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Disclaimer: In no way, this really happened after the TNA PPV, Final
Resolution. Events like these have never happened to the TNA superstars or
will never ever happen to them. If you are under 18, do not read beyond this
as I'm not responsible for any actions if you're caught because I warned ya!
Once again, it's not real at all period as its just pure fiction, folks! Now
saying that, enjoy for those over 18...

A seductive cougar needs to be cool down, not build up anger towards anyone.

Karen Angle and AJ Styles

Featured stars: (or in terms everyone could understand; not getting some):
Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, Matt Morgan, Jim Cornette
and Tomko.

Darklord Productions presents:
The Phenomenal Cougar

After defeating the Tag Team duo of Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe, Tomko and his
partner, AJ Styles were now heading back to their locker rooms. "Yeah, we
sure show Nash and Joe why we're the best." Styles happily said.

"Yeah great" Tomko said with a smug.

"Hey, why are you so down, man?" AJ told him.

"Because with this whole goddamn thing with Cage and Angle" Tomko told him

"So, do you actually mean that...?" Styles said before getting cut off by

"Did you even fucking hear what I said on Impact?" Tomko yelled. "I firmly
established my fucking foothold in this whole situation by leaving both the
Christian Coalition and the Angle Alliance and I were you; I would do the
same, AJ." Tomko said yelled to him.

"Yeah, but..." Styles said again before getting cut off by Tomko once again.

"What the fuck did I just finish telling you?" Tomko told him.

"Christian is our good buddy but with Angle, we can take over TNA" Styles
told him.

"I don't want to take over TNA because I want that TNA world title around my
waist and if I have to beat a friend to do it, then so be it but if Angle
retains, then I have no problem whatsoever to give him the boot" Tomko
explained to him.

Styles just stood there quietly as Tomko placed his arm around him. "Listen,
I'm not saying teaming with you is bad but... anyways, let me get dress and
we can celebrate with beer at a bar" Tomko said as he patted him on the chest
but then all of a sudden, "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage was walking by
for his TNA World title shot as he was heading towards the ramp.

"Hey, Tomko and Styles" Cage said as he shook hands with Tomko and AJ.

"Hey, Christian, what's up?" Tomko said as he gives him a quick pat hug.

"About to win Gold for my second time" Cage said with a happy look on his

"Yeah, well good luck because if you do, I'm coming for you" Tomko laughed.

Christian looked at him with a grim look when he laughed and then turned his
attention to AJ. "So, what do you say, help me win?" Cage asked.

Tomko then turned to look at Styles with a mean look as if he was trying to
tell him to get the foothold on this. "" AJ said before hearing the
music of the Instant Classic play.

"Well, doesn't matter as I'm sure you will do the right thing here" Cage told
Styles as he walked on by to the ring.

As he left, Tomko then said, "What the hell, did you even established a
foothold?" Tomko said before hearing a clap from someone. Styles and Tomko
turned around and saw that Kurt Angle was on his way to the ring with the
TNA world title around his shoulders. Behind Angle was his wife, Karen Angle
who was dress in a golden dress that revealed her breasts but only from the

"Tomko" Kurt said as Tomko left but had a quick word with Styles.

"Remember, don't forget what I said" Tomko told AJ has he left to the

"What the hell is he taking about?" Angle asked.

"Oh, nothing" AJ told him.

"So, have an answer about joining with me?" Kurt told him.

"I... don't... know..." AJ said to him.

"What do you mean you don't know? It's either yes or no" Angle yelled at him
as Karen watched from behind.

Then Angle's music started to play...

"Damn it, you better make the right choice tonight" Angle said as he walked
by him to the ring. As Kurt made his way to the ring and AJ heading to the
showers, Karen stopped him.

"Hey, have you really thought about Kurt's deal" Karen said to him.

"Yeah but me and Cage... We're buddies" AJ told her.

"Well, to see if you actually go with my husband's deal, here's something to
reward you with" Karen said as she moved her golden dress down a bit that
covered her tits to show AJ her wonderful golden globes.

"Well, what do you say? These golden globes enough for you?" Karen said to
Styles as she rubbed her tits up on his chest, making him aroused down there.

"Whoa, that's... something....does Kurt even know about this?" AJ asked.

"Oh please, if he told me to pleasure Nash, he told me enough times to give
something to convince anyone to team up with us" Karen said as she pulled
away and rubbed his semi-erected cock through his tights.

"Oh fuck... but shouldn't you get to Kurt now?" AJ asked.

Karen then pulled her dress back up to cover her tits. "Just remember, join
us and you get more" Karen said as she walked by him. AJ just stood there as
he was now thinking about what to do? Help his friend Christian out or help
Angle out as the reward to helping him will be a night with his wife, Karen

"God damn it, where's Tomko?" Styles said as he ran to find his tag partner.
He ran until he was stopped by Jim Cornette and his bodyguard, Matt Morgan.

"Where are you heading off so quickly?" Cornette said to him.

"I... um... need... to" Styles said before getting cut off by Morgan.

"You better speak better, what are you? Some kind of stutterer" Morgan

"No, I um..." Styles said before getting cut off once again by an angry Samoa
Joe as he came out fully dressed in his Gears of War t-shirt and pants.

"Cornette, where in the blue hell is Nash?" Joe yelled as he grabbed Cornette
by the clothes.

"Hey, you get your hands off of me" Jim yelled at him before Matt pulled the
two away.

"You don't ever do that again... or else" Morgan said to Joe.

"Matt, step back before I choke you out" Joe said to Matt.

The two got into each other faces as Cornette tired to break it up.

"One day, either one of you will get choked or someone else like J.B. and the
TNA fans will cheer" Joe explained to the two before turning his attention to

"Don't think I will forget, AJ" Joe said before hearing Nash's voice coming
his way.

"Hey, Jim, Matt, AJ, and Joe" Kevin said happily before Joe got up into his

"You fucking moron, how the fuck could you leave me behind?" Joe said

"Get your hands off of me and I did that for a reason" Nash told him.

Then Cornette and Morgan got involved as they were breaking up Joe and Nash
and then, with Styles all alone, he then left to find Tomko.

A few minutes afterwards...

Styles found Tomko all dressed in a jacket and pants with a hat on. "Hey AJ,
are you ready to go now?" Tomko asked.

"Quick question, would you help Cage out or go with Kurt's side where the
reward is a night with Karen" AJ asked.

"Umm... hello...Married with Children" Tomko said to him as he put his
wedding ring back on his finger.

"If you weren't married" he asked.

"Um... probably not why do you ask? Did Kurt offer you a night with Karen?"
Tomko asked.

"Kind of..." AJ said to him.

"Ok, did you even remember what I fucking told you earlier?" Tomko asked.

"A little bit" Styles said.

"She showed her boobs to you, didn't she?" Tomko asked.

"Why do you ask?" AJ said.

"Oh, no reason" Tomko said as he lifted his eyes up from his noticeable bulge
through his tights. "Listen, AJ, I'm just telling you this not only as a
friend but as someone who worried that you could make a mistake" Tomko said.
"Don't think with your penis, think with your brain, and also do not get with
Karen period" Tomko explained to him.

"Ok, I won't" AJ said to him.

"Good, now get dress so we can hit the bar" Tomko told him as he grabbed his
bag and left.

AJ then turned on the TV and saw that Cage was on his way to beating Kurt
Angle. Karen stood there, cheering on her husband as fans around the ring,
booed her and Kurt.

The camera turned around to face Karen and when the camera faced her, she
kissed her palm and blew air into the camera as if it was a message. AJ saw
that and now got totally aroused.

"Oh, what was that all about with Karen?" Don said.

"Maybe it was a message to AJ Styles to help Angle out?" Mike said to him.

"Well then, that's wrong. AJ should make his choice alone" Don said again.

"Oh man, I've now made my pick" AJ said as he got up and ran towards the

AJ ran down to the ring and Christian saw and the two hugged as Karen was
flipping out that AJ wasn't going to help Kurt retain his TNA world title.
As she was flipping out, TNA officials carried Karen to the back as the two
broke their friendship hug. Cage turned his back and then AJ got up on the
turnbuckle and shocked everyone by hitting his friend, Christian Cage with
a springboard elbow smash and Kurt followed up with the Olympic Slam for
the one...two...and three.

TNA fans booed as Don and Mike complained about AJ decision and then Karen
ran down and got into the ring and hugged Kurt and planted a kiss on AJ.
Mike then said that it was Karen's manipulation that caused AJ to make that
decision. Backstage, Tomko saw through the monitor. "Goddamn it, AJ" Tomko
said as he left the TNA zone.

As Kurt, Karen, and AJ celebrated on the heel side ramp, Christian looked up
and saw that his friend betrayed him. He then quietly said, "I will get you
for this, AJ. Mark my words" as the camera turned off, thus ending the PPV.

The three made their way backstage as AJ called Tomko on his cell phone.
Tomko sat there with beer on his hand as his cell phone went off. He saw who
was calling and clicked "Ignore", ending the call. "Huh, his cell phone could
be dead?" Styles said as he walked into the Angle's locker room.

"AJ, you made the right choice" Kurt said as he extended his arm out for a

"Thanks, so what is my reward" AJ asked with a smirk look on his face,
already knowing what it is.

"Wait, what reward?" Kurt said with a confused look and then Karen butted in.

"I told him that if he can help you, he can have me tonight" Karen told Kurt.

"YOU DID WHAT???" Angle said as he went crazy.

"Wait, how are you going crazy if you told me to pleasure Nash and buy porn
for us?" Karen asked.

"That's easy, he's big and I just wanted to find out who the partner was"
Kurt told Karen.

AJ just stood there, waiting for something. Kurt and Karen took their talk to
the next room. All kinds of yelling and screaming could be heard from that
room and went on for a few minutes until JB knocked on the door. "Hey AJ,
could I get a quick word about what happen?" JB asked Styles.

"Look, not now but will explain on Impact, now get out" AJ told him as he
pushed JB out and closed the door behind him.

When he closed the door, both Karen and Kurt came out of the room. "Ok, Karen
may have given you a night with her but that's her reward. My reward will be
making you an official prince." Kurt told him.

"A... prince" Styles said with a confused look.

"Yeah, you're the Prince of Phenomenal but not officially though" Kurt told

"Since Kurt is champion, that's make him king while I'm the queen of TNA
unlike Sharmell, who thinks she's queen around here." Karen told Styles.

"So, you can make me a prince then?" AJ asked.

Kurt held the TNA world title right in front of his face. "See this, I can do
anything with this and I want to make you a prince, then so be it" Angle said
to Styles.

Karen then walked up to AJ and pushed him to the wall. She then moved her
finger around his chest and said, "Kurt can make you a prince but I can do
more then that."

All of a sudden, JB knocked on the door again. "Hey guys, could I have an
interview about what happened?" he said through the door.

"Karen, not here because JB would keep interrupting us" Kurt said as he
pulled Karen away.

"Your right, but where can we go?" Karen asked.

"Back to our hotel room" Kurt told her as he got his bags up. Karen opened
the door as JB stood there, wanting answers to what happened. "Look you crazy
interviewer, if AJ told you on Impact, then wait until Impact and if you ask
again, I break your fucking ankle" Kurt yelled out to him.

"Ok, backing off now" JB said as he walked away.

"Finally, some quiet time" Karen said.

"Well, he's not too bad" AJ said with a straight face before the three
laughed out loud from that comment.

30 minutes later....

Kurt opened to door to the Angle's hotel room. AJ and Karen followed behind
him as Karen grabbed AJ's butt. "Whoa, hold your horses" Styles said as Kurt
from behind gave AJ an Olympic Slam onto the bed. Karen then jumped on the
bed as she landed on AJ's pelvis area.

"You think you can take my wife, well do ya?" Kurt yelled at him.

"I can honestly say I do" AJ told him.

"Well, then take my wife" Kurt said as he sat down on a chair next to the bed
as Karen crawled on the bed to AJ.

"You will never forget this night" Karen said as she took off her golden
dress from the top to reveal once again her breasts to Styles.

"Oh yeah" AJ said as he was already excited about Karen as she felt his
"excitement" bulging through his wrestling tights.

"You could be a little too excited" Karen said as she lowered herself for a
kiss. AJ and Karen met on contact as Kurt sat down on a chair far from the
bed to watch his own wife, having sex with someone else. AJ ran his hands
onto her golden dress and slowly began pulling it down as he stopped at her
legs. Karen broke the kiss and sat back up as AJ caught a glimpse of her

"You want this dress off?" Karen asked AJ.

"Oh yeah" he told her as Kurt had this look as if he wasn't enjoying the
sight of AJ and Karen. She then got off of AJ and took her dress off to show
that she wasn't wearing any panties as she took then off, she threw them to
Kurt as he just sat there. Karen was now naked except for her golden gloves
on her hands.

She pulled AJ tights down as his bulge was behind his boxers as she pulls
them off as well to show that he had a phenomenal dick. "Whoa, this is big"
Karen said as she just stared directly at his huge cock.

"Oh, that not the full extent of my cock" AJ told her.

"You're kidding, right?" Karen asked. AJ replied no as Kurt was beginning to
get madder.

"That's some goddamn bullshit, how could he be bigger then me?" Kurt said in
his mind.

Karen slowly began stroking his huge dick as she kissed it every few minutes.
"Oh yeah Karen" AJ moaned as he had a smile across his face.

Karen just stroked away as AJ's dick was becoming to full erection. "Damn,
how big is this?" Karen said.

"Don't worry about the size....yet" AJ told her.

Karen continued stroking until AJ told her to stop as it was completely
erected as Karen gasped at the size of his dick. "Holy.... How big?" Karen

"About 13 inches long" AJ told her as Kurt really looked pissed.

Karen's mouth watered as she gave AJ a kiss on the tip of his cock as she
then kissed it more. Kurt was getting angrier as he got up and walked on out
of the room in frustration with his TNA world title in hand.

"What up his ass?" AJ said.

"Eh, who knows" Karen told her. Karen then opened her mouth and took the head
of AJ's cock into her mouth as she began bobbing back and forth on his dick.
Karen got only a few inches into her mouth as she began choking on his dick.

"Ohhh yeah.... Ahhh fuck" AJ moaned.

Karen just gagged some more as she took about a few more inches deeper into
her mouth. Tears slowly came down her eyes as she got another few inches
deeper in her mouth.

She then rubbed his balls with her free hand as she resumed bobbing back and
forth on his cock. AJ ran his hands through her hair as he then grabbed a
handful of her brunette colored hair as he pushed down on her head as she
took the final inches of AJ's cock deeper and then, he held her head down as
tears were slowly coming down her eyes.

After a few minutes, AJ let go as Karen quickly pulled his cock out of her
mouth. She quickly breathed in the air as AJ took his tights completely off.
"Holy crap, Kurt would never do that to me" Karen told him.

AJ then got back on the bed as he told Karen to get on her knees as she
listened. AJ positioned himself behind her as he got 7 inches inside her

"Ohhh fuck..... That's really big" Karen moaned.

AJ grabbed her hips and began pumping the rest of his cock into her pussy.
"Ohhh fuck, tight MILF pussy" AJ moaned.

"NO not MILF, a cougar instead" Karen told him.

"Fine, whatever" AJ said to her as he shoved another few inches into her

"Ahhh.... Ohhh yeah.... Uhhhh fuck" Karen moaned as AJ quickly picked his
pace up as he got the rest of his cock into her cougar pussy. "Fuck me AJ"
Karen yelled out as Kurt heard it over the door as his hand was on the knob
but then he saw someone across then room. The newest member to TNA who made
her "official" debut at the PPV, Shelly Martinez.

"Huh, if Karen could have some fun, why can't I?" Kurt said as he ran off to
Shelly's direction to find her.

Meanwhile inside, AJ rammed his cock harder inside Karen's pussy as she tilt
her head up as AJ ram and ram his huge dick harder and faster into her. "Ahhh
fuck yeah....uhhhh yeah" Karen moaned as AJ smacked her butt cheeks around.

"Oh yeah, fuck" AJ moaned.

Karen then placed her hands around his well toned chest as she began rubbing
his chest. "Fuck me harder, now damn it" Karen told him.

AJ obeyed as he went faster as he could as he made Karen moan louder. "How's
that?" AJ asked.

"Oh yeah, that's good" Karen told him.

As AJ was fucking Karen faster, he felt her butt cheeks smacking around him.
"Ohhh Karen, ahhh fuck" AJ moaned as he pulled out. He then laid down right
on the bed as Karen mounted on his cock as she slowly began riding his huge

"Fuck yeah, your still big even though you were inside me already" Karen

"That's why they called me Phenomenal" AJ told her as he grabbed her hips
once again and pumped her up and down.

"Fuck yeah AJ.... Ahhh yeah" Karen moaned.

AJ picking his pace up again as Karen slammed down harder on him. "Fuck
Karen, you really must be in heat" AJ said.

"You don't know the half of it" Karen told him as she flipped over while
still on his cock and slammed down once again on his cock.

"Ohhh Karen, fuck yeah...ahhh" AJ moaned.

"Fuck me harder, Fuck me harder, goddamn it, Fuck me harder" Karen moaned

"Damn, I fucking her as hard as I can but she wants more" AJ said in his mind
as he slammed her down as hard as he could possibly could. The slam was hard
enough that both of their skins hit each other as if someone him them with a
leather belt.

"Ohhh yeah, good AJ... keep fucking me" Karen moaned as she lay down on his

"Ahhh yeah, Karen" Styles moaned as he moved his hands away from her hips and
plant them on her ass as he resumed the hardest pumping he could.

Karen moaned and moaned as the moans were heard on his chest as she could
even feel his heart thumping. "Uhhh yeah AJ" Karen moaned.

AJ just kept pumping and pumping as hard as he can as Karen got back up and
told him to stop.

Karen got up and walked over to the chair that Kurt was sitting before he
left as she told AJ to fuck her standing. He ran over as he quickly shoved
his cock back into her pussy as he then grabbed her hips and began pumping
away in her. "Ahhh yeah AJ... fuck me" Karen moaned as she grabbed the side
of the chair as Styles fucked her.

"Ohhh Karen... Uhhhh yeah" AJ moaned as he bent over to kiss her ears. He
then whispered something, "Oh Karen, you're so hot" AJ whispered to her ears.

She then moved one of her hands off of the side of the chair and planted that
hand onto his cheek. "Ahhh fuck yeah.....uhhhh AJ" Karen moaned. AJ pumped
harder and faster as he took his time with Karen. "Ohhh shit, I never had a
big cock inside me before" Karen told him moaning.

"Ohhh fuck Karen" AJ moaned as he pulled out as he moved Karen to the side
while he sat down.

Karen followed as she sat right on his cock and began bouncing herself up and
down on his dick. Her tits were also bouncing around as well before Styles
grabbed them and started to pump harder into Karen. "Ahhh yeah... uhhhh fuck"
Karen moaned. She bounced harder as AJ pushed her down harder as well.

"Ohhh shit... ahhh yeah... uhhhh fuck" AJ moaned as he felt Karen's butt
cheeks slamming down on his pubic region.

"Uhhh yeah.....ahhh" Karen moaned as AJ was still holding onto her tits,
pumped harder and harder into Karen.

"Ohhh yeah Karen, ahhh fuck" AJ moaned. He then told Karen to get off as she
did as AJ got up. He told Karen to get close to him and put one leg up. Karen
did what she was told as she got one leg up around his waist. AJ grabbed that
leg as he told Karen to get her other leg up. Karen listened as she got her
other leg and AJ grabbed that one to as AJ sat Karen for the Cradle position.

AJ held onto Karen by her thighs as he began pumping his cock into her pussy.
"Ahhh fuck.....uhhhh yeah" Karen moaned.

AJ kissed her around her neck as he pumped harder into Karen. "Oh Karen, ahhh
fuck" Styles moaned.

"Ohhh fuck.... Ahhh AJ" Karen moaned out as she then kissed him around the

As AJ fucked her standing, he knew that he won't hold it for much longer as
he slammed faster into her pussy. "Ohhh fuck Karen, it's coming" AJ moaned to

"Now?" Karen asked.

"No, not for bit longer" AJ said as he walked over to the table and laid her
down on her back as he stood at the edge. He picked her legs up as he held
them upwards as he quickly fucked her pussy.

"Ahhh AJ... fuck me" Karen cried as AJ just ram each and every inch of his
dick deeper in her pussy.

"You do anal?" AJ asked.

"NO" she yelled out.

Not wanting to upset Karen, he decided not to go anal. He pumped harder and
harder as Styles moved his head up and moaned. "Uhhh yeah, ohhh Karen" he
moaned out.

"Fuck me harder AJ" Karen said to him.

He used every ounce of energy he had left to slam into Karen then he did
before. "Ahhh fuck yeah Karen, how's that....uhhhh fuck" AJ moaned.

"Oh yeah, that's the spot" Karen moaned.

"Ohhh fuck Karen, I'm going to cum" AJ moaned.

"All over my fucking tits" Karen told him.

AJ quickly pulled out as Karen got onto her knees as AJ placed his dick
between her tits and started to fuck them. "Ahhh yeah...oh Karen" Styles
moaned as he pumped faster between Karen's tits.

"Yeah, you like these titties" Karen said to him as she looked up on him.

"Oh yeah... ahhh fuck... it's coming" Styles told her.

"Shoot that load all over these cougar tits" Karen said to him.

"Ahhh yeah.....Ohhhh fuck" AJ moaned as he couldn't hold it back any longer
as he pulled away from her tits and shot his cum all over her breasts. Karen
felt the hotness of AJ's cum over her tits as Styles jerked every inch of his
cock. Some of his load landed between her tits while some were all over her
tits and the rest fell onto the hotel carpet as AJ stopped jerking his dick.

He fell back to the chair as he gasped for air. Karen crawled over as she
rubbed his cock over here cum covered tits. She then sucked his dick clean of
any cum that was left on his dick. "MMM, that was wonderful AJ" Karen said as
she got up and walked to the bathroom to wash the cum off of her tits.

AJ was now slouching on the chair, unable to move for a bit as Karen walked
out with her tits completely clean of any cum.

She moved her hands around AJ's shoulders as she knew that he was out cold
from his encounter with Karen Angle. "Hmm, that cougar was too much for him
them" Karen said as she lay on the bed. She grabbed the remote and flipped
through the channels as she wondered where Kurt was. "Probably working out
somewhere" Karen said as she saw that Kurt left his cell phone behind.

"Nah, he couldn't be with her.... Could he?" Karen said as she quickly
grabbed his phone and looked for a number.

The phone rang as Tomko picked it up. "Hello, oh Karen" Tomko said as he
walked into his hotel room.

"Hey Tomko, have you seen Kurt around?" Karen asked.

"Yeah, he was at the gym" Tomko said.

"Oh good" Karen said with a sigh of relief.

"With Shelly in there with him too" Tomko said before hanging up his phone as
Karen was in disbelief.

"Goddamn you, Kurt" Karen said as she quickly got dressed to find the two...

The End?

Author's memo: Hope you enjoyed it and as far as the Shelly/Kurt story goes,
that's for another time as it was something I thought up during the writing
process of the story. If you would like to feedback me, you know where to go.

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