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The Phone Call Part 1
by Grahf (

Stephanie McMahon is walking backstage at No Mercy. As she passes the women's
locker room she hears someone groaning. Thinking one of the divas might be in
pain she goes to check it out. When she sees what is actually going on, she
is shocked. Before her eyes is the sight of Victoria enthusiastically eating
out the current women's champ, Trish Stratus. Trish is leaned back on a wall
as Victoria goes to work on her while on her knees. Trish has just started to
come right into Victoria's waiting mouth. After she finishes lapping up her
juices, Victoria stands up to Trish and embraces her in a passionate yet
lusty kiss.

Stephanie quickly leaves knowing that they are done, and could catch her
spying. Not even that Brutal Hell in a Cell match could take her mind off of
what she had just witnessed.

***1 Month Later***

It has been one month but Stephanie remembers the moment like it was
yesterday. Sure she was a little turned on about what happened to her at
Unforgiven, but that was nothing compared to what she had witnessed. Could
girl-on-girl action really be that good? Trish seemed to be enjoying herself
pretty well.

She couldn't help it, Stephanie waits until about an hour or so after RAW
finishes and calls Trish's cell.


"Hey its me."


"Yeah, how's it going."

"It's all right, what's up?"

"Well, Trish I've got a confession to make."

"What is it?"

"You remember last month at NO Mercy?"

"Uh huh."

"Well I was walking by the women's locker room, and it sounded like one of
you guys were in pain. So I decided to see what was wrong."


"Well, what I saw was you and Victoria..., well you know."

"Uh yeah, I know. So what about it."

"Well, its just that I never knew that you w-were, that y-you guys, well its
just, its j-just...It was surprising."

"So what, you want to know how it happened?"

"Well if you don't mind..."

"Trust me I don't. You know something? I'm glad you saw, cause I really need
to talk to somebody about this."

"Well, I'm all ears."

"Have a seat, cause you're going to want to be sitting down for this one."

"It was right after our match. Victoria has given me some of my toughest
matches yet. I usually just wait till I get home to shower, but after matches
with her I'm always so spent. So a shower seemed like a good idea."

"I had just taken off my shirt and..."

"Bra too?"

"No, not yet, slow down Steph."


"Any way, Victoria came in and we smiled at each other. I said "That was a
great match we put on, thanks for me looking me look so good." Then she said
"Hey, you don't need any help looking good, and besides you're my favorite
diva to wrestler with. You're a lot tougher than the others."

"Thanks, but I gotta be tough to keep up with you."

"Oh stop", she says blushing. "I'm serious Vic, I mean look at you,
you're the toughest Diva here since Chyna" "What about Jazz?" She
asks. Jazz is tough, but she isn't as sexy or as beautiful as you."

"What made you says that?"

"I have no idea, and I think I shocked myself more than her."

She looked at me with a combination of shock and flattery in her face. I've
never seen her look so feminnine. She walks over to me and hugs me. I was a
little surprised but I hug her back. "Thank you so much" as we let go she
looks into my eyes and says, "No one has ever said something that kind to me
before." "Well it's the truth" I say, without thinking but also believing it.
I begin stroking her cheek and look into her eyes. "You're beautiful." I

"Since when are you the Diva self-esteem builder."

"I don't know what came over me, it seemed as if she needed to hear it."

"Yeah, then what happened?"

"Well I knew that if I didn't do something to end this moment then something
was definitely about to happen. I couldn't think of anything and before I
knew it, our eyes locked."

"She leaned in and I knew this was it. Our lips brushed and we never took our
eyes off of each other. I slowly let my lips part and let her in. I'll tell
you Steph, her lips were so soft. It was like nothing I ever felt before. It
was electrifying. I began to kiss back and quickened the pace. I felt her
tongue flick my lips asking for permission. Unlike men, who just stick it in.
I responded with my own and the next thing I know our tongues were swirling
together. The sensation of another women's tongue on my own was amazing. We
finally stopped only because we were running out of breath.

"Have you ever done this before she asked breathlessly." "No, have you." "No,
but I want to with you." "I kissed her again before any more words were said
and was surprised at my own hunger." Our breasts pressed together and she
moaned into my mouth as mine pressed down on her slightly smaller ones. I
broke the kiss and stepped back. I reached around my back and undid my bra.
As I let my breasts spill out the look on Victoria's face almost made me come
right there.

"Why, what did she look like."

"What did Hunter look like the first time you showed him your new

"Oh, I get the picture."

"She looked hesitant, so I grabbed both her hands and placed one on each of
my breasts. She didn't need any further encouragement." She lightly caressed
them both and took her time before massaging my left nipple with her thumb
getting it harder by the second. God Stephanie, I can't tell how much I loved
that cause with guys...

"They go right for the nipple and ignore the rest, right?"

"Exactly, she knew exactly what I liked. She then started encircling my other
nipple with her tongue, then she started to suck, slowly and gently. The
feeling of her warm mouth over my nipple was amazing. I couldn't believe
another woman was giving me this much pleasure."

"The next thing I knew I heard a 'zzippp' sound, and my heart sank." The
kissing and the nipple sucking was one thing but this." I pleaded with her.
"No Victoria, you don't have to." She just smiled at me, got to her knees,
and pulled down my pants. My panties were soaked, but could you blame me?
She peeled them off and stared at my shaven pussy. I was beginning to feel
relieved, I didn't think she would do it, but before I knew it her fingers
had already parted my lips and then that same soft warm tongue was inside
me. It was nothing like nothing I ever felt before. All that went through
my head was, another woman has her tongue in my pussy, another woman has her
tongue in my pussy. Victoria's technique was excellent. She knew everything
I liked. It's true what they say; "Who knows what a woman wants better than
another woman." Her tongue was quickly darting in and out and was getting me
closer and closer to cumming and she didn't change styles in the middle like
so many men had. I felt I had to warn her, "Victoria, I'm gonna, I'm
gonna..." But she didn't budge and just kept going. I had the best orgasm
of my life right into her mouth and she was happy to take it all. I thought
to myself; this woman is amazing. She stood up and we started kissing again,
and I tasted my own juices for the first time, but from her mouth, I had no

Words could have only ruined the moment. We just hugged each other for a few
moments before we realized somebody could have walked in. We both decided to
shower. During my shower I couldn't help but feel selfish about being on the
receiving end of the whole thing. After we showered and got dressed, I snuck
up behind her as she was putting some things away and grabbed both her
breasts from behind. "Now its my turn to pleasure you" I whispered in her
ear. Then 'BAM', the door flies open and in walks Torrie. I let go of
Victoria's tits before she sees anything.

"Hi guys," she says. We both mumble a response, and then Victoria says she's
gotta go and leaves.

"Damn that Torrie, did you guys ever talk again."

"Talk?!?, we did much more than that. Trust me Steph, I paid Victoria back
in full."

"Oh tell me Trish please."

"Sorry Steph that's a story for another time, maybe you should go clean
yourself up, don't think I didn't know what you were doing during my story."

"O-okay Trish, you win."

"Don't worry I'll tell you soon. Bye"



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