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The Photographer
by Roseli

Scott was a well paid, highly sought after photographer for a top wrestling
magazine called Wrestlefest. Along with his colleague Adam, he had been sent
to the Florida area where a Raw taping was taking place. He had been
instructed to take photographs of up and coming team Garrison Cade and Mark
Jindrak, while Adam asked them questions for a forthcoming article in
Wrestlefest magazine.

The interview and photo shoot took place in a well used area of the building,
and as Adam spoke to Cade and Jindrak numerous wrestlers and road agents
walked past. None however took much interest in either Scott or Adam, all
that is except for Ivory. Scott noticed her standing in the far corner of the
room, pretending to busy herself with drinking a bottle of water she had
obtained from a nearby drinks machine. She was dressed casually in a t-shirt,
sneakers and sweat pance, despite this however, she still looked very hot.
Scott was sure she had looked over and smiled at him several times, and she
was certainly taking her time drinking the water. It was almost as if she was
taking her time so that he would glance over and notice her. Scott was a big
admirer of Ivory, and decided to attempt to get a conversastion started.

"Does anyone want a drink", he asked.

Adam and Cade declined the offer, but Jindrak said he would like a Coke.
Scott used this as an exscuse to walk up to the drinks machine that was
posistioned next to Ivory. He punched in the relevant buttons, and was
crouching to retrieve the drink, thinking desperately of something to say,
when Ivory saved him the trouble.

"Exscuse me, are you Scott the photographer from Wrestlefest"?

"Yeah thats me" replied Scott. "Hi, nice to meet you"

He got up from the floor and offered her his hand. Ivory took it and gave it
a firm shake.

"Hi, I'm a big fan of your work."

"Thanks" Scott replied, "You guys make such good subjects it's hard to get
it wrong".

"Lets drop the small talk Scott, Iv'e been watching you for a while now and
I think your kinda cute. In fact, I think your fucking hot".

Scott was somewhat surprised by Ivory's directness, but felt himself swell
with pride at the unexpected compliment.

"Erm er thanks" was the only reply he could manage.

"Do you think I'm hot" said Ivory.

Scott shook off his surprise and responded with what he hoped was a cooler

"Oh yeah, I think your amazing".

"Just the response I was looking for" she replied. "Look Scott, there's a
gym on the upper floor of this arena, I'm going to be in there for a little
while , warming up for my match. If you have the time after your interview,
why don't you come and join me? You can help me loosen up".

Scott could scarcely believe what he was hearing, but he tried to remain

"It would be a pleasure" he said.

"Ok, be quick then, my match is up soon".

With that she turnend and walked away, leaving a shocked but pleased Scott
staring after her. Scott could barely contain his excitement, it looked as
if he was going to get the chance to screw Ivory. He remembered however that
he had a job to do, so he reluctantly rejoinend Adam and began to set up his
camera equipment.

Some time later the interview was over and as Adam prepared to leave, Scott
made an exscuse and claimed he had to go and speak with a wrestler about the
possibility of an interview. Adam fell for the cover story and left, leaving
Scott alone to attend his date with Ivory. Scott asked road agent Sgt
Slaughter for directions to the gym, and soon enough he found his way there.
He knocked on the door and then pushed it open, stepping inside as he did so.
At first Scott couldn't see Ivory, his vision was obstructed by a selection
of torturous looking fitness equipment. He was starting to think that Ivory
had simply been joking, and had not really intended to meet him at all, when
he caught sight of her in the far corner of the room. Ivory was standing on
an exercise mat doing squats, presumably in preperation for her upcoming
match. When Scott had seen her earlier, she had simply been wearing street
clothes, but now she had changed into her wrestling gear. Scott crept up
behind her, his eyes traveling over her wonderful body as he moved. She wore
a small tight purple top cut just above the navel, which showed off her toned
abs and a fair bit of cleavage. She also wore some ultra tight black pvc
pants, thatreally showed off her amazing buns. Scott continued to creep
towards her until he was standing right behind her. The sight of her big sexy
ass, jiggling back and forth infront of him was too much for him to resist,
so he raised his hand and gave it a good spank. Ivory looked over her
shoulder, surprised, but obviously pleased that Scott had made it to the gym.

"You found the gym OK then" she said.

"Yeah Sgt Slaughter gave me directions" replied Scott.

"I see"

As she spoke she looked him up and down, smiling seductivly.

"Have you ever done it in a gym before"? she asked.

Scott had to admit that he never had.

"Do you want to fuck me right here, right now"? Ivory asked.

"I would love to" said Scott.

"Then come get some"

Scott wasted no time, he embraced Ivory and began to kiss her deeply. In mid
flow however, Ivory pulled away, breaking the kiss.

"There's no time for that, Iv'e got a match in a minute lets just get to the
fucking, I want to feel your cock inside me"

With that, Ivory dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle Scott's belt. She
then yanked down his jeans, and then his boxers. Getting back to her feet she
grabbed Scott by the collar and sat him down on a piece of exercise
equipment. She then peeled down her tight pance to reveal a bright blue
thong. She quickly pulled this aside, and Scott caught a glimpse of her
shaven pussy. It was already beggining to get moist with the excitement, and
above it was a thin strip of dark pubic hair. Scott only had the briefest
glimpse however, as Ivory quickly posistionend herself over Scott's crotch.
She then dropped down, impailing herself on his hard rod. She then began to
bounce up and down on his cock, sending waves of pleasure through his body.
As they were in a public place they obviously had to keep quiet, but Scott
could see that Ivory was really struggling to contain screams of delight.
She let out a few moans but managed to keep her emotions in check. As she
moved up and down on Scott's cock, her large breasts began to bounce up and
down in her tight top. Scott's hands soon began to work his way up Ivory's
toned abs, to her swinging breasts. He began to play with them through the
fabric of her top, pinching and squeezing as Ivory bounced up and down. Her
pussy was very tight around his cock, which was surprising seeing that she
was one of the more mature divas, and had surely had a lot of sex throughout
her life. As scott fondled her nipples through the fabric of her top, Ivory
continued to bounce away, and it wasn't long before she began to pant and
moan heavily, indicating she was near climax. Seconds later she let out a
wild shriek of delight which thankfully no one but Scott heard.

"Oh god your cock feels so good in my hot cunt, are you gonna blow yet baby"
she said.

"Yeah any second now"

"Cum down my throat, I wanna taste your hot cum" she replied.

She stood up and knelt down infront of him, engulfing his cock with her
mouth. She instantly began sucking away, and in a matter of seconds Scott
blew his load. Ivory swallowed every last drop.

"You taste real good" she said, licking her lips. "But i'm afraid are times
up, my match is about to start. I haven't finished with you yet though, I
want some more of this cock". As she spoke her hand clamped around his
shrinking tool and she began to playfully caress it. "I'm staying at the
hotel across the street, room number 39. Come by at around eight and we will
take this further".

With that, she released his cock and left the gym. Scott sat in the gym for
a while thinking about how lucky he was. The small taster of what Ivory had
to offer, had only just begun to wet his appetite, he couldn't wait for more
later on that night. He left the gym in a daze, and soon found he was
hopelessly lost in the maze of corridors that made up the upper levels of
the arena. He was just about to ask one of the production crew members for
directions when he ran into none other than Lita. She saw that he looked
lost and walked up to him to see if she could help.

"You look a bit lost, are you OK" she said.

"No not really" he replied. I left my camera equipment down stairs and I
can't seem to find my way back to it".

"Oh your that camera guy from Wrestlefest" said Lita.

"Thats right, I came to do an article on Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak but
I got a little side tracked, and now I seem to be lost".

"Don't worry" replied Lita. "Just take the second flight of stairs, turn left
and carry on up the corridor, and you will come out at the main entrance"

"Thanks" said Scott.

Lita was about to walk away when Scott decided to ask a question.

"If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing here? I thought you were
still recovering from the injury"

"Oh no i'm over that now thankfully. I'm just here to check in with the guys,
and see if the bookers have thought of a way to introduce me back into the
story lines".

"Well I hope to see you back soon, your one of my favourites" said Scott.

"Thanks, that means a lot" replied Lita. "Hey I don't mean to sound forward,
but could I have your number"?

Scott was a little puzzled, "Er sure yeah, I think iv'e got a card

"Oh I don't mean your work number, I want your home number"

Scott couldn't believe it. He had just fucked Ivory with the promise of more
to come, and now it looked like Lita was hitting on him.

"err OK but what about Matt" he stuttered.

"Don't worry about him, what he doesn't know won't hurt him. If I see a guy
I like, I don't let Matt get in the way".

Scott smiled, he could barely believe his luck. He took out a pen and gave
Lita his number.

"I'll give you a call some time honey" she said. "And you keep your stamina
up, you'll need it if your going to keep up with me"

She then winked, and walked off down the corridor. Scott stared after her,
transfixed by her swinging ass and pink thong, which was visible above her
loose fitting cargo pants. Scott then looked away and shook his head in an
attempt to clear his thoughts. There was plenty of time to think about Lita
later, right now he had Ivory to look forward to. He then began to follow
the directions to the entrance of the building.

Later that night.

Scott pulled up outside Ivory's hotel and checked his apperance in the
mirror. All looked fine so he stepped out of the vehicle and entered the
hotel, making his way to Ivory's room. Scott soon found the correct room
and knocked on the door, his head swimming with excitement. Ivory answered
the door on the second knock, Scott was immediately blown away by what he
saw. She stood before him wearing a tiny black top that showed off her well
sculptured arms, toned abs and impressive cleavage. In addition to this she
wore some very short, faded blue denim jeans. They were cut so that they
ended well above the knee showing off her nice tanned legs. She also wore
some dark cowboy style boots that ended just below the knee. Topping the
outfit off was a cream cowboy hat. Scott couldn't stop staring.

"I know i'm hot but you can't stand there staring all night". She said,
pulling him through the door as she spoke and shutting it behind her.

Ivory's hotel room was rather large and expensive looking, and was pleasantly
furnished. She told Scott to take a seat so he sat down on the bed.

"Would you like some champagne, or maybe a strawberry"? she asked, pointing
to a chilled bottle of champagne and a plate of strawberrys on the bedside

"No thanks, maybe later though" replied Scott.

"You want to get straight down to business then, Well, your a man after my
own heart".

She took off the cowboy hat and placed it on a desk beside her. She then
started to walk towards Scott, rubbing her big breasts as she went.

"I don't believe I got around to showing these off earlier today did I" she

"Er no" was all Scott could manage as he stared at her wonderful chest.

"I bet you've been fantasizing about playing with these big titties all day"
she said.

"Yeah thats pretty much all iv'e been thinking about since we met earlier" he

"I bet it is" she said. "But first things first" As she spoke she turned
around and bent over slightly, giving Scott a great view of her big round
booty, which was barely covered by the tight denim.

"Do you like my big ass Scott"?

"I love it" was his reply.

"Then spank it, spank it hard"

Scott climbed to his feet and did as instructed, spanking Ivory's fine ass,
making it jiggle pleasantly.

"Yeah thats it baby spank it hard" said Ivory.

Scott continued to spank away, getting more turned on by the second.

"Come on baby harder, I'm a dirty slut and I need a good hard spanking"

Scott increased the strength of his slaps, spanking Ivory's ass for all he
was worth.

"Are you hard yet"? Ivory asked, looking over her shoulder.

"I was hard from the moment I saw you" replied Scott.

"Then strip off for me and slap my booty with your hard cock".

Scott quickly undressed, and it wasn't long before he was entirely nude.
While Scott had been undressing, Ivory had pulled down her short denim jeans
and kicked them to the floor. She stood before him with her beutiful backside
fully exposed, flossed only by a small red thong that almost disappeared
between her tanned buns. She looked over her shoulder with a smile on her

"Smack that cock against my ass"

"Yes mam" replied Scott.

He set about his task with gusto, slamming his fully erect cock against
Ivory's heavenly backside. After a minute or so, Ivory ordered him to sit
down on the bed. She turned around to face him and began to caress her
breasts once more.

"Yeah, you like my big tits don't you" she said as she played with her large

She then pulled her top off and threw it to the floor. Scott's eyes were
glued to her amazing breasts which were barely contained by a red lacy push
up bra. She slowly began to dance in front of him, swinging her hips gently
as she swayed back and forth. Scott's eyes soon traveled all over her body
which was fully exposed aside from her bra, thong and boots. Despite the
fact that she was the oldest diva, she still had a fantastic tight body,
there was not a trace of fat or cellulite to be seen. She was tremendously
toned and sculptured, especially in the upper body. Scott realised that she
must train extremely hard to stay in such fine shape. As he looked on, she
reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, allowing it to drop to her
feet. Her big tits burst free from their restraints and stood gloriously to
attention. Her nipples were big and hard, and as Scott watched she pinched
them between her fingers, getting them fully erect. She again began to sway
from side to side in a sensual manner, only this time she moved a little
more vigorously so that her tits began to jiggle up and down. This was an
unbelievable turn on and Scott soon began to fondle his cock. Ivory saw what
effect she was having on him and laughed.

"Thats it rub your cock, play with your big cock while you look at my hot

Ivory continues to dance for a moment and then stops and turns around. She
bends over, sticking out her ass. She then raises her right hand and roughly
spanks her butt cheeks.

"Do you want to see whats under my thong Scott"? she asked.

"Absolutly" replied Scott.

"Then take it off for me" she says, moving over to a desk at the side of the
room as she speaks.

She bends over, resting her elbows on the wooden surface. Her ass sticks up
in the air invitingly. Scott steps over to Ivory, and begins to peel back the

"Oh no not with your fingers, with your teeth" demands Ivory.

Scott quickly changed tactics and begins to carry out his orders. He had a
difficult time getting the silky thong fabric between his teeth as it was so
tight, but eventually he managed it. He jerked his head down and seconds
later the thong was around Ivory's ankles. Scott heart skipped a beat as he
took in the magnificent sight of her booty. It was big round and juicy
looking, and Scott wasted no time burying his face between her buns. While
his hands groped and caressed her succulent cheeks, his toungue shot out and
began to savour the sweetness of her butt crack. He found her anus and began
probing it with his toungue. He was about to go further when there was a
knock at the door. Scott cursed inwardly, talk about bad timing!

"Shall we just ignore that"? said Scott, as he reluctantly pulled his face
out from between Ivory's incredible buns.

"No iv'e invited someone over, don't worry, I think you'll be pleased".

She then stood up and walked over to the door. She peered through the spy
hole and then through back the door to reveal to Scott's utter surprise, WWE
diva Jacqueline.

"You horny bitch, it looks like you've started the party without me" said
Jacqueline as she saw Ivory standing before her in just her boots.

"I couldn't wait, but don't worry Scott's got a lot of cock to go around and
we have only just started" said Ivory.

Jacqueline looked over Ivory's shoulder and saw Scott for the first time.

"Your Scott I assume"?, "fuck, Ivory said you were hot and she sure wasn't

"Thanks" said Scott from his posistion on the floor. He then rose and offered
his hand. "Hi Jacqueline nice to meet you".

"Call me Jackie please"

"OK" said Scott.

Ivory stepped aside as Jackie entered the room. She looked amazingly hot. She
wore a white T-shirt with obviously no bra underneath as her nipples were
poking through the fabric for all to see. She also wore some tight blue jeans
that clung to her shapely legs. Scott saw Jackie studying his big cock.

"My god your big" she said. "Come here and get some of Jackie"

"Hey hold on a minute" cut in Ivory. "lets give scott a little show first" as
she spoke she bent over the bed, revealing her backside.

"Thats one hot ass you've got there" remarked Jackie as she eyed Ivory's
splendid buns.

"Give me a good spanking" demanded Ivory.

Jackie didn't need telling twice and she soon began smacking away at Ivory's
exposed rear.

Scott was mesmerised as he stood watching the two women.

"This is some great booty" shouted Jackie as she spanked it hard.

Ivory laughed from her posistion on the bed.

"I know iv'e got a hot ass and I love getting it spanked".

Jackie started to hit Ivory's backside even harder.

"You like it huh, you like it when Jackie takes control and pounds your ass"?

"God yeah, spank me harder" shouted Ivory. "Turn my ass bright red"

Soon enough Ivory's wish was pretty much fulfilled, as her ass was all but
covered in red hand prints. Jackie spanked it a few more times and then
glanced over at Scott who was playing with his cock.

"I can see that your not the only one who's enjoying it" said Jackie to

Ivory got up from her posistion on the bed and looked over at Scott.

"were going to put on a little show for you, but you've got to repay us later
by giving us some cock, OK"

"You bet" said Scott.

"And sit on your hands" said Jackie. "We don't want you touching your rod
until we've finished".

Scott found a chair and sat down on his hands, preparing to watch the show.

It began with Ivory and Jackie sitting on the end of the bed. When they were
both comfortable, they moved in to share a deep kiss. It was a really wet
kiss, with lots of tongue action, and it was all Scott could do to keep his
hands restrained. As he watched, Ivory's hands slowly began to explore
Jackie's upper body. She explored Jackie's abs and stomach through her
T-shirt as the tongue action of the kiss continued. Ivory then slid her hand
underneath the T-shirt and began to caress Jackie's massive breasts. Jackie's
hands were also busy. exploring Ivory's toned thighs. Eventually they broke
the kiss and Ivory pulled Jackie's T-shirt off, revealing her mammoth jugs.
Ivory had a great set of tits, but they paled in comparison to Jackie's. They
were just huge, certainly amongst the biggest Scott had ever seen. Ivory
lowered her head and began to suckle on Jackie's big ebony coloured left
nipple. She first concentrated on just licking the area around the nipple,
then she took it fully in her mouth and began noisely sucking away. Jackie
had loosened her jeans and as Ivory turned her attention to the right nipple,
Jackie took her jeans off completly. By this time Scott's cock was screaming
for attention, but he forced himself to remain strong and continue to sit on
his hands. As he watched Ivory stopped sucking Jackie's nipples as Jackie
kicked off her sneakers. She then rose from the bed and stood before Scott
entirely nude. Scott could not take his eyes off her magnificent set of
breasts, but she soon directed his attention to her pussy. She moved her
hand near it and slowly began to insert a finger. Scott noticed that it was
entirely free of hair. As Jackie played with herself, Ivory pulled out a
dildo from beneath the bed. It was quite large and must have been at least
7 or 8 inches. Clutching the dildo, Ivory crawled over to Jackie and set up
camp between her legs. As Jackie began to massage her massive breasts, Ivory
went to work with the dildo, slamming it in and out of Jackie's soaking
pussy. When the dildo was slick with juice, Ivory pulled it out and used her
lips and tongue to get it clean. The sight of Ivory with her lips wrapped
around the dildo reminded Scott of how she had sucked his cock earlier that
day in the gym. He felt an even stronger urge to play with his cock, but just
about managed to restrain himself. As he looked on, Jackie took the wet dildo
from Ivory and began to rub it all over Ivory's tits. She then dropped the
dildo to the floor and lowered her head licking the moisture off Ivory's big
jugs. When Ivory's tits were clean Jackie looked over at Scott.

"I think it's about time I had some real cock" she said.

"Yeah OK but me first" said Ivory

She beckonend Scott over. He gleefully rose from the chair as Ivory bent over
the bed using her fingers to pull her ass cheeks apart.

"I want your cock deep in my ass, lube me up"

Jackie handed Scott a tub of lubricant and he wasted no time putting some on
his fingers. He then used it to fully lubricate Ivory's asshole, getting it
nice and wet. Jackie meanwhile had spied the champagne and strawberries. She
sat next to the bed side table and began to sample the food and drink,
settling down to watch Scott fuck Ivory from behind.

Give me your cock, stick it up my hot ass right now" said Ivory impatiently.

Scott finished lubricating Ivory and slowly began to insert his cock into her
tight asshole. While her pussy had been wonderful her asshole was heavonly,
and he soon found a tremendous pressure around his cock. He quickly began to
move in and out, banging Ivory hard from behind.

"Oh God baby yeah bang me hard with your big cock, harder harder, yeah thats
it" yelled Ivory, egging Scott on.

As he pumped, he groped her right butt cheek with his free hand, whilst
holding tight to her left cheek with the other. He was starting to think that
he could not hold out much longer, when Ivory put an end to the pleasure and
told him to pull out.

"Don't cum yet Scott I wan't to go on top first, lie down on the bed for me"

As Scott lay down on the bed, Jackie handed Ivory the cowboy hat that she had
discarded earlier.

"If your gonna ride him then do it like a proper cow girl"

Ivory put the hat on and then climbed on to the bed, squatting over Scott's
waiting cock.

"Are you ready for this baby" she asked.

"I'm ready" he replied.

"Good, cus i'm gonna ride the shit out of you"

"Hey save some for me" said Jackie

Ivory however took no notice, She dropped down onto Scott's cock and began to
bounce up and down. She was much more aggressive than she had been in the gym
earlier, riding Scott's cock at a very fast rate. As she was bobbing up and
down so vigorously, her big breasts began to jiggle up and down at a frantic

"God your tits look so hot" said Scott.

"You like my tits huh? you like it when Ivory rides cock"?

Ivory was bouncing so vigorously it was amazing that she did not run out of
breath, she must be very fit and have a great deal of stamina to keep up this
pace. With both the cowboy style boots and the hat she looked just like a cow
girl riding a bull or horse of some kind. As scott watched he noticed that
she was putting so much into it that her hair was beggining to stick to her
face with sweat.

With the furious pace pace that she was setting Scott couldn't hold out long.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum any second" he shouted.

"I want some cum you've had all the fun so far" said Jackie as she left her
posistion at the side of the bed and began to climb up onto it.

Ivory reluctantly dismounted and together with Jackie began to grope and
squeeze Scott's cock. His cum flooded out all over their hands. Ivory busied
herself with licking her hand clean while jackie continued to squeeze Scott's
cock, making sure every last drop was out. She then wrapped her full lips
around it, and sucked it dry.

"You do taste good" she said. "But you better get hard again, I want you
inside me"

"Let me take care of this" said Ivory.

She sat scott down on the end of the bed and turned around so that he could
see her ass. She began to move her fabulous backside around in front of his
face before lowering it on to his shrunken cock. She then began to grind back
and forth, rubbing her thick juicy booty all over his cock and thighs. It
wasn't long before he was fully erect once more.

"OK he's hard now it's Jackies time"

Scott turned to face her while Ivory sat on the floor to watch. Jackie was
sitting on the bed with her legs open, clutching a strawberry in one hand. As
he watched she bit into half of the fruit and swallowed it. The other half
she lowered towards her pussy. She posistioned it half in and half out of her
gaping hole, and ordered Scott to come and get it.

"Get over here and eat this strawberry right out of my sweet pussy".

Scott crawled over to Jackie so that his head was between her legs. He then
began to eat the soft fruit from between Jackie's pussy lips. After it was
all gone Scott continued to lick her wonderful tasting folds, probing around
with his toungue as Jackie moaned in pleasure. He soon began to suck on her
throbbing clit and Jackie coed in response. After a few minutes of intense
sucking, Jackie reached over and picked up a bottle of squirty cream that
was situated next to the champagne on the bed side table. She took the cream
bottle and squirted it all over her big dark nipples.

"Great idea Jackie, get him to lick it all off" said Ivory from her posistion
on the floor. As she spoke she picked up the dildo from the floor, and
started thrusting it in and out of her pussy keeping herself occupied until
she could get some more action from Scott.

Back on the bed, Scott pulled out of Jackie's pussy and began to lap away at
the cream that was all over her huge jugs. Soon enough all of the cream had
bee licked away, but Scott continued to suck away on Jackie's amazing chest,
paying special attention to her big dark nipples. He ran his toungue all
around them and then began to lightly nibble on them.

"You love my big tits don't you" moaned Jackie. "Ahhh yeah thats it use your

After a while Jackie told Scott to sit on the end of the bed, she got up
herself and slowly began to lower herself onto his throbbing cock. She was
slightly tighter than Ivory, and although she did not bounce quite as
vigorously she was still a tremendous fuck. Having cum once already that
evening and once earlier in the day, Scott found he could hold out for a
long time. As Scott and Jackie fucked however, Ivory became restless.

"I think it's time I got some more attention from that big cock of yours,
don't you think so Scott"? said Ivory.

"I'm not finished yet" barked Jackie.

Iv'e got an idea that will keep us all happy" said Scott. "I'll lie down on
the bed and you can continue to ride my cock" said Scott looking at Jackie.
He then turned to face Ivory. While she's doing that you can sit on my face
and I'll eat you out".

"Now theres an idea" said Ivory.

Jackie nodded her agreement, she then dismounted Scott to allow him to
reposistion himself on the bed. She then mounted his cock once more and began
to bounce away. Ivory straddled Scott's face so that her pussy was right over
his mouth. Scott couldn't believe how lucky he was to be in this situation,
and he wasted no time licking away at Ivory's wet slit. As Jackie continued
to bounce away she reached climax and flooded her juice all over Scott's

"Oh my God this cock is so good" declared Jackie. "You haven't cum yet though

"Give me a little longer" he replied from around a mouthful of Ivory's wet

"If you've cum Jackie then it's my turn to get some cock" said Ivory.

She pushed Jackie out of the way and began to work her tight asshole down
onto Scott's cock. When his cock was fully inside her tight hole she began
to bounce up and down once more. Jackie lay on her side for a moment, playing
with her nipples as she regained her breath.

"I love your ass Ivory it feels so tight around my cock" screamed Scott in
sheer delight.

"I know you love it baby, all men love my fine ass" replied Ivory.

As soon as she finished speaking she slowed the pace, grinding her wonderful
booty on Scott's cock as opposed to bouncing. He felt his balls begin to
tighten, and he knew he couldn't hold out much longer.

"Hey stop hogging him, I want a titty fuck to finish up with" said Jackie
rising from the bed. Ivory continued to grind away for a few moments before
pulling away and picking up the tub of lubricant she had used earlier. She
handed the tub to Jackie who switched posistions with Scott on the bed. She
then used the lubricant to oil up her amazing rack. When she had finished
they glistenend with wetness.

"Now get that big cock over here and stick it between my ebony jugs" ordered

Scott straddled Jackies chest as she pulled her bib boobs apart. He inserted
his cock in between them, and she then pushed them together, totally
engulfing his cock so that it all but disappeared from view.

"There we go, all nice and tight around your cock" said Jackie. "Now pump"

Scott began to pump his cock between Jackies massive mounds. He didn't last
long, and before he knew it he was spraying cum. Ivory jumped up onto the bed
and began to lick the cum from Jackies tits. As she did so Scott got shakily
to his feet, he was so exhausted he could barely stand. He picked up his
clothes and began to put them on, as he did so he glanced at his watch and
saw that it was getting late.

"I think it's time that I left ladies, thanks for an incredible night.

"The pleasure was all ours" said Ivory.

As he was walking out the door, he heard Jackie call after him.

I'll tell the other divas about you".

As he left he had a big smile plastered all over his face. He had Lita to
look forward to and who knew who else if Jackie kept her word?

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