velvet?" Angelina asked, "This bitch's shit hole spread
wide enough for you?"

"Oh Angelina, it's so beautiful, I love it, that's exactly how a bitch's ass
hole should look." Velvet said.

"Stretched out and ruined by its owners?" Angelina offered.

"Fuck yeah," Velvet said before grabbing the back of Angelina's head and
pulled her BBF/girlfriend into a brief passionate kiss, before breaking it
and telling her, "God I love you."

"I love you too babe." Angelina said.

Angelina leant forward to kiss Velvet again but The Beautiful People's moment
was interrupted by a groan from Karen.

Angry at her bitch Angelina reached forward and grabbed Karen's hair, pulling
her up until they were eye to eye, "You liked that bitch?"

"Mmmmm, yes." Karen moaned dreamily.

"Ewwww." Velvet squealed in disgust, "You mean you actually enjoyed getting
your ass split open by two dildos?"

"Yes, my ass is yours, please use it in whatever way you want." Karen said

The Beautiful People stared at Karen for a few moments in disbelief. They had
broken a lot of bitches in the past but none of them had lost all traces of
self-respect like Karen seemed too.

"God you're fucking pathetic." Angelina said finally before she pushed Karen
back down onto her knees and shoved her strap on down Karen's throat, the
broken brunette happily parting her lips to allow a dildo that had just been
ravaging her ass to slide down her gullet.

"Totally." Velvet said as she watched in disgust as Karen devoted herself to
cleaning Angelina's strap on cock.

Once Angelina's dildo was spotless and she had had some fun fucking Karen's
mouth Angelina passed her fuck pet to Velvet who used Karen's mouth in the
exact same way Angelina had done. When she thought Velvet's dildo was clean
Angelina grabbed the back of Karen's head and pulled her off Velvet's strap
on and made her crawl along the floor towards a chair.

Pulling her bitch up by her hair so Karen was looking in her eyes Angelina
said, "Sorry bitch, but we're done having fun with you for now. I'm about to
make love to Velvet, and your pathetic ass doesn't deserve to watch, so..."

Angelina push Karen down so she was sitting on the chair and grabbed some
rope from out of her travelling bag.

"Wait." Velvet said, stopping her friend/girlfriend and then turning to
Karen, "Bend over the chair bitch!"

Karen immediately obeyed, quickly turning around and bending over the chair.

Angelina looked at Velvet questioningly and Velvet said, "It's a shame to
waste such a pretty spread out ass hole and give it time to rest so let's
give this bitch's butt something to keep it nice and stretched open."

Angelina grinned and nodded her approval before asking, "Want me to get out
one of our butt plugs?"

"Don't worry babe, I've got something better." Velvet said, before taking off
her strap on and shoving it up Karen's ass.

The Beautiful People exchanged a laugh and then forced Karen down to the
chair and tied her up with the rope. They then got a ball gag and stuffed it
into her mouth, leaving her helpless.

"There." Angelina said, "Now you won't be able to say or do anything annoying
while I'm making love to Velvet."

"Awwww, baby that's so sweet of you." Velvet said, as Angelina took her in
her arms and kissed her, "But I don't think she deserves to watch either."

"Don't worry baby, she's not going too." Angelina said, letting go of Velvet
momentarily to get one of their signature brown paper bags out of their
travelling bags, "Do you want to do the honours?"

"Gladly." Velvet said, as she took the bag from Angelina and then placed it
over Karen's head, "There, much better."

The Beautiful People laughed, high-fived, holla'ed, and then return to their
bed for a night of lovemaking.

For the next few hours Karen sat there in the darkness listening to The
Beautiful People making love, wishing she could see what they were doing and
desperately trying to imagine it in her head. Karen desperately hoped they
would untie her and use her again but sadly after a few hours the room became
silent and she heard nothing more. She didn't know whether they had left or
gone to sleep, but whatever they had done Karen prayed The Beautiful People
would return or wake up soon and use their fuck slut. After all, it was all
she was good for, it was her place in the pecking order.

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