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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Peep Show
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown television taping in the fall of 2005, Christian is
inside of the Diva's dressing room standing behind the doorway that leads to
the shower area as he watches the fiery red-haired Diva Christy Hemme as she
enters the shower unit. "This was such a great idea…" Christian says to
himself as he adjusts his red wrestling pants as he keeps his eyes on Christy
as the warm water starts to rain on her. Christian licks his lips as thinks
back to earlier in the night where he came up with the plan of brining new
meaning to his 'Peep Show' segments, and with careful timing managing to
sneak into the WWE Diva's locker room.

The sassy and fun-loving, Christy Hemme, closes her eyes and tilts her fiery
red-haired head back as the warm water rains down on her. Christy smoothly
moves her hands against her large and nicely rounded tits. "Oh yeah... damn
those are hot tits..." Christian says to himself as he watches Christy moves
her hands over her tits. The often-described CLB of the WWE slides his right
hand against the crotch of his wrestling pants, mostly to adjust his
hardening shaft.

Christy bites down on her bottom lip as she slightly shakes her soaked red
hair from side to side as she lowers her frisky hands down from her large,
rounded tits. Christy slides her hands against her smooth, tanned stomach as
the warm water drips down her stomach. Christy slowly licks her lips as she
lowers her left hand down to her hot, smoothly shaven pussy and the spunky
redhead begins to gently rub her pussy "Ohhhh..." Christy lustfully groans.

"Fuck... this is great...' Christian says as he licks his lips. Christian
feels his hardening cock straining against the material of his tight fitting
wrestling pants. Christian takes his eyes off of Christy for a moment to push
down his wrestling pants to free his nicely thick and rock hard eleven inch
cock. "That's much better..." Christian says with a groan of relief as he
resumes watching Christy Hemme.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck..." Christy softly moans as she presses her fully red,
pouty lips together while she moves her left hand smoothly against her hot

Christian licks his lips, "Yeah... rub that pussy..." Christian as he wraps
his right hand around his cock and begins to stroke it. The devious Superstar
takes a step to his right to get a better view of the smoking hot redheaded

" yeah..." Christy moans a bit louder as she slides two of her
fingers into her warm, wet pussy. Christy keeps her eyes closes as she gently
thrusts the two fingers into her pussy "Mmm...ohhh yeah..."

Christian slowly moves his right hand back and forth along the length of his
cock as he steps out of his wrestling pants. "Yeah... ohh shit I wish I was
that hand..." Christian says as he strokes his cock.

Christy pauses for a moment, removing her hand from her hot, feisty pussy as
she reaches over slightly to turn off the shower. Christy closes her eyes and
slowly looks over to with the often times called, Creepy Little Bastard,
Christian is. Christy slyly smirks "Hey there..."

Christian's face goes red as he gets caught by the redheaded Diva, "Oh
shit..." Christian says as he keeps his right hand on his thick, rock hard
cock. Christian's mind starts racing as he happens to lock his eyes with
Christy Hemme.

Christy Hemme seductively licks her teeth as she starts to walk over towards
the stunned and surprised Christian "Can I give you a hand?" Christy asks
with a sexy, sassy laugh.

Christian pauses for a moment as he slowly lets go of his thick dick, "Ummm
sure..." Christian says as he licks his lips. The often-called Creepy Little
Bastard looks lustfully as Christy's hot body as water drips down her tanned

Christy smiles and nods her soaked red-haired head "Great! Cause I'm horny...
and I love to fuck!" Christy says with a sexy, devious look in her eyes as
she approaches Christian and instantly drops down onto her knees in front of
the charismatic Superstar.

"Shit... well I love being in the right place... at the right time... cause
that's how I roll..." Christian says as he looks down at the horny, dripping
wet redheaded WWE Diva as she puts her hands on his thick cock. Christy
smirks up at Christian as she quickly moves her frisky, spunky hands against
Christian's hard cock. Christy lowers her head and playfully slaps her tongue
against the head of his cock. Christian licks his lips, 'Mmmmm... yeah...
that's a lot better than me jerking it..." Christian moans as Christy
continues to slap her tongue against the head of his eleven inch cock.

Christy opens her lustful mouth and lowers her head as she happily and
eagerly takes Christian's thick cock into her warm, wet mouth. Christy
presses her perky lips tightly around Christian's shaft and starts to
steadily lift and lower her red-haired head as she starts expertly
sucking his cock. "Ahhhhh... mmmm fuck yeah..." Christian moans as the
redheaded Diva bobs her head on his thick cock. The CLB of the WWE puts
both of his hands on Christy's soaking wet head as she takes over half
of his cock into her mouth every time she lowers her head.

"Mmmm...mmmmm!" Christy moans with delight as she slaps her sassy tongue
against Christian's cock as she quickly moves her head on Christian's cock,
sucking swiftly on his shaft. Christy closes her eyes and twists her head
deviously around his cock to grind her full-red, pouty lips against his

"Mmmmmm fuck yeah... suck that dick... mmmm!" Christian moans as he runs his
hands through Christy's wet hair as she takes his thick eleven inch cock
deeper into her hot, wet mouth. Christy lowers her head completely down on
Christian's hard eleven inch cock as the sassy and spunky SmackDown Diva
holds his cock deep in her mouth as she impressively deep throats his entire
cock, while quickly moving her head back and forth.

"Ohhh fuck... shit I can't wait to fuck you..." Christian groans as he feels
the head of his fat cock smacking against the back of Christy's hot mouth.

Christy slowly lifts her head and greedily smirks up at Christian "You want
to fuck me?" Christy says in a sly, sexy voice, as she scoots back on her

Christian smirks, "Lets see I watched you play with your hot pussy, jerked
off while doing it and just now you were sucking my dick... of course I want
to fuck you!" The charismatic Superstar says as he looks down at Christy.

Christy seductively grits her teeth together as the feisty and sassy redhead
looks up at Christian "Then fuck me!" Christy says with a sexy laugh.

Christian smirks as he slowly kneels down on the floor and pushes Christy so
that she ends up laying on her back. "Alright then..." Christian says as he
grabs Christy's legs and holds them apart as he expertly rams his thick,
saliva covered cock into the redheaded Diva's hot, shaved, warm and tight

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck yeah!" Christy Hemme moans and nods her head as she wraps
her smooth, flexible legs around his toned waist as she begins to instantly
move forward underneath Christian while he thrusts his cock into her.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm" Christian moans as he moves his hands to Christy's hips
as he pumps his rock hard cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Christian
remains upright and uses just his hips to drive his cock into Christy's

"Ohhhh yeah fuck that pussy! I love being fucked!" Christy moans as she
places her hands on Christian's strong arms as she quickly rocks her hips
forward to thrust her body against Christian as he thrusts his cock deeply
into her warm and wet pussy "Ohhhh fuck me! Fuck me!" Christy screams

"Ohhh fuck shit you're a hot fucking slut!" Christian moans as pounds the
redheaded Diva's tight pussy with firm, quick thrusts. Christian's balls
smack loudly against Christy's wet, tanned skin with every one of his deep

"Ohhhh yeah! I'm such a fucking dirty slut!" Christy moans and laughs as she
grinds her sassy, wet and warm pussy against Christian's cock as he deeply
slams himself into the spunky redhead. Christy leans her head back as she
moves and guides her body underneath the WWE's Creepy Little Bastard.

Christian reaches back and pulls Christy's wet, tanned legs from around his
waist so that he can pull his cock out of her pussy, "Turn the fuck over...
I want to see the real show... that sexy ass...." Christian says as he wipes
a bit of sweat from his head.

Christy raises an eyebrow and seductively smirks "Oh you're gonna fuck my
ass!? You better do it hard!" Christy says with a laugh as she tosses her wet
red hair back and sits up onto her knees before she turns around and leans
forward onto her hands, positioning her hot, sexy and nicely rounded ass into
the air in front of Christian.

Christian licks his lips, "Hey... I always pound ass hard... cause that's how
I roll..." Christian says as he gets closer to Christy. Holding his cock with
his left hand, Christian uses his right hand to spread apart the red-haired
Diva's wet, round ass cheeks to expose her asshole so that he can press the
head of his fat dick against it. Christian then grabs Christy's perfectly
shaped hips and roughly pulls her backwards so that her asshole becomes
deeply impaled with his cock.

"Mmmmm...ohhh fuck! I love my ass getting fucked!" Christy moans loudly
and grits her teeth as she begins to instantly push herself back against
Christian's cock, smoothly guiding her rounded, wet ass back against
Christian's toned waist.

Christian licks his teeth as he begins to pumps his fat cock in and out of
Christy Hemme's tight asshole as she rocks in front of him, "Ahhhh.... mmmm
I knew you a totally nympho anal slut!" Christian grunts as roughly thrusts
his cock into Christy's ass.

"Ohhhh I fucking love sex! I love it anytime, anywhere....with anyone!"
Christy moans and laughs as she impressively rocks back and forth on her
knees, as she actually forces Christian to fuck her tight, rounded ass.

"Shit... yeah... fucking take that cock in your ass you little slut!"
Christian yells as his balls smack against Christy's ass cheeks with every
one of his forceful thrusts. Christian looks down and smirks as Christy
shoves herself back towards him so that her ass hits firmly against his
waist as she fucks him harder than he's fucking her.

"Ohhhh...ohhh fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!" Christy Hemme screams as sweat drips
off of her sassy, hot body.

Christian wraps an arm around Christy's hot, wet body suddenly and pulls her
with him as he leans all the way to his right so that they are laying on the
right side of their bodies. Christian continues to thrust his cock in and out
of Christy's ass as he has her arch her left leg over his so that he can
begin to rough rub her wet pussy. "Mmmm fuck you're so fucking hot taking
that fucking cock up your ass!" Christian moans as he pounds Christy's ass
while roughly moving his hand against her pussy.

Christy grits her teeth as she looks over her shoulder as she pushes back
against Christian's firmly thrusting cock "Ohhhhh fuck! Fuck!" Christy moans
as Christian quickly rubs her pussy, causing her to cum "Ohhhhh fuck!"

Christian licks his lips as he feels Christy's warm pussy juices and cum
flowing onto his hand as he keeps rubbing her cunt while fucking her ass.
"Ahhhh uhhh fuck... I bet you want to fucking suck my cock again... after
it's been deep inside of your fucking hot ass!" Christian grunts as he
moves his hand away from her pussy and rubs her juices and cum on her hot,
large round tits.

"Ohhhhh yeah! I fucking love taking it in my mouth after it's fucked my ass!"
Christy replies as she breathes heavily and sweats.

Christian pulls his cock out of Christy Hemme's raw fucked ass and stands up,
"Come on slut... my cock is so fucking ready to go from your ass to your
fucking mouth!" Christian says. Christy licks her lips as she sits up on her
knees and wraps her hands around his cock as she guides Christian's shaft
into her sassy, feisty cock-hungry mouth. Christy closes her eyes as she
starts to rapidly and eagerly bob her head, sucking the cock of Christian
that was previously inside of her hot raw-fucked ass.

"Yeah.... fucking suck that cock... mmmm you're a hot ass to mouth slut!"
Christian moans as he grabs Christy's fiery red-haired head as slutily twists
her head on his throbbing fat cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Christy hungrily moans around Christian's cock as she deeply
takes him into her warm, saliva dripping mouth as she gently rakes her teeth
against his shaft.

"Ahhhh shit.... fuck yea!" Christian grits his teeth as he looks down at
Christy. Christian grabs two firm handfuls of her hair as he holds her head
on his cock as he begins to dump his thick, warm cum right in her mouth.
"Don't fucking swallow slut!" Christian moans.

"MMMMMM!" Christy roughly moans around Christian's throbbing cock as his warm
cum empties into her mouth. Christy slowly lifts her head away from his cock
and holds his cum on her wet tongue, keeping from swallowing.

Christian licks his lips as he looks into Christy's cum filled mouth,
"Now swallow it..." Christian says with a smirk. Christy locks her sassy,
deviously sexy eyes with Christian before she tilts her head back and
swallows his warm, salty cum.

"Fuck this was a lot fucking better than watching..." Christian says when
Christy opens her mouth to show her that all of his cum is gone.

Over at the doorway of the Diva's locker room, Matt Hardy is adjusting his
pants, "Fucking hell that was hot..." Matt says as he looks at Stacy Keibler
who told him what's was happening. "Thanks for telling me about this!" Matt
says as Christian and Christy don't notice them.


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